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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Twillingate District
Pelly's Island
SurnameGiven Name Occupation
ANTHONY John fisherman
ANTHONY Samuel miner
ANSTY Eli carpenter
ASPELL Peter miner
ABBOTT Geo laborer
ABBOTT Chas laborer
BEATTY Andrew H manager of pyrites mine
BLACKLER Wm genl dealer
BARRON Jas miner
BARRON Wm miner
BLACKMORE Henry schr master
BURT Henry carpenter
BLACKMORE Geo fisherman
BLACKMORE Arthur miner
BLACKMORE Benj miner
BLACKMORE Elijah miner
BLACKMORE Stephen miner
BURGERY Wm miner
BENNETT Elijah blacksmith
BREEN John blacksmith
BIGLEY John miner
BUCKLEY Thos miner
BRINESTONE Keziah, wid Henry  
CAVE Robt fisherman
CALLAHAN Nathaniel miner
COOK John miner
COOK Arthur fisherman
CARPENTER Thos fisherman
COFFIN Chas miner
COLBOURNE John miner
COLEMAN Jos miner
CURTIS Francis saw mill owner
COBB George miner
CONNORS Francis miner
CONNORS Michael miner
CONNORS John miner
CONNORS Walter miner
COBB Alfred miner
CHAPPEL Henry fisherman
DELOUGHREY Joseph machinist
DENNY Saml fisherman
DEAN Joseph miner
DONAHOE Edw miner
DENNY Daniel miner
DOBBIN David miner
DONAHOE Jeremiah fisherman
DONAHOE Michl laborer
DONAHOE John miner
ELLIOTT Esau miner
FROUD Thomas fireman
FORWARD Willis carpenter
FORWARD Kenneth miner
FUREY Peter miner
FIFIELD Wm laborer
GARDINER Martin miner
GLAVINE Wm miner
GLAVINE Thos miner
GLAVINE David engine driver
GOUDY Wm laborer
GOUDY John laborer
GUY John fisherman
GUY Fredk schooner holder
GUY Ambrose fisherman
GUY Chas fisherman
GUY Tobias fisherman
GARLAND Wm preventive officer
HOWLETT Israel trader
HENCOK John fisherman
HOWELL John miner
HOWELL Samuel miner
HOWELL Geo miner
HACKETT Robt tug boat capt
HARRIS Joseph fisherman
HUGHES Henry miner
HILEY Richd F physician
HUMPHRIES Alfred shoemaker
HERBERT Horace M accountant
JONES John fisherman
JURE Fredk fisherman
KENNEDY Hugh miner
KEATING Larry miner
LEDREW Richd fisherman
LOCK Fredk, sr ship carpenter
LOCK Fredk fisherman
LOCK Edw miner
LOCK Geo miner
LEDREW Chas laborer
LEDREW Samuel fisherman
LUFF Wesley fisherman
LeDREW Philip, sr fisherman
LeDREW Philip, jr miner
LeDREW Reuben light keeper
LAIR Benjamin schr holder
LAIR Joseph fisherman
LEMME Michl machinist
LOCK Jas miner
LOCK Wm miner
LOCK Jesse carpenter
LeDREW Geo pilot and light kpr
MAY Fredk miner
MILLEY Geo carpenter
MILLEY Adolphus laborer
MADDICKS John capt of mines
McCUISH Daniel capt of mines
MUPHY Stephen miner
MILLS Edgar clerk
MAY John laborer
METCALF Martin miner
MOORS Thos engineer
MOORS Timothy laborer
MULLINS Elias laborer
NOSEWORTHY Solomon miner
NOSEWORTHY Joseph miner
NOREMORE Hannibal miner
OAK Joseph fisherman
OSMOND John miner
OSMOND Joseph miner
OSMOND Thos miner
OSMOND Patk miner
OSMOND Michael laborer
OXFORD Joseph carpenter
OXFORD Philip fireman
OAK David miner
PENNY Thos miner
POWER John bookkeeper
PAYNE James fisherman
PAYNE Wm fisherman
PAYNE Edw fisherman
PEARCE Wm H time keeper
PILLEY Walter miner
POLLARD Eli laborer
POND Wm foreman mines
RAINES Henry fisherman
RICE Stephen miner
RICE Jas miner
RIDOUT Richd laborer
RIDOUT Wm G fisherman
RIDOUT Edw fisherman
RIDOUT Alfred fisherman
ROUSELL John cooper
ROUSELL Archibald fisherman
ROUSELL Thos fisherman
RAINES Josiah fisherman
RAINES Wm fisherman
RICE John fisherman
ROBERTS Andrew fisherman
RUSSELL John T fisherman
RIDOUT Wm fisherman
RICE Geo laborer
RICE Hercules laborer
REID Moses miner
RATCHFORD Thos miner
RANDLE Geo carpenter
ROBERTS John, sr fisherman
ROBERTS John, jr fisherman
ROBERTS Edwin W genl dealer
ROBERTS Thos carpenter
ROBERTS Francis laborer
ROBERTS Luke miner
ROBERTS John fisherman
RANDLE Wm carpenter
RANDLE Arthur miner
RIDOUT Wm carpenter
RIDOUT Reuben miner
RIDOUT Jas miner
RILEY Edw pattern maker
STICKLAND Walter laborer
STONE Wm storekeeper
STUCKLESS Eli fisherman
SHORT Beniah fisherman
STUCKLESS Samuel fisherman
STIVEY Benjamin laborer
SWANSEN Chas teamster
SNOW John laborer
SHEARON John miner
SQUIRES Jeremiah miner
SUTTON Michl general dealer
SPENCER Edw miner
SIMMS Alfred laborer
SIMMS Geo fisherman
STRONG Arch H mineral analyst
SMITH Alfred A J accountant
SIMMS John laborer
SIMMS Thos laborer
STUCKLESS Uriah laborer
STUCKLESS Willis laborer
THOMPSON Geo fisherman
THOMPSON Jas fisherman
THOMPSON Leonard fisherman
TUCKER Chas general dealer
TIZZARD Geo laborer
VOY Wm miner
VOY Jas miner
WARD Simon laborer
WALSH John fisherman
WYATT Thos watchman
WYATT Arthur miner
WHITE Simon laborer
WHITE Philip laborer
WHITE Chas laborer
WAY Wm fisherman
WAY Samuel fisherman
WAY John fisherman
WHEALON Mark fisherman
WELLS Job miner
WITT Wm miner
WARR Geo carpenter
WAY John fisherman

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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Laura Lordan

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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