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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "W - Y" - (No 'X' or 'Z's)
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
WADDENFrancislaborerh 23 Duggan's Lane
WADDENJohncooperh 28 Buchanan
WADDENJohnshoemakerh New Gower
WADDENJosephshoemaker, 414-416 Waterh 414-416 Water
WADDENMarywid Patrickh 45 Moore
WADDENMichaelshoemakerh 207 New Gower
WADDENMichaelshoemaker, Water,eh Water, e
WADDENNicholasshoemakerh 207 New Gower
WADDENPatrickcooperh 38 Hutchings
WADDENPatrickshoemakerh 98 George
WADDEN Patrick Jstonecutterbds 23 Duggan's Lane
WADLANDHarriet, wid William. grocer, Duckworth h Duckworth
WALDENWilliamcarpenterh Gower
WADLETONGeorgefishermanh Balsam
WADLETONGeorgeseamanbds 29 Mullock
WADLETONJohnsalesmanh 25 Waldegrave
WAGHORNAlbert Jassistant engineerh 16 Queen's Road
WAKEHAMHerbertship carpenterh 26 Bond
WAKEHAMJohnlaborerbds 25 James
WAKEHAMJohannahwid Patrickh 25 James
WAKEHAMJosephlaborerbds 25 James
WAKEHAMRobertmaster marinerh 26 Bond
WAKEHAMThomaslaborerh 61 McFarlane's Lane
WAKEHAMThomasporterh 45 Casey's
WALDRONEdwardforeman, tobacco factoryh 43 Duckworth
WALDRONLouisbookkeeperh 43 Duckworth
WALKERAngusmasonbds 90 Casey's
WALKINSBridgetwid Henrybds Bannerman
WALKINSHannahwid Martinh 58 George
WALKINSJamescooperh Bannerman
WALKINSJosephsalesmanh Victoria
WALLBernardlaborerbds 36 Codner
WALLEdwardmachinist and fruit dealer, 5 New Gowerh 5 New Gower
WALLEllenwid Michaelh 36 Codner
WALLJamescooper12 Knight
WALLJohncarpenterh 24 Joy Place
WALLJohncooperh 43 Pleasant
WALLJohnlaborerbds 36 Codner
WALLMichaelcooperh Quidi Vidi Road
WALLMichaelclerkbds 12 Knight
WALLMichaellaborerbds 36 Codner
WALLMichaelstorekeeperh Military Road
WALLPeterwatchmanh Gower
WALLPhilipboilermakerh Balsam
WALLPhilipcarriagemakerh 74 George}
WALLPhiliplaborerh 226 New Gower
WALLRobertconfectioner, 154 New Gowerh 154 New Gower
WALLRobertseamanh 43 Pleasant
WALLThomasapp tinsmithh 10 Lime
WALLThomas Jclerkh 43 Pleasant
WALLWilliamlaborerh 7 Murphy's Square
WALLACEJamescooperh Allan's Square
WALLACEJamescullerh 52 Colonial
WALLACEPatrickof Sage & Wallaceh 120 George
WALLACEThomaslaborerSouth Side, e
WALLACEThomasstevedoreh Allan's Square
WALLACEWilliamstevedoreh Allan's Square
WALSHAlicewid Michaelh Bannerman
WALSHAmeliawid John, seamstressh 154 New Gower
WALSHAndrewseamanh 2 Goodview
WALSHAndrew Jseamanbds 39 Wickford
WALSHBridgetwid Jamesh 10 Gorman's Lane
WALSHBridgetTemperance House, Duckworthh Duckworth
WALSHBridgetwid Williamh 36 Thomas
WALSHCAPTAIN SGlobe HotelWater, w
WALSHCorneliuswatchmanh Battery Road
WALSHEdwardclerkh Queen's Road
WALSHEdwardleather cutterh 85 New Gower
WALSHEdwardtallymanh Queen's
WALSHEdwardweigh masterh Gower
WALSHElizabethwid Edwardh 35 Buchanen
WALSHEllenwid James, wines and spirits, 94 Prescotth 94 Prescott
WALSHEllenwid Thomasbds 10 Gorman's Lane
WALSHFrancisfinisher, shoe factoryh 3 John
WALSHFrancispainterh Bell
WALSHGeorgecompositor, City HotelDuckworth
WALSHMRS. GEORGEProprietress, City Hotel and City Fruit StoreDuckworth ,e see adv page 184
WALSHGeorgelaborerh Duckworth
WALSHGeorgeseamanh 191 New Gower
