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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Trinity Bay District
Random Sound
ASH William Queen's Cve fisherman
ALCOCK Henry Fox Harbor gen dealer
AVERY John Fox Hbr fisherman
AVERY Newman Fox Hbr fisherman
AVERY Samuel Fox Hbr fisherman
AVERY Wm Deep Bight fisherman
AVERY Jas Deep Bight fisherman
AVERY Jas Long Beach fisherman
AVERY Eleazer Long Beach fisherman
AVERY Robt J Long Beach fisherman
AVERY Elias Long Beach fisherman
AVERY Geo Fox Harbor fisherman
AVERY Jabez Northern Bight fisherman
BAILEY Jordan Lwr Deer Hbr fisherman
BAILEY Jas Lwr Deer Hbr fisherman
BAKER Elias Butter Cove fisherman
BAKER John Butter Cove fisherman
BAKER Henry Fox Hbr fisherman
BAKER Caleb Fox Hbr fisherman
BALSOM John Fox Hbr fisherman
BURSEY Chas Fox Hbr fisherman
BAKER Geo Caplin Cove fisherman
BAKER Jos Hodge's Cove fisherman
BOONE Isaac Hodge's Cove fisherman
BALSOM Jos Clarenville lumberman
BALSOM Arthur Clarenville lumberman
BALSOM Wm Clarenville lumberman
BURSEY Reuben Clarenville lumberman
BAGGS Jos Clarenville lumberman
BENSON Alex Clay Pitts fisherman
BENSON Adam Clay Pitts fisherman
BENSON Geo Northern Bight fisherman
BENSON Thos W Northern Bight fisherman
BENSON Eleazer Northern Bight fisherman
BREWER Ambrose Northern Bight fisherman
BREWER Isaac Northern Bight fisherman
BREWER Jas Northern Bight fisherman
BAKER Jacob Northern Bight fisherman
BAKER Jas Northern Bight fisherman
BARTLETT Geo Long Beach fisherman
BARTLETT Stephen Long Beach fisherman
BURSEY Abram Clarenville lumberman
BALSOM John Fox Harbor fisherman
BALSOM Geo Clarenville lumberman
BROWN Jas Thoroughfare fisherman
BUTLER Jas Shoal Harbor fisherman
BUTLER Chas Shoal Harbor fisherman
BUTLER Zachariah Shoal Harbor fisherman
BARNES Jos Shoal Harbor fisherman
BLUNDON John Hatchet Cove fisherman
BROWN John Hatchet Cove fisherman
BROWN Adam Hatchet Cove fisherman
BROWN Jas Hatchet Cove fisherman
BISHOP John Hatchet Cove fisherman
BISHOP Samuel Hatchet Cove fisherman
BLUNDON Jas Bar Point fisherman
BUTT Geo Queen's Cove fisherman
BLUNDON Jos Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BLUNDON Stephen, jr Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BLUNDON Stephen, sr Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BLUNDON Heber Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BLUNDON Wm Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BLUNDON Esau Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BRANTY Chas Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BRYANT Herbert Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BRYANT Hannibal Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BRYANT Hamon Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BUTT Wm Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BUTT Eleazer Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BUTT Mark Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BUTT Thos Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BUTT Jas Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BENSON Geo Hickman's Harbor fisherman
BENSON Jas Hickman's Harbor fisherman
CHAMPION Willis Bar Point fisherman
CHURCHILL Thos Northern Bight fisherman
CHURCHILL John Northern Bight fisherman
CHURCHILL Jas Northern Bight fisherman
CHURCHILL Wm Northern Bight fisherman
CHURCHILL Alex Northern Bight fisherman
CHURCHILL Arthur Northern Bight fisherman
CHURCHILL Ambrose Queen's Cove fisherman
CHURCHILL Reuben Hickman's Harbor fisherman
CHURCHILL Jos Hickman's Harbor fisherman
COOPER David Northern Bight fisherman
COOPER Simeon Northern Bight fisherman
COOPER John Englewood forest lumberman
COOPER George Englewood lumberman
CRITCH William Hickman's Harbor fisherman
CRITCH Samuel Hickman's Harbor fisherman
