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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Bonavista District

ABBOTT Richard fisherman
ABBOTT William fisherman
ABBOTT Henry fisherman
ABBOTT Isaac, of Henry fisherman
ABBOTT Samson fisherman
ABBOTT George fisherman
ABBOTT William, of Samson fisherman
ABBOTT GEORGE, of Hugh tailor
ABBOTT William, of Philip fisherman
ABBOTT ROGER carpenter
ABBOTT Archibald fisherman
ABBOTT Alexander fisherman
ABBOTT John, of Archibald fisherman
ABBOTT Samuel fisherman
ABBOTT Henry fisherman
ABBOTT James fisherman
ABBOTT Arthur fisherman
ABBOTT William fisherman
ABBOTT Charles fisherman
ABBOTT George, of Charles fisherman
ABBOTT Joseph fisherman
ABBOTT Hugh jr fisherman
ABBOTT Richard, of Joseph fisherman
ABBOTT Hugh sr fisherman
ABBOTT Joseph, of Hugh fisherman
ABBOTT George, of Hugh fisherman
ABBOTT Archibald, of Hugh fisherman
ABBOTT James, of Hugh fisherman
ABBOTT John, of George fisherman
ABBOTT James, of George fisherman
ABBOTT Fredrick, of Philip fisherman
ABBOTT George, of Philip fisherman
ABBOTT John, of Philip fisherman
ABBOTT Robert, of Philip fisherman
ABBOTT Thomas, of Philip fisherman
ABBOTT Thomas, of George fisherman
ABBOTT James, of Thomas fisherman
ABBOTT George, of Charles fisherman
ABBOTT George, of George fisherman
ABBOTT Samuel, of George fisherman
ABBOTT Charles, of George fisherman
ABBOTT Jacob fisherman
ABBOTT Abel, of Jacob fisherman
ABBOTT Hugh, of James fisherman
ABBOTT George, of James fisherman
ABBOTT Richard, of Henry fisherman
ABBOTT William, of George fisherman
ABBOTT John Thos B, of Wm fisherman
ABBOTT Robert fisherman
ABBOTT Hezekiah fisherman
ABBOTT Roger, of Robert fisherman
ABBOTT Andrew Clerk
ABBOTT David, of Roger fisherman
ABBOTT James fisherman
ABBOTT William, of Samuel fisherman
ABBOTT Rich'd, of Abraham fisherman
ABBOTT John, of George fisherman
ABBOTT David, of Robert fisherman
ABBOTT Wm, of Roger fisherman
ABBOTT Joseph fisherman
ABBOTT Charles fisherman
ABBOTT Charles, of Charles fisherman
ABBOTT Thomas, of Thomas fisherman
ABBOTT Thomas, of John fisherman
ABBOTT William fisherman
ABBOTT James fisherman
ABBOTT Laurence fisherman
ABBOTT George fisherman
ABBOTT Samuel fisherman
ABBOTT Zacharias fisherman
ABBOTT Alexander fisherman
ABBOTT Fredrick fisherman
ABBOTT Hugh fisherman
ABBOTT James, of James fisherman
ABBOTT John fisherman
ABBOTT James, of Joseph fisherman
ABBOTT Eli, of James fisherman
ABBOTT Joseph, of Joseph fisherman
ABBOTT Eli fisherman
AYLES James fisherman
AYLES George, of Henry fisherman
AYLES Arthur fisherman
AYLES James, of George fisherman
AYLES Levi fisherman
AYLES George fisherman
AYLES Samuel fisherman
AYLES John fisherman
ACKERMAN JOHN watchmaker
ACKERMAN Joseph fisherman
BURTON John fisherman
BURTON William fisherman
BAYLEY REV, A E C Episcopal
BEST William fisherman
BEST John fisherman
BAILEY WILLIAM B sergt police and tailor
BROWN George fisherman
BROWN JOHN accountant
BRADLEY John fisherman
BUTLER John sr fisherman
BUTLER James fisherman
BUTLER Laurence fisherman
BUTLER John jr fisherman
BUTLER William fisherman
BUTLER Daniel fisherman
BUTLER Thomas fisherman
BUTLER Edmund fisherman
BRADBURY William fisherman
COUGHLAN James fisherman
CONNELL Jeremiah fisherman
CONNELL John fisherman
CARPENTER Joseph fisherman
CHARD William fisherman
CHARD William, of George fisherman
CHARD Samuel fisherman
CHARD Thomas fisherman
COLLINS Thomas fisherman
COOPER John sr fisherman
COOPER Arthur fisherman
COOPER John jr fisherman
COOPER Alexander fisherman
COOPER Samuel fisherman
COOPER Alfred fisherman
COX William fisherman
COX John fisherman
COX Samuel fisherman
DYKE John fisherman
DYKE Richard fisherman
DYKE John sr fisherman
DYKE George fisherman
DYKE Henry fisherman
DYKE Thomas fisherman
DUNN John fisherman
DUNN Samuel fisherman
DUNN William fisherman
DUNN James fisherman
