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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "N - O"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
NANGLE Miss Bridget   h Queen's Road
NANGLE Frank carpenter, Queen's Road h Queen's Road
NANGLE James carpenter, Queen's Road h Queen's Road
NANGLE John carpenter, Queen's Road h 18 Duggan's Lane
NANGLE Patrick carpenter bds Queen's Road
NARMORE Mrs Caroline   bds Spencer
NASH Patrick J clerk bds 20 Carter's Hill
NASH Thomas wheelwright h 30 Sudbury
NASH Thomas J carriage builder h sudbury
NEAGLE James cooper h r 211 New Gower
NEALE Andrew cooper h 23 Barter's Hill
NEAL George accountant h Henry
NEALE James carman h 78 Casey's Lane
NEALE Morgan laborer h 18 Waldegrave
NEARY Nicholas porter h 20 Colonial
NEIL George bookkeeper h Henry
NEIL John drug clerk h Barter's Hill
NEIL Mrs John   h South Side
NEIL Michael fisherman bds 46 Codner
NEIL Patrick butcher h 22 Hutching's Lane
NEIL Patrick laborer h Hamilton
NEIL Roger mason bds Cabot
NEIL Thomas laborer h Bell
NEILSON ADOLPHES supt fishery bureau h 9 Monkstown Road
NELDER John tallyman h 8 Buchannan
NELDER Robert fisherman h 22 Bambrick
NESBIT Alexander master mariner h Patrick
NEVILLE Michael shoemaker h 22 Fleming
NEWBURY Frederick seaman h 4 Goodview
NEWELL Isaac laborer h Holloway
NEWELL John laborer h King's Road
NEWELL John laborer h 10 Pleasant
NEWELL John laborer h Prospect Crossing
NEWELL John R laborer h Holloway
NEWELL Robert laborer h Adelaide
NEWELL Stewart tinsmith h John
NEWFOUNDLAND BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURING CO, (LTD) C R Thompson manager 9 to 13 Job's Lane See adv page 272
NEWFOUNDLAND CONSOLIDATED FOUNDRY CO, (LTD) John Angel manager 27 Hamilton See adv 116
NEWFOUNDLAND COSTAL CO, (LTD) A J Harvey manager Water, e See adv page 278
NEWFOUNDLAND FURNITURE AND MOULDING CO, (LTD)   Brewery Lane, off Forest Road See adv page 280
NEWFOUNDLAND RAILWAY THE Thomas Noble gen manager  William
NEWFOUNDLAND TOBACCO WORKS Harvey & Co, proprietors Water, e
NEWHOOK John shoemaker h Duckworth, e
NEWHOOK Robert carpenter h Colonial
NEWHOOK William carpenter h Duckworth, e
NEWMAN James carman h 12 Lime
NEWMAN John letter carrier P O h 14 Waldegrave
NEWMAN Joseph carpenter h 22 Carter's Hill
NEWPORT Elizabeth wid Richard h 20 Finn's Lane
NEWPORT John laborer bds 20 Finn's Lane
NEWPORT Thomas laborer bds 18 Damerill's Lane
NEYLE RICHARD Hardware and Fishing Tackle, Water, opp Goodfellow & Co h Hillsview, Freshwater Road, See adv page 130
NICHOL Albert carpenter h South Side, w
NICHOL Arch blacksmith h 85 Patrick
NICHOLS Charles master mariner h 13 Hamilton
NICHOLAS Coady boot and shoemaker, Water, e h Water, e
NICHOLS Edward carpenter h 10 Hayward Avenue
NICHOL George salesman h 52 Springdale
NICHOLS Jacob hairdresser h Long's Hill
NICHOLS James printer h 49 William's, Monkstown
NICHOL James F boilermaker h 85 Patrick
NICHOL Joshua cooper h 85 Patrick
NICHOLS JW, FSA Principal St. John's School of Art h 44 Le Marchant Road See adv page 288
NICHOL Nicholas laborer h South Side, w
NICHOLS Sarah dressmaker h Gower
NICHOL Thomas carpenter h 22 Codner
NICHOLAS Thomas carpenter h 38 Mullock
NICHOLAS William cabinet-maker h Bannerman
NICHOLS William J artist h 44 Le Marchant Road
NICKERSON Freeman sea captain h 31 Princess
NICOL Caroline wid John h 40 Bond
NICOL Charles letter carrier P O h 22 Pond
NICOL Henry T clerk h 22 Bond
NIDSTON John laborer bds south Side, e
NIXON Charles seaman h 94 Hamilton
NIXON Henry carpenter h South Side, w
