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McAlpine's 1894/97 Directory
St. George's Bay
St. George's Bay Section

ALLEY Phillip fisherman Sandy Point
ALLEY Isaac fisherman Sandy Point
ALEXANDER Oliver fisherman Sandy Point
ALEXANDER Edm. fisherman Sandy Point
ALEXANDER Fred fisherman Sandy Point
ABBOTT James fisherman Sandy Point
ALEXANDER Peter fisherman South Side
ALEXANDER Andrew fisherman Main River
ALEXANDER Adolph fisherman Main River
ALEXANDER John fisherman Main River
ALEXANDER James fisherman Main River
ALEXANDER Daz fisherman Seal Rocks
ALEXANDER Aug. fisherman Stephen Villa
ALEXANDER Henry fisherman Stephen Villa
ABBOTT MICHAEL gen dealer and lobster packer Gravels
ALEXANDER Owen fisherman Kippens
ALEXANDER James fisherman Kippens
ALEXANDER Fred fisherman Kippens
ABBOTT John R. fisherman The Farms
ABBOTT John fisherman The Farms
ABBOTT William fisherman The Farms
ABBOTT Joseph fisherman The Farms
BENOIT Paul fisherman Bank Head
BENOIT Michael fisherman Bank Head
BENOIT Patrick fisherman Bank Head
BOURGERANT Thos fisherman Bank Head
BOURGERANT Wm fisherman Bank Head
BARRY John fisherman Fischels
BUTT George fisherman Robertson's Hd.
BROWN George fisherman Robertson's Hd.
BROWN Charles fisherman Robertson's Hd.
BROWN George fisherman Robertson's Hd.
BANDFIELD Joseph fisherman Sandy Point
BANDFIELD James fisherman Sandy Point
BUTLER James shoemaker Sandy Point
BARRY William fisherman Sandy Point
BARTER Joseph fisherman Sandy Point
BISHOP C. R. postmaster Sandy Point
BLACKBURN Joseph fisherman Seal Rocks
BLANCHARD Tim fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD Anth fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD Pas'cl fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD Malo fisherman South Side
BUTT NAT gen dealer & lobster packer South Side
BUTT Samuel sea captain South Side
BUTT Edward fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD Silva fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD A. fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD Peter fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD A. fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD Chas fisherman South Side
BLANCHARD Wm ferryman South Side
BENOIT Hy fisherman Shallop Cove
BARBER John fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Peter fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Adolphe fisherman Main River
BRAKE Edward fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Mitchel fisherman Main River
BENNOIT George fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Oliver fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Oliver, jr fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Abra'm fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Peter fisherman Main River
BENNOIT John fisherman Main River
BENNOIT Maglow'e fisherman Barachoix Brook
BENNOIT Wm fisherman Barachoix Brook
BENNOIT Henry fisherman Seal Rocks
BENNOIT James fisherman Seal Rocks
BENNOIT John fisherman Seal Rocks
BENNOIT Maxim fisherman Seal Rocks
BENNOIT Edward fisherman Seal Rocks
BENNOIT Peter fisherman Muddy Hole
BENNOIT Thomas fisherman Muddy Hole
BENNOIT John fisherman Muddy Hole
BENNOIT Paul fisherman Muddy Hole
BENNOIT Peter, jr fish'man Muddy Hole
BENNOIT Richard fish'man Muddy Hole
BENNOIT George fish'man Muddy Hole
BENNOIT Luke fish'man Stephen Villa
BARRY Patrick fish'man Stephen Villa
BENNOIT Constance fish'man Stephen Villa
BENNOIT John fish'man Stephen Villa
BENNOIT Luke, jr fish'man Stephen Villa
BENNOIT William fish'man Seal Rocks
BORGEOIS John fish'man Kippens
BORGEOIS William fish'man Kippens
BORGEOIS Eugene fish'man Kippens
BORGEOIS Dominic fish'man Kippens
BORGEOIS Bemmo fish'man Kippens
BORGEOIS Marcell fish'man Kippens
BORGEOIS Clement fish'man Kippens
BORGEOIS Eugene fish'man Kippens
BELLOWS Jacob fish'man Red Point
BENNOIT Dennis fish'man Fox Island River
BENNOIT Exavier fish'man Bear Cove
