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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's City Directory -- Pages 171 - 183
Connell, Michael through Davis, Samual


Note that pages 172 and 180 are advertisements and have not been added.
Pages 171, 173, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 181, 182, 183.

St. John's Page 171

Connell Michael, laborer, h 18 Sheehan's Shute
Connell Michael, store keeper, h Ropewalk Range
Connell Patrick, butcher, h 35 Victoria
Connell Thomas, rope maker, h Ropewalk Range
Connolly Miss Bride, clerk, bds 312 Pleasant
Connolly Francis J, Barrister & Solicitor, 
38  Henry, bds 106 Military Road
Connolly Geoffrey, laborer, h 4 Brennan's Lane
Connolly Geofrey, laborer, h 93 Carter's Hill
Connolly James, clerk, bds 110 George
Connolly James, laborer, h Le Marchant Road
Connolly Jeremiah, shoe maker, h 68 Barnes' Road
Connolly John, cabinet maker, bds 70 McFarlane's Lane
Connolly John, cooper, h 23 1/2 Barter's Hill
Connolly John, gas works, bds Le Marchant Road
Connolly John, painter, bds 90 Circular Road
Connolly Lawrence, painter, bds 90 Circular Road
Connolly Margaret, wid James, h 110 George
Connolly Miss Mary Ann, dress maker, h 90 Circular Road
Connolly Miss Mary, washerwoman gen hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd
Connolly Michael, butcher, 106 Military Road, h do
Connolly Michael, fireman, h 5 Howe Place
Connolly M F, student, bds 106 Military Road
Connolly Patk, carman, h Pleasant
Connolly Thos, shoemaker, bds 110 George
Connolly Wm, caretaker municipal basin, h 15 Patrick
Connors Alfred E, engineer, railway, h 17 Cochrane
Connors Mrs Timothy, liquor dealer, 376 Water, h do
Connors Miss Bridget, washerwoman, h 50 1/2 Water, w
Connors Bridget, wid Patk, h 83 Casey
Connors Miss Catherine, h 17 Hayward Avenue
Connors Frank J, saddler harness maker, Water, bds do
Connors John, h off 238 New Gower
Conners John, butcher, Water, bds do
Connors John, fisherman, h 84 New Gower
Connors John, laborer, h 47 Wickford
Connors John, master cooper, h 7 Brazil's Square
Connors John, rope-spinner, h Ropewalk Range
Connors Margaret, wid Owen, h 3 Holdsworth
Connors Mary, wid Bartholomew, h 17 Hayward Ave
Connors Mary, wid Jas, h 123 New Gower
Connors Michael, butcher, Water, h do
Connors Michael, Druggist, 358 Water, bds Crosbie Hotel

St. John's Page 173

Connors Michael, Laborer, h off 238 New Gower
Connors Michael, laborer, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Connors Michael, laborer, h 23 Flemming
Connors Michael, seaman, h 37 Cabot
Connors Michael, shoemaker, h 160 New Gower
Connors Michael J., printer, h 28 McDougall
Connors Patrick, brakesman, Nfld raily, bds York
Connors Patrick, butcher, 402 Water, h do
Connors Patrick sr, laborer, h Mundy's Pond Road
Connors Patrick, rope maker, h Mundy's Pond Road
Connors Thos, school teacher, h 10 Bulley
Connors T P, road master, Nfld raily, h 17 Cochrane
Conroy Chas O'N., barrister, Renouf Buildg, bds Winter Ave
Conroy Jas G., stipendiary magistrate, Winter Ave
Constantine James, laborer, h 23 Flower Hill
Constantine John, fisherman, h 23 Flower Hill
Constantine Peter, baker, h 21 Guggan
Constantine Philip, seaman, h 23 Flower Hill
Constantine Wm, rope maker, h 81 1/2 Casey
Conway Denis, plasterer, h 11 William
Conway Denis, plasterer, h 17 Monkstown Road
Conway Jas, cooper, h 5 Queen's Road
Conway Rev. John, C B, Mt St Francis, Newtown Road
Conway John, teacher, bds St Bonaventure's College
Conway John, plasterer, h 72 Patrick
Conway Jos, plasterer, h 11 William
Conway Thos, h 57 Queen's Road
Cook Albert, cooper, h Charlton
Cook Ann, wid Jas, h 39 Cuddihy
Cook Ann, wid Jos, h 265 Water, w
Cook Chas, cooper, h South Side
Cook Chas, cooper, h 2 Charlton
Cook Douglas, clerk, bds 266 Water
Cooke Duncan, lumberman, h cor Charlton and Springdale
Cooke Eliza, wid Nicholas, h 41 Moore
Cook Geo, carman, h Torbay Road
Cook Geo, cooper, h 37 New Gower
Cook Geo, farmer, h Logy Bay Road
Cook Geo, joiner, h 20 1/2 Hayward Ave
Cook George, plumber, bds 36 Bannerman
Cook George E, cooper, h South Side
Cook Henry R, farmer, h Logy Bay Road
Cook James, carpenter, bds 31 Wickford

