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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Fogo District
ANTHONY Abraham sr  blacksmith
ANTHONY Abraham jr  blacksmith
ANTHONY Robt   fisherman
ANDREWS John   mariner
BRETT Jonathan South Side master mariner
BRIEN Laurence South side fisherman
BRIEN John South side fisherman
BRIEN Laurence South side fisherman
BENNETT Wm South side fisherman
BAKER John South side fisherman
BAKER Lambert South side fisherman
BAKER Geo South side fisherman
BARNES Jas South side fisherman
BLANFORD John South side fisherman
BUTLER John South side fisherman
BROWN Wm South side fisherman
BEST Elijah South side fisherman
BARNES Alfred South side fisherman
BENNETT Henry North side fisherman
BENNETT Aeneas North side fisherman
BANKS Nathaniel Back cove fisherman
BANKS Archibald Back cove fisherman
BANKS John Back cove fisherman
BIGGNALL George Seal cove fisherman
BURRY Andrew East Tickle fisherman
BURRY Joshua East Tickle fisherman
BURRY Enoch East Tickle fisherman
CHURCHILL Samuel South side fisherman
COATES Geo South side fisherman
COATES Wm South side fisherman
COATES Philip Seal cove courier
CHEATER Geo Sargents cove fisherman
CHEATER Thos Sargents cove fisherman
COLEMAN Thos Sargents cove fisherman
COLE John J. Sargents cove shoe mkr
CLENCH Robt Seal cove fisherman
COOMBS Jas South side shoe maker
COLES Allan Back cve fisherman
DWYER Joseph South side fisherman
DWYER John South side sailor
DOWNER Wm South side fisherman
DOWNER Israel South side fisherman
DOWNER Geo South side fisherman
DOWNER Jeremiah South side fisherman
DOWNER John South side fisherman
DELANEY Thos South side fisherman
DELANEY John South side fisherman
DWYER Jas Lion's Den fisherman
DWYER John Lion's Den fisherman
DWYER Edw Lion's Den fisherman
DWYER Martin Lion's Den fisherman
DWYER Thos Lion's Den fisherman
ELLIOTT Benjamin South side sailor
EARLE Hy J. North side gen mer
ELLIOTT Henry North side draper's asst
ELLIOTT Wm East Tickle cooper
ELLIOTT Geo East Tickle cooper
EARLY Robt Sargent's cve fisherman
ENDICOTT Jas Seal cve fisherman
FURLONG John South side cooper
FARRELL Thos South side fisherman
FARRELL Michl South side fisherman
FARRELL Pearce South side fisherman
FARRELL Miles South side fisherman
FARRELL Martin South side fisherman
FITZGERALD Mchl South side fisherman
FITZGERALD Amb South side postmaster
FITZGERALD Clar South side carpenter
FREEMAN John North side laborer
FORD Alexander Seal cv fisherman
FARWELL Jas Seal cv fisherman
FARWELL John Seal cv fisherman
FARWELL Miles Seal cv fisherman
FORSEY Eleazar E Tickle fisherman
FINN Patk Sargent's c fisherman
GARD Chas South side cooper
GARD Walter South side cooper
GREENE Simon South side fisherman
GREENE Saml South side fisherman
GREENE Thos South side fisherman
GREENE John South side fisherman
GILL John South side fisherman
GINN Walter Back cve fisherman
GINN Arthur Back cve fisherman
GINN Thomas Back cve fisherman
GAMBLE Francis Lion's den fisherman
GREENE Ambrose Lock's cve fisherman
HODGE J. W. South side gen mer
HYDE Ernest E. South side bookkeeper
HART Silas South side fisherman
HISCOCK Alfred South side fisherman
HISCOCK Edward South side steward
HISCOCK James South side engineer
HART Thomas South side fisherman
HUMPHRIES Thos sr South side fisherman
HUMPHRIES Geo South side fisherman
HUMPHRIES Thos jr South side fisherman
HUMPHRIES Martin South side blacksmith
HAWKINS Matthew South side fisherman
HART James North side fisherman
HINES John Sargents cve sailor
IRISH Ezekiel North side fisherman
IRISH Robert North side fisherman
IRISH Wm North side fisherman