NOBLE THOMAS general manager Newfoundland Railway William
NODEN Colin roofer bds 4 Sebastian
NOEL Alfred sea captain h 25 Pleasant
NOEL E shoemaker h Spencer
NOEL Herbert asst clerk money order branch h Post office building
NOEL John laborer h 10 Pleasant
NOEL John A cashier bds 207 New Gower, w
NOEL Stanley laborer h Carter's Hill
NOEL Stewart tinsmith h 20 John
NOEL WILLIAM surveyor Crown Lands Office h 207 New Gower
NOFTILL Frederick laborer bds 5 George
NOFTILL Henry fisherman h 12 James
NOFTILL John fisherman h 65 McFarlane's Lane
NOFTILL John laborer bds 5 George
NOFTILL Sarah wid William h 5 George
NOFTILL William carman h 49 McFarlane's Lane
NOFTILL William laborer bds 5 George
NOLAN James laborer h Livingstone
NOLAN Jeremiah laborer h 49 Moore
NOLAN John fireman h 3 Patrick
NOLAN Michael moulder h 105 Hamilton
NOONAN Edward salesman h Bond
NOONAN Mrs Ellen   h 262 Gower
NOONAN James salesman h Gower
NOONAN JAMES L assistant customs collector h Elfin Cottage, Torbay Rd
NOONAN John H landing waiter customs h 29 King's Bridge Road
NORBURY Charles laborer h 23 Sudbury
NORCOTTE Michael laborer h 13 Goodview
NORMAN HENRY Watchmaker and Jeweller, Duckworht, e h Duckworth, e, See adv page 276
NORMAN JAMES C hairdresser, 296 Water h 215 New Gower
NORMAN John coachman h 16 Waldegrave
NORMAN Robert tailor h Bond
NORMAN Thomas carpenter h 84 Casey's
NORRIS JAS J tinsmith, Henry h 41 Hayward Avenue
NORRIS Johanna wid Edward 19 New Gower
NORRIS John fisherman h 36 Wickford
NORRIS Michael laborer h 48 King's Bridge
NORRIS Samuel laborer h 34 Bannerman
NORRIS William moulder h 35 Battery Road
NORTH John blacksmith h 24 Stephen
NORTHFIELD Alfred accountant h Long's Hill
NOSEWORTHY Ambrose coachman h Sheehan
NOSEWORTHY Albert salesman, G R Brown  
NOSEWORTHY Charles lumber surveyor h Cook
NOSEWORTHY Edward seaman h 51 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY George laborer h Beaumond
NOSEWORTHY George mason h Brazil's Square
NOSEWORTHY James cooper h 319 Water, w
NOSEWORTHY James mason h 88 Lime
NOSEWORTHY Jane wid Thomas h Young
NOSEWORTHY John laborer h 10 Simms
NOSEWORTHY Jonathan mason h 28 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY Josiah laborer bds 36 Wickford
NOSEWORTHY Levi master mariner h 63 Limekiln Road
NOSEWORTHY Mary wid Philip h 36 Wickford
NOSEWORTHY Samuel carpenter h Cochrane
NOSEWORTHY Samuel fireman h 37 Alexander
NOSEWORTHY Samuel laborer h 8 Codner
NOSEWORTHY Thomas cooper h 317 Water, w
NOSEWORTHY Thomas laborer h 18 Simms
NOSEWORTHY William accountant h 4 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY William carpenter h South Side, e
NOSEWORTHY William machinist h 51 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY William mason h 26 Lime
NOSEWORTHY William seaman h Holloway
NOWLAN Mrs John   h 192 Water, w
NUGENT John constable Fort Townshend
NUGENT Richard laborer h 41 Bambrick's
NURSE Charles of C & J Nurse h 6 Queen's Road
NURSE C & J plumbers Rennie's Mill Road
NUSE  (sic) John of C & J Nurse bds Queen's Road
NURSE Mary wid John h Queen's Road
NURSE Mary wid Thomas h Queen's Road
NURSE Miss grocer, Long's Hill h Long's Hill
NURSE Thomas   h 6 Mullock
OAK Rebecca wid Austin h 46 Quidi Vidi
OAKLEY James seaman h 2 Prince
OAKLEY William E salesman bds 11 Queen's
O'BRIEN Charles cooper h 27 Waldegrave
O'BRIEN Dennis shoemaker h Freshwater Road
O'BRIEN Edward carpenter h 11 Bond
O'BRIEN Edward seaman h 22 Brazil's Square
O'BRIEN Elizabeth, wid Timothy grocer, Harvey Road h Harvey Road
O'BRIEN Harry seaman h 19 Flower Hill
O'BRIEN James cooper