CRITCH George Hickman's Harbor fisherman
CRITCH John W Hickman's Harbor fisherman
CRITCH Amos Bald Nap fisherman
CLINCH Charles Shoal Harbor fisherman
CLINCH William Shoal Harbor fisherman
CLINCH John Shoal Harbor fisherman
COOHER Thos Random Hd fisherman
CROCKER Jesse Lower Deer Harbor fisherman
CROCKER George sr Lee Bight fisherman
CROCKER George jr Lee Bight fisherman
CROCKER Jos Lee Bight fisherman
CROCKER Jas Lee Bight fisherman
CROCKER John Lee Bight fisherman
CRAM Geo Hatchet Cove fisherman
NFLD BRICK AND TILE CO. E. H. & G Davey, managers, brick yard.See adv per index
CRAVEN Jas Hatchet Cove foreman brick yard
CURTIS Arch Hodge's Cove fisherman
DEAN Jas Fox Harbor fisherman
DROVER Jas, jr Hodge's Cove fisherman
DROVER Jas, sr Hodge's Cove fisherman
DROVER Jas (John Hodge's Cove fisherman
DROVER William Hodge's Cove fisherman
DROVER Samuel Hodge's Cove fisherman
DROVER Archibald Hodge's Cove fisherman
DROVER Willis Hodge's Cove fisherman
DUFFIT Jas Northern Bight fisherman
DRODGE Jas Northern Bight fisherman
DRODGE John Northern Bight fisherman
EASTMAN Robert Shoal Harbor fisherman
EDDY Robert Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Jacob Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Simeon Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Lemuel Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Isaac Lady Cove fisherman
EDDY Isaac Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Edward Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Pascho Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Arthur Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY Beniah Lee Bight fisherman
EDDY John Clarenville Lumberman
EDDY William Clarenville lumberman
EDDY Jacob Foster's Point fisherman
EDDY William Foster's Point fisherman
EDDY Edward Hickman's Harbor fisherman
EDDY John Hickman's Harbor fisherman
EDDY Henry Hickman's Harbor fisherman
ETHERIDGE Richard Garret's Cove fisherman
EVILLY John Lower Deer Harbor fisherman
EVILLY William Lower Deer Harbor fisherman
FROST Eli Northern Bight fisherman
FROST David Northern Bight fisherman
FROST William Northern Bight fisherman
FROST Jas Northern Bight fisherman
FROST Nehemiah Northern Bight fisherman
FROST Hannibald Northern Bight general dealer
FROST Newman Northern Bight fisherman
FROST Jas Northern Bight fisherman
GARLAND Matthias Englewood forest lumberman
GEORGE John Bald Nap fisherman
GEORGE Noah Foster's Point fisherman
GULIFORD William jr Bald Nap fisherman
GULIFORD Willis Bald Nap fisherman
GULIFORD William sr Bald Nap fisherman
GULIFORD Pierce Bald Nap fisherman
GOOBY John Elliott's Cove fisherman
GOOBY John Foster's Point fisherman
GOOBY Herbert Foster's Point fisherman
GOOBY George Foster's Point fisherman
GOOBY Simeon Queen's Cove fisherman
GOOBY Richard Queen's Cove fisherman
GOOBY Nathanial Queen's Cove fisherman
GOOBY Jas Queen's Cove fisherman
GOOBY Newman Queen's Cove fisherman
GOOBY Jos Queen's Cove fisherman
GOOBY Samuel Bald Nap fisherman
GREGORY Nathanial Queen's Cove fisherman
GREGORY Elisha Queen's Cove fisherman
GOSSE Robert Long Beach fisherman
GOSSE Thomas Long Beach fisherman
GOSSE Jas Long Beach fisherman
GOSSE Eleazer Long Beach fisherman
GOSSE Bertram Long Beach fisherman
GREEN Charles Deep Bight fisherman
GREEN Philemon sr Deep Bight fisherman
GREEN Philemon jr Deep Bight fisherman
GREEN Jos Deep Bight fisherman
GREEN Enoch Deep Bight fisherman
HAYWARD Bertram Lady Cove fisherman
HART Thophilus Lady Cove fisherman
HART Nathan Lady Cove fisherman
HART William Lady Cove fisherman
HART George sr Lady Cove fisherman
HART G eorge jr Lady Cove fisherman
HANSFORD Charles sr Deep Bight fisherman
HANSFORD Charles jr Deep Bight fisherman
HANSFORD Samuel Deep Bight fisherman
