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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's City - pages 130 to 144
BARTLETT John C. painter h 30 Barnes' Road
BARTLETT John W. laborer h 5 Carter's Hill
BARTLETT Joseph salesman bds Freshwater Road
BARTLETT Louisa wid John h 33 Adelaide
BARTLETT Robt clerk h 118 Hamilton
BARTLETT Thos hairdresser h 7 Hamilton
BARTLETT Thos book agent h 10 Casey
BARTLETT Walter bds 120 Hamilton
BARTLETT Wm accountant h 23 Goodview
BARTLETT Wm carpenter h Hamilton Avenue
BARTLETT Wm gas works h 7 Hamilton Avenue
BARTLETT Wm J. accountant bds 23 Goodview
BARTLETT W. H. Hair Dresser, Water h 12 Victoria - See adv per index
BARTON Bridget wid John h 261 Water, w
BARTON Richard laborer h 15 Larkins Square
BASCOMB Bridget wid Foster bds 22 Bond
BASHER Abraham trader h 29 Barter's Hill
BASHER Aman trader h 29 Barter's Hill
BASHER John trader h 29 Barter's Hill
BASHER Joseph peddler h 36 Barter's Hill
BASHER Thomas trader h 29 Barter's Hill
BASSETT George laborer h 40 Hayward Ave
BASTOW Augustus assistant auctioneer h 9 Cook
BASTOW Marldon A. Auctioneer & Commission Merchant, Beck's Cove h 171 Gower - See adv per index
BATES Bridget wid John h 171 Gower
BATES James storekeeper 165 Gower
BATES Thomas book keeper h 171 Gower
BATES Thomas sr. shipwright h 49 Military Road
BATSON John tide waiter h 22 Mullock
BATSTONE Robert carman h 50 Colonial
Bavarian Beer Depot Wm Gouldie Proprietor Duckworth - See adv per index
Bavarian-Lager Beer Brewery Signal Hill J. Lindberg proprietor
BAXTER Duncan master mariner h 66 Cochrane
BAYLY Charles accountant bds 88 Circular Road
BAYLEY James Engineer h 1 Stephen
BAYLEY Mary wid Abraham h 127 Cabot
BAYLEY Thomas grocer h 1 Stephen
BAYLEY Wm John cooper h 1 Stephen
BARNES Ann wid Thomas h 132 Military Road
BEARNS Thomas h 128 Military Road
BEARNS Wm accountant h 128 Military Road
BEARNS Wm E. grocer, 152 Duckworth h 152 Duckworth See adv per Index
BECK James painter h 22 Flower Hill
BEER Wm cabman h off Long's
BELL Charles farmer bds Long Pond Road
BELL George F. teamster h 46 Field
BELL James farmer bds Long Pond Road
BELL John teamster h Quidi Vidi Road
BELL Mary wid Walter h Quidi Vidi Road
BELL Samuel blacksmith bds Long Pond Road
BELL Samuel Shipwright of Bell & Co., Newman's premises,Water h 137 Le Marchant Rd See adv per index
BELL Wm farmer h Long Pond Road
BELL Wm jr. farmer bds Long Pond Road
BELLMAN Jacob carpenter h 64 Brazil's Square
BELLOWS John fisherman h 62 Alexander
BELLUM Henry baker 58 Angel Place, off Alexander
BEMISTER Arthur accountant, Daily News paper bds 26 Mullock
BEMISTER Hubert barber bds 26 Mullock
BEMISTER Susan wid Wm H h 26 Mullock
BEMMISTER (sic) Wm gardener h 2 ½ Plymouth Road
BENDELL Edwin N. agent bds 135 Water, w
BENDELL Wm joiner h 90 George
BENDELL Wm N1 st Engineer (Ranger) h 235 Water, w
BENNETT Albert E. barber h 4 Hayward Ave.
BENNETT Annie wid Henry h 121 Signal Hill Road
BENNETT Archibald shoemaker h 4 Hayward Ave.
