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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with " P - Q"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
PACK Albert fisherman h 96 Brazil's Avenue
PACK Joseph storekeeper h 56 Springdale
PACK JOSIAH grocer, 370 Water h 56 Flower Hill
PACKHAM George Wharfinger h Bond
PAGE Francis painter h 69 Rennie's Mill Road
PAGE William plumber h 68 Hamilton
PALFREY Mrs Elizabeth   h Gower
PALFREY Joseph tinsmith h 3 Stephen
PALMGRAAN   (sic) David engraver h 5 Princess
PARK Mrs boarding house 298 Water
PARKE Henry app shoemaker h 219 Water
PURCELL Peter laborer bds 33 McDougald
PARKER Edward O carpenter h Freshwater Road
PARKER JAMES F of Parker & Monroe h 6 Queen's Road
PARKER LAWRENCE Provisions, Groceries, Hardware, Etc, 331 Water h Maplewood, Freshwater Road See adv page 304
PARKER Thomas   h Garrison Hill
PARKER & MONROE Boot and Shoe Manufacturers 363 Water, See adv page 292
PARKER WILLIAM provisions and groceries, 26 Water h 26 Water
PARKER WILLIAM & CO hardware, etc 327 Water
PARNITER Azariah carpenter h South Side, e
PARNELL FREDERICK groceries and gen mdse, Water h 55 Military Road
PARRELL John letter carrier h 113 Gower, e
PARRELL Luke laborer h 20 Flower Hill
PARRELL Michael salesman bds Gower
PARRELL Patrick culler h Gower
PARRELL Patrick pedler h Boncloddy
PARRELL Thomas carpenter bds Gower
PARSONS Alexander master mariner h Balsam
PARSONS Alfred Jubilee Cottage Quidi Vidi Road
PARSONS Allan salesman h 29 Pleasant
PARSONS ALEXANDER A editor Evening Telegram h Horthorn Cottage, Carter's Hill
PARSONS Azariah laborer h Bond
PARSONS Charles F printer h Torbay Road
PARSONS Cumbrant laborer h 101 Pleasant
PARSONS David engineer h Balsam
PARSONS Eugene salesman h Victoria
PARSONS Frank salesman h LeMarchant Road
PARSONS George laborer h 39 Alexander
PARSONS George laborer h 8 Simms
PARSONS George laborer h Tank Lane, w
PARSONS George seaman bds 18 Hagerty's Lane
PARSONS HENRY A dry goods, 75 New Gower h 18 Carter's Hill
PARSONS Jas P accountant h King, cor Military Road
PARSONS Jasper salesman h King
PARSONS John laborer h 23 Angel Place
PARSONS Joseph blacksmith h 174 Water, w
PARSONS Joseph laborer h 101 Pleasant
PARSONS Mark carpenter h Hamilton Road
PARSONS Robert laborer h hayward Avenue
PARSONS Robert H sea captain h 48 Hayward Avenue
PARSONS Robert H, jr clerk bds 48 Hayward Avenue
PARSONS ROBERT J barrister and solicitor 343 Duckworth
PARSONS Samuel blacksmith bds Forest Road
PARSONS S H Photographer, 310 Water h 61 Military Road, See adv page 304
PARSONS THEODORE J Photographer, Water, e h "Jubilee Cottage", Forest Road
PARSONS Thomas carpenter h 186 New Gower
PARSONS Thomas watchmaker 29 Pleasant
PARSONS William photographer h 61 Military Road
PARSONS William F salesman h 52 Le Marchant Road
PARSONS William H slaesman h 22 Colonial
PARTRIDGE James porter h 6 Hamilton Avenue
PARTRIDGE John salesman h 6 Hamilton Avenue
PASSEY Elias tailor h 3 Holdsworth
PATENT Henry laborer h South Side, e
PATON THOMAS H grocer, 274 Gower h 274 Gower
PATRICK David buyer h 84 Pleasant
PAVASOR Henry cooper h 70 Pleasant
PAVASOR Hugh cooper h 72 Pleasant
PAWLK John farmer h Topsail Road
PAYNE Charles carpenter bds 355 Duckworth
PAYNE Francis C cooper h Balsam
