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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "R"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
Radcliff William H laborer h 69 Signal Hill Road
Radford Arch cutter h 34 Water, w
Radford William C salesman h 139 Water, w
Radway Richard carpenter h Boncoldey (sic)
Raftus James miner h 130 Pleasant
Rahal Edward harness maker h 5 College Square
Rahal John drug clerk h 5 College Square
Rahal Michael laborer h 5 College Square
Ramsey Allan boarding house Prescott
Ramsey John pattern maker h 65 Springdale
RANKIN A D groceries and provisions, 288 Water h Portugal Cove Road
RANKIN C R Estaate Broker, Renuf building Duckworthm See adv page 306
Rankin Margaret grocer, 6 Pope's h 6 Pope's
Rankin Richard accountant bds Parade
Rankin William seaman h 6 Pope's
Ratchford Archibald cutter shoe factory h 34 Water, w
Ratchford Miss earthernware, 34 Water h 34 Water
Rawlins James grocer, Military Road h Military Road
Ray David mason h Balsam
Raynes John carpenter h Boncloddy
Raynes Robert coachman h 95 Monkstown Road
Raynes William carpenter h King's Bridge Road
Raynes William coachman h 9 Patrick
Read Arthur painter h 55 Casey's
Read Edmund carpenter h Gilbert
Read George cooper h 172 Pleasant
Read Harry barber h 126 Hmilton
Read John carpenter h 111 Hamilton
Read John laborer h Gilbert
Read Joseph shopkeeper h 73 Pleasant
Read William trader h 175 Pleasant
Read William H trader h 170 Pleasant
Ready Michael laborer h 7 Job's
Ready Sarah wid John h 233 Lewis Place
Ready William laborer h r 238 New Gower
Reardon Jospeh seaman h 20 Lime
Reardon Patrick tidewaiter customs  
Reardon William laborer h South Side, e
Reeves Robert carpenter h 106 Casey's
REAY REV JOHN Methodist h 40 Freshwater Road
Reay John B accountant h 40 Freshwater Road
Reddigan John laborer h 11 Bannerman
Reddy James baker h Waterford Bridge Road
Reddy Michael cabinet maker h 23 Barnes Road
Reddy Michael laborer h 7 Job's
Reddy Michael laborer h Waterford Bridge Road
Reddy Michael tidewaiter customs h York
Reddy Sarah wid John h 233 Lewis Place
Reddy Thomas laborer h 15 Lane off Barnes Road
Redmond Amelia wid Edward bds Dammerill's Lane
Redmond David clerk h King's Road
Redmond John weighmaster h Victoria
Redmond Lawrence fireman h 2 Stephen
Redmond Martin laborer bds 10 Dammerill's Lane
Redmond Patrick caretaker West End
Redmond Thomas tinsmith h Victoria
Redstone Charles tailor h Scott
Redstone George carpenter h Cook
Redstone William J salesman h 10 Bannerman
Reed Caleb seaman h Scott
Reed Henry P hairdresser h 126 Hamilton
Reed James contractor and builder bds Gower
Reed James grocer, Queen's Road h Queen's Road
Reed John seaman h 82 1/2 George
Reed Joseph seaman h Scott
Reed Moses laborer h South Side, e
REED R G railway contractor, 294 Water res Montreal, Canada
Reed Selby R   bds 11 Spencer
Reed Mrs William   h 2 South Side, e
Reelis Harry fireman h Prospect
Rees Archibald constable Port Townshend
Reid Alfred clerk h Circular Road
Reid Arthur cabinet maker h 37 Water
Reid Mrs A S   King's Bridge Road
Reid Catherine wid James, laundress h 5 Mullock
Reid Chas grocer, Young h Young
Reid George laborer h Young
Reid George laborer h South side
REID H D of R G Reid, asst manager M N & R R bds 45 Cochrane
