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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's, Pages 394-407


St. John's,  Pages 394-407

Times newspaper,  prop J W  McCoubrey,  158 Duckworth
Timmonds  Edward,  laborer,  h 31 York
Tinan  Louisa,  wid Nathaniel,  h  13 Knight
Tizard  George,  seaman,  h 145 LeMarchant Road
Tizard  James,  fisherman,  h 58 Lime
Tizard  John,  master mariner,  h 145 LeMarchant Road
Tizard  Samuel,  tinsmith,  h 58 Lime
Tizard  Simeon,  fisherman,  h 5 Goodview
Tobin  Bridget, wines and spirits,   335 Water,  h do
Tobin  Clara,  wid Michael,  h 47 Angel Place,  off Alexander
Tobin  Eliza,  wid J B,  h 47 Military Road
Tobin  James,  engineer,  h 11 Buchanan
Tobin  James,  miner,  h 55 McFarlane's Lane
Tobin  James J,  Groceries Provisions & Liquors, 178 Duckworth,  h do
Tobin  John,  laborer,  bds 9 Buckley's Lane
Tobin  John,  laborer,  h 84 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
Tobin  John C, wines and spirits,  392 Water,  h do
Tobin  Laurence,  laborer,  h 8 Nunnery Hill
Tobin  Laurence jr,  laborer,  bds 8 Nunnery Hill
Tobin  Miss Maggie,  h 335 Water
Tobin  Maggie,  tailoress,  bds 102 Duckworth
Tobin  Michael,  laborer,  bds 9 Buckley's Lane
Tobin  Michael,  wines and spirits,  74 Prescott,  h do
Tobin  Patrick,  laborer,  bds 43 Angel Place, off Alexander
Tobin  Patrick,  laborer,  h 9 Buckley's Lane
Tobin  Patrick,  laborer,  h 46 McFarlane's Lane
Tobin  Roger,  student,  bds 21 Colonial
Tobin  Thomas,  blacksmith,  h 42 Bannerman
Tobin  Thomas,  cooper,  h 102 Duckworth
Tobin  Thomas,  farmer,  bds Cockpit Road
Tobin  Thomas,  laborer,  h 77 Casey
Tobin  Wm,  accountant,  bds 18 Henry
Tobin  Wm,  carpenter,  h 5 Lime
Tobin  Wm,  fisherman,  h 3 Simms
Tobin  Wm,  laborer,  h  14 Duckworth
Tobin  Wm,  telegraph repairer,  h  21 Colonial
Toole  Michael,  laborer,  h Southside
Tormey  Edward,  laborer,  h 4 Hayward Ave
Tormey  James,  laborer,  bds 4 Hayward Ave
Torphy  Patrick,  cutter,  bds 358 Water, w
Torraville  Thomas,  seaman,  h 28 Young
Total Abstinence Hall,  Duckworth
Toucher  John,  clerk,  bds 36 William
Toucher  Mary,  wid Wm,  h 36 William
Toucher  Robert,  caretaker,  bds 7 Walsh's Sq, off Signal Hill Rd
Toucher  Thomas,  seaman,  h 7 Walsh's Square, off Signal H Rd
Tracey  James,  laborer,  h 21 Pleasant
Tracey  Martin,  plasterer,  bds 41 Prescott
Tracey  Michael,  boatman H M C,  h 26 Colonial
Tracey  Michael,  laborer,  h 21 Pleasant
Tracey  Wm,  surveyor of lumber,  h 33 Victoria
Tracey  Wm,  farmer,  h Torbay Rd
Trainor  Geo F,  of Jas Cash,  tobacconist,  Water,  h do
Trainor  Thos,  engine driver,  bds 141 Gower
Trapnell  Geo,  laborer,  h Goodridge's Lane
Travers  John,  bds 39 Bannerman
Trebble  Jas,  Capt  E E Fire Station,  h 12 Knight
Trellegan  Mrs Alice,  wines & spiirits,  12 Queen's,  h do
