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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Twillingate District
Moreton,s Harbour
SurnameGiven NameLocationOccupation
ANTHONY Rbt Moreton's hr shoemkr
ANSTY Job Cottls Isld fisherman
ANSTY Eli Cottls Isld fisherman
ANSTY Henry Farmer's Arm fishmn
ANSTY Mark Farmer's Arm fishmn
BRITT Henry Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Wm Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Samuel Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Ambrose Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Ralph Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT John Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Wm Geo Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Brazil Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Augustus Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Hayward Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Charles Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Wm Henry Moreton's hr fishmn
BRITT Walter G Moreton's hr fishmn
BENNETT John Moreton's hr blacksmith
BENNETT George Moreton's hr servant
BARTLETT Rev W J Moreton's hr methodist
BARTLETT John Moreton's hr fisherman
BARTLETT Edward Moreton's hr fisherman
BARNES John Moreton's hr fisherman
BURT Wm Jas Moreton's hr fisherman
BURT Saml Chance hr west fisherman
BARTLETT Joseph Chance hr west fisherman
BARTLETT Alfred Chance hr west fisherman
BOYDE Thomas Chance hr west fisherman
BURGE Uriah Chance hr w fisherman
BULGIN George Cottle's isld fisherman
BARNES Isaac J Farmer's arm fisherman
BOYDE James Farmer's arm fisherman
BOYDE Peter Farmer's arm fisherman
BOWEN Job Farmer's arm fisherman
BOWEN George Farmer's arm fisherman
BURGE Hannah, wid Moreton's hr 
BARNES mrs, wid Thos Moreton's hr 
CANNING Wm Moreton's hr fisherman
CANNING Jeremiah Moreton's hr fisherman
CANNING Samuel Moreton's hr fisherman
CRABB Samuel Moreton's hr fisherman
CRABB Solomon Moreton's hr fisherman
CHRONIC Edward Moreton's hr fisherman
CHRONIC Henry Moreton's hr fisherman
CHRONIC Wm Moreton's hr fisherman
COLBOURNE John S Moreton's hr gen dealer
CHALK Adam Moreton's hr fisherman
CANNING Chas Whale gulch fisherman
COOPER wm Cottle's island fisherman
COLBOURNE Jerem Chance hr fisherman
CRITCH Wm Chance hr fisherman
COMPTON Jno Farmer's arm fisherman
DEER Eva, wid Moreton's hr 
DEER Joseph Pearce's hr fisherman
EARLE Abram Moreton's hr sailor
EARLE George Moreton's hr fisherman
EARLE Wm Moreton's hr fisherman
EARLE Elias Farmer's arm fisherman
ELLIOTT Samuel Farmer's arm fisherman
FRENCH Edward Morton's hr fisherman
FRENCH James Morton's hr fisherman
FRENCH Alfred Morton's hr fisherman
FRENCH Frederick Morton's hr fisherman
FUDGE Thomas Whale gulch fisherman
FUDGE Frederick Whale gulch fisherman
FUDGE Robert Whale gulch fisherman
FUDGE Joseph Whale gulch fisherman
FUDGE Valentine Whale gulch fisherman
FUDGE Sarah, wid Moreton's hr 
FLIGHT Zebede Cottle's isld fisherman
FLYNN John Farmer's arm fisherman
GATEHOUSE Mark Morton's hr fisherman
GILLINGHAM Jno Pearce's hr fisherman
GATES George Farmer's arm fisherman
HANN Sol Moreton's hr fisherman
HANN Samuel Moreton's hr fisherman
HORWOOD George Moreton's hr fisherman
HARVEY Joseph Moreton's hr fisherman
JENNINGS Jonathan Moreton's hr fisherman
JENNINGS Elijah Moreton's hr fisherman
JENNINGS Ambrose Moreton's hr fisherman
JENNINGS Samuel Moreton's hr fisherman
JENNINGS Walt Moreton's h fisherman
JENNINGS Wm Moreton's h fisherman
JENNINGS Thos Western hd fisherman
JENNINGS Robt Western hd fisherman
JENNINGS Henry Western hd fisherman
JENNINGS Abner Western hd fisherman
JENNINGS Geo Whale Gulch fisherman
JENNINGS Nathan Whale Gulch fisherman
JONES Stanley Western Arm fisherman
JONES Matthias Western Arm fisherman
JONES Abel Western Arm fisherman
JONES Wm Western Arm fisherman
JONES Kenneth Western Arm fisherman
JONES Amos Western Arm fisherman
JONES Azariah Wesern Arm fisherman
JONES Jas, sr Western Arm fisherman
JONES Willis Wesern Arm fisherman
JONES Jas Chance hbr fisherman
JENKINS Thos Farmer's arm fisherman
JENKINS Alfred Farmer's arm fisherman
JENKINS Philip Farmer's arm fisherman
KNIGHT Jos Morton's hr fisherman
KNIGHT Wm Morton's hr fisherman
KNIGHT Fredk Morton's hr fisherman
KNIGHT Abraham Morton's hr fisherman
KNIGHTmrs, wid ThosMorton's hr
KING Saml Cuttles Isld cv fisherman
KING Chas Cuttles Isld cv fisherman
LOCKE Jas Morton's hbr fisherman
LOCKE Samuel Morton's hbr fisherman
LOOKE (sic) Charlottewid David Morton's harbor
LOWE mrs, widow Morton's hbr 
LOWE Jabez Chance hbr fisherman
MILLS Wm Morton's hbr fisherman
MILLS John Morton's hbr fisherman
MILLS Archibald Morton's hbr fisherman
MILLS Joshua Morton's hbr fisherman
MUDFORD Mark Cottles Isld fisherman
MOORES Elihu Cottles Isld fisherman
MANUEL John Cottles Isld fisherman
MAIDMENT Geo Farmer's arm fisherman
MAIDMENT Abram Farmer's arm fisherman
NEWPORT Richd Morton's hbr fisherman
NORMAN Abraham Morton's hbr s a officer
NOEL Josiah Chance hbr sailor
OSMOND Wm Morton's hbr fisherman