WALSHHughlaborerh 33 Patrick
WALSHJamesclerkh Queen's Road
WALSHJameslaborerh 3 Barron
WALSHJamesseamanh188 New Gower
WALSHJamesseamanh South Side,w
WALSHJanewid William, tailoressh 233 Lewis' Lane
WALSHJohannavariety, Duckworthh Duckworth, e
WALSHJohannawid Nicholash 25 Mullock
WALSHMrs. John h 176 Water, w
WALSHJohnclerkbds Harvey Road
WALSHJohncooperh 27 James
WALSHJohnfishermanh Victoria
WALSHJohn Jfishermanh Quidi Vidi Road
WALSHJohnfruit store, 302 Waterh 302 Water
WALSHJohnlaborerh 31 Bambrick's
WALSHJohnlaborerh 18 Gorman's Lane
WALSHJohnlaborerh 22 Lime
WALSHJohnmasonbds 90 Casey's
WALSHJohnwatchmanh Quidi Vidi Road
WALSHJosephconstableFort Townshend
WALSHJosephlaborerh Gower
WALSHJosephlaborerh 192 ½ Water, w
WALSHJ Fclerkh Queen's Road
WALSHKate, wid Johnwines and spirits, Harvey Roadh Harvey Road
WALSHLawrencecooperh 28 Mullock
WALSHLawrencelaborerh 48 Wickford
WALSHLawrenceseamanh 36 Thomas
WALSHMarygrocer, Colonialh Colonial
WALSHMiss Mary Anne h 23 Adelaide
WALSHMrs. Maryhelperh 130 New Gower
WALSHMarywid Johnh 17 Bates
WALSHMarywid Johnh 17 Brennan's Lane
WALSHMarywid Patrickbds 43 McFarlane's Lane
WALSHMarywine and spirits, 96 Prescotth 96 Prescott
WALSHMichaelbutcher, 178 Waterh 178 Water
WALSHMichaelcarpenterh Duckworth, e
WALSHMichaelengineerbds 39 Wickford
WALSHMichaellaborerh 126 George
WALSHMichaellaborerh South Side, west
WALSHMichaelporterh Henry
WALSHMichaelseamanh Mullock
WALSHMichael Jexpressmanh 68 Portugal Cove Road
WALSHMichael Jrigger and varieties, Prescott, cor Gowerh Prescott, cor Gower
WALSHNicholasprop'r Albert Hotel5 Beck's Cove Hill
WALSHNorahwid Williamh 20 Duckworth
WALSHPatrickcoachmanh 50 Monkstown Road
WALSHPatrickfishermanh South Side, w
WALSHPatricklaborerh Bond
WALSHPatricklaborerh South Side, w
WALSHPatricklaborerh 214 Water, w
WALSHPatrickseamanbds 39 Wickford
WALSHPatrick Jporterh Darling
WALSHPatrick Jprinter Gazette officebds 25 Mullock
WALSHPatrick Jtidewaiter customsh 45 Springdale
WALSHPetercarpenterh Duckworth
WALSHPeterlaborerh 339 Water, w
WALSHPhiliplaborerh 37 Bambrick's
WALSHPhilipseamanh 31 Plank
WALSHRichard h Duckworth,e
WALSHRichardship carpenterh 23 Water, w
WALSHMrs. Richard h Le Marchant Road
WALSHRobertdoorkeeper H Ah Colonial
WALSHRobertseamanh 228 Water, w
WALSHMrs. SProprietoress Globe HotelWater, w see adv page 238
WALSHStephencarpenterh 18 Bond
WALSHThomasassistant storekeeperh 39 Wickford
WALSHThomascarterh Water, w
WALSHThomasdoorkeeper H A344 Duckworth
WALSHTHOMASGroceries and Provisions, 18 Waterh Waterford Bridge Road see adv page 238
WALSHThomasharness makerbds 39 Wickford
WALSHThomaslaborer17 Bambrick's
WALSHThomaslaborerh 12 Brien
WALSHThomaslaborerh 16 Finn's Lane
WALSHThomaslaborerh 39 Wickford
WALSHThomasmasonh 17 Brennan's Lane
WALSHThomasprinterh Pilot's Hill
WALSHThomasseamanh 43 Power
WALSHThomasshoemakerh 224 New Gower
WALSHTimothyfishermanh 49 Moore
WALSHWilliamcooperh 9 Prince's
WALSHWalterfarmerLogy Bay Road
WALSHWilliamfarmerh 26 Mullock
WALSHWilliamfiremanh 2 John
WALSHWilliamlaborerh 31 Bambrick's
WALSHWilliamlaborerh 229 Lewis' Lane
WALSHWilliamlaborerh 178 Water, w
