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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's Pages 248 - 261


St. John's Pages 248 - 261

Hudson, Wm. Geo, upholster, 4 Gilbert
Hudspeth, John H., receiving teller Bk M, bds 120 Duckworth
Huestis, Henry E, asst. clk rwy office, bds Crosbie Hotel
Hughes, Benjamin, laborer, bds 194 New Gower
Hughes, Geo, carriage painter, bds 140 Gower
Hughes, Robt  E, sanitary supervisor, h 20 Belvidere
Hughes, Sarah, wid John, h 20 Belvidere
Humby, Richd, fisherman, h 76 Duckworth
Hunt & Co., Brokers and General Commission Merchants, J G Hunt, mngr, Water
Hunt, Henry, miner, h 182 Water, w
Hunt, Jas, butcher, h 65 Cookstown Road
Hunt, James G, of Hunt & Co, h 88 Barnes' Road
Hunt, John, clerk, h Water, w
Hunt, Wm J, accountant Bk N S, bds 45 Cochrane
Hunter, Edward J, accountant, bds 84 Pleasant
Hunter F J, mgr B Montreal, h Savings Bk Bldg, Duckworth
Hurd, Alan, laborer, bds 81 Long's Hill
Hurd, John, carpenter, h 81 Long's Hill
Hurl, David, sanitary carman, h 48 Field
Hurley, Ambrose, shoemaker, bds 12 Hutchings
Hurley, Catherine, wid Robert, h 111 New Gower
Hurley, Miss Kate, h 6 Queen's Road
Hurley, Mary, wid Wm, h 8 Bannerman
Hurley, Maurice, laborer, h 31 Patrick
Hurley, Rev Patrick, C B, Mount St. Francis, Newtown Rd
Hurley, Robert, laborer, h 23 Butler Place
Hurley, Thomas, messenger, bds 111 New Gower
Hussey, Edward, laborer, h 17 Fleming
Hussey, Isaac, laborer, bds 41 Field
Hussey, Israel, laborer, bds 95 Long's Hill
Hussey, John, laborer, h 41 field
Hussey, Joseph, cooper, h 47 Parade
Hussey, Joseph, fisherman, h 95 pleasant
Hussey, Joshua, joiner, h 15 Charlton
Hussey, Levi, ex-policeman, h 95 Long's Hill
Hussey, Olivia, wid Wm, h 95 Long's Hill
Hussey, Thomas, laborer, bds 41 Field
Hussey Wm, laborer, h 77 Lime
Hussey, Wm, wharfinger, h 54 Casey
Hutchings, Chas, sailmkr, George, h cor Freshwtr Rd & Parade
Hutchings Chas H, Barrister, etc., Water, h 133 Le Marchant Road
Hutchings, Eliakam, printer, bds 39 Moore
Hutchings, Miss Elizabeth, clerk, h 14 Pennywell Road
Hutchings Geo A, of Job Bros & Co, h 4 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
Hutchings, George A, clerk, bds Alandale Road
Hutchings, George P, clerk, h 46 Scott
Hutchings, Kenry, clerk, h Mullock (transcriber's note:  This could be "Henry")
Hutchings, Jas, carpenter, bds 85 Casey
Hutchings, Jas, sanitary carman, h 52 Field
Hutchings, Jas S, accountant, h 14 Pennywell Road
Hutchings, Philip H, clerk, h 2 Mullock
Hutchings, Wm C, Clerk, h 13 Bell
Hutton & Co, Music Store, cor Duckworth and Prescott
Hutton, C W, professor music, h 41 Military Road
Hutton, Elizabeth, wid Geo, h 41 Military Road
Hynes, Ann, wid Laurence, h 73 New Gower
Hynes, Catherine, clerk, h 73 New Gower
Hynes, Edward, shoemaker, bds 29 Young
Hynes, Ellen, wid Patrick, h 8 Stephen
Hynes, Miss Kitty, clerk, bds 73 New Gower
Hynes, Isaac, joiner, h 33 Plymouth Road