Trellegan  Jas,  clerk,  bds 34 New Gower
Trellegan  John,  carpenter,  bds 34 New Gower
Trellegan  Richard,  shoemaker,  34 New Gower,  h do
Trellegan  Wm,  shoemaker,  h 24 New Gower
Trimblet  John,  steward,  h 14 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
Trimblet  Wm,  fisherman,  h 9 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
Tremont Hotel,  293 Water,  Mrs McGrath,  prop
Trenchard  Benj,  bds 41 Prescott
Trenchard  Chas,  boatman,  h 15 Freshwater Rd
Trenchard  Kenneth,  clerk,  bds 15 Freshwater Rd
Trenchard  Robt,  fisherman,  bds 41 LeMarchant Rd
Trenchard  Thos,  fisherman,  h 50 Wickford
Trim  Belinda,  wid Job,  h 28 Codner's Lane
Trowbridge  John,  book-binder,  h 77 Cabot
Trueheart  Jessing,  tobacconist,  h 111 Duckworth
Truscott  Ellen,  wid John,  h 62 ½ Carter's Hill
Tuck  Eli,  tidewaiter H M C ,  h 46 Freshwater Rd
Tuck  Geo,  blacksmith,  h 84 Queen's Rd
Tuck  Jas,  laborer,  h 14 William
Tuck  John,  laborer,  h  33 Bannerman
Tuck  Miss Nelly,  clerk,  bds 46 Freshwater Rd
Tucker  Abigail,  wid Wm,  h 36 Lime
Tucker  Geo,  laborer,  h 18 Charlton
Tucker  Henry,  messenger Genl Hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd,  bds do
Tucker  John,  fisherman,  h 8 Simms
Tucker  John E,  h 35 Springdale
Tucker  Jos,  cooper,  h 30 Angel's Place
Tucker  Jos,  laborer,  bds 32 Lime
Tucker  Samuel,  fisherman,  h 41 Casey
Tucker  Sarah,  wid Samuel,  h 18 Charlton
Tucker  Stephen,  accountant,  h  41 John
Tucker  Susannah,  wid Henry,  h 24 Balsam
Tucker  Wm H,  master mariner,  h 35 Springdale
Tuff  Carl C,  clerk,  bds  79 Pleasant
Tuff  Chas,  laborer,  h 21 Spencer
Tuff  Edmund, laborer,  h 20 Hayward Ave
Tuff  Geo,  fisherman,  bds 21 Spencer
Tuff  Hedley V,  barber,  bds Mundy's Pond Road
Tuff  Jos,  grocer,  18 Springdale,  h Mundy's Pond Road
Tuff  Joseph,  wharfinger,  h Mundy's Pond Road
Tuff  Thos,  clerk,  bds 21 Spencer
Tulk  David M,  laborer,  h 84 Queen's Road
Tulk  Geo,  blacksmith,  bds 84 Queen's Road
Tulk  Mahala,  wid Samuel,  h 84 Queen's Road
Turner  Geo E,  1st clerk agriculture & mines,  h Southside
Turner  John,  trader,  h 14 Freshwater Road
Turner  Joseph,  master mariner,  bds 128 Bond
Turpin  Wm,  seaman,  bds 146 New Gower
Udle  Arthur,  clerk,  bds 144 Gower
Udle  Chas,  carpenter,  h 144 Gower
Udle  Fredk,  joiner,  h 32 Mullock
Udle  G W,  painter,  h 144 Gower
Udle  Mary,  wid John,  bds Bridport House,  4 Freshwater Road
Udle  Walter,  painter,  h 8 Stewart Ave
Umber  Henry,  painter,  h 16 Brine
United States Consulate, 14 and 15 Com Chambers, Water
United States Picture & Portrait Co., House Furnishings, etc, Water, e
Vail  Thos,  laborer,  h 73 Lime
Vaile  Thos,  seaman,  h 216 Duckworth
Vallance  Fredk,  bds Ordnance House,  Ordnance
Vasey  Elias,  tailor,  h Holdsworth
