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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "T")
TAFF Edward   h Quidi Vidi Road
TAFFE Joseph salesman bds Forest Road
TAIT J SINCLAIR physician h Henry
TAPPER Henry salesman h 92 New Gower
TAPPER Susanna wid John h 46 Casey's
TARGETT Charles sergeant constabulary h 27 Spencer
TARMEN Joseph laborer h 16 Hayward Avenue
TARRAHAN Dennis   bds Pennywell Road
TARRAHAN JOHN T druggist bds Queen's Road
TARRAHAN Miss varieties, Victoria h Victoria
TARRAHAN Patrick   bds Pennywell Road
TAVERNOR Alfred E carpenter h Bond
TAVERNOR Andrew lumber surveyor h Bond
TAVERNOR Walter H clerk h Bond
TAYLOR Abraham shipwright h Cabot
TAYLOR Albert carpenter h 60 Cabot
TAYLOR Albert seaman h 6 Convent Square
TAYLOR Annie wid Edgar boarding house Parade
TAYLOR Benjamin carpenter h 10 Brien
TAYLOR Bridget wid William h 5 Stephen's
TAYLOR Charles seaman h 6 Convent Square
TAYLOR C F of Taylor, Finlay & Co h Colonial
TAYLOR Eugene W bookkeeper h 340 Duckworth
TAYLOR FINLAY & CO Flour and Commission Merchants, Water See adv page 314
TAYLOR Frederick laborer h 18 Alexander
TAYLOR George carpenter h 10 Brien
TAYLOR George asst storekeeper h 1 Carnell
TAYLOR George tallyman h 4 South Side, e
TAYLOR George E salesman h 50 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR Giles bookkeeper h 46 Plank
TAYLOR Henry laborer h Spencer
TAYLOR Horatio cooper h South side
TAYLOR Jacob laborer h South Side, e
TAYLOR John clerk h 40 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR John clerk bds 340 Duckworth
TAYLOR John laborer h Scott
TAYLOR John lumber surveyor h Dunford
TAYLOR John shipwright bds 47 New Gower
TAYLOR John D sea captain h Cabot
TAYLOR John H salesman bds 340 Duckworth, e
TAYLOR John S engineer h South Side, w
TAYLOR Leonard J wharfinger and storekeeper h South Side, e
TAYLOR Levi laborer h 3 South Side, e
TAYLOR Michael shoemaker h 3 Stephen
TAYLOR Philemon cooper h Pleasant
TAYLOR Robert laborer h Brazil's Square
TAYLOR Silas carpenter h Dick's Square
TAYLOR Theodore carpenter h 10 Brien
TAYLOR Mrs. Thomas way office h South Side, w, Old Bridge
TAYLOR William carpenter h South Side, w
TAYLOR William ship carpenter h Gilbert
TAYLOR William ship carpenter h 54 Springdale
TAYLOR William shipwright h 9 James
TAYLOR William surveyor bds 340 Duckworth
TAYLOR William J sexton h 22 Brazil's Square
TAYLOR W John salesman h 40 Le Marchant Road
TEMPLETON ROBERT General Merchant, Dry Goods, &c, 337 Water h 280 Gower, e See adv page 314
TERRA NOVA FOUNDRY John Ledingham, prop Water, e See adv page 194
TERRA NOVA WOOD M'FG CO R J Costigan 1 Hamilton See adv page 130
TESSIER Miss A   h 142 Water, w
TESSIER CHAS W H of P & L Tessier h Mount Dorset, Water Bridge Rd
TESSIER George E accountant h 150 Le Marchant Road
TESSIER Isabella wid John h 63 Rennie's Mill Road
TESSIER JAMES C, M H A of Thorburn & Tessier h 150 Le Marchant Rd
TESSIER Peter   bds 142 Water, w
TESSIER PETER GEO of P & L Tessier h Weston Cottage, Riverhead, w
TESSIER P & L general merchants Water
THISTLE Albert laborer h 15 John
THISTLE Albert laborer h 45 Pleasant
THISTLE Alexander salesman h 15 John
THISTLE James salesman h 35 Adelaide
THISTLE JOHN Boot and Shoemaker, 280 Water, e h 280 Water, e See adv page 358
THISTLE John messenger h 16 Barnes Road
THISTLE John ship carpenter h Brazil's Square
THISTLE Joseph cooper h 49 Cabot
THISTLE Levi laborer h 15 Simms
THISTLE Mary grocer, Barnes Road h Barnes Road
THISTLE Nathaniel laborer bds 55 Cabot
THISTLE Stephen T painter h 12 Simms
THISTLE THOMAS boot and shoemaker, Water, e h Water, e
