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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's Page 302-315


St. John's Page 302-315

MITCHELL Robt, joiner, bds 12 Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL Robt, laborer, h 7 Fergus Place
MITCHELL Sarah, wid Wm, h 12 Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL Thos, baker, h 12 Walsh's Sq, off Signal Hill Road
MITCHELL Thos, baker, 4 Prescott, h 25 Queen's Road
MITCHELL T M, physician, 200 Duckworth, bds 25 Queen's Road
MITCHELL Wm, carman, bds 12 Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL Wm, joiner, h 56 Mullock

MOKELER Chas, cooper, bds 36 Codner's Lane
MOKELER John W, laborer, bds 31 Freshwater Road
MOKELER Jonas, currier, h 18 Notre Dame
MOKELER Wm, shipwright, h 31 Freshwater Road

MOCKLER Elizabeth, wid Edward, h 50 Bannerman
MOCKLER Richard, grocer, 68 Hamilton, h do
MOCKLER Thomas, storekeeper, h 9 Wood
MOCKLER Thos R, grocer, 35 Pleasant, h do

MOFFATT Gerald G, accountant, B N S bds 45 Cochrane

MOIST John, steward, h 3 Damaril's Lane
MOIST Rebecca, wid Joseph, h 3 Damaril's Lane

MOLLOY Edward, shoemaker, h 3 Carter's Hill
MOLLOY George, painter, bds Flavin
MOLLOY James, fireman, Flood's Lane, off Prince
MOLLOY James, rope maker, h 4 McKay
MOLLOY James J, shoemaker, bds 61 Long's Hill
MOLLOY John, harness maker, bds 61 Long's Hill
MOLLOY John, laborer, bds 4 McKay
MOLLOY John, painter, bds 9 Bulley
MOLLOY Joseph, laborer, h 31 Job
MOLLOY Margaret, bartender, bds 15 Waldegrave
MOLLOY Miss Mary, bds 3 Carter's Hill
MOLLOY Mary, wid James, h 3 Carter's Hill
MOLLOY Michael, fisherman, h 31 Job's
MOLLOY Patrick J, grocer, 14 Alexander h do
MOLLOY Peter, carpenter, 61 Long's Hill
MOLLOY Peter, tailor, bds Lime
MOLLOY Thomas, laborer, h 218 New Gower
MOLLOY Thomas N, h 35 Monkstown Road
MOLLOY Wm, farmer, bds 61 Long's Hill
MOLLOY Wm, fireman s s Grand Lake, h 206 Water, w
MOLLOY Wm, clerk, bds 24 Brazil's Square

MONAHAN John, cooper, h 2 Wickford
MONAHAN Michael, stoker, h Southside

MONCK James, carpenter, h 149 « Pleasant
MONCK John, carpenter, h 149 « Pleasant
MONCK James, fisherman, bds 35 Wickford

MONCTON Wm R, sailmaker, h 68 Forest Road

MONROE Daniel, of Parker & Monroe, h 203 Gower
MONROE Jas H, manager ropewalk, h 153 LeMarchant Road
MONROE Walter, of Bishop & Monroe, bds Queen's Road
MONROE Wm J, clerk, h 44 Livingstone