PAYNE & COMPANY Fancy Groceries and Provisions 26 New Gower, See adv opp
PAYNE George W accountant h 33 Pleasant
PAYNE James carpenter bds 355 Duckworth
PAYNE JAMES grocer, 14 Brazil's Square h 14 Brazil's Square
PAYNE James clerk h Pleasant
PAYNE John wharfinger h 102 Pleasant
PAYNE Peter   h 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE THOMAS of Payne & Co h 26 New Gower
PAYNE THOMAS dry goods, Duckworth h 14 Brazil's Square
PAYNE Walter watchmaker h 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE William butcher h 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE William cooper h 28 Hutching's
PAYNE William foreman baker h 28 Hutching's
PEACE Joseph carman h 36 Springdale
PEACH Arthur B salesman h 158 Le Marchant Road
PEACH Henry B salesman h Gower, e
PEARCE A register births and deaths h winterdon Cottage, Winter Avenue
PEARCE George salesman h Young
PEARCE Joseph wheelwright bds Princes
PEARCY Albert plunber h 122 Barnes' Road
PEARCY Caroline wid Isaac h 32 Wickford
PEARCEY Edgar foreman nail factory h 62 Springdale
PEARCEY Francis seaman h Gilbert
PEARCEY George H sea captain h 32 William
PEARCEY Harriet variety, 7 Barnes Place h 7 Barnes Place
PEARCEY James carpenter h 17 Barnes Place
PEARCEY James laborer h Circular Road
PEARCEY James laborer h 3 Holdsworth
PIERCEY Joseph (Terra Nova foundry), laborer  
PEARCEY John K accountant h Gilbert
PEARCEY Joseph porter h 31 Bannerman
PEARCEY Joseph seaman h 53 Cabot
PEARCEY Michael laborer h 21 Thomas
PEARCEY Moses seaman h 110 George
PEARCEY Moses ship-carpenter h 18 Flower Hill
PEARCEY Robert blacksmith h 38 Bannerman
PEARCEY Robert laborer h 21 Thomas
PEARCEY Robert seaman 28 1/2 Carter's Hill
PEARCEY William clerk bds 340 Duckworth
PEARCEY William seaman bds 32 William
PEARSON Michael laborer h Goodview
PECKHAM George wharfinger h Bond
PECKHAM MATTHEW butcher, Gower h Gower
PEDDLE Archibald carpenter h 12 James
PEDDLE John carpenter h 6 Bond
PEDDLE Patrick laborer h 113 New Gower
PEDDLE Stephen laborer bds 17 Sheehan
PEDDLE William carpenter h 14 James
PEDDLE William seaman h 38 Larkins Avenue
PEDIGREW Christopher laborer h 3 Damerill's Lane
PEDIGREW Robert laborer h 3 Damerill's Lane
PEDIGREW William wheelwright h 14 Bond
PEEL Thomas salesman h Cook
PEET James acting sergeant constabulary h Long's Hill
PEET SAMUEL Blacksmith, 71 George h 73 George, See adv per index
PENDER Edward seaman h 19 1/2 Carter's Hill
PENDER James storekeeper h 111 George
PENDER John laborer h 30 Casey's Lane
PENDER William cooper h 7 James
PENDERGAST Andrew master mariner h Henry
PENDERGAST Edward laborer h 34 Fleming
PENDERGAST Garrett fisherman h Quidi Vid
PENDERGAST Garrett, jr fisherman h Quidi Vid
PENDERGAST James P salesman h Henry
PENDERGAST Peter laborer h 77 New Gower
PENDERGAST Thomas laborer h 12 Lion's Square
PENDERGAST William cooper h 7 James, w
PENMAN William plumber bds Brazil's Square
PENNAL Thomas laborer h 77 Casey's Lane
PENNELL Silas porter h 4 Convent Square
PENNOCK HARRIETTE wid James, of James Pennock h 286 Water
PENNOCK JAMES Tinsmith, Stoves, Etc 286 Water, e, See adv per index
PENNY James watchman h 36 Casey's Lane
PENNY Jethro W salesman h 145 Pleasant
PENNY John seaman h 271 Water, w
PENNY Lorenzo laborer bds 55 McFarlane's Lane
PENNY William cooper bds 55 McFarlane's Lane
