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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "K"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
KANE Alexander laborer h Long's Hill
KANE Charles seaman h Long's Hill
KANE Edward laborer h Holloway
KANE James seaman h 22 James
KANE John shoemaker h 85 Lime
KANE John shoemaker h 91 Monkstown Road
KANE John, jr shoemaker bds 83 Livingstone
KANE Levi fireman h 49 Colonial
KANE Margaret grocer, 91 Monkstown Road h 91 Monkstown
KANE Mary wid Thomas h 83 Lime
KANE Matthew shoemaker bds Holdsworth
KANE Maurice laborer h 198 Water, e
KANE Maurice laborer h Holloway
KANE OWEN merchant tailor, 68 George h 68 George
KANE Patrick constable Fort Townshend
KANE Patrick laborer h 243 1/2 Water, w
KANE Stephen laborer h 234 New Gower
KANE Sylvester carman bds 9 Barnes' Place
KANE Thomas laborer h 9 Barnes' Place
KANE Thomas laborer h Holloway
KATES Richard laborer H 25 Goodview
KATES Robert laborer bds 9 College Square
KAVANAGH Annie dressmaker h Bond
KAVANAGH Arthur laborer h 181 Le Marchant Road
KAVANAGH Edward laborer h 28 Bond
KAVANAGH Ed laborer h Dreelan's Well Road
KAVANAGH Fanny wid Edward h 14 Gorman Lane
KAVANAGH Garrett storekeeper h Colonial
KAVANAGH James drug clerk bds Colonial
KAVANAGH James laborer h Dreelan's Well Road
KAVANAGH John cooper h York
KAVANAGH JOHN of Hearn & Co h Colonial
KAVANAGH John laborer h 181 Le Marchant Road
KAVANAGH Joseph laborer h 222 Water, w
KAVANAGH Patrick cooper bds 102 George
KAVANAGH Mrs Sarah   H 4 Sheehan's Shute
KAVANAGH THOMAS Chemist and Druggist, Water, e h Water See adv page 214
KAVANAGH Thomas driver h Bannerman
KAVANAGH Thomas laborer h 12 Sheehan's Shute
KAVANAGH William laborer h Livingstone
KEAN Bridget wid Michael h 4 Holdsworth
KEANE John fisherman h 3 Colonial
KEARNEY Edward carman h Plank Road
KEARNEY JOHN Army and Nay Depot Wines and Spirits, 119 Duckworth h 119 Duckworth See adv per index
KEARNEY Miss Mary seamstress h 14 Gorman's Lane
KEARNEY Mary wid John J h 53 Military Road
KEARNEY Mary A wid Michael h 112 Casey's
KEARNEY Michael sailmaker bds 83 Monkstown Road
KEARNEY Owen M law Student h Burton's Pond
KEARNEY Richard fireman h 14 Sebastian
KEARNEY Richard sea Captain h 83 Monkstown Road
KEARNEY James truckman h Field
KEARNEY John laborer h Field
KEATING James laborer h York
KEATING John carpenter h 3 Lime
KEATING John clerk h 81 Military Road
KEATING John cooper h 30 Water, w
KEATON John laborer h 103 New Gower
KEATING Peter shoemaker bds 103 New Gower
KEATING Miss Sarah matron Penitentiary  
KEATING THOMAS Wines and Spirits, Water, e h Water, e SEe adv page 224
KEEFE James laborer h Livingstone
KEEFE John blacksmith h 15 Bates
KEEFE John blacksmith h 22 Colonial
KEEFE John blacksmith h Beck's Cove Hill
KEEFE Mary, wid John confectioner h 186 New Gower
KEEFE Michael fireman h Bannerman
KEEFE Michael meat market h 42 Hutchings
KEEFE Michael shoemaker h 132 Water, w
KEEFE Michael varieties and carpenter, 11 Bond h 11 Bond
KEEFE Patrick J carpenter bds 185 New Gower
KEEFE Peter carman h Flemming, e
KEEFE Richard constable Fort Townshend
KEEFE Joseph carman h 196 Water, w
KEELY Kate wid Michael h 6 Sebastian
KEELY William cabinet maker h Cuddihy
KEENAN Andrew cabman h 87 Monkstown Road
KEEPING Benjamin telegraph operator h 216 Gower