BENNETT Arthur clerk bds 42 George, e
BENNETT Chas carpenter bds 42 George, e
BENNETT David blacksmith bds 10 York
BENNETT David Prof of Music h 52 Victoria
BENNETT Edw W. of E. W. Bennett & Co. h 258 Water, w
BENNETT E. W. & Co. Brewers and Mineral Water Manufacturers Riverhead, Water, w - See adv per index
BENNETT Elizabethwid Kenneth cor Gilbert and Springdale
BENNETT Geo policeman h 20 Queen's Road
BENNETT James cooper h 19 Goodview
BENNETT John baker h 7 Patrick
BENNETT John musician h Fort Townsend
BENNETT John laborer h 9 Cuddihy
BENNETT John cabinet maker h 4 Brine
BENNETT John cabinet maker bds 33 Pleasant
BENNETT Jno R. of G. H. Gaden h 166 Duckworth
BENNETT Joseph laborer 29 LeMarchant
BENNETT Louisa wid Edward h 42 George, e
BENNETT Miss Marion h 4 Hayward Ave
BENNETT Martha wid Peter h 23 Field
BENNETT Michael cooper h 12 Rossiter's Lane
BENNETT Michael cooper h South Side
BENNETT Michael laborer h 23 Field
BENNETT Philip laborer h 4 Hayward Ave
BENNETT Sidney constable bds W. E. Fire Hall
BENNETT Thos A. clerk cor Gilbert and Springdale
BENNETT Thos joiner cor Gilbert and Springdale
BENNETT Thos laborer bds 9 Cuddihy
BENNETT Thos A. grocer h Springdale
BENNETT Thos fisherman h 12 Rossiter's Lane
BENNETT Wm fisherman h South Side
BENNETT Wm Geo shipwright h 4 Brine
BENSON Alexander seaman h 74 Portugal Cove Road
BENSON Alexander jr. laborer bds 74 Portugal Cove Road
BENSON Eli carpenter h 17 Parade
BENSON Elisha carpenter h 47 Carter's Hill
BENSON Elizabeth wid Elijah h 17 Parade
BENSON Job seaman h 12 Finn's Lane
BENSON Joshua laborer bds 17 Parade
BENSON Rachael wid Joseph h 15 Field
BENSON Samuel tinsmith h 10 Gilbert
BENSON Thos culler h 10 Gilbert
BENSON Thos laborer h Highbury, Pennywell Road
BENTLEY David tanner h 69 Harvey Road
BENTLEY Wm telephone lines man h 69 Harvey Road
BERNARD A. assistant master, Bishop Field College bds B. F. Col
BERNIE Michael h 20 Queen's Road
BERNSTEINE Maxwell barber bds 216 Duckworth
BERRIGAN Edw clerk bds 209 Gower
BERRIGAN Patk book-keeper bds 209 Gower
BERRIGAN Pierce laborer h 54 Gower
BERRIGAN Wm h 209 Gower
BERRY Geo cooper h 16 Plymouth Road
BERRY Jas mason h 4 Duckworth
BERRY Mary Ann wid Jas h 4 Duckworth
BERTEAU A. LeC of Pittman & Berteau h Circular Road
BERTEAU E. H. engineer bds Sunnyside, Torbay Road
BERTEAU F. C., Auditor General office Departmental Building, Duckworth h Sunny Side, Torbay Road
BESANT Wm packer h 66 Flower Hill
BEST Chas seaman h 68 Pleasant
BEST Geo Foreman, Planing Mill h 65 Power
BEST Geo fisherman bds 68 Pleasant
BEST Hubert match maker bds 65 Power
BIBBINGS John cooper h 201 New Gower
BIDDISCOMB John cabman h Balley-Haley, Logy Bay Road
BIGGS Edwin storekeeper h 77 Flower Hill
BIGGS Geo bookbinder h 77 Flower Hill
BIGGS Josiah cooper h 31 Angel Place, off Alexander
BIGGS Mary wid John h 77 Flower Hill
BIGGS Nathaniel fitter, iron foundry h Hamilton Avenue
BILLINGS Susan wid Jas h 14 Quidi Vidi Road
BILLINGSBY John showmaker bds 22 Patrick
BILLINGSBY Wm shoemaker h 22 Patrick
BILLINGSBY Wm jr. clerk bds 22 Patrick
BINDON Jas clerk bds Quidi Vidi Road, North Side of Lake
BINDON John coxswain, H M C h Quidi Vidi Rd, N side of Lake
BINDON Wm clerk bds Quidi Vidi Road, north side of lake
BIRD James laborer h 16 Brennan's Lane
BIRD Patrick laborer h 14 Haggerty's Lane
BIRD Thos foreman laborer, Municipal Council h 70 Livingstone
