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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's Pages 343-353


St. John's Pages 343-353

POPE Richard J clerk h	15 Hutchings St
POPE Sarah wid Henry h	108 George
POPE Thos blacksmith h	28 Joy, of Prince
POPE Thos cabinet maker h 108 George
POPE Walter MacAllister	genl smith h	Brazil's Sq.
POPE W. P. cabinet maker bds 108 George
POPE Walter genl smith h 3 Brazil's Sq
PORTER Annie wid Geo h	42 Brazil's Sq
PORTER Anne wid Jas h	50 Alexander			
PORTER Jas farmer bds	Quidi Vidi Rd 
PORTER Robt trader h	South Side
PORTER Samuel fisherman h South Side
PORTER Samuel jr laborer h South side		
PORTER Samuel C. carpenter h 14 Bond	
POTTELL Eliza wid Elias h 85 Casey
POTTER Jas joiner h 11 Hayward Ave
POTTLE Michael laborer h 14 Bell
POTTLE Walter clerk bds	85 Casey
POWELS Daniel fisherman h 37 Cuddihy
POWEL Thos carpenter h	50 Springdale St
POWERS Agnes clerk bds	239 ½ Water
POWERS Alice wid Edw h	Topsail Rd
POWERS Alice wid John h	54 Signal Hill
POWERS Alice wid Michael h 71 Gower
POWERS Anastatia wid John h 11 william's Lane
POWERS Catherine spinster h Simms Lane of PC Rd
POWERS Cecil wid Wm bds	14 Barter's Hill
POWERS David fisherman h 47 Moore St
POWERS David laborer bds 4 Hunt's Lane
POWERS Edw boiler maker bds o0 ?  Bannerman St
POWERS Edw carpenter h	96 Duckworth	
POWERS Edw cooper h 15 Flavins
POWERS Edw farmer h Torbay Rd
POWERS Edw farmer  Mount Dorset Ctg Waterfordbridge Rd	
POWERS Edw laborer h 122 Casey
POWERS Edw laborer h 12 Hargarty's Lane
POWERS Edw laborer h 227 Lewis Pl
POWER Edw laborer h 127 New Gower
POWER Edw laborer h 9 Simms
POWER Elizabeth	 wid Charles h	346 Duckworth
POWER  Ellen wid Jas h	15 Brazil's Sq		
POWER Ellen wid Martin h 120 Barnes Rd	
page 344;  St  John's

POWER Ellen wid Stephen h 59 Cabot
POWER Francis cooper h 139 George
POWER George cooper bds 131 Gower
POWER Hugh laborer bds 29 Feild
POWER James clerk h 15 Brazil's Sq
POWER James cooper h 46 Hamilton
POWER James cooper h 45 Moore
POWER James fisherman h 25 Casey
POWER James fisherman h 36 Springdale
POWER James laborer h South Side
POWER James laborer h 228 Water w
POWER James mason h 113 George
POWER James messenger bds 37 Victoria
POWER James proff music h 54 Victoria
POWER John student h 27 Rossiters lane
POWER Mrs John h 131 Gower
POWER John baker h 27 Scott
POWER John baker bds 27 Waldegrave
POWER John carriage builder h 41 Signal Hill
POWER John clerk h 13 Bates
POWER John clerk h 15 Brazil's Sq	
POWER John clerk h 216 New Gower
POWER John fisherman h 8 Casey
POWER John fisherman h 31 Casey
POWER John fisherman h 30 Thomas
POWER John joiner h 41 Signal Hill
POWER John laborer h  8 Bond
POWER John laborer h 6 Brine
POWER John laborer bds 10 Damaril's Lane
POWER John laborer bds 50 McFarlane's Lane
POWER John laborer h 47 Moore
POWER John laborer h 75 Plymouth
POWER John laborer bds12 York
POWER John mechanic h 41 Signal Hill Rd
POWER John plumber bds 228 Water w
POWER John tinsmith bds	Water w
POWER John jr wheelwright bds 41 Signal Hill Rd
POWER Joseph Master Mariner h 16 Casey
POWER Joseph M fisherman h 55 Flower Hill
POWER Joseph P cooper 	h 14 Flemming
POWER Laurence laborer	 h 113 George
POWER Miss Margaret bds 47 Mullock
 POWER Miss Margaret nurse bds 	gen hospital Quidi Vidi Rd

