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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
pages 159-169


McALPINE'S - St. John's, section, pages 159-169

Carnell Wm jr, bookkeeper, bds 79 Quidi Vidi Road
Carnell Wm, road inspector, h 79 Quidi Vidi Road
Carpenter Thos, seaman, bds, 87 Monkstown Road
Carrigan James, fisherman, h, 62 Barter's Hill
Carrigan Mary, wid Patrick, h 32 Flower Hill
Carrigan Peter, clerk, h 62 Brazil's Square
Carrigan Thos, laborer, Lime
Carrigan Wm, cooper, h 32 Flower Hill
Carroll Ann, wid Patrick, h 2 Hayward Ave.
Carroll Bridget, wid Thos, h 21 Bond
Carroll Catherine, wid Patrick, h 12 Hutchings
Carroll Daniel, carver, bds  89 Patrick
Carroll Francis, laborer, h 25 Holloway
Carroll James, h 12 Hutchings
Carroll James, seaman, h 22 Livingstone
Carroll Johanna, wid Thos, 178 Gower
Carroll John, fisherman, h 89 Patrick
Carroll Joseph, clerk, bds 48 Water, w
Carroll Miss Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 89 Patrick
Carroll Michael, h 91 Monkstown Road
Carroll Nicholas, fisherman, h 40 Livingstone
Carroll Patk, laborer, bds 25 Holloway
Carroll Miss Priscilla, cook, gen hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
Carroll Richd, cooper, h 56 Signal Hill Road
Carroll Sylvester, plumber's apprentice, h 12 Hutching
Carroll Thos, laborer, bds, 25 Holloway
Carroll Wm, carpenter, h 67 Long's Hill
Carroll Wm J, asst clerk supreme court, h 20 Cochrane
Carter Chas, of Morrison & Co., h 125 Hamilton
Carter Edwin, blacksmith, 	bds 24 Brine
Carberry Edw, shoecutter, h Church Lane, South Side
Carter Edw F, wines and spirits, 30 New Gower, h do
Carter Edwin S, book-keeper, bds Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
Carter Miss Fanny, h Carpasian
Carter Fredk W, book-keeper, bds Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
Carter Sir F B T, h 90 Military Road
Carter Geo, sea capt, h 28 Young
Carter Geo J, merchant, h, 77 Rennie's Mill Road
Carter Henry, cooper, bds 48 Water, w 
Carter Henry D, teller Bank Montreal, h 11 Maxse
Carter Hugh H, Barrister, 334 Duckworth, h 90 Military Road
Carter Jas, orderly, gov. house, h lodge Military Road
Carter Jas, high sheriff, h Blossom Place, Barnes' Road
Carter John, coachman, h 13 Walsh's Sq., off Signal Hill Rd.
Carter John, cooper, h 5 Colonial
Carter Martin J, Am. Consul, rooms 14 & 15 Com Cham, bds Crosbie
Carter Mary, wid Robert, bds Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
Carter Robert, supt mercantile mar, h Hillsboro, King's B Road
Carter Thomas, student, bds lodge Government House
Carter Wm, cooper, bds 13 Balsam
Carter Wm, fisherman, bds 13 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill
Carbery Wm, laborer, h 6 Fleming
Cater John, lumberman, h 6 Convent Square
Carty George, barrister, McBride's Hill, h 51 Cochrane
Carty M H, Q.C., M.H.A., Barrister-at-Law, Temple Building, Duckworth,
	bds 51 Cochrane
Carty Paul, ex-inspector police, h 51 Cochrane
Case Samuel, carpenter, h 11 Gilbert
Casey Catherine, wid Patrick, h 24 Thomas
Casey John, butcher, bds 38 Water, w
Casey Martin, baker, bds Southside, w
Casey Martin, watchman, h Southside
Casey Mary, wid Andrew, h, 2 Flower Hill
Casey Mary M, wid John, h Casey
Casey Patrick, butcher, 38 Water, w,  h do
Casey Patrick jr, butcher Hamilton, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Casey Peter, clerk, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Casey Peter, teamster, h 38 Water, w
