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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "V"
VAGUERS Johncollectorh 68 Hamilton
VALE Thomasfishermanh Duckworth,e
VALEThomaslaborerh 73 Lime
VALENTINEJohnsalesmanbds Gower
VARITEYMichaellaborerh 35 Barron
VASEYDanielseamanh 27 Stephen
VASEYH Johntailorh Gower, e
VASEYJohncarriage makerh 27 Stephen's
VATCHERHenrycarpenterh Colonial
VATCHERJosiahcarpenterh Gower
VAUGHANHenryshoemakerh 4 Richmond
VAVASORGeorgecarpenterbds 22 Duckworth
VAVASORHenrywharfingerh 70 Pleasant
VAVASORJamesbakerh 22 Duckworth
VAVASORJameslabourerh Duckworth
VAVASORThomas Jcarpenterbds 22 Duckworth
VEDSTONEWilliamclerkh 10 Bannerman
VETTWilliambakerh 4 James
VEYAnniewid Johnh 68 Patrick
VEYGeorgesalesmanh off Power
VEYJamesmachinisth 89 Pleasant
VEYJamesphotographer, 300 1/2 Waterh 160 Le Marchant Road
VEYJ.J.Manager, St. John's Nail Manufacturing Co(Ltd)h 89 Pleasant, See adv page 286
VEYRobertcarpenterh Balsam
VEYRoberttinsmith, 120 Pleasanth 122 Pleasant
VEYSamuelforeman, boot and shoe factoryh 85 Pleasant
VIERGEJohncarpenterbds Thomas
VIGUERSFrancis Abaker, King's Roadh King's Road
VILLENEUVEMrs. Mary A Duckworth, e
VINCENTAlfredStorekeeperh 61 Springdale
VINCENTE Wsalesmanh 61 Springdale
VINICOMBERebeccawid Edwinh 79 Pleasant
VINICOMBEHannahgrocer, Cochraneh Cochrane
VINICOMBEJamesclerkbds Cochrane
VINICOMBEJohnaccountanth Yorke
VINICOMBEMarywid Johnh Gower
VINICOMBENicholasclerkh 12 Cochrane
VINICOMBERichardpilotbds Cochrane
VINICOMBEWilliampiloth Cochrane
VINICOMBEWilliamvarieties, 20 Bondh 20 Bond
VOISEYEdwardtailorh 41 Cabot
VOISEYJamescarmanh Quidi Vidi Road
VOISEYJohnfarmerh White Hills
VOISEYJohntailorh Gower
VOISEYRichardfarmerh Quidi Vidi
VOISEYRichardwheelwrighth 182 Water, w
VOISEYThomascabmanh Yorke
VOISEYWilliamfarmerh White Hills
VOISEYWilliamwheelwrighth 50 Water, w
VROMENTAugustamasonh 202 Water, w
VROMENTCharlesmasonh 247 Water, w

This page transcribed by Pauline Avery (August 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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