BENNOIT John fish'man Bear Cove
BENNOIT Louis fish'man Bear Cove
BENNOIT Sebastine fish'man West Bay
BRAKE William fish'man Clam Bank Cove
BENNOIT John fish'man Black Duck Brook
BENNOIT William fish'man Black Duck Brook
BENNOIT Thomas fish'man Black Duck Brook
BENNOIT William fish'man Black Duck Brook
BENNOIT Louis fish'man Black Duck Brook
BENNOIT Arcen. fish'man Black Duck Brook
BENNOIT Chas. fish'man West Bay
BENNOIT John L. fish'man West Bay
BENNOIT Frank fish'man West Bay
BESSON James fish'man Three Rock Cove
BRUCE John fish'man Abraham's Cove
BENNOIT Peter C. fish'man Ship Cove
BENNOIT John fish'man Marches Point
BENNOIT Michael fish'man Marches Point
BRUCE Julian fish'man Abraham's Cove
BRUCE Joseph fish'man Abraham's Cove
BENNOIT Julias fish'man Big Cove
BLANCHARD Wm fish'man South Side
CORMIER Edward fish'man Bank Head
CORMIER Midday fish'man Bank Head
CORMIER Louis fish'man Bank Head
CORMIER Patrick fish'man Bank Head
COOK William A. fish'man Robinson's Head
CHAFFEY Joseph fish'man Crabs
CHAFFEY Jerry fish'man Crabs
CHAFFEY James fish'man Crabs
CHAFFEY Octavius fish'man Crabs
CHAFFEY Isaac fish'man Crabs
CARTER James Ed fish'man Robinson's Head
CUTLER EDWARD lobster packer South Side
CUTLER AMOS lobster packer South Side
CUTLER William fisherman South Side
CUTLER Amos, sr fisherman South Side
COLOMBE Frederick fish'man Shallop Cove
COLOMBE Francis fish'rman Shallop Cove
COLOMBE Namis fish'man Shallop Cove
CERMIER Reuben fish'man Stephen Villa
CERMIER Euzeb fish'man Stephen Villa
CERMIER Patrick fish'man Stephen Villa
CERMIER Demos fish'man Stephen Villa
CERMIER Charles fish'man Stephen Villa
CHINN John ferryman Sandy Point
CHINN George fisherman Sandy Point
CHINN Abraham fisherman Sandy Point
CHINN Ulric fisherman Sandy Point
CASHIN John fisherman Sandy Point
CASHIN Arthur fisherman Sandy Point
CASHIN Francis fisherman Sandy Point
CASHIN Martin fisherman Sandy Point
CONWAY Richard clerk Sandy Point
CERMIER Victor fisherman Sandy Point
CHIASON David fisherman Stephen Villa
CHIASON Reuben fisherman Stephen Villa
CARTER William fisherman The Farms
COLLIER Saul fisherman Long Point
COLLIER Thomas fisherman Three Rock Cove
CHISSAN Julian fisherman Cape St. George
CAMPBELL John fisherman Ship Cove
CARTER James fisherman Marches Point
CAMPBELL Daniel fisherman Creek
CAMPBELL Archie J. fisherman Creek
CAMPBELL Archie S. fisherman Creek
CAMPBELL Daniel S. fisherman Creek
CAMPBELL Archie D. fisherman Creek
DARBY REV. T. Methodist South Side
DELANEY Joseph fisherman South Side
DELANEY Joseph, jr. fisherman South Side
DELANEY William fisherman South Side
DELANEY Laurence fisherman South Side
DELANEY Frederick fisherman South Side
DUCETT Peter fisherman Stephen Villa
DUCETT Julian fisherman Stephen Villa
DUCETT John fisherman Stephen Villa
DURALL Charles fisherman Main River
DENNIS Daniel fisherman Barachoix Brook
DENNIS Henry fisherman Barachoix Brook
DENNIS Philip fisherman Barachoix Brook
DUFFNEY John fisherman Stephen Villa
DUCETT Julian fisherman Kippens
DUCETT John fisherman Kippens
DUCETT Peter fisherman Kippens
DELUSH Joseph fisherman Gravels
DELUSH John fisherman Gravels
DUCETT Gabriel fisherman Gravels
DUCETT Ambrose fisherman Gravels
DENNIS William fisherman Sandy Point
DEUHART Adolph fisherman Sandy Point
DUFFNEY John fisherman Black Duck Brook
DUFFNEY Peter fisherman Black Duck Brook
DUHART Thos fisherman Bank Head
DUHART Louis fisherman Bank Head
DUHART Adolph fisherman Bank Head
DUHART William fisherman Bank Head
DUHART Joseph fisherman Bank Head
DUFFNEY Fred fisherman Robertson's Head
DOWNEY John fisherman White Cliff
DUFFNEY Henry fisherman Black Duck Brook
DUFFNEY Isaac fisherman Clam Bank Cove
DOWNEY Bazile (sic) fisherman Three Rock Cove
DEAWVALL Peter fisherman Main Land
DENNIS Charles fisherman Salmon Cove
DEMAN Victor fisherman Cape George
DUCETT Ferdinand fisherman Creek
EDDIE James fisherman The Farm