Hynes, Isaiah, joiner, h 15 Howe Place
Hynes, Jas auctioneer, Waldegrave, h 66 George
Hynes, Jas jr, clerk, bds 66 George
Hynes, John, fisherman, h 2 College Square
Hynes, John, clerk, bds 66 George
Hynes, John, clerk, bds 23 Plymouth Road
Hynes, John, laborer, h 29 Livingstone
Hynes John, laborer, h 13 Flower Hill
Hynes John, laborer, h 79 Casey
Hynes, Mary, wid Patrick, bds 52 Freshwater Road
Hynes, Michael, clerk, h 8 Stephen
Hynes, Michael, seaman, h 29 Young
Hynes Michael jr, app cabinetmaker, bds 29 Young
Hynes, Sarah, wid John, h 46 Quidi Vidi Road
Hynes, Wm, fisherman, h 6 Hunt's Lane
Hynes, Wm, laborer, h 28 Scott
Industrial School, Torbay Road, Rev, Bro J L Slattery, principal
Inkpen, G L, dry goods, 142 New Gower, h 63 Springdale
Inkpen, Louis, clerk, h 63 Springdale
Ireland, Francis E, accountant, h 42 Colonial
Irving, Miss Margaret, clerk, bds 433 Water
Irving, Wm. Clerk, h Water, w
Irving, Irving, Walter, cabman, h 101 Circular Road
Irving wm, clerk, n 433 Water
Irving, Wm, farmer, h Long Pond Road
Ivany, Frank, laborer h 118 Casey
Ivany, Geo, cooper, h 83 Hamilton
Ivany, Geo, laborer, h 74 Carter's Hill
Ivany, James, fisherman, h 33 LeMarchant Road
Ivany, Joseph, laborer, h 72 Carter's Hill
Ivany, Martin, fisherman, h 14 Barter's Hill
Ivany, Noah, laborer, h 83 Hamilton
Ivany, Noah jr, student, bds 83 Hamilton
Ivany, Richard, tinsmith, h 59 Lime
Ivany, Silas, blacksmith, h 100 New Gower
Ivany, Wm, sailor, h 59 Freshwater Road
Ivy, Benjamin, stonemason, h 17 Barnes Road
Ivy, George, mason, h 18 Boncloddy
Ivy, Joseph, mason, h 33 1/2 William
Ivy, Wm, stone mason, h 116 Circular Road
Jack, Elizabeth, wid Alex, h 65 Military Road
Jackman, Arthur, master mariner, h 318 Duckworth
Jackman, Bridget, wid Wm, h 28 Bride
Jackman, Catherine, wid Thos, h 47 Wickford
Jackman, David J, tinsmith, 364 Water, h do
Jackman Edward M, Gents' Tailor & Furnisher, 343 Water, h White House, Le Marchant Rd.
Jackman, Francis, clerk, bds 105 Hamilton
Jackman, Frank, master mariner, h 33 Angel Place, off Alexander
Jackman, George, laborer, h 45 Lime
Jackman, James M, clerk, bds 28 Brine
Jackman, John, blacksmith, h 38 Pleasant
Jackman, John, master mariner, h 12 Bell
Jackman, John Jos, fireman, h 2 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
Jackman, Michael, laborer, h 14 Finn's Lane
Jackman, Philip, fisherman, h 5 Gilmore
Jackman, Philip, sanitary inspector, h 38 Pleasant
Jackman, Philip, wharfinger, h Holdsworth
Jackman, Thomas P, h 3 Brine
Jackman, Tobias, fireman, h 9 James
Jackman, Tobias, laborer, h 35 Angel Place, off Alexander
Jackman Wm, laborer, h 39 Prince
Jackman, Wm, tailor, h 11 Hamilton
Jackson & Co, Drapers and General Dry Goods, 359 Water
Jackson, John, of Jackson & Co, h 235 Gower
Jacobs, Jas, shoemaker, h 17 College Square
Jacobs, John, app carpenter, bds 22 John
Jacobs, John, plumber, h 34 Buchanan
Jacob, Joseph, carpeneter, h 22 John
