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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's pages 262 to 273


St. John's pages 262 to 273

Kelly John, cooper, h 5O George
Kelly John, police officer, bds 16 Water
Kelly John, farmer; h South Side
Kelly John, farmer, h Waterfordbridge Road
Kelly John, fisherman, bds 16 New Gower
Kefly John, laborer, h 25 Flemming
Kelly John, laborer, h 20 Casey
Kelly John, planter, h 358 Water, w
Kelly John, shoemaker, h 15 Bell
Kelly John jr, wharfinger, h South Side
Kelly John Thos, butcher, bds 25, Flemming 18 Colonial
Kelly Laurence, boilermaker, h 55 Goodview
Kelly Moses, cooper h 2 Boggan  
Kelly Margaret, wid John, h 13 Queen S
Kelly Mark, tailor, bds 14 Bell
Kelly Mary, wid Michael, bds 275 1/2 Water, w
Kelly Matthew, cabman, h 1 Boggan
Kelly Michael, carman, bds 1 Boggan
Kelly Michael, fisherman, bds 85, Patrick
Kelly Michael, gardener, bds Rosevale Cottage, Waterford B Rd
Kelly Michael laborer h 38 Carter's Hill
Kelly Michael J wheelwright, bds 25 Flemming
Kelly Michael J, Custom Tailor, 282 Water,h do
Kelly Nicholas, cooper, h 50 George
Kelly Patrick, clerk, h 105 Long's Hill
Kelly Patrick, tinsmith, bds Nagle's Hill
Kelly Patrick, shoemaker, 12 Barnes Road h do
Kelly P Wm, accountant, h 4 Mullock
Kelly Rachael, wid James, h 27 Field
Kelly Richard, master cooper, 129 George
Kelly Terence, farm servant, bds Torbay Road
Kelly Thos, customs officer, h 18 Colonial
Kelly Thos, of Frazer & Kelly h 72 Brazil's Square
Kelly Thos, cooper, h 26 Bond
Kelly Thos Jr, auctr & com agent,153 Duckworth, bds 18 Colonial
Kelly Thos C, bds 14 Bell
Kelly Walter, A O'D, accountant, h 14 Dick's Square
Kelly Wm, varieties & clerk, 50 Victoria, h do
Kelly Wm, app cooper, bds 30 Balsam
Kelly Wm, clerk, bds New Gower
Kelly Wm, laborer, h 2 Deady's Lane
Kelly Wm, fisherman, h 16 New Gower
Kelly Wm, laborer h 10 Lion Square
Kely Wm, sailmaker, h 18 James
Kelly Wm O'D, of Wood & Kelly, h 280 Duckworth
Kelly Wm P, accountant, h Duckworth
Kendall Henry, accountant, bds 8 Cook
Kendall Henry E, physician, Duckworth h do
Kendrick John, master mariner, h 35 Water, w
Kenna James, farmer, h Torbay Road
Kenna John, coachman h 14 Catherine
Kenna Miss Mary, h 14 Catherine
Kenna Patrick, coachman, bds 14 Catherine
Kennedy Rev Andrew P, C B, Mt St Francis, Newtown rd
Kennedy Miss Ann, h 35 McDougall
Kennedy Archibald, laborer, h South Side        
Kennedy Bridget, wid Wm, h 126 Merry Meeting Road
Kennedy Brothers, builders and contractors, 4 Dicks' Square
Kennedy Catherine, wid George, h 8O New Gower
Kennedy Daniel, printer, h 235 New Gower
Kennedy Edward, accountant, h 13 Hutchings
Kennedy Edward, fisherman, h 6 Stephen
Kennedy Edward, laborer, h 396 Water, w
Kennedy Edward, laborer, h 25 Rossiter's Lane
Kennedy Edward, policeman, bds 275 Water, w
Kennedy Edward J, fisherman, h 6 Stephen
Kennedy Edmund, of Kennedy Bros h 4 Dicks' Square
Kennedy Ellen, wid James, h 88 Circular Rdad
Kennedy Ellen, wid Patrick, h 54 Field