page 345   St John's

POWER  Margaret	wid John h 2 Young St
POWER Margaret	wid Nicholas h 8 Prospect St
POWER Miss Mary	photo finisher bds 15 Brazil's Sq
POWER Miss Mary	h 135 George
POWER Mary wid Jas h 14 Hargarty's Lane		
POWER Mary wid John h 39 Signal Hill Rd
POWER Mary wid Martin 	h 218 New Gower
POWER Mary wid Patrick	 Portugal Cove Rd
POWER Mary Anne	wid John bds 52 Freshwater Rd	
POWER Mary Anne	wid William h 	10 Damaril's Lane
POWER Matthew cooper h 44 Colonial
POWER Matthew laborer bds 8 Casey St
POWER Michael h 139 George 
POWER Michael carpenter h 24 John St
POWER Michael cooper h 139 George
POWER Michael student bds St Bonaventure College
POWER Michael laborer h 43 Cuddihy
POWER Michael laborer h 9 ½ Simms
POWER Michael seaman h 	36 Springdale
POWER Michael seaman h 	204 Water w
POWER Michael wharfinger h 8 LeMarchant Rd
POWER Mogue wines and spirts 32 Cochrane
POWER Nicholas laborer	 h 28 Thomas
POWER Mrs Patrick  h 37 Victoria
POWER Patrick laborer h 10 Lion's Sq
POWER Patrick laborer h 27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER Patrick laborer h 111 Signal Hill Rd
POWER Patrick  laborer 	h South Side
POWER Patrick  shoemaker h 239 water w
POWER Patrick F	 clerk 	bds 37 Victoria
POWER Pearce fireman gas works	 h 27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER Peter cooper h 	29 Adilaide
POWER Philip  groceries & dry goods 62 New Gower
POWER Pierce laborer h 	27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER Richard blacksmith h 70 Bannerman
POWER Richard cooper h 38 Springdale
POWER Richard mason h 45 Brazil's Sq
POWER Richard tanner h 7 Cochrane
POWER Richard tinsmith bds  6 Brine
POWER Robt broker H M C h63 Patrick
POWER Robt J clerk bds  131 Gower
POWER Sarah wid John h 30 Springdale
POWER Thos boiler maker  bds 70 Bannerman

