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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's pages 145 to 157


St. John's pages 145 to 157

Last name, first name, occupation, address

Brown,Thos,No Entry,bds Sheehan
Brown,Thos,cooper,10 LeMarchant Road
Brown,Thos,laborer,h 16 Spencer
Brown,Wm,carpenter,h 21 Hutchings
Brown,Wm,fisherman,bds 38 Wickford
Brown,Wm,tanner,bds h 334 Water w
Browne,Henry,fisherman,h 62 Cabot
Browne,Jas,laborer,bds 70 Cabot
Browne,John,laborer,h 5 Carter Hill
Browne,Patk,fisherman,h 34 Adelaide
Browne,Philip,Salesman,h Victoria
Browning,G & Son,biscuit manufactures,371 Water
Browning,John,of G Browning & Son,h 77 LeMarchant Road
Browning,Donald M,M.H.A.,Barrister & Solicitor,Renouf Bldg
	Duckworth h Richmond Hill
Browning's Bakery,No Entry,No Entry,Riverhead off Water W
Brownrigg,Garrett,licensed publican,102 Water h do
Brownrigg,Garrett jr,student,bds 102 Water
Brownrigg,Henry,Liquor dealer,h 408 Water
Bruce,Alex,architect & builder,h 359 Water w
Bruin,Mary,wid jas,h 21 Holloway
Brushett,Archibald,fisherman,bds 56 Casey
Brushett,George,laborer,bds 11 Tessier Place
Brushett,John,laborer,h 56 casey
Brushett,Leander,Salesman,h Spenser
Brushett,Leander,porter,h 44 Field
Brushett,Munden,laborer,bds 11 Tessier Place
Brushett,Sampson,laborer,bds 56 Casey
Brushett,Samuel,laborer,h 29 Brazil's Square
Brushett,Thos F,laborer,bds 11 Tessier Place
Bryan,Michael,ex-policeman,h 9 Barnes Place
Bryan,Wm,clerk,h 9 Barnes Place
Bryant,Alfred,fisherman,bds 15 Young
Bryant,John,laborer,h 15 Young
Bryant,Sarah,wid John,h 15 Young
Bryden,Alexander,Laundry,Queen's bds 285 Water
Bryden,James,No Entry,h 285 water
Bryne,Wm,seaman,h 16 Sebastian
Buchanan,George,engineer,h 5 Parade
Buchanan,George,baker,bds h 5 Parade
Buchanan,Hugh,messenger,bds 5 Parade
Buchanan,Richard,messenger,bds 5 Parade
Buchingham,John,engineer,h Fort Townsend
Buchingham,Mary J,wid George,h 36 Springdale
Buckley,Ann,wid Thomas,h 231 Gower
Buckley,Anna,wid Patk,h Hawthorne Cottage Carter's Hill
Buckley,Bridget,wid James,h 59 Plymouth Road
Buckley,Catherine,wid Thomas,h 35 Duckworth
Buckley,Cornellus,caretaker,St Patrick's Hall h Queen's Road
Buckley,Edward,cooper,h 58 Livingstone
Buckley,James,clerk,bds 16 Bond
Buckley,James,cooper,bds 35 Duckworth
Buckley,James,cooper,h 16 Bond
Buckley,John,cooper,bds 35 Duckworth
Buckley,Margaret,wid Thomas,h 6 James
Buckley,Michael,porter,h 16 Bond
Buckley,Patrick,clerk,bds 384 Waterford bridge Road
Buckley,Patrick,clerk,bds 231 Gower
Buckley,Patrick,fisherman,h 285 Water w
Buckley,Richard,laborer,h 8 Gorman's Lane
Buckley,Thomas,fisherman,h 384 Waterford bridge Road
Buckmaster,Patk,butcher,19 New Gower h do
Bugden,Benj,printer,h 85 Long's Hill
Bugden,Eliza,wid John,h 51 Job's
Bugden,Frank,printer,bds 23 Cookstown Road
Bugden,Geo,laborer,h 23 Cookstown Road