Reid James laborer bds 50 Colonial
Reid John laborer h Spencer
Reid Joseph carpenter h 13 Simms
Reid Lavinia wid Joseph h 50 Colonial
Reid Moses watchman h South Side, e
Reid Ralph salesman h Circular Road
Reid Robert salesman h Circular Road
Reid Sarah wid Moses bds 26 Codner
Reid Solomon sawyer h Boat House Road
REID WM D of R G Reid, asst manager M N & Railway 294 Water
Reins John laborer h Boncloddy
RENDALL A S late W H Mare Son & Co, Ship and General Commission, Waterford Bridge Rd See adv colored leaf
Randell Charles laborer h 15 Goodview
Rendell F E accountant h 76 Cochrane
RENDELL HON GEO T of W & G Rendell, office, Water h 76 Cochrane
RENDELL HERBERT physician, Gower h Gower
Rendell James cooper, Gower h Gower
Rendell Mary wid Frederick h 38 Rennie's Mill Road
Rendell Robert G of C F Bennett & Co h "Northbank" Long Pond Road
Rendell William surveyor bds 340 Duckworth
RENDELL W & G Com and Lumber Agents, Agents for Phoenix Fire Office Water, w, See adv page 310
Rennie Frederick accountant h 48 Rennies Mill Road
RENNIE FREDERICK W manager St John's Gas Co h Rennies Mill Road
Rennie James S salesman h Prescott
Rennie Robt J accountant h "Clydesdale Cottage" Rennies Mill Road
RENNIE WM H Sec'y-Treasurer Gas Light Co h Circular Road
Renouf Annie wid Charles H h Prescott
Renouf Charles H broker h Prescott
Rex Thomas shoemaker h 35 Barter's Hill
Regan Mrs James h 291 Water, w
REGISTRY OFFICE   Duckworth, foot of Cathedral  
Reynolds Job carpenter h 25 Duggan
Rice Arthur grocer, Cookstown h Cookstown Road
Rice Bridget wid Michael h 14 Lime
Rice George millwright bds 2 New Gower
Rice John truckman h Harvey Road
Rice Thomas laborer h 29 Hayward Avenue
Rich Isaac seaman h 7 Murphy's Square
Richards Abraham laborer h Balsam
Richards Frederick moulder h Hamilton
Richards Isaac laborer h 138 Hamilton
Richards Isaac painter h Cookstown
Richards William colporteur h 9 Knight
Richards William watchman h Victoria
Richardson James laborer h Holloway
Richardson John laborer h Battery Road
Richardson John, jr laborer h Battery Road
Richardson Thomas laborer bds Holloway
Richardson William laborer bds Holloway
Rickards James laborer h 62 Barnes' Road
Ricks Andrew laborer h 35 Barter's Hill
Ricks Joseph app shoemaker h 35 Barter's Hill
Riddy John carpenter h 23 Barnes' Road
Ridout Alfred salesman h 8 John
Ridout F W accountant bds 41 Mullock
Ridout George moulder h South Side, e
Ridout Jabez salesman h 8 John
Ridout Jacob salesman h 8 John
Ridout James salesman h 8 John
Ridout John laborer bds 9 Sheehan's Shute
Ridout Thomas tailor h 7 George
Riely Johanna wid Bernard h Hunt's Lane
Rielly Patrick laborer h Bond
Rielly Mrs Robert   h Hunt's Lane, Water, e
Rielly William fisherman h 243 Water, w
Ring Martin cooper h 14 Hayward Avenue
Ring Patrick laborer h Pilot's Hill
Ring Thomas keeper asylum h 275 1/2 Water, w
Roach Albert constable Fort Townshend
Roach Catherine   h King's Road
Roach Miss Catherine   bds Quidi Vidi
Roach James blacksmith h Darling's
Roach James cooper h 47 Brazil's Square
Roach John carpenter h Boggan's
Roach Miss Mary school teacher h Quidi Vidi
Roach Michael laborer h 5 Plank
Roach Thomas fisherman h 18 Casey's
Robbins Melina   h Gower
Roberts Abel oiler h 86 Hamilton
Roberts Edward laborer h 95 Pleasant
