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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "L"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
LACEY James laborer h 38 Porter's Hill
LACY Jane wid Simon bds 25 Plymouth Road
LACEY John watchaker h 146 Le Marchant Road
LACY Martin laborer h Circular Road
LACY Richard sea captain h 50 Wickford
LAHEY James tailor h 36 Colonial
LAKE John fisherman h 3 Duggans
LAKE Joseph carpenter h 14 Brien
LAKE Mrs Solomon   h Limestone
LAKEMAN Ann wid William h Wood
LAMB Margaret wid William h 37 Angel Place
LAMB Nathaniel laborer h Field
LAMBERT George carpenter h 59 Carter's Hill
LAMBERT Luke fisherman h 3 Carew
LAMBLE William boacksmith h Merry Meeting Road
LAMEY Ann wid Michael h 30 Barnes' Road
LAMDY Edward tailor bds 32 Plank Road
LANDY Mrs James   h 32 Plank
LANE David fisherman h 8 Goodview
LANE Mary wid Thomas h Quidi Vidi Road
LANE Thomas D stationer bds 47 New Gower
LANE Timothy clerk telegraph co h Quidi Vidi Road
LANE Timothy D stationer, 357 Duckworth h 357 Duckworth
LANE William D master mariner h Long's Hill
LANERGAN John cooper h 112 George
LANG Charles shoemaker h 14 Adelaide
LANG Elizabeth grocer, 14 Adelaide h 14 Adelaide
LANGMEAD Branscombe S watchmaker bds 204 Water
LANGMEAD Francis fisherman h 15 Carew
LANGMEAD GEORGE Watchmaker and Jeweller, 294 Water h 294 Water See adv per index
LANGTON Edward salesman h Forest Road
LANNON James laborer bds 6 Damerill's Lane
LANNON Matthew laborer h 7 Carter's Hill
LANNON Patrick seaman h Carter's Hill
LANNIGAN John wharfinger h Bowring's Premises, South Side
LANNIGAN Thomas D plasterer bds 452 Duckworth
LANNIGAN William cooper h South Side
LARACEY JAMES grocer, 328 Water h 328 Water
LARACY Patrick salesman h 328 Water,w
LARKIN Edward clerk bds 126 New Gower
LARKIN Edward fisherman h 23 Plymouth Road
LARKIN James laborer h 35 McDougald
LARKINS John cooper h 38 Larkin's Square
LARKIN John plasterer bds Gower
LARKIN John water collector h Queen's Road
LARKINS Michael cooper h 42 Larkin's Square
LARKINS Thomas messenger h Queen's Road
LARSON Charles carman h 47 Pleasant
LAURIE William master mariner at Thorburn & Tessirs
LAWLOR Edward constable h Cabot
LAWLOR Edward cooper h 32 Pleasant
LAWLOR James cabman bds Duckworth, e
LAWLOR Johanna wid Lawrence h Duckworth, e
LAWLOR John gas lighter h 45 Plank
LAWLOR Lawrence blacksmith bds 52 Wickford
LAWLOR Michael clerk h 357 Duckworth
LAWLOR Michael F clerk h 13 New Gower
LAWLOR Nicholas cooper h 76 Water, w
LAWLOR Patrick cooper h 32 Pleasant
LAWLOR Thomas laborer h 22 Hayward Avenue
LAWLOR Thomas laborer h 52 Wickford
LASH Bridget wid Frederick bds Cochrane
LASH John accountant h Cochrane
LASH NORTIMER G Actioneer, Commission Merchant, Etc, 303 Water h 303 Water See adv opp
LASH William clerk h 5 Maxse
LASH William H accountant h Rennie's Mill Road
LAWRENCE Alfred trader h 104 Pleasant
LAWRENCE BROTHERS   Carriage Builders, Gower See adv page 236
LAWRENCE Dennis blacksmith h 35 Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE George S carpenter h Prescott
LAWRENCE James accountant h 104 Pleasant
LAWRENCE JAMES M of Lawrence Bros h Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE John coffee house 1 Holdsworth
LAWRENCE Thomas blacksmith h 35 Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE THOMAS of Lawrence Bros h 33 Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE Thomas foreman h 56 King's Bridge Road
LAWRIE James telegraph operator bds 41 Monkstown road
LAWRIE Robert clerk h 41 Monkstown Road
LAWRIE William J engineer's assistant h 41 Monkstown Road
LATHER Nicholas cooper h 76 Water, w
LAY Emma wid Richard h Belvidere
LAYMAN Gregory seaman h 90 George
LAYMAN William shoemaker h 26 Joy Place
LEADSTONE William laborer h Hayward Avenue
