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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Carbonear District

ASH Edward fisherman Water
ASH Joshua fisherman Water
ASH Nicholas fisherman Water
ASH Charles fisherman Water
ASH Moses fisherman Water
ASH William fisherman Water
ASH Edgar fisherman Water
ASH Robert fisherman Water
BEST Joshua cooper Water
BEST William cooper Water
BEMISTER BROS dry goods,
groceries, and provisions
BEMISTER F T accountant Water
BEMISTER Geo accountant Water
BEMISTER Francis of Bemister Brothers h Bemister's Hill
BENNETT Sam'l blacksmith Bennett's Hill
BENNETT George blacksmith Bennett's Hill
BENNETT Stephen blacksmith Bennett's Hill
BENNETT Wm blacksmith Moor's Hill
BRINE John butcher Water
COSTIGAN MICHAEL general dealer Water
CHIPMAN John planter Le Marchant
CHIPMAN E school teacher Le Marchant
CHIPMAN George fisherman Le Marchant
CHAFE LEVI T. school teacher Bennett's Hill
COLLEY REV F W Episcopal Bennett's Hill
DEAN George sea captain Bennett's Hill
DEAN Wm Thos fisherman Bennett's Hill
DUFF & BALMER imp'rtrs & exp'rtrs Water
DUFF WM of Duff & Balmer accountant h Water
DUFF Robert accountant h Water
DUFF Wm accountant h Water
DUFF James clerk h Water
DONNELLY Patrick sea captain h Water
DONNELLY John seaman Water
FINN Patrick planter Water
FINN Thomas planter Water
GILLETT Robert fisherman English Hill
GILLETT George fisherman English Hill
GILLOTT  (sic) James fisherman English Hill
GILLETT John fisherman English Hill
GEORGE Adam fisherman Water
GEORGE Edward fisherman Water
GOFF JAMES Tailor Water h Water
HOWELL Edward carpenter Water
HOWELL John fisherman Water
HOWELL Augustus carpenter Water
HOWELL Robert carpenter Water
HOWELL Pickaveul planter Water
HOWELL Albe t  (sic) fisherman Water
HOWELL Arthur fisherman Water
HOWELL Fredrick fisherman Water
HOWELL Amos fisherman Water
HOWELL John fisherman Water
HOWELL John fisherman Water
HOWELL James shoemaker Water
HOWELL Duder fisherman Water
HOWELL John fisherman Water
HOWELL Fredrick fisherman Water
HOWELL Francis fisherman Water
HOWELL Wm fisherman Water
HOWELL John fisherman Water
HOWELL Horatio fisherman Bemister's Hill
HOWELL Geo Wm fisherman Bemister's Hill
HOWELL Simeon fisherman Bemister's Hill
HAWKER William accountant Bemister's Hill
HAWKER Manosh accountant Bemister's Hill
JOYCE Edward planter Water
JOYCE Robt sea captain Water
JOYCE Gilbert sea captain Water
JOYCE Robt accountant Water
MARSHALL George fisherman Le Marchant
MARSHALL Joseph fisherman Le Marchant
MARSHALL Samuel fisherman Le Marchant
MADDOCKS WALTER general dealer Water
MOORS Charles carpenter Le Marchant
MOORS William carpenter Le Marchant
MOORS John fisherman Le Marchant
MOULTON GEO manager, water works h Water
McCARTHY Owen fisherman Water
McCARTHY William   Water
McCARTHY JOHN gen'l dealer Water
McCARTHY Owen fisherman Water
McCARTHY JOHN tailor h Water
McCARTHY Charles variety Water h Water
McCARTHY William cooper Water
McCARTHY Michael fisherman Water
MOORE ROBERT Groceries, Etc, Water H Water
MOORE James accountant Water
MCNEIL J postmaster to Labrador  
MILLS James fisherman Bennett's Hill
MILLS John fisherman Bennett's Hill
MILLS Henry fisherman Bennett's Hill
MILLS Samuel fisherman Bennett's Hill
NICKOLL Edward fisherman Bennett's Hill
NEIL George fisherman Bennett's Hill
NORCOTT Nathaniel fisherman Le Marchant
NORCOTT Robert fisherman Le Marchant 
NURSE Rev Jas sea captain Water
PARSONS Joseph fisherman Water
PARSONS Samuel  fisherman Water
PENNEY Simeon fisherman Water
PENNEY Willis clerk Water
PIKE WILLIAM sailmaker Water
PARSONS Arch fisherman Water
PARSONS Urban fisherman Water
PERRY George fisherman Le Marchant
SMITH Thomas fisherman Le Marchant
STOKES James fisherman English Hill
SIMPSON & BLACK General Merchants Water See adv per index
SIMPSON ROBT of Simpson & Black h Water
TUCKER GEORGIANA Milliner, Water h Water
TAYLOR Archibald fisherman Water
TAYLOR Joseph sea captain Water
TAYLOR Joseph planter Water
TAYLOR Richard planter Water
TAYLOR James planter Water
TAYLOR John planter Water
TAYLOR Joseph planter Water
TAYLOR Willis planter Water
TAYLOR Joseph planter Water
TAYLOR Fredrick carpenter Water
TAYLOR Duncan seaman Water
TAYLOR Hayward sea captain Water
TAYLOR John fisherman Water
TAYLOR James fisherman Water
TAYLOR William fisherman Water
TAYLOR Richard fisherman Water
TAYLOR Manoah fisherman Water
TUCKER A blacksmith Bennett's Hill
TUCKER John fisherman Bennett's Hill
TUCKER Manoah carpenter Bennett's Hill
UDELL JOSEPH General Merchant, Water h Water, See Adv p 402
WINSOR James planter Water
WINSOR Francis planter Water
WINSOR R J school teacher Water
WALSH James fisherman Water
WOODS THOMAS tinsmith Water
WOODS John tinsmith Water
WALSH George fisherman Le Marchant

139 Entries Complete
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This page transcribed by Bill Crant in Nova Scotia and Don Tate in Sunny Florida.

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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