MONTGOMERY J H, insur agent, bds Crosbie Hotel

MONTOYA Mrs. Ellen, h 31 Monkstown Road

MONTREAL Loan and Investment Co., Water, Chas E Meehan, sec

MOONEY Eugene, compositor, bds City Hotel, Duckworth

MOORE Albert, tel operator, h 63 Brazil's Square
MOORE Alexander, printer, h 16 Waldegrave
MOORE Alfred, painter, h 12 Waldegrave
MOORE Miss Anne, h 8 Patrick
MOORE Annie, wid Edward, h 93 Signal Hill Road
MOORE Catherine, wid Edward, h 51 Plymouth Road
MOORE Edward W. B., clerk, bds Torrington Hotel, Waterford B Rd
MOORE Edward, shoemaker, bds Lime
MOORE Edward, tobacconist, h 51 Plymouth Rd
MOORE Elizabeth, wid Jas, bds 3 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
MOORE Ellen, wid John, h 101 Signal Hill Rd.
MOORE Fredk, printer, bds 52 Springdale
MOORE Geo, painter, h 63 Brazil's Square
MOORE Gideon, clerk, bds Cabot
MOORE Henry, plumber, bds 14 John
MOORE Henry, trader, h 14 John
MOORE Henry T, bicycle repairer, Kings Road, h 14 John
MOORE Jas, butcher, h 101 Signal Road
MOORE Jas, cooper, h 20 Barter's Hill
MOORE Jas, sailmaker, h 14 Waldegrave
MOORE Jas P, accountant, bds Torrington, Waterfordbridge Rd.
MOORE John, cooper, bds 271 Gower
MOORE John, cooper, h 239 « Water, w
MOORE John, fisherman, h 10 Walsh's Square
MOORE John, laborer, h 8 Field
MOORE John, seaman, h 18 « Young
MOORE John, shoemaker, h 138 Hamilton
MOORE John Jr. student, bds 8 Field
MOORE Joseph, plumber, h 21 Parade
MOORE Lorenzo, B H accountant, bds Torrington Hotel, W B Rd
MOORE Margaret, wid David, h 28 Duckworth
MOORE Matthew, fireman, h 8 Moore
MOORE Michael, laborer, h 12 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
MOORE Philip F, Plumber & Gasfitter, 122 Duckworth, h 18 Bond
MOORE Richard, draper, bds 14 John
MOORE Robert, cooper, h 271 Gower
MOORE Thoedore, shoemaker, h 52 Springdale
MOORE Thomas, engineer, bds 8 Lime
MOORE Thomas, asst light house keeper, h Southside
MOORE Wm, clerk, bds 52 Springdale
MOORE Wm, clerk, bds 18 « Young
MOORE Wm, engineer, h 61 Plymouth Road
MOORE Wm, laborer, bds 239 « Water, w
MOORE Wm, sailmaker, h 12 Waldegrave
MOORE Wm J, clerk, bds 221 New Gower

MOORES Charles, carpenter, bds 19 Field
MOORES Elizabeth, wid Solomon, h 26 Brazil's Square
MOORES George, laborer, h 11 Stephen
MOORES Gideon, grocer, h 23 Cabot
MOORES Jas, plumber, h 74 Brazil's Square
MOORES John, laborer, bds 12 Lime
MOORES Solomon, carpenter, h 3 Gilbert
MOORES Wm, carpenter, h 74 Brazil's Square
MOORES Wm, laborer, h 74 Brazil's Square
MOORES Wm, fisherman, h 11 Stephen
MOORES Willis, carpenter, h 23 Cabot
MOORES Young, laborer, h 19 Field

MORAN Jas, farmer, bds Torbay Road

MOREY Henry, cabman, h 188 New Gower
MOREY Jas, accountant, bds 27 Gower
MOREY John, laborer, h 50 McFarlane's Lane
MOREY Michael, laborer, h 49 Pleasant
MOREY M & Co., Coal & General Shipping Agents, 8 Queen

MORGAN Abraham, farmer, bds Quidi Vidi Road, north side
MORGAN Abraham, shipwright, h 69 Cookstown Road
MORGAN Edward J, joiner, h 67 Signal Hill Road
MORGAN George H, pressman, h 69 Cookstown Road
MORGAN James, laborer, bds 54 Barnes Road
MORGAN John, confectioner, h 48 Long's Hill
MORGAN John, laborer, h 54 Barnes Road
MORGAN John, seaman, h 75 Flower Hill
MORGAN Miss Lizzie, seamstress, bds Genl Hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd
MORGAN Patrick, watchman, h 12 Brewery Field, off Signal Hill Rd
MORGAN Robt, wheelwright, h 67 Signal Hill Road
MORGAN Silena, tailoress, bds Signal Hill
MORGAN Wm, laborer, h 28 Murphy's Square, off Alexander

MORINE Hon A B, Q C, LL B, M H A, Minister of Finance & Customs, and of Morine 
	& Gibbs, h Circular Road
MORINE & Gibbs, Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries, Gazette Building, Water
MORINE Horace, freight and pasr agent R G Reed h 65 Prescott