LEAHY James tailor bds Colonial
LEAHY Mary wid Martin h Colonial
LEAHY Patrick fisherman bds Bannerman
LEAMON JOHN of Dicks & Co h 25 Monkstown Road
LEAR Robert J laborer bds 7 Dammerill's Lane
LEARD JOSIAH builder and contractor h Victoria
LEARIE John engineer bds 36 Brien
LEARY Catherine wid James h 9 Plymouth Road
LEARY Daniel laborer h 75 Casey's
LEARY Edward varieties, Long's Hill h Long Hill
LEARY Franciscis sea captain h 8 Rossiter's Lane
LEARY Johanna wid Matthew h 6 Pleasant
LEARY John accountant h 34 Long's Hill
LEARY John carpenter bds Gower
LEARY John (Terra Nova Foundry), engineer  
LEARY John fisherman h 307 Water, w
LEARY John laborer h 86 1/2 Casey's
LEARY Margaret liquors, Gower h Gower
LEARY Michael fisherman h Bond
LEARY Michael laborer h 6 Goodview
LEARY Michael laborer h 21 Fleming
LEARY Michael salesman h 34 Long's Hill
LEARY Richard seaman bds 9 Plymouth Road
LEARY Thomas blacksmith h 11 Jobs
LEARY Thomas laborer h 53 McFasrlane's Lane
LEARNING Albert barber h 5 Sebastian
LEARNING Frederick laborer h 31 Mullock
LEARNING George carpenter h 31 Mullock
LEARNING James laborer h 32 Colonial
LEDINGHAM JOHN Terra Nova Foundry, Engine and Boiler Works, Water, e h 35 Military Road See adv page 194
LEDREW Caleb carpenter h 35 Wickford
LEDREW George carpenter bds 16 Goodview
LEDREW Hannah boarding house Gower
LEDREW Jonas carpenter bds Cabot
LEDREW Robert seaman h South Side, e
LEDREW Samuel shoemaker h South Side, e
LEDREW William laborer b Cabot
LEDREW William laborer h South Side, e
LEDREW William Hy laborer h South Side, e
LEDSTONE John laborer h Livingstone
LEDWELL James shoemaker h 293 Water, w
LEDWELL Thomas shoemaker h 146 New Gower
LEE Catherine wid James h 25 Fleming
LEFEWVRE Frank carpenter bds 11 New Gower
LEFTRAGE Nathan laborer h 35 Cuddihy's
LEGETT Robert seaman h 17 Bambrick's
LEGROW John carpenter h Spencer
LEGROW Joseph laborer h 8 Lion's Square
LEHOOKEY Charles carman h 95 Monkstown Road
LEMARQUAND George master mariner h Cook
LEMARQUAND George, jr seaman h Cook
LEMESSURIER Alexander clerk customs h 96 Pleasant
LEMESSURIER Anna wid James h Pennywell Road
LEMESSURIER Arthur salesman h Long Pond Road
LEMESSURIER Edwin M accountant h Gower
LEMESSURIER Frederick clerk h 209 N ew Gower
LEMESSURIER GEO H chief clerk and accountant gen P O h off Gower
LEMESSURIER George W assistant accountant gen P O h off Gower
LEMESSURIER Henry appraiser h Cochrane
LEMESSURIER Henry reporter Winter Avenue
LEMESSURIER John H salesman h 38 Freshwater Road
LEMESSURIER P F salesman h 207 New Gower
LEMESSURIER Peter W salesman h 38 Freshwater Road
LENNOX Alexander salesman bds South Side, w
LENNOC James carpenter h 32 Bannerrman
LEO E M Grocer and Liquors, Duckworth Duckworth
LEONARD Henry fisherman h 24 Goodview
LEONARD John carpenter h 14 Catherine
LEONARD John laborer bds 72 McFarlan's Lane
LEONARD Michael seaman h 4 Sebastian
LEONARD Patrick fisherman h 9 Deady's Lane
LEONARD PATRICK grocer, 74 Lime h 74 Lime
LEONARD Patrick laborer h 72 McFarlan's Lane
LEPELLEY John seaman h 82 Lime
LESHANNA Wm carpenter h Carter's Hill
LESLIE Gower clerk bds 274 Duckworth
LESTER BROS Watchmakers and Jewlers 429 Water, w See adv page 246
LESTER CHARLES of Lester Bros h 429 Water
LESTER WILLIAM of Lester Bros bds 429 Water, w
LESTRANGE Peter W fish market inspector h 176 Pleasant
LIVERMAN CHARLES contractor h 98 Le Marchant Road
LEWIS Charles engineer h Duckworth, cor Wood
LEWIS Charles pilot h Duckworth, e
LEWIS Charles bolermaker h 24 Bond
LEWIS Elzear blacksmith bds Field
LEWIS Elizabeth wid William shed r Gower
LEWIS Eusebius boatman customs h 6 Duckworth, Hoylestown
LEWIS Frederick pilot h Gower
LEWIS Henry laborer h 30 Field
LEWIS James carpenter h 7 Field
LEWIS John laborer h 24 Bond
LEWIS John laborer h Hamilton