HARRIS Simeon Lee Bight fisherman
HARRIS Abner Lee Bight fisherman
HARNUM John Foster's Point fisherman
HISCOCK Matt Hickman's Harbor fisherman
HISCOCK William Hickman's Harbor fisherman
HISCOCK Nehemiah Hickman's Harbor fisherman
HISCOCK Thomas Butter Cove fisherman
HISCOCK William Butter Cove fisherman
HIGGINS Jacob Hodge's Cove fisherman
HISCOCK Wm Hodge's Cove fisherman
HISCOCK Henry Hodge's Cove fisherman
HISCOCK George Hodge's Cove fisherman
HISCOCK Geo Brickyard brick maker
HART Saml Robinson's bt fisherman
HIDE Sylvanus Northern bt fisherman
HOUSE Albert Northern bt fisherman
HOUSE John Northern bt fisherman
HUDSON Rev H C Northern bt methodist
HOLLOWAY Salm Island C fisherman
HODDER John Elliott's Cove fisherman
HUTCHINGS Levi Shoal Hr fisherman
IVANY Reuben Shoal Harbour fisherman
JACOBS James Queen's Cove fisherman
JACKSON John North's bight fisherman
JAMES Josiah Robinson's bt fisherman
JOHNSON Geo Clarenville lumberman
KING Wm Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
LANGER Joseph Fox Harbour fisherman
LAMBERT Henry Fox Harbour fisherman
LAMBERT John Fox Harbour fisherman
LAMBERT Samuel Fox Harbour fisherman
LAMBERT Stephen Fox Harbour fisherman
LAMBERT Geo Hickman's Harbour fisherman
LAYWOOD Geo Foster's Point fisherman
LAYWOOD John Foster's Point fisherman
LEONARD Steph Thoroughfare fisherman
LANGER Wm Thoroughfare fisherman
LEGGE Aubrey Garrett's Cove fisherman
LEGGE Corbett Garett's Cove fisherman
LOADER Joseph Northern bt fisherman
LOADER Edward Northern bt fisherman
LOWE Moses Shoal Harbour fisherman
LOWE John Shoal Harbour fisherman
MARCH Lowtrip Lady Cove fisherman
MARCH Norman Lady Cove fisherman
MARCH Wm Lady Cove fisherman
MARCH PHILEMON Lady Cove fisherman  
MAIDMENT Eli Bar Point fisherman
MAIDMENT Olisham Bar Point fisherman
MAIDMENT Richard Bar Point fisherman
MARTIN Uriah Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Heber Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Simeon Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Benjamin Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Abram Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN James Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Alfred Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Hezekiah Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Wm Hickman's Harbour fisherman
MANUEL Moses Fox Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Hezekiah Fox Harbour fisherman
MARTIN Joseph Fox Harbour fisherman
MARAH Joseph Northern bt fisherman
MARTIN Reuben Northern bt fisherman
MESH James Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
MESH Ezra Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
MESH Job Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
MESH Benjamin Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
MESH Solomon Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
MILLER Thos Clarenville lumberman
MOORE Wm Clarenville lumberman
MILLS Nath Sr Thoroughfare fisherman
MILLS John Thoroughfare fisherman
MILLS Thomas Sr Thoroughfare fisherman
MILLS Thomas Jr Thoroughfare fisherman
MILLS Nathaniel Jr Thoroughfare fisherman
MILLS George Thoroughfare fisherman
MILLS George Shoal Harbour fisherman
MILLER Wm Foster's Point fisherman
NEWTON Peter Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
NEWTON Edwin Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
NEWTON Thomas Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
NEWTON Frederick Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
NOSEWORTHY John Shoal Harbour fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Albert Shoal Harbour fisherman
NORRIS Wm Queen's Cove fisherman
PELLY John Robinson's Cove fisherman
PELLY Germain Robinson's Cove fisherman
PELLY John A Shoal Harbour mill man.