Casey Thomas D, h Casey
Casey Wm, butcher, h 38 Water, w
Casey Wm, machinist, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Cash Francis, laborer, h 57 Monkstown Road
Cash James, tobaccoist, Water, East Market House Hill h do
Caule James, shoemaker, h Sheehan's Shute
Caule John, fisherman, h Sheehan's Shute
Caule Michael,seaman, h Sheehan's Shute
Caul Thomas, coachman, h Government House Grounds
Couzens Gilbert, student, h 22 Springdale
Cave Earnest, seaman, h 31 John
Cave Joseph, carpenter,h 45 Flower Hill
Cave Robt, master mariner, h 31 John
Cave Thos, engineer, 137 George
Cave Wm, ensign S A, bds 4 Brazil's Square
Central District Court, Star of the Sea Hall, Henry
Central Fire Station, Fort Townsend
Chafe Alfred, bookkeeper Lunatic Asylum h	39 Long's Hill
Chafe Benjamin, laborer, h 244 New Gower
CHAFE D M, Wheelwright and Undertaker, 124 George, h 19 Princes
Chafe David, fisherman and shopkeeper, 55 Colonial h do
Chafe Ellen, wid Jacob, h 4 Springdale
Chafe Fredk, storekeeper, h 15 Maxse
Chafe Harriet, wid George W, h 109 Hamilton
Chafe Herbert B, clerk, h 109 Hamilton
Chafe Isaac, laborer, h 246 New Gower
Chafe Jacob, cooper, h 138 Casey
Chafe Jacob, laborer, h 3 Cookstown Road
Chafe Jacob, teamster, h 275 ½  Water, w
Chafe, Joseph, carman, bds 25 Field
Chafe Joseph, laborer, h 38 Barnes' Road
Chafe Joseph jr, laborer, h 38 Barnes' Road
Chafe Philip, laborer, h 244 New Gower
Chafe Philip, sanitary carman, h 28 Field
Chafe Samuel, cabman, h 91 Gower
Chafe Thos, fisherman, h 3 Prince
Chafe Thomas, fisherman, bds 156 Hamilton
Chafe Wm, fisherman, h 47 Cabot
Chafe Wm, fisherman, h 390 Water
Chancey Eldred, carpenter, h Mundy's Pond Road
Chancey John, clerk, bds 40 Alexander
Chancey John, carpenter, h Mundy's Pond Road
Chancey Lloyd T, barber, 12 Adelaide, h do
Chancey Lionel T, h 7 Monkstown Road
Chancey, Wm, storekeeper, bds Alexander
Chancey Wm R, clerk, 10 Cook
Chancey Willis, boilermaker, h Alexander
Channings Jas J, druggist, 15 New Gower, h 105 do
Channings John, cabman, h 68 Patrick
Channings John jr, cabman, bds 68 Patrick
Channings Louis, cabman, h 83 ½  Patrick
Chaplin Alice, clerk, h Knight
Chaplin Edwin, tailor, bds 7 Knight
Chaplin Eliza, wid Mark, h 7 Knight
Chaplin Herbert, drug clerk, bds 40 Rennie's Mill Road
Chaplin Jas, clerk, h 121 Gower
Chaplin John, tinsmith, h 10 Plymouth Road
CHAPLIN MARK, Tailor and Outfitter, Water, h 40 Rennie's Mill Road
Chaplin Samuel, tailor, bds 7 Knight
Chaplin, Wm, farmer, h Long Pond Road
Chapman Edw, mgr hdwre & gro dept, Bowring's, h 102 Pleasant
Chapman Henry, laborer, h 97 Monkstown Road
Chapman John, laborer, h 97	do	do
Chapter Elizabeth, wid Andrew, h 54 Monkstown Road
Chapter Joseph, laborer, h 14 Gorman's Lane
Charles John, watchmaker, bds 208 Duckworth 
Charles Thomas, liquor dealer, Water, h 208 Duckworth
Charles Wm, student, bds 208 Duckworth
Chastey John, cooper, h 32 Adelaide
Cheater Edmund, butcher, bds 135 New Gower
Cheeks George, sanitary department, h 37 Barter's Hill
Cheytor Caleb, laborer, bds 178 Water, w
Chidley George, teamster, bds 24 Lime
Chidley Joseph, tailor, bds 24 Lime
Chidley Joseph, fisherman, h Sheehan's Shute
Chidley Thomas, fisherman, h 24 Lime
Chidley Thomas, laborer, h Sheehan's Shute
Childs Thomas, packer, h 79 Military Road
Chisholm John F, bookseller & stationer, Water, h do