MORRIS Albert, fisherman, h Battery Road
MORRIS Albert, fisherman, bds 22 Goodview
MORRIS Benjamin, carpenter, h 36 Livingstone
MORRIS Catherine, wid Edward, h 61 Cochrane
MORRIS Chas, h 16 Holloway
MORRIS Edgar W, h 26 Belvidere
MORRIS Edward, cooper, h 147 LeMarchant Road
MORRIS Edward P, Q C, Barrister, etc, 8 Dick's Square, cor Henry, h Beaconsfield, 
	Topsail Road
MORRIS Edward, doorkeeper Legislative Council, h 1 Duckworth
MORRIS Miss Ella, librarian House of Assembly, bds 46 Gower
MORRIS Ellen, wid Geoffrey, h 81 Hayward Ave
MORRIS Frank J, Barrister & Solicitor, 8 Dick's Square cor Henry, h 147 LeMarchant 
MORRIS George, attendant lunatic asylum, h 33 Field
MORRIS George, sailmaker, h 66 Lime
MORRIS George, seaman, h 60 King's Road
MORRIS George, teamster, h 26 Goodview
MORRIS George H, printer, h 66 Lime
MORRIS Henry C, accountant, h 25 Colonial
MORRIS Henry C, seaman, h 26 Belvedere
MORRIS Isaac, sailmaker, 13 Adelaide, h 29 New Gower
MORRIS Janet, wid Noah, h 8 Carew
MORRIS James, fisherman, h 57 Monkstown Road
MORRIS John, clerk, h 38 Livingstone
MORRIS John, wharfinger, h 38 Livingstone
MORRIS John C., fisherman, h 28 Field
MORRIS Jordan, fisherman, h 9 Hayward Ave
MORRIS Margaret, wid Benjamin, h 11 Long's
MORRIS Patrick, messenger, h 33 Prescott
MORRIS Samuel, fisherman, h 26 Field
MORRIS Selby, fisherman, bds 22 Goodview
MORRIS Selby, fisherman, bds Battery Rd
MORRIS Thos, 2nd clerk dept Pub Works, h Stewart Ave.
MORRIS Stephen, master mariner, h 73 Long's Hill
MORRIS Thos, sailmaker, bds Pennywell Rd
MORRIS Thos, shoemaker, h 44 Hayward Ave
MORRIS Thos, stewart, bds 1 Duckworth
MORRIS Timothy, fisherman, h Battery Rd
MORRIS Timothy, laborer, h Goodview

MORRISSEY Ann, wid Wm, h 8 Fergus Place
MORRISSEY Chas, laborer, h 58 Carter's Hill
MORRISSEY Edw, laborer, bds Battery Road
MORRISSEY Edw, seaman, bds 9 Waldegrave
MORRISSEY Edw, messenger, h 1 Signal Hill Rd
MORRISSEY Edwin, tailor, h 8 Fergus Place
MORRISSEY Ellen, wid John, h 6 Gorman's Lane
MORRISSEY Miss Han, washwoman, Genl Hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd
MORRISSEY Hanorah, wid Walter, h 44 Allandale Rd
MORRISSEY Henry, drug clerk, h 5 Garrison Hill
MORRISSEY Jas, fisherman, h 216 New Gower
MORRISSEY Jas, laborer, h 19 Carter's Hill
MORRISSEY Jas, master mariner, h 30 Sudbury
MORRISSEY Johannah, dressmaker, h 44 Allandale Road
MORRISSEY John, H M C, h 26 Cochrane
MORRISSEY Laurence, painter, h 16 Tessier Place
MORRISSEY Mary, varieties, 128 Water, w,h do
MORRISSEY Mary, wid John, h 94 Duckworth
MORRISSEY Miss Mary E, dressmaker, h 44 Allandale Rd
MORRISSEY Matthew, fisherman, h Battery Rd
MORRISSEY Michael, laborer, h 78 Casey
MORRISSEY Patk, bds 279 Water, w
MORRISSEY Patk, laborer, h 11 College Square
MORRISSEY Patk, laborer, h 12 Lime
MORRISSEY Patk, seaman, h 279 Water, w
MORRISSEY Patk J, laborer, h 44 Allandale Rd
MORRISSEY Peter, tailor, h 45 Parade
MORRISSEY Terence, clerk, h 57 New Gower
MORRISSEY Terence, plumber, bds 277 Water, w
MORRISSEY Thos, laborer, h 18 Flower Hill
MORRISSEY Walter F, clerk, h 44 Allandale Rd
MORRISSEY Wm, fisherman, h 102 George
MORRISSEY Wm Jr., cooper, bds 102 George
MORRISSEY Wm K, customs officer, h 38 Colonial