OSMOND Alfred Morton's hbr fisherman
OSMOND Jonathan Morton's hbr fisherman
OSMOND Aaron, sr Morton's hbr fisherman
OSMOND Jos B Morton's hbr gen dealer
OSMOND Daw P Morton's hbr gen dealer
OSMOND Lewis Morton's hbr gen dealer
OSMOND Ambrose Morton's hbr gen dealer
OSMOND Jos Moreton's hr fisherman
OSMOND Mark Moreton's hr postmaster
OSMOND Aaron Chance hbr fisherman
OSMOND Absalom Chance hbr fisherman
OXFORD Peter Moreton's hr S army
PENNY Thos Moreton's hr fisherman
PRICE Jas Moreton's hr fisherman
PEDDLE Geo Pearce's hbr fisherman
PEDDLE Abraham Pearce's hbr fisherman
PHILPOT Wm Hy Cottle's isd fisherman
PRIOR Thos Cottle's isd fisherman
RUSSEL And Moreton's hbr fisherman
RUSSEL Edw Moreton's hbr fisherman
RUSSEL Wm Moreton's hbr fisherman
RUSSEL Samuel Moreton's hbr fisherman
RIDOUT Jas Sam's cove fisherman
RIDOUT Andrew Sam's cove fisherman
RIDOUT Edw Sam's cove fisherman
RIDOUT Mark Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Hercules Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Geo Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Theophelus Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Theodore Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT John Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Samuel Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Simon Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Ambrose Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Elijah Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Kenneth Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Reuben Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Wm Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Theophelus Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Parmenas Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Alfred Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Eaneas Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Jabez Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Albert Whale gulch fisherman
RIDOUT Jas Whale gulch fisherman
STUCKLESS Rd Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Emanuel Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Wm Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Arthur Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Jabez Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Reuben Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Joseph Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Samuel Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL John Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Paul Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Ephraim Moreton's hr fisherman
SMALL Wm E Moreton's hr fisherman
SCOTT Jas Moreton's hr fisherman
SCOTT Thos Moreton's hr fisherman
STRIDE Jas Chance harbor fisherman
STRIDE Ephraim Chance harbor fisherman
TAYLOR Wm Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Amdrose Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Jas Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Walter Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Albert Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Thos Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Fredk Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Simon Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Theophelus Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Joseph Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Geo Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR John Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Mark Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR John Jas Moreton's hbr fisherman
TAYLOR Edmund Moreton's hbr fisherman
TRAVERS Gideon Sam's cove fisherman
TRAVERS Harold Sam's cove fisherman
VERGE Math Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Samuel Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Bazil Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Wm Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Jas, sr Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Walter Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Jas jr Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Obadiah Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Edmund Moreton's hbr fisherman
WALL Mark Moreton's hbr fisherman
WATKINS Mark Moreton's hbr fisherman
WINSOR Simon Moreton's hbr fisherman
WOOLFRIES Samuel Moreton's hbr fisherman
WOOLFRIES Edw Moreton's hbr fisherman
WOOLFRIES Geo Moreton's hbr fisherman
WHITE Thos Whale gulch fisherman
WHITE Geo Whale gulch fisherman
WHITE Edw Whale gulch fisherman
WHITE Fredk Whale gulch fisherman
WATKINS Hy Farmer's arm fisherman
WATKINS Aram Farmer's arm fisherman
WATKINS Levi Farmer's arm fisherman
WHEELER Jacob Farmer's arm fisherman
WHEELER Joseph Farmer's arm fisherman
WHEELER Thos Farmer's arm fisherman
WHEELER Elijah Farmer's arm lob packer
WHEELER Richd Farmer's arm fisherman

234 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Laura Lordan

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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