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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Burin District
Grand Bank
AYRE Hester wid John
ANSTEY Saml fisherman
ABBOT Thos fisherman
AHEIR Elias fisherman
ANSTEY Wm fisherman
BUTT John T carpenter
BETHUNE Alexander carpenter
BETHUNE Kenneth carpenter
BANDFIELD David carpenter
BROWN Michl fisherman
BREWER Mrs wid Benj
BOND William fisherman
BENNETT Benj fisherman
BELL George preventive officer
BUFFETT G A (j.p.) genl merch
BUFFETT Aaron gentleman
BUFFETT Dinah wid Benj
BUTT Geo fisherman
BUTT Thos fisherman
BUTT Richd fisherman
BUTT Wm fisherman
BELBEN Jas sr. fisherman
BELBEN Jas jr. fisherman
BELBEN Christiana wid Saml
BRADLEY Sampson fisherman
BRADLEY Nancy wid Henry
BRADLEY Emma wid Wm
BROWN John fisherman
BUTLER Wm fisherman
BELBEN Wm fisherman
BEARNS Jane wid Geo fisherman
BAMBURY Wm fisherman
BAVIS Mary wid John fisherman
BANDFIELD Henry fisherman
BENNETT Philip fisherman
CAMP John customs officer
COURTNEY Wm G master mariner
COURTNEY Henry H master mariner
CROSS Edw fisherman
COX Philip ships' carpenter
COX Esther wid Daniel
CHANCEY Robt shop keeper
CAMP Geo fisherman
CLEMENTS Wm laborer
CLEMENTS Saml fisherman
CLEMENTS Geo fisherman
CLEMENTS Charles fisherman
COURTNEY Lydia wid Robt
DUNFORD Geo shop keeper
DUNFORD Robt fisherman
DUNFORD Ann wid Saml
DODMAN Chas fisherman
DODMAN Alford mariner
DOWNEY Levi fisherman
DODGE Ann wid Edward
DOUGLAS Geo fisherman
DEAR Saml fisherman
DIAMOND Benj fisherman
DICKS Wm fisherman
EVANS Wm P mariner
EVANS Elizabeth wid Wm
EVANS Jos sr. master mariner
EVANS Esau sailor
EVANS Charlotte wid Thos
EVANS Jonathan master mariner
EVANS Ambrose seaman
EMBERLY Samuel fisherman
EVANS John seaman
FORSEY Wm clerk
FORWARD Chas clerk
FORSEY Robt F master mariner
FORSEY Joshua master mariner
FORSEY John L (John carpenter
FORWARD Geo fisherman
FORWARD Sarah wid Ambrose
FORWARD Edward fisherman
FORWARD Lavinia wid Ambrose
FORSEY John Lovell fisherman
FORSEY Stephen fisherman
FORSEY Saml B master mariner
FORSEY Aaron sr. Geo fisherman
FORSEY John Ambrose fisherman
FORSEY Robt (Aaron fisherman
FRENCH Morgan lobster packer
FORSEY John (Geo farmer
FORSEY John (John farmer
FORSEY Fredk lobster packer
FRANCIS Benj fisherman
FRANCIS Jane wid John
FRANCIS Jos (Benj fisherman
FRANCIS Solomon fisherman
FRANCIS Elizabeth wid Joseph
FRANCIS Thos (Benj fisherman
FRANCIS John (Benj fisherman
FORSEY Robt Chilcot farmer
FORSEY Philip lobster packer
FORSEY Frances wid Geo
FORSEY Christiana wid Geo
FORSEY Sarah Jane wid Jacob
FRENCH John B lobster packer
FRENCH Wm fisherman
FOWLER Samuel fisherman
FORWARD Jonathan T mariner
FRANCIS Jos sr. fisherman
FOX Wm lobster packer
FRANCIS Thos (Jos fisherman
FOOTEThos merchant
FOOTE Kezia wid Morgan
FOOTEJohn B merchant
FOOTE Aamelia wid Geo
FORSEY John sr. farmer
FORSEY Aaron (John sr. carpenter
GRANDY Aaron master mariner
GRANDY Geo mariner
GRANDY Jane wid Thos
GRANDY Chas seaman
GRANT John jr. fisherman
GRANT John sr. farmer
GRANT Caleb farmer
GRANT Edwin mariner
GREEN Mary wid Geo
GILLARD Philip lobster packer
GREGORY Albert fisherman
HARRIS Eli master carpenter
HARRISSamuel merchant
