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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Twillingate District
Exploits River (North and South Sides)
SurnameGiven NameLocationOccupation
ANTLE Thos, sr Northern Arm fisherman
ANTLE Thos, jr Northern Arm fisherman
ANTLE Geo Northern Arm fisherman
ANTLE Wm Northern Arm fisherman
ANTLE Jas Northern Arm fisherman
ANTLE Arthur Northern Arm fisherman
AITKEM Jno N Kellick Is gen d'lr
ADAMS Adam Peter's Arm fisherman
BEATON Al, sr Upr Saudy pt fisherman
BEATON Geo Upr Saudy pt laborer
BEATON Thos Upr Saudy pt laborer
BEATON Fredk Upr Saudy pt laborer
BEATON Jas Upr Saudy pt laborer
BUTLER Wm Burnt Arm lumbrmn
BUTLER Eli Burnt Arm fisherman
BOONE Fredk Burnt Arm fisherman
BAKER Levi Kite cove fisherman
BAKER Jabez Kit cove fisherman
BALL Thos Kite cove fisherman
BALL Eli Kite cove fisherman
BROWN Ephraim Kite cove fisherman
BROWN Solomon Kite cove fisherman
BROWN Amos Kite cove fisherman
BROWN Parmenas Kite cove fisherman
BROWN Geo Kite cove fisherman
BALL Solomon Scissor's cve fisherman
BALL David Scissor's cve fisherman
BALL Wm G Scissor's cve fisherman
BENDLE Jacob T Botwoodville postmaster And
preventive officer
BURT Harry, JP Botwoodville accountant
BALL mrs Eliza, wid Botwoodville XXXX
BARNES Mary, wid Thos Black Isld XXXX
BURT Geo Peter's Arm fisherman
BURT Elias Peter's Arm fisherman
BURT John Peter's Arm fisherman
BUCKLER John Peter's Arm fisherman
BURNS Jas Peter's Arm fisherman
BURNS Michael Peter's Arm fisherman
BURNS Jos Peter's Arm fisherman
BEATON Alfred Wigwam pt fisherman
BEATON Wm S Wigwam pt fisherman
CURTIS Wm Philip's head fisherman
CARPENTER Jas Northern Arm fisherman
COOKE Matthew Northern Arm fisherman
COUSINS John Northern Arm fisherman
CURTIS John Kane's pt lumb'man
CURTIS Joseph Kane's pt lumb'man
COLE Thos, sr Elliott's point farmer
COLE Thomas, jr Elliott's point fisherman
COLE Robert Elliott's point fisherman
CONSTABLE Alex Norris' arm farmer
CONSTABE James C Norris' arm farmer
CANNING Jos Burnt arm fisherman
CANNING Jeremiah Burnt arm fisherman
CANNING Samuel Burnt arm fisherman
CANNING Wm Burnt arm fisherman
CHINN Wm Kane's point lumb'man
CHAULK Wm, sr Scissor's c fisherman
CHAULK Abraham Scissor's c fisherman
CHAULK Absalom Scissor's c fisherman
CHAULK John R Scissor's c fisherman
CHAULK Richard Scissor's c fisherman
CHAULK Abel Scissor's c fisherman
CHAULK Wm, jr Scissor's c fisherman
DEAN Luke Burnt arm fisherman
DAULTON Wm Kite cove mariner
DAULTON Henry Kite cove farmer
DAULTON John Kite cove mas mariner
DOWTEN Simeon Scissor's c fisherman
DEAN Isaac, sr Kellick isld carpenter
DEN Kenneth Botw'dville mill'ght
DEAN Isaac Kellick isld carpenter
DRISCOLL Horatio Kellick isld fisherman
DRISCOL Coen Norris' arm ry sec mn
DAVIS Mark Norris' arm hotel
DEAN Solomon Burnt arm fisherman
EXPLOITS Lumber Co Botwoodville  
EVANS Chas Northern arm fisherman
EVANS Wm Northern arm fisherman
EVANS Edward Northern arm fisherman
EVANS Henry Northern arm fisherman
EVANS Samuel Northern arm fisherman
EVANS Jacob Northern arm fisherman
EVANS Frederick Northern arm fisherman
ELISON Samuel Northern arm fisherman
ELISON Richard Northern arm fisherman
EVELEIGHLY Esau Northern arm fisherman
ELLIOTT Samuel Peter's arm fisherman
EZEKIEL Patk Norrris arm sec man
ELLIOTT John, sr Burnt arm fisherman
ELLIOTT John, jr Burnt arm fisherman
ELLIOTT Francis Burnt arm fisherman
ELLIOTT George Burnt arm fisherman
ELLIOTT Benjamin Burnt arm fisherman
ELLIOTT Samuel Burnt arm fisherman
ELSWORTH James Burnt arm fisherman
FRENCH Samuel Kite cove fisherman
FOWLER J A Botwoodville manager,
Exploits Lumber Co.
