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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Twillingate District
Herring Neck and Vicinity
SurnameGiven NameLocationOccupation
ATKINS Solomon Salt har fisherman
ATKINS John Salt har fisherman
ATKINS Thomas Salt har fisherman
ANDRE Ephraim Green's cv fisherman
ANDRE John Green's cv fisherman
ALLEN Jas, jr Toogood arm fisherman
ALLEN Simon Toogood arm fisherman
ALLEN James, sr Toogood arm fisherman
BLANDFORD Jos Salt harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD John Salt hbr fisherman
BLANDFORD Archibd Salt hbr fisherman
BATT Samuel Starve harbor fisherman
BATT Thomas Starve harbor fisherman
BATT Benjamin Starve harbor fisherman
BATT Robert Starve harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD Peter Starve harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD Esau, sr Starve harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD Esau, jr Starve harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD Thomas Starve harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD Eli Starve harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD Daniel Starve harbor fisherman
BLANDFORD Darius Starve harbor fisherman
BRIDGER John Starve harbor fisherman
BURTON James Toogood arm fisherman
BURTON Arthur Toogood arm fisherman
BURTON Moses Toogood arm fisherman
BLAKE Wm Toogood arm fisherman
BLAKE Thomas Green's cove fisherman
BLANDFORD Levi Pike's arm fisherman
BLAKE Henry Cobb's arm fisherman
BATH Thomas Cobb's arm fisherman
BROWN Henry Cobb's arm fisherman
BLANDFORD Sarah, wid Salt harbor  
BLAKE mrs, wid Thomas Salt harbor  
BATH Elizabeth, wid Saml Green's c  
BLAKE Jane, wid Cobb's arm  
COOKE Geo Merritt's har fisherman
COOKE John Merrit's har fisherman
CARD John Merritt's har fisherman
CARD Samuel Merritt's har fisherman
CARD Francis Merritt's har fisherman
COAKER Wm F Starve hr tel operatr
CHAMBERLAIN Rev G S Starve harbor episcopalian
CASTLE Joseph Starve har fisherman
CROSSLEY James Gut arm fisherman
CROSSLEY Abel Gut arm fisherman
CROSSLEY John Gut arm fisherman
CASTLE Robert Green's cove fisherman
CUTLER George Pike's arm fisherman
CUTLER Edward Pike's arm fisherman
CUTLER Levi Pike's arm fisherman
CUTLER Esau Pike's arm fisherman
CUTLER Samuel Pike's arm fisherman
CUTLER Thomas Pike's arm fisherman
CUTLER Wm Pike's arm fisherman
CUTLER Thomas Cobb's arm fisherman
COWARD Henry Cobb's arm fisherman
CUTLER mrs wid Wm Pike's arm  
COLLINS Mariah, wid Starve harbor  
CASTLE Ann, wid Jas Green's cove  
DALLY Henry Clark's cove fisherman
DALLY Thos, sr Pike's arm fisherman
DALLY Eli Pike's arm fisherman
DALLY Thomas, jr Pike's arm fisherman
DALLY Robert Pike's arm fisherman
DALLY Elias Pike's arm fisherman
DALLY Albert Pike's arm fisherman
DALLY John Cobb's arm fisherman
DALLY mrs, wid Thos Cobb's arm  
DALLY mrs, wid Thos Pike's arm  
ELLIOTT Richd Merritt's hr fisherman
EDNEY John Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Levi Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Alfred Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Ephraim Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Isaac, jr Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Charles, sr Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Elijah Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Abraham Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING George Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Isaac, sr Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Esau, jr Starve harbor fisherman
FARTHING Charles, jr Starve harbor fisherman
FUDGE James Starve harbor fisherman
FLORENCE George Starve harbor fisherman
FUDGE Samuel Cobb's Arm fisherman
FUDGE Jeremiah Pike's arm fisherman
GRIMES Elias Starve harbor fisherman
GRIMES David Starve harbor fisherman
GRIMES Wm Starve harbor fisherman