Kennedy Francis, messenger, h 31 Flower Hill
Kennedy George, laborer, h 49 Wm
Kennedy George, picture framer, bds 84 Pleasant
Kennedy George, seaman, b 11 Bambrick
Kennedy Hugh, shoemaker, h 80 New Gower
Kennedy James, accountant, bds 13 Hutchings
Kennedy James, cooper, b 35 McDougall
Kennedy James, cooper, h 235 New Gower
Kennedy James, laborer, h 3 Howe Place
Kennedy James, laborer, b off 238 New Gower
Kennedy James S, clerk, h 15 Bond
Kennedy John, clerk, bds 3 Howe Place
Kennedy John, cooper, bds 21 Water, w
Kennedy John, 1aborer, h 17 Waldegrave
Kennedy John, seaman, h 36 Colonia1
Kennedy John, seaman, h 15 James
Kennedy Lawrence F, tailor, bds 21 Water, w
Kennedy Mary, wid Edward, h t Murphy's Square, off Alex
Kennedy Mary, wid John, h 4 Dicks' Square
Kennedy Michael, fisherman, h South Side
Kennedy Michael, of Kennedy Bros, h 4 Dicks' Square
Kennedy Nicholas, teacher, bds St Bonaventure's College
Kennedy Nicholas J, planter, bds 21 Water, w
Kennedy Patrick, h 193 Gower
Kennedy Patk, gardener, bds 5 Barnes' Plad
Kennedy Peter, laborer, h 396 Water, w
Kennedy Patrick, shoemaker, h 12 Lion's
Kennedy Patrick, Tailor, Clothier and Gent's Furnisher, 276 Water, h 162 LeMerchant Road  
Kennedy Peter J, tinsmith, bds 21 Water, w
Kennedy Richard, cooper, h 12 Allan Square
Kennedy Ronald, student, bs St Bonaventure's College
Kennedy Miss Selina, nurse, bds General Hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd
Kennedy Thos, laborer, h 31 Flower Hill
Kennedy Thos, wharfinger, bds 15 Bond
Kennedy Thomas C, book agent, h 89 Hamilton
Kennedy T C, Groceries and Provisions, 1 Military Road, h do.  
Kennedy Wm, laborer, h 42 Casey
Kinnedy Wm, laborer, h 31 Flower Hill
Kenny Caroline, wid Thos, h 28 Cochrane
Kenny David, coooper, h 77 New Gower
Kenny Francis, wheelwright, bds 28 Cochrane
Kenny Fredk J, plumber, h 15 Adelaide
Kenny James, wheelwright, Springdale, h 20 Water, w
Kenny James, cooper, h 13 William's Lane
Kenny James jr, cooper, bds 13 William's Lane
Kenny John, farmer, bds Grove Hill Farm, Waterford B Road
Kenny John, farmer, 259 Water, w
Kenny Michael, sailmaker, h 75 Pleasant
Kenny Patrick, clerk, h 41 Hamilton
Kenny Wm, clerk, bds 95 New Gower
Kenny Wm, cooper, b 30 Flower Hill
Kenny Wm, cooper, h 41 Hamilton
Kent Charlotte wid Jas, h 84 Gower
Kent Daniel F,clerk, bds 13 Monkstown Road
         Kent Edward, shoemaker, h 38 Hutchings
Kent & Howley, Barristers, Solicitors, Conveyancers &c, Duckworth
Kent James M, B.A, of Kent & Howley, h 13 Monkstownkd
Kent John, cooper, h 38 Hutchings
Kent John ,seaman, h cor Prince and George
Kent Joseph P, clerk, bds 13 Monkstown Road
Kent Margaret, wid Robt h 13 Monkstown Road
Kent Matthew N, Carriage Builder and Undertaker, 350 Water, h do                              
Kent Mary, wid James, h 318 Duckwbrth
Kent Nicholas, teamster, h Quidi Vidi Road
Kent Patrick 3, student, bds Monkstown Road
Kent Peter, fisherman, h 25 Waldegrave
Kent Peter, laborer, h 40 Hutchings.