FOOTE Chas Botwoodville engineer
FOOTE Chas J Botwoodville lumberman
FAULKENBURG F A Botwoodville accountant
GILL Chas Northern Arm fisherman
GILL John Indian point farmer
GILL Geo Indian point farmer
GILL Peter Indian point lumberman
GILL Jas Indian point lumberman
GILL John, jr Indian point lumberman
GILL Alfred Indian point lumberman
GREEN Thos Kite cove fisherman
HART Jas Northern Arm fisherman
HUMPHRIES Fredk Northern Arm fisherman
HUMPHRIES Robt Northern Arm fisherman
HUTCHINGS Alf Apsey point fisherman
HUTCHINGS Jas Apsey point fisherman
HUTCHINGS Stanley Apsey point fisherman
HART Chas Apsey point fisherman
HEATER Wm Peter's Arm fisherman
HANCOCK John Peter's Arm fisherman
HANDCOCK Thos Peter's Arm fisherman
HANDCOCK Henry Peter's Arm fisherman
HANDCOCK Jas Peter's Arm fisherman
HANDCOCK Jos Peter's Arm fisherman
HIEMANS Wm Peter's Arm fisherman
HIBBS Zach Dominion pt fisherman
HUSSEY Jacob Burnt Arm fisherman
HAYWARD Jas, sr Burnt Arm fisherman
HAYWARD Jas, jr Burnt Arm fisherman
HUTCHINGS Geo Kite cove fisherman
HAMILTON Bridget, wid Patk Black I XXXX
HAMILTON mrs, wid Wm Black I  
HILL MRS wid, Ambrose Black I  
HANDCOCK mrs, wid. Botwoodville  
HARNOTT mrs Ann, wid Indian Arm  
JURE Fredk Kite cove carpenter
JURE John Kite cove fisherman
JURE Jabez Kite cove fisherman
JURE Geo Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE Henry Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE John Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE Eli Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE Jos Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE Wm Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE Levi Kellick isld fisherman
JURE Jabez Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE Jas, jr Kellick Isld fisherman
JURE Alfred, sr Botwoodville lumbrn
JURE Alfred Botwoodville lumbrn
JEANS Martha, wid Thomas Indian Arm XXXX
KEATS Robt Burnt Arm lumbermn
LUSCOMBE Rev W J Botwoodville Methodist
LANGDOWN Hy North arm fisherman
LANGDOWN Henry J North arm fisherman
LANGDOWN John, sr North arm fisherman
LANGDOWN Richd North arm fisherman
LANGDOWN John T North arm fisherman
LANGDOWN Thos North arm fisherman
LACEY Abner Apsey point fisherman
LEWIS David Dominion pnt fisherman
LEDREW Wm Northern arm fisherman
LEDREW Sol, sr Burnt arm gn d'lr
LEDREW Chas Burn arm fisherman
LEDREW Solomon, jr Burnt arm fisherman
LEDREW Thos Burnt arm fisherman
LEDREW Stanley Burnt arm fisherman
LISSON Isaac, sr Kite cove fisherman
LISSON Wm, sr Kite cove fisherman
LISSON Moses Kite cove fisherman
LISSON Isaac, jr Kite cove fisherman
LISSON Wm, jr Kite cove fisherman
MANUEL Luke Northern arm fisherman
MANUEL Philip Northern arm fisherman
MANUEL Jabel Northern arm fisherman
MERCER John Kellick island fisherman
McKAY John Peter's arm fisherman
MARSH Jas Phillip's head fisherman
MARSH Henry Phillip's head fisherman
MADDOCK Rev R H Botwoodville Methodist
McLEAN ____ Botwoodville millwrgt
MENCHINGTON W Norris' arm farmer