Vasey  H. J,  tailor,  80 Gower,  h 70 do
Vasey  Mary,  tailoress,  bds 14 Plymouth Road
Vasey  Mary,  wid John,  h 23 Plymouth Road
Vasey  W. T,  tailor,  h 23 Plymouth Road
Vatcher  Henry,  joiner,  h 13 Hayward Ave
Vatcher  Josiah,  joiner,  h 1 Plymouth
Vaughan  Chas,  school teacher,  bds 4 Leslie
Vaughan  Francis,  student,  bds 4 Leslie
Vaughan  Henry,  shoemaker,  h 2 Leslie
Vavasour  Elizabeth,  clerk,  bds 72 Pleasant
Vavasour  George,  joiner,  bds 20 Duckworth
Vavasour  Henry,  cooper,  h 70 Pleasant
Vavasour  Hugh,   cooper,  h 72 Pleasant
Vavasour  James,  baker,  h 20 Duckworth
Vavasour  Thos,  joiner,  h 20 Duckworth
Vavasour  Thos F,  accountant,  h Mundy's Pond Road
Verge  Miss Annie,  clerk,  bds 17 Barter's Hill
Verge  Frederick,  seaman,  h 30 Lime
Verge  Miss Louie,  clerk,  bds  17 Barter's Hill
Verge  Richard,  laborer,  h off Barter's Hill
Verge  Wm,  carpenter,  h 17 Barter's Hill
Vey  Annie,  wid John,  h 20 John
Vey  Frederick,  machinist,  bds 69 Pleasant
Vey  Jabez J,  mgr Nail Manufg Co, Ltd,  h 89 Pleasant
Vey  James,  machinist,  bds 89 Pleasant
Vey  Jas,  photographer, Gazette Bdg,  Water,  h 161 LeMarcht Rd
Vey  Robt,  carpenter,  h 7 Balsam
Vey  Samuel,  photographer,  h 20 John
Victoria Park,  Riverhead,  Water, w
Victoria Rink,  Michael Walsh,  prop,  King's Road
Viguers  Francis H,  baaker,  47 King's Road,  h do
Viguers  John,  collector,  h 74 Hamilton Ave
Viguers  Wm,  baker,  bds 47 King's Road
Villeneuve  Mary Ann,  wid Augustine,  h 334 Duckworth
Vincent  Alfred,  clerk H M C, h
Vine  Job,  master mariner,  h 23 New Gower
Vinnicombe  Miss Bride,  clerk,  bds 12 Cochrane
Vinnicombe  Hannah,  wid Nicholas,  h 12 Cochrane
Vinnicombe  Hugh,  planter,  bds  52 King's Road
Vinnicombe  James,  accountant,  bds 12 Cochrane
Vinnicombe  James,  planter,  h 52 King's Road
Vinnicombe  Mary,  wid John,  h 42 Gower
Vinnicombe  Nicholas,  clerk,  bds  12 Cochrane
Vinnicombe  Richard,  Branch Pilot,  h 31 Cochrane
Vivien  Timothy,  farmer,  h Mount Dorset Cottage, Waterford B Rd
Voisey  Daniel,  seaman,  h 27 Pope
Voisey  Edward,  tailor,  h 41 Cabot
Voisey  James,  cabman,  h Quidi Vidi Road
Voisey  John,  wheelwright,  h 27 Pope
Voisey  Mary Ann,  wid Wm,  h 74 Water, w
Voisey  Richard,  wheelwright,  h 23 Pleasant
Voisey  Thomas,  cabman,  h 3 York
Wadden  Francis,  laborer,  h 23 Duggan
Wadden  Frederick,  laborer,  h 10 Waldegrave
Wadden  Gustavus,  h 10 Waldegrave
Wadden  James,  cooper,  bds 28 Buchanan
Wadden  John,  cooper,  h 28 Buchanan
Wadden  John,  shoemaker,  h 10 Waldegrave
Wadden  John,  shoemaker,  h 203 New Gower
Wadden  John jr,  painter,  bds 203 New Gower
Wadden  Joseph,  shoemaker,  414 Water,  h do
Wadden  Laurence,  cooper,  h 43 Pleasant
Wadden  Mary,  wid Patrick,  h 13 Charlton