St. John's. Page 174
Cook James, laborer, h 13 Bannerman
Cook James, clerk, bds 266 Water
Cook James H, cooper, h South Side
Cook John, carpenter, h 36 Bannerman
Cook John, cooper, bds 265 Water, w
Cooke John, seaman, bds 41 Moore
Cook John A, laborer, h South Side
Cook Joseph, fisherman, h South Side
Cook Joseph, fisherman, h 1 Cochrane
Cook Philip, carman, h Harris
Cook Richard, laborer, h 31 Wickford
Cook Robert H, clerk, bds 36 Bannerman
Cook Susannah, wid George, Logy Bay Road
Cook Tasker, manager for James Pennock, h 284 Water
Cook Thomas, keeper lunatic asylum, h 71 Gower
Cook Wm, cooper, h 1 Charlton
Cook Wm, carman, h 94 Harris, con MaFarlane's Lane
Cook Wm, meat & vegetable market, 266 Water, h do
Cook Wm H, carpenter, h South Side
Cook Wm J, cooper, h South Side
Cook Wm R, bell hanger, bds 31 Wickford
Coombs Wm, fisherman, h 17 1/2 Scott
Coonan Jas, baker, h 73 Gower
Coonan Miss Margaret, h 66 Duckworth
Coonan Patk, clerk, bds 73 Gower
Coonan Wm, laborer, h 73 Gower
Cooney Edw, laborer, h 14 Haggerty's Lane
Cooney Jas, cooper, h 59 Springdale
Cooney Jas jr, cooper, h 59 Springdale
Cooney Michael, h 13 Hutchings
Cooney Peter, laborer, h 9 Damaril's Lane
Cooper Catherine, wid Henry, h 8 Barron
Cooper Chas, lobster packer, h 29 Spencer
Cooper Edw, photographer, h 21 Barron
Cooper Eleazer, porter, h Barter's Hill
Cooper Francis, seaman, h 2 Stephen
Cooper Henry, cabman, h 8 Barron
Cooper Jas, carpenter, h 44 Scott
Cooper Jas, laborer, h 19 Field
Cooper James jr, cooper, bds 21 Field
Cooper John, fisherman, h 21 Field
Cooper John, laborer, h 23 Pennywell Road
Cooper Michael, shoemaker, bds 58 Pleasant

St. John's Page 175
Cooper Peter, seaman, h 27 Waldegrave
Cooper Richard, shoemaker, bds 58 Pleasant
Cooper Samuel, teamster, h 8 Barron
Cooper Thos, laborer, h 45 Spencer
Cooper Wm, laborer, bds 21 Field
Copeman Thos, seaman, h 36 Brazil's Square
Corbett George, printer, h 76 George
Corbett Joseph, police sergent, h 27 Water, w
Corbett Patrick, student, bds 27 Water, w
Corbett Wm, wines & spirits, h 2 Le Marchant, h do
Corcoran Catherine, wid Lawrence, h 132 New Gower
Corcoran Edward, laborer, h 34 Cabot
Corcoran James, laborer, h 6 1/2 Power
Corcoran John, mason, bds 8 Dick's Square
Corcoran Laurence, cooper, h 17 Pope
Corcoran Patrick, laborer, h 24 John
Corcoran Philip, accountant, h 46 Livingstone
Corcoran Thos, laborer, h 132 New Gower
Cocoran Wm, caretaker court house, h 8 Dick's Square
Cocoran Wm, laborer, h r 9 Damaril's Lane
Cormack Henry, cashier railway, bds 120 Duckworth
Cormack Jas, first clerk & warehouse keeper H M C, h 4 Queen's rd
Cormack John, agent Queen Insurance Co, h 4 Queen's Road
Cornew Isaac, carpenter, h 36 Lime
Cornew Wm, fisherman, bds 36 Lime
Cornew Willis, shoemaker, bds 36 Lime
Cornick Brothers, provisions & groceries, 6 Freshwater Road
Cornick Edward, mason, h 30 Livingstone
Cornick Miss Ethel, clerk, bds Hills View, Mundy's Pond Road
Cornick Frederick, mason, h 12 William
Cornick Harry, of Cornick Brothers, bds 6 Freshwater Road
Cornick John, moulder, h 148 Pleasant
Cornick John F, moulder, h 148 Pleasant
Cornick Wm, mangr Consolidated Iron Foundry and of Cornick Bros, h 77 Springdale
Cornick Thos, light h mechanician, h Hills View, Mundy's Pond Road
Corish James, blacksmith, h Freshwater Road
Corner A H, clerk, h 20 Cookstown Road
Carrigan Miss Ellie, saleslady, bds 32 Flower Hill
Coish Edward, carpenter, h 47 Brazil's Square
Cosh George, seaman, h Battery Road
Cosh Sarah, wid John, 14 Carew
Costello Edw, teacher, bds St Bonaventure College