MENCHINGTON John Norris' arm farmer
MURRAY Arthur Norris' arm tel operator
McCLOUDY John Norris arm baker
MARCH Wm Kite cove carpenter
MILLEY Henry Kite cove fisherman
MANUEL Samuel Kite cove fisherman
MANUEL Geo Kite cove carpenter
MANUEL John, jr Kite cove carpenter
NOSEWORTHY Hy North arm fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Geo North arm fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Wm North arm fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Frank North arm fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Wm North arm fisherman
NORMORE Hy Kellick island fisherman
NORMORE Geo Kellick Island fisherman
NORMORE Josiah Kellick island fisherman
NEWMAN Bridget, wid Black island XXXX
O'DWYER J Norris' arm ry sec man
OXFORD Saml Peter's arm fisherman
OXFORD Elijah Peter's arm fisherman
OAKE Wm Peter's arm fisherman
PILLEY Edward Phillip's hd fisherman
PAUL Wm Wigwam point fisherman
PAUL Benjamin Wigwam point fisherman
PAUL Abraham Wigwam point fisherman
PUSHIE N Norris' arm ry employee
POPE Stephen Burnt arm lumb'man
POPE Robert Burnt arm lumb'man
POPE mrs, wid Botwoodville XXXX
PECKFORD Rd Burnt arm fisherman
PECKFORD Albert Burnt arm fisherman
PEYTON John Burnt arm fisherman
PEYTON Jonathan Burnt arm fisherman
PEYTON Thomas Burnt arm fisherman
PORTER Robert Elliott's pt farmer
PORTER Caleb Elliott's pt farmer
PORTER Albert Elliott's pt farmer
PORTER Jno Mumper's isld fisherman
PURCHASE Giles Winter hse c fisherman
PURCHASE Josiah Kite cove fisherman
PURCHASE Andrew Kite cove fisherman
PURCHASE Jacob Kite cove fisherman
PURCHASE Alfred Kite cove fisherman
ROWE Edward Burnt arm fisherman
ROSE Samuel Kite cove fisherman
SEXTON Thos Norris' arm carpenter
STUCKLESS Silas Kite c gen dealr
STOCKLEY Jas Burnt arm fisherman
STEELE David Norris' arm ry roadmaster
SHEPPARD Esau Norman'n arm fisherman
SHEPPARD Alfred Norman'n arm fisherman
STRIDE George Apsey point fisherman
STRIDE John Apsey point fisherman
SEABRIGHT Elias Bot'dville lumbmn
SEABRIGHT Geo Bot'dville lumbmn
SALMON _____ Bot'dville lumbmn
SEYMOUR Thos Peter's arm fisherman
SEYMOUR John Peter's arm fisherman
STICKLAND Albert Peter's arm fisherman
SHEPPARD Joseph Peter's arm fisherman
SNOW Abram Peter's arm fisherman
SQUIRES Eneas Peter's arm fisherman
SQUIRES mrs, wid Botwoodville XXXX
STUCKLESS mrs, wid Samson's isld  
TAYLOR John North'n arm fisherman
TILLEY Joseph North'n arm fisherman
TARRANT George Peter's arm fisherman
TARRANT Robert Peter's arm fisherman
TAYLOR Henry Peter's arm fisherman
TUCKER Isaac Kite cove fisherman
TITFORD John Elliot's point fisherman
WALSH Michl Norris' arm ry official
WOOLRIDGE Wm Burnt arm fisherman
WHEALAN Philip North'n arm fisherman
WATERMAN J Bot'dville lum'bman
WINTZEL James Bot'dville lum'bman

255 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Laura Lordan

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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