h 16 Finn's Lane

O'BRIEN James grocer, 45 Job's h 45 Job's
O'BRIEN John cooper bds 42 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Joseph policeman h Spencer
O'BRIEN Mrs Mary Anne   h 8 Springdale
O'BRIEN REV PATRICK Roman Catholic h 28 Patrick
O'BRIEN RICHARD Fruit Dealer, Etc, Duckworth h Duckworth, opp Queen's Wharf See adv page 278
O'BRIEN SIR TERENCE N, K C M G Governor, Commander in Chief and Vice Admiral over the Island and its dependencies Gov't House, M'ltry Rd
O'BRIEN Thomas carpenter h 33 Job's
O'BRIEN Thomas storekeeper h 42 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Thomas, jr engineer bds Bannerman
O'BRIEN William laborer h 28 Bannerman
O'BRIEN William slaesman h 31 Barnes Road
O'BRIEN William sergeant constabulary h Barnes' Road
O'BRIEN William wharfinger h 28 Colonial
O'BRIEN William P accountant h 124 Barnes' Road
O'CONNOR ANDREW manufacturers' agent h 103 Signal Hill Road
O'CONNOR JOHN T journalist h 42 King's Road
O'CONNOR William laborer h 128 George
O'DEA JOHN V Commission Merchant and Broker, Merchants Block, Water, e h Military Road, See adv page 284
O'DEADY John baker h 351 Duckworth
O'DEADY Miss Margaret baker, 126 New Gower h 126 New Gower
O'DEADY Patrick cabinet maker bds 351 Duckworth
O'DEADY William baker bds 351 Duckworth
O'DONALD Thomas seaman h 228 New Gower
O'DONNELL Fanny wid John F h Freshwater Road
O'DONNELL James C accountant h Freshwater Road
O'DRISCOLL PATRICK C Com Merchant and Autioneer, Exchange Buildings, Water, e h 1 Queen's See adv page 304
O'DWYER John laborer h Spencer
O'DWYER John Oke Farm h O'Dwyer's Field
O'DWYER JOHN L Commission Merchant, Beck's Cove h Park Row, Rennie's Mill Road
O'DWYER Michael laborer h Spencer
O'DWYER R wheelwright bds Spencer
O'DWYER RICHARD poor commissioner h 33 Military Road
O'FARRELL Maurice storekeeper h 49 George
O'FARRELL William constable Fort Townshend
O'FLAHERTY Elizabeth wid James 71 Military Road
O'FLAHERTY John accountant h 64 Le Marchant Road
O'FLAHERTY Michael farmer h 17 New Gower
O'GRADY Jeremiah painter h 99 George
O'GRADY Patrick laborer h 3 Hunt's Lane
O'GRADY William apprentice h Hunt's Lane
OHMAN N Watchmaker, Engraver, Optician and P O Stamp Dealer, 12 Adelaide h 4 Brazil's Sq, See adv page 276
OE   seaman h 33 George
OKE Edward painter h 121 Quidi Vidi Road
OKE JOHN C Carriage Builder, Prescott cor Duckworth h Prescott cor Duckworth
OKE John L storekeeper h Bell
OKE William C carriage builder h 114 Quidi Vidi Road
OKE William R carriage builder h Forest Lane
O'KEEFE Charles salesman h 20 Fleming
O'KEEFE James clerk bds 20 Fleming
O'KEEFE John laborer h 29 Fleming
O'KEEFE John, jr carpenter bds 20 Fleming
O'KEEFE Michael clerk bds 20 Fleming
O'KEEFE Patrick J carpenter h 185 New Gower
O'KEEFE Peter carman h Fleming
O'KEEFE Thomas cooper and variety, 412 1/2 water h 412 1/2 Water
OLDRIDGE Ann, wid Henry wines and spirits, Water, e h Water, e
OLDRIDGE Richard laborer h Water, e
O'LEARY Patrick J salesman bds 4 Holdsworth
OLIVER Edward bricklayer bds Boncloddy
OLIVER Francis laborer h Boncloddy
OLIVER George T printer h Long's Hill
OLIVER James seaman h Goodview
OLIVER John seaman h 83 New Gower
OLIVER Peter carman h 16 Boncloddy
OLIVER Peter laborer h 36 Bannerman
OLIVER Thomas carpenter h Boncloddy
OLIVER William laborer h 48 Cabot
OLLERHEAD S laborer bds 9 James
OLLERHEAD Charles laborer h 9 James
OLLERHEAD Harrison salesman h Spencer
OLLERHEAD Thomas H salesman h 1 Spencer
OLSEN Charles seaman h Signal Hill Road
OLSEN Christopher seaman bds 184 New Gower
OLSEN Henry master mariner h Bell