DUNN George fisherman
DUNN Eli fisherman
DUNN Samuel, of James fisherman
DURDLE William fisherman
DURDLE George, of William fisherman
DURDLE Thomas, of Joseph fisherman
DURDLE Andrew fisherman
DURDLE George fisherman
DURDLE Sampson, of George fisherman
DURDLE John, of George fisherman
DURDLE Levi fisherman
DURDLE Sampson, of Joseph fisherman
DURDLE John, of Joseph fisherman
DURDLE William, of John fisherman
DURDLE James, of John fisherman
DURDLE Robert fisherman
DURDLE Henry fisherman
DURDLE Philip fisherman
DURDLE George, of Philip fisherman
DURDLE James fisherman
DURDLE Thomas, of James fisherman
DOWELL Pierce fisherman
ETSELL Robert fisherman
ETSELL John fisherman
ETSELL Thomas fisherman
ETSELL George fisherman
ETSELL Henry jr fisherman
ETSELL Henry sr fisherman
EDMONDS John fisherman
EDMONDS William fisherman
EDMONDS John, of William fisherman
EDMONDS James fisherman
FEUNELL Michael, of Richard seaman
FEUNELL Michael, of Michael fisherman
FITZHENRY William fisherman
FITZGERALD Patrick fisherman
FITZGERALD Joseph fisherman
FITZGERALD Joseph, of Chas fisherman
FITZGERALD Philip fisherman
FITZGERALD William fisherman
FITZGERALD John, of William fisherman
FITZGERALD Thomas fisherman
FITZGERALD Charles fisherman
FITZGERALD John, of Thomas fisherman
FITZGERALD Nicholas fisherman
FITZGERALD Thomas, of John fisherman
FIFIELD William fisherman
FIFIELD Charles fisherman
FIFIELD Daniel fisherman
FIFIELD Esau fisherman
FIFIELD Thomas fisherman
FORD Thomas G clerk
FISHER James fisherman
FISHER Samuel fisherman
FISHER John, of John fisherman
FISHER Henry fisherman
FISHER John, of Henry fisherman
FISHER James fisherman
FISHER Thomas, of Thomas fisherman
FISHER George fisherman
FISHER Joseph fisherman
FISHER John, of John fisherman
FISHER Isaac fisherman
FISHER Thomas fisherman
FALKNER Henry fisherman
FALKNER Hugh fisherman
FALKNER William fisherman
FALKNER John, of Hugh fisherman
FALKNER Samuel fisherman
FALKNER Thomas fisherman
FALKNER John fisherman
GOODLAND John fisherman
GOODLAND William fisherman
GOULDING John fisherman
GOULDING William of George fisherman
GREEN James jr fisherman
GROVES JAMES general dealer
GROVES Henry fisherman
GROVES Richard sr fisherman
GROVES Richard jr fisherman
GROVES Isaac fisherman
GROVES Henry, of Thomas fisherman
GROVES James, of Henry fisherman
GROVES George fisherman
GROVES Thomas, of Henry fisherman
GROVES Thomas, of Thomas fisherman
GROVES Robert fisherman
GROVES Alexander fisherman
GIBBS James fisherman
GIBBS George fisherman
GUY ROBERT blacksmith
GUY THOMAS blacksmith
GUY James fisherman
GUY Joseph fisherman
GUY James, of Joseph fisherman
HICKS Alfred fisherman
HICKS George fisherman
HICKS Simon fisherman
HICKS John, of Charles fisherman
HICKS Samson fisherman
HICKS Alexander fisherman
HICKS Arthur fisherman
HICKS Samuel fisherman
HICKS Solomon fisherman
HICKS Joseph fisherman
HICKS Bernard fisherman
HICKS William fisherman
HICKS Richard fisherman
HICKS Philip fisherman
HICKS Thomas fisherman
HICKS Hugh, of Wm (of Wm) fisherman
HICKS Hugh, of William fisherman
HICKS Eli fisherman
HICKS Mark fisherman
HICKS Henry fisherman
HICKS William, of James fisherman
HICKS William, of John fisherman
HICKS Thomas, of John fisherman
HICKS Isaac fisherman
HICKS George, of Thomas fisherman
HUMBY Richard jr fisherman
HAYWARD John, of John fisherman
HAYWARD James fisherman
HAYWARD Thomas fisherman
HAYWARD Joseph fisherman
HAYWARD George, of Joseph fisherman
HAYWARD Charles fisherman
HAYWARD Fredrick fisherman
HAYWARD Samuel, of Joseph fisherman
HAYWARD Alfred fisherman
HAYWARD John sr fisherman
HAYWARD Alexander fisherman
HAYWARD Samson sr fisherman
HAYWARD Samson jr fisherman
HAYWARD George, of James fisherman
HAYWARD Samuel, of James fisherman
HAYWARD Arthur fisherman
HAYWARD Alfred, of James fisherman
HAYWARD John, of George fisherman
