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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Bonavista District

Abbott James fisherman
Ackerman Fredrick fisherman
Ayles John fisherman
Ayles William fisherman
Brown Robert, of Robert seaman
Brown Robert sr fisherman
Brown Joseph farmer
Brown George of William carpenter
BROWN ROBT, of Wm insp of weights
BROWN ABEL surveyor of lumber
BROWN JAMES general dealer
Brown James, of Wm fisherman
Brown Silas fisherman
Brown Robert accountant
Burge James fisherman
Burge George fisherman
BURGE THOMAS sea captain
Butt Henry fisherman
Bishop James fisherman
Bishop George fisherman
Clarke William fisherman
Clarke Joseph fisherman
Clarke Robert fisherman
Clarke James fisherman
Clarke Robert, of William fisherman
Clarke Joseph, of William fisherman
Clarke Saul fisherman
Clarke George, of Robert fisherman
Clarke George, of Wm fisherman
Clarke Isaac fisherman
Cuff James, of George fisherman
Cuff Joseph, of Wm fisherman
Cuff Reuben fisherman
Cuff George fisherman
Cuff James, of John fisherman
Cuff Stephen, of James fisherman
Cuff Thomas, of James fisherman
Cuff John, of James fishermn
Cuff Jabez fisherman
Cuff Wm, of William fisherman
Cuff James, of Wm fisherman
Cuff Wm, of Joseph fisherman
Cuff Joseph, of Wm fisherman
Cuff John, of William fisherman
Cuff William fisherman
Cuff Wm, of George fisherman
Cuff Reuben fisherman
Cuff Joseph, of John fisherman
Cuff James fisherman
Cuff James, of James fisherman
Cuff William, of John fisherman
Cuff George, of Joseph fisherman
Cuff Samuel fisherman
Cuff Arthur fisherman
Carroll Dillon Farmer
Carroll Samuel Fisherman
Carroll James fisherman
Carroll James of James fisherman
Carroll Edmund fisherman
Carroll Arthur fisherman
Carroll Joseph fisherman
Carroll George fisherman
Collins Thomas fisherman
Coole Henry fisherman
Coole Samuel fisherman
Coole Joseph fisherman
Coffield Peter fisherman
Davis John fisherman
Davis William fisherman
Davis George fisherman
Davis Arthur fisherman
Dyke Abijah fisherman
Downey Thomas fisherman
Downey Joseph fisherman
Dominey William fisherman
Dominey George fisherman
DOODY WILLIAM blacksmith
Doddy Jeremiah Fisherman
Doddy Michael fisherman
DOODY MICHAEL , of WM bl'ksmith
Doddy Thos, of Michael fisherman
Devereaux Richard clerk
Fifield Richard fisherman
Fifield William fisherman
Fifield George fisherman
Fifield James fisherman
Fifield Thomas fisherman
Fifield John, of Thomas fisherman
Fifield John sr fisherman
Fifield John, of John fisherman
Fifield John, of James fisherman
Fifield James, of James fisherman
Ford Fredrick fisherman
Ford James fisherman
Ford Dillon fisherman
Ford William, of John fisherman
Ford Benjamin fisherman
Ford Joseph fisherman
Ford William, of William fisherman
Fleming James fisherman
Fleming William fisherman
Fitzgerald William fisherman
Goodland James fisherman
Goodland Robert fisherman
Goaling George fisherman
Grant John shoemaker
Hampton Joseph fisherman
Hampton Levi fisherman
Hampton George fisherman
Hampton James fisherman
Hampton Alexander fisherman
Hampton John fisherman
Hampton James fisherman
Hampton John, of John fisherman
Harris George fisherman
Harris Giles fisherman
Harris Henry fisherman
Harris Reuben fisherman
Harris Robert, of George fisherman
Harris William fisherman
Harris Robert, of James fisherman
Harris James, of James fisherman
Harris Joseph fisherman
Harris Thomas fisherman
Harris James, of James fisherman
Harris Adam fisherman
Harris Solomon fisherman
Harris Thomas F clerk
Hawkins George fisherman
House George fisherman
House Thomas clerk
HUNT JAMES blacksmith
Joy William fisherman
Keats Samuel fisherman 
Keats Samuel, of Wm fisherman
Keats John fisherman
Keats William fisherman
Keats John, of John fisherman
Keats George fisherman
Keats James fisherman
Kinsella Martin clerk
KOUGH WILLIAM general dealer
Kough Francis clerk
Kenny J T fisherman
Little Joseph, of James fisherman
Little Thomas, of James fisherman
Little Jos, of James sr fisherman
Little George fisherman
Little John, of John fisherman
Little William, of James fisherman
Little Robert, of William fisherman
Little Solomon fisherman
Little John sr fisherman
Little James, of John fisherman
