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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. Johns Pages 208 - 221


St. Johns Pages 208 - 221

Fitzgerald, Stephen, laborer, h 18 Finn's Lane
Fitzgerald, Thomas, laborer, h 28 Pleasant
Fitzgerald, Wm, laborer, bds 13 Finn's Lane
Fitzgerald, Wm, storekeeper, h 49 King's Road
Fitzgibbon, Miss Christiana, clerk, bds 28 Dick's Square
Fitzgibbon, Edward, clerk, bds 28 Dick's Square
Fitzgibbon, Edmund, clerk, h 28 Dick's Square
Fitzgibbon, James, seaman, h 6 Lion's Square
Fitzgibbon, Jeremiah, laborer, h 35 LaMarchant Road
Fitzgibbon, Joseph, clerk, bds 28 Dick's Square
Fitzgibbon, Thomas, general dealer, 426 Water, h do
Fitzhenry, Miss Bridget, h 41 Moore
Fitzhenry, James, cooper, h 1 Moore
Fitzhenry, John, painter, bds 6 Bulley
Fitzhenry, Michael, cooper, h 6 Bulley
Fitzpatrick, Bridget, wid Wm, h 34 Cabot
Fitzpatrick, Daniel, janitor (Star Hall) h 25 Barter's Hill
Fitzpatrick, Fredk, grocer, 37 Cabot, h do
Fitzpatrick, John, machinist, 178 ½ Pleasant
Fitzpatrick, John, varities, 119 Gower, h do
Fitzpatrick, John, watchman, h 26 Pleasant
Fitzpatrick, John T., store keeper City Council, h Signal H Road
Fitzpatrick, Joseph, spinner, bds 26 Pleasant
FLANNERY, JOHN J, clerk of the peace, h 44 Prescott
Flannigan, Miss Josie, h 33 LaMarchant Road
Flannigan, Thos, coachman, h 33 LaMarchant Road
Flavin, Catherine, wid David, h 46 Cookstown Road
Flavin, Joseph, tinsmith, bds 46 Cookstown Road
Fleet, Geo, laborer, h 13 Cook
Fleet, John, turnkey penitentiary, h 5 Long's
Fleet, Kenneth, railway engineer, h 125 Gower
Fleet, Capt Thomas, grocer, 138 Gower, h do
Fleet, Wm, carman, h Lime
Fleet, Wm, laborer, h 1 Young
Fleet, Wm, tailor, h 13 Cook
Fleming, Alice, wid Nicholas, h 68 Bannerman
Fleming, Benedict, laborer, h 68 Bannerman
Fleming, Benjamin, tanner, bds 11 Cochrane
Fleming, Chas, seaman, bds 44 Duckworth
Fleming, Johanna, wid Patrick, h 46 King's Road
Fleming, John, carpenter, h 21 Flavin's
Fleming, John, shoemaker, h 261 New Gower
Fleming, Matthew, book-keeper, h 58 King's Bridge Road
Fleming, Michael, carpenter, h 21 Falvin's
Fleming, Michael, teamster, 4 Boggan's Lane
Fleming, Patrick J., porter, h 11 James
Fleming, Richard, laborer, h 42 Codner's Lane
FLEMING, REV. RICHARD B., christian brothers, Newtown Road
Fleming, Wm, clerk, h 2 Convent Square
Flewelling, Aubrey, mgr Horwood match factory, h 223 Gower
Flinn, John, carman, h Waterford Bridge Raod
Flinn, John, cooper, bds 27 Patrick
Flinn, Michael, cooper, h 27 Patrick
Flinn, Michael Jr., cooper, bds 27 Patrick
Flood, Michael, blacksmith, h 1 Prince
Flynn, Mrs. Alice, wines & spirits, 372 Water, h do
Flynn, Alice, wid Robert, h 51 George
Flynn, Annie, wid Thomas, h 6 Brennan's Lane
Flynn, David, fireman, bds w e fire hall
Flynn, David, professor of music, h 81 Pleasant
Flynn, Edward, cooper, bds 18 Brazil's Square
Flynn, Edward, cooper, h Cabot Place, Topsail Road
Flynn, Gregory, shoemaker, h 56 George
Flynn, James. blacksmith, h 7 Brennan's Lane
Flynn, Thomas, cooper, h 6 Haggerty's Lane
Flynn, James, watchman, h 33 Job's
Flynn, John, cooper, h 49 Job's
Flynn, John, cooper, bds Cabot Place, Topsail Road
Flynn, John, fireman, h 6 Haggerty's Lane
Flynn, John, accountant, bds 372 Water
Flynn, John J., collector Municipal Council, h 10 Wood
Flynn, Joseph, laborer, h 49 Job's
Flynn, Mary, wid Jas, h 56 George
Flynn, Patrick, cooper, h 42 Stephen
