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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's City Directory -- Pages 184 - 193


McALPINE'S City Directory for St. John's, 1898 - Section 6
Davis, Thos through Dunphy, Thos

Davis, Thos, seaman, bds 96 New Gower
Davis, Walter, moulder, h King's Bridge Road
Davis, Wm., laborer, h 7 College Square
Davis, Walter, moulder, bds Quidi Vidi Road, north side
Dawe, Alfred, lumberman, h 12 Gilbert
Dawe, Alfred, machinist, bds 12 Gilbert
Dawe, Hon. Chas., merchant, Bay Roberts, bds 74 Cochrane
Dawe, Chris, farmer, bds Spring Mount Cottage, Blk Marsh Rd
Dawe, Edgar, apprentice, bds 54 Pleasant
Dawe, Miss Emily, h 3 Job's
Dawe, Emma, wid George, bds Queen's College, Forest Road
Dawe, Ernest, carpenter, h 54 Pleasant
Dawe, Ernest, lumberman, h 54 Pleasant
Dawe, George, joiner, h 8 Hayward Ave.
Dawe, George, farm servant, bds Carpasian
Dawe, George, book keeper, h 39 Merry Meeting Road
Dawe, Gilbert, clerk, bds 11 Brazil's Square
Dawe, Isaiah, fisherman, h Battery Road
Dawe, John, fisherman, h 34 Henry
Dawe, John T., laborer, h Mundy's Pond Road
Dawe, Mary, wid Moses, h 62 Spencer
Dawe, Robert, clerk, bds 157 Gower
Dawe, Robert, farmer, bds Summervale Cottage, Waterford B Rd
Dawe, Samuel, police officer, h 6 Cabot
Dawe, Samuel, laborer, h 28 Tessier Place
Dawe, Thomas, customs officer, h 157 Gower
Dawe, Wm., clerk, bds 34 Henry
Dawe, Wm., carpenter, h 1 Holdsworth
Dawe, John, carpenter, h 54 Pleasant
Dawney, Mary, wid Patk, bds 17 Prospect
Dawney, Michael, sailor, h 17 Prospect
Dawney, Thomas, cooper, h 21 Prospect
Dawson, John, grocer, 275 Water, w, h do
Dawson, John, fireman, h 45 Angel Place, off Alexander
Day, Agustin, student, bds 321 Water, w
Day, Colin G., app carpenter, bds 53 Flower Hill
Day, Ernest, laborer, h 15 College Square
Day, Edward, fisherman, h Battery Road
Day, Elias, carpenter, h 40 Young
Day, Ellen, wid Thomas, h 76 Portugal Cove Road
Day, Eugene, painter, bds 16 York
Day, George, laborer, h 53 Flower Hill
Day, James, student, bds, 321 Water, w
Day, John, seaman, h 29 1/2 Angel Place, off Alexander
Day, John, engineer, h 16 York
Day, Joseph R., carpenter, bds 53 Flower Hill
Day, Mary, wid Charles, h 31 Holloway
Day, Richard, shoemaker, h 16 Signal Hill Road
Day, Samuel, boatman, bds 31 Holloway
Day, Wm., laborer, bds 15 College Square
Daymond, Joseph, cabinet maker, 276 Duckworth, h 274 do
Daymond, Wm., cabinet maker, h 158 Gower
Deacon, John, seaman, h 36 Casey
Deady, Miss Alice, clerk, bds 168 New Gower
Deady, Ann, wid Wm., h Waterford Bridge Road
Deady, John, baker, h 351 Duckworth
Deady, Michael, fisherman, bds 168 New Gower
Deady, Michael jr, shoemaker, bds 17 Brazil's Square
Deady, Michael, shoemaker, h 17 Brazil's Square
Deady, Michael, baker, h Waterford Bridge Road
Deady, Thomas, grocer, h 168 New Gower
