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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. Johns, Page 332 - 341


St. Johns, Page 332 - 341

PARSONS Wm, clerk, bds 34 Bond
PARSONS Walter, drug clerk, bds 79 Gower
PARSONS Will, photographer, 310 Water, h 175 Duckworth
PARSONS Wm F, clerk, bds 54 LeMarchant Road
PARSONS Wm H, clerk, bds 81 Gower
PARSONS Wm H, clerk, h 123 Quidi Vidi Road
PARSONS Willis, h 79 Gower

PARTRIDGE James, carpenter, h 8 Hamilton
PARTRIDGE James R, carman, h 8 Hamilton

PATON Thos H, grocer, 56 Casey, h 63 Pleasant

PATTERSON Agnes, wid John, bds cor Military and Rennie's Rds
PATERSON, Downing & Co.,Wholesale Provisions and Naval Stores, rooms 4 and 5 Commercial Chambers
PATERSON Lamont, MD, Bee Orchis Terrace, Queen's Rd

PAULK Mary, wid John, h Topsail Road

PAYNE Miss Diriah, clerk, h 44 Water, w
PAYNE Ernest A, clerk P O, h 6 Mullock
PAYNE Frank, cooper, h 13 Balsam
PAYNE Henry, h 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE Henry Thos, grocer, h 101 Cabot
PAYNE Mary, wid Henry, h 101 Cabot
PAYNE Peter, planter, h 44 1/2 Water
PAYNE Wm, baker, h 24 Brine
PAYNE Wm, cooper, h 24 Brine
PAYNE Wm, Plasterer, h 4 Bulley
PAYNE Wm B, h 37 Monkstown Road
PAYNE Wm Thos, butcher, h 44 1/2 Water, w

PEACH Henry, clerk, h 148 Gower

PEARCE Chas P, machinist, bds 27 Monkstown Road
PEARCE Edw J, farmer, bds Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE Fanny L, wid Auburn, h 27 Monkstown Road
PEARCE Fredk, laborer, bds 62 Carter's Hill
PEARCE Inez, wid John, h 62 Carter's Hill
PEARCE Jemima, wid Joseph, h 16 Buchanan
PEARCE John, farmer, h Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE John, shoemaker, bds 62 Carter's Hill
PEARCE Joseph, wheelwright, h 16 Buchanan
PEARCE Robt, farmer, bds Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE Robt, laborer, h 63 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
PEARCE Wm, farmer, bds Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE Wm C, clerk, bds 27 Monkstown Road
PEARCE Wm H, shoemaker, 230 Gower, bds 62 Carter's Hill

PEARCEY Miss Edith, clerk, h 62 Springdale
PEARCEY Jesse, laborer, h 3 Holdsworth

PEARCY Jos, clerk, h 53 Bannerman
PEARCY Julia, wid Simeon, h 16 Flower Hill
PEARCY Moses, carpenter, h 16 Flower Hill
PEARCY Robt, blacksmith, h 12 Bannerman
PEARCEY Robt, seaman, h 13 Duggan
PEARCY Wm, clerk, h 5 Flavin
PEARCY Wm, tinsmith, bds 3 Holdsworth

PECKHAM Geo, laborer, h 97 Bond
PECKHAM Geo R, apprentice, bds 97 Bond
PECKHAM Jas, butcher, bds 149 Gower
PECKHAM Matthew, butcher, h 149 Gower
PECKHAM Stephan, jeweller, bds 149 Gower
PECKHAM Wm, painter, bds 149 Gower
PECKHAM Wm C, laborer, bds 97 Bond

PEDIGREW Robt, laborer, h 4 Damaril's Lane

PEDDIGREW Wm, wheelwright, h 77 Gower

PEDDLE Arch, fisherman, h 116 Casey
PEDDLE Jas, shipwright, h 17 Larkin's Square
PEDDLE John, carpenter, h 6 Bond
PEDDLE Patk, laborer, h 121 New Gower
PEDDLE Thos, fisherman, h 18 Stephen
PEDDLE Thos, laborer, h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
PEDDLE Wm, fisherman, h 18 Stephan
PEDDLE Wm, laborer, h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road

PEEL Robt, app dentist, bds 22 Cook
PEEL Thos, clerk h 22 Cook

PEET Archibald, tailor, bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET Chas, clerk, h 2 Brazil's Square
PEET Harold J, cash boy, bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET Jas B, police sergeant, h 87 Long's Hill
PEET Samuel, blacksmith, 71 George, h 3 Brazil's Square