EDWARD Henry fisherman Clam Bank Cove
EVANS T. W. T. postm'str Robinson's Hd
EDWARDS Amb fisherman Fishel's Brook
FORTUNE Andw fisherman Crabs
FORTUNE Thomas fisherman Crabs
FORTUNE James fisherman Crabs
FORTUNE Jerem'h fisherman Crabs
FORTUNE Wm fisherman Crabs
FLINN Nicholas fisherman Black Duck Brook
FALL John fisherman South Side
FALL Samuel fisherman South Side
FALL John, jr fisherman South Side
FILLATRE Francis fisherman Sandy Point
FILLATRE Edmund fisherman Seal Rocks
FILLATRE John fisherman Seal Rocks
FRAMPTON John fisherman The Farm
FRAMPTON Adr'w fisherman The Farm
FELIX Emilo fisherman The Creek
FELIX Louis fisherman Black Duck Brook
GALE Dean fisherman Robinson's Head
GALE Robert fisherman Robinson's Head
GILLIAM Israel fisherman Robinson's Head
GILLIAM Frank fisherman Robinson's Head
GILLE Richard fisherman Robinson's Head
GALE Isaac fisherman Robinson's Head
GALE George fisherman Robinson's Head
GILLIAM John fisherman Robinson's Head
GILLIAM Charles fisherman Robinson's Head
GILLIAM George fisherman Middle Barachoix
GILLIAM George fisherman Middle Barachoix
GILLIAM Jas Wm fisherman Middle Barachoix
GILLIAM Richard fisherman Crabs
GILLIAM Thomas fisherman Crabs
GILLIAM Wilson fisherman Crabs
GILLIAM Charles fisherman Crabs
GILLIAM Isaac fisherman Crabs
GILLIAM William fisherman Crabs
GILLIS Alexander fisherman Frenchman's Brook
GILLIS John fisherman Frenchman's Brook
GILLIS Angus fisherman Frenchman's Brook
GILLIS Dougald fisherman Frenchman's Brook
GILLIS Hugh fisherman Butter Brook
GILLIS Hugh, sr. fisherman Butter Brook
GILLIS Alexander fisherman Butter Brook
GILLIS Archie fisherman Butter Brook
GALE James fisherman Butter Brook
GILLIS Alexander fisherman Harbour Point
GILLINGHAM Charles fisherman Main River
GOUNDON Edward fish'man Stephen Villa
GOUNDON Paul fish'man Stephen Villa
GOUNDON Patrick fish'man Stephen Villa
GOUNDON Maxim fish'man Stephen Villa
GOUNDON Frank fish'man Stephen Villa
GODET Eaneias fish'man Stephen Villa
GODET John fish'man Stephen Villa
GODET Ameda fish'man Stephen Villa
GODET Octave fish'man Stephen Villa
GODET Fabio fish'man Stephen Villa
GALLONG Stephen fish'man Stephen Villa
GALLONG Joseph fish'man Stephen Villa
GALLONG Arseine fish'man Stephen Villa
GALLONG Victor fish'man Stephen Villa
GILLMAN Thomas fish'man Gravels
GALLONG Walter fish'man Sandy Point
GALLONG Adolph fish'man Sandy Point
GALLONG Alex fish'man Sandy Point
GARNIER Francis fish'man Sandy Point
GETHERAL Thos fish'man The Farm
GADNIT Frederick fish'man West Bay
GADIT Feilistia fish'man Black Duck Brook
GADIT Narcies fish'man Black Duck Brook
GADIT Victor fish'man Black Duck Brook
GALE Daniel fish'man Creek
GALE Edward fish'man Creek
GALE Michael fish'man Creek
GILLIS Hugh fish'man Creek
GILLIS Augustus fish'man Creek
GARNIER Constance fish'man Sandy Point
GARNIER Ernest liquors Sandy Point
GARNIER Albert sea captain Sandy Point
GILLIS Alex fisherman Gravels
GILLIS John fisherman Gravels
GARNIER Adolphe fisherman Shallop Cove
GARNIER Adolph, jr fisherman Shallop Cove
GREENE Charles fisherman West Bay
GADIT Timothy fisherman Black Duck Brook
HOGDON John fisherman Marches Point
HALL Joseph fisherman Three Rock Cove
HALL Thomas fisherman Three Rock Cove
HALL Patrick fisherman Three Rock Cove
HALL Paul fisherman Three Rock Cove
HAWKINS Edward fisherman Three Rock Cove
HAWKINS Wilson fisherman Three Rock Cove
HINKS John fisherman Salmon Cove
HINKS Henry fisherman Salmon Cove
HINKS Thomas fisherman Salmon Cove
HYNES Philip, sr fisherman Port-au-Port
HYNES William fisherman Two Guts
HYNES Laurence fisherman Two Guts
HYNES Charles fisherman Fox Island River
HYNES Reuben fisherman Fox Island River
HOGDON John C. fisherman Big Cove
HARVEY Andrew fisherman The Farms
HARVEY Andrew, jr fisherman The Farms
HARVEY Benjamin fisherman The Farms
HARVEY John J. fisherman The Farms
HARVEY George fisherman The Farms
HOOPER Richard fisherman The Farms