PELLY Wm Shoal Harbour mill man.
PELLY Moses Shoal Harbour mill man.
PALMER Geo Shoal Harbour tin smith
PALMER Seth Shoal Harbour saw mills
PALMER David Shoal Harbour saw mills
PELLY Josiah Lady Cove fisherman
PELLY Herbert Lady Cove fisherman
PELLY Edmund Shoal Harbour saw mills
PELLY Sidney Englewood forest saw mills
PELLY John Bar Point fisherman
PETLEY Jethro Bar Point fisherman
PENNY Geo Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
PENNY Wm Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
PENNY John Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
PENNY Elijah Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
PENNY Isaac Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
PURCHASE Joseph Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
PURCHASE Geo Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
PEDDLE John Jr Hodge's Cove fisherman
PEDDLE David Hodge's Cove fisherman
PEDDLE Abraham Hodge's Cove fisherman
PEDDLE Wm Hodge's Cove fisherman
PEDDLE Josiah Hodge's Cove fisherman
PEDDLE Eliel Hodge's Cove fisherman
PEDDLE John Sr Hodge's Cove fisherman
PITTMAN John Hickman's Harbour fisherman
PENNY Jas Hickman's Harbour fisherman
PELLY Joseph Hickman's Harbour fisherman
PITTMAN Allan Clarenville fisherman
PIERCE Edmund Clarenville fisherman
POND Robert Foster's Point fisherman
POND Wm Foster's Point fisherman
POND Thos Foster's Point fisherman
POND John Foster's Point fisherman
POND Joshua Foster's Point fisherman
POND Jas Fox Harbour fisherman
POND Thos Fox Harbour fisherman
PRICE Jeremiah Long Cove fisherman
PRICE Corbet Long Cove fisherman
PRICE Absalom Long Cove fisherman
PRICE Jas Long Cove fisherman
PRICE Stephen Long Cove fisherman
PRICE Noah Northern Bight fisherman
REED Jas Sr Lady Cove fisherman
REED Jas Jr Lady Cove fisherman
REED Henry Lady Cove fisherman
REED John Clarenville lumberman
REED Geo Foster's Point fisherman
REED Elias Foster's Point fisherman
REED Robert Foster's Point fisherman
REED Richard Foster's Point fisherman
REED John W Foster's Point fisherman
ROBBIN Elias Hatchet Cove fisherman
ROBBIN Eleazer Hatchet Cove fisherman
ROBBIN Thos Hatchet Cove fisherman
RYAN Stephen Shoal Harbour fisherman
SEVIOUR Isaac Shoal Harbour fisherman
SEWARD Stephen Garrett's Cove fisherman
SHORT Samuel Deep Bight fisherman
SHORT Jas Deep Bight fisherman
SMITH Stephen Hodge's Cove fisherman
SMITH Abraham Hodge's Cove fisherman
SMITH Thos Hodge's Cove fisherman
SMITH Albert Hodge's Cove fisherman
SMITH Thos Fox Harbour fisherman
SMITH Isaac Fox Harbour fisherman
SMITH Albert Island Cove fisherman
SMITH Robert Island Cove fisherman
SMITH Borenzo Island Cove fisherman
SMITH Horatio Island Cove fisherman
SMITH Ebenezer Island Cove fisherman
SMITH Simeon Island Cove fisherman
SMITH Thos Elliot's Cove fisherman
SMITH Moses Elliot's Cove coaster
SMITH Chas Elliot's Cove fisherman
SMITH Aaron Elliot's Cove lumberman
SMITH Ephraim Elliot's Cove lumberman
SMITH Edmund Elliot's Cove fisherman
SMITH Henry Elliot's Cove fisherman
SMITH Jacob Hodge's Cove fisherman
SYMONDS Jno Hickman's Harbour fisherman
SHORT Jas Hickman's Harbour fisherman
SOPER Chas Lady Cove fisherman
SOPER John Lady Cove fisherman
SOPER Angus Lady Cove fisherman
SOPER Jas Lady Cove fisherman
SOPER Edw Lady Cove fisherman
SOPER Henry Lady Cove fisherman
