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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Trinity Bay District

ADAMS Henry fisherman Trinity South Side
ADAMS James fisherman Trinity South Side
ASH Henry fisherman  S W Brook Trouty
BREMNER ROBERT T S general dealer Trinity Proper
BUGDEN Jos fisherman Trinity Proper
BUGDEN George fisherman Trinity Proper
BUGDEN Benjamin fisherman Trinity Proper
BUGDEN Charles fisherman Trinity Proper
BRADY William cooper Southwest Arm
BARTLETT James planter Goose Cove
BARTLETT George planter Goose Cove
BARTLETT John ferryman Goose Cove
BALL George fisherman Cuckold's Cove
BROWN Abra'm fisherman Trouty
BROWN John fisherman Trouty
BARNES John fisherman Trouty
BARNES James fisherman S W B Trouty
BAILEY George fisherman Cat's Cove
BAILEY George fisherman Whale Cove
BAILEY Timothy fisherman Whale Cove
BAILEY William fisherman Whale Cove
BAILEY Adam fisherman Whale Cove
BAILEY Richard fisherman Whale Cove
BAILEY Alfred fisherman Old Bonaventure
BUGDEN Thomas fisherman Trinity Proper
BUGDEN Jacob fisherman Trinity Proper
BUGDEN John fisherman Trinity Proper
BRADY William fisherman Southwest Arm
BAILEY Garrett fisherman Whale Cove
CROCKER A trader Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN WM trader Trinity Proper
COLE G H stip magistrate Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN THOS trad'r Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN J sailmaker Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN G, Sr trad'r Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN Geo, jr trader Trinity Proper
CARLIN REV PATRICK A Roman Catholic Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN John trader Trinity Proper
COOK William carpenter Tavener's Point
COOK George cooper Tavener's Point
CHURCHILL Richard laborer Penguin Cove
CHURCHILL Edward laborer Southwest Arm
CROCKER Patrick planter Southwest Arm
CROCKER William laborer Southwest Arm
CAIN David fisherman Bar Point
COLDRIDGE Samuel fisherman Glencoe
CONNOLLY Wm planter Trinity South Side
CLARK Charles fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK Joseph, jr fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK James fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK William fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK Thomas fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK Joseph, sr fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK Alexander fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK George fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK John, sr fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK John, jr fisherman Cuckold's Cove
COLLINS Robert fisherman Cuckold's Cove
COLLINS William fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLIFFORD Thomas fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLIFFORD James fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLIFFORD John, sr planter Cuckold's Cove
CLIFFORD John, jr fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CHRISTIAN Jesse shom'ker Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN Arthur shom'ker Trinity Proper
CHRISTIAN Edwin laborer Trinity Proper
COLLIS ARNOLD shoem'kr Hog's Nose
COLLINS Frank fisherman God's Cove
CHURCHILL Denis fisherman Southwest Arm
CAIN James fisherman Bar Point
CAIN George fisherman Bar Point
CHURCHILL Reuben fisherman South Side Trinity
CLARK Matthias fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK Jacob fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLARK John fisherman Cuckold's Cove
CLIFFORD William fisherman Trouty
CLIFFORD Thomas fisherman Trouty
CLIFFORD George fisherman Trouty