Roberts George salesman H South side, e
Roberts George W laborer h south Side, w
Roberts James laborer tugboat h South Side, near church
Roberts James mason h Balsom
Roberts James messenger at hospital Signal Hill
Roberts James seaman h 51 George
Roberts James   h South Side, w
Roberts John carpenter h 16 George
Roberts John groceries, 263 Water, w h 263 Water, w
Roberts John laborer h Lewis Lane
Roberts Mrs Roberts   h South Side, w
Roberts Samuel cooper h 21 Brazil's Square
Roberts Samuel seaman h 22 Stephen's
Roberts Thomas carpenter h 66 Springdale
Roberts Thomas carpenter h 16 George
Roberts William   h South Side, w
Roberts William carpenter h Chapel
Roberts William laborer h South Side, e
Roberts William seaman h 88 Hamilton
Robertson Alex manager h Long's Hill
Robertson Alfred salesman h 116 Hamilton
Robertson John tailor h 296 Water
ROBERTSON JOHN R Commision Agent and Broker, Water, e h Waldegrave, See adv colored page
ROBINSON & FOX   Commission merchants, Exchange buildings Water, e
Robinson James seaman h 36 Lime
ROBINSON J ALEXANDER Proprietor "Daily News", Duckworth, e h Cathedral See adv page 330
Robinson John salesman h Cookstown Road
Robinson John painter bds Gower
Robinson John A printer "Daily News" h Cathedral
Robinson Mary Ann wid Richard h Goodview
Robinson Robert engineer h 76 New Gower
Roche Miss Catherine   h King's Road, cor Queen's Road
Roche John T reporter h King's Road
Roche Patrick storekeeper bds Queen's Road
Rochford Thomas laborer h 31 Cabot
Roddick Albert bricklayer h Bell
Rodgers Abraham laborer h Field
RODGER ALEX of Marshall & Rodger h 86 Barnes Road
Rodgers Alfred laborer h Field
Rodgers Edward carpenter h 42 Barter's Hill
Rodgers Edward J moulder h 54 Alexander
Rodgers Henry fisherman h Field
Rodgers James laborer h 54 Alexander
Rodgers John engineer h 22 Hutchings
Rodgers John laborer h 9 Carter's Hill
Rodgers Robert laborer h 76 Pleasant
Rodgers Stephen fireman h 43 Larkin's Square
Rodgers Stephen laborer h 54 Alexander
Rodgers Stephen wharfinger h South Side, e
Rogers Alice wid Edward h 10 Sheehan's shute
Rogers Ambrose laborer h 17 Fleming
Rogers Ann wid Robert bds 55 McFarlane's Lane
Rogers David laborer bds 22 Finn's Lane
Rogers Henry laborer h 55 Cabot
Rogers James cooper h 22 Finn's Lane
Rogers James stevedors h South Side, w
Rogers John fisherman h 20 Sebastian
Rogers Rachael wid Henry h 2 Brewery Lane
Rogers Richard cooper h 8 Hutchings
Rogers Richard storekeeper h South Side, w
Rogers Samuel laborer h 14 Mullock
Rogers Stephen foreman h South Side, e
Rogers Stephen seaman h 5 Plymouth Road
Rogers Susannah wid Samuel bds 14 Mullock
Rogers William laborer Brewery Lane
Rogers William laborer h 20 Sebastapool
Rogers William laborer h Signal Hill Road
ROGERSON HON JAS J Coal Merchant, 397 Water h 2 Queen, See adv page 306
ROGERSON P & SON General Commission Merchants 397 Water, See adv page 306
Roil George truckman bds Freshwater Road
Roil James deputy sheriff and bailiff h 25 Maxse
Roil James pensioner h Freshwater Road
Roils John laborer h 30 Wickford
Roland John blacksmith h 36 George
Roland Patrick laborer h South Side, w
Rolls Alfred laborer h 25 Rossiter's Lane, Water, w
Rolls Andrew laborer h 25 Rossiter's Lane
Rolls John check clerk h Chapel