Jacobs, Moses, laborer, h 34 Buchanan
Jacobson, G, I F Perlin & Co, bds Tremont Hotel, Water
James, Geo, seaman, h 15 Stephen
James, Edw, fisherman, h Woods' Place, Hoylestown

James, Isaac, fisherman, bds Woods' Place, Hoylestown
James, Wm, farmer, h Mount Anngelo Cottage, Cockpit Road
James, Wm, laborer, h Woods' Place, Hoylestown
James Wm, jr, fisherman, bds Woods' Place, Hoylestown
Janes, Alexander, laborer, bds 44 Wickford
Janes, Alexander, tinsmith, h 36 Goodview
Janes, Amelia, wid Reuben, h 53 Alexander
Janes, Bernard, fisherman, h South Side
Janes, Bernard, laborer, h 9 Plank Road
Janes, Chas, laborer, h 44 Wickford
Janes, Eli, laborer, h 2 Chapel
Janes, Fredk, apprentice, h 51 Alexander
Janes, Geo, accountant, bds 40 Goodview
Janes, Geo, tailor, bds 40 Goodview
Janes, Henry, baker, h 190 Water, w
Janes, Henry, laborer, h 11 Barter's Hill
Janes, Henry T, laborer, h 189 Water, w
Janes, Henry, laborer, h 14 Wickford
Janes, James, agent, bds 8 Chapel
Janes, James, laundry employee, h 189 Water, w
Janes, John, carpenter, h 44 Cabot
Janes, John, fisherman, h 51 Alexander
Janes, John P, tidewaiter, h 30 Prescott
Janes, Leonard, clerk, h 14 Bannerman
Janes, Margaret, wid Moses, h 40 Goodview
Janes, Moses, laborer, h 14 Bannerman
Janes Moses R, cooper, h 14 Bannerman
Janes, Wm, fireman, h 1 Forest Row
Janes, Wm, T, rope-maker, bds 53 Alexander
Jardine, Fredk, clerk, h 48 Brine
Jardine, John C, brewer, h 6 Maxse
Jardine, Jas, chief examiner H M C, h 18 Cochrane
Jardine, Mary, wid Wm, h 48 Brine
Jeanes, Aleck, tinsmith, h Goodview
Jeans, Ambrose, fisherman, h 63 Merry Meeting Road
Jeans, Bertram, fisherman, h 24 Scott
Jeans Harold, druggists' clerk, bds 68 Cochrane
Jeans, James, fisherman, h 3 St. John
Jeans, James, laborer, h 138 New Gower
Jeans, John, accountant, h 68 Cochrane
Jeans, John, blacksmith, h 138 New Gower
Jeans, John, laborer, 38 Casey
Jeans, Peter, fisherman, h 2 Deady's Lane
Jeans, Wm, upholster, bds Wickford
Jeans, Wm J, laborer, h r 113 Long's Hill
Jeffyrs, Jessie, wid George, h 38 Duckworth
Jenkins, Annie, wid Wm, h 83 Bond
Jenkins, Malcolm, clerk, bds 29 Dicks' Square
Jenkins, Silas, bds 83 Bond
Jenkins, Selina, wid Samuel, h 51 Brazil's Square
Jenkins, Thos, clerk, bds 29 Dicks' Square
Jenkins, Wm, laborer, 83 Bond
Jenkinson, John jr, farmer, bds Freshwater Road
Jenkinson, John sr, farmer, h Freshwater Road
Jennings, George, wharfinger, h 26 Prospect
Jerrett, Wm H, builder and contractor, Queen's Road, h 30 Henry
Jewer, James H, master mariner, h 39 John
Jewer, James, clerk, bds 291 Water
Jewer, Thomas engineer, bds 29 John
Job Brothers & Co, General Importers & Exporters, SS Owners and Insur Agents, Water
Job, Robert, of Job Bros & Co, bds 45 Cochrane
Job W C, of Job Bros & Co, h 5 Devon Row, Duckworth
Jocelyn, Alexander, painter, bds 103 Circular Road
Jocelyn, Charles, clerk, bds 103 Circular Road
Jocelyn, Margaret, wid John, h 103 Circular Road