DOYLE EDWARD customs officer Trinity Proper
DEGRISH Thomas shoemaker Trinity Proper
DEGRISH Wm, sr shoemaker Trinity Proper
DEGRISH Wm, jr shoemaker Trinity Proper
DEGRISH Geo mail carrier Trinity Proper
DAMPIER Thos fisherman Goose Cove
DOOLING Joseph fisherman Trouty
DOOLING Richard fisherman Trouty
DOOLING David fisherman Trouty
DOOLING JACOB trader Trouty
DOOLING George fisherman Trouty
DOOLING John fisherman Trouty
DAMPIER John fisherman Goose Cove
DAMPIER James fisherman Goose Cove
DAMPIER William fisherman Goose Cove
DOOLING James fisherman Trouty
DOOLING Henry fisherman Trouty
EAGAN Stephen laborer Trinity Proper
EARLE A general dealer Trinity Proper
EAGAN Patrick sailmaker Trinity Proper
EAGAN Edward fisherman Southwest Arm
EARLEY James fisherman Trouty
EARLEY Charles fisherman Trouty
EARLEY William fisherman Trouty
EARLE John tel operator Trinity Proper
FLEET Charles fisherman Cuckold's Cove
FLEET Alexander fisherman Cuckold's Cove
FLEET George, sr planter Cuckold's Cove
FLEET William fisherman Cuckold's Cove
FLEET George fisherman Cuckold's Cove
GRANT D carpenter Trinity Proper
GRANT Robert carpenter Trinity Proper
GREEN T blacksmith Trinity Proper
GREEN Chas blacksmith Trinity Proper
GOVER John planter Trinity Proper
GOVER Jos fisherman Trinity Proper
GENT James cooper Trinity Proper
GOVER Abr'm fisherman Hog's Nose
GOVER George fisherman Hog's Nose
GUY Philip laborer Southwest Arm
GOVER FRED'K trader and school master Trouty
GREEN John blacksmith Trinity Proper
GENT GEO dry goods Trinity Proper
GUY Robert fisherman Southwest Arm
HUSSEY SAMUEL general dealer Trinity Proper
HODDER Charles laborer Trinity Proper
HUNT Edmund fisherman Trinity Proper
HUNT Henry fisherman Trinity Proper
HUNT James fisherman Trinity Proper
HOSKINS John laborer Trinity Proper
HART WALT'R dry goods Trinity Proper
HAYTER William laborer Trinity Proper
HALL Francis laborer Trinity Proper
HOUSE George laborer Hog's Nose
HOUSE Stephen laborer Hog's Nose
HISCOCK Peter fisherman Nuddick
HISCOCK Sol'n laborer Deep Water Cove
HISCOCK Edw'd laborer God's Cove
HISCOCK Jas fisherman Southwest Arm
HISCOCK Charles fisherman Southwest Arm
HISCOCK Thomas fisherman Southwest Arm
HEWITT Robert fisherman Goose Cove
HUNT Thomas fisherman Goose Cove
HISCOCK Rich'd mail carrier Goose Cove
HUNT William fisherman Goose Cove
HISCOCK Edward fisherman South Side Trinity
HISCOCK Abraham fisherman South Side Trinity
HISCOCK Robert fisherman South Side Trinity
HAYTER John fisherman South Side Trinity
HAYTER Robert fisherman South Side Trinity
HAYTER Thomas fisherman South Side Trinity
HAYTER Mark fisherman South Side Trinity
HISCOCK Richard fisherman South Side Trinity
HISCOCK Joseph fisherman South Side Trinity
HURDLE Mark, sr fisherman Cuckold's Cove
HURDLE Aubrey fisherman Cuckold's Cove
HURDLE Mark, jr fisherman Cuckold's Cove
HUNT William fisherman Trouty
HUNT Garrett fisherman Trouty
HISCOCK William fisherman Old Bonaventure
HALL Thomas fisherman Trinity Proper
HOUSE Thomas fisherman Hog's Nose
HISCOCK Alfred fisherman Deep Water Cove
HUNT Edmund fisherman Goose Cove
HUNT William fisherman Goose Cove
HISCOCK James fisherman South Side Trinity
HAYTER James fisherman South Side Trinity
HAYTER John fisherman South Side Trinity
HURDLE William fisherman Cuckold's Cove
HURDLE Charles fisherman Cuckold's Cove
HURDLE John fisherman Cuckold's Cove
HOUSE Augustus fisherman Cuckold's Cove
HISCOCK George fisherman Old Bonaventure
HOUSE Robert fisherman Old Bonaventure
JACKMAN D J tinsmith Trinity Proper
JAMES Joseph cooper Trinity Proper
JANES (SIC) John shoemaker Trinity Proper
JESTICAN William laborer Trinity Proper