HAYWARD George, of George fisherman
KEEL John, of Samuel fisherman
KEEL Joseph, of Samuel fisherman
KEEL George, of John fisherman
KEEL Arthur fisherman
KEEL Stephen, of Laurence fisherman
KEEL Laurence fisherman
KEEL George, of Laurence fisherman
KEEL Isaac, of Laurence fisherman
KEEL Stephen fisherman
KEEL John, of Stephen fisherman
KEEL William, of John fisherman
KEEL Moses fisherman
KEATS Joseph fisherman
LANDER John fisherman
LANDER Stephen sr fisherman
LANDER Stephen jr fisherman
LANDER George fisherman
LANDER John, of Stephen fisherman
LANDER James, of Stephen fisherman
LANDER John, of John fisherman
LANDER William fisherman
LINTERN Samuel fisherman
LINTERN John fisherman
LINTERN Robert fisherman
LINTERN Edmund fisherman
LINTERN Samuel, of William fisherman
LINTERN John, of William fisherman
LINTERN James fisherman
LINTERN Joseph fisherman
LINTERN Benjamin fisherman
MIFFEN Thomas fisherman
MIFFEN SAMSON sea captain
MIFFEN John fisherman
MIFFEN Samuel fisherman
MIFFEN James carpenter
MIFFEN Wm, of James fisherman
MIFFEN Joseph fisherman
MIFFEN Alexander fisherman
MIFFEN George fisherman
MILES James fisherman
MILES Joseph, of James fisherman
MILES DANIEL, of James tinsmith
MILES Joseph fisherman
MILES Thomas fisherman
MILES SAMUEL, of Thos sailmaker
MILES Theodore fisherman
MILES William sr fisherman
MILES Samuel, of William fisherman
MILES Edmund B fisherman
MILES William, of William fisherman
MILES Arthur fisherman
MILES George fisherman
MILES William G fisherman
MILES Samuel sr fisherman
MILES George, of John fisherman
MILES Thomas, of John fisherman
MOWLAND Richard, of Steph'n fisherman
MOWLAND James fisherman
MOWLAND Andrew fisherman
MOWLAND Silas, of Thomas fisherman
MOWLAND Rueben, of Thos fisherman
MOWLAND William, of Thos fisherman
MOWLAND Elias, of Thos fisherman
MOWLAND Ambrose fisherman
MOWLAND John, of Ambrose fisherman
MOWLAND Hugh fisherman
MOWLAND Jonathan fisherman
MOWLAND Samson fisherman
MOWLAND John E fisherman
MOWLAND James, of Sampson fisherman
MOWLAND Samuel fisherman
MOWLAND Charles fisherman
MOWLAND Arch, of Samuel fisherman
MOWLAND Richard, of Hugh fisherman
MOWLAND Wm, of Richard fisherman
MOWLAND Hugh, of Richard fisherman
MOWLAND Henry, of Richard fisherman
MOWLAND Mark fisherman
MOWLAND Archibald, of Mark fisherman
MOWLAND Edward fisherman
MOWLAND Roger fisherman
MOWLAND Arthur fisherman
MOWLAND Adam fisherman
MOWLAND Hy, of Wm fisherman
MOWLAND Jabez fisherman
MOWLAND James fisherman
MOWLAND Joseph fisherman
MOWLAND Wm, of James fisherman
MOWLAND Robert fisherman
MOWLAND John, of John fisherman
MESH Charles fisherman
MESH Fredrick fisherman
MESH John, of Charles fisherman
MESH Joseph, of Charles fisherman
MESH Joseph fisherman
MESH Levi fisherman
MESH John, of Joseph fisherman
MESH George fisherman
MESH Henry fisherman
MESH James fisherman
OATES Robert fisherman
POWELL Edward fisherman
POWELL Obadiah fisherman
POWELL Edward, of Edward fisherman
POWELL Joseph sr fisherman
POWELL Thomas fisherman
POWELL Joseph jr fisherman
POWER Robert fisherman
POWER John fisherman
POWER George fisherman
POWER Samuel fisherman
POWER Stephen fisherman
PHILIPS Richard fisherman
PHILIPS John, of Richard fisherman
PHILIPS James, of Richard fisherman
PHILIPS George fisherman
PHILIPS John, of John fisherman
PHILIPS Samuel fisherman
PHILIPS James, of Stephen fisherman
RANDALL Wm, of Samuel fisherman
RANDALL John, of Samuel fisherman
RANDALL James fisherman
RANDALL Wm, of Wm fisherman
RANDALL John, of Wm fisherman
RANDALL William fisherman
RANDALL Stephen fisherman
RYDER ROBERT carpenter
RYDER ROBERT, of Allan carpenter
RYDER John fisherman
RYDER Fredrick fisherman
RYDER George fisherman
RYDER James, of George fisherman
RYDER George, of George fisherman
RYDER Mark fisherman
RYDER George, of Mark fisherman
RUSSELL Joseph fisherman
RUSSELL James fisherman
RUSSELL John fisherman