KEEPING Hugh master mariner h Gower
KEGAN LAWRENCE E physician, Duckworth h Duckworth
KEHOE MICHAEL Boot and Shoe Maker, 300 Water h 300 Water See adv page 224
KELLIGREE Julia wid William h 74 Cochrane
KELLIGREW Rosan wid Thomas h 71 Lime
KELLY Ann wid John h 33 Goodwin
KELLY Mrs Charles boarding house 12 Water, w
KELLY Edmund salesman h 118 Hamilton
KELLY Edward laborer h 38 Carter's Hill
KELLY Francis laborer h 277 Water, w
KELLY Henry boot and shoe maker, Cookstown h Cookstown
KELLY James cabman h 144 Le Marchant
KELLY Jas carpenter h Gower
KELLY James cooper h Livingstone
KELLY JAMES grocer &c, Duckworth h Duckworth
KELLY James salesman h 10 New Gower
KELLY JAMES Boot and Shoe Maker, Barnes' Road h Barnes' Road See adv page 218
KELLY Jeffry turnkey penitentiary h Boat House Road
KELLY John constable Fort Townshend
KELLY John farmer h South Side Riverhead
KELLY John laborer h 12 Carew
KELLY John laborer h 20 Casey's
KELLY John, jr laborer bds 12 Carew
KELLY John shoemaker bds 33 Goodview
KELLY John stonecutter bds Colonial
KELLY John P master cooper h 48 Victoria
KELLY Kate variety, Boat House Road h Boat House Road
KELLY Lawrence boilermaker h Cabot, off Carter's Hill
KELLY Mark tailor h Goodview
KELLY Martin seaman h 20 Princess
KELLY Mary   h Prescott
KELLY Micahel farmer Waterford Bridge Road
KELLY Michael laborer beds 12 Carew
KELLY MICHAEL tailor, Water h 156 Military Road
KELLY Moses cooper h Boggin's Lane
KELLY Nicholas cooper h 50 George
KELLY PATRICK Custom Tailor, Water, e h 156 Military Road See adv page 224
KELLY PATRICK grocer, 42 New Gower h 42 New Gower
KELLY Patrick salesman h 118 Hamilton
KELLY Patrick tinsmith h Neagle's Hill
KELLY P W Sec'ty Municipal Council h 4 Mullock
KELLY Richard cooper h 129 George
KELLY Thomas carman h 12 Casey's
KELLY Thomas cooper h 38 Buchanan
KELLY Thomas tidewaiter customs h Colonial
KELLY Thomas, jr seaman bds Colonial
KELLY Walter clerk bds 4 Mullock
KELLY William boarding house 16 New Gower
KELLY William clerk h Victoria
KELLY William laborer h 41 Larkin's Square
KELLY William sailmaker h 90 Veys Lane r George
KELLY William tidewaiter customs h Colonial
KELLY William varieties and collector, Victoria h Victoria
KELLY WILLIAM O D barrister and solicitor h 4 Mullock
KELLY WILLIAM P clerk council h 4 Mullock
KEMP Jules watchman h 83 Hamilton
KENDALL EARNEST H physician, Duckworth h Duckworth
KENDRICK John master mariner h 22 Buchanan
KENNA James farmer Bryant's Hill
KENNA James J clerk telegraph office h King's Bridge Road
KENNA Thomas farmer h Bryant's Hill
KENNEALLY George seaman h 83 r George
KENNEALLY Joseph leather cutter h 204 New Gower
KENNEALLY Patrick gardener h 38 Bannerman
KENNEDY Archibald laborer h South Side, e
KENNEDY Daniel painter h 10 Rossiter's Lane
KENNEDY Edmund plasterer h Henry
KENNEDY Edward constable Fort Townshend
KENNEDY Edward fisherman h 6 Stephen's
KENNEDY Edward laborer h 179 LeMarchant Road
KENNEDY Edward laborer h 339 Water, w
KENNEDY Ellen wid Patrick h Circular Road
KENNEDY George fireman h 34 Thomas
KENNEDY HUGH boots and shoes, 80 New Gower h 80 New Gower
KENNEDY James carpenter h 68 Cabot
KENNEDY James clerk h 44 Pleasant
KENNEDY James cooper h 35 McDougald
KENNEDY James laborer h 12 Brennan's Lane
KENNEDY James laborer h Woods
KENNEDY JAS wines and spirits, Water, e h Water, e