HARTLING Mary wid Wm
HAUSE Elias fisherman
HISCOCK Josiah jr. fisherman
HICKMAN Wm fisherman
HINES Geo fisherman
HINES Elizabeth wid Wm
HICKMAN John Henry fisherman
HICKMAN Henry sr. shop keeper
HICKMAN Joshua mariner
HICKMAN Sarah wid Jabez
HICKMAN Jane wid Thos
HICKMAN Mary wid Geo A
HICKMAN Priscilla wid Samuel
HICKMAN Maria wid Thos A
HICKMAN Ellen wid Geo
HICKMAN Albert clerk
HISCOCK Joseph master mariner
HICKMAN Geo T tele operator
HICKMAN Morgan fisherman
HICKMAN Henry (Morgan fisherman
HISCOCK John farmer
HANLON Robt fisherman
HICKMAN Geo Ed master mariner
HICKMAN Chas ship carpenter
HICKMANJonath. n (Jon fisherman
HICKMAN Jonathan sr. farmer
HICKMAN Jas W master mariner
HISCOCK FRANCIS master mariner
HICKMAN John R fisherman
HANDRIGAN Michael fisherman
HANDRIGAN John T fisherman
HANDRIGAN Wm fisherman
HANDRIGAN Morgan fisherman
HYDE Geo F master mariner
HYDE Mary wid Ambrose
HICKMAN Geo W faemtr (Sic)
HARDING Geo sr. blacksmith
HARDING Geo jr. iron worker
HARDING Isaac lobster packer
HARDING Herbert canmaker
HEFFERNAN (sic) Elihu shop keeper
HUDSON Jas fisherman
HISCOCK Josiah sr. light keeper
HISCOCK Mary wid Josiah
HICKMAN Robt A fisherman
HOLLETT Benjamin fisherman
HISCOCK George master mariner
HIGGINS John master mariner
HICKMAN Jonathan (Geo carpenter
HICKMAN Wilson fisherman
HAWKINS Edward fisherman
HOLLETT James fisherman
INNES James fisherman
KELLY James fisherman
KEATING Richard fisherman
KEATING John fisherman
KEATING Philip fisherman
KEATING David fisherman
KEATING Luke fisherman
KEEPING Snook fisherman
LEE Joseph fisherman
LAURENCE Charles fisherman
LOVELL George fisherman
LOVELL Jane wid Wilson
LOVELL Stephen fisherman
LUCAS Josiah gentleman
LUCAS Henry fisherman
LAMBERT Samuel fisherman
LAMBERT John fisherman
LEE Robert laborer
LEE George fisherman
LEE Henry fisherman
MATTHEWS Henry fisherman
MATTHEWS John W (Chas mas mar
MATTHEWS Mary wid Chas
MATTHEWS George fisherman
MATTHEWS Benjamin fisherman
MATTHEWS Morgan fisherman
MATTHEWS Wm sr. fisherman
MATTHEWS John (Wm fisherman
MATTHEWS Wilson (Wm fisherman
MATTHEWS Thos Fox fisherman
MATTHEWS Joseph fisherman
MATTHEWS John Rd fisherman
MATTHEWS Wilson (Jos fisherman
MATTHEWS Wm Poole fisherman
MATTHEWS Wm T fisherman
MATTHEWS John (Wm fisherman
MOORES Elizabeth (wid James
McDONALDAllan physician
MILLINGTON James shoreman
MUNDEN George fisherman
MORRIS Thomas fisherman
MURPHY Wm fisherman
NICOLLE Edward fisherman
NICOLLE Philip jr. fisherman
NICOLLE Philip sr. fisherman
NICOLLE Henry fisherman
NICOLLE Joshua fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Richard fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Wilson fisherman
NOSEWORTHY John fisherman
NURSERev James methodist
NURSE Susan wid James
OSMOND John fisherman
OLDFORD Thos constable
OSMOND Geo farmer
OSMOND Wm fisherman
PATTEN John B master mariner
PATTEN Geo master mariner
PENWELL Wm fisherman
PENELLl John fisherman
PENWELL Thos fisherman
PIKE Thos fisherman
PATTEN John farmer
PATTEN Albert shoemaker
PATTEN Simeon fisherman
PATTEN Aaron fisherman
PATTEN Philip (Simeon fisherman
PATTEN John T fisherman
PATTEN Sarah Ann wid Edw