JENKINS Thomas laborer Trinity Proper
JENKINS WM gen dealer Trinity Proper
JESTICAN John fisherman Northwest Arm
JANES (SIC) Joseph fisherman Cuckold's Cove
JOHNSON Stephen fisherman Trouty
JOHNSON Simeon fisherman Trouty
JANES Thomas fisherman Spaniard's Bay
JANES George fisherman Spaniard's Bay
JANES Stephen fisherman Spaniard's Bay
JORDAN F P sch'lmaster Trinity Proper
JOHNSON John fisherman Trouty
KING Charles fisherman Trouty
KNOWLING Henry fisherman Trouty
KNOWLING William fisherman S W Brook, Trouty
LUCAS James laborer Trinity Proper
LUCAS Thomas laborer Trinity Proper
LAWRENSON L tel line repairer Trinity Proper
LOCKYER GEORGE store keeper Trinity Proper
LOCKYER John accountant Trinity Proper
LOCK WILLIAM, sr saw mill owner Northwest Arm
LOCK Levi laborer Deep Water Cove
LAVENDER Thos fisherman Trouty
LOCK Wm, jr fisherman Northwest Arm
LAVENDER James fisherman Trouty
MORRIS Thomas fisherman Trinity Proper
MAYERS James laborer Trinity Proper
MAIDMENT Heber shoemaker Trinity Proper
MORRIS NATHANIEL dry goods Trinity Proper
MORRIS Robert cooper Trinity Proper
MORRIS JOSEPH general dealer Trinity Proper
MILLEY John laborer Trinity Proper
MORRIS Thomas laborer Trinity Proper
MORRIS Samuel planter Bar Point
MORRIS Charles planter Bar Point
MORRIS Elijah fisherman Cuckold's Cove
MORRIS Mark fisherman Cuckold's Cove
MORRIS James fisherman Cuckold's Cove
MAYBEE Thomas fisherman Trouty
MAYBEE Aquila fisherman Trouty
MORRIS William fisherman Trouty
MORRIS Alexander fisherman Trouty
MORRIS Arthur fisherman Trouty
MORRIS William, jr fisherman Trouty
MORRIS Frederick fisherman Trouty
MILLER Aquila fisherman Spaniard's Bay
MORRIS WM planter Bar Point
MORRIS Thomas fisherman Cuckold's Cove
MORRIS Samuel fisherman Cuckold's Cove
MISH Arthur fisherman Cuckold's Cove
MORRIS Stephen fisherman Trouty
MORRIS Charles fisherman Trouty
MORRIS Charles fisherman Trouty
MORRIS John fisherman Trouty
MORRIS George fisherman Trouty
MILLER Alfred fisherman Spaniard's Bay
MILLER George fisherman Spaniard's Bay
NEWHOOK C crp'ntr Trinity Proper
OAKLEY Geo, sr laborer Trinity Proper
OAKLEY Geo, jr cooper Trinity Proper
PERKS Henry police con Trinity Proper
POWER A R grocer Trinity Proper
PITTMAN R bl'cksmith Trinity Proper
PIDDLE Aaron laborer Northwest Arm
PIDDLE Martin laborer Northwest Arm
PIDDLE William laborer Northwest Arm
PIDDLE Hubert fisherman Northwest Arm
PIDDLE George fisherman Northwest Arm
PITCHER Alexander fisherman Old Bonaventure
PITCHER Isreal fisherman Old Bonaventure
PITCHER William fisherman Old Bonaventure
PITCHER John fisherman Old Bonaventure
PITCHET (SIC) Archibald fisherman Old Bonaventure
PITCHER Peter fisherman Old Bonaventure
PARROTT Alexander fisherman Old Bonaventure
PARROTT John fisherman Old Bonaventure
PITCHER Abraham fisherman Old Bonaventure
PITCHER Jonathan fisherman Old Bonaventure
ROWE James l'house keeper South Side
ROWE Abel fisherman South Side
ROWE John fisherman South Side
ROWE Eli fisherman South Side
ROWE Edmund fisherman South Side
ROWE John fisherman South Side
ROWE Martin fisherman South Side
SPENCE William fisherman Trinity Proper
SPENCE George laborer Trinity Proper
SCEVIOUR John shoemaker Trinity Proper
SCEVIOUR Walter shoemaker Trinity Proper
SPENCE Richard constable Nuddick
SEXTON Arthur fisherman Hog's Nose
SEXTON William fisherman Hog's Nose
SEXTON Robert fisherman Hog's Nose
SEXTON James fisherman Hog's Nose
SEXTON James fisherman Hog's Nose
SCEVIOUR Charles fisherman Northwest Arm
SCEVIOUR Charles fisherman Penguin Cove
SCEVIOUR Thomas fisherman Penguin Cove
SCEVIOUR Wm fisherman Southwest Arm
SINCLAIR John fisherman Southwest Arm