Wadden  Matthew,  app baker,  bds 10 Waldegrave
Wadden  Michael,  boot & shoe maker,  Water,  h do
Wadden  Nicholas,  shoemaker,  h 203 New Gower
Wadden  Patrick,  cooper,  h 43 Pleasant
Wadden  Patrick,  stone cutter,  h 23 Duggan
Wadden  Philip,  cooper,  h 13 Charlton
Waddleton  Ellen,  wid John,  h 23 Moore
Waddleton  George,  fisherman,  h 24 Balsam
Wadland  Harriet,  wid Wm,  h 106 Duckworth
Wadland  John,  fisherman,  h 21 Waldegrave
Wadland  John,  school teacher,  bds 106 Duckworth
Wadland  Wm,  carpenter,  bds 21 Waldegrave
Wakeham  Ann,  wid Ed,  h 61 McFarlane's Lane
Wakeham  Edward,  laborer,  bds 33 Casey
Wakeham  James,  messenger,  bds James
Wakeham  Richard,  seaman,  h 39 Flower Hill
Wakeham  Robert,  master mariner,  h Signal Hill Road
Wakeham  Thomas,  laborer,  h 61 McFarlane's Lane
Waldron  Edw,  tobacconist,  h 13 Bond
Waldron  H J,  agent,  bds  13 Bond
Walker  Angus,  mason,  h 171 New Gower
Walker  Miss Eveline,  milliner,  bds 68 Cochrane
Walker  Geo,  clerk,  bds 26 Cookstown Rd
Walker  John,  seaman,  h Southside
Walkins  Hannah,  wid Martin,  h 22 Hayward Ave
Walkins  Jas,  cooper,  h 8 Bannerman
Walkins  Jos,  asst str kpr,  h 48 Victoria
Walkins  Miss Margaret,  h 22 Hayward Ave
Wall  Ellen,  wid Michael,  h 36 Codner's Lane  
Wall  Margaret,  wid Edward,  h 12 Knight
Wall  Margaret,  wid Peter,  h 135 Gower
Wall  Margaret,  wid Thos,  h 8 Lime
Wall  Mary Ann,  wid Edw,  h 5 New Gower
Wall  Michael,  cooper,  h 3 Queen's Rd
Wall  Michael,  laborer,  bds 36 Codner's Lane
Wall  Peter,  fisherman,  h 42 Pleasant
Wall  Philip,  blacksmith,  Buckley's Lane,  h do
Wall  Philip,  laborer,  h 226 New Gower
Wall  Robt,  fisherman,  h 42 Pleasant
Wall  Thos,  accountant,  h 59 Springdale
Wall  Timothy,  fisherman,  h Freshwater Road
Wall  Thos,  laborer,  bds  8 Lime
Wall  Wm,  laborer,  h 9 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
Wallace  Arthur,  seaman,  h 35 Buchanan
Wallace  Fredk,  seaman,  h 109 George
Wallace  Jas,  cooper,  bds 10 Allan Square
Wallace  Patk E,  of Sage & Wallace,  h 220 Gower
Wallace  Thos,  laborer,  bds 10 Allan Square
Wallace  Wm,  laborer,  h 10 Allan Square
Walsh  Alice,  wid Michael,  h 72 Bannerman
Walsh  Alice,  wid Patk,  h Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  Amelia,  wid John,  h 112 George
Walsh  Andrew,  watchman,  h 30 Goodview
Walsh  Ann,  wid Michl,  h 41 Long's Hill
Walsh  Miss Annie,  clerk,  bds 341 Water
Walsh  Annie,  wid John,  h 3 Quidi Vidi Road
Walsh  Bartholemew,  tanner,  h Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  Miss Bridget,  h Old Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  Bridget,  wid Jas,  h 12 Gorman's Lane
Walsh  Bridget,  wid John,  h 176 Water, w
Walsh  Bridget,  wid Wm,  h 191 New Gower
Walsh  Miss Catherine,  nurse,  bds Gen'l Hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