Chislett Adam, barber, h 79 New Gower
Chislett Fredk, stone cutter, h 79 New Gower
Chislett George, laborer, h 79 New Gower
Chislett John, sailmaker, h 79 New Gower
Chislett Nicholas, shipwright, h 27 Flower Hill
Chown Albert E, clerk, bds 31 King's Bridge Road
Chown Prancis H, clerk, h 31 King's Bridge Road
Chown Newman W, blind maker, 37 Prescott, bds 10 Wood
Christian Alexander, clerk, bds 86 Pleasant
Christian Archibald, clerk, h 86 Pleasant
Christian George, clerk, bds 156 LeMarchant Road
Christian James M, accountant, h 156 LeMarchant Road
Christian Wm L, clerk, h 49 McDougald
Christopher Emma, wid John, h 5 Howe Place
Christopher Ellen, wid Thos, h 11 Bannerman
Christopher Garrett, printer, h 28 Prospect
Christopher James, fireman, bds 348 Water, w
Christopher John, laborer, h 11 Bannerman
Christopher Martin, engineer, h 348 Water, w
Christopher Patrick, mate ss "Fiona" h 30 Flavin
Christopher Richard, laborer, h 11 Bannerman
Christopher Thos, boiler maker, bds 348 Water, w
Christopher Wm, fisherman, h 5 Barnes' Place
Church of England Cemetery, Austin Lush, caretaker, h 41 Forest Road
Church of England Institute, 349 Duckworth
Church of England Orphanage, Military Road, Miss Channing, principal
Churchill Alan, mechanic, h 4 Larkin's Square
Churchill Ambrose, engineer, h 37 Hutchings
Churchill George, fisherman, 137 Cabot
Churchill Kane, fisherman, h 76 Duckworth
Churchill Miss Lydia, clerk, bds 37 Hutchings
Churchill Richard, butcher, h 25 Fleming
Churchill Robert, seaman, h 10 Stephen
Churchill Samuel, carpenter, h 26 Freshwater Road
Churchill Solomon sr, laborer, h 4 Larkin's Square
Churchill Samuel Augustus, clerk, h 37 Hutchings
Churchill Wm, builder & contractor, h 26 Freshwater Road
City Club, city club building, Water
City Club Boat House, Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Rd
City Hotel, Duckworth, prop Mrs Geo Walsh
Civeer Garrett, laborer, h 50 Barnes' Road
Clancey Bridget, wid Denis, bds 31 Prospect
Clancey Ellen, wid Wm, h 8 Catherine
Clancey Jas, caretaker T A Hall, h 41 Prescott
Clancey Jas, laborer, h 8 Catherine
Clancey John, laborer, h 8 Catherine
Clancey John, laborer, h 31 Prospect
Clancey P J, porter, h 31 Prospect
Clancey Lewis B, messenger, bds Flavin's
Clancey R J, clerk, h 218 Gower
Clancey Thos, sanitary inspector, h 70 Hayward Ave
Clancey Wm, laborer, h 31 Prospect
Clapp Gilbert, h 60 Cochrane
Clapp John S, bds 60 Cochrane
Clapp W M, barrister, Duckworth, bds 60 Cochrane
Clare John, seaman, h 34 Codnor's Lane
Clare John, laborer, h 215 Water, w
Clarke Ambrose, blacksmith, h 110 Queen's Road
Clarke Aubrey, laborer, h 18 Carew
Clarke Benjamin, carpenter, h South Side
Clarke Edwin, mason, h 26 William
Clarke Eli, laborer, h 19 Rossiter's Lane
Clarke Ellen, wid Noah, h 13 Young
Clarke Miss Emily C, clerk bds 172 LeMarchant
Clarke Emma, wid Wm, h 6 Knight
Clarke Garland, clerk, h 83 Gower
Clarke Geo, blacksmith, bds 110 Queen's Road
Clarke Geo, clerk, h 6 Knight
Clarke Geo, engineer, bds 180 Pleasant
Clarke Geo, student, bds 26 William
Clarke Jas, fisherman, h 387 Waterford Bridge Road
Clarke Jas, laborer, h 3 Young
Clarke Jas, rope maker, bds Hamilton Ave
Clarke Jas, tinsmith, h Cookestown Road
Clarke John, carpenter, h Hamilton Ave
Clarke John, fisherman, h 17 Barnes' Place
Clarke John, foreman Rope Walk, h 180 Pleasant
Clarke John, mason, bds 387 Waterford Bridge Road
Clarke John, seaman, h 3 Long's