page 346   St John's

POWER Thos cabman  h 10 Barron		
POWER Thos  carpenter  h 37 Victoria
POWER Thos fisherman	 h 24 Thomas
POWER Thos laborer h 8 Bond
POWER Thos laborer h 29 Plank Rd
POWER Thos M 	book keeper  bds 54 Victoria
POWER Wm blacksmith  h	  7 Cochrane
POWER Wm branch pilot  h  7 Cochrane 
POWER Wm clerk  h Belvidere
POWER Wm cooper  h 113 George
POWER Wm fisherman  h  4 Hunts Lane
POWER Wm laborer  h 27 Brambrick
POWER Wm laborer  bds 28 Brazil's Sq
POWER Wm laborer bds 43 Cuddihy's 
POWER Wm laborer  h 29 Field
POWER Wm laborer  h 232 New Gower 
POWER Wm laborer  h  South Side
POWER Wm machinist  h New Gower
POWER WM clerk  bds 14 Flemming
PRATT Edw clerk	  bds  Brazil's Sq
PRATT Jas accountant bds  1 Waldgrave
PRATT Wm  rept Ev'g Telegram  bds 1 Waldgrave
PRENDAR Wm master cooper   h 7 James
PRENDERGAST Garret laborer h 40 Quidi Vidi Rd
PRENDERGAST Thomas  h 13 Carter's Hill
PRENDERGAST Thomas fisherman h	30 Angel Pl off Alexdr
Prendergast Rev. T.A .	C.B. St Bonaventure's College
PRESCOTT John jr shoemaker 56 Gower
PRESS George cabinet maker bds	 9 Mullock
PRESTON Arthur W clerk 	 bds	25 Colonial
PRESTON John boatman H.M.C. h 54 Colonial
PRICE Arthur laborer 	bds	 91 Signal Hill Rd
PRICE Frederick	laborer	 h Battery Rd 
PRICE John brewer  h 122 Barnes' Rd
PRICE Joseph teamster	 h 91 Signal Hill Rd
PRICE Wm seaman  h Battery Rd
PRIDE Mary A supt pupil teachers' home Synod Blgd Queen's Rd
PRIDEAUX Arthur	 architect  h 23 Hutching's
PRIDEAUX Wm super poor asylum 
PRIM John cooper  h 158 Water w
PRIM John laborer h 17 Brambrick
PRIM Joseph cooper h 156 Water w
PRIM Matthew cooper h 158 Water w

Page 347 St John's

PROWSE Arthur clerk  h	  92 Quidi Vidi Rd	
PROWSE Catherine wid Kenneth  h 93 Quidi Vidi Rd
PROWSE Charles time keeper  h 55 Bannerman
PROWSE Daniel W LLD h Torbay Rd
PROWSE Kenneth R of R Prowse & Sons h 75 LeMarchant
PROWSE John tinsmith	 h 22 Carew	
PROWSE John clerk h  22 Carew 
PROWSE Robert of R Prowse & Sons  h 75 LeMarchant
PROWSE Robert & Sons commission merchants 2 Queen
PROWSE Wm tinsmith  h  120 Pleasant
PROWSE Wm J. 	carpenter 102 Queen's Rd
PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE 	room #2  Temple Blg'd Duckworth	
PUDDISTER Jordan laborer  h 20 Scott
PUDDISTER Josiah laborer  h  59 Alexander
PUDDISTER Stephen fisherman  h  2 Hunt's Lane
PUMPHRY Wm 	tide water HMC h 14 Barnes'
PURCELL Edw 	painter	 h 12 Bond
PURCELL James 	fisherman  h 24 Finn's Lane
PURCELL Michael laborer	 h 5 Barnes' Pl
PURCELL Mary 	wid Edw	 h 33 McDougall
PURCELL Peter 	laborer	 h 33 McDougall
PURCELL Richd	 brewer	 h 24 Prospect St
PURCELL Timothy laborer	 h  12 Pilot's Hill
PURCHARD Miss Jessie teacher  St Thos schl hse King's B Rd
PURCHARD Robt turnkey	W E Fire Hall h 31 Bambrick
PURCHASE Abiah seaman 	bds 11 Long's Hill
PURCHASE Ann wid Jonas	 h 11 Long's Hill

page 347 contd

PURCHASE Charles laborer h 58 Field
PURCHASE James laborer h 58 Field
PUSHIE Wm rwy conductor	 bds 	Military Rd
PYNN Ann wid Richd h 	110 Barnes'
PYNN Augustus carpenter bds 25 Livingstone
PYNN Daniel fisherman	h South Side
PYNN Gilbert M joiner	h 25 Mullock St
PYNN Henry laborer h South Side
PYNN John carpenter bds 35 Young
PYNN John jr fisherman h South Side
PYNN Jordan seaman h 	101 Pleasant
PYNN Joseph shipwright 	h 25 Livingstone
PYNN Joseph E carpenter bds 25 Livingstone
PYNN Miss Martha h 110 Barnes
PYNN Newman carpenter bds  25 Livingstone
PYNN Robt carpenter h Walsh's Lane
PYNN Selby carpenter h 158 Hamilton
PYNN Thos customs officer bds Duckworth St
PYNN Wm brakeman h 78 Portugal Cove Rd