LEWIS John H storekeeper h 33 Water, w
LEWIS Moses seaman h Field
LEWIS Richard seaman h Young
LEWIS Silas laborer h 38 Lime
LEWIS William pilot h Wood
LLOYD George B clerk money order office h 38 Job
LINDSEY Alexander seaman h r Goodview
LIDSTON Nathaniel laborer h Young
LIDSTON Thomas seaman h Young
LILLY FRANK barrister and solicitor, Blackwood's Building, Duckworth h Cochrane
LILLY George carpenter h British Square
LILLY Ronald McD head salesman h Prescott
LINDBERG & FRANKLIN Lager Beer Brewers and Aerated Water Manufacturers Signal Hill See adv page 266
LINDBERG JOHN proprietor brewery, Halifax, NS h Signal Hill
LINDBERG JOHN F of Lindberg and Franklin h Queen's Road
LINDSEY Archibald accountant h Cathedral Hill
LINDSEY Eugene clerk h Cathedral Hill
LINDSEY George salesman h Gower, e
LINDSTROM AUGUSTUS Watchmaker and Jewller, 336 Water h 336 Water See adv page 240
LINDSTROM John A watchmaker bds 336 Water
LINEGAR Luke laborer h Queen's Road
LINEGAR Michael cooper h Gower
LINEGAR Mrs Patrick caretaker h Willow Cottage, Freshwater Road
LINEGAR Thomas coachman h Willow Cottage, Freshwater Road
LISBET Robert sea captain h 52 Patrick
LISBURN Joseph laborer h 1 St. John's Place
LITTLE HON JOSEPH judge Supreme Court h 3 Maxse
LIVIER Arthur laborer h 14 Bond
LOCKS Bartholomew laborer h Chappel
LOCKE Charles carman h Pleasant
LOCK David laborer h 24 Bambrick's
LOCK George moulder h 15 Casey
LOCK Henry   h 117 Pleasant
LOCKS James laborer h Chappel
LOCKS Johanna wid Thomas h Chappel
LOCK John cooper h 120 Hamilton
LOCKS William laborer h Chappel
LOCKYER John salesman h 17 Hutchings
LOCKYER John F carpenter h 91 Pleasant
LOCKYER Kezia wid John h 17 Hutchings
LOCKYER William S salesman h 56 Casey's
LONG Allen clerk h 67 Springdale
LONG Allen F G land surveyor h 67 Springdale
LONG Dinah wid Joseph h Cabot
LONG Edward porter h Carter's Hill
LONG Henry cooper h Cabot
LONG John laborer h Goodview
LONG John printer bds Cabot, w
LONG Joseph carpenter h 15 Mullock
LONG Patrick laborer h 5 Convent Lane
LONG THOMAS chief clerk surveyor general's office h Prescott
LONG WILLIAM commission agent h Prescott
LONG WILLIAM grocer, Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
LOUGHLAN Charles   h 21 Forest Road
LOUGHLAN Charles jr   bds 21 Forest Road
LOWE George laborer h 40 Bannerman
LOWE John carpenter h British Square
LOWE William laborer h Thomas
LOWE William J laborer bds 93 Monkstown Road
LOVE Frederick stonecutter h Gower
LOWSEN Stephen seaman h Pleasant
LOYNES James clerk h Gower
LUBY Andrew laborer h Holloway
LUBY Wm laborer h Flavin's Lane
LUCHAS Frank engineer h 77 Pleasant
LUMSDEN A K salesman h 38 Hayward Avenue
LUNDRIGAN Mary wid Peter h 2 Sheehan's Shute
LUNDRIGAN Patrick shoemaker h 13 Carter's Hill
LUNDRIGAN Mrs William   h 279 Water, w
LUNDSTROM John mason h Boncloddy
LUNERGAN Ellen, wid Nicholas Liquors, Duckworth h Duckworth
LUMSEN Andrew clerk h 38 Hayward Avenue
LUSCOMBE David C carter h Pilot
LUSCOMBE Miss Elvina   90 George
LUSCOMBE John baker h King's Road
LUSH Arthur tailor h C E Cemetery
LUSH James tinsmith h Forest Road
LUSH John laborer h 14 Thomas
LYNCH Ambrose laborer h 44 Duckworth, e
LYNCH Mrs James   h South Side, w
LYNCH JOSEPH dry goods, 62 New Gower h 62 New Gower
LYNCH Michael engineer h Prospect
LYNCH Michael salesman h Flavin's Lane
LYNCH Patrick fireman h Prospect
LYNCH Patrick W wheelwright h Bond
LYNCH Thos constable Fort Townshend
LYNCH Mrs Thomas   h Livingstone
LYON Augustus F chainman bds 306 Water
LYON EDWIN W Photographer, Victoria h Victoria See adv page 246
LYON HENRY B watch repairer and jeweller, 306 Water h 306 Water
LYON Robert J photographer bds 306 Water

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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