Clarke John, seaman, h Sebastian
Clarke John, teamster, Ellis building, 17 Adelaide
Clarke John H, P O clerk, h 92 Harris, cont. McFarlane's Lane
Clarke Jos, shoemaker, h South Side
Clarke Moses, school teacher, h 83 and 85 Gower
Clarke Patrick, grocer, 188 New Gower, h do
Clarke Patrick, laborer, h 29 Bambrick
Clarke Patk, stevedore, h 29 Bambrick
Clark Richard, fisherman, h 17 Barnes' Place
Clark Robt, farm servant, bds Carpassian farm
Clark Robt, laborer, h 24 Hutchings Lane
Clark Robt, restaurant, 9 Adelaide, h do
Clark Samuel, mason, h 26 William
Clark Thos, machinist, bds 387 Waterford Bridge Road
Clark Thos, porter, bds 13 Young
Clark Wm, shoemaker, h 85 Gower
Clark Wilson, clerk, bds 85 Gower
Clateny Daniel, clerk, bds Battery Road
Clateney Daniel, clerk R C Cathedral, h 16 Pilot's Hill
Clateney Elizabeth, wid John, h Battery Road
Clateney Patrick, laborer, h 18 Pilot's Hill
Cleary Catherine, wid Thos, h 42 Hayward Ave
Cleary Frank, laborer, h 10 Nunnery Hill
Cleary James, cooper, h 22 Cochrane
Cleary John, laborer, h 60 Barnes Road
Cleary John, laborer, h 69 Plank Road
CLEARY JOHN N, Barrister, Temple Building, Duckworth, 
h 1 Park Row, Rennie's Mill Road
Cleary Michael, laborer, h r 63 Cookstown Road
Cleary Patrick, seaman, h 45 ½ Long's Hill
Cleary Hon Philip, M L C, h 31 Monkstown Road
Cleary Philip jr, accountant, h 3 Monkstown Road
Cleary Vincent, clerk Bank of Montreal, bds 31 Monkstown Rd
Clemens Richard, laborer, h 18 Signal Hill Road
Clemens Thomas, laborer, bds 18 Signal Hill Road
Cleyton John Henry, seaman, h 9 Murray
Clifford Annie, wid Wm J, h 11 Cook
Clifford James, carpenter, h 24 Cook
Clifford Martin, laborer, 8 Bulley
Clifford Walter H, machinist, bds 11 Cook
Clift Charles N, h 71 Rennie's Mill Road
Clift Hugh, bds Duckworth
CLIFT J AUGUSTUS, Barrister, Agent Equitable Lie Assurance Society of U. S., 
226 Duckworth, h Military Road
Clift Thomas B, bds 71 Rennie's Mill Road
Clench Thomas, seaman, h 72 McFarlane's Lane
Clinton John, seaman, h 7 Holdsworth
Clooney James, shoemaker, bds 4 Sebastian
Clooney Thomas, fisherman, h 10 Catherine
Clouston John, tinsmith, h Quidi Vidi Road
Clouston Thomas, tinsmith, h 48 Duckworth
Clouston Walter, manager oil clothes factory, h 106 Pleasant
CLOUSTON WM J, Importer & Dealer in Parlor & Cooking Stoves, 
Hardware, Lamps, etc, stores East Market House Hill
Clow Marmaduke, insp. Weights & measures, h 32 Colonial
Cluney jas, laborer, h 4 Sebastian
Cluney John, laborer, bds 66 Portugal Cove Road
Cluney John, shoemaker, h 4 Sebastian
Coady Andrew, laborer, h 42 Thomas
Coady Bridget, tailoress, h 12 Chapel
Coady David, laborer, h 40 Hutchings
Coady Francis, shoemaker, h 12 Dunford
Coady Frank, shoemaker, h 12 Dunford
Coady Honora, wid Michael, h 24 McFarlane's Lane
Coady Jas, student, bds 58 Pennywell Road
Coady Jas, mason, bds 71 New Gower
Coady Jas, wharfinger, h 219 New Gower
Coady John, farmer, bds Torbay Road
Coady John, fisherman, h 14 Buchanan
Coady John, laborer, h 20 Lime
Coady John, licensed publican, 272 Water, h Pennywell Road
Coady John jr, laborer, bds 20 Lime
Coady Joseph, laborer, h 8 Haggerty's Lane
Coady Lawrence, laborer, h 40 Hutchings
Coady Margaret, wid Michael, h 5 Walsh's Sq, off Signal Hill Road
Coady Margaret, wid Jas, h 126 George
Coady Miss Mary, h 61 Queen's Road
Coady Mary, wid Jas, h 24 Codner's Lane
Coady Mary Ann, wid Stephen, h 68 Barnes' Road