WALSHWilliamtinsmithh 178 Water, w
WALSHWilliamtruckmanh 46 George
WALSHWilliam P h Garrison Hill
WALSHERSamuelcarmanh Brazil's Square
WALTERSGeorgecarpenterh 8 Codner
WAUGHEdwardbakerh 9 Brazil's Square
WARDRobertpainterh Pilot's Hill
WARDWilliamtinsmithh Cabot
WARRENEdwardcooperh South Side, e
WARRENGeorgesalesmanh 14 Allan's Square
WARRENJamesof Wm Parker & Coh 69 Military road
WARRENJamessalesmanh 73 Springdale
WARRENJanewid Harryh 9 Stephen's
WARRENJessiewid Williamh 57 Cochrane
WARRENJohnlaborerh 10 Brennan's Lane
WARRENJohnsalesmanh Military Road
WARRENPercycarriage builderh 8 Brine
WARRENPetercarpenterbds 47 New Gower
WARRENSilascooperh South Side, w
WARRICKERJamesof Warricker of Udlerh Gower
WARRICKER & UDLER paintersVictoria
WARRINGTONP Jboot and shoe maker, 10 Waldegraveh 10 Waldegrave
WATSONAlexandercooperh South Side, w
WATSONEliaoutdoor agenth Water, w
WATSONE Cclerkh 46 Rennie's Mill Road
WATSONJAMESW H Ah 46 Rennie's Mill Road
WATSONRobertaccountanth Maxse Terrace, Queen's Road
WATSONWm Wledger keeper, Union Bankh Freshwater Road
WAYGideonblacksmithh 355 Water, w
WAYJosephcabinet makerbds 50 New Gower
WAYKatefruit store, 50 New Gowerh 50 New Gower
WAYWilliamlaborerh 355 Water, w
WAYWilliamsalesmanh 397 Water
WEARWilliamlaborerh Parade
WEATHERDONWilliam Hcarpenterh Harvey Road
WEBBGeorgeseamanh Signal Hill Road
WEBBThomas Lplastererh Gower
WEBBERFrederickfishermanh 9 Holdsworth
WEBBERGeorgeaccountanth 18 Cochrane
WEBBERJonascarpenterh 9 Goodview
WEBBERJonathanlaborerh 75 Lime
WEBBERWilliamplastererh Bully
WEEKSCharlesporterh Flower Hill
WEEKSHamiltonagenth Prescott
WEEKSRichardmasonh 107 Hamilton
WEEKSRobertlaborerh 22 Cabot
WEIR Edward carpenter h Newton Road
WEIR William T cabinet maker Parade
WEIR William stevedore h 1 Carew
WEIR William stevedore h Parade
WELBER John seaman h 61 Lime
WELBER Mrs John variety, 61 Lime h 61 Lime
WELHMAN Moses painter, Gower h Gower
WELLS Alfred carpenter bds Dick's Square
WELLS James   h 64 Alexander
WELLS John fireman bds goodview
WELLS John T plumber h 64 Alexander
WELLS Nathaniel watchman h 40 Cabot
WELLS Richard plumber h 78 Barnes Road
WELLS Richard R printer h Military Road
WELLS Robert J police constable h 26 Belvidere
WERAM John fisherman h Gunner's Cove, South Side
WESCOTT William carpenter h Prospect
WEST Andrew seaman h 59 Monkstown Road
WEST Walter B of Johnson & West h 151 Le Marchant Road
WEATHCARDON Robert sailmaker bds Long's Hill
WETHYCOMBE John D carpenter h 57 Bannerman
WHARFORD Jacob laborer h South Side, e
WHARFORD John fisherman h South Side, e
WHEATLEY GEORGE Lloyd's surveyor h 124 Water, w
WHEELER James carpenter h Long's Hill
WHEELER John salesman bds 22 John
WHEELER Peter laborer h 49 Angel Place
WHEELER Simeon carpenter h 40 Lime
WHEELER Thomas moulder h 49 Angel Place
WHEELER William constable Fort Townshend
WHELAN Anastatia wid Stephen h 45 McFarlane's Lane
WHELAN Anne wid Patrick h 14 Murphy's Square
WHELAN Catherine wid John h 117 New Gower
WHELAN Catherine wid Thomas h 82 Vey's Lane
WHELAN Edward laborer bds 9 Bannerman
WHELAN Edward seaman h 132 New Gower
WHELAN Elizabeth wid James h 16 Power