HYNES Charles fisherman The Farms
HYNES Henry fisherman Port-au-Port
HYNES William fisherman Port-au-Port
HYNES Columbia fisherman Port-au-Port
HALL Paul fisherman Creek
HYNES Henry fisherman Sandy Point
HYNES Samuel fisherman Sandy Point
HUNT George fisherman Sandy Point
HALBOT Edward fisherman Sandy Point
HALBOT Adolph fisherman Sandy Point
HAYES JAMES R. general dealer Sandy Point
HIRST EDWD sub-collector customs Sandy Point
HANN Albert fisherman South Side
HOGDON John fisherman South Side
HAWKINS Andrew fisherman Main River
HAYES MICHAEL general dealer Stephen Villa
HUNT Wm fisherman Stephen Villa
HYNES George fisherman Gravels
HYNES John fisherman Gravels
HYNES Isaac fisherman Gravels
HYNES John, sr fisherman Gravels
HANN Simon fisherman Gravels
HYNES Phillip fisherman Gravels
HALIBURTON HENRY agent James Baird Gravels
HYNES Jas fisherman Marches Point
HYNES Wm fisherman West Bay
HYNES John W. fisherman Port-au-Port
HOWLEY RIGHT REV. M. F. R C Bishop Sandy Point
HULAN J. fisherman Robinson's Head
HULAN William fisherman Robinson's Head
HULAN Jas Brisit fisherman Robinson's Head
HULAN Richard fisherman Robinson's Head
HULAN Edward fisherman Robinson's Head
HULAN William fisherman Robinson's Head
HAWLEY Joseph fisherman Robinson's Head
HULAN Stephen fisherman Robinson's Head
HULAN George fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Jorry (sic) fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN James fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Edward fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Samuel fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN William G. fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Philip fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Leonard fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Clement fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN William fisherman Crabs
HAWLEY Nicholas fisherman Crabs
HULAN Simon fisherman Crabs
HAWLEY Elias fisherman Crabs
HAWLEY John fisherman Crabs
HAWLEY Elijah fisherman Crabs
HAWLEY NICODEMUS lobster packer Middle Barachoix
HARVEY Jere fisherman Middle Barachoix
HARVEY William fisherman Middle Barachoix
HARVEY George fisherman Middle Barachoix
HARVEY Thomas fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Joseph fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN John E. fisherman Middle Barachoix
HULAN Jacob fisherman Middle Barachoix
HALL Alexander fisherman Shoal Point
HALL Joseph fisherman Shoal Point
HALL John fisherman Shoal Point
JEFFREY REV C Church of England Sandy Point
JESSO Edward fisherman Ship Cove
JESSO Alex, jr fisherman Lower Cove
JESSO Henry fisherman Lower Cove
JESSO William fisherman Lower Cove
JESSO Alex fisherman Lower Cove
JESSO John fisherman Charlie Sheaves' Cove
JESSO Peter fisherman Charlie Sheaves' Cove
JESSO Henry fisherman Black Duck Brook
JESSO Frank fisherman West Bay
JESSO Augustus fisherman West Bay
JOY JAMES general dealer Piccadilly
JESSO Charles fisherman Cape St. Georges
JOE Paul fisherman Seal Rocks
JOE Frank fisherman Seal Rocks
JOE John fisherman Seal Rocks
KENDLE John fisherman Seal Rocks
KENDLE Luke fisherman Creek
KEEFE James fisherman Main River
KING Patrick fisherman Sandy Point
KEATING J. blacksmith Sandy Point
KING Reuben fisherman Bank Head
KING Henry fisherman Bank Head
KING Felix fisherman Bank Head
KING Partick fisherman Bank Head
KING Nicholas fisherman Bank Head
KING Paulett fisherman Bank Head
KING Paul fisherman Bank Head
KING Reuben fisherman Bank Head
LONG William fisherman Bank Head
LEGG William fisherman Robinson's Head
REGG Richard T. fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG James Wm fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG Philip fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG William Tom fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG Clement fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG Joseph fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG Emmanuel fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG Joseph R. fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG Thomas fisherman Robinson's Head