SOPER Jos Lady Cove fisherman
SHARP Wm Lady Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Wm Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Joseph Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Abram Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL David Sr Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL David Jr Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Edward Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Moses Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Uriah Jr Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Uriah Sr Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Thos Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Jas Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL John Butter Cove fisherman
SPURRELL Jos Butter Cove fisherman
STANLEY Eli Bald Nap fisherman
STANLEY Chas Shoal Harbour fisherman
STANLEY Wm Shoal Harbour fisherman
STANLEY Malcolm Shoal Harbour fisherman
STANLEY Richard Shoal Harbour fisherman
STANLEY Arthur Shoal Harbour fisherman
STRINGER Nathaniel Caplin Cove fisherman
STRINGER Josiah Caplin Cove fisherman
SHAW Geo Caplin Cove fisherman
STRONG Jos Clarenville lumberman
STRONG Wm Clarenville lumberman
STRONG Ebenezer Clarenville lumberman
STRONG Horatio Clarenville lumberman
STRONG Alfred Clarenville lumberman
SEWARD Adam Clarenville lumberman
STANLEY Levi Clarenville lumberman
STANLEY Zebedee Clarenville lumberman
SEWARD Edmund Clarenville lumberman
SUMMERS James Clarenville saw mills
SUMMERS Ernest Clarenville saw mills
SUMMERS Alex Clarenville lumberman
STYLES Jas Jr Northern Bight fisherman
STYLES Jas Sr Northern Bight fisherman
STYLES Jordan Northern Bight fisherman
STYLES James W Northern Bight fisherman
SANFORD Thomas Northern Bight fisherman
STANFORD George Northern Bight fisherman
STANFORD William Northern Bight fisherman
STANFORD Benjamin Northern Bight fisherman
SEWARD Simeon Northern Bight fisherman
THISTLE Samuel Northern Bight fisherman
THISTLE Azarian Hickman's Harbour fisherman
THISTLE Reuben Hickman's Harbour fisherman
THOMAS Henry Hodge's Cove fisherman
TILLEY John Shoal Harbour fisherman
TUCK Caleb Shoal Harbour fisherman
TILLEY Jos Clarenville lumberman
TILLEY George Clarenville lumberman
TILLEY Moses Clarenville lumberman
TILLEY Walter Clarenville lumberman
TILLEY Archibald Clarenville lumberman
VARDY John Hickman's Harbour fisherman
VEY John Long Beach fisherman
VEY Alfred Long Beach fisherman
VEY Nicholas Long Beach fisherman
VEY James Long Beach fisherman
VEY William Sr Long Beach fisherman
VEY William Jr Long Beach fisherman
VEY Simeon Long Beach fisherman
VIVIAN John Northern Bight fisherman
WHELAN Edmund Caplin Cove fisherman
WHELAN Simeon Caplin Cove fisherman
WHELAN Wm Caplin Cove fisherman
WHELAN Josiah Caplin Cove fisherman
WHELAN Edw Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
WHELAN James Lower Deer Harbour fisherman
WHEATLEY Rev J J Shoal Harbour methodist
WISEMAN Arthur Shoal Harbour fisherman
WISEMAN Thomas Shoal Harbour fisherman
WILLS Samuel Shoal Harbour fisherman
WILCOX Moses Hodge's Cove fisherman

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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Michael Cooper

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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