Walsh  Catherine,  wid Wm,  h Old Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  Cornelius,  watchman,  h Battery Road
Walsh  Edw,  farmer,  bds Simms' Lane, off Old Portugal Cove Rd
Walsh  Edw,  farmer,  h Spring Hill, Long Pond Road
Walsh  Edw,  farmer,  h Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  Edw J,  drug clerk,  bds 72 Prescott
Walsh  Edw,  laborer,  h 17 Bates
Walsh  Edw,  storekeeper,  h 50 King's Road
Walsh  Elizabeth,  wid Edw,  h 96 New Gower
Walsh  Elizabeth,  wid Jas,  bds 44 Barter's Hill
Walsh  Miss Ellen,  bds 335 Water
Walsh  Ellen,  wines & spirits,  72 Prescott,  h do
Walsh  Francis,  shoemaker,  h 21 Flower Hill
Walsh  Frank,  painter,  h 17 Bell
Walsh  George,  laborer,  h 119½ New Gower
Walsh  George,  printer,  h City Hotel, Duckworth
Walsh  Mrs. George,  Prop City Hotel and City Fruit Store, Duckworth, e
Walsh  George J,  farmer,  Simm's Lane, Old Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  Hugh,  laborer,  h 29 Casey
Walsh  James,  clerk,  h 21 Allan's Square
Walsh  James,  coachman,  bds Littledale,  Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  James,  cooper,  h 120 Water, w
Walsh  James jr,  cooper,  h South Side
Walsh  James,  fireman,  h 5 Damaril's Lane
Walsh  James,  farmer,  h Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  James,  gardener,  h Pennywell Road
Walsh  James,  fisherman,  h 3 Barron
Walsh  James,  fisherman,  h 9 Cochrane
Walsh  James,  laborer,  h 2 Brine
Walsh  James,  laborer,  h 240 New Gower
Walsh  James,  laborer,  h 32 Pleasant
Walsh  James,  laborer,  h Prince
Walsh  James,  plumber,  bds 176 Water, w
Walsh  James,  seaman,  h South Side
Walsh  James,  stone cutter,  bds 68 Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  James,  tanner,  h South Side, w
Walsh  James A,  painter,  bds 17 Henry
Walsh  John,  bds 25 Mullock
Walsh  John,  baker,  h Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  John,  cooper,  bds 27 James
Walsh  John,  farmer,  h Simms' Lane,  h Old Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  John,  laborer,  h 24 Barnes' Road
Walsh  John,  laborer,  h 1 Barron
Walsh  John,  laborer,  h 95 Monkstown Road
Walsh  John,  laborer,  h 240 New Gower
Walsh  John,  miner,  h 85 Casey
Walsh  John,  stone cutter,  h William
Walsh  John, watchman,  h 48 Signal Hill Road
Walsh  John J,  baker,  h 80 Hamilton
Walsh  John J,  shoemaker,  h 47 Mullock
Walsh  John W,  accountant,  bds 17 Bell
Walsh  Joseph,  fireman gas works,  h 192 Water, w
Walsh  Laurence,  fisherman,  h 36 Buchanan
Walsh  Louise,  wid Patrick,  h 50 Monkstown Road
Walsh  Miss Lucy,  h 127 Military Road
Walsh  Margaret,  wid Thos,  h 21 Flemming
Walsh  Martin,  farmer,  h Nagle's Hill
Walsh  Miss Mary,  h Quidi Vidi Road, n side