Bugden,James,clerk,h 51 Job's
Bugden,Kate,saleswoman,h 23 Cookstown Road
Bugden,William,clerk,h 7 1/2 Brazil's Square
Bulger,Edward,butcher,h 56 King's Bridge Road
Bulger,Joseph,carpenter,h 10 Pilot's Hill
Bulger,Martin,shoemaker,h 63 King's Bridge Road
Bulger,Nicholas,moulder,h 115 Pleasant
Bulger,Patrick,blacksmith,h 4 York
Bulger,Wm,bookkeeper,bds 88 Duckworth
Bulger,Wm,fisherman,h 1 Wood
Bullard,T E,D D S of Burns & Bullard,bds City Hotel
Bulley,Fanney,No Entry,h 1 Stewart Ave
Bulley,Jack,engineer,h 1 Stewart Ave
Bulley,James,laborer,h 44 Quidi Vidi Road
Bulley,Thomas,coachman,h South Side
Bunnell,Joseph,carpenter,h 15 Field
Bunting,Fredk,physician,h 332 Duckworth
Burchell,H C,Deputy Minister of Public Works and Chairman of Municipal
	Council,h Avalon House Waterford B Rd
Burden,Arthur,teacher,bds 5 Cabot
Burfett,Thos,drug clerk,h 32 New Gower
Burgess,E R,No Entry,h 23 Cochrane
Burgess,Thos,fisherman,h 31 Cuddihy
Burke,Alexander,musician,bds 62 Prescott
Burke,Miss catherine,grocer,15 Stephen h do
Burke,Catherine,wid James,h 9 Brazil's Square
Burke,James K,bailiff,h 51 Gower
Burke,John,auctioneer,h 62 Prescott
Burke,John,carpenter,h 62 Lime
Burke,John,crier Supreme Court,h 51 Gower
Burke,John,cook,h 117 Bond
Burke,John,laborer,bds 9 Bell
Burke,John,fisherman,h 293 Water w
Burke,Martin,carpenter,h 42 Wickford
Burke,Martin,laborer,h 12 Murphy's Square off Alexander
Burke,Michael,laborer,h 9 Bell
Burke,Sarah,wid John,h 62 Prescott
Burke,Wm,caretaker Star Hall,bds 293 Water w
Burnham,Frederick,buyer at G Knowling's,h 80 Pleasant
Burns & Bullard,,Dentists,Gazette Bldg water
Burns,W Fletcher,D D S of Burns & Bullard,h 15 Monkstown Road
Burns,Stewart,No Entry,bds 15 Monkstown Road
Burridge,Charles T,stone mason,h Battery Road
Burridge,Cyprian,mason,h 25 Cook
Burridge,Donald M,clerk,bds Southside
Burridge,Ernest,mason,h 59 Pleasant
Burridge,John,mason,h South side
Burridge,Thos,laborer,bds Battery Road
Bursell,Fredk,undertaker,64 Water w h do
Bursell,Jas K,clerk,bds 32 Hutchings
Bursell,Sydney,clerk,h 32 Hutchings
Bursell,Sydney,student,h 64 Water w
Bursey,Elijah,teacher,bds Angel Place off Alexander
Bursey,Joseph,carpenter,h Angel Place off Alexander
Bursey,Wm R,teamster,h Brazil's Field off Mundy's Pond Rd
Burt,Abraham,carpenter,bds 33 Cook
Burt,Caroline,wid Wm,h 17 Shehan's Shute
Burt,Henry N,clerk,bds 15 Maxse
Burt,Jas,clerk,h 15 Maxse
Burt,John,fisherman,h 33 Cook
Burt,Joshua,clerk,h 7 Waldegrave
Burt,Mrs Joshua,milliner & dressmaker,h 7 Waldegrave
Burt,Simeon M,clerk,h 82 Forest Road
Burt,Wesley,shoemaker,bds 33 Cook
Burton,Grace,wid John,h 6 William
Burton,John,shoemaker,h 17 Colonial
Burton,Josiah,clerk,h 8 Dunford
Burton,Patk,fireman,h 10 Young
Burton,Thos J,clerk,h 6 William
Burton,Thos,fireman,h 46 Livingstone
Burton,Thos,laborer,h 1 Cookstown Road
Burton,Wm R,carpenter,h 26 Henry