LEGG Jacob fisherman Crabs
LEGG Isaac fisherman Crabs
LUTTMAN William fisherman Sandy Point
LEROUX WALTER Wine and Liquors Sandy Point
LEROUX LEOPOLD EDWD general dealer Sandy Point
LANGLOIS ANTONIE general dealer Sandy Point
LEROUX Francis fisherman Seal Rock
LANEY Edward fisherman Stephen Villa
LANEY Adolph fisherman Black Duck Brook
LANEY John fisherman Black Duck Brook
LANEY Adolphe, jr fisherman Black Duck Brook
LANEY Louis fisherman Marches Point
LANEY Joseph fisherman Main Land
LANEY Amable fisherman Main Land
LUDEY Thomas fisherman Cape St. George
LEROUX ALBERT general dealer Main Land
LEROUX Adolph fisherman Main Land
LERIL Alexander fisherman Main Land
LEE Joseph fisherman Big Cove
LACORTA Padins fisherman Creek
LUCA Alexander fisherman Main River
LUCA Alex, jr fisherman Main River
LUCA John fisherman Main River
LUCA John, sr fisherman Main River
LUCA John M. fisherman Main River
LUCA Ambrose fisherman Main River
LEACH John fisherman Gravels
LEACH James fisherman Gravels
MARCH Andrew fisherman Bank Head
McDONALD Michael fisherman Bank Head
McISSAC Dan fisherman Fischel's Brook
McISSAC Archy fisherman Fischel's Brook
McISSAC Murdock fisherman Fischel's Brook
MUDORE Thomas fisherman Fischel's Brook
McDONALD Dan fisherman Fischel's Brook
McDONALD Angus fisherman Fischel's Brook
McDONALD Sandy fisherman Fischel's Brook
McDONALD John fisherman Fischel's Brook
McDONALD James fisherman Fischel's Brook
McPHERSON Angus fisherman Robinson's Head
McPHERSON Duncan fisherman Robinson's Head
McPHERSON Donald fisherman Robinson's Head
MOORE Wm fisherman Robinson's Head
MADORE Fred fisherman Crabs
MORRIS William fisherman Hobinson's Head
MORRIS Henry fisherman Hobinson's Head
MORRIS Joseph fisherman Hobinson's Head
McKAY Peter fisherman Middle Barachoix
McKAY Sandy fisherman Middle Barachoix
McKAY Archy fisherman Middle Barachoix
MORRIS Philip fisherman Crabs
McEACHREN S. fisherman Crabs
McEACHREN Thos fisherman Crabs
McISAAC John fisherman Frenchman's Brook
McISAAC Allan fisherman Frenchman's Brook
McISAAC John, sr fisherman Frenchman's Brook
McINNIS John fisherman Butter Brook
McINNIS Alex fisherman Butter Brook
McINNIS Hugh fisherman Butter Brook
McINNIS Angus fisherman Butter Brook
McPHERSON John fisherman Harbor Point
McDONALD R. fisherman Harbor Point
McEACHREN A. fisherman Harbor Point
McLELLAN A. fisherman Harbor Point
McLELLAN D. fisherman Harbor Point
MORRIS Clement fisherman Crabs
MARCH John E. fisherman Creek
MARCH James fisherman Creek
McDONALD Hector gent. Sandy Point
McFATRIDGE JAMES gen dealer Sandy Point
McFATRIDGE W. fisherman Sandy Point
McFATRIDGE H. fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY Alex fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY Geo, jr fisherman Sandy Point
McLEAN Daniel sea capt Sandy Point
McKAY Joseph fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY Philip fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY James fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY Sam sea capt Sandy Point
MESSERVEY Alf fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY N S fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY Morgan fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY George fisherman Sandy Point
MESSERVEY Chas fisherman Sandy Point
McINTYRE D. physician Sandy Point
MORRIS James fisherman South Side
MORRIS Philip fisherman South Side
MORRIS Abraham fisherman South Side
MORRIS John fisherman South Side
McARTHUR Alex fisherman Main River
MORRISSEY William fisherman Main River
MADORE Frederick fisherman Seal Rocks
MADORE Charles fisherman Seal Rocks
MADORE Joseph fisherman Seal Rocks
MADORE Laurence fisherman Seal Rocks
MERCIN John fisherman Seal Rocks