MORISON Donald, judge supreme court, h 44 Queen's Road
MORISON Johanna, wid Robert, h Prescott
MORISON W D & Co., groceries, etc, 301 Water

MOREY Miss Annie H, school teacher, Masonic Terrace, r Masonic H

MOSEDALE Robert, laborer, h 11 Damaril's Lane
MOSEDALE Miss Virtue, tailoress, bds 34 Spencer

MOSS George, teacher, bds 5 Cabot
MOSS James R, master mariner and insurance agt, h 197 Gower

MOTT Henry Y, Speaker House of Assembly, h 92 Barnes' Rd

MOTTY George, clerk, bds 60 New Gower
MOTTY James, sailmaker, bds 60 New Gower
MOTTY Philip, sailmaker, bds 60 New Gower
MOTTY Wm, sailmaker, 60 New Gower, h do

MOULTON J W, clerk, h 181 Gower
MOULTON Miss Maggie, tailoress, bds 15 Quidi Vidi Road
MOULTON Samuel A, clerk, h 97 Freshwater Road

MOVILLE Lewis, laborer, h 9 Pleasant

MOYST Wm, laborer, h Woods' Place, Hoyles Town

MUGFORD Mary, wid Anthony, h 8 Allan's Square
MUGFORD Robt, bds 40 Young
MUGFORD Robt, fisherman, h 3 Parade
MUGFORD Samuel, laborer, h 40 Young
MUGFORD Wm, clerk, bds 3 Parade
MUGFORD Wm, fisherman, h 3 Parade
MUGFORD Wm, laborer, h 22 Scott
MUGFORD Wm, laborer, h 17 Tessier Place

MUGGACH Wm, clerk, h 36 Bond

MUIR Charles R, Marble Works, Cabot Building, Water, h Sunnyside, eor. Rennie's Mill 
	Rd and Monkstown Road
MUIR Miss Isabella, milliner, 305 Water, bds 278 Gower
MUIR Isaballa, wid John, h 278 Gower

MULCAHY John, clerk, h 29 Victoria
MULCAHY Michael, laborer, h 80 Casey
MULCAHY Silvester, laborer, h South Side
MULCAHY Thos, laborer, h 45 Carter's Hill
MULCAHY Thos, steward, h 24 York

MULLALLEY Edward, shoemaker, bds 25 Patrick
MULLALLEY James, fireman, h 25 Patrick
MULLALLEY James Jr, shoemaker, bds 25 Patrick
MULLALLEY John, cooper, h 136 Bond
MULLALLEY John, cooper, h 73 Queen's Road
MULLALLEY Michael, shoemaker, h 25 Patrick
MULLALLEY Patrick, carpenter, h 247 Water, w

MULLEY Benjamin, weighmaster, h 83 « Pleasant

MOLLOY James, carpenter, h 9 Bulley

MULLINS Edward, farmer, h Blackmarsh Road
MULLINS James, ropemaker, h Blackmarsh Road
MULLINS John, mason, h 74 Patrick
MULLINS Joseph, tidewater customs, h 3 Parade
MULLINS Joseph Jr, printer bds 3 Parade
MULLINS Luke, carman, bds Mundy's Pond Road
MULLINS Patrick, carman, h Mundy's Pond Road
MULLINS Patrick, ropemaker, bds Blackmarsh Road
MULLINS Patrick Jr, bds Mundy's Pond Road
MULLINS Philip Jr, carman, bds Mundy's Pond Road
MULLINS Philip, farmer, h Blackmarsh Road
MULLINS Philip Jr, ropemaker, bds Backmarsh Road
MULLINS Wm, farmer, bds Mundy's Pond Road
MULLINS Wm, laborer, h Blackmarsh Road
MULLINS Wm jr, ropemaker, bds Blackmarsh Road

MULLOWNEY Francis, carpenter, h 10 McKay
MULLOWNEY John, laborer, bds 49 Colonial
MULLOWNEY Richard, laborer, bds 49 Colonial
MULLOWNEY Susan, wid John, h 49 Colonial
MULLOWNEY Thomas, seaman, h 17 Prince
MULLROONEY Daniel, fireman, W E Fire Hall, h 236 New Gower
MULLROONEY Edward, laborer, h 61 King's Bridge Road
MULLROONEY John, shoemaker, bds 61 King's Bridge Road
MULLROONEY Joseph, fisherman, h 54 Bannerman
MULLROONEY Miss Mary, h 60 Barter's Hill