Rolls Michael app shoemaker h Field
Rolls Thomas laborer h Chapel
Rooney Elizabeth wid James, laundress h 45 Hamilton
ROONEY JOHN gasfitter and plumber, Water, e h 45 Hamilton
Roost Andrew fireman bds Queen's Road
Roost William fireman h Cookstown
Roost William laborer h Pleasant
ROPER JOSEPH Watchmaker and Jeweller, water, e h Dick's Square, adv per index
Rorke Patrick laborer h 15 Barnes' Place
Rorke Thomas cooper h 5 Bannerman
Roscoe John accountant h 208 Battery Road
Rose Alexander laborer bds 38 Quidi Vidi Road
Rose Alfred laborer h 38 Quidi Vidi Road
Rose Edward carpenter h 108 Casey's
Rose Frederick laborer h Charles
Rose Frederick laborer h 28 Pleasant
Rose Jeremiah laborer bds 27 Rossiter's Lane
Rose Joseph L farmer h "Clover Cottage" Quidi Vidi Road
Rose Joshua tinsmith h 13 Hutchings
Rose Leonard carpenter h 14 Wickford
Rose Marmaduke laborer h 91 Pleasant
Rose Robert seaman h 6 Hutchings
Rose Samuel carpenter h 38 Quidi Vidi Road
Rose Stephen seaman h Gower
Rose Susan wid Abel h 42 Bannerman
Rose Thomas carpenter h 3 Cookstown Road
Rose Walter laborer h Merry Meeting Road
Rose William clerk h Gower, e
Rose William coachman bds 38 Quidi Vidi Road
Rose William laborer h 202 New Gower
Rose William seaman h Merry Meeting Road
Ross Forbes H B head salesman h 56 New Gower
Ross Hugh salesman bds 124 Military Road
Rossiter John laborer h 234 New Gower
Rossiter Mark laborer h Temperance
Rossiter Michael laborer h Hoylestown
Rossiter Thomas grocer, 37 Wickford h 37 Wickford
Rossiter Thomas porter h Courting Lane
ROTHWELL & BOWRING   Wholesale Provision and General Merchants: Office, Water, e See adv page 316
Round William sea captain h 105 Hamilton
Rounan James watchman h Signal Hill Road
Rourk Elizabeth wid Michael h Gower
Rourke (sic) Thomas cooper h 7 Bannerman
Rourk William carpenter bds Gower
Routhledge Henry farmer bds Pleasantville Hotel, Quidi Vidi Road
ROUTLEDGE PETER pro, Pleasantville Hotel Quidi Vidi Road, Lower
Rowe Benjamin laborer h South Side, w
Rowe Charles laborer bds King's Road
Rowe Edward J accountant h Henry
Rowe Frederick R cooper, 45 Barter's Hill h 54 Barter's Hill
Rowe George music teacher h Victoria
Rowe Jacob laborer h 72 Cabot, w
Rowe John accountant h 26 Codner
Rowe William cooper h Henry
Rowe William laborer h Cabot, w
Rowe William shipwright h 20 Simms
Rowels William carpenter bds 9 College Square
Rowland George accountant h Prescott
Rowse Anna wid William h Pennywell Road
Royal James bailiff h 25 Maxse
Royal Joseph laborer h 16 Cabot
Royal Mary wid William bds 35 Hayward Avenue
Royal Samuel clerk h Circular Road
Royal Samuel laborer h 18 Cabot
Royal William fisherman h 33 Mullock
Royane John blacksmith bds 36 George
Ruftus Miss Norah   h 75 Patrick
Rumsey Charles cooper h 265 Water, w
Rumsey George seaman h Brazil's Square
Rumsey Henry trader h 40 Pleasant
Rumsey Thomas master mariner h Cookstown
Rusk William laborer h 25 Fleming
Russell Charles E printer "Daily News" bds Young
Russell Edward engineer h Boncloddy
Russell Edward laborer h South Side, e
Russell Edward C printer h young
Russell John farmer bds Logy Bay Road
Russell Mary A wid Charles h Young
Russell Robert C tidewaiter customs h 4 Bannerman
Ruxdon William engineer h 63 Springdale
Rutledge Paul laborer h 41 Signal Hill Road