THISTLE Mrs. Thomas   h Water, e
THISTLE William blacksmith h top of Carter's Hill
THISTLE William laborer h 40 Cabot
THISTLE Alfred carpenter bds 10 Barnes Road
THOMAS Charles blacksmith h Field
THOMAS Edward carpenter h Barnes Road
THOMAS Frederick truckman bds Freshwater Road
THOMAS George carpenter bds 10 Barnes Road
THOMAS George truckman bds Freshwater Road
THOMAS Mrs. George   h South Side, e
THOMAS Henry barber h 271 Gower
THOMAS Henry carman h 64 Freshwater Road
THOMAS Henry carpenter h 11 Barnes Place
THOMAS James carpenter bds 10 Barnes' Road
THOMAS James laborer h 53 Pleasant
THOMAS John C constable h 49 Carter's Hill
THOMAS Mathew truckman h Freshwater Road
THOMAS Nathaniel of Bibbings & Thomas h Playhouse Hill
THOMAS Mrs. St. Clair grocer, Field h Field
THOMAS William roofer bds 47 New Gower
THOMEY Dennis grocer, 30 Cabot h 30 Cabot
THOMPSON Elizabeth hospital nurse Quidi Vidi Road
THOMPSON Elizabeth wid Henry h 21 Carter's Hill
THOMPSON Elizabeth wid James h 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON George clerk P O h 21 Hutching's
THOMPSON James T cooper h 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON REV JOSEPH Church of England h Victoria
THOMPSON Mary wid John h 5 John
THOMPSON Theodore clerk penitentiary h Boathouse Road
THOMPSON William baker bds 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON William cooper  
THOMPSON William A bookkeeper h 176 Le Marchant Road
THOMSON CHAS R Mgr Newfoundland Boot & Shoe Co h 262 Water See adv page 272
THOMSON William lumber surveyor h 27 Job's
THOPSON James laborer h 8 Wickford
THORBOURNE Robert truckman h r Hamilton Avenue
THORBURN Andrew J at Thorburn & Tessier, accountant h 2 Devon Place
THORBURN Robt H at Thorburn & Tessier, accountant h 2 Devon Place
THORBURN Michael Broker and Commission Merchant, 1 Queen's and 362 Water h 22 Monkstown Road See adv page 366
THORBURN Sir Robert, K C M G of Thorburn & Tessier h 2 Devon Place, King's Bridge Road
THORBURN & TESSIER General Merchants, Importers and Exporters, Insurance Agts, &c , 359 Water See adv page 324
THORMEY Edward laborer h 4 Hayward Avenue
THORNE Charles laborer h 12 Wickford
THORNE Henry laborer h 16 Duckworth
THORPE David laborer h 287 Water, w
THORPE Mrs. David   h 287 Water, w
TIBBO Caleb salesman bds 298 Water
TIBBO John laborer h 21 Cuddihey
TIBBO Richard laborer h 12 Hagarty's Lane
TIBBO John laborer h Georgetown
TIBBO John laborer h 8 Pleasant
TILLEY Arthur laborer h 24 Stephen
TILLEY Edward laborer bds 6 ½ Duckworth
TILLEY George sawyer bds 6 ½ Duckworth
TILLEY James laborer h 32 Bannerman
TILLEY James seaman bds 6 ½ Duckworth
TILLEY John laborer h 6 ½ Duckworth
TILLEY Joseph laborer h 14 Dammerill's Lane
TILLEY Mary wid James bds 14 Dammerill's Lane
TILLEY William engineer h 17 Temperance
TIMMONDS Edward laborer h York
TIMMONDS Ellen grocery, York h York
TIZZARD James laborer h 6 Lion's Square
TIZZARD John seaman bds 6 Lion's Square
TIZZARD Samuel tinsmith bds 6 Lion's Square
TIZZARD Simeon fisherman h 40 Wickford
TIZZARD Stephen laborer bds 6 Lion's Square
TOBIN Bridget wid Michael h Brazil's Square
TOBIN DAVID F dry goods, Gower h Gower
TOBIN Eliza wid Joseph B 47 Military Road
TOBIN James engineer h 11 Buchanan
TOBIN JAMES J Grocer, Provisions &c, Duckworth, e h Pennywell Road See adv page 366
TOBIN Johanna dressmaker 14 Stewart Avenue
TOBIN JOHN C wines and spirits, 392 Water h 392 Water
TOBIN Lawrence laborer h Holloway
TOBIN Mark laborer h 1 Deady's Lane
TOBIN Michael fireman h 47 Angel Place
TOBIN MICHAEL grocer, 4 Waldegrave h Water