BISHOP Elijah engineer h Mundy's Pond Road
BISHOP FIELD COLLEGE situated cor Bond and Colonial 
BISHOP Geo engineer h Mundy's Pond Road
BISHOP Harold accountant bds 63 LeMarchant Road
BISHOP Isaac fireman h 63 Signal Hill Road
BISHOP Jacob carpenter h 109 Cabot
BISHOP Jacob fireman h Mundy's Pond Road
BISHOP AND MONROE General Importers & Exporters, 317 & 319 Water Hardware, 339 WaterSee adv per index
BISHOP Richard laborer h 32 Lime
BISHOP Robt laborer h 34 Lime
BISHOP R. K. of Bishop & Monroe h 63 LeMarchant Rd
BISHOP Samuel laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
BISHOP Walter W. Clerk h 4 Carnell
BISHOP Warwick D. clerk bds 54 LeMarchant Road
BLACK JAMESDry Goods and Millinery, 276 New Gower & 68 Gower h 276 New Gower and 68 Gower - See adv per index
BLACK W. clerk bds 179 Gower
BLACKALL W. W. Principle Bishop Field College h Bishop Field College
BLACKEM George variety, 344 Water h 344 Water
BLACKLER Chas master mariner h South Side
BLACKLER Edward cooper and surveyor h 25 Adelaide
BLACKLER George cooper h 87 Patrick
BLACKLER Harold R. clerk bds 25 Adelaide
BLACKLER Miss Julia nurse bds General Hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
BLACKLER Miss Minnie assistant h Adelaide
BLACKLER Wm planter h South Side
BLACKLER Wm H. master mariner h South Side
BLACKLER Wm H. jr. cabinet maker bds South Side
BLACKWOOD Andw com'sion agent, 12 Adelaide h Blkmarsh Rd
BLACKWOOD Andw J. surveyor h Renfrew Cottage, Hamilton
BLACKWOOD James P. barristerh Renfrew Cottage, Hamilton
BLAIR Henry dry goods, 287 & 289 Water h 330 Duckworth
BLANFORD John joiner h 37 Hayward Ave
BLANDFORD Joseph fisherman h 42 ½ Livingstone
BLANDFORD Hon Samuel M. L. C., master mariner h Hopedale, 21 Circular Road
BLANDFORD Sidney, D. B. L. Solicitor, Agent for Ontario Mutual Life Ass. Co., Duckworth bds 21 Circular Road
BLATCH Henry jr. student bds Boncloddy Cottage, Pennywell Rd
BLATCH Hy s s supt H & Co Boncloddy Cottage, Pennywell Rd
BLUEMENTHAL Ab of Nfld Furnishing Co. h 134 Duckworth
BLUEMENTHAL Louis of Nfld Furnishing Co. h 134 Duckworth
BLYDE John carman h 16 Fleming
BLYDE Margaret wid George h 54 Monks Town Road
BOGGAN Allan bds 15 Long's
BOGGAN Ann wid John h 149 Pleasant
BOGGAN Francis cooper bds 15 Long's
BOGGAN James cooper h 237 Gower
BOGGAN James cooper bds 15 Long's
BOGGAN John R. storekeeper h 225 Gower
BOGGAN Richard cooper h 15 Long's
BOGGAN Richard jr. cooper bds 15 Long's
BOLAND Charles laborer bds Rope Walk Range
BOLAND David laborer h 1 Deady's Lane
BOLAND James cooper h 22 Finns Lane
BOLAND James laborer h 16 Notre Dame
BOLAND James F. printer bds 126 Duckworth
BOLAND John laborer bds Rope Walk Range
BOLAND John laborer h 9 Williams Lane
BOLAND John laborer h 16 Nunnery Hill
BOLAND John seaman h 40 Hayward Ave
BOLAND Margaret wid Wm h 34 Gower
BOLAND Michael ironworker h 29 Patrick
BOLAND Patrick messenger h 40 Hayward ave
BOLAND Richard sanitary dept h 31 Duggan
BOLAND Stephen laborer bds Rope Walk Range
BOLAND Thomas laborer h Rope Walk Range
BOLAND Wm P. printer h 126 Duckworth
BOLGER W. accountant h Duckworth, e
BOLT Laurence laborer bds 4 Leslie
BOLT Robert Laborer h 4 Leslie
BOLT Thomas laborer bds 4 Leslie
BOLT Wm cooper h 60 Patrick
BOLUS Michael trader h 73 George
BOND Charles master mariner h 32 Spencer
BOND James machinist h 79 Pleasant
BOND Hon RobtM. H. A. h Circular Road, c res Whitbourne