MARKS Charels fisherman Seal Rocks
MADORE James fisherman Seal Rocks
MORRIS William fisherman Seal Rocks
MESSERVEY George fisherman Seal Rocks
MESSERVEY John fisherman Muddy Hole
MORRIS John fisherman Sandy Point
McDONALD Alex fisherman Main River
McLEAN William fisherman South Side
McLEAN Alex fisherman Stephen Villa
MADORE Adolph fisherman Stephen Villa
MADORE Nicholas fisherman Stephen Villa
MADORE Maxim fisherman Stephen Villa
McLODE John fisherman Stephen Villa
MARCH Louis fisherman Gravels
MARCH Albert fisherman Gravels
MARCH Edward fisherman Gravels
MARCH Daniel fisherman Gravels
MARCH James fisherman Gravels
McISAAC Dougall fisherman Gravels
McISAAC Angus fisherman Berry Head
McISAAC John fisherman Berry Head
McISAAC John fisherman Berry Head
McPHERSON Hugh fisherman Berry Head
MARCH Alex fisherman Berry Head
MORRIELL John fisherman Berry Head
MORRIELL Dennis fisherman Berry Head
MORRIELL Francis fisherman Berry Head
MORRIELL James fisherman Berry Head
MORRIELL Francis, sr fisherman Berry Head
McISAAC Dougal fisherman Kippens
McISAAC William fisherman Kippens
MARCH Louis fisherman Stephen Villa
MARCH William fisherman Stephen Villa
MARCH John fisherman Creek
McISAAC John fisherman Creek
McKAY William fisherman Black Head
MURPHY John fisherman Cole River
MADORE Domnic fisherman West Bay
MARCH Dennis fisherman Black Duck Brook
MARCH Douglas fisherman Black Duck Brook
MARCH John fisherman Clam Bank Cove
MARCH Victor fisherman Main Land
McDOUGAL Hugh fisherman Creek
McDONALD Angus fisherman Creek
McDONALD MRS. JULIA post mistress & boarding house Creek
McISAAC Angus fisherman Creek
MARTIN Nathaniel fisherman Gravels
MARTIN James fisherman Gravels
MARTIN Jonathan fisherman Gravels
NEVIL Thomas fisherman Seal Rocks
NEWVILL John fisherman Cape St. George
NEWEL Brenard fisherman Main River
O'QUIN Tissian fisherman Stephen Villa
O'QUIN Victor fisherman Stephen Villa
O'QUIN Ameda fisherman Stephen Villa
O'QUIN Laurence fisherman Stephen Villa
O'QUIN Tissian, jr. fisherman Stephen Villa
O'QUIN Philip fisherman Stephen Villa
O'QUIN PAUL boarding h'se Gravels
O'QUIN Derry fisherman Port-au-Port
OZONG Charles fisherman Sandy Point
OZONG John fisherman Sandy Point
O'QUINN Peter fisherman Sandy Point
O'DONALD James fisherman Sandy Point
O'RILLEY Ambrose fisherman Sandy Point
O'RILLEY Aloysius fisherman Sandy Point
O'RILLEY Wm, jr. fisherman Sandy Point
O'RILLEY Wm, sr. fisherman Sandy Point
O'RORKE REV. M R. C. Crabs
PIKE Jeremiah fisherman Crabs
PIKE John fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS John fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS George fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS John E. fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS Edmund fisherman Sandy Point
PENNELL Joseph fisherman Sandy Point
PENNELL William fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS William fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS James fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS Louis fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS Charles fisherman Sandy Point
PARSONS John H. fisherman Sandy Point
PIEROWAY Geo fish'man Sandy Point
PIEROWAY Alfred fish'man Sandy Point
PIEROWAY Joseph fish'man Sandy Point
PIEROWAY Walter fish'man Sandy Point
PIEROWAY Geo T. fish'man Sandy Point
PILLEY Oriel fish'man Sandy Point
PARSONS John fish'man Sandy Point
PERRIA Fred fish'man Sandy Point
PERRIA John fish'man South Side
PIEROWAY John fish'man South Side
PIEROWAY Geo fish'man South Side
PIEROWAY Wm fish'man South Side
POWER Redmond fish'man Main River
POWER Edward fish'man Main River
PIEROWAY Benjamin fish'man Muddy Hole
PIEROWAY Frederick fish'man Muddy Hole
PIEROWAY Charles fish'man Muddy Hole
PRADO John fish'man Creek
PRADO Amile fish'man Creek
PRADO Xavier fish'man Sheaves' Cove
POWER Dominic fish'man Cape St. George
PURIA William fish'man Cape St. George