St. John's Page 176
Costello Elizabeth, wid Matthew, h 12 Gilmore
Costello Ellen, wid John, bds 27 Waldegrave
Costello Jas, grocer, 301, Water, w, h do
Costello Jas, laborer,h 4 Hunter's Lane
Costello John, master mariner, h 23 Cuddihy
Costello John, shoemaker, bds 111 Hamilton
Costello Martin J, shipwright, bds 47 Field
Costello Richd, carpenter, h 47 Field
Costello T M, tidewaiter H M C, h 27 Prospect
Costello Wm, provisions & groceries, 243 Gower, h do
Costello Wm, shoemaker, h 111 Hamilton
Costigan Joseph, fisherman, h 25 Pleasant
Costigan Patk, cooper, h 150 New Gower
Costigan Patk, fisherman, h 274 Theatre Hill
Costigan Mrs Patk, grocer, 274 Theatre Hill, h do
Costigan Wm, clerk
Cotter Denis, carman, h Long Pond Road
Cotter,  druggist, bds 74 Duckworth
Cotter Noah, painter, h 14 Allan Square
Cotter Patrick, coachman, h 74 Duckworth
Cotter Thomas, laborer, h 20 Cabot
Cotter Wm, clerk, bds 74 Duckworth
Couch Caleb C, master mariner, h 33 Springdale
Coughlan Miss Alice, bds 12 Queen
Coughlan Anthony, farmer, bds Allendale Road
Coughlan Ellen, wid Wm, h Fort Townsend
Coughlan Geo, clerk, bds Fort Townsend
Coughlan John, mailman, bds Allendale Road
Coughlan Lucy, grocer, 210 Water, w, h do
Coughlan Maurice, ry labourer, h 36 Adelaide
Coughlan Wm, engineer, bds Fort Townsend
Coughlan Wm, farmer, h Allendale Road
Coultis Joseph, instructor at penitentiary, h 18 1/2 York
Coultis Myles, laborer, h 180 Patrick
Courtney Catherine, wid Richard, h 418 Water
Courtney David, butcher, 418 Water, h do
Courtney H H, Chemist and Druggist, 423 Water, h 172 Gower
Courtney John, police officer, h 55 Cookstown Road
Courtney Joseph, butcher, bds 418 Water
Courtney Thos, preacher, 170 Gower
Courtney Wm, butcher, h Sheehan's Shute
Couzens James, carpenter, h 52 Gilbert