Jocelyn, Wm J, wheelwright, h 39 Flemming
Johns, August, master mariner, h 30 Young
Johns, August jr, app tinsmith, bds 30 Young
Johnstone, Abraham, sailor, h 42 Goodview
Johnstone, Adam, caretaker, masonic temple, res do
Johnston, Andrew, fisherman, h 50 McFarlane's Lane
Johnston, Annie, wid John, h 50 McFarlane's Lane
Johnston, Ann,  wid John h 30 Pleasant
Johnston, Miss Annie, clerk, 13 Waldegrave
Johnston, Bridget, wid Peter, h Barnes Road
Johnston, Chas, teamster, 202 Water, w
Johnstone, Edward, fisherman, h 31 Cabot
Johnstone, Edward, carpenter, h 8 Hunt's Lane
Johnson, Mrs. Eliza, widow, h 114 Circular Road
Johnson, Frederick, joiner, h 28 Belvidere
Johnson, George, shoemaker, h 10 Alexander
Johnson Geo M, Q C, BL, of Whiteway & Johnson, house Glenbrook, Torbay Road
Johnston, Henry, laborer, h 4 Hunt's Lane
Johnston, Isaac, laborer, h 48 McFarlane's Lane
Johnson, Jacob, joiner, h 114 Circular Road
Johnson, James R, Joiner, h 28 Belvidere
Johnston, John, laborer, bds 48 McFarlane's Lane
Johnson, John, laborer, h 51 Field
Johnson, John, steward, h 17 Rossiter's Lane
Johnson, Joseph, laborer, h 4 Brennan's Lane
Johnson, Joseph, seaman, h 2 Stephen
Johnston, Miss Mary, grocery, 13 Waldegrave, h do
Johnson, Percie, Insurance Agent, & C, Mechanics' Building, Water, e, bds Monkstown Road
Johnson, Peter, laborer, h 236 New Gower
Johnston, Robt, fisherman, h 48 McFarlane's Lane
Johnston, Robert G, Tailor, & C, 302 Water, h 282 Gower
Johnston, Rosana, wid Robt, h 10 Codner's Lane
Johnston, Solomon, cooper, h 30 Pleasant
Johnston, Thos, tanner, h 18 Cookstown Road
Johnston, Wm, fisherman, bds 2 Hunt's Lane
Johnston, Wm, fisherman, h Battery Road
Jolliffe, Jas, master mariner, h 152 LeMarchant Road, w
Jolliffe, Thos, laborer, 36 Young
Jones, Johannah, wid Jas, h Portugal Cove Road
Jones, Right Rev Llwn, Bishop of Nfld, h Biship's Court, King's Bridge Road
Jones, ------, master mariner, h 16 Brazil's Square
Jordan, Jas, clerk, bds 160 Gower
Jordan P W, clother, Martin's Bldg, Water, e, h 160 Gower
Joseph Antino, pedlar, h 178 New Gower
Joseph Charles, pedlar, h 48 1/2 George
Joseph, Mark, pedlar, h 48 1/2 George
Joseph, Michael, pedlar, h 48 1/2 George
Joseph, Monsole, pedlar, h 87 New Gower
Joseph, Peter, pedlar, bds 78 New Gower
Joy, Amelia, wid Richard, bds 8 Prince
Joy, Capt Jas G, master mariner, h 7 Victoria
Joy, Jas G, messenger, bds 7 Victoria
Joy, Miss Jessie, clerk, bds 7 Victoria
Joy, John, city watchman, h 52 Freshwater road
Joy, John, laborer, h 5 Casey
Joy, Jos, fish culler, h 24 Springdale
Joy, Margaret, wid Thos, h 52 Freshwater Road
Joy, Patk, laborer, bds 52 Freshwater Road
Joy, Wm, clerk, bds 21 LeMarchant Road
Joyce, Albert E, carpenter, bds 37 Patrick
Joyce, Geo, clerk, h 37 Patrick
Joyce, Gilbert, master mariner, h 44 LeMarchant Road
Joyce, Jas, carpenter, h 45 Wickford
Joyce, Selby R, clerk, bds 223 Gower
Joyce, W F, railway engineer, bds 40 LeMarchant Rd.