WHELAN Frank painter h Freshwater Road
WHELAN James fisherman h 10 Murphy's Square
WHELAN James mason bds 117 New Gower
WHELAN James laborer h Battery Road
WHELAN James laborer h 16 Power
WHELAN John fisherman h Barter's Hill
WHELAN John laborer h Circular Road
WHELAN John variety h Duckworth
WHELAN John laborer h 3 Princess
WHELAN Joseph laborer h Bonclody
WHELAN Joseph laborer h Signal Hill Road
WHELAN Martin boiler maker h Spencer
WHELAN Mrs   51 Moore
WHELAN Mary wid Stephen h 31 William
WHELAN Mathew laborer h Wood
WHELAN Michael cooper h Spencer
WHELAN Michael fisherman h 51 Carter
WHELAN Michael fisherman h 51 Carter
WHELAN MICHAEL harness maker, New Gower h Freshwater Road
WHELAN Michael laborer h 41 1/2 Power
WHELAN Michael weighmaster h Signal Hill
WHELAN Patrick laborer h Le Marchant Road
WHELAN Mrs Patrick h 27 Princess
WHELAN Pierce sea captain h Henry
WHELAN Robert laborer h Flower Hill
WHELAN Robert shoemaker bds 117 New Gower
WHELAN Samuel laborer h 64 Barnes Road
WHELAN Stephen laborer h 45 McFarlane's Lane
WHELAN Stephen seaman h 9 Bannerman
WHELAN Thomas fisherman h 15 Carter's Hill
WHIDDON Miss Norah grocer, 124 Barnes Road h 124 Barnes Road
WHITE Arthur M surveyor crown land office h 129 Military Road
WHITE Catherine wid George, grocer, Colonial h 59 Military Road
WHITE Charles blacksmith h 45 Alxander
WHITE Dennis fisherman h 283 Water, w
WHITE Dennis wheelwright h 27 Patrick
WHITE Douglas salesman h 95 Hamilton
WHITE Edmond M salesman h 12 Brazil's Square
WHITE Edward laborer h Field
WHITE Edward master mariner h South Side, w
WHITE Edward net mender h 13 Cuddihy's
WHITE Elton salesman h 95 Hamilton
WHITE George carpenter h Spencer
WHITE George carriage blacksmith h Cathedral
WHITE George constable Fort Townshend
WHITE James blacksmith h 95 Hamilton
WHITE James cooper h Spencer
WHITE James laborer h 88 Casey's
WHITE James R laborer h 35 Alexander
WHITE John Barrister bds Gower
WHITE John master mariner h Boncloddy
WHITE John painter h 32 Angel Place
WHITE John shoe finisher h 283 Water, w
WHITE John storekeeper h 349 Water, w
WHITE John tidewaiter customs  
WHITE Kate, wid George G grocer, 59 Military Road h 59 Military Road
WHITE Lawrence storkeeper h Allendale Road
WHITE Martha wid Thomas bds Prospect
WHITE Martin fireman h 7 Barnes' Place
WHITE Mary wid John h 12 Dammerill's Lane
WHITE Michael tinsmith h 349 Water, w
WHITE Philip S clerk customs h Gower
WHITE Richard harness maker and carriage trimmer h 49 Militry Raod
WHITE Richard clerk, lighthouse department h South Side, w
WHITE Robert laborer h 35 Alexander
WHITE Thomas carpenter h 27 Partick
WHITE Thomas fisherman h 283 Water, w
WHITE Thomas laborer h Pleasant
WHITE THOMAS M Carriage Maker and Undertaker, Bond corner Cathedral h Bind corner Cathedral See adv page 338
WHITE Thos P salesman h Allendale Road
WHITE William broker h 47 Alexander
WHITE William fisherman h 283 Water, w
WHITE William laborer h South side, e
WHITE William landing-waiter customs h South side, w
WHITE William sea captain h 77 Alma Place, Springdale
WHITEHEAD E A Architect, Water, e bds Military Road See adv page 160
WHITELEY Arthur custom house h Military Road