Bussey,Cora,wid Geo,h 92 Duckworth
Bussey,Isaac,laborer,h 6 Larkin's Square
Bussey,John,picture framer,h 101 Barnes' Road
Bush,Richd,P O H M Ship Cordelia,h 12 1/2 Duckworth
Butler,Adam,shipwright,bds 17 Spencer
Butler,Miss Annie H,No Entry,h 104 Barnes' Road
Butler,Azariah,seaman,h 28 Hutchings' Lane
Butler,Catherine,wid Wm,h 82 New Gower
Butler,Miss Ernestine,clerk,bds Delgado's Water
Butler,Ebenezer,shipwright,h 30 John
Butler,Edw,accountant,h South Side
Butler,Eliza,wid Jas,bds 16 Pennywell Road
Butler,Geo,boatman H M C,h 17 Spencer
Butler,Jas,laborer,h 10 Fin's Lane
Butler,James,laborer,bds 45 Plank Road
Butler,James,farmer,h Springhill Farm Topsail Road
Butler,John,baker,h south side
Butler,John,carpenter,h Mundy's Pond Road
Butler,John,clerk,h 28 Mullock
Butler,John,farmer,bds Bowcock's Topsail Road
Butler,John,fireman,h 17 Young
Butler,John,laborer,h 12 McKay
Butler,John,seaman,h 21 Boncloddy
Butler,John F,photographer,bds 7 British Square
Butler,John Thos,No Entry,h 7 British Square
Butler,Joseph E,clerk,h 30 John
Butler,Joseph,farmer,bds Springhill Farm Topsail Road
Butler,Joseph,fisherman,h 56 Bannerman
Butler,Joseph B,clerk,bds 1 Lion Square
Butler,Joseph M,storekeeper,h 1 Lion Square
Butler,Martin,baker,h South Side Road w
Butler,Mary,wid Jas,41 McDougall
Butler,Matthew,cabman,h 160 Hamilton
Butler,Patrick,laborer,h South Side
Butler,Richard,clerk,h 4 Line
Butler,Samuel,fisherman,h 16 Pennywell Road
Butler,Simon,clerk in registrar office,bds 17 Spencer
Butler,Solomon,H M C boat,h 104 Barnes Road
Butler,Stephen,laborer,h 21 Butler Place
Butler,Stephen,shipwright,h 21 Dicks' Square
Butler,Thomas,laborer,h 2 Damarils Lane
Butler,Walter,cooper,h 66 Alexander
Butler,Walter,Tailor,bds South Side
Butler,Wm F,architect,Duckworth h 25 Prescott
Butler,Wm,carman,h 17 young
Butler,Wm,cooper,h 82 New Gower
Butler,Wm,shoemaker,bds Prescott
Butler,Wm P,clerk,h 92 Pleasant
Butt,Allan Wm,clerk,h 54 Springdale
Butt,Ambrose,shoemaker,h 54 Springdale
Butt,Anne,wid Roger,h 7 Charlton
Butt,Charles,clerk,bds 39 Hayward ave
Butt,Emily,tailoress,bds 139 Cabot
Butt,Fred,laborer,bds 22 Damarils Road
Butt,George,laborer,h 24 Joy Place off Prince
Butt,George,seaman,h 17 Cookstown Road
Butt,Henry,seaman,h 8 Gilbert
Butt,Henry J,cabinet maker,h 54 Springdale
Butt,Henry T,cabinet maker,h 22 Plymouth Road
Butt,Herbert,drug clerk,h 39 Hayward ave
Butt,Jacob,fisherman,h 48 Pleasant
Butt,James,carpenter,h 10 hope
Butt,John,seaman,h 22 Damaril's Lane
Butt,John A,No Entry,h 54 Springdale
Butt,John C,carpenter,h 54 Springdale
Butt,Joseph,seaman,h 16 Barter's Hill
Butt,Mary,wid Jonathan,bds 16 Barter's Hill
Butt,Moses,blacksmith,h 20 George e
Butt,Samuel,blacksmith,bds 17 John
Butt,Samuel,clock repairer,h 16 1/2 Brine
Butt,Solomon,shipwright,h 139 Cabot
Butt,Miss Susan,No Entry,h 39 Hayward ave
Butler,Thomas,farmer,bds Springhill Farm Topsail Road