Flynn, Patrick, cooper, bds Cabot Place, Topsail Road
Flynn, Patrick, fisherman, h 20 James
Flynn, Patrick, laborer, h 39 Cuddihy
Flynn, Patrick, laborer, h 29½ Flower Hill
Flynn, Patrick, sawyer, h 49 William
Flynn, Patrick, teamster, h 6 Brennan's Lane
Flynn, Robt., shoemaker, h 28 Springdale
Flynn, Thos., cabinetmaker, h 194 Queen's Road
Flynn, Wm., carpenter, h 34 Carter's Hill
Flynn, Wm., laborer, h 24 Damaril's Lane
Fogerty, Alice, wid John, h Cove Road
Fogerty, James. butcher, bds 5 Adelaide
Fogarty, John, laborer, h 22 Pennywell Road
Fogarty, Joseph, butcher, 5 Adelaide, h do
Fogwell, Samuel, book-keeper, h 25 Victoria
Fogwell, Miss Sarah B., clerk, bds Victoria
Fogwell, Tryphena, wid Samuel, h 144 Pleasant
Fogwee, Wm., accountant, bds 53 Victoria
Foley, Ann, wid Garrett, h 8 James
Foley, Chas, clerk, bds 52 King's Bridge Road
Foley, Edward, laborer, bds 4 Lime
Foley, Fanny, wid Wm., h 10 Carew
Foley, Garrett, sailor, bds 8 James
Foley, James, shipwright, h 18 Balsam
Foley, James, student, bds 50 Monkstown Road
Foley, James, tailor, h 3 Livingstone
Foley, Johanna, wid Patrick, h 244 Water, w
Foley, John, baker, h 243 Water, w
Foley, John, laborer, bds 244 Water, w
Foley, John, mason, bds 13 Knight
Foley, John, plasterer, h 85 Patrick
Foley, Joseph, fisherman, h 7 Plymouth Road
Foley, Margaret, wid James, h 50 Monkstown Road
Foley, Miss Mary, h Hayward Ave
Foley, Mary Ann, wid Patrick, h 52 King's Bridge Road
Foley, Michael, cooper, h 41 Flower Hill
Foley, Pierce Jr., fireman, bds 3 Livingstone
Foley, Pierce, tailor, bds 164 Gower
Foley, Wm., tailor, h 164 Gower
Folks, Richd, miner, h 7 Hayward Ave
Follett, John, carpenter, h 87 Hamilton
Foote, Jas., h 11 Queen
Foote, Miss Mabel, clerk, bds 11 Brazil's Square
Foote, Miss May, clerk, bds 11 Brazil's Square
Foote, Orestes, master mariner, h 11 Brazil's Square
Foran, Augustus E., clerk, bds Portugal Cove Road
Foran, Jas., laborer, h 9 Gorman's Lane
Foran, John, sailmaker, h 8 Sebastian
Foran, Thos., preventive officer, bds 8 Sebastian
Foran, Thos., sailmaker, h 8 Sebastian
Forbes, Archibald, telegraph operator, bds Hamilton Ave
Forbes, Robt, engineer, h Hamilton Ave
Ford, Ernest A., student, h 36 Water, w
Ford, Jas., cooper, h Southside
Ford, John, agent, 115 Long's Hill
Ford, John D., printer, 61 Military Road
Ford, Richard, cooper, h South Side
Ford, Wm. J., grocer, 36 Water, w, h do
Forristal, Edw., messenger, bds 47 Long's Hill
Forristal, Eva, wid Richd, h 2 Flavin
Forristal, Gregory, carpenter, h 47 Long's Hill
Forristal, John, laborer, bds 9 Fergus Place
Forristal, Patk, laborer, h 14 Simms'
Forristal, Patk, laborer, h 51 George
Forsey, Miss Elenor, clerk, bds 16 Dick's Square
Forsey, Geo., clerk, h 16 Dick's Square
Forsey, Richd, clerk, h 16 Dick's Square
Forsey, Thos. P., clerk, h 25 Parade
Forsyth, Alex, messenger, bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
Forsyth, Edw., harness-maker, h 13 Holdsworth
Forsyth, Jas., carpenter, George, h 9 Holdsworth
Forsyth, Jas., shoemaker, h 123 New Gower
Forsyth, Robt., shipwright, h 67 Merry Meeting Road
Forsyth, Thos., seaman, h 123 New Gower
Forsyth, Wallace, letter carrier, bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
Forsyth, Wm. Jas., railroader, bds 9 Holdsworth
Fortune, Edw., fisherman, h 187 New Gower
Fortune, Patk J., of Fortune & Sharp, h 57 Colonial
Fortune & Sharp, dry goods merchants, 431 Water
Forward, Bridget, wid John, h 14 King's Road