BONDRIDGE Patrick laborer h 15 Bambrick's Lane
BOONE Elizabeth wid Abraham h 16 Barnes' Road
BOONE Ernest clerk h 56 Springdale
BOONE George laborer h 22 Scott
BOONE Henry laborer h 242 New Gower
BOONE James h River View, Long Pond Road
BOONE John block maker bds 56 Springdale
BOONE John laborer h 7 Young
BOONE Joseph Shipwright h Southside
BOONE Rebecca wid Crispis h 56 Springdale
BOONE Samuel J. storekeeper h 40 Queen's Road
BOONE Selina wid Charles bds 16 Flower Hill
BOONE W. T. block and pump maker h 56 Springdale
BOOZAN Wm laborer h 17 Brennan's Lane
BORN Henry V. accountant bds Colonial Building
BOTWOOD Very Venerable Archdeacon, Cannon, rector, St. Mary's Parish h 5 Winter ave
BOWCOCK Samuel farmer h Topsail Road
BOWDEN & CO. Book & Job Printers cor Victoria and Duckworth See adv per index
BOWDEN Archibald clerk bds 21 Adelaide
BOWDEN G. W. Archibald salesman h 21 Adelaide
BOWDEN Martha wid George h 21 Adelaide
BOWDEN Samuel sailmaker h 30 off Lime
BOWDEN Wilfred G. carpenter bds 21 Adelaide
BOWDEN Wm H. mgr, Bowden & Co. h 37 Merry Meeting rd
BOWDRIDGE Ellen wid Martin h Catherine
BOWEN Susan wid Edward bds Torbay Road
BOWER James carman h Brewery Lane
BOWERS P. R. editor h 45 Military Road
BOWMAN Wm shoemaker, 43 New Gower h 43 New Gower
BOWRING Benj of Grouchy & Bowring Bros. bds 41 Gower
BOWRING Benj stonemason h 43 Gower
BOWRING Benj jr. laborer h 43 Gower
BOWRING BROS General Merchants, Ship Owners, Importers 271, 273, 275, 277 Water See adv per index
BOWRING HON Edgar of Bowring Bros 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
BOWRING Henry A. of Bowring Bros h 32 Monkstown Road
BOWRING John of Rothwell & Bowring bds Devon Place, Forest Road
BOYLE Peter clerk h 70 Patrick
BOYLES Henry sanitary department h 51 Flemming
BOYLES Wm laborer h 51 Flemming
BRACE Alfred seaman h 26 Leslie
BRACE James seaman bds 26 Leslie
BRACE James jr. cooper bds 26 Alexander
BRADBROOK Wm laborer h 7 Cabot
BRADBURY Chas cabinet maker h 106 Barnes Road
BRADBURY Henry teamster h 151 Pleasant
BRADBURY James Engineer 158 Gower
BRADBURY James jr. bds 158 Gower
BRADBURY Jeremiah carpenter h 13 Colonial
BRADBURY John shoemaker h 52 Barnes Road
BRADBURY John laborer h 52 Monkstown Road
BRADBURY Nathan laborer h 24 William
BRADBURY Stephen clerk h 68 Lime
BRADBURY Wm laborer h 17 Thomas
BRADFORD REV J. H. Episcopalian h Clergy House, Gower
BRADLEY Chas bookkeeper at Dry Dock h 53 Parade
BRADLEY George clerk h 11 Signal Hill Road
BRADLEY N. N. cabinet maker, factory 15 Victoria h 15 Victoria
BRADLEY Sarah wid Thos h 10 Charlton
BRADSHAW H. F. Manuf agent, Water h 39 Military Roap (sic)
BRADY John provisions and groceries, 10 Duckworth h 10 Duckworth
BRAGG Chas seaman h 1 Goodview
BRAGG Jas tailor bds 48 Long's Hill
BRAGG John candy maker h 48 Longs Hill
BRAITHWAITE George master mariner h 17 ½ Spencer
BRAND Thomas fireman h 5 Alexander
BRANSCOMBE Jas A. accountant bds 4 Devon Row
BRANSFIELD John laborer h 14 Pilot's Hill
BRANSFIELD Thos farmer h 14 Pilot's Hill
BRAWDERS Bridget wid Michael h 37 Princes
BRAWDERS Michael teamster h 6 Pleasant
BRAZIL Benj   h 22 Balsam
BRAZIL David   h 170 New Gower
BRAZIL Fredk A. assistant at Octagon bds 22 Balsam
BRAZIL Wm engineer h 170 New Gower
BREAKER Jas sailmaker h 66 Brazil's Square
BREAKER Rachael wid Chas h 8 New Gower
BREAKER Stanley barber bds 8 New Gower
BREAKER Stanley blacksmith bds 8 New Gower