Butt,Thomas,storekeeper,h 39 Hayward ave
Butt,Wm,laborer,bds 22 Damaril's Lane
Butt,Wm,seaman,52 Cabot
Butt,Wm,shipwright,h 7 Young
Butterworth,Geo,ironworker,h 284 Beaumont
Button,Alfred,fisherman,bds 12 Casey
Button,George,carman,h 54 Kings Road
Button,Jacob,fisherman,bds 12 Casey
Button,James,fisherman,h 12 Casey
Buvey,Henry,Laborer,h 9 Barron
Buzan,Thos,miner,h 22 Simms
Byrne,Alex,servant,bds 8 Winter Ave
Byrne,Ann,wid Michael,h Pennywell Road
Byrne,Ann,wid Wm,h 133 New Gower
Byrne,Catherine,No Entry,h Sebastian
Byrne,Catherine,wid Jas,h 264 Gower
Byrne,Chas,shoemaker,bds 2 Stevens
Byrne,Chas,tailor,bds 53 Prescott
Byrne,Denis,cooper,h 53 Prescott
Byrne,Daniel,laborer,h 12 Pilot's Hill
Byrne,Edward,master Angel's launch,h 24 Hutchings
Byrne,Edward,shoemaker,h 4 1/2 Brine
Byrne,Edward jr,laborer,h 24 Hutchings
Byrne,Miss Elizabeth,No Entry,h 80 Circular Road
Byrne,Garrett,Stationery & c.,365 Water house Topsail Road
Byrne,James,boilermaker,bds 7 Wood
Byrne,James,clerk,h 221 New Gower
Byrne,James,fisherman,h 246 New Gower
Byrne,James,jeweller,bds South Side e
Byrne,James,laborer,h 4 Bannerman
Byrne,James,salesman,h Flavin's Lane
Byrne,James H,clerk,bds 221 New Gower
Byrne,Jeremiah,laborer,bds 16 Carew
Byrne,John,clerk,h 7 Wood
Byrne,John,cooper,h 58 Bannerman
Byrne,John,engineer,h 14 Plymouth Road
Byrne,John,engine driver Nfld railway,h 16 Hutchings
Byrne,John,laborer,h 24 Hutchings
Byrne,John Joseph,No Entry,h 97 Wood
Byrne,Joseph,laborer,bds 65 Hayward ave
Byrne,Laurence,cooper,h 2 Stephen
Byrne,Laurence,miner,h 12 Pilots Hill
Byrne,Margaret,wid Edward,h 65 Hayward ave
Byrne,Margaret,wid Patrick,h 60 Gower
Byrne,Mary,wid Denis,bds 216 Gower
Byrne,Mary,wid James,h 7 Wood
Byrne,Michael,carman,h Mundy's Pond Road
Byrne,Michael,cooper,h 131 George
Byrne,Michael,laborer,h Sebastian
Byrne,Michael,laborer,h 4 Bannerman
Byrne,Michael,laborer,Flood's Lane off Princess
Byrne,Miss Minnie,No Entry,bds 3 New Gower
Byrne,Patk,cooper,bds 131 George
Byrne,Patk,laborer,bds 25 Pleasant
Byrne,Patk,laborer,h South Side
Byrne,Patk,laborer,h 21 Maxse
Byrne,Patk,laborer,h 16 Carew
Byrne,Philip,tailor,bds 53 Prescott
Byrne,Richd,cooper,bds 131 George
Byrne,Richd,laborer,bds Pennywell Road
Byrne,Richd,laborer,h 5 Patrick
Byrne,Richd,seaman,h 211 New Gower
Byrne,Thos,cooper,h 15 Allen Square
Byrne,Thos,laborer,h 17 Maxse
Byrne,Wm,engineer,h 24 Hutchings
Byrne,Wm,master mariner,h 3 Cochrane
Cabot,Geo,trader,h 29 Barter's Hill
Cabot House,No entry,Ewing Mary - Prop,159 Gower
Cadwell,Elizabeth,wid John,h 93 Pleasant
Cadwell,James,Foreman Consolidated Fdy Co,h 62 Patrick
Cadwell,Wm F,Ropewalk Operative,bds 93 Pleasant
Cahill,James,laborer,h 64 Mullock
Cahill,John,blacksmith,bds 10 Spencer
Cahill,John,laborer,h 14 Hayward ave
Cahill,Mary,wid John,h 14 Hayward ave
Cahill,Mary,wid John,h 10 Spencer