RUSSELL George fisherman
ROWSELL JOHN general dealer
RYAN Michael sr farmer
RYAN Michael jr clerk
RYAN John clerk
REES SOLOMON school teacher
SQUIRES Simon fisherman
SQUIRES Francis fisherman
SQUIRES John fisherman
SQUIRES James fisherman
SHELLY Josiah fisherman
STABB THOMAS W magistrate
STAGG John fisherman
SQUIRES George fisherman
SWEETLAND Joseph, of Jas fisherman
SWEETLAND Thomas, of Jas fisherman
SWEETLAND James, of James fisherman
SWEETLAND George fisherman
SWEETLAND William fisherman
SWEETLAND Joseph fisherman
SWEETLAND John fisherman
SWEETLAND William, of John fisherman
SWEETLAND Alfred fisherman
SWEETLAND Ernest fisherman
SWEETLAND Arthur fisherman
SWEETLAND John, of John fisherman
SWEETLAND Henry fisherman
SWEETLAND Geo, of Joseph fisherman
SAINT JABEZ postmaster
SOPER Thomas fisherman
SOPER George fisherman
SOPER James fisherman
SOPER Joseph fisherman
SWYERS JOHN Sr general dealer
SWYERS Azariah fisherman
SWYERS Philip fisherman
SWYERS Alfred fisherman
SWYERS John jr fisherman
SWYERS Hebert clerk
SWYERS Joseph fishermn
SWYERS George fisherman
SHORT James fisherman
SHORT Joseph fisherman
SHORT James, of George fisherman
SHORT Robert fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Albert fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Dugald fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Edmund fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Isaac fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Thomas,of Wm fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Geo,of Thomas fisherman
TEMPLEMAN TOBIAS general dealer
TEMPLEMAN S, of James fisherman
TEMPLEMAN T, of Samuel fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Wm, of Samuel fisherman
TEMPLEMAN A, of Samuel fisherman
TEMPLEMAN J, of Samuel fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Levi clerk
TEMPLEMAN Alfred, of Wm fisherman
TEMPLEMAN James, of Wm fisherman
TEMPLEMAN John, of Wm fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Richard fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Wm, of Rich'd fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Jas, of Rich'd fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Geo, of Rich'd fisherman
TEMPLEMAN John, of Rich'd fisherman
TEMPLEMAN Geo, of James fisherman
TEMPLEMAN John, of Geo fisherman
TILLY William fisherman
TILLY George fisherman
THOMPSON William servant
THOMPSON Charles surveyor
THOMPSON James clerk
THOMPSON Joseph clerk
TREMLETT Henry, of Joshua fisherman
TREMLETT Jas, of Joshua fisherman
TREMLETT John, of Joshua fisherman
TREMLETT Sam'l, of Joshua fisherman
TREMLETT William fisherman
TREMLETT James, of Samuel fisherman
TREMLETT Samuel, of Samuel fisherman
TREMLETT Alfred, of Samuel fisherman
TREMLETT Joseph, of Thos fisherman
TREMLETT John, of Thos fisherman
WHITE Thomas lighthouse keeper
WHITE Philip, of James fisherman
WHITE Thos, of James fisherman
WHITE William fisherman
WHITE John fisherman
WHITE Philip of Thomas fisherman
WAY John fisherman
WAY Henry, of Henry fisherman
WAY George, of Henry fisherman
WAY James, of Philip fisherman
WAY Alfred fisherman
WAY James, of James fisherman
WAY George, of James fisherman
WAY Arthur fisherman
WAY James, of John fisherman
WAY William fisherman
WAY Philip fisherman
WHIFFEN William fisherman
WHIFFEN Dugald fisherman
WHIFFEN Elias fisherman
WHIFFEN Samuel fisherman
WHIFFEN Thomas, of Wm fisherman
WHIFFEN Thomas sr fisherman
WHIFFEN Fredrick fisherman
WHITEWAY SOLOMEN (sic) s teacher (sic)

532 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories ]

The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become
colloquialized, so spellings of names may differ.

This page transcribed by Bill Crant in Nova Scotia and Don Tate in Sunny Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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