Dean, Alfred, master mariner, h 81 1/2 Pleasant
Dean, Ambrose, lumberman, h 71 Lime
Dean, Patrick, farm laborer, bds 21 Freshwater Road
Dearin, Azariah, laborer, h Wood's Place, Hoylestown
Dearin, Frederick F., bds 50 New Gower
Dearin, Joseph, fireman, h 2 Pennywell Road
DeBurke, Edward, blacksmith, bds 82 Duckworth
DeBurke, John, carpenter, bds 82 Duckworth
DeBurke, Richard, cabinet maker, h 82 Duckworth
DeBurke, Richard jr, boiler maker, bds 82 Duckworth
DeCartwright, Peter, fisherman, h 16 Lime
Dee, Jeremiah H., boot and shoe maker, 268 water, h do
Deer, John, carpenter, h 28 Quidi Vidi Road
Deer, Mary, wid John, h 28 Quidi Vidi Road
Degan, Patk, fisherman, bds 12 Nunnery Hill
DeLacey, John, Laborer, h 144 Le Marchant Road, w
Delaney, Miss Emma, h Portugal Cove Road
Delaney, Chas., laborer, bds 344 Duckworth
Delaney, John, carman, h 279 Water, w
Delaney, Matthew, sailor, h off Pilot's Hill
Delaney, Miss Mary, shopkeeper, 602 Waterford Bridge Road, h do
Delaney, Miss Mary, way office, Garrison Hill, h do
Delaney, Capt. Patk, master mariner, h 17 Bannerman
Delaney, Patk, laborer, h 6 Sheehan's Shute
Delaney, Patk, fireman, h 344 Duckworth
Delgado, Andrew A., fruit and variety store, Water, e, h do
Delhanty, Thos., laborer, h 14 Gill's Place
David, cooper, bds 71 Cabot
Dempsey, Miss Ellen, bds 70 Barnes' Road
Dempsey, Miss Ellen, h 1 Sudbury
Dempsey, James, cooper, h 8 Prospect
Dempsey, John, gardener, h 38 Quidi Vidi Road
Dempsey, John jr, carman, bds 38 Quidi Vidi Road
Dempsey, John, cooper, h 71 Cabot
Dempsey, Patrick, laborer, h 40 Codner's Lane
Dempster, James E., clerk, h Cousins Block, South Side
Denieff, Edward, engineer, h 24 Quidi Vidi Road
Denief, James, keeper lunatic asylum, h 41 Cuddihy
Denief, John, laborer, h 9 New Gower
Denief, Patrick, fireman, 26 Quidi Vidi Road
Denief, Patrick, cooper, h 40 George
Dennihey, Michael, carpenter, h 6 Gilmore
Densmore, Michael, blacksmith, h 338 Water, w
Departmental Building, Duckworth
Department Public Works, Departmental Building, Duckworth
Dequesnel, Harold, clerk, bds 25 Queens Road
Des Isles, Charles R., French Consul, office 14 Barnes Road, h Torbay Road
DesIsles, Charles jr, student, bds Torbay Road
DesRoches, Mary Ellen, wid Alex, h 3 Livingstone
DeVanna, Michael, gunsmith, Drill Shed, Military Road
DeVanna, Richard, watchmaker, bds 5 Allan Square
Devereaux, Ed, P O inspector, h 167 Gower
Devereaux, Edward, leather finder, 100 New Gower, h do
Devereaux, Edward, Laborer, h 383 Waterford Bridge Road
Devereaux, Henry, coachman, h 6 William
Devereaux, Margaret, wid Wm., h Leslie
Devereaux, Mary, wid Wm., h 81 King's Road
Devereaux, Wm., printer, bds 81 King's Road
Devereaux, Wm., laborer, h 396 Water, w
Devine & O'Mara, printers, and publishers, 270 Duckworth
Devine, Maurice A., of Devine & O'Mara, h 272 Duckworth
Devine, Patrick, journalist, h 74 Hayward Ave.