O'MARA'S DRUG STORE   Drugs, Chemical, etc Water, e, See adv page 294
O'MARA James shoemaker bds Duggan's Lane
O'MARA John fisherman h Duggan's Lane
O'MARA MRS JOHN of O'Mara's drug store h 2 Queen's Road
O'MARA M J of Devine & O'Mara, job printers Duckworth
O'MARA Mary wid David h 43 Fleming
O'MARA Patrick bricklayer bds Duggan
O'MARA Patrick watchman h Job's
O'MARA Thomas shipwright h Harvey Road
O'MEARA William mason h 6 Duggan
O'NEIL Andrew carpenter h 21 Stephen's
O'NEIL Arthur laborer h 39 Cabot
O'NEIL Arthur truckman bds Pennywell Road
O'NEIL Mrs Arthur   h Le Marchant Road
O'NEILL Charles, Henry R   Palace, Military Road
O'NEIL Christopher laborer h 236 New Gower
O'NEILL Constantine laborer h 6 Dammerill's Lane
O'NEIL Edward cooper h 18 brazil's Square
O'NEILL Ellen wid William h 23 Fleming
O'NEIL James cabman h 8 Spencer
O'NEIL James carman h 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL James cooper, 5 Cuddihy's h 22 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL James cooper h 273 Water, w
O'NEILL James shoemaker bds 23 Fleming
O'NEIL James storekeeper h 2 Power
O'NEIL James truckman h Pennywell Road
O'NEIL James, jr truckman bds Pennywell Road
O'NEIL Jeremiah cooper h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEILL Jeremiah laborer bds 23 Fleming
O'NEIL John cooper, Brazil's Square h Brazil's Square
O'NEIL John J cooper h 273 Water, w
O'NEIL Martin laborer bds 234 New Gower
O'NEIL Michael shopkeeper and cooper, 273 Water, w h 273 Water, w
O'NEIL Moses carman h 64 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Patrick cooper h 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL PJ tailoring and hairdressing, Water, w off Merchant's Block h Water, w off Merchant's Block
O'NEIL Peter carman bds 20 Quidi Vidi Road
O'NEIL THOMAS wines and spirits, Water, e h Water, e
O'NEIL Thomas H accountant bds 170 Water
O'NEIL William baker, 153 New Gower h 153 New Gower
O'NEIL William cabman h Holloway
O'REGAN Cornelius shoemaker h 11 Princess
O'REGAN JOHN butcher, Water, e h Water, e
O'REILLY Albert W of A W & R P O'Reilly h 170 Water, w
O'REILLY A W & R P grocers, wines and spirits 170 Water, w
O'REILLY George merchant h 44 Colonial
O'REILLY REV J, D D Roman Catholic Palace Military Road
O'REILLY Joseph head constable Fort Townshend
O'REILLY J J grocer, 290 Water h 290 Water
O'REILLY Richard P of A W & R P O'Reilly h 170 Water, w
ORNER Jacob C watchmaker bds 382 Water
O'ROURKE Michael fisherman h 13 Bates
O'ROURKE William cooper h 25 Angel Place
OSBORNE John seaman h 11 Duggan's
OSBORNE Thomas fisherman bds 11 Duggan's
OSMOND Albert carpenter h 4 Stewart Avenue
OSMOND Arthur engineer bds Stewart Avenue
OSMOND Agustus machinist bds 4 Stewart Avenue
OSMOND James tinsmith h 6 Stewart Avenue
OSMOND Samuel carpenter h Hayward Avenue
O'TOOLE James clerk h Bannerman
O'TOOLE James laborer h 257 Water, w
O'TOOLE John laborer bds Mundy Pond Road
O'TOOLE John seaman h 25 Thomas
O'TOOLE Mary wid Bernard bds 12 Duckworth
O'TOOLE Michael fisherman h Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE Michael salesman h Cookstown Road
O'TOOLE Michael storekeeper bds Mundy Pond Road
O'TOOLE Patrick laborer bds 257 Water, w
O'TOOLE Thomas laborer h Mundy Pond Road
O'TOOLE William laborer h 25 Thomas
OTTERSON Peter seaman h 26 Stephen
OUTERBRIDGE JOSEPH Harvey & Co h King's Bridge Road
OWENS William gardner h Hamilton
OXLEY John J sign writer h King's Road

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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