PELLY John, seaman, h 88 Pleasant

PENDER Miss Josephine, h 11 Hutchings
PENDER Wm, cooper, h 7 James

PENDERGAST Andrew, mate, h 125 Gower
PENDERGAST Cornelius, laborer, h 12 Springdale
PENDERGAST Edw,seaman, h 34 Flemming
PENDERGAST Herbert, cash boy, bds 125 Gower
PENDERGAST Jas, laborer, h 66 Cabot
PENDERGAST John, laborer, h 12 Springdale
PENDERGAST Peter, laborer, h 12 Simms
PENDERGAST Richard, laborer, h 12 Springdale
PENDERGAST Thomas, laborer, h 13 Carter's Hill

PENITENTIARY Colonial, Forest Road, Jas McGrath, governor

PENNELL James, fisherman, h 61 Lime
PENNELL Thomas, laborer, h 77 Casey

PENNOCK Mrs Harriet, of James Pennock, h 284 Water
PENNOCK James, tinsmith, Plumber & Gas-Fitter, 284 Water, opp Bryden's, T Cook, manager

PENNY Albert, seaman, h 22 Mullock
PENNY Edward, laborer, h 47 Field
PENNY Henry, laborer, bds 82 Portugal Cove Road
PENNY James, laborer, h 42 Casey
PENNY Jethro, clerk, h 39 Mullock
PENNY John, laborer, h 34 Mullock
PENNY John, seaman, h 20 Bambrick
PENNY Lorenzo, teamster, h 52 Casey
PENNY Sarah, wid Wm, h 52 Casey

PENNEY Thos, fisherman, h 31 LeMarchant Rd
PENNEY Wm, cooper, h 52 Casey
PENNEY Wm T, builder, h 34 Mullock

PENSTON John, chief engineer, h 83 Long's Hill

PERCY Albert, porter, h Hayward Ave
PERCY Edgar, engineer, h 62 Springdale
PERCY Edgar, foreman Nail Mftg Co,ltd, h 62 Springdale
PERCY Francis, master mariner, h 2 Gilbert
PERCY Geo, farm servant, bds Carpasian, off Long Pond Road
PERCY Jas W, seaman, h 32 William
PERCY J K, of JK Percy & Co, h 2 Gilbert
PERCY J K & Co., General Merchants & Insurance Agents, 307 Water

PERCEY Susan H, wid Geo, h 32 William
PERCEY Walter, student, bds 32 William

PERCHARD Jas, expressman, h Field
PERCHARD Jas, teamster, h 43 Spencer

PERCIVAL Miss Minnie, clerk, bds Prescott
PERCIVAL Wm, clerk, h 53 Prescott

PEREZ Edw, machinist, h South Side
PEREZ Jos C, accountant, h South Side
PEREZ J M, Spanish Vice Counsul, h South Side

PERKS Henry, app blacksmith, bds 103 Cabot

PERLIN Isaac F, of I F Perlin & Co, bds Tremont Hotel, Water
PERLIN I F & Co., Clothing and Dry Goods, Water, opp T McMurdo & Co.

PERRY Alfred, printer, bds 103 Pleasant
PERRY Ann, wid Thos, h 79 Pleasant
PERRY Fredk, carpenter, h 103 Atlantic Ave
PERRY Wm, packr boot & shoe fac, h 103 Pleasant
PERRY Wm, tailor, h 31 Parade

PETERIE Chas, machinist, h 72 Lime

PETERS Arthur, book-keeper, h 46 Prescott
PETERS Arthur, coat presser, bds 20 Field
PETERS A M, discount clerk, B of Montreal, bds Rennie's Mill Rd
PETERS Chas H, clerk, bds 20 Field
PETERS C W, ledger keeper, B of Montreal, bds Rennie's Mill Rd
PETERS George, clerk, h 173 Gower
PETERS John E P, manuf agent, 347 Duckworth, h 173 Gower
PETERS Joseph, bookkeeper, Albany Cottage, Hamilton Ave
PETERS Joseph, cash keeper, bds 142 Gower
PETERS Wm, seaman, h 173 Gower

PETERON Harry, seaman, h 11 Walsh Square, off Signal Hill Rd

PEYTON Archibald, accountant, h 25 Colonial
PEYTON Henry, fisherman, h South Side
PEYTON J A, clerk H M C, bds City Hotel