Forward, Geo., sailmaker, h 27 Mullock
Forward, John, sailmaker, h 6 King's Road
Forward, Marmaduke, carpenter, h 29 Cook
Foster, Catherine, wid Henry, h 2 Plymouth Road
Foster, Herbert, engineer, bds 2 Plymouth Road
Foster, Henry, shipwright, h 37 Water, w
Foster, James, finisher, Boot & Shoe factory, bds 11 Prince
Foster, James, shipwright, h 37 Water, w
Foster, John, plumber, bds 2 Plymouth Road
Foster, Wm., cooper, h 12 Lime
Foster, Wm., shipwright, h 37 Water, w
Fowler, Bridget, wid Stephen, h 20 Damaril's Lane
Fowler, Carrie, wid Charles, h 11 Colonial
Fowler, Fannie, wid James, h 54 Cabot
Fowler, James, laborer, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Fowler, John, laborer, bds 54 Cabot
Fowler, Lawrence, laborer, h Mundy's Pond Road
Fowler, Mark, laborer, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Fowler, Thomas, laborer, h 14 Sebastian
Fowler, Wm., laborer, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Fowlow, Abraham, laborer, h Buchanan
Fowlow, Annie, wid Edward, h 10 Springdale
Fowlow, A., clerk, bds 5 Queen
Fowlow Wm., laborer, h 10 Springdale
Fox, James, policeman, bds Fort Townsend
FOX, JAMES P., M. H. A., accountant, h 13 Gower
Fox, John, laborer, h 24 William
Fox, John F., accountant, h 103 Military Road
Fox, Sarah, wid Wm., h 89 Signal Hill Road
Francis, Henry, seaman, h 9 Buckley's Lane
Frampton, Henry, laborer, h 13 Thomas
Frampton, Robert, fisherman, h 38 Brazil's Square
Frampton, Wm., of Kavanagh & Co., h Signal Hill Road
Francis, Henry, sailmaker, bds Mundy's Pond Road
Francis, James, cooper, h 44 Spencer
Francis, John, cooper, h 13 Rossiter's Lane
Francis, Mary, wid Alonzo, h 55 Prescott
Francis, Robert, fisherman, h Mundy's Pond Road
FRANKLIN, WILL H., Commission & Produce Agt., 
   O'Dwyer's premises, h Duckworth
   See adv per index
Fraser, Alexander, laborer, h 20 Stephen
Fraser, David, agent R. G. Reid, h Musgrave Terrace, Gower
Fraser, Hugh, accountant, bds Circular
FRASER, JOHN McL, Manufacturer's Agt. Exchange
   Bldg., Water, bds Duckworth
   See adv per index
FRASER, J. O., Post Master General, h 54 Circular Road
FRASER, NUTTING S., physician, h Duckworth
Fraser, Wm. B., accountant, bds 101 Gower
Frazer, Hector, clerk G P office, h 27 Brazil's Square
Frazer, Hugh H., accountant, bds 54 Circular Road
Frazer, John, of Frazer & Kelly, h 142 George
Frazer,& Kelly, bakers & c., Duckworth
Frazer, Wm., accountant, h 101 Gower
Fredericks, Francis, seaman, h 50 Hamilton
Freeman, J. H., manager Nfld Brewery, bds 383 Water
Freeman, Mary, wid Thos., h 382 Water
Freeman, Robt., accountant, bds 11 Brazil's square
Freeman, Sarah, wid John, h 82 Barnes Road
Freeman, Stephen, shoemaker, h Gower
Freeman, T. J., groceries and provisions, 382 Water, h do
Freeman, Wm., carpenter, h 11 Balsom
French, Elias, shoemaker, bds 124½ New Gower
French, Isaac, carpenter, h off 106 Pleasant
French, John, teacher, h 81 King's Road
French, John J., printer, bds Vicoria House, 47 New Grower
French, Jos., cooper, bds 96 New Gower
French, Patrick, clerk, h 10 Dick's Square
French, Peter, laborer, h 124 Pleasant
French, Robt., master mariner, h 55 Signal Hill Road
French, Selina, tailoress, bds 7 Long's Hill
French, Wm., painter, h 61 Merry Meeting Road
Frew, Wm., clerk, bds 129 Military Road
FREW, WILLIAM, General Importer, Water, house
      47 Cochrane, See adv per index
Frost, Albert J., clerk, h 241 Gower
Froud, Edgar, clerk, bds 72 Hayward Ave.