Page 348 cont'd  St John's

QUAN Kate	 wid Peter h 28 Pilot's Hill
QUEEN'S COLLEGE Rev Chas Knapp principle Forest Rd
QUEEN'S Insurance Co J. Cormack agent Duckworth
QUETELLE Chas	 seaman  h  23 Tessier Pl
QUICK Wm  laborer h 8 Codner's Lane
QUICK Wm T  moulder h 101 Hamilton
QUIGLEY Catherine   wid Wm h Long Pond Rd
QUIGLEY Jas cooper h  32 King's Rd
QUIGLEY John 	blacksmith  h  121 Duckworth
QUIGLEY John cooper h  181 Pleasant
QUIGLEY Michael	 printer  h  32 King's Rd
QUIGLEY Michael shoemaker  h 18 Duckworth
QUIGLEY Timothy  seaman h 128 Bond
QUIGLEY Wm farmer bds Long Pond Rd
QUIN Jas police sergeant h 25 Hayward
QUINLON Ellen 	wid Michael  h 389 Waterford Bridge Rd
QUINLON Jeremiah fisherman h 31 Barter's Hill
QUINN John baker h 389 Waterford Bridge Rd
QUINN Patrick 	butcher 18 Adelaide
QUINN Michael 	messenger h 2 Haggerty's Lane
QUIRK Nicholas 	fisherman h 2 Haggerty's lane
QUIRK Anastatia	 wid Thos h 67 Harvey rd
QUIRK Miss Catherine h 36 Duckworth
QUIRK David fisherman bds 6 Duckworth
QUIRK Miss Ellen milliner 156 New Gower
QUIRK John farmer bds 65 Monkstown Rd
QUIRK Mary wid John h 65 Monkstown rd
QUIRK Patrick fisherman bds 36 Duckworth
QUIRK Philip cooper h 32 Henry St
QUIRK Thomas saddler bds 65 Monkstown rd
RABBITS Frederick operative Match Factory h 57 Hamilton
RABBITS Nalcolm drug clerk h 51 Hamilton
RADFORD Archr cutter Boot & Shoe factory h 34 Water w
RADFORD Wm C clerk h 39 Water w

page 349  St John's

RAFTUS Bridget wid Coleman h 3 Alexander
RAFTUS Jas miner h 130 Pleasant
RAFTUS Michael laborer h 4 Duckworth
RAFTUS Miss Nora h 75 Patrick
RAHAL Ellen wid Michael h 9 College Sq
RAHAL John drug clerk bds 9 College Sq
RAILWAY DEPOT W. H. Liddy station Master Duckworth
RAINES Chas cabinet maker h 11 Quidi Vidi Rd
RAINES Israel laborer h 22 Thomas
RAINES Jas joiner bds 11 Quidi Vidi Rd
RAINES John shipwright  h  343 Duckworth
RAINES Nelson fisherman  h 22 Thomas 
RAINES Wm joiner h  Portugal Cove RD
RAMSEY Adam baker h 42 Prescott
RAMSEY Adam R engineer h 65 Springdale
RAMSEY John pattern maker h 65 Springdale
RAMSEY Wm 8[?] accountant h 65 Springdale
RANDALL James seaman  h 17 ½ Flower Hill
RANKIN A.D. groceries & liquors 230 Water h Circular Rd
RANKIN Chas B broker& com Merchant Water h Craig Millar Cockpit Rd 
RANKIN Wm grocer  h 52 Brazil's Sq
RASMUSSON Peter seaman  17 Tessier Pl
RAWLINS Edw h 108 Military Rd
RAY Bridget wid Patrick h 117 Signal Hill Rd
RAY David  mason h 21 Balsam
RAY David  shoemaker bds117 Signal Hill Rd
RAY Wm  laborer h 117 Signal Hill Rd 
RAYNES Wm clerk	 h 8 William
RAYNES John  laborer h 	31 Scott
READ Catherine wid Jas h 5 Mullock
READ L.B. Merchants Bank Halifax bds Crosbie Hotel
READY Jas baker  h Waterford Bridge Rd
READY Jas jr baker bds	Waterford bridge Rd
REARDON Ambrose fisherman h 119 Signal Hill Rd
REARDON Daniel fisherman h 3 Livingstone
REARDON Eugene farmer bds Portugal Cove Rd
REARDON John cooper & fireman WE Hall bds 3 Livingstone
REARDON John seaman bds 3 Livingstone
REARDON Joseph 	seaman	 h 7 Damaril's
REARDON Margaret wid George h r 3 Livingstone
REARDON Patrick H M C h 63 Queen's Rd