PENNY William fisherman bds 55 McFarlane's Lane
PENNY William T carpenter h 34 Mullock
PENSON Jacob laborer h Bond
PEPPER William painter bds Gower
PERCIVAL Sophia   h 13 Knight
PERCIVAL William clerk h 13 Knight
PEREZ CAPT JOSEPH commission merchant h South Side, w
PEREZ Joseph C accountant h South Side
PERZE Frederick seaman h 32 Buchanan
PERZE William carpenter h 17 Barter's Hill
PERKS James constable Fort Townshend
PERLIN J F & CO clothing and dry goods, water, w Merchant's Block
PERRY Anne wid Thomas h 24 Pleasant
PERRY William laborer h 101 Pleasant
PERRY William packer h 107 Pleasant
PERRY William tailor h 1 Pleasant
PETERS Alfred M clerk  Union Bank h Rennie's Mill Road
PETERS Arthur C accountant h Gower
PETERS Edmund R accountant h Field
PETERS Joseph accountant h 130 Hamilton
PETERS J E P Manufacturer's Agent, 347 Duckworth h Gower See adv page 298
PETERS Richard B carpenter h Field
PETERS William accountant bds Gower, e
PETERSON Anton watchmaker bds 11 Queen's
PETERSON Patrick baker, Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
PETRIE Charles engineer h 72 Lime
PEYTON Henry laborer h South Side, e
PHEATON THOS grocer, 54 Casey's h Theatre Hill (sic)
PHELAN James cashboy bds 173 New Gower
PHELAN JAS grocer, 63 Hayward Avenue h 65 Howard Avenue
PHELAN James mason h 16 Damerill's Lane
PHELAN Johanna, wid James grocery, 173 New Gower h 173 New Gower
PHELAN Michael cooper h Spencer
PHELAN Michael harness-maker h Freshwater Road
PHELAN Robert shoemaker h 117 New Gower
PHELAN T grocer, 4 Adelaide h 4 Adelaide
PHELAN TIMOTHY wines and spirits, 338 Water h 338 Water
PHILLIPS Harriet A grocer, Young h Young
PHILLIPS JAMES sheet iron worker, Boncloddy h Boncloddy
PHILLIPS John K cooper h Young
PHILLIPS John C clerk h Young
PHIPHARD Richard mason h 28 John
PHIPHARD Thomas carpenter bds 185 New Gower
PICCO John watchman h 51 Carter's Hill
PICCO Thomas laborer h 53 Carter's Hill
PICKHARD William cabinet maker Pennywell Road
PIDEAUX William warchmaker h 23 Hutchings
PIGUERS John collector h 70 Hamilton
PIGEON James carpenter h Gower
PIKE Archibald laborer h 39 Mcdougald
PIKE Alfred accountant h 55 Flower Hill
PIKE Arthur E salesman h 11 Hamilton
PIKE STEWART, M B C M physician, 274 Gower h 274 Gower
PIKE Enoch currier bds 59 Monkstown
PIKE Ernest carpenter h South Side, e
PIKE Eugene laborer bds 41 William
PIKE Francis J laborer h south Side, e
PIKE Frederick clerk h South Side
PIKE George carpenter h 8 Brien
PIKE Hannah wid George bds 39 McDougald
PIKE Horatio plasterer h Victoria
PIKE John laborer h College Square
PIKE Joseph manager Fishermen and Sailor's Home Duckworth
PIKE Lorenzo laborer h 10 Brien
PIKE Mark salesman h Dunford
PIKE Mary Ann wid John h 59 Monkstown Road
PIKE Moses stove fitter h 197 Hamilton
PIKE Nelson bookbinder bds 41 William
PIKE Richard engineer h 32 Brien
PIKE Robert purser Grand Lake h 4 Plank
PIKE Simeon baker h 11 Duckworth
PIKE William laborer h 41 William
PIKE William J carpenter h 14 Belvidere
PIKE William check clerk h 11 Hamilton
PIKE William H bookbinder h 43 William, Monkstown
PIKE William S tinsmith h South Side, e
PILLEY Arthur carpenter h 25 Princess
PILLEY William ship carpenter h 25 Princess
PINE Miss Mary   h Gower
PINE William laborer bds 259 Gower
PINK MAX & CO General dealers   32 Water, w
PINN Ann wid Richard h 110 Barnes Road