JONES John South side fisherman
JONES Henry South side fisherman
JONES George South side fisherman
JONES James South side fisherman
JONES Wm South side fisherman
JONES Mark South side fisherman
KENNEDY Michael South side fisherman
LUCAS John G. South side inspector weights & measures
LUCAS Thos J. South side agent
LINFIELD Titus South side draper's asst
LAYMAN Thos South side cooper
LAYMAN Ham South side cooper
LAYMAN Horatio South side storekeeper
LAYMAN Henry South side cooper
LODER Andrew South side fisherman
LODER George South side fisherman
LODER James South side fisherman
LUDLOW Benj South side fisherman
LAYMAN Richard South side fisherman
LAYMAN Wm South side fisherman
LIND Henry J. South side gen dealer
LEY John H. South side constable
LUCKMAN John Lion's den fisherman
LUDLOW Wm Back cve fisherman
LUDLOW Alfred Back cve fisherman
LUDLOW James Back cve fisherman
LUDLOW John Back c fisherman
LUDLOW Ezekiel Back c fisherman
LUDLOW Thos F. Back c fisherman
LUDLOW Elijah Back c fisherman
LANNEN Jas Seal cove fisherman
LEET Andrew East tic fisherman
LEET Fredk East tic fisherman
LEET Edner L. East tic fisherman
LEET George East tic fisherman
LEET Wm P. East tic fisherman
LEET Percival F. East tic fisherman
LEET George, sr East tic fisherman
LEET John East Tickle fisherman
LEET Thomas East Tickle fisherman
LEET Eli East Tickle fisherman
LEET Levi East Tickle fisherman
MOORES Jonas Lion's den fisherman
MAHONEY Thos South side carpenter
MAHONEY Francis South side steward
MAHONEY Israel South side fisherman
MILES Wm South side fisherman
MILES Ernest South side fisherman
MADDOCKS Michl South side carpenter
MILLER Abraham South side carpenter
McPHERSON John South side carpenter
MALCOLM Thos South side physician
MESS Robert South side fishman
MILLER Martin Sargent's cove fishman
MILLER Wm Sargent's cove fishman
MILLER John Seal cove fishman
MILLER Wm Seal cove schr master
MILLER Luke Seal cove fisherman
MILLER James Seal cove fisherman
MILLER John Seal cove fisherman
McPHERSONJas Seal cove fisherman
NEWMAN Wm Sargent's cove fisherman
NEWMAN Patk Sargent's cove fisherman
NEWMAN John Sargent's cove fisherman
OKE Joseph North side fisherman
OKE Benj North side fisherman
OKE Henry J. North side fisherman
OKE Wm North side fisherman
OKE Hann North side carpenter
OKE Josiah North side fisherman
OKE George North side fisherman
OKE Joseph North side fisherman
OKE William North side fisherman
OKE Hubert North side fisherman
OKE Francis North side fisherman
OKE Herbert North side fisherman
OKE Chris North side fisherman
OVEN Michael Seal cove fisherman
OKE Josiah East Tic fisherman
OKE Chas East tic fisherman
OKE Wm East tic fisherman
OKE Jas East tic fisherman
PRINCE John South side watchman
PIKE Samuel South side carpenter
PURCHASE Wm South side fisherman
PURCHASE Richard South side fisherman
PICKETT Peter South side genl dealer
PICKETT Martin South side fisherman
PICKETT Pierce South side fisherman
PICKETT Thos South side fisherman
PICKETT Michael South side fisherman
PICKETT Ambrose South side fisherman
PICKETT Cornelius South side fisherman
PICKETT Wm South side fisherman
PICKETT John South side fisherman
PERRY Philip South side genl dealer
PAYNE Jas (N North side fisherman
PAYNE Josiah North side fisherman
PAYNE John G. North side fisherman
PAYNE John W. North side pilot
PAYNE Jas (Hy North side fisherman
PAYNE Wm N. North side fisherman
PAYNE Alfred North side fisherman
PAYNE Chas North side fisherman
PAYNE Jas (Wm North side fisherman
PAYNE David East tickle fish'man
PAYNE Ambrose East tickle fish'man
PAYNE Jos sr East tickle fish'man
PAYNE Jos jr East tickle fish'man