Cahill,Peter,carriage builder,h 77 King's Road
Cahill,Richard,laborer,h 11 Pope
Cahill,Thomas,section man Nfld Railway,h 18 Plymouth Road
Cahill,Wm,seaman,h Brazil Square
Caines,James,cabman,h 4 William
Caines,John,fisherman,h 9 College Square
Caines,Levi,fireman east end station,h 4 William
Caines,Maurice,laborer,h 3 Murphy's Square off Alexander
Caines,Sylvester,laborer,h 9 Barne's Place
Caines,Thomas,store keeper,h 9 Barne's Place
Caines,Thomas,shoemaker,bds 9 College Square
Caines,Wm James,laborer,bds 9        do
Cake,Allan G R,clerk,h 131 New Gower
Cake,George,typewriter,bds 131 New Gower
Cake,Richard,carpenter,h 131 New Gower
Cake,Stanley Winter,clerk,131 New Gower
Caldwell,Elias,carpenter,h 7 Knight
Caldwell,Jas,seaman,8 Sheehan's Shute
Calder,John,moulder,bds 1 Sudbury
Caldwell,Louisa,wid Edward,h 18 Prescott
Caldwell,Stuart,pattern maker T N Foundary,bds Prescott
Callahan,Catherine,wid Michael,120 Duckworth h do
Callahan,Glass & Co,General House Furnishings,cor Duckworth & Gower
Callahan,Jeremiah,master mariner,h 63 George
Callahan,John,of Callahan Glass & Co,h 214 1/2 Gower
Callahan,John,block maker,h 404 Water
Callahan,John,No Entry,120 Duckworth
Callahan,Nicholas,laborer,159 New Gower
Callahan,Richard,tinsmith,bds 404 Water
Callahan,Richard J,confectioner,bds 120 Duckworth
Callahan,Richard J,clerk,bds 400 Water
Callahan,Roger - M H A,Tinsmith & Hardware,384 & 386 Water
	- h LeMarchant Road
Callahan,Miss Theresa,clerk,bds 400 Water
Callahan,Wm,laborer,h 169 New Gower
Callahan,Wm,laborer,h 47 Pleasant
Callahan,Wm Henry,cooper,h 159 New Gower
Callahan,Cornelius,master mariner,h Battery Road
Callahan,Jas,locker - HM Customs,h 53 Military Road
Callahan,Jas,painter,bds 120 Duckworth
Callahan,Jas J,grocer,160 & 162 Water h do
Callahan,John T,clerk,bds 160 Water w
Callahan,Jas P,clerk,bds 160 Water
Calver,John,No Entry,h Newtown Road
Calver,John F,clerk,h 2 Allan Square
Calvert,Jas A,tailor,h 23 Maxse
Campbell,Arch H,lmbr merchant,11 Water w - h 36 Freshwater Rd
Cambell,Colin,mgr Paterson & Downing & Co,h 122 Hamilton
Campbell,Daniel,fisherman,h 70 George
Campbell,Ellen,miliner,bds 105 Gower
Campbell,Jas,P O clerk,bds 59 Prescott
Campbell,Jane,wid Wm,h 8 Cook
Campbell,Wm,accountant,h 105 Water
Campbell,Wm,Butcher,350 water h do
Campbell,Wm,farmer,h 36 Freshwater
Campbell,Wm,P O clerk,h 164 Pleasant
Candow,Alex,coachman,h 13 Duggan
Candow,Chesley,clerk,bds 9 Signal Hill Road
Candow,David,engineer,h 9 Signal Hill Road
Candow,Walter,shoemaker,h 42 Young
Candy Factory,F B Wood,No Entry,21 Henry
Canfield,Wm,farmer,h Long Pond Road
Canning,Albert E,clerk,bds Quidi Vidi Road
Canning,Anne,wid Samuel,h 56 Cochrane
Canning,Austin,No Entry,bds 236 Gower
Canning,Miss Emma,asst prin C E orphanage,bds Military Road
Canning,Francis,saloon keeper,190 New Gower - h Theatre Hill
Canning,Fredk,student,bds 236 Gower