Devlin, Elizabeth, wid James, h 94 Circular Road
Dewling, Johanna, wid Mark, h 24 Young
Dewling, Joseph, clerk, h 14 young
Dewling, Joseph, clerk, bds 16 Young
Dewling, Margaret, wid henry, h off Mundy's Pond Road
Dewling, Thomas, harbor master's clerk, h 44 William
Diamond, Alexander, tinsmith, bds 201 Gower
Diamond, Arthur G., clerk, h 86 Queen's Road
Diamond, Levi, stoves, tinware, hdw, etc., 270 Water, h 201 Gower
Diamond, Levi, A., accountant, bds 201 Gower
Diamond, Peter, carpenter, h 33 Young
Diamond, Robt, laborer, h 16 Field
Diamond, Solomon, tailor, bds 16 Field
Diamond, Wm., laborer, h 14 Field
Diamond, Wm., wheelwright, bds 33 Young
Dickinson, G H, broker, Gazette B, h 4 Park Row, Rennie's Mill rd
Dicks, Ann, wid Geo, bds 122 Hamilton
Dicks, Miss Bessie, saleslady, Water, bds Freshwater Road
Dicks & Co., Stationers and Bookbinders, Water, e
Dicks, Jacob, shipwright, h 20 Flower Hill
Dicks, Mary Jane, wid Robt, h 34 Freshwater Road
Dicks, Walter, stone cutter, h 149 Pleasant
Dillon, Ann, wid Matthew, h 323 Water, w
Dillon, Frank, fisherman, h 299 Water, w
Dillon, Jas., laborer, h 8 Hagerty's Lane
Dillon, Jas., lather, h 14 Pope
Dillon, Matthew, stoker, h South Side
Dillon, Matthew, laborer, bds 323 Water, w
Dillon, Michael, plasterer, h 21 Barne's Road
Dillon, Mortimer, laborer, h 323 water, w
Dillon, Patk, seaman, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Dillon, Peter, tinsmith, h Prospect
Dillon, Richard, laborer, h 14 Pope
Dillon, Thos, store keeper, bds 323 Water, w
Dingle, Edw., master mariner, h 71 Long's Hill
Dinn, Miss Alice, miller & dressmaker, h 71 New Gower
Dinn, Denis, laborer, h Battery Road
Dinn, Miss Ellen, h 25 Barne's Road
Dinn, John, laborer, bds Battery Road
Dinn, John, farmer, bds 372 Waterford Bridge Road
Dinn, Joseph, shoemaker, bds Poor House Lane
Dinn, Michael, watchman, h 22 Haggarty's Lane
Diocesan Synod of Nfld, Rev. G H Bolt, secretary, Gazette Building, Water, e
Dobbin, David, Diver, h Signal Hill
Dobbin, David jr, miner, h Signal Hill
Dobbin, Francis, miner, bds Signal Hill
Dobbin, Jas, shoemaker, h 52 Bond
Dobbin, Jas jr, shoemaker, bds 56 Bond
Dobbin, Patk, laborer, h 56 Bond
Dobbin, Richd, miner, bds Signal Hill
Dobbin, Richd jr, miner, bds Signal Hill
Dock, The Graving, Jas Angel & Co., prop, offi Dock prem.
Dodd, Albert, pedlar, bds Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
Dodd, George, cabman, h 10 Boncloddy
Dodd, John, cabman, h 28 McDougall
Dodd, Thomas, pedlar, Topsail Road
Dodd, Thomas, cabman, h 14 Boncloddy
Doheney, Edward, shoemaker, h 137 Gower
Doherty, Catherine, widow James, h 14 Sheehan's Shute
Doherty, John, carman, h 24 Sebastian
Doherty, John, shoemaker, h 35 Casey's Lane
Doherty, John, shoemaker, h 40 Casey's Lane
Doherty, Thomas, laborer, h 14 Sheehan's Shute
Donnelly, Arthur, accountant, bds 51 Duckworth
Donnelly, Catherine, wid Michael, h 236 Gower
Donnelly, Fergus J, clerk, bds 51 Duckworth
Donnelly, Henry C, clerk, bds 51 Duckworth
Donnelly, James, clerk, h 179 Gower
Donnelly, Jeremiah, laborer, h 13 Barron
Donnelly, John, Water Department Inspector, h 48 Colonial
Donnelly, John, cabman, h 87 Circular Road
Donnelly, John, sailor, h 18 George, e
Donnelly, Joseph, h 87 Circular Road
Donnelly, Michael, clerk, bds 179 Gower
Donnelly, Richard, laborer, bds 48 Colonial
Donnelly, Thos J, stone cutter, h 35 William
Donnelly, Wm., laborer, h 10 barter's Hill
Donnelly, Wm., bricklayer, h 48 Colonial