Walsh  Mary,  wid Edward,  h 17 Bates
Walsh  Mary,  wid Richard,  h 62 Barnes Road
Walsh  Michael,  h 28 Goodview
Walsh  Michael,  baker,  h Old Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  Michael,  carpenter,  prop Victoria Rink,  h 186 Duckworth
Walsh  Michael,  farmer,  bds 102 Freshwater Road
Walsh  Michael,  farmer,  h Long Pond Road
Walsh  Michael,  fisherman,  h 126 George
Walsh  Michael,  laborer,  bds 15 Bambrick
Walsh  Michael,  laborer,  h 24 Henry
Walsh  Michael,  laborer,  h Mundy's Pond Road
Walsh  Michael,  rigger,  h 147 Gower
Walsh  Michael,  seaman,  h 47 Mullock
Walsh  Michael,  seaman,  h South Side
Walsh  Michael,  teamster,  bds 68 Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  Michael,  provisions, etc, 178 Water, w,  h do
Walsh  Nicholas,  shoemaker,  h 35 Mullock
Walsh  Nicholas,  of Walsh & McCormack, Catalina,  h 18 Henry
Walsh  Nora,  wid Wm,  h 1 Battery Road
Walsh  Patrick,  h 45 Springdale
Walsh  Patrick,  clerk,  h 116 Bond
Walsh  Patrick,  laborer,  h 240 New Gower
Walsh  Patrick,  laborer,  h 28 Pilot's Hill
Walsh  Patrick,  laborer,  h 30 Pleasant
Walsh  Patrick,  laborer,  h South Side
Walsh  Patrick J,  printer,  h 180 Gower
Walsh  Patrick,  steward,  bds 39 Wickford
Walsh  Patrick jr,  laborer,  h 240 New Gower
Walsh  Patrick jr,  laborer,  h South Side
Walsh  Peter jr,  baker,  h Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  Peter,  fisherman,  bds Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  Peter,  joiner,  h 108 Duckworth
Walsh  Peter,  laborer,  h Sheehan's Shute
Walsh  Philip,  laborer,  h 23 Rossiter's Lane
Walsh  Robert,  h 9 Colonial
Walsh  Richard,  farmer,  h Portugal Cove Road
Walsh  Richard,  ship's carpenter,  h 25 Water, w
Walsh  Robert,  stoker,  h 228 Water, w
Walsh  Robert,  teamster,  h 149 Pleasant
Walsh  Samuel,  h 18 Water, w
Walsh  Samuel,  master mariner,  h 193 New Gower
Walsh  Sarah,  wid John,  h Simms' Lane,  Old Portugal Cove Rd
Walsh  Stanislaus,  plumber & gasfitter,  h cor Bannerman & Bond
Walsh  Theophilus,  laborer,  h 17 Bambrick
Walsh  Thomas,  student,  bds Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  Thomas,  blacksmith,  h 6 William's Lane
Walsh  Thomas,  coachman,  h Brewery Lane
Walsh Thomas jr,  cooper,  bds 78 Patrick
Walsh  Thomas,  farmer,  bds Simms' Lane, Old Portugal Cove Rd
Walsh  Thomas,  farmer,  bds Nagle Hill
Walsh  T,  grocer, 18 Water, w,  h Waterfordbridge Place, Waterfdbge Rd
Walsh  Thomas,  harness maker,  bds  39 Wickford
Walsh  Thomas,  laborer,  bds 32 Lime
Walsh  Thomas,  laborer,  h 39 Wickford
Walsh  Thos N,  teacher,  bds  St Bonaventure College
Walsh  Thos,  seaman,  h 78 Patrick
Walsh  Thos,  shoemaker,  h 224 New Gower
Walsh  Thos,  teamster,  bds 176 Water, w
Walsh  Thos J,  clerk,  h 39 Wickford
Walsh  Timothy,  fisherman,  h 47 Moore