St. John's Page 177
Couzens Lucy, wid James, h 31 Dicks' Square
Couzens Nicholas L, cooper, h South Side
Couzens Thomas, cooper, h 52 Gilbert
Cove Patrick, laborer, h 15 Larkin's Square
Cove Samuel, laborer, h 15 Larkin's Square
Coveduck Wm, laborer, h 14 Duggan
Cowan & Co, commission agents, Water
Cowan Grace, grocer, 18 Allan Square, h do
Cowan Harry, book keeper, bds 37 Queen's Road
Cowan John sr, of Cowan & Co, h 3 Winter Avenue
Cowan John, com agent, Mechanics Bldg, h 37 Queen's Road
Cowan John T, cooper, h 13 Brazil's Square
Cowan Peter, clerk, bds 37 Queen's Road
Cowan Robert A, cooper, h 13 Brazil's Square
Cowney Chas, clerk, bds Waterford Bridge Road
Cox James, mail clerk, h 216 Gower
Cox John, laborer, h 5 James'
Cox Wm, hair dresser, 1 Cochrane, h do
Cox Z, Grocer & Provisions, 347 Water, h Angel Cottage, 143 Hamilton Ave
Coyle Thomas, cooper, h 33 Springdale
Coyle Wm, clerk, bds Water, w
Cram Raymond W, farmer, h 238 Gower
Cranaford Albert, cooper, h South Side
Cranaford Frank, stoker, h South Side
Cranaford Henry, laborer, h South Side
Cranford Joseph, cooper, h 17 1/2 Cabot
Cranaford Nicholas, laborer, h South Side
Crane Miss Elizabeth, bds 31 Cuddihy
Crane Fenwick, accountant, h 107 Gower
Crane John, cooper, h 30 Bond
Crane John, cooper, h 22 Lime
Crane Miss Mary, bds 31 Cuddihy
Crane Wm J, fisherman, h South Side
Cranford Edward, cooper, h 14 Charlton
Cranford George, laborer, bds 6 Long's Hill
Crantord Wm, engineer, h 5 Long's Hill
Crawford Bernard, fisherman, h 12 Haggerty's Lane
Crawford Mary, wid Jas, h 12 Haggerty's Lane
Crickard Thos, shoemaker, h 28 Hutching's
Crimp Robt, laborer, h 46 Long's Hill
Crimp Wm, laborer, h 44 Long's Hill
Critch Ambrose, seaman, h 8 Dunford

St. John's - Page 178
Critch Charles, fisherman, h 28 Field
Critch Elizabeth, wid Thos, h 12 Codner's Lane
Critch John, fisherman, bds r 28 Field
Critch John, laborer, h 23 Fleming
Critch Richard, laborer, h 17 Brennan's Lane
Critch Sarah, wid Geo, h 23 Fleming
Croake John J, laborer, h 11 Wood
Croake Thos, tallyman, h 11 Wood
Crocker Alexander, laborer, h 12 Colonial
Crocker Archibald J, accountant, h 3 Atlantic Ave
Crocker John, laborer, Rositor's Lane
Crocker R B, fishery warden, h 50 Le Marchant Road
Crocker Wm, wheelwright, 174 Le Marchant Road
Croft Catherine, wid Jos, h 29 Pleasant
Croke Edward, fireman, h 187 New Gower
Croke Henry, Henry, laborer, bds 23 Barron
Crooke Rev Edmund, R. C., h Riverhead
Crosbie Hotel, Mrs G C Crosbie, proprietress: J C Crosbie, manager, Duckworth
Crosbie Mrs G C, proprietress Crosbie Hotel, Duckworth
Crosbie J C, manager Crosbie Hotel, Duckworth
Crosbie Robt, clerk, bds Crosbie Hotel, Duckworth
Cross Chas, seaman, h r Masonic Hall
Cross Frank, clerk, bds r Masonic Hall
Cross Geo, clerk, bds r Masonic Hall
Cross Ronald, constable, h 91 Long's Hill
Cross W G, master mariner, h prescott
Crossman Fredk, clerk, bds 73 Long's Hill
Crossman H, clerk, bds 73 Long's Hill
Crossman John, h Buckley's Lane
Crossman Robt, engineer, h 22 Cookstown Road
Crossman Thos, engineer, h Prescott
Crossman Wm, engineer, bds 101 Gower
Crotty Daniel, carpenter, h Battery Road
Crotty Jas, clerk, bds 8 Signal Hill Road
Crotty John, carman, h Mundy's Pond Road
Crotty John, laborer, h off 4 Brine
Crotty Margaret, wid Michael, h Battery Road
Crotty Maurice, carman, h Mundy's Pond Road
Crotty Michael, seaman, h 14 Nunnery Hill
Crotty Miss M A, groceries, cor Cochrane and Water, h do
Crotty Patk, farmer, bds Beaconsfield Cottage, Topsail Road
Crotty Thos, farmer, h Mundy's Pond Road