Joyles, Stephen, farm servant, bds Rostellan
Judge Francis, mason, h Pennywell Road
Judge, James F, mason, h Pennywell Road
Judge, Mary, wid John, h 128 Casey
Kallenn, Noah, dry goods, 426 Water, h 73 Gower
Kane, David, laborer, h 19 James
Kane, Edward, cooper, bds 18 Nunnery Hill
Kane, Miss Johanna, clerk, h 18 Nunnery Hill
Kane, John, shoemaker, h 91 Monkstown Road
Kane, Maurice, laborer, h 18 Nunnery Hill
Kane, Patrick, police-fireman, h Fort Townsend
Kane, Stephen, fisherman, h 234 New Gower
Kane, Thos, laborer, h 18 Nunnery Hill
Kane, Wm, laborer, bds 18 Nunnery Hill
Kane, Wm, tinsmith, bds 18 Nunnery Hill
Kates, James J, laborer, bds 51 Goodview
Kates, Richard, laborer, h 47 Goodview
Kavanagh, Annie, dressmaker, h 124 Bond
Kavanagh, Arthur, laborer, h 183 LeMarchant Road
Kavanagh & Co, Mineral Water Manufacturers, 91 Military Road.
Kavanagh, Cornelius, fireman, W.E. Fire Hall, h 18 Hutchings
Kavanagh, Edward, engineer, h 27 Cuddihy
Kavanagh, Edward, laborer, h 23 Dick's Square
Kavanagh, Edward, laborer, h 28 Bond
Kavanagh, Garrett, of Kavanagh * Co, bds 23 Colonial
Kavanagh, George, messenger, bds 15 Tessier Place
Kavanagh, James, druggist clerk, bds 23 Colonial
Kavanagh, James, laborer, h 35 Casey
Kavanagh, James, laborer, h 8 Springdale
Kavanagh, James, laborer, h 1 Gorman's Lane
Kavanagh, James, laborer, h 24 Barnes' Road
Kavanagh, Miss Jane, clerk, bds 23 Colonial
Kavanagh, John, cooper, h 35 York
Kavanagh, John, laborer, h 28 Bond
Kavanagh, John, watchman, h 10 Hutchings
Kavanagh, Joseph, cooper, h 10 Hutchings
Kavanagh, Joseph, laborer, h 222 Water, w
Kavanagh, Martin, laborer, h 15 Tessier Place
Kavanagh, Maurice, laborer, h 28 Bond
Kavanagh, Patrick, clerk, bds 23 Colonial
Kavanagh, Patrick, cooper, h 13 Flower Hill
Kavanagh, Patrick, laborer, h 10 Hutchings
Kavanagh, Patrick, plasterer, h 35 Casey
Kavanagh, Peter, storekeeper, h 45 Goodview
Kavanagh, Rosanna, wid John, h 23 colonial
Kavanagh, Sarah, wid Patk, h 35 Casey
Kavanagh, Simon, storekeeper, h 42 Wickford
Kavanagh, Thos, of Kavanagh & Co, h 23 Banerman
Kavanagh, Thos, Chemist & Druggist, Water, e. h do
Kavanagh, Thos, laborer, h 12 Sheehan's Shute
Kavanagh, Thos, porter, h 74 Barnes' Road
Kavanagh, Wm, shoemaker, bds 3 Mullock
Kean, Hon A, actg minister marine & fisheries, bds Crosbie Hotl
Kean, Jas, seaman, bds 22 James
Keane, John, shoemaker, 84 Lime, h 91 Monkstown Road
Keane, Mary, wid Owen, h 68 George
Keane, Mary, wid, Thos, h 85 Lime
Kearney, Edw, laborer, h 36 Plank Road
Kearney, Geo F, clerk, h 53 Military Road
Kearney, Hannah S, wid Maurice, h 6 Lion Square
Kearney, John, fireman, h 7 Simms'
Kearney, John, shoemaker, h 7 Plank Road
Kearney, John J, Army & Navy Depot, Wines and Spirits, 119 Duckworth, h do
Kearney, Miss Mary, h 9 Carter's Hill
Kearney, Mary Ann, wid Michael, h 71 Plank Road
Kearney, Mary F, wid John R, h 53 Military Road,Kearney, Matthew A, solicitor,
bds Hillside, Circular Road
Kearney, Michael B, h Hillside, Circular Road
Kearney, Nicholas, laborer, bds 6 Lion Square
Kearney, Peter, ropemaker, h Mundy's pond Road