Kent Philip, driver, bds 16 Water, w
Kent Thos, farmer h Quidi Vidi Road
Kenf Thos 3, contractor, h 20 Quidi Vidi
Kent Wm, army pensioner, h 115 Quidi Vidi Road
Kent Wm, master mariner, h cor Prince and George
Kent Wm J, clerk, h 23 Prince
Kent Wm J, mgr Herald newspaper, h 78 Barnes Road
Keon James, gardener  h 355 Water, w
Keon James, carman, bds 355 Water, w
Keon John, clerk, bds ~55 Water, w
Keon Patrick, student, bds 355 Water, w
Keough David, sailor, bds 36 Colonial 
Keough Fanny, wid Jas, h 74 Barnes Road
Keough George J, wines and spirits, 362 Queen and Water, h do
Keough Patrick, h 21 Military Road
Keough Patrick, fisherman, h 45 William
Keough P J, bds 14 Chapel
Keough Wm, cooper, h 14 Chapel
Keough Wm, laborer, h 32 Case
Keppie George, engineer, h 3 Forest Road
Kerby Stephen, fisherman, h 52 Monkstown Road
Kerivan Edward, laborer, h Southside
Kerivan James, wharfinger, h Southside
Kerivan Mary, wid Michae1, h 45 Field
Kerivan Patrick J, porter, h 83 New Gower
Kerivan Wm, laboret, h Southside
Kerr Alexander, farmer, h 48 Mullock
Ker Thomas, laborer h 21 Mullock
Kersey Wm, laborer, h 21 Mullock
Kervin Michael, fisherman, h 83 New Gower
Kervin Patrick, laborer; h 83 New Gower
Kidney Jeremiah, cooper, h 23 Hamilton
Kielly Alice, wid John, h 37 Buchanan
Kielly Ann, wid Michael, h 32 1/2 Colonial
Kielly Edward J, clerk, bds 283 Duckworth
Kielly Elken, wid James, h 21 Allan Square
Kielly James, baker, 164 LeMarchant Road, w
Kielly James, boatman custom house, h 3 Knight
Kielly James, clerk, h 283 Duckworth
Kielly James, clerk, h 112 Military Road
Kielly Mrs James, grocer, 164 LeMarchant Road, h do
Kielly Margaret, wid James, h 4 Signal Hjll Road
Kielly Matthew, clerk, bds 112 Military Road
Kielly Michael bar tender, h 2 Springdale
Kielly Wm , laborer, h 19 Cuddihy
Kielly Wm jr, cabinet maker, h 19 Cuddihy
Kielly Wm F , painter and decorator, 68 New Gower, h do
Kilpatrick Elizabeth, wid Francis, h 22 Cochrane
King Abani, clerk, bds 21 Spencer
King Alexander, gardener, h 21 Fleming
King Alexander P, watchmaker, h Southside
King Alfred, seaman, h 12 Barter S Hill.
King Ananias, seaman,'h 18 Young
King Azariah, laborer, h 32 Tessier Place
King Miss Bella, clerk, h Long S Hill
King Charles, seaman, h 34 Brazil's Square
King David, grocer, 57 Gower, h do
King David, planter, h Southside
King Daniel, tallyman, h 92 Casey
King Eli, boilermaker, h 136 1/2 Casey
King Eli, janitor Meth college, b 65 Long's Hill
King Elizabeth, wid John, h 10 Belvidere
King Geo, seaman, h 136 1/2 Casey
King Henry, fisherman, h 20 Charlton
King Henry, laborer bds 23 Angel Place, off Alexander
King Isabella, wid John, bds 147 Pleasant
King Jas, coachman, h Southside
King Jas, farmer, b Southside
King Jas, fisherman, h 64 Bannerman
King Jas, laborer, bds 2 Hunt's Lane, Hoylestown
King Jas, laborer, h 10 Belvidere
King Jas, laborer, bds 23 Angel Place', off Alexander
King Jeremlah, laborer. h 9 Goodview
King Johannah, wid Edw, h 92 Casey
King John, carman, bds Torbay Road
King John, cooper, Flynn's Lane, off George
King John, laborer, h 10 Belvidere
King John, laborer, h 118 Casey
King John, laborer, h 21 Spencer
King Joshua, laborer, h 23 Angel Place, off Alexander
King Julia. wid Jas, h 10 Lime
King Matthew H, shipwright h 26 Boncloddy
King Michael, fisherman, h 57 Gower
King Richd, laborer, h 3 Williams' Lane
King Selina, wid Chas,h 136 1/2.Casey
King Solomon, laborer, h 132 Casey
King Theresa, bartender, bds 376 Water