Froud, Eliza Ann, wid Wm. Hy, h 59 Brazil's Square
Froud, Herbert Geo., fisherman, h 59 Brazil's Square
Froud, Jesse, tailor, bds 72 Hayward Ave.
Froud, John, seaman, h 17 Barnes Place
Froud, Levi, laborer, h 59 Brazil's Square
Frood, Nath, messenger, bds 72 Hayward Ave.
Frye, Enoch, coachman, h 75 Flower Hill
Frye, John, laborer, h 22 Sudbury
Frye, John, shoemaker, h 33 Moore
Frye, Wm., coachman, h 113 Cabot
Frye, Wm., shipwright, h 18 Gilbert
Fuer, Marion, wid John, h 16 Barter's Hill
Fuller, Amelia, wid Nathaniel, h 9 Larkin's Square
Fuller, Wm., student, bds 9 Larkin's Square
Funcheon, Johannah, wid John, h 181 Pleasant
Furlong, Augustus, h 9 Monkstown Road
Furlong, Alex, shoemaker, h 5 Bulley
Furlong, Alex Jr., lather, bds 5 Bulley
Furlong, Briget, wid James, h 12 York
Furlong, Catherine, wid Peter, h 4 Bulley
Furlong, Edward, accountant, bds 52 Colonial
Furlong, Edward, constable, h 117 Long's Hill
Furlong, Fredk, student, bds Rennie's Mill Road
Furlong, James P., accountant, h 9 Monkstown Road
Furlong, Johannah, wid John, h 23 John
Furlong, John, hardware dealer, Water, h Duckworth
Furlong, John, laborer, bds 12 York
Furlong, John, laborer, bds 24 Spencer
Furlong, John, laborer, h 57 Lime
Furlong, John J., baker, bds Rennie's Mill Road
Furlong, Laurence, baker, h Rennie's Mill Road
FURLONG, LAURENCE O'B., M H A., Manufacturer's Agent,
     Exchange Bldg., Water, h 53 Cochrane,
     See adv per index
Furlong, Miss Maggie, bds Rennie's Mill Road
FURLONG, MARTIN, W., Barrister, 336 Duckworth,
     h 2 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
     See adv per index
Furlong, Matthew, wheelwright, h 50 Water
Furlong, Mary, wid James, h 8 Allan Square
Furlong, Mary, wid Thos., h 52 Colonial
Furlong, Miss May, clerk, bds 2 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
Furlong, Miss May, milliner, h 57 Cabot
Furlong, Michael, laborer, h 25 James
Furlong, Mrs. M., wid Patk, h 2 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
Furlong, Patk. J., farmer, bds Rennie's Mill road
Furlong, Peter, fireman, h 37 Young
Furlong, Peter, laborer, h 24 Spencer
Furlong, Peter, wheelwright, h 5 Bulley
Furlong, Peter, app. wheelwright, bds 5 Bulley
Furlong, Walter, laborer, bds 57 Lime
Furlong, Wm. S., student, bds 2 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
Furneaux, Alice, wid Hugh J., h 31 William
FURNEAUX, JOHN E., prop "Evening Herald" h 41 Scott
Furneaux, Samuel, seaman, h 14 Flower Hill
Furness, Thos., engineer, h 101 George
Furze, Martha, wid Samuel, h 5 Queen
Furze, Wm., clerk, h 5 Queen
Gadd, Elizabeth, wid Fred, 215 Water, w
GADEN, G.H. Aerated Water Works, 
      John R. Bennett, prop, fac 168 Duckworth
      See adv per index
Gaden, Garland M., tel operator, h 35 Queen's Road
Gaden, Thos W., h 43 Scott
Gale, Janet, baker, bds 33 Long's Hill
Gale, Thos. W., baker, 278 Water, h 33 Long's Hill
Galgay, Frank, moulder, h 22 Alexander