St. John's Page 179
Crotty Wm, book-keeper, h 3 Duckworth
Crotty Wm, wines & liquors, 8 Signal Hill Road, h do
Crotty Wm, laborer, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Crotty Wm, time-keeper, h 3 Duckworth
Croucher Alfred, laborer, h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
Croucher Stephen, laborer, bds 64 Brazil's Square
Crowdell Jas J, clerk, bds Freshwater Road
Crowley Jane, wid John, h 66 Bannerman
Crow John, laborer, h 19 Barnes' Place
Crow Joseph, carpenter, h 20 Colonial
Cruett Augustus, laborer, h 412 Water
Cuddihy Catherine, wid Michael, h 11 Cuddihy
Cuddihy Ellen, wid Richd, h r 61 Long's Hill
Cuddihy John, cabman, bds r 61 Long's Hill
Cuddihy John, mason, h 33 Flower Hill
Cuddihy Martha, wid Thos, h 134 George
Cuddihy Miss Mary, bds 11 Cuddihy
Cuddihy Michael, shoemaker, bds 11 Cuddihy
Cuddihy Michael F, seaman, bds 55 New Gower
Cuddihy Thos, laborer, h 193 New Gower
Cuddihy Thos, laborer, h Southside
Culhane Rev J, C B, bds St Bonaventure College
Cullen Annie, wid John, h 57 Cookstown Road
Cullen Hannah, wid Patrick, h 337 Water, w
Cullen Hanora, wid Edw, bds Newtown Road
Cullen Jas, bds cor Holdsworth and Water
Cullen John, laborer, h 23 Butler Place
Cullen John J, porter, h 40 Flavin's
Cullen Michael, laborer, bds 57 Cookstown Road
Cullen Thomas, shoemaker, h r 21 James
Cullen Thomas, wharfinger, h South Side
Cullen Wm, h cor Holdsworth and Water
Cullen Wm H, printer, h 39 Henry
Culleton Miss Ellen, shop keeper, 15 Rossiter's Lane, h do
Culleton James, baker, 12 King's Road, h do
Culleton James, clerk, bds 119 Long's Hill
Culleton James, fisherman, h 35 George, e
Culleton John, laborer, 6 Simms
Culleton Patrick, laborer, bds 2 Deady's Lane
Culleton Sarah, wid David, h 49 Lime
Culleton Wm, clerk, h 119 Long's Hill
Culleton Wm, cooper, h 50 Gower
Culleton Wm, laborer, h 7 Simms

St. John's Page 181
Cullymore John, h 33 Scott
Cummins Edward, bds 59 Prescott
Cummins George, carpenter, h 1 Gilbert
Cummins Henry T, joiner, h 12 Gilbert
Cummins John, laborer, h 2 Leslie
Cummins John, tidewaiter H M C, h 64 Cochrane
Cummings Ambrose, bookbinder, bds 18 Tessier Place
Cummings George, fisherman, h 18 Tessier Place
Cummings John, grocer, 120 Military Road, h do
Cummings Thomas, carpenter, h 12 Gilbert
Cummings Wm, carpenter, bds 18 Tessier Place
Cunningham Edward, steward, h 40 Signal Hill Road
Cunningham Ellen, wid Michael, h 39 Le Marchant
Cunningham Henry, laborer, h 78 Casey
Cunningham Henry, laborer, bds Riverside, Waterford B Road
Cunningham John, coachman, bds Waterford Bridge Road
Cunningham John, fireman, h 6 Wickford
Cunningham John, laborer, bds Waterford Bridge Road
Cunningham John, shoemaker, h 103 Hamilton
Cunningham Mary, wid John, Riverside, Waterford B Road
Cunningham Patrick, laborer, h 37 Flower Hill
Cunningham Thos, coachman, bds Waterford Bridge Road
Churchill Richard, butcher, George Town, h do
Curlew John T, fisherman, h 11 Cabot
Curnew John, watchmaker, bds 13 Holdsworth
Curnew Philip, grocer, 13 Holdsworth, h do
Curran James, sailor, h 10 Wickford
Curran John, shoemaker, h 1 Flower Hill