PINN Frederick fisherman bds Quidi Vidi
PINN Henry laborer h South Side, e
PINN Jordan seaman h South Side, w
PINN Joseph fisherman h Quidi Vidi Road
PINN Manuel fisherman h Quidi Vidi
PINN Selby carpenter h 6 William
PINN Thomas tidewaiter customs h 39 Mullock
PINSENT Alfred storekeeper h 61 Springdale
PINSENT Charles E cashier, Union Bank h Winter Avenue
PINSENT CHARLES A M Portugese Vice Consul, Commission Merchant, Broker and Real Estate Agent, 349 Water bds George, See adv page 302
PINSENT Frank clerk Surveyor's office bds 59 Military Road
PINSENT Jacob carpenter h Bond
PINSENT Robert lumber agent bds 59 Military Road
PINSENT Thomas boss laborer h Gilbert
PIPPY Frank cooper h Balsam
PIPPY George A prospector bds 2 New Gower
PIPPY George A painter bds Young
PIPPY Henry shipwright h 4 Bond
PIPPY John seaman h Bully
PIPPY John C painter bds Young
PIPPY Joseph blacksmith h 13 Barter's Hill
PIPPY Joseph boatman customs h Young
PIPPY JOSEPH of Sherron, Pippy & Co h 92 Freshwater Road
PIPPY Stewart cooper h 68 Springdale
PIPPY Thomas A machinist, 6 Waldegrave h 11 Brazil's Square
PIPPY William land surveyor h 11 Barter's Hill
PIPPY William tinsmith h 28 William
PIPPY WILLIAM G Tinsmith, 425 Water, w h 16 Brazil's Square, See adv page 290
PITCHER Alexander teacher h 25 William
PITCHER Harold accountant bds 25 William
PITCHER Jonathan seaman h 66 George
PITCHER Thomas salesman bds 24 William
PITMAN Albert ship carpenter h Brazil's Square
PITMAN Charles carman h 49 Cabot
PITMAN Corbett salesman h Pleasant
PITMAN Elizabeth wid Richard h 28 Wickford
PITMAN Frederick shipwright h 19 Goodview
PITMAN George laborer h 39 Cuddihey's
PITMAN JAMES J Solicitor, Agent Ins Co, Etc, Office, Prescott  See adv page 294
PITMAN John laborer h Brazil's Square
PITMAN Robert laborer h 20 James
PITMAN Robert reporter h 42 Pleasant
PITMAN Thomas laborer h 16 James
PITMAN Thomas watchman h 16 James
PITTS J & W general commission merchants and steamship agents Water, e
PITTS Hon Jas S of J & W Pitts h King's Bridge Road
POESEY WM carriage builder, 15 Brennan's Lane h 50 Water
POLFREY John seaman h 4 Lime
POLLOCK Thomas machinist h 45 Quidi Vidi Road
POMFREY William J tidewaiter customs h 14 Barnes Road
POMEROY Abel laborer h 29 Casey's
POMEROY John carpenter h 61 1/2 Lime
POOKE SAMUEL manager Electric Light Co h 34 Bond
POOL CHAS R Wines and Spirits, Water, e h Water, e, See adv opp
POOR HOUSE Joseph Boyd supt Sudbury
POOR John watchman h York
POPE Henry cabinet maker, 108 George h 108 George
POPE J T blacksmith, 5 Waldegrave h 103 George
POPE Mary Anne wid William h 3 Brazil's Square
POPE MATTHEW blacksmith, Adelaide h 101-103 George
POPE Mrs Randolph   h 50 Springdale
POPE Richard J salesman h 15 Hutchings
POPE Thomas blacksmith bds 101 George
POPE Thomas cabinet maker bds 108 George
POPE W S blacksmith, 14 Princess h 2 Brazil's Square
PORTER Charles laborer h South Side, e
PORTER Samuel laborer h South Side, e
POTTLE Alexander laborer h 39 George
POTTLE Elizabeth wid Eli h 85 Casey's Lane
POWELL Thomas carpenter h 45 Pleasant
POWER Agnes A   h 47 Military Road
POWER Albert laborer h 229 Lewis Place
POWER Benjamin laborer h Signal Hill Road
POWER Bridget wid Matthew h 20 Casey's Lane
POWER David laborer h 47 Moore