BREEN Bridget wid John h 10 Nunnery Hill
BREEN Edw commission agent bds 27 York
BREEN Edw fisherman bds 123 George
BREEN Edw seaman h 80 George
BREEN Herbert clerk bds 27 York
BREEN Isaac painter bds 27 York
BREEN Jacob shoemaker h 11 Buchannan
BREEN Jas laborer h 27 York
BREEN Jas H. painter bds 27 York
BREEN Miss Jennie clerk bds 341 Water
BREEN John laborer h Monkstown Road
BREEN John tinsmith bds 27 York
BREEN John watchman h 123 George
BREEN John jr. fisherman bds 123 George
BREEN Maria wid John h 80 George
BREEN Maurice Seaman h 121 Pleasant
BREEN Patk fisherman h 12 Nunnery Hill
BREEN Patk shoemaker h 37 Job's
BREEN Peter fisherman bds 123 George
BREEN Robt laborer bds 121 Pleasant
BREEN Vincent shipwright h 80 George
BREHM B. C. accountant bds Circular Road
BREHM Frank Book-keeper bds Circular Road
BREHM R. A. mgr Hearn & Co. Butterine fac'y h Circular Road
BREMMER Mrs Alexander   h 2 Barnes' Road
BREMMER A. W. Clerk h 99 Military
BREMMER Robt Accountant h 99 Military
BRENNAN Catherine Wid Matthew h 13 Flower Hill
BRENNAN Edw baker h 49 Le Machant Road
BRENNAN Jas cabman h 230 Gower
BRENNAN Jas blacksmith, 12 Prescott h 112 New Gower
BRENNAN Jas shoemaker h 303 Water, w
BRENNAN John fisherman h 22 Damiril's Lane
BRENNAN Maria wid John, grocer, 18 Bell Ditto
BRENNAN Rev Myles C B Mt. St. Francis Newtown Road
BRENNAN Patk laborer h 78 George
BRENNAN Walter laborer bds 32 Pleasant
BRENNAN Wm blacksmith bds 15 Waldegrave
BRENTON John clerk bds Southside
BREWEN James laborer bds 3 Woods
BREWEN Mary wid Bartholemew h 3 Woods
BREWER Isaac fisherman h 20 Duggan
BREWER James seaman h 116 Casey
BREWER Solomon fisherman h 61 Lime
BRICK John blacksmith h 14 Brine
BRICK Patrick baker h 19 Duggan
BRIDDEN Annie wid Frank h 21 Cook's Hill
BRIDDEN John mason h 21 Cook's Hill
BRIDGE Catherine wid Benjamin h 171 New Gower
BRIDGEMAN Miss Susan dressmaker h 217 Gower
BRIEN Agnes wid Wm h 115 Quidi Vidi Road
BRIEN David water works, City Council h 50 Signal Hill Road
BRIEN Elizabeth wid John h Mundy's Pond Road
BRIEN Miss Ellen tobacco factory h 9 College Square
BRIEN James laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
BRIEN James teamster h Mundy's Pond Road
BRIEN Jane Wid Wm h 48 Bannerman
BRIEN John blacksmith bds 117 Quidi Vidi Road
BRIEN John fisherman h 32 off Lime
BRIEN John laborer h 28 Scott
BRIEN John H. master mariner h Boat House Lane, Quide Vidi Rd
BRIEN Maria wid Sylvester tobacconist h Colonial
BRIEN Mary wid Michael h 1 Wood
BRIEN Michael farmer h Mundy's Pond Road
BRIEN Michael fisherman h 29 James
BRIEN Michael laborer bds 46 Duckworth
BRIEN Michael laborer h 117 Quidi Vidi Road
BRIEN Michael rope maker bds Mundy's Pond Road
BRIEN Michael water works h 1 Wood
BRIEN Patrick laborer h 35 Cuddihy
BRIEN Patrick plumber h 69 Springdale
BRIEN Pierce beer saloon, 394 Water h 394 Water
BRIEN Pierce E. J. Publisher, Book and Job Printer h 321 Water, w See adv per index
BRIEN Thomas fisherman h 18 Lime
BRIEN Thomas inspector weights and measures h 69 Springdale
BRIEN Thomas laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
BRIEN Thomas seaman h 27 James
BRIEN Wm laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
BRIEN Wm laborer h 46 Duckworth
BRIEN Wm messenger bds 31 Cookstown Road
BRIEN Wm painter bds 115 Quidi Vidi Road
BRIGHT Stephen tinsmith h 25 York
BRIGHT Wm printer h 6 Hayward Ave.
