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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's Page 316 - 331


St. John's Page 316 - 331

MURRAY Abraham, fisherman, h 6 Hunt's Lane
MURRAY Absalom, laborer, h 14 Quidi Vidi Road
MURRAY Andrew H, clerk, bds Circular Road
MURRAY Annie, wid Authony, h 109 New Gower
MURRAY Austin, stove fitter, h 126 Hamilton
MURRAY Edwin, Wholesale Fruit & Commission Merchant, 11 Adalaide, h 80 Freshwater Road
MURRAY Elizabeth, wid James, h 94 Circular Road
MURRAY Hannah, wid James, h 5 Charlton
MURRAY James, commission merchant, Beck's Cove, h Circular Road
MURRAY James, cooper, bds 43 Freshwater Road
MURRAY James, engineer, h 32 Plank Road
MURRAY John, blacksmith, h 27 Job's
MURRAY John, carter, bds 13 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY John, clerk, h 231 Water, w
MURRAY John, cooper, h 5 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY Martin, cabman, h 13 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY Mary, wid James, h 42 Cookstown Road
MURRAY Mary Ann, wid Wm, h 72 Bannerman
MURRAY Michael, laborer, bds 51 Cook
MURRAY Michael, laborer, bds 64 Livingstone
MURRAY Michael, laborer, h 138 George
MURRAY Michael, seaman, h 16 Simms
MURRAY Patrick, blacksmith, h 14 Fergns Place
MURRAY Patrick, cabman, bds 13 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY Patrick, fisherman, h 3 John
MURRAY Patrick, laborer, h 51 Cook
MURRAY Stewart, moulder, h 82 Patrick
MURRAY Thomas, cabman, h 43 Freshwater Road
MURRAY Thomas F, tinsmith, h 68 Cookstown Road
MURRAY Wm, h 5 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY Wm jr, shoemaker, bds 5 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY Wm C, clerk, bds 57 Cochrane

MURRIN David, farmer, bds Quidi Qidi Road

MUTERY George, laborer, h 70 McFarlane's Lane
MUTERY Robert, laborer, h 70 McFarlane's Lane

MYERS Charles, seaman, h 23 Field
MYERS John, seaman, h 36 Wickford
MYERS John, tinsmith app, bds 23 Field

MYLER Brothers, block and pump makers, Holdsworth
MYLER Charles, clerk, bds 1 Adelaide
MYLER James, cooper, h 6 James
MYLER John, of Myler Bros, h 9 Brazil's Square
MYLER Patrick, messenger, h 2 Chapel
MYLER Thomas, of Myler Bros, h 1 Adelaide
MYLER Thomas, laborer, h 42 Codner's Lane
MYLER Wm, of Myler Bros, h 13 Adelaide
MYRICK Ellen, wid John, h 10 Catherine
MYRICK James, joiner, bds 10 Catherine
MYRICK Miss Kate, bds 10 Catherine
MYRICK M.W, undertaker, 87 Military Road, h do
MYRICK Patrick, carpenter, h 12 Nunnery Hill

MYRLES Samuel, blacksmith, h 36 Belvedere

MYRON James J, shoemaker, h 62 Lime
MYRON Thomas, boiler maker, h 64 Lime

NAGLE Thomas, laborer, h 40 Hutchings

NANGLE Miss Bridget, varieties, 216 Gower, h do
NANGLE Ellen, wid Thomas F, h 1 Balsam
NANGLE Frank, carpenter, wines & spirits, 172 Duckworth, h do
NANGLE James M, carpenter, h 216 Gower
NANGLE John, carpenter, h 100 Queen's Road
NANGLE Patk, carpenter, h 90 Queen's Road

NASH A E, asst mngr Bk Montreal, h 41 Queen's Road
NASH Thos, wheelwright, h 15 Pleasant
NASH Thos J, wheelwright, h 15 Adelaide, h 15 Pleasant

NEAL Geo, baker, h 27 Barnes Road
NEAL Geo, Commission Merchant, 3 and 7 Beck's Cove and 339 Duckworth, h 37 Henry

NEARY Nicholas, police-fireman, h Fort Townsend

NEIL Andrew, cooper, h Southside
NEIL John, laborer, bds 352 Duckworth
NEIL Martin, laborer, h 234 New Gower
NEIL Patk, butcher, h 68 Bannerman
NEIL Peter, farmer, bds 20 Quidi Vidi Road
NEIL Wm, laborer, h 2 Leslie