POWER EDWARD grocer, Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
POWER EDWARD hardware, water, e h Garrison Hill
POWER Edward laborer h 121 New Gower
POWER Edward laborer h 229 Lewis Lane
POWER Edward laborer h 127 New Gower
POWER Edward laborer h 43 McFarlane's Lane
POWER Edward laborer h 9 Simms
POWER Edward laborer h 76 Water, w
POWER Elizabeth wid Charles h 346 Duckworth
POWER Elizabeth wid Peter h Lewis Lane
POWER Ellen wid Capt James h 15 Brazil's Lane
POWER Ellen wid Martin h 120 Barnes Road
POWER Ellen wid Stephen bds Prospect
POWER George cooper h 44 Hamilton
POWER Honora, wid Edward wines and spirits, 408 Water h 408 Water
POWER James bookkeeper h 15 Brazil's Square
POWER James cooper h 50 Hamilton
POWER James laborer h 25 Casey's
POWER James laborer h 27 Plank
POWER James laborer h 226 Water, w
POWER JAMES liquors, 190 New Gower h 190 New Gower
POWER James musician h Victoria
POWER James, jr seaman bds 190 New Gower
POWER Jane wid John h 44 Hamilton
POWER John baker h 59 Colonial
POWER John baker h Finn's Lane
POWER John carpenter h 41 Signal Hill Road
POWER John carpenter bds Temperance Hill
POWER John clerk bds Young
POWER John cooper, 11 William's Lane h 11 William's Lane
POWER John laborer h 8 Casey's
POWER John laborer bds 10 Damerill's Lane
POWER John laborer h 56 Mullock
POWER John laborer h Signal Hill Road
POWER John laborer h York
POWER John salesman h Barnes Road
POWER John salesman h 218 New Gower
POWER John salesman h 31 Casey's
POWER Joseph cooper h 14 Fleming
POWER Joseph planter h 16 Casey's
POWER Joseph M trader h 168 Pleasant
POWER lawrence laborer h 14 Hagerty's Lane
POWER Mrs grocery 31 Water, w
POWER Margaret seamstress bds 12 Carherine
POWER Margaret wid John h Young
POWER Margaret wid Nicholas h Prospect
POWER Margaret wid Patrick 12 Stewart Avenue
POWER Mary Ann   h 135 George
POWER Mary wid John h 227 Lewis Place
POWER Mary wid John h 39 Signal Hill Road
POWER Mary A wid William h 10 Damerill's Lane
POWER Mary G   h 47 Military Road
POWER M liquors Cochrane
POWER MICHAEL chairman Municipal Council h 139 George
POWER Michael cooper, 9 Thomas h 139 George
POWER Michael fisherman h 5 Carter's Hill
POWER Michael laborer h 27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER Michael mason bds 190 New Gower
POWER Michael seaman h 198 Water, w
POWER Michael wharfinger h 8 Le Marchant Road
POWER Patrick carpenter h Victoria
POWER Patrick laborer h 10 Lion's Square
POWER Patrick laborer h 22 Sebastian
POWER Patrick laborer bds Signal Hill Road
POWER Patrick laborer h South Side, w
POWER Patrick seaman h 35 Bambrick's
POWER Patrick shoemaker h 239 Water, w
POWER Percy laborer h 14 Covenet Lane
POWER Peter cooper h 29 Adelaide
POWER Peter painter h 8 Belvidere
POWER Richard blacksmith h 40 Bannerman
POWER Richard clerk h 226 Water, w
POWER Richard cooper h 148 New Gower
POWER Richard messenger h King's Bridge Road
POWER Richard tinsmith h 216 New Gower
POWER Robert broker customs h 66 Patrick
POWER Robert salesman h Pokeham Path
POWER Sarah wid John h 30 Springdale
POWER Thomas boiler maker h 40 Bannerman
POWER Thomas carman h 10 Barron
POWER Thomas laborer h 27 Plank
POWER Thomas J carpenter h Victoria
POWER William boiler maker h Signal Hill Road
POWER William laborer h 27 bambrick's
POWER William laborer h 11 Bannerman