Coady Matthew, laborer, h 17 Carter's Hill
Coady Michael, laborer, bds 24 Codner's Lane
Coady Michael, seaman, h 82 ½ Casey
Coady Nicholas J, laborer, h 41 Water, w
Coady Richard, baker, h 42 Thomas
Coady Richard, fisherman, h 14 Buchanan
Coady Thos, laborer, h 18 Hagarty's Lane
Coady Thos, laborer, h 82 ½ Casey
Coady Thos, wine and spirit dealer, Water, h 58 Pennywell Road
Coady Thos jr, clerk, bds 58 Pennywell Road
Coady Walter, fisherman, h 39 Bambrick
Coady Wm, baker, h 42 Thomas
Coady Wm, laborer, bds 20 Lime
Coady Wm, mason, h 30 Wickford
Coady Wm, seaman, h 263 Water, w
Coaker Edward, seaman, h 30 Mullock
Coaker John J, joiner, h 30 Mullock
Coaker Wm, joiner, h 30 Mullock
Coaker Wm F, telegraph operator, h 30 Mullock
Coaker Wm J, watchmaker, h South Side
Cockshott Wm, drill sergt Nfld Constabulary, h Ft Townsend
Codner John, laborer, h 225 Lewis Place
Codner Michael, teamster, h 225 Lewis Place
Codner Wm, shoemaker, h 18 Wickford
Coen Geo C, deputy minister finance, h 52 Prescott
Coffee Denis, pensioner of H M service, h 30 King's Road
Coffee Jeremiah, seaman, h 54 Bond
Coffee John, plumber, h 30 King's Road
Coffee John, seaman, h Gower
Coffin Augustus E, teacher, h 26 ½ Cook
Coffin Chas, watchmaker, bds 44 Bannerman
Coffin Geo, engineer, h 15 Cochrane
Coffin Henry, joiner, h 82 Barne's Road
Coffin John, clerk, h 27 Parade
Coffin Martha, wid John, h 27 Parade
Coffin Percival R, accountant, bds 26 ½ Cook
Coffin Theophilus C, bds 26 ½ Cook
Coffin Thos, bds 159 Gower
Coffin Thos, customs officer, h 44 Bannerman
Coffin Walter A, brakeman, bds 27 Parade
Colbert Edw, laborer, h 12 McKay
Colbert Maurice, tailor, h 12 Leslie
Colbert Wm, fisherman, h 21 Scott
Cole Andrew, baker h 47 Cookstown Road
Cole Catherine, wid Patk, h 78 Casey
Cole Elizabeth, wid Philip, h 7 Dunford
Cole George, tinsmith, h 23 Adelaide
Cole james, baker, h Torbay Road
Cole James, laborer, h 14 James
Cole James, steward, h 16 John
Cole James jr, laborer, bds 14 James
Cole John, millwright, bds 7 Dunford
Cole Maria, wid Samuel, h 21 James
Cole Mary, wid Wm, h 16 John
Cole Robt, farmer, h 69 King's Bridge Road
Cole Solomon, coachman, h 49 Bannerman
Cole Theresa, wid John, h 19 William
Cole Uriah, messenger Bk N S, h 7 Dunford
Cole Wm, shoemaker, 26 Henry, h 16 John
Coleman Catherine, wid Edward, h 117 Bond
Coleman Catherine, wid John, h Circular Road
Coleman Edward, laborer, h 27 Quidi Vidi Road
Coleman Edward jr, tinsmith, bds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
Coleman Elizabeth, wid Edward, h 49 Carter's Hill
Coleman E G, locksmith and bell hanger, h 61 Bannerman
Coleman Robert J, accountant, h Circular Road
Coleman Sarah, wid Patrick, h 99 New Gower
Coleman George, shoemaker, h 7 Cabot
Coleman James, butcher, bds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
Coleman James, shoemaker, bds 49 Carter's Hill
Colford Miss Margaret, mantle & dress maker, h 95 New Gower
Colford Richard, cooper, h 45 New Gower
Collection & Loan Association, The, Richard Harvey, agent, 
4 Renouf Building, Duckworth
Collier Charles, carpenter, bds 6 Victoria
Collier Frederick, painter, bds 6 Victoria
Collier John, painter, h 6 Victoria
Collier John, student, bds 1 Carnell
Collier Nicholas J, mgr Carnell's carriage fac, h Forest Road
Collier Samuel G, wheelwright, 8 Waldegrave, h 1 Carnell
Collier Sarah, wid Crarles, h Forest House, Forest Road