BRINE Archibald messenger board of works h 12 Stewart Ave.
BRINE Edward fisherman h 48 Pleasant
BRINE Ellen wid James h 33 Prospect
BRINE John carpenter h 85 Patrick
BRINE John laborer h 15 Holloway
BRINE John seaman h 32 Tessier Place
BRINE John student h 48 Pleasant
BRINE Patrick fisherman h 48 Pleasant
BRINE Richard coachman h Shaw's Lane
BROCKLEHURST G. J. Druggist, 60 Water w h 60 Water w see adv per index
BROCKLEHURST Geo Jr drug clerk bds 60 Water w
BROCKLEHURST Charles Sr messenger to Col Secty h 2 Carew
BROCKLEHURST Charles Jr cabinet maker bds 2 Carew
BROCKLEHURST Francis drug clerk bds 2 Carew
BROCKLEHURST John printer bds 2 Carew
BRODERICK Edward messenger H M Customs h 17 Flower Hill
BRODERICK Miss Mary nurse bds Genl Hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
BRODERICK Patrick shipwright h 9 Lime
BRODERICK Thos joiner h 30 Flemming
BRODERICK Timothy asst examiner H M C h 30 Prospect
BRODERICK Wm tinsmith h 79 Lime
BRODERS Michael teamster h 6 Pleasant
BROATHERS Thos joiner h 30 Flemming
BROOKS John seaman h 63 Carter's Hill
BROPHY Edward laborer h 57 Plymuth Road
BROPHY Edward shoemaker bds 9 Plymuth Row
BROPHY Henry J. clerk bds 57 Plymuth Road
BROPHY James farmer Logy Bay Road
BROPHY James tinsmith bds 8 Plymuth Road
BROPHY Jeremiah brakesman Nfld Raily bds 8 Plymuth Road
BROPHY John farmer h Pennywell Road
BROPHY John fisherman bds 9 Plymuth Road
BROPHY John teamster h Pennywell Road
BROPHY John watchman h 8 Plymuth Road
BROPHY Patrick fisherman h 9 Plymuth Road
BROPHY Stephen laborer bds 9 Plymuth Road
BROWN Rev Arthur H. clergyman Rectory, Gower
BROWN A. D. of James Angel & Co. h 128 Hamilton
BROWN Bridget wid John h 27 Pleasant
BROWN Mrs Catherine groceries and provisions, 194 Water w h 194 Water w
BROWN Elijah blacksmith bds 140 Gower
BROWN Elizabeth tailoress bds 13 Hayward Ave
BROWN Eliza wid Wm h 70 Hamilton
BROWN Ellen wid John h 8 William
BROWN Miss Fanny   h Woodbine Cottage, 50 Sheehan
BROWN F. wid Earle h 2 Devon Row, Duckworth
BROWN George laborer h 38 Wickford
BROWN Henry printer h 37 Spencer
BROWN Josiah shoemaker h 17 Brazil's Square
BROWN James laborer bds 30 Duckworth
BROWN James planter h 194 Water, w
BROWN James seaman h 38 Wickford
BROWN Johanna wid Patk h 299 Water, w
BROWN John laborer h 9 Carter's Hill
BROWN John laborer h 40 Pleasant
BROWN Wm J. moulder h Hamilton
BROWN Liberius sea captain h 89 Casey
BROWN Mary wid James h Sheehan Shute
BROWN Minnie machinest bds Flower Hill
BROWN Moses laborer h 27 Spencer
BROWN Patrick farmer h Logy Bay Road
BROWN Patrick farmer h Southside, w
BROWN Phillip storekeeper h 25 Victoria
BROWN Phillip clerk bds 20 Dick's Square
BROWN Phillip clerk bds 10 Dick's Square
BROWN Robt laborer bds 27 Spencer

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

320 Entries (Completed)

McALPINE'S Directories

Transcribed by Don Tate, Palm Bay, Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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