NEILIGAN Jas, shoemaker, bds 78 Casey

NEILSON Patk, seaman, h 48 Cabot
NEILSON Peter, mariner, h 38 Hayward Ave

NELDER John, weighmaster, h 113 Waldegrave
NELDER John Joseph, h 22 Bambrick
NELDER Robt, fireman, h 22 Bambrick
NELDER Wm, teamster, bds 140 Water, w

NEVILLE Denis, farmer, bds Spring Mt Cottage, Blackmarsh Road
NEVILLE Jas, farmer, h Springfield Cottage, Topsail Road
NEVILLE John, carman, bds Spring Mt Cottage, Blackmarsh Road
NEVILLE Jos, blacksmith, bds Spring Mt Cottage, Blackmarsh Road
NEVILLE Mary, wid Thos, h Springfield Cottage, Topsail Road
NEVILLE Michael, shoemaker, h 15 Flemming
NEVILLE Patk, farmer, bds Spring Mt Cottage, Blackmarsh Road
NEVILLE Peter, farmer, bds Springfield Cottage, Topsail Road
NEVILLE Peter, farmer, bds Spring Mt Cottage, Blackmarsh Road

NEWBURY Fredk, fisherman, h 58 Young

NEWELL Anna, wid Philip, h 24 Prospect
NEWELL Elijah, shoemaker, h 40 Spencer
NEWELL Emma, wid Isaac, h 14 Nunnery Hill
NEWELL Henry, clerk, bds 40 Spencer
NEWELL Jas, laborer, bds 14 Nunnery Hill
NEWELL John, clerk, h 24 Prospect
NEWELL John, laborer, bds 14 Nunnery Hill

NEWFOUNDLAND Boot & Shoe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., C R Thompson, mgr, Job's, w
NFLD Brewery, Ltd, J H Freeman, mgr, Mechanic Bldg, Water, e
NFLD Consolidated Foundry Co, Hamilton, Wm Cornick, mgr.
NFLD Coastal Steamship Co, Alex J Harvey, mgr, Water
NFLD Cycling Club, Henry, Victoria Hall
NFLD Furniture and Moulding Co, Brewery Lane, E F Harvey, manager
NEWFOUNDLAND Northern and Western Railway, office, Gazette Bldg, Water, R G Reid, Proprietor
NEWFOUNDLAND Railway Telegraphs, R G Reid, Prop. office, Gazette Building, Water
NEWFOUNDLAND Tobacco Works, Water, Harvey & Co, proprietors

NEUGENT Peter, stonecutter, h 11 Cabot

NEWHOOK Albert, police sergeant, bds Fort Townsend
NEWHOOK John, shoemaker, h 100 Duckworth
NEWHOOK Jonas, carpenter, h 16 Belvidere
NEWHOOK Wm, carpenter, bds 100 Duckworth

NEWMAN John, mail clerk, h 11 Murray
NEWMAN Jos, carpenter, h 22 Carter's Hill
NEWMAN Jos S, clerk, bds 22 Carter's Hill
NEWMAN Rev J T, methodist, h 117 Hamilton

NEWPORT Thos, baker, h 4 Lime

NEWS, The Daily and Weekly, Duckworth, Hon. J.A. Robinson, Proprietor

NEYLE Elizabeth, wid Patk, h 40 Wickford
NEYLE Richard, Hardware and Fishing Tackle, Exchange Bldg, Water, h Newtown Villa, Gower

NICHOLL Archibald, cooper, h 11 Charlton
NICHOLS Charles, mail clerk, Nfld ry, h 11 Flavin
NICHOLS Chas, master mariner, h 13 Hamilton
NICHOLL George, clerk, h 54 Springdale
NICHOLS Henry T, storekeeper, h 11 Flavin
NICHOLL James, boiler maker, bds 20 Gilbert
NICHOLS James, printer, h 84 Mullock
NICHOLS John A C, tinsmith, h 38 Mullock
NICHOLL Joseph, cooper, h 11 Charlton
NICHOLS J W, F S A, Principal St John's School of Art, 17 Prescott, h do
NICHOLL Nicholas, carpenter, h 54 Gilbert
NICHOLL Sarah, wid Albert, h 54 Gilbert
NICHOLL Thos, carpenter, h 22 Codner's Lane
NICHOLAS James, fisherman, h 35 Buchanan
NICHOLAS Thos H, joiner, h 38 Mullock
NICHOLAS George T, baker, h 38 Mullock
NICHOLS Edward, joiner, h 35 William
NICHOLS Edward, bds 35 William
NICHOLS Jake, hair dresser, h 16 Duckworth
NICHOLS Wm, carpenter, bds 72 Bannerman