Collins Amelia F, wid John, h 28 Barter's Hill
Collins Charles, farmer, h 72 Barnes' Road
Collins Ellen, wid Michael, h 18 Brine
Collins George, hair dresser, 198 New Gower, h do
Collins James, h 32 Prescott
Collins James, branch pilot, h 35 Gower
Collins Jas J, clerk, h 18 Bell
Collins Jas J, American House, licensed publican, Water, h do
COLLINS JAS J, Notary Public and Broker, 164 New Gower, h do
Collins John, seaman, bds 92 Casey
Collins John M, joiner, h 7 Mullock
Collins John T, clerk, bds 32 Prescott
Collins Jos, fisherman, h off Barter's Hill
Collins Jos, messenger, h 41 Parade
Collins Jos, seaman, h 17 Holloway
Collins Martin, carpenter, h Battery Road
Collins Michael, master mariner, h 17 Victoria
Collins Patk, baker, h 8 Queen's Road
Collins Patk J, draper, bds 17 Victoria
Collins Richard H, hairdresser, 123 Duckworth, h 7 Mullock
Collins Rosanna, wid Peter, h 22 Convent Square
Collins Sarah F, wid, h 7 Mullock
Collins Terenec, accountant, h 37 Bannerman
Collins Theresa, wid Wm, h 62 George
Collins Thos, fisherman, bds 130 George
Collins Thos, carpenter, h Pleasant
Collins Wm, laborer, h 130 George
Collins Wm, laborer, bds 8 Queen's Road
Collins Wm, h 2 Pennywell Road
Collins Wm, printer, h 37 Bannerman
Collins Capt Wm, police, h Fort Townsend
Collins Wm W, acountant, bds 17 Victoria
Collingwood Thos C, accountant, bds 48 King's Road
Collingwood Wm, storekeeper, h 48 King's Road
Collis George, laborer, h 16 Hayward Ave
Collis H C, beer depot, 69 Queen's Road, h do
Colonial Building, situate Military Road
COLONIAL CORDAGE CO, J H Munro, manager, Mundy's Pond Road
Colonial Secretary, Hon. J Alex Robinson, Departmental Building, Duckworth
Coltis Miles, stovefitter, h 86 Patrick
Colton Edward, storekeeper, h 4 Knight
Colton Ethelbert, cash keeper H M C, h 126 Water, w
Colton Mary M, wid Arthur, h 25 Barter's Hill
Colton Samuel G, purser Coastal Co., h South Side
Combs Chas, laborer, h 52 Signal Hill Road
Comeford Michael, shoemaker, h 89 Gower
Comerford John J, laborer, h 19 Barnes' Place
Comerford Nicholas, farmer, bds 335 Water, w
Comerford Richard, cooper, h 58 Cabot
Comerford Richd B, tel operator, bds 102 Military Road
Comerford Wm B, clerk, bds 102 Military Road
Condon Ellen, wid Kyran, h 16 Cabot
Condon Ellen, wid Thos, h 45 Duckworth
Condon John, cabinet-maker, bds 16 Cabot
Condon Kate, wid Richd, h 24 Finn's Lane
Condon Margaret, wid Daniel, h 322 Duckworth
Condon Michael, stone-cutter, h 11 York
Condon Robt, shipwright, bds 322 Duckworth
Condon Samuel, clerk, h Barter's Hill
Condon Samuel, shipwright, h 4 James
Condon Wm H, engineer, bds 45 Duckworth
Connell Anastasia, wid Michael, h 21 Thomas
Connell Catherine, wid John, h 48 King's Bridge Road
Connell David, rope-maker, h Mundy's Pond Road
Connell Edw, farmer, h Long Pond Road
Connell Elizabeth, wid, h Ropewalk Range
Connell Jas, rope-maker, bds Ropewalk Range
Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h 72 Casey
Connell John, fisherman, h Mundy's Pond Road
Connell John, laborer, h 21 Thomas
Connell John F, clerk, bds 48 King's Bridge Road
Connell Martin, laborer, h 12 Sheehan's Shute
Connell Mary, wid Edward, h 166 Pleasant  



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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This page transcribed by Glynn Porter

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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