King Theophilus, fireman, h 277 Water, w
King Virtue, wid Robt, h Torbay Road
King Wm carpenter, h 67 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
King Wm, clerk, bds 65 Long's Hill
King Wm, engineer, h 17 Colonial
King Wm, farmer, bds GaIwayvilla, Blackmarsh Road
King Wm, laborer, h 51 Colonial  
King Wm, planter, h Southside
Kinsella John F, mail officer 55 Grand Lake, h 30 King's B Road
Kinsella John F jr, student, bds 30 King's Bridge Road
Kinsella Wm, laborer, h 6 Flavin
Kinsella Wm, fish culler, h 64 Harvey Road
Kirkand Annie, wid Geo, h 114 Quidi Vidi Road
Kirkland Geo, machinist, h Black March Road
Kirby Jas, fisher man, h 57 Brazil's Square
Kirby Jas, fisherman, h 11 Sheehan's Shute
Kirby John, fisherman, h 57 Brazil's Square
Kirby Philip, cooper, h 57 Brazil's Square
Kirby Wm cooper, h 57. Brazil's Square
Kirby Wm, fisherman, h 11 Sheehan's Shute
Kitcher Mary J, wid Thos, h .45 Hayward Ave
Kitchen Wm, student, bds St Bonaventure's Yllege
Knapp Rev Chas, pnncipal Queen's College, h 2 Forest Rd
Knight Allan, Builder and Contractor, h 2 Brazil's Square
Knight Ambrose, joiner, h Logy Bay Road
Knight Amos, ship wright, h 21 Cook
Knight Annie, wid Jas, h 26 Monkstown Rd
Knight Arch H, builder and contractor, h 20 Henry
Knight Arthur B, h 175 Gower
Knight A W, Barrister, Blackwood Building, Duckworth, h
	Spring Cottage, Leslie 
Knight Chas, ship carpenter, h 27 William
Knight Edw, shipwright, h 41 Hamilton
Knight Edwin J, clerk, h 341 Duckworth
Knight Francis S, tidewaiter, h 26 King's Road
Knight Fredk W, agent Montreal Loan and Investment Co,Water; h 175 Gower
Knight Fredk V, accountant, h South Side
Knight Herbert, barrister, 33 Henry, h Circular Road
Knight Miss Hilda, clerk, bds 175 Gower
Knight Jas R, Commission merchant, h 36 Queen's Road
Knight Miss Jeanette, clerk, bds 2 Brazil's Squarc
Knight Jos E, laborer, .bds 21 Cook
Knight Michael T., h .70 Circular Road
Knight Sarah, wid Henry, h 1 Waldegrave
Knight Silas G, manufacturer copper paint, 175 Gower, h do
Knight Stephen, accountant Savings' Bank, h 1 Barnes' Rd
Knight Stephen, engineer, h 33 New Gower
Knight Walter, accountant, bds Brazil's Square
Knight Wm, laborer, h Mundy's Pond Rd
Knight Capt Wm, master mariner; h Spring Cottage, Leslie
Knbx Bartholemew, laborer, h r 211 New Gower
Knox Johanna, wid Thos, h 14 Wickford
Knox Patk, laborer, h 15 Carter's Hill
Knox Wm, steward, h 33 Spencer
Knox, Wm, watchman,' h 27 Plymouth Road
Knowling Hon. George, General Merchant,223, 225, 227, Water, e,
	& 389 Water, w, h Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road. 
Knowling G jr, clerk, bds Silverton, Waterford Bidge Road
Knowling John, engineer, dry dock, h 35 Patrick
Knowling Mary, wid John, h 182 Water, w
Knowling Michael, moulder, h 111 Hamilton
Knowling Philip, clerk, bds Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road
Knowling Wm Hugh, clerk, bds Waterford Bridge Road
Koch Ernest, tailor, h 317 Water, w
Lacey Miss Bridget, h Barnes Road
Lacey James, teacher, St Bonaventure College
Lacey James, cooper, h 13 Bambrick's
Lacey Martin, laborer, h 123 Circular Road
Lacey Mary, wid Nicholas, bds 45 Field
Lacey Richard, sailor, b 50 Wickford
Lacey James, tailor, h 32 Colonial
Lahey Mary Ellen, wid Martin  h 32 Colonial
Lake John, laborer, bds 26 Livingstone
Lake Joseph, joiner, h 185 New Gower
Lake Mary, wid Solorndn, h 26 Livingstone
Lamb James. clerk, h 8 Knight
Lamb James, farmer, h Freshwater Road