TOBIN Michael laborer bds Holloway
TOBIN MICHAEL wines and spirits, 335 Water h 335 Water
TOBIN Nicholas carpenter h 23 Goodview
TOBIN Patrick laborer h 7 Angel Place
TOBIN Patrick laborer h Brazil's Square
TOBIN Thomas blacksmith h 9 Bannerman
TOBIN Thomas cooper h Duckworth
TOBIN Thomas laborer h 138 George
TOBIN Thomas laborer h 10 Simms
TOBIN William carpenter h 27 Casey's
TOBIN William carpenter h 4 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
TOBIN William fisherman h 20 Dammerell's Lane
TOBIN William telegraph storekeeper bds 2 New Gower
TOFF Edward nurse St. John's Hospital Quidi Vidi Road
TOMS Elizabeth wid Charles h Signal Hill Road
TOOLE Annie wid John h 2 Alexander
TOOLE James carman h 257 Water, w
TOOLE Mrs. John grocer, 208 Water w h 208 Water, w
TOOLE Michael fisherman h South Side, e
TOOLE Patrick carman h 250 Water, w
TOOLE William fisherman h 1 Casey's
TORPHY Patrick cutter h 358 Water, w
TORPHY Sarah wid Richard h 25 Pennywell Road
TOUCHER James laborer h Signal Hill Road
TOUCHER Mary wid William h 36 William
TOUCHER Robert keeper Museum bds Signal Hill
TOUCHER Thomas pilot apprentice bds Signal Hill Road
TOWAN Mary Ann wid Paul h 13 Knight
TOWER Mary, wid Michael variety, 218 New Gower h 218 New Gower
TRACEY Edward cabman h Victoria
TRACEY James farmer h 21 Pleasant
TRACEY Michael boatman customs h Gower, e
TRACEY William tidewater customs h Cabot
TRAINOR Thomas railroad engineer h Gower
TRAVIS John messenger h 19 Bannerman
TREBLE James laborer h 12 Knight
TREEM Job shipwright h 28 Codner
TRELEGAN ALICE, wid Francis liquor dealer, 12 Queen h 12 Queen
TRELEGAN Francis clerk bds 34 New Gower
TRELEGAN James   bds 34 New Gower
TRELEGAN John carpenter bds 34 New Gower
TRELEGAN Richard boot and shoemaker, 34 New Gower h 34 New Gower
TRELEGAN William foreman shoemaker h 24 New Gower
TREMONT HOTEL Mrs. Thos McGrath prop 293 Water
TRENCHARD Charles tidewaiter customs h 42 Mullock
TRENCHER Charles boatman customs  
TRENCHER Thomas laborer h 19 Barter's Hill
TRIMBLETT John carpenter h Signal Hill Road
TRIMBLETT William laborer h Signal Hill Road
TRUEHEART Jesse manager tobacco factory h in factory
TUCK Davis mason h 3 Cook's Hill
TUCK Edmund laborer h 7 Carew
TUCK Eli tidewaiter customs h Freshwater Road
TUCK George blacksmith h 2 Hoylestown
TUCK James mason h 14 William
TUCK John laborer h foot Temperance Hill, Heylestown (sic)
TUCKER Albert laborer h Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER George laborer h 23 Angel Place
TUCKER George laborer h Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER Henry coachman h 334 Water, w
TUCKER Henry laborer h 9 Cuddihy's
TUCKER Henry messenger hospital Quidi Vidi Road
TUCKER Josiah laborer h 66 Cabot
TUCKER Robert carman h 146 LeMarchant Road
TUCKER Samuel laborer h Livingstone
TUCKER Stephen accountant h 41 John
TUCKER William laborer h 61 Casey's
TUCKER William G laborer h 16 Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER William H laborer h 16 Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER William H master mariner h 35 Springdale
TUFF Carlott C Salesman bds 20 Pleasant
TUFF George laborer h 4 Lion's Square
TUFF George laborer h Mundy Pond Road
TUFF Joseph storekeeper h Mundy Pond Road
TURNER George E clerk Crown Land Dept h South Side, w
TURNER John master mariner h Spencer cor Harvey Road
TUSTIN Leonard watchmaker h 5 Queen's
TWEEDIE David salesman bds Gower
TYNES Louisa wid Nathaniel h 13 Knight

This page transcribed by Pam Keen (October 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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