NICKERSON Frederick, seaman, h 33 Prince
NICKERSON George, clerk, h 33 Prince
NICKERSON Michael, laborer, h 33 Prince

NIPPARD Joseph, seaman, h 9 Deady's Lane

NISBETT Kobt, master mariner, h 51 Patrick

NIXON Chas, seaman, h 94 Hamilton
NIXON George, harness maker, h 94 Hamilton
NIXON Henry, carpenter, h South Side
NIXON Henry jr, fisherman, bds South Side
NIXON Miss Laura, clerk, bds 90 Hamilton
NIXON Wm, seaman, h South Side

NOAH Joseph, clerk, h 73 George

NOEL Elizabeth, wid Stewart, h 39 John
NOEL Edward, wood worker, bds 12 Young
NOEL John, laborer, h 31 Prince
NOEL John A, P O clerk, bds 205 New Gower
NOEL Robert, laborer, h 31 Adelaide
NOEL Thomas, clerk, bds 279 Gower
NOEL Stanley, fireman, h 12 Young
NOEL Wm, surveyor, h Springdale Terrace, New Gower

NOFTALL Esther, wid John, h 146 LeMarchant Road
NOFTALL Frederick, laborer, bds 31 Carter's Hill
NOFTALL Henry, store keeper, h 28 Carter's Hill
NOFTALL James, fisherman, h 53 Cabot
NOFTALL John, laborer, bds 31 Carter's Hill
NOFTALL John, laborer, bds 146 LeMarchant Road
NOFTALL Reuben, laborer, h 47 Flower Hill
NOFTALL Sarah, wid Wm, h 31 Carter's Hill
NOFTALL Wm, accountant, h 24 Boncloddy
NOFTALL Wm, laborer, h 45 Cabot

NOFTAL Wm, laborer, bds 31 Carter's Hill

NOLAN Jeremiah, laborer, h 49 Moore
NOLAN John, teamster, bds Sudbury

NOONAN Miss Ellen, h 7 Carter's Hill
NOONAN Edward, clerk, 4 Knight
NOONAN Garland, clerk, bds Torbay Rd
NOONAN Jas L, h Torbay Rd
NOONAN J L jr, mgr Groceries' Depart, Bowring's h 32 Gower

NORBURY Augustus, shoemaker, h Pilot's Hill
NORBURY Charlotte, wid Chas, h 32, off Pilot's Hill
NORBURY Lilian, tailoress, bds 32, off Pilot's Hill

NORCOTT Abraham, laborer, h Ropewalk range
NORCOTT John, shoemaker, bds 33 Goodview
NORCOTT Michael, laborer, h 33 Goodview
NORCOTT Thos, laborer, bds Ropewalk range

NORMAN Elizabeth, wid Geo R, h 95 Bond
NORMAN John, teamster, h 2 Lion's Square
NORMAN Thos, carpenter, h 9 Barter's Hill
NORMAN Wm, laborer, h 24 Goodview

NORMORE Henry, laborer, h 3 College Square

NORRIS Edw M J, bds 41 Hayward Ave
NORRIS Elizabeth, wid Thos, h 22 Flower Hill
NORRIS Jas, messenger, bds 41 Hayward Ave
NORRIS James J, tinsmith, h 41 Hayward Ave
NORRIS Johannah, wid Edward, h 21 New Gower
NORRIS Miss May, clerk, bds 21 New Gower
NORRIS Michael, laborer, h King's Bridge Road
NORRIS Samuel, laborer, bds King's Bridge Road
NORRIS Susannah, wid George, h King's Bridge Road
NORRIS Rev T J, C B, bds St Bonaventure College
NORRIS Wm, moulder, h Hamilton Ave