MUNDY Christopher, messenger, h 40 Mullock
MUNDY Thomas, wharfinger, h 348 « Duckworth
MUNICIPAL Council, Renouf Building, Duckworth

MUNN Archibald, clerk, bds 26 Cochrane
MUNN Wm A, General Commission & Insurance Agent, Gazette Building, Water, h 26 

MURPHY Andrew, seaman, h 120 Casey
MURPHY Ann, wid James, bds 80 Barnes Road
MURPHY Ann, wid Luke, h 39 Henry
MURPHY Ann, wid Richd, h 26 Queen's Road
MURPHY Augustus, h 73 Military Road
MURPHY Benjamin, cooper, h 9 Patrick
MURPHY Miss B, clerk, bds 20 William
MURPHY Catherine, wid Simon, h 20 Livingstone
MURPHY Catherine, wid Thos, h 14 Mullock
MURPHY Chas, farmer, bds Fox Hill Cottage, Waterford B Road
MURPHY Chas, laborer, h 49 Goodview
MURPHY Chas Jr, farmer, bds Fox Hall Cottage, Waterford B Rd
MURPHY Cornelius, seaman, h 142 Signal Hill Road
MURPHY Daniel, carpenter, h 18 Convent
MURPHY Daniel, laborer, h 28 Brazil's Square
MURPHY Daniel, tinsmith, h 336 Water, w
MURPHY Edw Sr, cooper, h 22 William
MURPHY Edw, seaman, h 12 James
MURPHY Edw, shoemaker, h 114 Water, w
MURPHY Edw, steward city club, bds do
MURPHY Elizabeth, wid Thos, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY Ellen, wid Edw, h 55 Brazil's Square
MURPHY Ellen, wid John, h 7 College Square
MURPHY Miss Isabella, h 102 Freshwater Road
MURPHY Jas, cabinet-maker, h 10 Pennywell Road
MURPHY Jas, carman, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY Jas, carpenter, bds 18 Alexander
MURPHY Jas, carpenter, h 68 Brazil's Square
MURPHY Jas, elec lamp trimmer, h 56 Brazil's Square
MURPHY Jas, laborer, h 40 Livingstone
MURPHY Jas, laborer, h 14 Rossiter's Lane
MURPHY Jas, fireman, h 18 Simms
MURPHY Jas, student, bds 114 Water, w
MURPHY Jeremiah, laborer, h Southside
MURPHY Jeremiah, teamster, h Signal Hill Road
MURPHY John, accountant, h Military Road
MURPHY John, cabman, h 5 Howe Place
MURPHY John, carman, h 330 Water, w
MURPHY John, carpenter, bds Hamilton Ave
MURPHY John, clerk, bds 18 Alexander
MURPHY John, clerk, h 21 William
MURPHY John, cooper, h 39 Henry
MURPHY John, cooper, h 20 William
MURPHY John, farmer, h Hawthorn Cottage, Cockpit Road
MURPHY John, farmer, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY John, fisherman, h 141 Thomas
MURPHY John, harness-maker, 12 New Gower, h 60 Carter's Hill
MURPHY John, laborer, h 11 Patrick
MURPHY John, laborer, h 6 Lion Square
MURPHY John, painter, h 26 Buchanan
MURPHY John, shoemaker, h 28 Cabot
MURPHY Joseph, h 21 LeMarchant Road
MURPHY Joseph, fireman, h 25 and 27 Cabot
MURPHY Josephine, wid Thos, h 73 Military Road
MURPHY J, accountant, bds City Hotel
MURPHY Miss Kate, h 12 New Gower
MURPHY Laurence, farmer, h 330 Water, w
MURPHY Laurence, tinsmith, bds 82 Queen's Road
MURPHY Lewis, carriage painter, h 345 Water, w
MURPHY Louis, carriage painter, h 174 Water, w
MURPHY Miss Maggie, clerk, bds Metropolitan House, 359 Water
MURPHY Margeret, wid Jas, h 32 Prince
MURPHY Martin, carman, h 12 Dick's Square
MURPHY Martin, carman, farmer, h Fox Hill, Waterfordbridge Rd
MURPHY Martin, grocer, 333 Water, w, h do
MURPHY Mary, wid Jas, h 60 Carter's Hill
MURPHY Mary, wid John, h 56 Brazil's Square
MURPHY Mary, wid John, h 97 Long's Hill
MURPHY Mary, wid Wm, h 277 Water, w