SCEVIOUR James fisherman Southwest Arm
SEXTON Joseph fisherman Goose Cove
SPURRELL Thomas fisherman South Side
SPURRELL John fisherman South Side
SPURRELL Jacob fisherman South Side
SPURRELL Thomas fisherman Cuckold's Cove
SPURRELL John fisherman Cuckold's Cove
SPURRELL Charles fisherman Cuckold's Cove
SPURRELL William fisherman Island Cove
SHORT Eli fisherman Cat's Cove
SHORT Isaac fisherman Cat's Cove
STONE John fisherman Old Bonaventure
STONE William, jr fisherman Old Bonaventure
STONE Edmund fisherman Old Bonaventure
SONE Levi fisherman Old Bonaventure
STONE William, sr fisherman Old Bonaventure
STONE Frederick fisherman Old Bonaventure
STONE Ambrose fisherman Old Bonaventure
SHORT Reuben fisherman Old Bonaventure
SPURRELL Thomas fisherman Old Bonaventure
SPURRELL Arthur fisherman Old Bonaventure
SHORT John fisherman Old Bonaventure
SHORT Levi fisherman Old Bonaventure
STONE henry fisherman Old Bonaventure
STONE Absalom fisherman Old Bonaventure
SHORT William fisherman Old Bonaventure
SHORT Fred'k fisherman Old Bonaventure
SHORT William fisherman Old Bonaventure
TIBBS James, jr fisherman Tavener's Point
TIBBS Augustus fisherman Tavener's Point
TIBBS William fisherman Tavener's Point
TIBBS Reginald fisherman Tavener's Pt
TIBBS Thos, sr fisherman Tavener's Pt
TAVENER James fisherman Tavener's Pt
TAVENER Wm fisherman Tavener's Pt
THORNE John carpenter Tavener's Pt
TIBBS Thos, jr fisherman Tavener's Pt
TIBBS James fisherman Tavener's Pt
TIBBS GEO dry goods Tavener's Pt
TIBBS heber fisherman Tavener's Pt
THORE Jos fisherman Nuddick
THORNE George cooper Nuddick
TAVENER John laborer Northwest Arm
TAITE Henry fisherman Trouty
TAITE William fisherman Trouty
VIVIAN RD ship bldr Cat's Cove
VIVIAN Uriah planter Cat's Cove
VIVIAN John fisherman Cat's Cove
VERGE Levi fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE Joseph fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE Israel fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE Thomas fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE William fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE Aaron fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE John fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE Hubert fisherman Old Bonaventure
VERGE Peter fisherman Old Bonaventure
WHITE R physician Trinity Proper
WHITE John, sr laborer Trinity Proper
WEAVER REV WM Episcopal Trinity Proper
WHITE Thos mail carrier Trinity Proper
WELSHMAN Thos laborer Trinity Proper
WHITE Art'r medical student Trinity Proper
WHITE George laborer Trinity Proper
WALTERS Wm fisherman Tavener's Pt
WALDEN Noah fisherman Northwest Arm
WOOLDRIDGE R fisherman South Side
WOOLDRIDGE John fisherman South Side
WOOLDRIDGE Jacob fisherman South Side
WOOLDRIDGE John fisherman South Side
WOOLDRIDGE Robt fisherman South Side
WISEMAN Jer'h fisherman Spaniard's Bay
WALDRON Wm fisherman Spaniard's Bay
WALDRON Jas fisherman Spaniard's Bay
WISEMAN Geo fisherman Cuckold's Cove
WOOLDRIDGE Wm fisherman Cuckold's Cove
WISEMAN Joseph fisherman Cuckold's Cove
WISEMAN Frank fisherman Cuckold's Cove
WISEMAN James fisherman S W B Trouty
WISEMAN Robt fisherman S W B Trouty
WISEMAN John fisherman S W B Trouty
WISEMAN Nath'l fisherman S W B Trouty
WISEMAN Wm fisherman S W B Trouty
WISEMAN Jacob fisherman Goose Cove
WHELAN John fisherman Old Bonaventure

360 Entries Complete
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The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become
colloquialized, so spellings of names may differ.

This page transcribed by Pauline Avery

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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