NORTH Henry, boilermaker, h 21 Hamilton

NORTHALL John, foundry worker, h Hamilton Ave

NORTHFIELD Alfred, jeweller, h 3 King's Road

NOSEWORTHY Alexander, carpenter, h 3 Murray
NOSEWORTHY Ambrose, laborer, h 31 Flemming
NOSEWORTHY Chas, fisherman, h 70 Brazil's Square
NOSEWORTHY Edward, seaman, h 64 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY George, laborer, h 43 LeMarchant Road
NOSEWORTHY George, mason, h 43 Brazil's Square
NOSEWORTHY Henry, seaman, bds 43 Brazil's Square
NOSEWORTHY James, cooper, h 202 Pleasant
NOSEWORTHY Jane, wid Thos, h 25 Young
NOSEWORTHY John, laborer, h 5 John
NOSEWORTHY Jonathan, mason, h 86 Lime
NOSEWORTHY Jonathan, owner oil wells, h 27 Colonial
NOSEWORTHY Joseph, cabinet maker, bds Goodview
NOSEWORTHY Josiah, cabinet maker, bds 39 Goodview
NOSEWORTHY Levi, master mariner, h Hamilton Ave
NOSEWORTHY Mary, wid Philip, h 39 Goodview
NOSEWORTHY Matthew, printer, h 3 Murray
NOSEWORTHY Roland, soap manufacturer, bds 27 Colonial
NOSEWORTHY Samuel, laborer, h 37 Alexander
NOSEWORTHY Samuel, laborer, h 36 Goodview
NOSEWORTHY Samuel, printer, bds Hamilton Ave
NOSEWORTHY Thomas, fisherman, h 51 Moore
NOSEWORTHY Thos,seaman, h 88 Lime
NOSEWORTHY Wm, accountant, h 4 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY Wm, carpenter, bds 116 Casey
NOSEWORTHY Wm, laborer, h 51 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY Wm, laborer, h 29 Holloway
NOSEWORTHY Wm, laborer, h Southside
NOSEWORTHY Wm, machinist, h 51 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY Wm, mason, h 79 Harris, con McFarlane's Lane

NOWLAN James, laborer, h 64 Livingstone
NOWLAN John, farmer, h 389 Waterford Bridge Road
NOWLAN John jr, carman, bds 389 Waterford Bridge Road
NOWLAN Michael, moulder, h 111 Hamilton
NOWLAN Michael, shoemaker, h 2 Pleasant
NOWLAN Nichls, farmer, bds Summerville Cottage, Waterford Bridge Road
NOWLAN Wm, laborer, h 64 Livingstone

NUGENT John, constable, bds W E Fire Hall
NUGENT John, shoemaker, h 41 Bambrick
NUGENT Martin, farmer, h 34 William
NUGENT Richard, laborer, h 41 Bambrick
NUGENT Wm, baggage master Nfld ry, h Belvedere
NUGENT Wm, brakesman, bds 34 William

NURSE Charles, of C & J Nurse, h 129 Gower
NURSE C & J, plumbers and gasfitters, 129 Gower
NURSE Miss Hannah, grocer, 7 Long's Hill, h do
NURSE John, of C & J Nurse, bds 80 Queen's Road
NURSE Mary, wid Thomas, h 80 Queen's Road
NURSE Mary, wid John, h 84 Queen's Road
NURSE Thomas, h 345 Duckworth
NURSE Mrs. Thomas, stationery, etc, 345 Duckworth, h do

OAKE James, fisherman, h 11 Lime

OAKLEY James, fisherman, h 2 Prince
OAKLEY Sarah, wid James, bds 2 Prince

O'BRIEN Edward, carpenter, h 24 Gower
O'BRIEN Edward, seaman, h 20 Brazil's Square
O'BRIEN Elizabeth, wid Timothy, h 53 Harvey Road
O'BRIEN Miss Ellen, h 21 Hayward Ave
O'BRIEN Ellen, wid Joseph, h 23 Livingstone
O'BRIEN Frank, plumber, bds 24 Gower
O'BRIEN Henry, fireman, h 65 McFarlane's Lane
O'BRIEN James, grocer, 45 Job's, h do
O'BRIEN John, cooper, h 13 Knight
O'BRIEN John, farmer, h Freshwater Road
O'BRIEN John, laborer, h 20 Brazil's Square
O'BRIEN John, shoemaker, h 20 Brazil's Square
O'BRIEN Margaret, wid Robert, bds 4 1/2 Lime
O'BRIEN Maria, wid Sylvester, h 14 Colonial
O'BRIEN Mary, wid Jas, h 21 Tessier Place
O'BRIEN Mary, wid Patk, h 21 Hayward Ave
O'BRIEN Miss Mary Ann, h 124 Barnes Road
O'BRIEN Mary Ann, wid Timothy, h 142 George
O'BRIEN Michael, farmer, h Oxen Pond Road, Freshwater
O'BRIEN Michael, fisherman, h 4 1/2 Lime
O'BRIEN Rev. Patk, res R C Palace, Riverhead
O'BRIEN Patk A, plumber, New Gower, h Pleasant
O'BRIEN Richd, carman, h 19 Thos
O'BRIEN Sylvester, drug clerk, h 14 Colonial
O'BRIEN Thos, carpenter, h 37 1/2 Job's
O'BRIEN Thos, engineer, h 46 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Thos, laborer, h 4 Pope
O'BRIEN Thos, shoemaker, h 12 Hutchings
O'BRIEN Timothy, cabman, h 23 Freshwater Road
O'BRIEN Timothy, farmer, h Freshwater Road
O'BRIEN Timothy F, stableman, h 21 Hamilton
O'BRIEN T.J., clerk, bds 46 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Wm, cabinet-maker, bds 23 Livingstone
O'BRIEN Wm, police sergeant, h 124 Barnes Road
O'BRIEN Wm, teamster, h Brazil's Field, off Mundy Pond Road
O'BRIEN Wm, wharfinger, h 22 Gower