St. John's Page 182
Curran John, Tailor & Clothier, Water, e, h do
Curran J B, commission merchant, h Beaumont Villa, Pleasant
Curran Thos, blacksmith, 2 and 4 Holdsworth, h do
Curran Thos, fisherman, h 11 Stephen
Curran Thos, seaman, Flood's Lane, off Prince
Currie J S, manager Daily News, bds 14 Cathedral
Curry Moses, shoemaker, bds 66 Flower Hill
Currie Wm G, clerk, h 14 Cathedral Hill
Curtin Daniel, night watchman, h 56 King's Road
Curtin Daniel jr, clerk, bds 56 King's Road
Curtin Jas, tailor, h 23 Fleming
Curtin John, drug clerk, h 47 Hayward Avenue
Curtin John, freight receiver, h 3 Carew
Curtin John, grocer, bds 56 King's Road
Curtin Mary, wid Cornelius, h 4 Cabot
Curtin Mary, wid John, h 47 Hayward Avenue
Curtis Archibald, fisherman, h 47 Pleasant
Curtis Francis, farm servant, bds Newtown Road
Curtis Jas, engineer, h 180 Water, w
Curtis John, engineer, h 36 Le Marchant Road
Curtis Rev Levi, B A, methodist, h Parsonage, Gower
Curtis Margaret, wid John, h 337 Water, w
Curtis Miss Margaret, clerk, bds 11 Bulley
Curtis Miss Mary, h 8 Adelaide
Curtis Wm, laborer, h 15 Thomas
Customs Examining Warehouse, government wharf
Cutler Absolem, sailor, h 36 Adelaide
Dadd John, bds 62 Livingstone
Dadd Matthew, laborer, h 62 Livingstone
Dahl Benjamin, seaman, h 16 Convent Square
DAILY AND WEEKLY NEWS, J A Robinson, prop. 278 Duckworth
Daimond Wm, blacksmith, h 35 Cabot
Daley James, clerk, bds 80 Pleasant
Dale John, laborer, bds 12 Lime
Daley John, shoemaker, h 13 Larkin's Square
Daley Joseph, blacksmith, h 58 Colonial
Daley Dawrence, shoe maker, h 17 Mullock
Daley Margaret, wid Patrick, h 17 Mullock
Dalton Bridget, wid Michael, h 63 Hayward Ave
Dalton John, machinist, bds 1 Patrick
Dalton John, store keeper, h 29 Barnes' Road

St. John's Page 183
Dalton Joseph, shoemaker, h 32 Belvidere
Dalton Margaret, grocer, 172 Water, w, h 1 Patrick
Dalton Mary, wid James, h Sheehan's Shute
Dalton Mary, wid Thos, h 12 Catherine
Dalton Matthew, laborer, h 90 George
Dalton Michael J, accountant, bds 1 Patrick
Dalton Patk, shoemaker, h 32 Belvidere
Dalton Patk, miner, h 23 1/2 Maxse
Dalton Patk, accountant, bds 1 Patrick
Dalton Patk J, clerk, bds 12 Catherine
Dalton Susannah, wid Wm, h 78 Portugal Cove Road
Dalton Walter, farm servant, bds Bagle's Hill
Dalton Wm, expressman, bds 46 Pleasant
Dalton Wm, joiner, h 48 Hayward Ave
Daly John, laborer, h 30 Brazil's Square
Daly Lawrence, boot & shoe maker, cor Gower & Cathedral, h do
Daly Mary, wid Robt, h 154 New Gower
Daly Patk, laborer, h 30 Brazil's Square
Daniels Priscilla, wid Samuel, h 44 Mullock
Daniels Thos, printer, h 54 Belvidere
Dareey Michael, tailor, h 39 New Gower
Davenport Wm, bricklayer, h 51 Military Road
Davey Chas A, joiner, h Freshwater Road
Davey E H, of E H & G Davey, h 109 Bond
Davey E H & G, Builders & Contractors, 
 fac 111 Bond: wharf and stores, east Job's Cove, Water
Davey Fredk T, carpenter & joiner, h 107 Bond
Davey Geo A, of E H & G Davey, h 83 Military Road
Davey John, carpenter & joiner, h 105 Bond
Davidson Malcolm, accountant, h Balmoral Cottage, Patrick
Davidson Wm H, grocer, 367 Water, h do
Davidson W J, east end grocery, 61 Duckworth, h do
Davis Miss Annie, clerk, bds Water, w
Davis Geo, moulder, Quidi Vidi Road, North Side
Davis Jas, brass-finisher, 73 Patrick
Davis Jas, bds 159 Gower
Davis John, master mariner, h 10 York
Davis John J, book-keeper, h 27 Gower
Davis Priscilla, wid Wm, h 15 Barter's Hill
Davis Samuel, engineer, h Quidi Vidi Road, north side
Davis Samuel, fitter, h King's Bridge Road
Davis Samuel, keeper Protestant cemetery, Riverhead



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

452 Entries (Completed)

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This page transcribed by Gordon Richards

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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