PRICE Jas Sargent's cove fish'man
PRICE Daniel Sargent's cove fish'man
PRICE Dominick Sargent's cove fish'man
PAYNE Geo Sargent's cove fish'man
POMEROY Jos sr Lock's cove fisherman
POMEROY Arthur Lock's cove fisherman
PICKFORD Jos jr Lock's cove fisherman
PICKFORD Allan Lock's cove fisherman
PICKFORD Thos Lock's cove fisherman
POPE Alfred Lock's cove fisherman
POPE Geo Lock's cove fisherman
POMEROY John Lock's cove fisherman
REID Joshua South side fisherman
RANDALL Wm South side laborer
RANDALL John sr South side fisherman
RANDALL John jr South side fisherman
ROSE Allan South side fisherman
RANDALL Levi South side carpenter
RANDALL Alfred South side engineer
RANDALL Fredk South side fisherman
RANDALL Thos South side fisherman
RANDALL Jas South side fisherman
RANDALL Matthias South side fisherman
RANDALL Angus South side fisherman
RANDALL Alfred South side fisherman
REID James Sargent's cove fisherman
SCOTT Robert South side genl merchant
SCOTT John South side collector customs
STRICKLAND Robt South side blacksmith
SIMS Geo K. South side shoemaker
SIMS Francis South side fisherman
STONE Martin jr South side fisherman
STONE Martin sr South side accountant
STONE Aaron South side teacher
SNOW Uriah South side laborer
SIBLEY Peter South side laborer
SIBLEY Arthur South side fisherman
SIBLEY Wm South side mariner
SIBLEY Llewellyn South side fisherman
SNOW John South side mariner
SNOW Wm South side carpenter
SMITH John North side store keeper
SIMS Thos North side fisherman
SIMS Benj North side fisherman
SIMS Henry North side fisherman
SIMS Jas North side fisherman
SIMS Fredk North side fisherman
SIMS Samuel North side fisherman
SMALL Joseph North side fisherman
SHEA Patrick Sargent's c fshman
SHEA Michael Sargent's c fshman
SHEA Francis Sargent's c fshman
SHEA John Sargent's c fshman
SARGENT James Sargent's c fshman
SARGENT Francis Sargent's c fshman
SARGENT Michael Sargent's c fshman
SARGENT Martin Sargent's c fshman
STEVENSON Albert Seal c accountant
SIMS Martin Seal c fisherman
SIMS Wm sr Seal c fisherman
SIMS Wm H jr Seal c fisherman
TORRAVILLE Geo South side fisherman
TORRAVILLE Wm South side fisherman
TORRAVILLE Nath South side fisherman
TIZZARD George South side fisherman
TIZZARD Philip South side fisherman
TORRAVILLE Martin North s fisherman
TORRAVILLE Jas North s fisherman
TORRAVILLE Wm North s fisherman
TORRAVILLE Benjamin North s fisherman
TORRAVILLE Thos E. North s fisherman
TORRAVILLE Chas North s fisherman
TORRAVILLE Geo North s fisherman
TORRAVILLE Fredk North s fisherman
WATERMAN Josiah North s storekeeper
WALBOURNE John North s fisherman
WATERMAN Mark North s fisherman
WATERMAN John North s fisherman
WILLIS Thos S. North s fisherman
WATERMAN Robt North s fisherman
WHITE Geo Lion's Den fisherman
WHITE Rev. W. C. South s Episc'n
WHETTEM Geo South s fisherman
WHETTEM Jas South s fisherman
WHETTEM Wm South s fisherman
WARRICK Joseph South s fisherman
WARRICK John South s fisherman
WILLIS John South s fisherman
WILLIS Mark South side fisherman
WILLIS Charles South side fisherman
WILSON Rev. J. South side Methodist
WALBOURNE Jas South side fisherman
WALBOURNE Albert South side fisherman
WALBOURNE John South side fisherman
WALBOURNE Andrew South side fisherman
WOOLRIDGE Thos South side fisherman
WOOLRIDGE Chas South side fisherman
WATERMAN Wm Sargent's c fisherman
WELLS John East Tickle fisherman

312 Entries Complete
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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by James E. Roberts

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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