O'CONNELL Johannah, wid Thos, h 110 Casey

O'CONNOR Andrew, mngr Butterine factory, h 4 Victoria
O'CONNOR Miss Catherine, tailoress, bds 28 McDougall
O'CONNOR John, clerk,h 34 Gower
O'CONNOR Wm, shopkeeper, h 4 Spencer

O'DEA J V, of J V O'Dea & Co, h 11 Monkstown Road
O'DEA J V & CO., Commission Merchants, Mechanic's Building, water
O'DEA Michael, farmer, h Freshwater Road

O'DELL Henry Newton, printer, bds 43 Flower Hill

O'DONNELL Fanny, wid John F, h 58 Freshwater Road
O'DONNELL Jas, seaman, bds 4 Stephen
O'DONNELL John C, laborer, bds 58 Freshwater Road
O'DONNELL Thos, seaman, h 51 Pleasant
O'DONNELL Wm, clerk, bds 11 Bulley

O'DONOVAN John, blacksmith, h 37 Buchanan
O'DONOVAN Patk, laborer, h 37 Buchanan

O'DRISCOLL Elizabeth, wid John, h 17 Hamilton
O'DRISCOLL John, shoemaker, h 36 George, e
O'DRISCOLL Margaret, wid Wm, h 36 George, e
O'DRISCOLL Michael, clerk, bds 42 Prescott
O'DRISCOLL P, C Manufacturers' Agent and Auctioneer, Exchange Building, Water, h 31 Queen's Road

O'DWYER E, wid John L, bds 90 Military Road
O'DWYER Jas, farmer, bds Littledale, Waterford Bridge Road
O'DWYER R H, minister of charities, h 33 Military Road

O'FARRELL Maurice, storekeeper, h 49 George
O'FARRELL Wm, constable, bds W E Fire Hall

O'FLAHERTY Elizabeth, wid Jas, h 73 Military Road
O'FLAHERTY John, Broker & Commission Merchant, Water, h 61 LeMarchant Road
O'FLAHERTY Wm, student, bds 61 LeMarchant Road

O'FLANNIGAN Martin, clerk, h 169 Gower

O'GRADY Jeremiah Joseph, painter, h 1 Fergus Place
O'GRADY Patk, tanner, h Hunt's Lane

OKE'S Carriage Factory, J C Oke, prop., cor Duckworth and Prescott
OKE Edw, painter, h 12 Waldegrave
OKE John C, Carriage Builder and Undertaker, Prescott, h cor Duckworth & Prescott
OKE John L, clerk, h 13 Henry
OKE Rebecca, wid Austin, h 47 Quidi Vidi Road
OKE Robt, engineer, h 188 Duckworth
OKE Wm C, blacksmith, h 114 Quidi Vidi Road

O'KEEFE Chas, clerk,bds 20 Flemming
O'KEEFE John, gardener, h 20 Flemming
O'KEEFE Michael, joiner,bds 20 Flemming
O'KEEFE Peter, cabman, h 28 Flemming

OLDRIDGE Peter, student, bds Water
OLDRIDGE Richd, cook, h 42 Brazil's Square
OLDRIDGE Richd, laborer, bds King's Bridge Road
OLDRIDGE Susan, wines & liquors, water, h do
OLDRIDGE Thos, student, bds Water