PIEROWAY John P. fish'man The Farm
PEICO William fish'man The Farm
POWER John fish'man Gravels
ROWE Amable fish'man Port-au-Port
ROWE Louis fish'man Port-au-Port
ROWE Felistia fish'man Port-au-Port
ROWE Augustus fish'man Port-au-Port
ROWE Victor fish'man Port-au-Port
RENOUF Frank fish'man Cape St. George
REVOLON Adolph fish'man Main Land
RENOUF Robert fish'man Robinson's Head
RENOUF Clement fish'man Robinson's Head
RENOUF Isaac J. fish'man Robinson's Head
RENOUF Philip F. fish'man Robinson's Head
RENOUF Clement fish'man Robinson's Head
RETIEFF Frederick fish'man Salmon Cove
RENOUF William fish'man Cape St. George
RYAN Joseph fish'man Creek
RICHARDSON George fish'man The Farms
RYAN Tissian fish'man South Side
RYAN John fish'man South Side
RYAN Michael fish'man Seal Rocks
RENOUF Peter fish'man Stephen Villa
ROBERTS John fish'man Main River
RENOUFF Phillip fish'man Sandy Point
RENOUFF John fish'man Sandy Point
RENOUFF Joseph fish'man Sandy Point
RENOUFF Isaac fish'man Sandy Point
RENOUFF Clement fish'man Sandy Point
RYAN William fish'man Sandy Point
RENOUFF Frederick fish'man Sandy Point
ROBA William fish'man Cape St. George
ROMAIN J. E. gen dealer Kippens
ROMAIN W. lobster packer Kippens
SWYRE Leonard fisherman Sandy Point
SWYRE Edmund fisherman Sandy Point
SWYRE Walter fisherman Sandy Point
SWYRE Nelson fisherman Sandy Point
SWYRE Samuel fisherman Sandy Point
SWYRE Wilfred fisherman Sandy Point
SHIVERY Simon fisherman Sandy Point
SAVAGE John fisherman Main River
SWYRE James fisherman Main River
SIMON Albert fisherman Stephen Villa
SHEARS James fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS James A. fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS Richard B. fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS Thomas fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS Moses fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS S. C. fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS John fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS George fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS Ried E. fisherman Robinson's Head
SHEARS Robert fisherman Middle Barachois
SHEARS Richard fisherman Crabs
SHEARS Edmund fisherman Crabs
SHEARS George fisherman Crabs
SHEARS Simon fisherman Crabs
SHEARS S. R. fisherman Crabs
SHEARS William fisherman Crabs
SHEPPARD Wm fisherman South Side
SHEPPARD John E. fisherman South Side
SHEPPARD Joseph fisherman South Side
SHEPPARD W J. fisherman South Side
SHEPPARD Daizley fisherman South Side
SIMON Joseph fisherman Cape George
SIMON Adolph fisherman Cape George
SIMON Frank fisherman Cape George
SHASSON Laur'ce fisherman Cape George
SHASSON Lazarus fisherman Cape George
SHASSON Narciss fisherman Cape George
SHASSON Philip fisherman Cape George
SHAW Robert fisherman Bellman Cove
SHAW Joseph fisherman Bellman Cove
SIMON Eva fisherman Cape George
TOBIN William fisherman Main River
TOWROUT Cyril fisherman Sheaves' Cove
TOWROUT Augustus fisherman Cape St. George
THOMAS John fisherman Sandy Point
THOMAS Joseph fisherman Sandy Point
THOMAS James fisherman Sandy Point
TIPPLE Edward tel. operator Sandy Point
VINCENT Saml fisherman Seal Rocks
VINCENT Wm fisherman Seal Rocks
VINCENT August's fisherman Seal Rocks
VINCENT Andrew fisherman Seal Rocks
WHITE Mitchell fisherman Bank Head
WHITE Thomas fisherman Bank Head
WHITE John H. fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Gabriel fisherman Kippens
WHITE John fisherman Kippens
WHITE Thomas fisherman South Side
WHITE Tissian fisherman South Side
WHITE Susiam fisherman South Side
WHITE Amada fisherman South Side
WHITE Joseph fisherman South Side
WHITE Joseph, sr fisherman South Side
WHITE James fisherman South Side
WHITE Campbell fisherman South Side
WHITE George fisherman South Side
WHITE Kenneath fisherman South Side
WHITE William fisherman South Side
WHITE John fisherman South Side
WHITE Anthony fisherman South Side