Walsh  Walter,  farmer,  bds Torbay Road
Walsh  Walter,  laborer,  h 37 Cook
Walsh  Wm,  accountant,  h 178 Water, w
Walsh  Wm,  cabman,  h 176 Water, w
Walsh  Wm,  carman,  h Waterfordbridge Road
Walsh  Wm,  carman,  h 80 Hamilton
Walsh  Wm,  farmer,  h 26 Mullock
Walsh  Wm,  laborer,  h 32 Casey
Walsh  Wm,  laborer,  h 21 Flower Hill
Walsh  Wm,  laborer,  h 240 New Gower
Walsh  Wm,  laborer,  h 4 Pleasant
Walsh  Wm,  laborer,  h Pope
Walsh  Wm,  mason,  h 29 Spencer
Walsh  Wm,  steward city club,  bds do
Walsh  Wm jr, tinsmith,  bds 176 Water, w
Walsh  Wm P,  h 207 Gower
Walsh  Wm P,  plumber,  bds 176 Water, w
Walters  Fredk,  bricklayer,  h 63 New Gower
Walters  Geo,  carpenter,  h 80 Carter's Hill
Walters  Thos H W,  bds 51 LeMarchant Road
Wan  Ton,  Chinese laundry,  214  Duckworth,  h do
Ward  Robt,  laborer,  h 20 Gills Place
Wareham  Edw,  fisherman,  h South Side
Wareham  John,  fisherman,  h South Side
Warpath  Isaac,  farmer,  bds Quidi Vidi Road,  n s
Warren  Edw,  cooper,  h South Side
Warren  Cyrus,  cooper,  h South Side
Warren  Geo,  laborer,  h 16 Allan Square
Warren  Jas,  of Wm Parker & Co,  h 69 Military Road
Warren  Jas,  laborer,  h 7 Stephen
Warren  Jane,  wid Henry,  h 7 Stephen
Warren  Jessie,  wid Wm H,  h 57 Cochrane
Warren  John,  clerk,  bds 69 Military Road
Warren  Samuel,  laborer,  h 7 Stephen
Warren  Thos,  carpenter,  h 37 Spencer
Warren  Wm Robertson,  law student,  bds 57 Cochrane
Warricker  Jas,  painter,  h 32 Victoria
Warroll  Jas,  clerk,  h Pleasant
Watson  Alex,  cooper,  h 26 Young
Watson  E C, supt fisheries,  Customs' Bldg,  h 29 Queen's Road
Watson  Jas H,  landing waiter H M C,  h 46 Rennie's Mill Road
Watson  Robt,  M H A,  bds 29 Queen's Road
Watson  Wm W,  accountant bank N S,  h 22 Freshwater Rd
Watts  Arthur,  letter carrier,  h 45 LeMarchant Road
Watts   H J,  landing waiter H M C,  h 29 Monkstown Road
Waugh  Edw,  caretaker west end club,  h 442 Water, w
Waugh  Edw,  moulder,  bds 140 Hamilton
Waugh  Geo,  engineer,  h 442 Water, w
Way  Alfred,  laborer,  h 11 Larkins Square
Way  Gideon,  blacksmith,  h 253 Water, w
Way  Hugh W,  seaman,  h 11 Larkins Square
Way  Katie F,  h 50 New Gower
Way  Louis,  grocer,  bds 252 Water, w
Way  Philip,  messenger,  h 11 Larkins Square
Wax  Wm,  clerk,  bds 253 Water, w
Way  Wm,  seaman,  h 11 Larkins Square
Wayte  Edw,  mariner,  h 39 Moore
Webber  Archibald,  laborer,  h 13 Murray
Webber  Fredk,  fisherman,  h 26 Joy Place, off Prince
Webber  Geo,  accountant,  h 23 Bond
Webber  John,  seaman,  h 59 Lime
Webber  Reuel S,  preacher,  h 2 Field



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

421 Entries (Completed)

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This page transcribed by Glynn Porter

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