Canning,John,book-keeper,h 56 Cochrane
Canning,Louisa,wid Wm S,h Quidi Vidi Road
Canning,Miss Mary,prin C E orphanage - Boy's Dept,Military Road
Canning,Miss Mary B,No Entry,h 16 Henry
Canning,Samuel,laborer,h 22 Scott
Canning,Wm,laborer,h 81 Harris' Cont - McFarlane's Lane
Canning,Wm,school teacher,bds Quidi Vidi Road
Cantwell,Elizabeth,clerk,h 12 Cochrane
Cantwell,Jas,cooper,bds 32 Livingstone
Cantwell,John,cooper,bds 32 Livingstone
Cantwell,Joseph,baker,bds 41 Prescott
Cantwell,Mary,wid John,h 62 Water w
Cantwell,Michael,asst signal officer - sig station,h Signal Hill
Cantwell,Patk,shoemaker,46 George h do
Cantwell,Redmond,cooper,h 32 Livingstone
Cantwell,Thos,laborer,h 55 Line
Cantwell,Wm,master pilot,bds 42 Gower
Cape Breton Boot and Shoe Mfg Co Ltd,Archibald & McKinnon,
	No entry,North Sydney, C. B.
Carbery,Edw,cooper,shed Nunnery Hill
Carberry,Miss Ellen,ladies' emporium Water,bds 179 Gower
Carberry,John,tailor,h 9 Prince
Carberry,Maurice,shoemaker,h 9 Prince
Carberry,Michael,cooper,bds shed Nunnery Hill
Carberry,Richd,carpenter,h South Side
Carew,Alex,clerk,bds Brazil's Square
Carew,David,laborer,h 7 Murphy's Square off Alexander
Carew,Ellen,wid John,h 10 Carew
Carew,Jas,policeman,h 10 Bulley
Carew,Johannah,wid,h 48 Barnes' Road
Carew,John,laborer,h 36 Barnes' Road
Carew,John J,contarctor & undertaker,20 Carew - h 10 do
Carew,Miss Margaret,clerk,bds 6 British Square
Carew,Mary,wid John, h 54 Field
Carew,Michael,clerk,bds 7 Cook
Carew,Thomas,carpenter,h 39 Angel Place off Alexander
Carew,Thos,clerk,bds  7 Cook
Carew,Thos,reporter, h 32 Barter's Hill
Carew,Wm,carpenter,bds 19 Cuddihy
Carew,Wm,lumberman,h 14 Cuddihy
Carew,Wm,laborer,h 22 Sebastian
Carey,Elizabeth,wid John,bds 23 Alelaide
Carlston,Wm,painter,h South Side
Carmichael,Isabella,S C dry goods & grocery,368 Water h do
Carmichael,James A,clerk,h 18 Belvidere
Carmichael,John,clerk,bds 368 Water
Carnell,Andrew G,carriage builder,bds 16 Cochrane
Carnell,Arthur H,clerk,bds 16 Cochrane
Carnell,Bessie,Prop Carnell's Carriage Factory,cor Cochrane & Gower h do
Carnell,Catherine,wid Samuel,h 23 Prescott
Carnell,Eliza J,wid Richard,h 13 William
Carnell,Frank S,clerk,bds 16 Cochrane
Carnell,Frederick,barber,h 229 1/2 New Gower
Carnell,George,painter,h 49 Spencer
Carnell,James,baker,h 43 Signal Hill Road
Carnell,John J,baker,h 43 Signal Hill Road
Carnell,John,joiner,bds 79 Quidi Vidi Road
Carnell,Mary,wid Henry,h 220 1/2 New Gower
Carnell,Thomas,wheelwright,h 18 Carnell
Carnell,Thos G,clerk,bds 43 Signal Hill Road
Carnell,Wm,clerk,bds 43 Signal Hill Road



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

411 Entries (Completed)

[McALPINE'S Directories]

Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett, Mississauga Ont.

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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