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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Port de Grave District
Burnt Head
BUSSEYWm.fishermanBurnt Head
BUSSEYJohnfishermanBurnt Head
BUSSEYThomasfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPJohnfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPJames JohnfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPGeorgefishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPBenjaminfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPJohnfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPSelbyfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPHenryfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPElijahfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPSolomonfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPJosephfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPElijahfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPSamuelfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPBenjaminfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPHenry Wm.fishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPNoahfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPHenryfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPEliolfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPEdwardfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPJohnfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPWm.fishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPJohnmail courierBurnt Head
BISHOPGeorgefishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPElijahfishermanBurnt Head
BISHOPJohnfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERJames sr.fishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERJosephfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERAbrahamfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERChristopherfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERGeofishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERCalebfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERWm.fishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERJohnfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERNathanfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERJas J.fishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERElifishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERJas jr.fishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERJacobfishermanBurnt Head
BUTLERRobtfishermanBurnt Head
DAWEAbrahamfishermanBurnt Head
DAWEMrs.wid Wm.Burnt Head
DAWEJohnfishermanBurnt Head
DAWEW. J.fishermanBurnt Head
DAWEJobfishermanBurnt Head
DAWESamuelfishermanBurnt Head
DAWEJohn (WmfishermanBurnt Head
DAWERobtfishermanBurnt Head
DAWEGeofishermanBurnt Head
FOWLOWJasfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLOWRobtfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERMichaelfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERWm.fishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERWm.fishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERMrs.wid JasBurnt Head
FOWLERRobtfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERWm.fishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERJas RfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERJohnfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERPatkfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERStephenfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERJas A.fishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERMichaelfishermanBurnt Head
FOWLERWm. W.fishermanBurnt Head
HUSSEYThosfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANJohnfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANSamuelfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANGeofishermanBurnt Head
MORGANGeo JrfishermanBurnt Head
MARTINC. B.fishermanBurnt Head
MARTINSamuelfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANJasfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANJas J.fishermanBurnt Head
MORGANWm.fishermanBurnt Head
MORGANJosfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANRobtfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANRobtfishermanBurnt Head
MORGANAbrahamfishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLJohnfishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLGeofishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLJohn jr.fishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLIsaacfishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLEdwardfishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLJasfishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLArchibaldfishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLWm.fishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLJacobfishermanBurnt Head
NEWELLMrs.widBurnt Head
TAYLORJas J.fishermanBurnt Head
TUCKERHenryfishermanBurnt Head
TUCKERWm.fishermanBurnt Head
TAYLORRobtfishermanBurnt Head
TAYLORMrs.wid JordanBurnt Head
TAYLORAbrahamfishermanBurnt Head
TAYLORNoahfishermanBurnt Head
WALSHPatkfishermanBurnt Head

96 Entries Complete.

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Barbara Murphy

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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