Galgay, Richd, clerk, bds 226 Water, w
Galgay, Wm., laborer, h 217 New Gower
Gallant, Miss Clementine, h 4 Queen
Gallaghar, Alice, wid Patk, h 61 George
Gallaghar, Mary, wid Wm., h 6 Pleasant
Gallishaw, Miss Agnes C., milliner, bds 77 Gower
Gallishaw, John, branch pilot, h 16 Bannerman
Gallishaw, Margaret, wid Philip, h 40 Gower
Gallivan, Johanna, wid Thos., h 28 Duckworth
Gallivan, John, cooper, h 26 Duckworth
Gallivan, Michael, cooper, h Southside
Gallivan, Peter, cooper, bds 26 Duckworth
Gallivan, Wm., cooper, h 28 Duckworth
Gallivan, Wm. J., cooper, bds 26 Duckworth
Gallivan, W. H. Jr., clerk, bds 28 Duckworth
Gallop, Jas., mason, bds 92 Lime
Gallop, Henry, mason, h 92 Lime
Gallop, Jas., mason, bds 92 Lime
Galway, Anthony, laborer, h 51 Bannerman
Galway, Bridget, wid Dennis, h 332 Water
Galway, Miss Bridget, bds 332 Water
Galway, Dennis (Estate of), 
       ready-made clothing, etc., 332 Water
GALWAY, JAS. J., Groceries and provisions,
       New Gower, h 53 do
       See adv per index
Galway, Miss Johanna, h 63 George
Galway, John, coachamn, h 42 Mullock
Galway, John, laborer, h 31 LeMarchant Road
Galway, Michael, cooper, h 4 Hamilton
Galway, Michael, tailor, h 332 Water
Galway, Wm., laborer, bds 96 New Gower
Galway, Wm., laborer, bds 51 Bannerman
Galway, Wm., shoemaker, bds 51 Bannerman
Gamberg, Chas., painter, h 5 Allan Square
Gamberg, Chas. Jr., painter, bds 5 Allan Square
Gamberg, Geo., painter, h 43 Victoria
Gamberg, John, painter, h 53 Cookstown Road
Gammel, Miss Bridget, bds 8 Barter's Hill
Gammel, Miss Mary, bds 8 Barter's Hill
Gammel, Mary, wid Wm., h 8 Barter's Hill
Gammel, Patk., stone cutter, h 8 Barter's Hill
Gardiner, Annie, wid Thos., h 40 Cookstown Road
Gardiner, Edward, laborer, bds 70 Barnes' Road
Gardiner, George, fireman, h 94 George
Gardiner, James, laborer, h 70 Barnes' Road
Gardiner, Richard, boiler maker, bds 40 Cookstown Road
Gardiner, Thomas, watchman, h 94 George
Garf, Charles, seaman, h 107 Long's Hill
Garland, Abraham, shoemaker, h 39 Cook
Garland, Amelia, wid John, h 50 Carter's Hill
Garland, Benjamin, shoemaker, h 50 Carter's Hill
Garland, Charles D., cooper, h 11 Parade
Garland, Eli, fisherman, h 43 Spencer
Garland, Frederick, carpenter, h 22 Bond
Garland, Fred, shoemaker, h 7 Pennywell Road
Garland, George, accountant, h 32 Mullock
Garland, George, cooper, h 3 Charlton
Garland, George, gas fitter, bds 16 Alexander
Garland, George, D., carpenter, bds 11 Parade
Garland, George H., cashier, bds 32 Mulllock
Garland, Hezekiah, fisherman, h Battery Road
Garland, James, cooper, h 3 Charlton
Garland, James, laborer, h 32 Mullock
Garland, James, shoemaker, h 50 Carter's Hill
Garland, Jane, wid Levi, h 94 Barnes' Road
Garland, John A., clerk, bds 94 Barnes' Road
Garland, John B., cooper, bds 11 Parade
Garland, John T., fisherman, h 31 Spencer
Garland, Josiah, messenger, h 163 Gower
Garland, Mary, wid George, h 75 Lime
Garland, Reuben, laborer, bds 75 Lime