Lamb John, jeweller, of Lindberg & Lamb, h 2 Bond'
Lamb Margaret, wid Wm, h Angel Place, off Alexrnder
Lamb Nathaniel jr, laborer, bds 10 Pleasant
Lamb Nathaniel, laborer, h 10 Pleasant
Lambert Fanny, wid Thos, h 47 Scott
Lambert George, carman, h 61 Carter's Hill
Lambert John, seaman, h 20 Hayward Ave
Lambert Luke, fisherman, h 22 Carew
Lambert Wm, bds 7 William's Lane
Lampen Wm, ry conductor, h 47 Quidi Vidi Road
Lamzed Wm, cabinet maker, bds 13 John
Landy Edward, tailor, bds 32 Plank Road
Landy James; shoemaker, h 32 Plank Road
Lane Daniel, fisherman, h 32 Goodview
Lane Mary; wid Thos, h 18 Pilot's Hill
Lane Timothy T, tel operator, bds 18 Pilot's Hill
Lane Wm, sea captain, h 43 Long's Hill
Lang Chas, shoemaker, hl Carter's Hill
Lang John, seatnan, h 125 Cabot
Langmead Ann, wid Edw, h 41 Field
Langmead Francis, fisherman, h 10 Bond
Langmead Mary ,A, wid Geo, watchmkr & jewlr, 394 Water, h
Langmead S B, watchmaker, bds 394 Water
Langm  Wm, carriage painter; h 6 Colonial
Langton Edw E, clerk, h Sunnyside, Quidi Vidi Road
Lannigan John, cooper, h 24 Buchanan
Lannigan John, wharfinger, h Southside
Lannigan Michael, laborer, h LeMarchant Road
Lannigan Wm, cooper, h Southside
Lannon Michael, laborer, h 7 Plank Road
Lannon Patk, laborer, h 56 Carter's Hill
Laracy Jas, crockeryware, &C, 326 Water, h do
Laracy Patrick, dry goods, oil clothing, &c, 342 Water, bds 328
Larkin Anne, wid John, h 2 Larkin's Square
Larkin Edw, laborer, h 25 Plymouth Rdad
Larkin Jas, laborer, h 35 McDougald
Larkin John,' cooper, h 21 Larkin's Square
Larkin John, collector municipal council, h 13 Boggan
Larkin Mary, wid Michl.J, h 84 Queen's Road
Larkin Michael, fireman, h 13 Larkin's Square
Larkin Thos, messenger, bds 84 Queen's 'Road
Lash Margaret, wid John F, bds 80 Barnes' Road
LASH Mortimer, Railway Hotel Restaurant and
Frut Store, 303 Water, h do 
Lash Mrs, wid George, bds 14 Military Road
Lash Wm H, accountant, h 14 Militarv Road
Late Elijah, cooper, b Mundy's Pond Road
Lauder Robert, book keeper, bds 4 Devon Row, Duckworth
Lauder Sarah, wid Charles, h 4 Devon Row, Duckworth
Lauder Robert, clerk, h 41 Monkstown Road
Laurie Wm, surveyor, bds 41 Monkstown Road;
Lavelle Rev G,C B, principal St Bonaventure's Coll, res do
Lawlor Hannah, wid Lawrence, h 78 Duckworth
Lawlor James, coachman, h 78 Duckworth
Lawlor John farmer, h Cove Road
Lawlor Lawrence, fireman, bds 52 Wickford
Lawlor Michael F, clerk, h 147 Gower
Lawlor Michael, clerk, bds 78 Duckwo?th
Lawlor Richard, cooper, bds 27 Patrick
Lawlor Thomas jr, bds Cove Road
Lawlor Thomas, laborer, h 5'2 Wickford
Lawlor Walter, cabman, h Pleasant Dale, Old Cove Road
Lawrence Alexander, trader, h 104 Pleasant
Lawrence Brothers, Carriage and Sleigh Builders, 139 Gower
Lawrence Clare, laborer, bds Water, w
Lawrence Edwin, upholsterer, bds 33 Hayward Ave
Lawrence George, carpenter, h 20 Carnell
Lawrence James, of Lawrence Brothers, h 35 Hayward Av
Lawrence James, accountant, ,bds 104 Pleasant
Lawrehce John, clerk, bds 35 Hayward Ave
Lawrence Robert, laborer, h 12 Gills Place, Pilot's Hill
Lawrence Thomas, 6f Lawrence Bros, h 33 Hayward Ave
Lawrence Thomas' A, foreman furniture facty, h 119 Quidi V r
Lawrence Wm, coachman, h 11 Forest Road
Lawson Stephen, watchman, h 76 Pleasant
Lay Richard, cashier, bds 8,5 Pleasant
Lay Samuel, f9reman hoot and shoe factory, h 85 Pleasant
Layman Gregory, fisherman, h 92 George
Leah George,.seaman, h,91 Pleasant
Leakman Anne, wid Wm, h 3 Wood