PHELAN Catherine, wid John, h 117 New Gower
PHELAN James, mason, h 113 New Gower
PHELAN James J, clerk, bds 174 Duckworth
PHELAN Miss Johanna, groceries and varieties, 34 Henry, h do
PHELAN Mrs Johanna, wines and spirits, 174 Duckworth, h do
PHELAN John, barber, h 117 New Gower
PHELAN John, laborer, bds 20 Spencer
PHELAN John T, clerk, h 10 Adelaide
PHELAN Martin, boilermaker, h 20 Spencer
PHELAN Miss Mary, h 328 Water
PHELAN Michael, cooper, h 20 Spencer
PHELAN Michael, gardiner,h 26 Forest Road
PHELAN Michael, harness maker, off Pilot's Hill
PHELAN Patrick, shoemaker, h 117 New Gower
PHELAN Pierce, master mariner, h 39 Henry
PHELAN Robt, shoemaker, h South Side, w
PHELAN Wm, student, bds 174 Duckworth

PHILIPS J C, accountant, h 16 Colonial
PHILIPS Geo T, clerk, h 58 Springdale
PHILIPS James, tinsmith, h 17 Boncloddy

PICCO John, watchman, h 53 Carter's Hill
PICCO Thomas, fireman, h 26 York
PICCO Thomas, laborer, h 55 Carter's Hill

PICKARD Elisha, carman, h 101 Long's Hill

PICKERING Alexander, clerk, bds Crosbie Hotel
PICKERING Stanley, tel operator, bds Military Road

PIERCE Wm, clerk dept public works, h 27 Monkstown Road

PIERCEY Albert, porter, h Belvidere
PIERCEY Caroline, wid Isaac, h 32 Wickford
PIERCEY Charles, steward, bds 7 Cuddihy
PIERCEY Joseph, laborer, h 55 1/2 Cabot
PIERCEY Jasper, laborer, h 3 Holdsworth
PIERCEY Joseph, machinist, bds 3 Holdsworth
PIERCEY Joseph, packer, h 53 Bannerman
PIERCEY Michael, fireman, h 9 Cuddihy
PIERCEY Wm, clerk, h 5 Flavins

PIERSON Michael, fisherman, h 51 McFarlane's Lane

PIGEON Jas, carpenter, bds 141 Gower

PIKE Alfred M, accountant, h 1 Colonial
PIKE Archibald, miner, h 41 McDougall
PIKE Arthur, salesman, h Hamilton Ave
PIKE Arthur Edw, clerk, bds Hamilton Ave
PIKE A Stewart, M.B.C.M,physican, 330 Duckworth, h do
PIKE Catherine, wid Richd, h 40 Brine
PIKE Enoch, currier,h 59 Monkstown Road
PIKE Francis, h 54 Cookstown Rd
PIKE Fredk Mark, clerk, bds 54 Cookstown Rd
PIKE Fredk W, clerk, bds Hamilton Ave
PIKE Jas, carpenter, h 27 Power
PIKE Jas, clerk, bds 61 1/2 Lime
PIKE Jas, laborer, h 61 1/2 Lime
PIKE John, tanner, h 49 Monkstown Road
PIKE Joseph A, mngr seamen's home, Duckworth, h do
PIKE Joshua, master mariner, h 238 Gower
PIKE Levi, carpenter, bds 116 Casey
PIKE Lorenzo, laborer, h 27 Powers
PIKE Mark, clerk, h 182 Pleasant
PIKE Mark, teamster, h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
PIKE Mary, wid Geo, h 10 Brine
PIKE Mary Ann, wid John T, h 59 Monkstown Road
PIKE Moses, machinist, h 97 Convent Square
PIKE Richd, engineer, h 40 Brine
PIKE Robt, purser ss Grand Lake, h 19 Hamilton
PIKE Sarah, wid Alfred, h 1 Colonial
PIKE Simeon, baker, h Hamilton Ave
PIKE Wm, laborer, h 2 Hunt's Lane, Hoylestown
PIKE Wm, tinsmith, h Southside
PIKE Wm John, carpenter, h 17 Cabot
PIKE Wm J, checker Tel Co, bds Hamilton Ave

PILGRIM Miss Mary, h 100 Barnes Road

PILLEY Wm, fisherman, h 7 Pennywell Road

PILOT Rev Canon, h Ordnance House, Ordnance
PILOT Edw, 1st clerk Col Secretary's office, h 166 Gower
PILOT Fredk, medical student, bds Ordnance House, Ordnance