GRIMES Peter Starve harbor clerk
GILLAM John Starve harbor fisherman
GABRIEL Herbert Starve harbor clerk
GREENE James Starve harbor fisherman
GARLAND John Starve harbor fisherman
GRIMES Tim Toogood arm fisherman
GILLETT John Pike's arm fisherman
GILLETT James Pike's arm fisherman
HOLMES Rev A A Gut arm meth
HICKS Wm Merritt's har fisherman
HOLWELL John Gut arm fisherman
HOLWELL Geo Gut arm fisherman
HOLWELL Claud Gut arm fisherman
HOLWELL Wm Baccalieu lt h keepr
HOLWELL Arthur Gut Arm fisherman
HEATER Samuel Gut Arm fisherman
HEATER John Gut Arm fisherman
HUSSEY John Starve hbr fisherman
HUSSEY Alfred Starve hbr fisherman
HUSSEY Richard Starve hbr fisherman
HUSSEY Thos Starve hbr fisherman
HAYNES Robt Starve hbr fisherman
HURLEY Jas Toogood Arm fisherman
HURLEY Isaac Toogood Arm fisherman
HURLEY Abraham Toogood Arm fisherman
HURLEY Geo, sr Toogood Arm fisherman
HURLEY Geo, jr Toogood arm fisherman
HURLEY Wm Toogood arm fisherman
HURLEY Jacob Toogood arm fisherman
HURLEY Martin Toogood arm fisherman
HURLEY Arthur Toogood arm fisherman
HURLEY Amelia, wid Jas Green cove  
INKPEN Jas Cobb's Arm fisherman
JONES Wm Gut Arm fisherman
JONES John Gut Arm fisherman
JONES Ann wid Thos Gut arm
KING Geo Merritt's hbr fisherman
KATES Samuel Merritt's hbr fisherman
KIRLEY Benjamin Starve hbr fisherman
KIRLEY Jas Starve hbr fisherman
KIRLEY John Starve hbr fisherman
KIRLEY Thos Starve hbr fisherman
KIRLEY Samuel Gut Arm fisherman
KIRLEY Samuel Toogood Arm fisherman
KEEFE Abraham Cobb's Arm fisherman
KIRLEY Jos Hatchet hbr fisherman
KIRLEY Alfred Hatchet hbr fisherman
KIRLEY John Hatchet hbr fisherman
KIRLEY Arthur Hatchet hbr fisherman
KIRLEY Wm Hatchet hbr fisherman
KIRLEY mrs Esther, wid Cobbs Arm  
LANGODWN Saml Merritt's hr fisherman
LEIGH John Merritt's hr fisherman
LOVELACE John, sr Gut Arm fisherman
LOVELACE Reuben Gut Arm fisherman
LOVELACE Fredk Gut Arm fisherman
LOVELACE John, jr Gut Arm fisherman
LOVELACE Lionel Gut Arm fisherman
LOCKYER Jas D Starve hr accountnt
LOADER Elijah Pike's Arm fisherman
LUSCOMBE Eli Pike's Arm fisherman
LUSCOMBE Jos Pike's Arm fisherman
LOADER Wm Cobb's Arm fisherman
LOADER Jas Cobb's Arm fisherman
MILES Samuel Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Wm Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Isaac Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Henry Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Jonathan Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Andrew Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Elijah Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Francis Salt hbr fisherman
MILES Stephen Salt hbr fisherman
MURCELL Wm Starve hbr fisherman
MURCELL Chas Starve hbr fisherman
MAHANY Wm Gut Arm fisherman
MAHANY Valentine Gut Arm fisherman
MUNDY Robt Starve hbr agent
MILES Philip Toogood Arm fisherman
MILLS mrs wid Andrew Starve hbr  
NOBLE Henry Merritt' hbr fisherman
OXFORD Jas Starve hbr fisherman
OXFORD Henry Starve hbr fisherman
OXFORD Eli Starve hbr fisherman
OXFORD Thos Starve hbr fisherman
POWELL Francis Merritt's hr farmer
POWELL Levi Merritt's hr farmer
POWELL Andrew Merritt's hr farmer
POWELL Robt Merritt's hr farmer
POWELL Stephen Merritt's hr farmer
POWELL Elijah Merritt's hr farmer
POWELL Edward Merritt's hr farmer
POWELL Geo Merritt's hr farmer
PHILPOTT Chas Starve hr storekeepr
PHILPOTT John Starve hr fisherman
PARSONS Robt Starve hr fisherman
PEPPER Geo Starve hr teacher and preventive officer
PICKFORD Edwin Toogood Arm fisherman
PHILPOTT Sophia, wid Thos Salt hbr  
PHILPOTT Jane, wid Isaac Starve hbr  
REDDICK Solm Gut Arm fisherman
REDDICK John Gut Arm fisherman
RICE Robert Starve hbr fisherman
RICE Theodore Starve hbr fisherman
RUSSELL Saml Toogood Arm fisherman
RUSSELL Wm Toogood Arm fisherman
ROSE Robt Green's cove fisherman
ROSE John Green's cove fisherman