Donnelly, Wm., clerk, h 179 Gower
Donnelly, Wm., barber, h 87 Circular Road
Donnelly, W L, 2nd clerk Col Sec'y office, bds 51 Duckworth
Donnelly, W J S, MHA, h 51 Duckworth
Donahue, John, laborer, h 9 Simms
Donahue, Patrick, laborer, h Casey's lane
Donahue, Patrick, laborer, 9 Simms
Donovan, James, printer, bds 115 Signal Hill Road
Donovan, James, laborer, h Carew
Donovan, John, laborer, bds 64 Spencer
Donovan, John, laborer, bds 15 Quidi Vidi Road
Donovan, Margaret, wid John, h 15 Quidi Vidi Road
Donovan, Michael, seaman, h 99 Long's Hill
Donovan, Patrick, laborer, bds 64 Spencer
Donovan, Thos, laborer, h 64 Spencer
Donovan, Wm., laborer, h 115 Signal Hill Road
Doolan, Wm., laborer, h 31 Adelaide
Dooley, Denis, butcher, 176 Duckworth, h do
Dooley, Edward, butcher, h 194 new Gower
Dooley, Frank, baker, h 29 Quidi Vidi Road
Dooley, Henry, line maker, bds Ropewalk Range
Dooley, James, line maker, h Ropewalk Range
Dooley, James, ship carpenter, h 61 Prescott
Dooley, john, cabman, bds Torbay Road
Dooley, John, laborer, h Ropewalk Range
Dooley, John, steward, h 26 Signal Hill Road
Dooley, Mary, wid Wm., h 50 King's Bridge Road
Dooley, Mary Ann, wid Wm., h 59 Prescott
Dooley, Michael, butcher, bds 176 Duckworth
Dooley, Michael, butcher and grocer, 14 Cook, h do
Dooley, Patrick, butcher, 232 Gower, h 130 George
Dooley, Patrick, carman, h 29 James
Dooley, Thomas, ships carpenter, h 14 Pilot's Hill
Dooley, Wm., fireman, east end station, h 26 Bond
Dooley, Wm., farmer, bds Portugal Cove Road
Doran, Edward, joiner, bds 39 Duckworth
Doran, Edward, joiner, h 38 Barne's Road
Doran, James, joiner, h 18 Hayward Ave.
Doran, John, joiner, h 39 Duckworth
Doran, Patrick, laborer, bds 35 Victoria
Doran, Wm., joiner, bds 39 Duckworth
Doran, Wm., laborer, h 38 Barne's Road
Dormady, Agnes, wid Patk, h 22 Barne's Road
Dormady, John, sailmaker, h 12 Convent Square
Dormady, Richard, wharfinger, h 72 Duckworth
Dorothy, Hugh, engineer, h 237 New Gower 
Douglas, Angus, plasterer, h 5 Long's
Doutney, Edward, blacksmith, h 24 Bond
Dove, Rev Jas, methodist, h South Side
Dove, Wilfred, accountant, bds South Side
Dowden, Allen E, mason, bds 13 Mullock
Dowden, Miss Jennie, milliner, bds 13 Mullock
Dowden, John, carman, h 32 Signal Hill Road
Dowden, Reginald, clerk, bds 13 Mullock
Dowden, Thos, farmer, bds Topsail Road
Dowden, Thos, tinsmith, h 11 Mullock
Dowden, Thos, tinsmith, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Dowden, Wm., carman, h 32 Signal Hill Road
Dowden, Wm., watchman, h 13 Mullock
Downey, Daniel, shoemaker, h Stephen
Downey, Francis, carpenter, h 43 Le Marchant
Downey, John, laborer, h Sebastian
Downey, Michael, laborer, h Sebastian
Downey, Theresa, wid Daniel, h Sebastian
Downey, Thos, laborer, h 5 Gilmore
Downey, Thos, caretaker, bds Gilmore
Downs, Charles, tanner, h 25 Boncloddy
Downs, John, tailor, h 95 Carter's Hill
Downs, Robt, shoemaker, h 10 Flower Hill
Downs, Robt, shoemaker, h 228 New Gower
Downs, Rodger, shoemaker, Down's Cottage, Mundy's Pond Road
Downs, Wm., shoemaker, bds Down's Cottage, Mundy's Pond Road
Downton, E, clerk, h 41 Fleming
Downton, Geo, carpenter, h 178 1/2 pleasant
Downton, Aaron Ed, clerk, bds 41 Fleming
Downton, Fredk, joiner, h 37 Fleming
Downton, Mark, blacksmith, h 41 Fleming
Dowsley, Rev Mother Xaverius, Superior of Littledale Academy, Waterford Bridge Road
Dowton, Aram, fireman, h 41 Fleming
Doyle, Anastatia, wid Robt, h 6 Rossiter's Lane
Doyle, Miss Annie, teacher, h 23 Hamilton Ave.