O'LEARY Edw, farmer, h Freshwater Road
O'LEARY Jas, farmer, bds Freshwater Road
O'LEARY John, farmer, bds Freshwater Road
O'LEARY Michael F, farmer, h 109 Long's Hill
O'LEARY Patk, clerk, h 14 Adelaide
O'LEARY Patk, farmer, bds Freshwater Road

OLEVIUS Manuel, watchmaker & jeweller, h Buchanan

OLDFORD Edwin, seaman, h 72 Forest Road

OLIPHANT Geo L, police sergeant, E E fire hall, h 48 Bannerman

OLIVER Edw, mason, bds 69 New Gower
OLIVER Francis, laborer, h 27 Boncloddy
OLIVER Geo T, printer, h 26 Bannerman
OLIVER Jas, laborer, h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Jas, seaman, h 19 Goodview
OLIVER Jas jr, teamster, bds 19 Goodview
OLIVER John, fisherman, h 5 Deady's Lane
OLIVER John, laborer, h 30 Scott
OLIVER Jos, fisherman, h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Michael, seaman, h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Peter, carter, h 16 Boncloddy
OLIVER Peter, laborer, h 66 Bannerman
OLIVER Thos, laborer, e 27 Boncloddy
OLIVER Wm, fisherman, h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Wm, laborer, h 32 Field

OLSEN Chas, seaman, h 87 Signal Hill Rd
OLSEN Henry, master mariner, h 48 Gower

O'MARA Alfred, civil engineer, h Waterford Bridge Rd
O'MARA'S Drug Store, Drugs, Chemicals, &c,110 Military Rd.
O'MARA John M, clerk, 43 Flemming
O'MARA Martin, laborer, bds 20 Freshwater Rd
O'MARA Mary J, prop O'Mara's Drug Store, h 2 Queen's Road
O'MARA Mary Ann, wid Patrick, h 38 Duckworth
O'MARA Mary E, wid David, h 43 Flemming
O'MARA Michael J, of Devine & O'Mara, bds 20 Freshwater Rd
O'MARA Patrick, laborer, h 1 Job's
O'MARA Peter A, student, bds 43 Flemming
O'MARA P J,mason, h 26 Pennywell Road
O'MARA Thomas, shipwright, h 20 Freshwater Rd
O'MARA Thos J, clerk, h 43 Flemming

O'NEIL Andrew, cabman, h 25 Pope
O'NEIL Andrew, cooper, bds 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL Ann, wid James, h 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Arthur, cabman, bds 44 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL Arthur, farmer, h Freshwater Road
O'NEIL Arthur, laborer, h 49 Cabot
O'NEIL Bridget,wid Edward, h Topsail Road
O'NEIL Constantine, laborer, h 6 Damaril's Lane
O'NEIL Rev C H, Roman Catholic, R C Palace
O'NEIL Edward, cooper, h 18 Brazil's Square
O'NEIL Edward, carter, h 44 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL Edward, cooper, h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL Elizabeth, wid Thos, h Water, e
O'NEIL Ellen, wid Christopher, h 10 Brennan's Lane
O'NEIL Ellen, wid Wm, h 39 McDougall
O'NEIL Francis, baker, h 151 New Gower
O'NEIL Frank, clerk, bds 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL James, cabman, h 3 Spencer
O'NEIL James, carman, 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL James, clerk, h Hamilton
O'NEIL James, clerk, h 2 Power's
O'NEIL James, cooper, bds 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL James, cooper, h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL James, cooper, bds 271 Water, w
O'NEIL James, farmer, h 44 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL James, fisherman, h 4 Prince
O'NEIL James, laborer, h Freshwater Rd
O'NEIL James jr, laborer, bds 44 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL James, shoemaker, h 39 McDougall
O'NEIL John, baker, h 151 New Gower
O'NEIL John, baker, bds 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Martin, app tailor, bds 4 Prince
O'NEIL Michael, cooper, h 273 Water, w
O'NEIL Michael, fisherman, bds 46 Codner's Lane
O'NEIL Morgan, butcher, h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL Moses, carter, cor Cabot & Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Patrick, cooper, bds 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL Patrick, laborer, bds 46 Codner's Lane
O'NEIL Patrick, messenger, bds 16 New Gower
O'NEIL Patrick, shoemaker, h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL Patrick, hairdresser, Water, locker H M C, h 22 Cabot
O'NEIL Peter, laborer, h 309 Water, w
O'NEIL Rodger, clerk, h 46 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Thomas, book-keeper, bds Water
O'NEIL Wm, h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL Wm, baker, 151 New Gower
O'NEIL Wm jr, baker, bds 151 New Gower
O'NEIL Wm, cabman, h 46 Victoria
O'NEIL Wm, carman, h Freshwater Road
O'NEIL Wm, clerk, h 112 Military Road
O'NEIL Wm, clerk, h 55 Plymouth Road
O'NEIL Wm, stone cutter, bds 39 McDougall