WHITELEY William H planter h Military Road
WHITEWAY Edwin storekeeper h 61 Pleasant
WHITEWAY Eli lumber surveyor h 12 John
WHITEWAY JESSE Dry Goods, Etc. 349 Water h Alma Place, Springdale See adv page 190
WHITEWAY & JOHNSON barristers and solicitors office 344 Water
WHITEWAY ROBERT dry goods, Gower h Gower
WHITEWAY Thomas laborer h 55 Cabot
WHITEWAY William mason h Boncloddy
WHITEWAY William salesman h 140 Pleasant
WHITEWAY SIR WM V, Q C, K C M G Riverside, Rennie's Mill Road
WHITEWAY W T architect, 370 Water h 370 Water
WHITING Charles seaman h 68 Pleasant
WHITING George carpenter h 68 Pleasant
WHITTAR Sidney sailmaker h Cook
WHITTEN Arthur laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN Albert cooper h South Side, e
WHITTEN Charles cooper h Carter's Hill
WHITTEN Edward storekeeper h 10 John
WHITTEN Emma wid Edward h 26 Pleasant
WHITTEN George laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN George C cooper h  South Side, e
WHITTEN Henry shoemaker h 230 Water, w
WHITTEN Mrs Henry   h South Side, e
WHITTEN James seaman h 26 Pleasant
WHITTEN John carpenter h South Side, e
WHITTEN John fisherman h South Side, e
WHITTEN John laborer h 9 Princess
WHITTEN John, of Henry carman h South Side, e
WHITTEN John T laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN Joseph carpenter h 22 Barnes' Road
WHITTEN Joseph fireman h 48 Wickford
WHITTEN Kenneth laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN Mary, wid George grocer, 26 Hayward Avenue h 26 Hayward Avenue
WHITTEN Robert fisherman h South Side, e
WHITTEN Robert keeper Temperance Hall h Gower
WHITTEN Robert laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN Samuel fisherman h South Side, e
WHITTEN Theodore laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN Thomas laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN Mrs William   h South Side, e
WHITTEN William fireman h 216 New Gower
WHITTEN William musician h 9 Princess
WHITTEN William G grocer, 185 New Gower h 185 New Gower
WHITTEN William H laborer h South Side, e
WHITTEN William J fisherman H South Side
WHITTLE Peter machinist h 37 Buchanan
WHITTEL Richard coachman h 9 Buchanan
WHITTY Edward carpenter h 235 New Gower
WHITTY John shoemaker bds 235 New Gower
WHITTY Sylvester cooper bds 235 New Gower
WHITTY William nailmaker bds 235 New Gower
WICKFORD John   h 16 Wickford
WICKHAM James laborer h 44 Casey's
WICKHAM JAMES W Roman Catholic school inspector h 1 Devon Row, Duckworth
WICKHAM Margaret wid Thomas h 81 Casey's
WICKHAM Richard laborer h 39 Flower Hill
WICKS Thomas laborer h 120 Casey's
WILEY ROBERT J dry goods and millinery, 344 Water h 54 Freshwater Rd
WILKINSON Henry seaman h 4 Lion's Square
WILKINSON Samuel blacksmith 140 Hamilton
WILKINSON William moulder h 140 Hamilton
WILKINSON William ship carpenter h 2 New Gower
WILKINSON Mrs William boarding house 2 New Gower
WILLAR Archibald of Willar & Son h Holloway
WILLAR George of Willar & Son h Holloway
WILLAR & SON   sailmakers Holloway
WILLAR William A of Willar & Son h Holloway
WILLETT John salesman bds 11 Queens
WILLIAMS Alfred planter h 6 Patrick