ROSE Wm Green's cove fisherman
RICHMOND Wm Green's cove fisherman
RICHMOND John Green's cove fisherman
RICHMOND Thos Green's cove fisherman
RICHARDS Edward Clark's cve fisherman
RICHARDS Wm Clark's cve fisherman
REDDICK Eliz, Wid Darius Gut Arm  
RICE Mary Ann, wid John Merritt's harbor  
SQUIRES Simon Salt hbr fisherman
SEALEY Wm Salt hbr fisherman
SEALEY John Salt hbr fisherman
STONE John Starve hbr fisherman
SMART Solomon Starve hr fisherman
SMART Robt Starve hr fisherman
SMART John Starve hr fisherman
SMART Henry Starve hr fisherman
SMART Eli, sr Starve hr fisherman
SMART Eli, jr Starve hr fisherman
SMART Wm Starve hr fisherman
SMART Jas Starve hr fisherman
SMART Thos Starve hr fisherman
SMART Jonas Starve hr fisherman
SMART John Starve hr fisherman
SQUIRES Jos Starve hbr fisherman
STUCKEY Stephen Starve hbr fisherman
SIMMONS Wm Gut Arm fisherman
SIMMONS Stephen Gut Arm fisherman
SIMMONS Samuel Gut Arm fisherman
STUCKEY Darius Green's cv fisherman
STUCKEY Henry Green's cv fisherman
STUCKEY Wm Clark's cove fisherman
STUCKEY Thos Clark's cove fisherman
STUCKEY Edward Clark's cove fisherman
STRONG Theodore Clark's cove fisherman
STUCKEY Elias Pike's Arm fisherman
STUCKEY Jos Pike's Arm fisherman
STONE Samuel Pike's Arm fisherman
STONE Obadiah Pike's Arm fisherman
STUCKEY mrs, wid Thos Pike's arm  
STUCKEY Hannah, wid Wm Pike's Arm  
SAUNDERS Thos Cobb's Arm fisherman
SAUNDERS mrs, wid Jas Cobb's Arm  
SMITH Phoebe, wid Amb Lobster hr  
TERROVILLE mrs, wid Jeremiah Gut arm  
TERROVILLE Jos Starve hr fisherman
TERROVILLE Benj Starve hr fisherman
TERROVILLE Jeremiah Starve hr fisherman
TUCK Thos Goldson's Arm fisherman
TUCK John Goldson's Arm fisherman
TUFFIN Sylvester Green's c fisherman
TUFFIN John Green's c fisherman
TUFFIN Thos Green's c fisherman
WARREN Elijah Salt Harbor fisherman
WARREN John, sr Salt Harbor fisherman
WARREN Jas Salt Harbor fisherman
WARREN Thos Salt Harbor fisherman
WARREN John, jr Starve hr fisherman
WARREN Darius Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD Albert Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD Elias Starve hr fisherman
WEODFORD Timothy Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD Thos Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD Elias, jr Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD John Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD Geo Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD Wm Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD John, jr Starve hr fisherman
WOODFORD Alfred Starve hr fisherman
WATKINS Geo Starve hr fisherman
WHEALAN John Starve hr fisherman
WATKINS Wm Gut arm fisherman
WALSH Wm Gut Arm fisherman
WALSH Thos Gut Arm fisherman
WOODFORD Thos Gut Arm fisherman
WOODFORD Francis Gut Arm fisherman
WARREN Albert Gut Arm fisherman
WARREN Titus Gut Arm fisherman
WARREN Elias Gut Arm fisherman
WARREN Walter Gut Arm fisherman
WOODFORD Alf Toogood Arm fisherman
WHITE Abraham Toogood Arm fisherman
WHITE Eli Toogood Arm fisherman
WHITE John Green cove fisherman
WHITE Jeremiah Green cove fisherman
WHITE Wm Pike's Arm fisherman
WATTS Wm Pike's Arm fisherman
WATTS Cornelius Pike's Arm fisherman
WATTS Nathaniel Pike's Arm fisherman
WATTS Alfred Pike's Arm fisherman
WOODS Henry, sr Cobb's Arm fisherman
WOODS Henry, jr Cobb's Arm fisherman
WALSH Jos Cobb's Arm fisherman
WALSH Thos Cobb's Arm fisherman
WALSH Jas Cobb's Arm fisherman
WARREN Rebecca, wid Elias Salt hr  
WARRICK Diana, widow Pike's Arm  
WARREN Mary Ann, widow William Herring Neck  
WARREN Sarah Jane, widow Elias jr Herring Neck  
WHITE mrs, wid John Green cove  
WOODFORD Mary, wid Alf Green cove  
WOODWORD Mariah, widow Thomas Cut Arm  

299 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Laura Lordan

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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