KENNEDY John seaman h 12 James
KENNEDY John seaman h 14 Lime
KENNEDY John seaman h 17 Waldegrove
KENNEDY & MALONE   Clothiers and Merchant Tailors, Water, e See adv page 196
KENNEDY Mary wid James h 10 Rossiter's Lane
KENNEDY Mary wid Patrick h Murphy's Square
KENNEDY Michael laborer h Dock Premises, South Side, e
KENNEDY Michael plasterer h Henry
KENNEDY PATRICK of Kennedy & Malone h 70 Patrick
KENNEDY Patrick tailor h Queen's Road
KENNEDY Robert laborer h 179 LeMarchant Road
KENNEDY Stephen laborer bds College Square
KENNEY (sic) Thomas laborer h 35 Flower Hill
KENNEDY Thomas laborer h 231 Lewis Lane
KENNEDY Thomas wharfinger h 44 Pleasant
KENNEDY Thomas C book agent h 89 Hamilton
KENNEDY THOMAS C grocer, King's Bridge Road h 37 Military Road
KENNEDY Thomas P shoemaker h 12 Lion's Square
KENNEDY William J patternmaker h Hamilton
KENNY Caroline wid Thomas h Cochrane
KENNY David cooper h 77 New Gower
KENNY F J plumber h 15 Adelaide
KENNY James baker h 17 Bannerman
KENNEY (sic) James carriage maker h Water
KENNY James cooper, 12 George h 12 William's Lane
KENNY Mrs James grocer, 20 Water h 20 Water
KENNY John laborer h 259 Water, w
KENNY Joseph salesman h Cochrane
KENNY Michael sailmaker h 75 Pleasant
KENNY Michael cooper bds 95 New Gower
KENNY Patrick tailor h 13 James
KENNEY William cooper h 41 Hamilton
KENNY William A salesman bds 69 New Gower
KENT Edward shoemaker h Water, w
KENT James E clerk Commercial Bank h 97 Military Road
KENT JAMES M of J & J Kent h 13 Monkstown Road
KENT John cooper h 303 Water, w
KENT JOHN P of J & J Kent h 13 Monkstown Road
KENT J & J Barristers and Solicitors, Duckworth cor Cathedral See adv page 206
KENT MATTHEW N Undertaker and Carriage Builder, 350 Water, w h 350 Water, w See adv 218
KENT Michael boiler maker h 348 Water, w
KENT Nicholas farmer bds Quidi Vidi Road
KENT Peter laborer h 41 Richmond
KENT Peter seaman h 35 Princess
KENT Philip carman bds Murray
KENT Thomas farmer h Quidi Vidi Road
KENT THOMAS grocer 210 Quidi Vidi Road
KENT William pensioner h 115 Quidi Vid Road
KENT William master mariner b 68 New Gower
KENT WILLIAM J Evening Herald bisiness manager h Duckworth
KENT WILLIAM J grocer, 136 New Gower h 136 New Gower
KOUGH Edward shipwright h 123 George
KEOUGH GEO J Grocer and Liquors, 2 Queen and 362 Water See adv page 264
KEOUGH James seaman h 14 Brien
KEOUGH John laborer h 48 Wickford
KEOUGH John D carpenter h 123 George
KEOUGH John J clerk bds Military Road
KEOUGH Patrick app plumber h 22 Parade Ground
KEOUGH Patrick   bds Bryant's Hill
KEOUGH THOS barrister h King's Bridge, Military Road
KEOUGH Thomas sea captain bds 16 New Gower
KEOUGH Thomas J salesman h 2 Holdsworth
KEOUGH William cooper h Chappel
KEOUGH William laborer h 52 Larkin's Square
KEPPIE George engineer h 3 Forest Road
KERBY John fisherman h Brazil's Square
KERR Alexander farmer h 46 Mullock
KERR Mary grocer, 46 Mullock h 46 Mullock
KERWIN Edward laborer h South Side, w
KERWIN James seaman h 23 Pleasant
KERWIN Mrs Mary h Field h Field
KERWIN Michael laborer h 10 Stephen's
KERWIN William laborer h South Side, w
KICKEY Michael laborer h Brazil's Square
KIDD GEORGE E manager Wm Stephen & Co, 12 Adelaide h 42 LeMarchant Road
KIDNEY Jeremiah (Monroes) cooper h 23 Hamilton
KIELY Ed J clerk h Duckworth, e
KIELY James sea captain h 3 Knight