ONTARIO Mutual Life Association Co.,Waterloo, Ontario, S D Blandford, agent, Duckworth

O'REGAN Cornelius, shoemaker, h 7 Pleasant
O'REGAN James, shoemaker, h 7 Pleasant
O'REGAN John, butcher, h 184 Water
O'REGAN Kate, wid James, h 289 Water, w
O'REGAN Michael, police-fireman, h 31 Prescott
O'REGAN Thomas, boots and shoes, 289 Water, w, h Water, e

O'REILLY Albert W, wines and spirits, 170 Water, w, h do
O'REILLY Charles, h Fort Townsend
O'REILLY Ellen, wid Peter, h Springview Cottage, Cockpit Road
O'REILLY Frank, tailor, bds 34 Gower
O'REILLY George, h 33 Barnes'Road
O'REILLY Harriett, wid James, h 24 Colonial
O'REILLY Johannah, wid Robert, h 30 Duckworth
O'REILLY John, laborer, bds 30 Duckworth
O'REILLY John J, wines and spirits, 290 Water, h do
O'REILLY John, laborer, h 40 Allendale Road
O'REILLY Joseph, inspector customs, h Fort Townsend
O'REILLY Rev J, D D, R C Palace
O'REILLY Miss Margaret, clerk, bds Fort Townsend
O'REILLY Mary, wid George, h 220 Water, w
O'REILLEY M, farmer, h Springview Cottage, Cockpit Rd
O'REILLY Michael, plumber, bds 47 Angel's Place
O'REILLY P.J.,wines and spirits, 29 Gower, h do
O'REILLY Wm, fisherman, h 220 Water, w
O'REILLY Wm, laborer, h 47 Angel's Place

ORNER J C, watchmaker, 405 Water, bds 42 George

O'ROURKE Michael, fisherman, h 10 New Gower
O'ROURKE Wm, drug clerk, h 10 New Gower

OSBORNE John, steward, h 14 Charlton
OSBORNE Thos, fisherman, h 14 Charlton

OSMOND Albert, baker, h 6 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Arthur, engineer, bds 4 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Augustus, engineer, bds 4 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Geo, carman, bds 68 Hayward Ave
OSMOND Jas, tinsmith, h 6 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Jos, bds 68 Hayward Ave
OSMOND Robt, engineer, bds 4 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Samuel, joiner, h 68 Hayward Ave

OTTERSON Peter, seaman, h 28 Stephen

O'TOOLE Francis, fisherman, h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE James, clerk, h 274 Theatre Hill
O'TOOLE James, farmer, bds 319 Water, w
O'TOOLE James, shoemaker, bds 196 Water, w
O'TOOLE John, printer, h 3 Casey
O'TOOLE John, seaman, h 21 Thomas
O'TOOLE Mary, wid Bernard, h 44 Duckworth
O'TOOLE Michael, clerk, h 10 Stuart Ave
O'TOOLE Michael, fisherman, h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE Nicholas, seaman, h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE Patrick, carman, h 319 Water, w
O'TOOLE Thos, fisherman, h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE Thos, fisherman, h Mundy's Pond Road
O'TOOLE Wm, laborer, h 44 Duckworth
O'TOOLE Wm, laborer, h 3 Casey
O'TOOLE Wm, laborer, h 59 Casey
O'TOOLE Wm, seaman, h 44 Brazil's Square

ONTERBRIDGE Johseph, of Harvey & Co, h Southern Place, King's Bridge Rd

OWEN John, carpenter, h New Linc,LeMarchant Road
OWEN Richard, seaman, bds Hamilton
OWEN Wm, fisherman, h Hamilton
OWEN Wm jr, laborer, bds Hamilton Ave

OXFORD Foundry and Machine Company, Oxford, Nova Scotia

OXLEY John Jos, mining expert, h 9 Victoria

PACK Elizabeth, wid Albert, h 34 Brazil's Square
PACK Josiah, Provisions and Groceries, 370 Water, h do