MURPHY Mary J, wid John, h 22 Sudbury
MURPHY Matthew, laborer, h 18 Simms
MURPHY Matthew, rope maker, h 192 New Gower
MURPHY Maurice, carpenter, h 34 Barter's Hill
MURPHY Maurice, fisherman, bds 11 Goodview
MURPHY Michael, h 2 Alexander
MURPHY Michael, drug clerk, h 22 William
MURPHY Michael, laborer, h 7 Cookstown Rd
MURPHY Michael, police fireman, h 54 Mullock
MURPHY Michael, sailmaker, h 10 Pennywell Rd
MURPHY Michael, seaman, h 13 Damaril's Lane
MURPHY Michael Jr, clerk, bds 7 Cookstown Rd
MURPHY Michael J, teamster, h Hamilton Ave
MURPHY Michael, wharfinger, h South Side
MURPHY Nicholas, laborer, h 15 Colonial
MURPHY Nicholas, laborer, h 78 Hamilton
MURPHY Nicholas, shoemaker, h 30 Flower Hill\
MURPHY Nicholas J, shoemaker, 241 Water, w, h 240
MURPHY Nicholas J, carriage bldr, Brennan's Lane, h 31 Patrick
MURPHY Patk, clerk, h 16 Mullock
MURPHY Patk, cooper, h South Side
MURPHY Patk, farmer, h 338 Water, w
MURPHY Patk, fisherman, h 17 Rositer's Lane
MURPHY Patk, fisherman, h 30 Flower Hill
MURPHY Patk, laborer, h 45 Plank Road
MURPHY Patk, laborer, h Hamilton Ave
MURPHY Patk, seaman, h 29 Livingstone
MURPHY Patk, steamfitter, bds 18 Alexander
MURPHY Peter, carman, h Waterfordbridge Rd
MURPHY Peter, cooper, h 5 Patrick
MURPHY Patk, watchman, h 11 Patrick
MURPHY Peter, clerk, h  20 William
MURPHY Peter, teamster, h Hamilton Ave
MURPHY Philip, machinist, h 126 Casey
MURPHY Philip, shipwright, h 126 Casey
MURPHY Philip, weighmaster, h 114 George
MURPHY Richard, cabman, h South Side
MURPHY Richard, farmer, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY Sarah, wid John, h 5 Howe Place
MURPHY Theresa, wid Matthew, h 23 Tessier Place
MURPHY Thomas, boarding house, 352 Duckworth, h do
MURPHY Thomas, bridge inspector, h 18 Alexander
MURPHY Thos, butcher, bds 60 Carter's Hill
MURPHY Thos, clerk, h 14 Mullock
MURPHY Thos, cooper, h 154 New Gower
MURPHY Thos, fisherman, h 11 Goodview
MURPHY Thos, laborer, h 39 Cookstown Road
MURPHY Thos, miner, h 149 Signal Hill Road
MURPHY Thos, painter, h 26 Buchanan
MURPHY Thos, porter, h Mullock
MURPHY Thos, shipwright, h 120 Casey
MURPHY Thos, tanner, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY Thos, teamster, bds Hamilton Ave
MURPHY Thos J, Barrister, Renouf Building, Duckworth, bds 272 Duckworth
MURPHY Wm, bds Quidi Vidi Road
MURPHY Wm, carman, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY Wm, cash-boy, bds 351 « Duckworth
MURPHY Wm, farmer, bds Germandale Cattage, Waterford B Rd.
MURPHY Wm, farmer, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY Wm H Jr, farmer, h Waterford Bridge Road
MURPHY Wm, fireman gas works, h 26 Plank Road
MURPHY Wm, Poor Asylum, h 27 Adelaide
MURPHY Wm, laborer, h 21 William
MURPHY Wm, laborer, h 5 Howe Place
MURPHY Wm, seaman, h 9 Fergus Place
MURPHY Wm, stone mason, h Signal Hill Road
MURPHY Wm J, drug clerk, h 20 William
MURPHY W K, grocer, 351 « Duckworth, h do



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

417 Entries (Completed)

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This page transcribed by Melba Hayes

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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