page 350  St John's

REARDON Wm A clerk bds	7 Damaril's Lane
REARDON Wm laborer  h 516 Water w
REDDICKS Bridget varieties 381 Waterford Bridge Rd
REDDIGAN James	laborer	 bds 33 Bannerman 
REDDIGAN John laborer  h 33 Bannerman
REDDY Anistatia wid John  h 79 King's Rd
REDDY Michael cabinet maker h 	23 Barnes'
REDDY Michael laborer h 29 Job's
REDDY Thos laborer h 64 Mullock
REDMOND Chas cabman h 12 Fergus Pl
REDMOND David drug clerk  h 209 Gower
REDMOND Ellen wid Patrick  h 26 Pleasant
REDMOND Johannah wid Joseph  h 19 Bambrick
REDMOND Laurence fireman h 20 Carter's Hill
REDMOND Patrick caretaker Victoria Park h 29 Angel Pl
REDMOND Thomas 	sailmaker  h 11 Barnes Rd
REDMOND Thomas 	tinsmith h 39 Victorea
REDSTONE Wm clerk h 38 Bannerman
REEDY Michael tidewater HMC h  9 York 
REELESS Henry laborer h 16 Prospect
REID Arthur cabinet maker bds 61 Pleasant
REID Arthur painter h 46 Cabot	
REID Caleb fisherman h  47 Scott
REID Caroline wid Alex S h King's Bridge Rd
REID Edward theological student bds 175 Pleasant
REID Eli machinist h 89 Long's Hill
REID Elia trader h 31 Young 
REID George cooper h 172 Pleasant
REID George laborer h 89 Long's Hill
REID George laborer h 11 Young
REID Geo laborer h South Side 
REID Geo jr laborer bds 11 Young
REID Geo seaman h 13 Gilbert
REID Harold clerk bds Pleasant
REID H.D N.N. & w Railway h Rosevale Cottage, Waterford Bridge 
REID Henry P barber Water h 152 Hamilton
REID Henry T app watch maker bds 31 Young
REID Herbert fisherman bds 35 Scott
REID Jas grocer h 106 Queen's Rd
REID Jas laborer bds 9 College Sq