Kearney, Richd, cooper, h 12 Allan Square
Kearney, Richd, fireman, h 30 Lime
Kearney, Richd, master mariner, h 85 Monkstown Road
Kearney, Wm J, clerk, bds 85 Monkstown Road
Kearsey, Jas, express driver, bds 18 Field
Kearsey, Jas, truckman, h 15 Field
Kearsey, John, Laborer, H 18 Field
Keating, Francis, Laborer, H 103 New Gower
Keating, Jas, h 8 York
Keating, Jas, cooper, h 12 Finn's Lane
Keating, John, cooper, h 23 1/2 Barter's Hill 
(transcriber's note: there was a mark on the
  page over this number - it could be 231)
Keating, John, watchman, h 103 New Gower
Keating, John S., 1st clk minister finance, h 81 Military Road
Keating, Miss Sarah, matron penitentiary, h 8 York
Keating, Thos, wines & spirits, co Water and Prescott, h do
Keating, Thos jr, bds Water
Keefe, Ann, wid Robt, h 22 Wickford
Keefe, Jas, laborer, h 68 Livingstone
Keefe, Miss Johannah, h 30 Gower
Keefe, Johannah, wid Owen, h 31 Cuddihy
Keefe, John, blacksmith, h 26 Colonial
Keefe, John, blacksmith, h 21 Prince
Keefe, John, laborer, h 42 Hutchings
Keefe, Michael, carpeneter, bds 30 Gower
Keefe, Michael, messenger, h York
Keefe, Michael, shoemaker, h 132 Water, w
Keefe, Michael jr, wheelwright, bds 42 Hutchings
Keefe Richd, constable, bds East End Fire Station
Keefe, Thos, cooper, h 412 Water
Keeley, Catherine, wid Michael, h 6 Sebastian
Keels, Joseph, teamster, h 6 Lion Square
Keels, Michael, laborer, h 186 Water, w
Keeping, Benjamin, telephone clerk, bds 276 Gower
Keeping, Hugh, groceries & provisions, 221 Gower, h do
Kehoe, Edw, shipwright, h 16 Finn's Lane
Kehoe, John, carpenter, bds 16 Finn's Lane
Kehoe, John, fisherman, h 51 Pleasant
Kehoe, Margaret, wid John, bds 40 Wickford
Kehoe, Maurice, fisherman, bds 10 Prince
Kehoe, Michael, seaman, h 51 Pleasant
Kehoe, Michael, shoemaker, 300 Water, h do
Kehoe, Michael J, shoemaker, bds 300 Water
Kehoe, Patk, fisherman, h 51 Pleasant
Keleher, Mary, wid Philip, h 117 Bond
Kelligrew, Julia, wid Wm, h 74 Cochrane
Kelly, Ambrose, stonecutter, bds 14 Bell
Kelly, Ann, wid Geoffrey, h Nagles' Hill
Kelly, Ann, wid John, h 14 Bell
Kelly, Catherine, wid Jas, h 1 Boggan
Kelly Chas, clerk, h 18 Colonial
Kelly Edw, laborer, h 36 Carter's Hill
Kelly Edw, laborer, h Woods' Place, Hoylestown
Kelly, Edw F, student, bds Quidi Vidi Road
Kelly, Edmund, farmer, bds 105 Long's hill
Kelly, Ellen, wid John, h 25 Prince
Kelly, Frank, seaman, h South Side
Kelly, Geoffrey, gate keeper, Penitentiary, Quidi Vidi Road
Kelly, Geo, watchmaker, bds 12 Barnes' Road
Kelly, Henry, shoemaker, h 113 Long's Hill
Kelly, Jas, cooper, h 20 Balsam
Kelly, Jas, cooper, h 64 Bannerman
Kelly, Jas, fisherman, bds 16 New Gower
Kelly, Jas, laborer, h 2 Leslie
Kelly, Jas, shoemaker, h 12 Barnes Road
Kelly, Jas M, tailor, bds 14 Bell
Kelly, Jas P, saddler, bds Quidi Vidi Road
Kelly, John, blacksmith, h 63 Gower
Kelle, John, cabman, h 50 Cochrane



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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This page transcribed by Linda Ley

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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