PAGE Francis, painter, h 69 Rennie's Mill Rd

PAINE Rev Geo, methodist, h 10 Gower
PAINE John B, clerk, bds Mullock

PALFREY Elizabeth, wid Edw, h 65 Long's Hill
PALFREY John, steward, h 4 Lime
PALFREY Jos,tinsmith, h 35 Gower
PALFREY Mary, wid Michael, h 9 1/2 Cuddihy
PALFREY Wm, teamster, bds 9 1/2 Cuddihy

PARK Harriet, wid Jabez, h 1 James

PARKER E O, carpenter, h 24 Cookstown Rd
PARKER Jas, of Parker & Monroe, h 1 Garrison Hill
PARKER John T, bds Garrison Hill
PARKER Wm J, grocer, h 156 Pleasant
PARKER L, commission merchant, h 25 Monkstown Rd
PARKER Margaret, wid Wm, h Garrison Hill
PARKER & Monroe, Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, 363 Water
PARKER Thos, h 2 Garrison Hill
PARKER, Wm & Co, general hardware dealers, 327 Water

PARNELL Fredk, Broker & Com Agent, 278 Water, h 94 Military Road

PARMITER Ambrose, teamster, h Southside
PARMITER Azariah, carpenter, h Southside
PARMITER Emma, wid Azariah, h Belvidere
PARMITER Wm, teamster, h Southside

PARRELL James, caretaker Renouf Building, h do
PARRELL James jr, laborer, h 22 Tessier Place
PARRELL John, clerk, bds 388 Water
PARRELL Michael, clerk, bds 388 Water
PARRELL Patrick, cutler, bds 388 Water
PARRELL Patrick, laborer, h 25 Boncloddy
PARRELL Susan, wid Luke, h 18 Flower Hill
PARRELL Wm, coachman, h 47 LeMarchant Road

PARROT Samuel, seaman, h 58 Spencer

PARSLEY Wm, laborer, h 26 Pilot's Hill

PARSONS Alex A, editor Ev'g Telegram, h Carter's Hill
PARSONS Alexander, prop Gower House, 31 New Gower
PARSONS Alfred, h Jubilee Cottage, Quidi Vidi Road
PARSONS Archibald, student, bds 4 Convent Square
PARSONS Azariah, laborer, h 87 Bond
PARSONS A, clerk, h 48 Victoria
PARSONS Charles, painter, h 88 Lime
PARSONS Charles, photographer, bds cor Water and Prescott
PARSONS Charles F, printer, h Summerville Farm, Torbay Road
PARSONS Ernest, clerk, h 34 Bond
PARSONS Ernest, clerk, bds 79 Gower
PARSONS Edwin, clerk, h 34 Bond
PARSONS Ensign, S A Food Depot, George, h do
PARSONS Eugene, clerk, h 40 Victoria
PARSONS Frank, clerk, bds 54 LeMarchant Road
PARSONS George, bds cor Water and Prescott
PARSONS George, boiler maker, h 39 Alexander
PARSONS George, carpenter and joiner, bds 6 Dunford
PARSONS George, laborer, h 6 Chapel
PARSONS George, clerk, bds 54 LeMarchant Road
PARSONS Heber, contractor, h 7 Boncloddy
PARSONS Henry, fisherman, h Hamilton Ave
PARSONS Howard, clerk, bds 9 Garrison Hill
PARSONS James A, carriage builder, bds 21 Freshwater Road
PARSONS James P, accountant, h 9 Garrison Hill
PARSONS John, farmer, bds Portugal Cove Road
PARSONS John, laborer, h 61 Alexander
PARSONS Joon, laborer, h 21 Pleasant
PARSONS John, watchman foundry, h Angel Place, off Alexander
PARSONS Joseph H, farmer, bds Avalon House, Waterford Bridge Road
PARSONS Leonora, wid Samson, bds 88 Lime
PARSONS Mark, seaman, h 4 Convent Square
PARSONS Michael, fisherman, bds 30 Thomas
PARSONS Rebt, joiner, h 9 Hayward Ave
PARSONS Robt, master mariner, h 21 Freshwater Road
PARSONS Robt J, barrister, Renouf Bldg,h off Portugal Cove Road
PARSONS R H, accountant, h 21 Freshwater Road
PARSONS Samuel, laborer, h 130 Casey
PARSONS Miss Susie, teacher, h 4 Covent Square
PARSONS S H, photographic gallery, cor Water and Prescott, h do
PARSONS Theodore J,photographer, Water, h Quidi Vidi Road



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

575 Entries (Completed)

[McALPINE'S Directories]

This page transcribed by Melba Hayes

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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