Little Thomas, of John fisherman
Little Joseph, of John fisherman
Little William sr fisherman
Little Samuel, of Wm fisherman
Little Fredrick, of Samuel fisherman
Little Joseph, of Samuel fisherman
Little Henry fisherman
Little Tobias fisherman
Little George, of George fisherman
Little Alexander fisherman
Little Fredrick of George fisherman
Little John, of George fisherman
Little George, of Wm fisherman
Little James, of George fisherman
Little Samuel, of George fisherman
Little Samuel, of John fisherman
Little Robert, of John fisherman
Little Lewis fisherman
Little Leonard fisherman
LONG WILLIAM carpenter
Ling James fisherman
McCORMACK JAMES shopkeeper
Morey Peter fisherman
Morey James fisherman
Morey Edward fisherman
Marshfield William jr fisherman
Mullaly William fisherman
Mullaly Edward fisherman
Paul Thomas fisherman
Paul James fisherman
Pearce Charles fisherman
Percy William, of Wm fisherman
Pardy John fisherman
Pardy Alfred fisherman
Pardy James, of Wm fisherman
Pardy Thomas fisherman
Pardy George sr fisherman
Pardy George jr fisherman
Pardy James, of Thomas fisherman
Pardy John, of Thomas fisherman
Pardy Robert fisherman
Pardy William, of Thos fisherman
Pardy Arthur fisherman
Philpot George fisherman
Paul William fisherman
Paul George fisherman
Paul Eli fisherman
Philpot Robert fisherman
Powell Fredrick fisherman
Powell Charles fisherman
Powell William, of James fisherman
POWELL JOSEPH storekeeper
POWELL JOHN shoemaker
Powell George fisherman
Powell Edward fisherman
Powell William, of Henry fisherman
Pardy John sr farmer
Quinlan Patrick clerk
Rolls Arthur servant
Rolls William sr fisherman
Rolls John, of William fisherman
Rolls John, of Thomas fisherman
Rolls Thomas, of John fisherman
Rolls Thomas, of Richard fisherman
Rolls William, of Thomas fisherman
Rolls Richard, of Richard fisherman
Rolls Samuel, of Richard fisherman
Rolls Richard, of Samuel fisherman
Rolls John, of Samuel fisherman
Rolls Samuel, of Samuel fisherman
Rolls George fisherman
Rolls James fisherman
Rolls Thomas, of Joseph fisherman
Rolls Joseph, of Joseph fisherman
Rolls Alexander fisherman
Rolls John, of James fisherman
Rolls Israel fisherman
Rolls Joseph, of Abel fisherman
Robins Thomas fisherman
ROBINS JOHN sailmaker
Robins Simeon fisherman
Romaine George sr fisherman
Romaine George jr fisherman
Ryan Thomas fisherman
RYAN JAMES general dealer
Ryan Nicholas agent
ROPER JOHN J agent Baine Johnston & Co
general dealers
Russell George fisherman
Sharp William fisherman
Sharp Abraham fisherman
Sharp John fisherman
Sharp Thomas fisherman
Sharp George fisherman
Sharp William, of Wm fisherman
Sharp Garlan fisherman
Sellars Simeon fisherman
Sexton George fisherman
Sexton John fisherman
Sexton William fisherman
Sexton John, of Stephen fisherman
Sexton Stephen fisherman
Sexton Caleb fisherman
Skiffington Jas, of John fisherman
Skiffington James sr fisherman
Skiffington Abraham sr fisherman
Skiffington Wm, of Jas fisherman
Skiffington Abraham jr fisherman
Skiffington George fisherman
Skiffington Wm, of Abh'm fisherman
Skiffington John, of Abh'm fisherman
Skiffington Jas, of Abh'm fisherman
Shearing Alexander fisherman
Shearing William fisherman
Shearing John fisherman
Shearing George fisherman
Shearing Arthur fisherman
Saint George fisherman
Saint Joseph fisherman
Stagg Stephen fisherman
Stagg George, of Stephen fisherman
Stagg Thomas fisherman
Stagg George, of Thomas fisherman
Stagg William fisherman
Shears John sr clerk fisherman
TEMPLEMAN WM general dealer
WALKER REV, M R Roman Catholic
Walsh Denis farmer
Walsh Michael fisherman
Walsh David fisherman
Walsh John fisherman
Wells William fisherman
Wells George fisherman
Wells Henry fisherman
Wells James fisherman
Wells Silas fisherman
Wells John, of James fisherman
Wells James, of James fisherman
Wells Thomas fisherman
Wells John, of Thomas fisherman

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The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become
colloquialized, so spellings of names may differ.

This page transcribed by Bill Crant in Nova Scotia and Don Tate in Sunny Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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