PARSONS John R fisherman
PARSONS Morgan fisherman
PARSONS Dinah wid John
PARDY Benj seaman
PATTEN Chas carpenter
PATTEN Philip sr. carpenter
PATTEN Cyrus R fisherman
PIERCY Samuel master mariner
PARSONS Shelby sail maker
PARDY Chas (Wm master mariner
PARDY Samuel mariner
PARDY Fredk fisherman
PARDY Reuben fisherman
PARDY Chas (John fisherman
PARDY Jos fisherman
POOLE Mary wid Reuben
RENDELL Geo fisherman
ROLPH Samuel fisherman
ROLPH Robt fisherman
ROSE Robt sr. (Samuel farmer
ROSE Wilson (Robt fisherman
ROSE Thos J fisherman
ROSE Jas (Jonathan lobster packer
ROSE John (Jas seaman
ROSE John sr. seaman
ROGERS Joshua fisherman
ROGERS Benj fisherman
ROSE Chas sr. master mariner
ROSE Robt C mariner
RIGGS Richard fisherman
RIGGS John (Richd fisherman
RIGGS Henry fisherman
RIGGS Thos fisherman
RIGGS Geo Benj fisherman
RIGGS John (Thos fisherman
RIGGS Robt fisherman
ROSE Geo seaman
ROGERS Wm fisherman
ROGERS Robt fisherman
RIGGS Edw fisherman
RIGGS Mary wid Henry
RIALL Jas W fisherman
ROSE Wilson (Geo fisherman
ROSE Saml (Geo fisherman
ROSE Abner fisherman
ROSE Susan wid Saml fisherman
ROSE Robert (Geo fisherman
ROSE Archibald fisherman
ROSE Ann wid Geo fisherman
ROSE Chas (Geo fisherman
ROSE Susan wid Wilson fisherman
RIGGS William sr. fisherman
RIGGS Amelia wid Morgan
RIGGS William jr. master mariner
RIGGS Harriet wid Geo
ROSE Samuel James mariner
STOODLEY Samuel fisherman
SIMMS Elizabeth wid Thomas
STOODLEY John fisherman
STOODLEY Susan wid Frank
SIMMS Aaron fisherman
SIMMS Amelia wid Geo
STOODLEY Thomas tinsmith
STONE Christopher bricklayer
STOODLEY Robert fisherman
STOODLEY Henry fisherman
STOODLEY George fisherman
THORNHILL John fisherman
THORNHILL George fisherman
TIBBO George sr. mariner
TIBBO Jonathan jr. mariner
TIBBO Wilson H master mariner
TIBBO Jonathan sr. mariner
TIBBO John F mariner
TIBBO Geo (Jonathan mariner
TIBBO Robt (Jonathan mariner
TIBBO Samuel sr. Master mariner
TIBBOSimeon Noel gen dealer
TIBBO Samuel jr. fisherman
TIBBO Wilson (Thos fisherman
TRIM John fisherman
THORNHILL James fisherman
THORNHILL Luke fisherman
THORNHILL Christiana wid Wm
TRIM George fisherman
TRIM Henry fisherman
TRIM Wm fisherman
TRIMM Jane wid Henry
THORN Thomas fisherman
VINCENT William fisherman
WEEKS Eli fisherman
WELSH Edwin fisherman
WAY Josiah mill wright
WOODEN Thomas fisherman
WILLIAMS John sr. fisherman
WINES Henry fisherman
WELSH Joshua fisherman
WELSH John (John ship carpenter
WELSH John sr. fisherman
WINES Iassac fisherman
WAY George shoe maker
WARREN Aaron fisherman
WARREN James fisherman
WARREN Albert fisherman
WARREN Wm fisherman
WOUNDY James mariner
WOODEN Benjamin fisherman
WEYMOUTH Jacob fisherman
WALSH Thomas sr. fisherman
WALSH Thomas (Thos fisherman
WOODS Wm blacksmith
WOODS Andrew S tinsmith
WAY W P teacher
WILLIAMS Henry fisherman
WILLIAMS Chas sr. farmer
WILLIAMS John fisherman
WILLIAMS Chas jr. fisherman
WHITTLE Benjamin fisherman

364 Entries Complete
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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Don and Ruby Tate in Sunny Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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