Ruthven James engineer h 313 Water, w
Ryall Samuel L salesman h Circular Road
Ryall William student-at-law h Military Road
Ryan Bridget wid Patrick h 13 Holdsworth
Ryan Charles W cooper h 1 Carter's Hill
Ryan David laborer h 39 Cabot
Ryan Edward carpenter h King's Road
Ryan Edward farmer h Logy Bay Road
Ryan Edward painter h 232 Water, w
Ryan Mrs Edward   h 36 Le Marchant Road
Ryan Ellen wid John h 61 Casey's
Ryan Frederick M cooper h King's Road
Ryan Mrs James   h Water, w
Ryan James carpenter h 11 Carter's Hill
Ryan James farmer Logy Bay Road
Ryan James laborer h 85 Casey's
Ryan James shipwright h York
Ryan James tailor bds Cochrane
Ryan James tinsmith h 36 LeMarchant Road
RYAN JAMES D Grocer, Provisions, and Liquors, 281 Water h 267 Duckworth, See adv page 350
Ryan Johannah wid John h 28 Mullock
Ryan John assistant sanitary department h Newtown Road
Ryan John baker h Signal Hill Road Road
Ryan John clerk h 10 Water, w
Ryan John coachman h 11 Forest Road
RYAN VERY REV JOHN dean of the diocese Palace, 28 Patrick
Ryan John laborer h 30 Carter's Hill
Ryan John, jr laborer h King's Road
Ryan John laborer bds 28 Mullock
Ryan John master mariner h Bond
Ryan John printer h 22 Barter's Hill
Ryan John seaman h 20 Plank
Ryan John seaman h 22 Plank
Ryan John ship carpenter h William Lane
Ryan John shipwright h Gower
Ryan John storekeeper h 13 Holdsworth
Ryan John surveyor h Newtown Road
Ryan John tailor h King's Road
Ryan John wharfinger h 13 Holdsworth
Ryan John E salesman h Le Marchant Road
Ryan Joseph cabinet maker bds Gower
Ryan Joseph laborer h 224 Water, w
Ryan Martin laborer h Hamilton Avenue
Ryan Miss Mary   h Queen's Road
Ryan Mary, wid Martin grocery, Boncloddy h Boncloddy
Ryan Mary wid Michael h Barnes Road
Ryan Mary wid Michael, grocery, Harvey Road h Harvey Road
Ryan Mary wid William h Gower
Ryan Michael cabman bds Boncloddy
Ryan Michael laborer h 20 Bates
Ryan Michael laborer h 51 Monkstown Road
Ryan Michael tailor h Beck's
Ryan Michael truckman h Newton Road
Ryan Mrs Michael varieties Harvey Road
Ryan Nicholas tailor h 12 Hamilton
Ryan Mrs Patrick   h 297 Water, w
Ryan Patrick laborer h 17 Carter's Hill
Ryan Patrick laborer h 28 Mullock
Ryan Patrick laborer h 243 Water, w
Ryan Patrick messenger h Harvey Road
Ryan Patrick truckman  
Ryan Richard boarding house 17 1/2 Flower Hill
Ryan Richard shipwright h York
Ryan Richard warden penitentiary h Forest Road
Ryan Thomas boarding house 10 Water, w
Ryan Thomas laborer h 48 Cabot
Ryan Thomas laborer h South Side, w
Ryan Thomas manager Board of Agriculture h 2 Brien
Ryan Thomas salesman h Buckley
Ryan Thomas salesman h 36 Le Marchant Road
Ryan Thomas tailor h Beck's
Ryan Thomas wheelwright h Cochrane
Ryan Mrs William   h Le Marchant Road
Ryan Mrs William   h 257 Water, w
Ryan William cooper h King's Road
Ryan William cooper h Pennywell Road
Ryan William finisher shoe factory h 224 Water
Ryan William laborer h Boathouse Road
Ryan William laborer h South Side Riverhead
Ryan William laborer h 257 Water, w
Ryan William messenger h Harvey Road
Ryan William shipwright bds Gower
Ryan William shipwright h York

This page transcribed by Pat Keen (December 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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