Leamon John, of Dicks & Go, h 239 Gower
Lear Joseph, laborer, IxIs' 34 Lime
Lear Robert J, laborer, bds 34 Lime
Leard Miss Ellen J, h 29. Monkstown Rd
Leard Sadie, wid Fredk, bds' 61 Power
Learning Albert, barber, bds '9 Cuddihv
Learning Geo B, joiner, ,h 31 'Mullock
Learning Jas, laborer, h 2 William
Learning 'Samuel, carpenter, bds 87 Bond
Learie John, engineer, h 3 Dunford
Learie John, confectioner, bds 3 Dunforn
Leary Denis, laborer,, h 82 Casey
Leary Daniel, laborer,  5 Gorman's Lane
Leary,Rdw', cooper, bds 128 George:
Leary Edw, laborer, b S Gornian's Lane
Leary Francis, laborer. h 126 Pleasant
Leary Jas, laborer, h 82 Casey
Leary Jas, shoemaker, bds 21 Scott
Leary Johannah, wid Mat hew, h 128, Gerge
Leary John, farmer, bds To~ay Road
Leary John, fisherman, h 309 Water, w
Leary John, laborer, h 82,Casey
Leary Margaret,, wid Jas, bds 152 Duckworth'
Leary Martin, cooper, bds 53 McFarlane's Lane
Leary Michael, fisherman, h 14 Bond
Leary Michael,laborer. h o,ff Flemming
Leary Patrick, farmer, h Torbay Rd  4
Leary Patk, seaman, bds 82 Casey
Leary Peter, farmer, h Tdrbay Rd
Leary Patk, farnier, bds Torbay Rd
Leary Philip,, fisherman,' h 21 Scott
Leary Richard, blacksmith, h 9' Plymouth Rd
Leary Richard, farmer, Ixis Torbay Road'
Leary Thos, fisherman, 'h 53 McFarlane"s Lane
Ledirigham Miss Agnes (TN Foundary), h 35 'Military Rd
LeDrew Caleb,carpenter, h South Side
LeDrew Hannah wid Robt, Ii 148 Gower
LeDrew Herbert H. student, bds 51 Long's Hill
Le Drew, John, Carpenter, h 51 Long's Hill
LeDrew Jonas, carpenter, h 9/2 Cabot
LeDrew Moses, mason, h 11 Boggan
LeDrew Richard, fisherman, h 24 Pleasant
LeDrew Robt, cooper, b 24 Pleasant
LeDrew Robt, seaman, h 55 Alexander
LeDrew Wm, carpenter, h 9 Cabot
LeDrew Wm, fisherman, h South Side
Ledwidge John J, paving cutter, bds 358 Water
Lee Catherine, wid Jas, h 6 Nunnery Hill
Lee Catherine, wid Wm D, h 1 College Square
Lee Geo, machine st, bds 97 Monkstown Road
Lee Henry, laborer, h 3 MIullock
Lee Jim, Chinese laundry, 214 Duckworth, h do
Lec Richd, accountant, bds Pleasant
Lee Thos, laborer, h New Line, LeMarchant Road
Leece Mary, wid John, hds St Bonaventure College
Legat Kate, wid Robt, h .10 Hamilton
Legrow John, clerk, h 58 Spencer
Legrow Job ti, porter, 11 Parade
Lehr Andrew B, dentist, Water, opp T. McMurdo & Co's, h do
Leipce Arthur, stonecutter, bds 358 Water
Leiper Leslie, stonecutter, l)ds 358 Water
Leo Miss Eliza, h 53.Duckworth
Leonard Henry, laborer, h 33 Wicklord
Leonard John, carpenter, h 80 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
Leonard Michael, laborer, h 63 McFarlane's Lane
Leonard Patk,  fireman, h 23 Barron
Leonard Patk, grocer 74 Lime, h do
Leonard Patrick, laborer, h 72 McFarlane's Lane
LeMarquand Emma, wid George, h 15 Cook
LeMarquand -Geo, master mariner, h S Hamilton
LeMarquand John, messenger, bds 15 Cook
LeMessurier, Alex, landing waiter H M C, h 12 Gower
LeMessurier Arthur J, clerk, bds 22 Holloway
LeMessurier. Miss Elizabeth, h 8 Winter Ave
LeMessurier E M, accountant, h 113 Gower
LeMessurier Geo, chief clerk G. P 0 h General Post office
LeMessurier Gee W sr, h General Post OffiLe
LeMessurier Herbert, accountant, bds 205 New Gower
LeMessurier.H C, accountant and Valuator h 77 Bond



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

449 Entries (Continued)

[McALPINE'S Directories]

Transcribed by Christy Brown

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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