WHITE Patrick fisherman South Side
WEBB John fisherman Muddy Hole
WEBB Paul fisherman Muddy Hole
WEBB Richard fisherman Muddy Hole
WEBB Thomas fisherman Muddy Hole
WEBB Henry fisherman Muddy Hole
WELSH Albert fisherman South Side
WHITECROSS James fisherman Big Cove
WHEELER Stephen fisherman Ship Cove
WHITE Patrick fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Macille fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Venor fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE John fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Peter fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Anthony fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE William fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Marcille, sr. fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Onsim fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Gabriel fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Dominic, jr fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Dominic, sr fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Charles fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Demos fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Callis fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Maxim fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Charles, jr fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Angus fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Placid fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Alexander fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Gabriel, sr fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE James fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Simon fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Isiah fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Simon, jr. fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE Leo fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE John, sr fisherman Stephen Villa
WHITE William fisherman Stephen Villa
YOUNG Thomas fisherman South Side
YOUNG Patrick fisherman South Side
YOUNG John fisherman South Side
YOUNG Joseph, jr fisherman Main River
YOUNG Victor fisherman Seal Cove
YOUNG Frederick fisherman Seal Rocks
YOUNG Peter fisherman Kippens
YOUNG George fisherman Kippens
YOUNG Alexander fisherman Kippens
YOUNG John H. fisherman Sandy Point
YOUNG Alexander fisherman Sandy Point
YOUNG Frederick fisherman Sandy Point
YOUNG Henry fisherman Sandy Point
YOUNG Alex, jr fisherman Sandy Point
YOUNG John fish'man Sandy Point
YOUNG John, sr. fish'man Sandy Point
YOUNG Henry fish'man Clam Bank Cove
YOUNG Henry fish'man Clam Bank Cove
YOUNG Valentine fish'man Clam Bank Cove
YOUNG Archie fish'man Clam Bank Cove
YOUNG Alex, sr fish'man Marches Point
YOUNG Thomas fish'man Marches Point
YOUNG James fish'man Marches Point
YOUNG Alex fish'man Marches Point
YOUNG Victor fish'man Clam Bank Cove
YOUNG Louis fish'man Clam Bank Cove
YOUNG John fish'man Clam Bank Cove
YOUNG Andrew fish'man Black Duck Brook
YOUNG Angus fish'man Black Duck Brook
YOUNG Maxim fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG William fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Daniel fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Fred fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Andrew fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG George fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG William fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Henry fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Thomas fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Baptist fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Reuben fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Ernest fish'man Bank Head
YOUNG Joe fish'man Bank Head

This page transcribed by Bonnie Brown (August 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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