Doyle, Edward, painter, bds 127 Quidi Vidi Road
Doyle, Edward, reg.-gen, births, deaths and marriages, Departmental Building,
h Bee Orchis Terrace, Queen's Road
Doyle, Elizabeth, wid Jas, h 127 Quidi Vidi Road
Doyle, Ellen, wid Michael, h 4 Maxse
Doyle, Ellen, wid Peter, h 9 William
Doyle, Frank, carman, h Torbay Road
Doyle, Francis J, nautical instructor, h 270 Theatre hill
Doyle, James, miner, 58 Pleasant
Doyle, James, cooper, h 7 Flower Hill
Doyle, James, laborer, h r 211 New Gower
Doyle, John, machinist, h 23 Hamilton
Doyle, John jr, accountant, bds 23 Hamilton
Doyle, John, farmer, bds Torbay Road
Doyle, John, telegraph repairer, h 9 Wood
Doyle, John, shoemaker, h 127 Quidi Vidi Road
Doyle, John, laborer, h 3 Plank Road
Doyle, Joseph, farmer, bds Torbay Road
Doyle, Martin J, tailor, h 26 Pleasant
Doyle, Mary, wid John, h 20 Colonial
Doyle, Mary, wid Peter, h 70 Hayward Ave.
Doyle, Matthew, farmer, h Springfield Cottage, Topsail Road
Doyle, Michael, laborer, bds 52 Signal Hill Road
Doyle, Michael, cooper, h 104 Queen's Road
Doyle, Patrick J, accountant, h 4 Maxse
Doyle, Peter, shoemaker, bds Torbay Road
Doyle, Rose, wid Peter, 14 Torbay Road
Doyle, Robert, fisherman, h 3 Plank Road
Doyle, Thomas, cooper, h 115 Bond
Drake, Richard, master mariner, h 69 Gower
Driscoll, Absalom, fisherman, h 17 Fleming
Driscoll, Absalom, fisherman, h 24 Field
Driscoll, Benjamin, fisherman, h 24 Field
Driscoll, Caleb, operative match factory, h 29 Flower Hill
Driscoll, Charles, laborer, bds 24 Field
Driscoll, Charles, student, bds 30 Field
Driscoll, Elias, fisherman, h 30 Field
Driscoll, Elias, sailmaker, h 4 Colonial
Driscoll, Elijah, laborer, h 29 Flower Hill
Driscoll, George, fisherman, h 36 Field
Driscoll, Hubert G, laborer, h 29 Flower Hill
Driscoll, Jethro, cooper, h 30 Field
Driscoll, Selina, wid John, h 29 Flower Hill
Driscoll, William, fisherman, h 12 Alexander
Drover, Archibald, carpenter, h 16 1/2 Young
Drover, James, boiler maker, h Hamilton Avenue
Drover, Thomas, laborer, h 25 Scott
Drummond, A C, accountant, B of Montreal, bds 120 Duckworth
Druken, Jane, wid John, h 24 Hutching's Lane
Druken, John, laborer, h 24 Hutching's Lane
Druken, Wm., laborer, h 24 Hutching's Lane
Dry Dock, James Angel & Co., proprietors, see adv per index
Dryer, Henry H, Supt M O Dept., Post Office, h 241 Duckworth
Dryer, John P, hair dresser, 62 and 64 George, h do
Dryer, Wm., accountant, post office, h 241 Duckworth
DuBourdieu, Augustin S, reporter, daily News, h 124 Barnes Rd
Duder, Chas, accountant, h Devon Farm, Portugal Cove (old) Rd
Duder, Edwin J, h Carpasian Cottage, off Long Pond Road
Duder, Henry J, clerk, h 47 Monkstown Road
Duder, Jane S, wid Henry, h Portugal Cove (old) Road
Duder, Thos C, Minister Agriculture and Mines, MHA, office Customs Building,
        h 47 Monkstown Road
Dudley, Edward, joiner, bds 15 Monkstown Road
Dudley, John, joiner, h 15 Monkstown Road
Duff, James Carter, h 68 Cabot (it is possible that Carter is his job)
Duff, John, farmer, Mundy's Pond Road
Duff, John J, grocer, 416 Water, h do
Duff, Robt M, clerk, bds 107 King's Road
Duffey, Catherine, wid Andrew, h 1 Cabot
Duffey, James, painter, bds 29 Cookstown Road
Duffey, Michael A, clerk, h 1 Cabot
Duffey, Patrick, fireman, h 29 Cookstown Road