POWER William laborer bds Lime
POWER William laborer h 230 New Gower
POWER William laborer h South Side
POWER William sea captain h 13 Flower Hill
POWER William seaman h Field
POWER William F clerk h 14 Fleming, Georgetown
PRATT REV JOHN Methodist h 73 Military Road
PRESS George cabinet maker bds 9 Mullock
PRESTON John tidewaiter customs h 54 Colonial
PRESTON John, jr shoemaker bds 54 Colonial
PRETTY John bricklayer bds Dick's Square
PRICE Anne wid James h 12 Bond
PRICE Frederick J laborer h 12 Duckworth
PRICE John clerk h 3 Duckworth
PRICE John storekeeper h 3 Gower, Hoyle's Town
PRICE Joseph laborer h 12 Duckworth
PRICE William laborer 12 Duckworth
PRIDEAUX William H watchmaker h 23 Hutchings
PRIM John cooper 158 Water, w
PRIM Mrs Matthew   h 156 Water, w
PROWSE ALGERNON H Commission Merchant and Broker, Merchants' Block, See adv page 294Water, e bds 75 Le Marchant Rd, See adv page 262
PROWSE Charles storekeeper h 33 Bannerman
PROWSE Kenneth R of R Prowse & Sons h 73 Le Marchant Road
PROWSE JOHN physician h 249 Water, w
PROWSE John tinsmith h 3 Carew
PROWSE ROBERT & SONS general commission agents 3 Queen
PROWSE ROBT H of R Prowse & Sons, German Consul 75 Le Marchant Road
PROWSE Thomas W boiler maker h 93 Quidi Vidi Road
PROWSE William boiler maker h 93 Quidi Vidi Road
PROWSE William carpenter h Long's Hill
PROWSE William tinsmith h 136 Hamilton
PUDDISTER Jordan laborer h Scott
PUDDISTER Josiah carman h 60 Alexander
PUDDISTER Stephen fisherman h 1 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
PUMPHREY William tidewaiter customs h 14 Barnes' Road
PURCELL Edward laborer h 35 McDougall
PURCELL James fisherman h 18 Sheehan's Shute
PURCELL Margaret wid John h 345 Duckworth
PURCELL Michael blacksmith h King's Road
PURCELL Michael boiler maker bds Prospect
PURCELL Michael laborer h 5 Barnes Place
PURCELL Richard brewer h Prospect
PURCELL Richard laborer h King's Road
PURCELL Stephen salesman h 345 Duckworth, w
PURCELL Timothy fisherman Pilot's Hill
PURCHAID Charles laborer h 41 Cabot
PURCHASE Albert, E H M Customs h Long's Hill
PUCHASE Thomas seaman h 19 1/2 Barter's Hill
PURCHETTE Robert laborer h 19 Mullock
PYMR Henry laborer h South Side, e
PYMR Thomas laborer h South Side, w
QUEEN INSURANCE CO John Cormack Agent Holloway, See adv page 126
QUEEN'S WHARF   Water Foot Custom House Hill
QUICK William moulder h 101 Hamilton
QUIGLEY James cooper h King's Road
QUIGLEY John blacksmith h Duckworth, e
QUIGLEY Timothy varieties and seaman, Bond h Bond
QUINLAN Catherine wid James h 7 Holdsworth
QUINLAN Edward Constable Fort Townshend
QUINN Bridget   h Quidi Vidi
QUINN James Constable h 31 Hayward Avenue
QUINN Patrick butcher, 18 Adelaide h 18 Adelaide
QUIRK David fisherman bds 16 Duckworth
QUIRK Ellen milliner, 156 New Gower h 156 New Gower
QUIRK James carman h 67 Monkstown Road
QUIRK James tailor h Henry, e
QUIRK John farmer bds 65 Monkstown Road
QUIRK Mary, wid John grocer, 65 Monkstown Road h 65 Monkstown Road
QUIRK Michael farmer bds 65 Monkstown Road
QUIRK Patrick fisherman h 16 Duckworth
QUIRK Philip storekeeper h Henry
QUIRK Thomas grocer, Harvey Road h Harvey Road
QUIRK Thomas harness maker bds 65 Monkstown Road
QUON Peter laborer h 7 Gorman's Lane

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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