Garland, Miss Sadie, clerk, bds 22 Bond
Garland, Samuel H., tide waiter, h 32 Mullock
GARLAND S E. Books, Stationery, & Fancy Goods,
      177 Water, e, h 27 Bond
      See adv per index
Garland, Stephen, storekeeper, h 44 Carter's Hill
Garland, Stewart, fisherman, bds Battery Road
Garland, Thomas, H., barber, bds 94 Barnes' Road
Garland, Wm., preventive officer, h 146 Pleasant
Garland, Wm., shoemaker, bds 39 Cook
Garland, Wm. P., gas works, h 16 Alexander
Garrett, Henry, laborer, h 49 Field
Garrett, Wm., laborer, bds 49 Field
GARRETT, SAMUEL, Builder & Contractor,
    Slate House, 2 Duckworth, h do
    See adv per index
GAS LIGHT CO., works, Water, w; 
    Gazette Building, e; W. H. Rennie, Sec-Treas
    See adv per index
Gatheral, Margaret, wid Wm., h 8 Lime
Gaul, Edward, grocer, h 72 George
Gaul, Ellen, wid Thomas, h 72 George
Gaul, Patk, bricklayer, bds 72 George
Gaul, Thos., laborer, bds 72 George
Gaulton, Pierce, stoker, Gas Works, h 60 Alexander
Gaulton, Chas., mason, h 16 Plymouth Road
Gaulton, Thos., mason, h 25 Goodview
GAZETTE BUILDING, Water, cor McBride's Hill
Gear, Chas., customs' officer, h 24 King's Road
Gear & Co., general Hardware, 349 Water
Gear, Henry, of Gear & Co., h 131 LeMarchant Road
Gear, John, shoemaker, h 23 Carter's Hill
Gear, Joseph R., engineer, h 15 Gower
Gear, W. C., accountant, bds 131 LeMarchant Road
Geary, Jas., tinsmith, bds 36 Young
Geary, John, cooper, h 95 King's Road
Geary, Sarah, wid Jos., h 36 Young
Geary, Thos., fisherman, bds 16 New Gower
Geary, Wm., cooper, h 156 Water, w
Geatherall, Thos., laborer, h South Side
Gellately, Chas., bds 11 Bulley
Gellately, Jas., engineer, h 11 Bulley
Gellately, Wm., engineer, bds 11 Bulley
Gemmel, Jas., clerk, h 61 Prescott
GENERAL POST OFFICE, Post Office Square, Water, w
Gent, John, laborer, h 127 Gower
George, Pleman, lumberman, h Brazil's Field
Geran, James, sea captain, h 5 Long's Hill
Geran, Laurence J., h 177 New Gower
Getherell, John, carpenter, h 14 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
Gibbons, John, carpenter, h 16 Bell
Gibbons, Josiah, clerk, bds 16 Bell
Gibbons, Mark, carpenter, h 27 Henry
Gibbons, Samuel, carpenter, bds 16 Bell
Gibbons, Willis, carpenter, h 16 Bond
Gibbs, John, laborer, h 39 Prince
Gibbs, John Thos., clerk, h 159 New Gower
Gibbs, Margaret, wid John, h 159 New Gower
GIBBS, MICHAEL P., M H A, of Morine & Gibbs,
       h 33 Monkstown Road
Giles, John B., grocer, 37 Mullock, h do
Giles, Mahalah, wid Richard, h 37 Mullock
Giles, Martha, wid Wm., h 35 Mullock
Giles, Reuben, grocer, cor Holloway & Duckworth, h do
Giles, Robt. B., master mariner, h 35 Mullock
Gill, Charles, leather cutter, h 7 Long's



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

416 Entries (Completed)

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This page transcribed by Joan Somers

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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