Duffitt, Alexander, app tinsmith, bds 35 Spencer
Duffitt, George, watchman, h 41 Spencer
Duffitt, James, fisherman, bds 35 Spencer
Duffitt, John, carpenter, h 35 Spencer
Duffitt, Thomas, shoemaker, h 14 Gilbert
Duffitt, Thomas, fisherman, bds 35 Spencer
Duffitt, Wm., cabinet maker, bds 41 Spencer
Duggan, Miss Bridget, wines and spirits, Water, h do
Duggan, Daniel, laborer, h 25 York
Duggan, James, laborer, h 25 York
Duggan, James, carpenter, bds 25 York
Duggan, James, watchman penitentiary, h 215 New Gower
Duggan, James, laborer, h 20 Sebastian
Duggan, Thomas, laborer, h 36 Cuddihy
Duggan, Timothy, fisherman, h 49 Cabot
Duggan, Timothy, shoemaker, bds 25 York
Duggan, Wm., h 213 New Gower
Duke, Mary, wid Thomas, h 20 Tessier Place
Duke, Patrick, shoemaker, h 94 Lime
Duke, Thomas, plasterer, bds 20 Tessier place
Dulhanty, David, seaman, h 237 New Gower
Dulhanty, Johanna, wid Lawrence, h 237 New Gower
Dulhunty, Thomas, laborer, h 23 1/2 Barter's Hill
Duley, T J & Co., Watchmakers & Jewellers, Water street. See adv per index
Duley, Thomas J, of T J Duley & Co., h 82 Freshwater Road
Duncan, John, accountant, h 96 Pleasant 
Duncan, Miss Mary, clerk, bds 98 Pleasant
Duncan, Wm., hair dresser, 296 1/2 Water, bds 96 Pleasant
Dunfield, Rev H, rector St Thomas's parish, h King's B Rd
Dunfield, John, student, bds King's Bridge Road
Dunn, Arthur, grocer, h 39 Gower
Dunn, Catherine, wid Thomas, h 130 Water, w
Dunn, Henry, laborer, h 15 Hayward Ave.
Dunn, James, fisherman, h 7 Williams Lane
Dunn, James, coachman, h 2 Hayward Lane
Dunn, Jeremiah, laborer, h 35 Goodview
Dunn, Jeremiah, fisherman, h 19 William
Dunn, John, fireman (railway), h 56 Gower
Dunn, John, tinsmith, h 90 Queen's Road
Dunn, John, can maker, h 15 Queen's Road
Dunn, John, baker, h 48 Victoria
Dunn, John F, book binder, h 45 Mullock
Dunn, Mary, wid James, h 39 Gower
Dunn, Michael, chief fire o, west fire hall, h 13 Pleasant
Dunn, Michael, printer, h 43 Mullock
Dunn, Nora, wid Patrick, bds 72 Portugal Cove Road
Dunn, Patrick, farmer, h Mundy's Pond Road
Dunn, Patrick, cooper, h 49 Fleming
Dunn, Pierce, clerk, bds 39 Gower
Dunn, Thos, farmer, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Dunn, Thomas, blacksmith, bds 15 Hayward Ave.
Dunn, Thos, painter, h 8 Catherine
Dunn, Wm., cabman, h 51 Hayward Ave.
Dunn, Wm., h 15 Hayward Ave.
Dunn, Wm., joiner, h 45 Mullock
Dunphy, Catherine, wid Michael, h 149 New Gower
Dunphy, James, typewriter, asst regist, b d's m, bds 8 Rennie's Mill Rd
Dunphy, Johanna, wid Jas, h 8 Rennie's Mill Rd
Dunphy, John, chief clerk, dept Public Charities, h 105 Gower
Dunphy, John M, printer, bds 8 Rennie's Mill Road
Dunphy, John, laborer, h 4 Queen's Road
Dunphy, Martin, laborer, h 191 New Gower
Dunphy, Michael, seaman, h 89 New Gower
Dunphy, Michael, laborer, h 25 Flower Hill
Dunphy, Patrick, seaman, h 23 Parade
Dunphy, Patrick, cooper, h 39 Duggan's
Dunphy, Theresa, wid Patrick, h 45 William
Dunphy, Thos, shoemaker, h 25 Flower Hill



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

421 Entries (Completed)

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This page transcribed by John Scott

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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