page 351  St John's

REID Jas laborer h 2 Spencer 
REID Jas seaman	 h 55 Field 
REID John coachman h 94 Hamilton
REID John laborer bds  64 Bannerman
REID John laborer h 13 Gilbert
REID John laborer h 24 Hutching's Lane
REID John laborer h 238 New Gower
REID John laborer h 2 Spencer
REID John painter h 13 Goodview
REID Johnteamster h 73 Pleasant
REID Joseph carpenter h 13 Simms
REID Joseph fisherman h 35 Scott
REID Joseph clerk h 73 Pleasant
REID Lavina wid Joseph h 9 college Sq
REID Mary wid John h 9 Hutchings
REID Mary Ann wid John h 94 Hamilton
REID Moses laborer h South Side
REID Ralphclerk	 h 111 Circular Rd 
REID Robt A Law student bds 111 Circular Rd
REID R. G Prop Nfld Railway resides Canada
REID R.G.jr N N&W Rwy h 9 Cathedral Hill 
REID Sarah  wid Moses bds 26 Codner's Lane
REID Solomon fisherman	h  Boat House Lane off Quidi  Vidi Rd 
REID Walter hairdresser Water 	bds 175 Pleasant 
REID Wm clerk h 13 Gilbert	
REID Wm	  trader h  175 Pleasant
REID Wm D manger N N& W Rwy h 55 Rennie's Mill Rd
REID Wm H trader h 119 Pleasant
REID Wm J cabman  h 2 Spencer 
REID Wm R hardware clerk bds 13 Gilbert
REID Willis fisherman	 bds 35 Scott
REINES Philip h 8 William
REINES Robert coachman h 8 William
REINES Wm  laborer 8 William
RENDELL A.S.& Co Brokers & Commisson Merchants Water
RENDELL A S of AS Rendell Co h 13 Cathedral Hill
RENDELL bros. Cycle Depot 16 King's Rd
RENDELL F. E of W& G Rendellh 122 Gower
RENDELL Hon. G.T of W & g Rendell h 76 Cochrane.

Page 352

RENDELL Hubert physician Duckworth
RENDELL James cooper h 53 Gower
RENDELL Jas of Rendell Bros bicycle manfrs h 111 Duckworth
RENDELL Miss M A matron general hospital Quidi Vidi Rd
RENDELL Robert G of RG Rendell& of CF Bennett & Co h North Bank Long Pond Rd
RENDELL R G & Co General Merchants 385 Water
RENDELL W & G Commission and Lumber Merchants Water
RENNIEBAKING CO Exchange Blgd McBride's Hill
RENNIE F W head bookkeeper Bowring Bros. H 44 Rennie's Mill Rd
RENNIE Jas clerk bds 23 Prescott
RENNIE R Tannery McChaffrey & Johnstone props Portugal Cv Rd
RENNIE Robt J manager Rennie's Baking H Rennies Mill Rd
RENNIE W F h 49 Cochrane 
RENNIE W H Sec'y -Treasurer Gas Light Co h 49 Cochrane
RENOUF Annie wid Dr. C.H. h 55 Military Rd
RENOUF Building cor Duckworth and Cathedral hill
RENOUF Charles H accountant h 55 Military Rd
RENOUF Henry clerk h 54 King's Bridge Rd
RENOUF Mary wid Anthony h 49 Scott
REX Andrew laborer h 35 Barter's Hill
REX Joseph laborer h 35 Barter's Hill
REX Joseph laborer bds 12 Pilot's Hill
REX Stephen seaman h 35 Barter's Hill
REYNOLDS Chas laborer h 37 Goodview
REYNOLDS Job fisherman h 25 Duggans
REYNOLDS Simeon fisherman h 25 Duggans
RHODES Charlotte wid Capt.R.D Cherry Gds Waterford B Rd
RICE Andrew truckman h 59 Harvey Rd
RICE Arthur teamsters 35 Freshwater Rd
RICE Bridget wid Michael h 18 lime
RICE John h 59 Harvey Rd
RICH Absalom laborer bds Angle Pl
RICH Isaac fisherman h 31 Spencer
RICH Isaac miner h 11 Murphy's Sq off Alexander
RICHARDS Abraham laborer bds Angle Pl off Alexander
RICHARDS Abraham laborer h 23 Balsam
RICHARDS Abram painter h 9 Knight
RICHARDS Elizabeth wid Isaac h Angle Pl 
RICHARDS Isaac laborer h 23 Angle Pl



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

410 Entries (Completed)

[McALPINE'S Directories]

This page transcribed by Jean Hardy, Foxroost, NF, Canada

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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