WILLIAMS Alfred John trader h Gunner's Cove, South Side
WILLIAMS Arthur salesman h 35 Parade
WILLIAMS Benjamin laborer h South Side, w
WILLIAMS Benjamin salesman h 18 George
WILLIAMS Ernest carpenter bds 46 Williams
WILLIAMS Frederick salesman h 27 Parade
WILLIAMS George clerk bds 56 New Gower
WILLIAMS George foreman tinsmith h 46 William, Georgetown
WILLIAMS George varieties and wharfinger, Bond h Bond
WILLIAMS Jeremiah laborer h 28 Water, w
WILLIAMS John cooper h 52 Hamilton
WILLIAMS John messenger h Bond
WILLIAMS John salesman h 27 Parade
WILLIAMS John salesman bds 46 William
WILLIAMS John H, jr clerk h Parade
WILLIAMS Matilda   h Prospect
WILLIAMS Moses laborer h 29 Hayward Avenue
WILLIAMS Peter tailor bds 46 William
WILLIAMS Philip laborer h 52 Hamilton
WILLIAMS Philip weighmaster h 31 Parade
WILLIAMS Richard cabman h 14 Notre Dame
WILLIAMS Richard J laborer h Bond
WILLIAMS Robert carpenter bds Parade
WILLIAMS Samuel shoemaker h 52 Hamilton
WILLIAMS Stephen carpenter h 8 Convent Lane
WILLIAMS Stephen clerk bds 87 Monkstown Road
WILLIAMS Stephen salesman h 86 Georgetown
WILLIAMS Thomas seaman h 33 Barter's Hill
WILLIAMS Walter printer bds 27 Parade
WILLIAMS Mrs Walter B crockery, glass and seeds, Duckworth h Duckworth, e
WILLIAMS William seaman h Carter's Hill
WILLIAMS William Storekeeper h 22 cochrane
WILLIAMS William C trader h Gunner's Cove, South Side
WILLIAMSON George clerk bds 56 New Gower
WILLS Arthur tel operator bds 141 Gower
WILLS Arthur J architect h Victoria
WILLS Everett wharfinger h Darling
WILLS F C coal merchant h 11 Atlantic Avenue
WILLS Henry laborer h 51 Lime
WILLS JAMES architect and builder, Victoria h Victoria
WILLS John T carpenter h Gower
WILLS Pascoe carpenter h 220 New Gower
WILLS ROBERT H baker and fruit store, Gower h Gower
WILLS Urbane architect h Victoria
WILLS Walter W storekeeper h Theater Hill, e
WILLS William plumber h 37 Job's
WILSON Alexander messenger h Brazil's Square
WILSON ANDREW principal of Presbyterian Acadamy h Prescott
WILSON James sea captain h Cochrane
WILSON Joseph confectioner, 14 New Gower h 14 New Gower
WILSON Sarah wid James h 30 Barnes' Road
WILSON William enginer h Brazil's Square
WILSON WILLIAM grocer, 42 Colonial h 42 Colonial
WILTSHIRE Thomas seaman h 39 George
WINSBOROUGH Frank salesman bds Pennywell Road
WINSBOROUGH James pensioner h Pennywell Road
WINSLOW George shoemaker h 49 Forest Road
WINSLOW John shoemaker h Bannerman Park
WINSOR Daniel tinsmith h 11 Knight's
WINSOR Ellen wid John bds 11 King's
WINSOR Ford engineer h 37 William
WINSOR James jeweller h Prescott
WINSOR Mary wid James h 26 Queen's Road
WINSOR Peter   h Victoria
WINSOR Peter rigger h 96 Le Marchant Road
WINSOR Thomas carpenter h Cookstown
WINTER Miss Harriet   h Winter Avenue
WINTER SIR JAMES Judge Supreme Court h Old Portugal Cove Road
WINTER John auctioneer and commission merchant bds Globe Hotel
WINTER MARMADUKE of T & M Winter h Circular Road
WINTER THOMAS of T & M Winter h 2 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
WINTER T & M Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants Duckworth, e See adv page 334
WISEMAN Ellen wid John h 19 James
