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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Burin District
Ansty Thomas fisherman
Ansty Esther wid Thos
Anderson Elias fisherman
Anderson John lobster packer
Buffett Edward agent
Buffett Amelia wid Morgan
Buffett John W lobster packer
Buffett John C fisherman
Buffett Sarah wid Wm
Buffett Israel fisherman
Buffett Edward (Geo fisherman
Buffett Thos (Morgan mariner
Buffett Elizabeth wid Wm
Buffett Aaron fisherman
Buffett Wm fisherman
Buffett Sarah wid Geo
Boone Geo fisherman
Bennett John S sailor
Bennett Mary Ann wid Chas
Bennett Thos F sailor
Bennett Edward draper
Bennett John (John sailor
Bennett Aaron mariner
Bennett Mary Ann wid Edward
Bennett Fredrick fisherman
Bennett Mary Ann wid Wm
Burton Jonathan, sr. farmer
Burton Jonathan, jr. mariner
Burton Chas fisherman
Burton Philip fisherman
Burton James mariner
Brev Frank fisherman
Breen Elizabeth wid Frank
Blagdon Philip farmer
Brady Benjamin fisherman
Brady Jane wid Geo
Bowns John fisherman
Bowden Clara wid Terence
Brooks Wm mariner
Burfett Benjamin fisherman
Bonnell Geo fisherman
Bonnell Thomas farmer
Collier Jacob (Jasper carpenter
Collier Charlotte wid Jasper
Collier Geo mariner
Collier James mariner
Collier Wm fisherman
Collier Chas fisherman
Collier Jacob, sr. carpenter
Crew Wm fisherman
Crew Thomas fisherman
Crew Cyrus fisherman
Candale Wm fisherman
Cooks John fisherman
Crocker Fanny wid Nicholas
Dixon Geo shoe maker
Dixon Emma wid John
Elford John fisherman
Elford Sarah wid Morgan
Elford Archibald shoe maker
Elford Elizabeth wid Geo
Elford Chas fisherman
Elford Philip draper
Forsey Philip (John fisherman
Forsey Philip (Aaron fisherman
Forsey Aaron fisherman
Forsey John A (Aaron fisherman
Forsey John A (Geo fisherman
Forsey Thomas E fisherman
Forsey Wm fisherman
Forsey Geo fisherman
Forsey John, sr. fisherman
Gilliard John fisherman
Gilliard Elijah fisherman
Gilliard Deborah wid Geo
Galton John R fisherman
Helier Chas constable
Helier Eleanor wid Edward
Helier Isaac sailor
Helier John mariner
Hickman James E fisherman
Hickman Fanny wid Jas
Hickamn Benjamin fisherman
Hickman Grace wid Robt
Hickman Geo fisherman
Hickman Thomas fisherman
Hines Geo fisherman
Hines Thomas fisherman
Hines John fisherman
Hines James fisherman
Hewlett Thomas fisherman
Hardy Chas fisherman
Haddon James N teacher
Haddon Henry J land surveyor
Haddon Wm mechanic
Haddock Amelia wid Jos
Heater James farmer
King Wm sailor
King John tinsmith
King Chas T teacher
King Chas E tinsmith
Keepin Chas carpenter
Keepin Thomas fisherman
Keepin John (Morgan fisherman
Keepin John (John fisherman
Keepin Geo (Robt fisherman
Keepin Wm fisherman
Keepin Geo, sr. farmer
Keepin Robt fisherman
Keepin Maria wid Jonathan
Keepin Benjamin fisherman
Lake Jasper mechanic
LakeJ E & G W genl dealers
Lake G W of J E & G W Lake
Lake Thomas A fisherman
Lake Wm E fisherman
LakeChas H genl dealer
LakeJohn E of J E & G W Lake
Lake Jane wid Philip
Lake Wm G fisherman
Lake Samuel fisherman
LakeJames genl dealer
Lake Wm, jr. fisherman
Lake Philip G fisherman
Lake Thos G lobster packer
Lake Thos E farmer
Lake Wm, sr. shipwright
Lake Chas B fisherman
LakeArthur W genl dealer
Lake John, sr. gentleman
Lake Philip E mariner
Lake Geo T (John sr mariner
Lake John F fisherman
Lake Geo T (Geo sailor
LakeWm P merchant
LenchRev C Methodist
Lusac Frank fisherman
Mayben Eugene sailor
Mayben James Fisherman
Mayben Emanuel fisherman
Mayben Henry fisherman
Mayben Wm fisherman
Mayo Jas lobster packer
Mayo Samuel fisherman
Mayo John fisherman
Major Saml fisherman
Morgan John fisherman
Morris David fisherman
March Alex constable
Mulzer John fisherman
Mulzer Mary Ann wid Henry
Mulzer Saml fisherman
Monster Morgan shoemaker
Monster Thos fisherman
Monster George fisherman
Noseworthy Simeon shoemaker
Purchase Thomas, sr. farmer
Purchase John mariner
Purchase Jas mariner
Purchase Charlotte wid Albert
Purchase Thos C fisherman
Pike John fisherman
Piercey George fisherman
Piercey Saul sailor
Piercey Jesse fisherman
Piercey Thos farmer
Piercey John E farmer
Piercey Philip T sailor
Piercey Saml fisherman
Piercey Joseph fisherman
Piercey Abraham fisherman
Pearce James fisherman
Pearce Elias fisherman
Pearce Thos fisherman
Pearce Wm, sr. fisherman
Pearce Wm, jr. fisherman
Pearce John farmer
Pearce Wesley fisherman
Pearce Thos fisherman
Poole Thos, sr. mariner
Poole Thos, jr. draper
Perrim John fisherman
Paul Chas fisherman
Paul John fisherman
Parson John fisherman
Penney John farmer
Rogers Thos (Eli carpenter
Rogers Thos (Thos fisherman
Rogers John mechanic
Rogers Levi fisherman
Rogers Amos fisherman
Roberts Saml lob packer
Roberts George lob packer
Snook Chas carpenter
Snook Robt lob packer
Snook Benj mariner
Snook Geo fisherman
Stickland John lob packer
Spencer Benj mariner
Spencer Priscilla wid Richard
Spencer Morgan fisherman
Spencer Wm (Richd fisherman
Spencer Stephen fisherman
Spencer Wm (Stephen mariner
Spencer Geo fisherman
Spencer Thos (Stephen fisherman
SpencerJohn H merchant
SpencerChas merchant
Spencer John mariner
Spencer Thos (John mariner
Spencer Wm, sr. fisherman
Strong Wm fisherman
Strong Geo fisherman
Strong John fisherman
Thompson Christopher fisherman
Thornhill Simeon fisherman
Thornhill Jas (John fisherman
Thornhill Robt J fisherman
Thornhill John (John fisherman
Thornhill Geo fisherman
Thornhill Thos (Geo fisherman
Thornhill John T fisherman
Thornhill Edward fisherman
Thornhill Robt fisherman
Thornhill Thos (Robt fisherman
Thornhill John (Robt fisherman
Thornhill Jas (Robt fisherman
Tuck John, sr. preventive officer
Tuck Nancy wid Geo
Tuck John, jr. shipwright
TuckFrederic    (sic) sailor
Tuck Wm mariner
Witheral Geo, sr. fisherman
Witheral Geo, jr. fisherman
Witheral John carpenter
Witheral Jas fisherman
Witheral Mary wid Simeon

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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Don and Ruby Tate in Sunny Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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