PINCOCK Fred, cash boy, bds 70 Hamilton

PINE Sarah, wid Chas, h 9 College Square

PINSENT Chas A M, notary pub, etc, com mer, h 18 Military Road
PINSENT C S, accountant, h 2 Devon Row, Duckworth
PINSENT Frank, clerk, agriculture & mines, bds Logy Bay Road
PINSENT F W H, 2nd clerk, agriculture & mines, h 61 Military Rd
PINSENT Jacob, fisherman, h 42 King's Road
PINSENT Robt, commission merchant, h Logy Bay Road

PIPPY Frank, cooper, h 17 Balsam
PIPPY Geo, clerk, bds 21 Adelaide
PIPPY Geo, app engineer, bds 4 Bond
PIPPY Geo, porter, bds 21 Alelaide
PIPPY Henry, shipwright, h 4 Bond
PIPPY John, student, bds 17 Balsam
PIPPY John, painter, bds 42 Young
PIPPY Joseph, blacksmith, bds 37 William
PIPPY Joseph, boatman H M C, h 42 Young
PIPPY Joseph, cooper, bds 17 Balsam
PIPPY Jos, h 92 Freshwater Road
PIPPY Reuben, clerk, bds 37 William
PIPPY Stewart, cooper, h 68 Springdale
PIPPY Thos, blacksmith,h 39 Flower Hill
PIPPY Thos, laborer, h 39 Flower Hill
PIPPY T A, machinist & brass wkr, 6 Waldegrave, h 90 Pleasant
PIPPY Thos C,carriage builder, h 39 Flower Hill
PIPPY Wilfred, student, bds 92 Freshwater Road
PIPPY Wm, tinsmith, h 28 William
PIPPY Wm G, Tinsmith, Stoves, &c, 425 Water, h 43 Patrick
PIPPY Wm T, engineer, h 37 William

PITCHARD Herbert, clerk, bds 25 William

PITCHER Eugene, fisherman, h 43 Alexander
PITCHER Fredk, shipwright, h 11 Fergus Place
PITCHER Herbert, clerk, h 25 William
PITCHER Harold E, accountant, h 25 William
PITCHER James, broom maker, h 11 Fergus Place
PITCHER Jonathan, seaman, h 11 Fergus Place

PITTMAN Elbert, shipwright, 437 Water
PITMAN Ann, wid James, h 17 Simms
PITTMAN Arther, plumber, h 62 Hamilton
PITMAN & Berteau, Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries, Agent Lion Fire Insurance Co, 4 Prescott
PITMAN Chas, carter, h 47 Cabot
PITTMAN Chas, engineer, bds 437 Water
PITTMAN Corbett, accountant, h 1 Atlantic Ave
PITMAN Ellen, wid Thos, h 9 Boggan
PITTMAN Miss Flora, book keeper, h Atlantic Ave
PITMAN Frank E, drug clerk, bds 1 Atlantic Ave
PITMAN Fredk,shipwright, h 5 Boggan
PITTMAN George, laborer, h 52 Pleasant
PITMAN James J, of Pitman & Berteau, h Circular Road
PITTMAN John, fisherman, h 52 Pleasant
PITMAN John, laborer, h 30 Tessier Place
PITTMAN Robt, reporter Legislative Council, h 62 Hamilton
PITTMAN Thos, watchman, h 11 Pleasant
PITTMAN Wm, teacher, bds 5 Boggan

PITTS Hon James S, of J & W Pitts, h Kings Bridge Road
PITTS J & W, General Commission Merchants and Steamship Agents, Water

POMEROY Albert, clerk, bds 65 Merry Meeting Road
POMEROY John, janitor Gazette building, h do
POMEROY Joseph P, clerk, bds 65 Merry Meeting Road
POMEROY Mary, teacher, h 65 Merry Meeting Road

POOKE T S, mgr Electric Light Works, h 25 Bond

POOLE Charles R, Wines and Spirits, Water, h do

POOR Asylum, W Prideaux, superintendent, Sudbury

POPE Henry Joseph, cabinet maker, bds 108 George
POPE John, cooper, bds 28 Joy Place, off Prince
POPE Madeline, dressmaker, h 8 John
POPE Mary Ann, wid Wm, h 3 Brazil's Square
POPE Matthew, blacksmith, h 10 Gilbert
POPE Nelly, clerk, bds 8 John



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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This page transcribed by Melba Hayes

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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