KIELY James varieties, 164 Le Marchant Road h 164 Le Marchant Road
KIELY John fisherman h 35 Bannerman
KIELY John Watchman h 22 Convent Square
KIELY Margaret wid James h Signal Hill Road
KIELY William painter bds 29 James
KIELY WILLIAM F house and sign painter, 84 New Gower h 84 New Gower
KIND Thomas oiler h 50 Alexander
KING Alexander farmer Logy Bay Road
KING Alexander watchmaker h Cook
KING Alfred watchmaker h 12 Barter's Hill
KING Annanias seaman h young
KING Daniel fisherman h 90 Casey's
KING DAVID grocer, Gower h Gower
KING David fisherman h Cahill's Point, South Side
KING Eli laborer h Long's Hill
KING Eli salesman h 136 1/2 Casey's
KING George laborer h 136 1/2 Casey's
KING James laborer h Prospect
KING Jeremiah laborer h Goodview
KING John cooper bds 90 Casey's
KING John laborer bds 26 Forest Road
KING Julia wid James h 5 Damerill's Lane
KING Matthew shipwright h Boncloddy
KING Michael laborer bds King's Road
KING Noah laborer h 43 Cabot
KING Patrick laborer bds 26 Forest Road
KING Philip carpenter h cook
KING Raymond shipwright h Spencer
KING Samuel steward h 132 Casey's
KING Solomon rigger h 4 Carnell
KING William engineer h 24 Bannerman
KING William fisherman h 26 Forest Road
KING William fisherman h Cahill's Point, South Side
KING William salesman h Young
KING William H carpenter h Livingstone
KINNEAR John laborer h 23 James
KINNEAR Patrick coachman bds 23 James
KINSELLA Daniel laborer h King's Bridge Road
KINSELLA John W post office traveling clerk h 34 King's Bridge Road
KIRBY Isaac fisherman h Belvidere
KIRBY James laborer h 11 Sheehan
KIRBY Philip cooper h Brazil Square
KIRKLAND George brass finisher h Hamilton Avenue
KITCHIN Mary J wid Thomas h 45 Hayward Avenue
KNAPP REV CHAS principal Theological College Forest Road
KNEE George carpenter h 22 Bond
KNEE Martin carpenter h Bond
KNIGHT Allen carpenter h 2 Brazil's Square
KNIGHT Amos shipwright h Cook
KNIGHT ARCHIBALD H builder and contractor, Henry h Henry
KNIGHT ARTHUR barrister and solicitor h Spring Cottege, leslie
KNIGHT Charles shipwright h 27 William
KNIGHT Ebenezer carpenter Logy Bay Road
KNIGHT Edward shipwright h 94 George
KNIGHT Edwin J storekeeper h Gower
KNIGHT Frederick W bookeeper h South Side, w
KNIGHT F S tidewaiter customs h 26 King's Bridge
KNIGHT HERBERT E barrister, office 315 Water, w h 47 Monkstown Rd
KNIGHT JAS R commission merchant, office 315 Water h queen's Road
KNIGHT MICHAEL T M H A h Rennie's Mill Road
KNIGHT SILAS G manufacturer, Mundy Pond Road h Gower
KNIGHT Stephen cashier Savings Bank h Barnes Road
KNIGHT Stephen engineer h 342 Duckworth
KNIGHT William laborer h 34 Convent Square
KNIGHT William master mariner h Spring Cottage, Leslie
KNOWLING GEO Gen Merchant, 223, 225, 227 and 389 Water, w and Water, e h Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road, See adv opp
KNOWLING John fireman h 22 Patrick
KNOWLING Michael shoemaker  
KNOWLING Philip salesman h Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road
KNOX Patrick laborer h Le Marchant Road
KNOX William laborer h 29 Plymouth
KOCH Ernest tailor bds 332 Water

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become colloquialized
so spellings of names may differ.

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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