WISEMAN Francis laborer h Sheehan's Shute
WISEMAN Francis tinsmith bds 19 James
WISEMAN Henry printer bds 4 Stephen
WISEMAN Henry shopkeeper, 34 Casey's h 34 Casey's
WISEMAN James fisherman h 30 Lime
WISEMAN James laborer bds 19 James
WISEMAN James laborer bds Pilot's Hill
WISEMAN James laborer h Young
WISEMAN John carpenter h Hayward Avenue
WISEMAN Patrick shoemaker bds 19 James
WISEMAN Thomas laborer h Merry Meeting Road
WISEMAN William seaman h Young
WITHEL Mary wid Peter h 37 Buchanan
WITHERS JOHN W editor and proprietor Royal Gazette and Queen's Printer, Rennie's Mill Road h Circular Road
WITHYCOMBE Gilbert J trunk manufacturer h South side, e
WITHYCOMBE William G trunk manufacturer h south Side, e
WOOD Arthur farmer h Logy Bay Road
WOOD REV A C F Episcopal h King's Brdge Road
WOOD Mrs Eliza wid William h Scoff
WOODS Francis fireman h 35 Flower Hill
WOOD FRED B Fruit, Confectionary and Flowers Water, e See adv colored page
WOOD Frederick H clerk, Commercial Bank h 41 Scott
WOOD Henry seaman h 7 Carew
WOODS HON H J B of John Woods & Son h Monkstown Road
WOOD & KELLY Barristers and Solicitors Duckworth, See adv page 394
WOODS James stoncutter h foot Temperance Hill, Hoylestown
WOODS John of John Woods & Son h 13 New Gower
WOODS JOHN & SON coal and gen com merchants Water, e
WOODS Mary Ann wid Richard h 10 William
WOODS SIDNEY Hardware and House Furnishings, 13 New Gower h 13 New Gower See adv page 354
WOOD Mrs Thomas   h Rennie's Mill Road
WOODS William fireman h 3 John
WOODS William laborer h 3 John
WOOD WM E of Wood & Kelly h Scott
WOODFORD Sarah wid William h 2 Convent Square
WOODLEY William farmer Quidi Vidi Lake Road
WOODROW Catherine wid Dennis h 86 Casey's
WOOLDRIDGE Alfred tinsmith h Spencer
WOOLDRIDGE Miss Rachel seamstress h Spencer
WOOLDRIDGE Richard steward h 23 Barron
WOOLGAR Albert R cashier h 64 Patrick
WOOLGAR Richard master mariner h 182 LeMarchant Road
WORTH Henry blacksmith h Stephen
WOUNDY Thomas ship-carpenter h Gilbert
WRECK Patrick Baker h 8 Finn's Lane
WRIGHT Robert, jr accountant h Duckworth, e
WYATT Henry J clerk h 59 Lime
WYLIE ROBERT Dry Goods, Etc, Water h Freshwater Road, See adv page 354
WYLIE William seaman h 49 Monkstown Road
YABSLEY Ernest laborer h Bond
YABSLEY Richard cooper h Bond
YABSLEY William H sailmaker h Bond
YARD Bartholomew carman h Tank Lane, w
YARD Bernard carman h 7 1/2 Cuddihy's
YATES William harness-maker h 20 Hayward Avenue
YEO John seaman h 22 George
YETMOM Malachi carpenter h Dick's Square
YORKE Joseph of Farquhar & Yorke h Victoria
YOUDEN Edward laborer h 28 Codner
YOUDEN Samuel cooper H 30 Angel Place
YOUNIE George stonecutter bds Gower
YOUNG Anthony T student theological college Forest Road
YOUNG Edward carpenter bds Long's Hill
YOUNG Edward G plasterer h Bully
YOUNG Frederick fireman h 46 Hayward Avenue 
YOUNG Frederick fisherman Quidi Vidi
YOUNG Lewis seaman h 76 Hayward Avenue
YOUNG John baker h Queen's Road
YOUNG Joseph salesman bds south Side
YOUNG William Engineer h 8 Cabot
YOUNG William, jr boiler maker bds 8 Cabot
YOUNG William T clerk h 76 Hayward Avenue

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