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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "I J"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
Ignatius Mother Superioress Belvidere Orphanage h Allendale Road
Inkpen Louis salesman h Le Marchant Road
IRELAND WM R Cabinet Maker and Furniture Dealer, 280 Duckworth bds 10 Mullock See adv page 204
Ireland Joseph sea captain h 10 Mullock
Irvine William salesman h Cockpit Road
Irving William carpenter h 1 Carew
Irving William salesman at Baine Johnston & Co  
Irwin Walter cabman h 107 Irwin Hill
Ivany Benjamin mason h 26 Barnes' Road
Ivany George laborer h Carter's Hill
Ivany George mason h Boncloddy
Ivany Jacob seaman h 36 Lime
Ivany James seaman h Boncloddy
Ivany Joseph mason h 33 1/2 William
Ivany Noah seaman h 2 Brien
Ivany Richard tinsmith h 16 Lime
Ivany Richard J tinsmith h 59 Lime
Ivany Silas blacksmith h 59 Lime
Ivy William mason h Circular Road
Jackman Bridget wid William h 28 Brien
Jackman Catherine wid Thomas h 41 Wickford
JACKMAN EDWARD M Tailor and Gent's Furnisher, 364 Water h 45 Springdale
Jackman Francis seaman h 33 Angel Place
Jackman James salesman h 28 Brien, w
Jackman John blacksmith h 38 Pleasant
Jackman John sea captain h 214 New Gower
Jackman Mary Ann wid James h 8 Princess
Jackman Michael seaman h 17 Holdsworth
JACKMAN PHILIP sanitary inspector h 88 Pleasant
Jackman Philip wharfinger h 105 New Gower
JACKMAN THOS P grocer, 360 Water h Brien
Jackman Tobias laborer h 35 Angel Place
Jackman William carpenter h 6 Brennan's Lane
Jackman William laborer h 39 Princess
JACKMAN REV WM St. Patrick's R C h 28 Patrick
Jack Elizabeth wid Alexander h 67 Military Road
Jackson John salesman at Thorburn & Tessier  
Jacobs George marble cutter bds 19 James
Jacobs James shoemaker h 9 College Square
Jacobs Samuel book agent h 73 New Gower
Jacobs Simeon fisherman h 9 Carew
JACOBSON A agent for Colonial Potrait Co bds 131 George
James Breene, jr painter h York
James Jane wid Thomas C h 24 Bannerman
James John seaman h Harvey Road
JAMES PATRICK grocer, 12 New Gower bds 16 New Gower
James William seaman bds 5 Goodview
JAMES WILLIAM crockeryware 298 Water
Janes Alexander tinsmith h Goodview
Janes Charles laborer h 45 Moore
Janes Eli carpenter h 16 James
Janes Frederick cooper h 10 Hutchings
Janes Henry laborer h 14 Wickford
Janes James clerk bds 14 Wickford
Janes James watchmaker h 28 Pleasant
Janes John carpenter h 44 Cabot
Janes John laborer h 38 Casey
Janes John storekeeper h 68 Cochrane
Janes Josiah laborer h Spencer
Janes Leonard carpenter bds 25 Plymouth Road
Janes Moses laborer h 25 Plymouth Road
Janes Moses laborer h 14 Goodview
Janes Moses R cooper bds 25 Plymouth Road
Janes Peter laborer h 14 Sebastian
Janes Reuben plumber h 50 Alexander
Janes Theophilus laborer bds Spencer
Janes Thomas laborer bds Spencer
Janes Wm expressman h 14 Goodview
Jardine Annie wid William h 48 Plank
Jardine Frederick salesman h 48 Brien
Jardine Grace wid Robert h 53 Patrick
Jardine James examiner customs h Cochrane
Jeans Bernard laborer h South Side, e
Jeans Eli laborer h 16 James
Jeans Frederick cooper h 10 Hutchings
Jeans George P salesman h 172 Le Marchant Road
Jeans Henry laborer h 190 Water, w
Jeans John blacksmith h Pleasant
Jeans John fisherman h Pilot's Hill
Jeans John storekeeper h 68 Cochrane
Jeans John P tidewaiter customs h Prescott
Jeans Moses laborer h 25 Plymouth
Jeans William carter bds 28 Pleasant
Jennings George carpenter h Prospect
Jennings Mary Jane variety, Prospect h Prospect
JARRETT & SEARLE   builders and contractors Queens
Jerrett William of Jerrett & Searle h Henry
Jewer James sea captain h 39 John
Jewer Thomas engineer h 39 John
JOB BROTHERS' & CO   General Importers and Exporters, Ship and SS owners and Ins Agts 137 and 139 Water See adv page 192
JOB S E of Job Bros & Co h Liverpool, G B
JOB T R of Job Bros & Co h Liverpool, G B
JOB WILLIAM C of Job Bros & Co h 3 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
Johns August master mariner h Young
Johnson Abraham seaman h 31 Goodview
Johnson Albert blacksmth h Belvidere
Johnson Andrew fisherman h 50 McFarlane's Lane
John son Elizabeth wid James h Circular Road
JOHNSON GEORGE M Q C, chief clerk house assembly bds Torbay Road
Johnson Harriet grocer, 28 Belvidere h 28 Belvidere
Johnson John laborer bds 48 McFarlane's Lane
Johnson John seaman h 27 Mullock
Johnson Percy of Johnson & West bds Monkstown Road
Johnson Robert laborer h 10 Codner
Johnson Robert laborer h 48 McFarlane's Lane
Johnson Thomas laborer h 60 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON & WEST   commission merchants amd insurance agents 9 Water, w
Johnson William fisherman h 55 Cabot
Johnson Annie wid John h 88 Hamilton
Johnston Charles clerk h Gower
Johnstone Charles laborer h Gower
JOHNSON DAVID American Telegraph Co check clerk h Neagle's Hill
Johnston Edward blacksmith h 4 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
Johnston Elizabeth wid Christopher h 13 Waldegrave
Johnstone Henry pedler h 31 Barter's Hill
Johnston Jacob stonecutte h 28 Hagarty's Lane
Johnston James R carpenter h 28 Belvidere
Johnston John laborer h Field
Johnston John seaman h 17 Rossiter's Lane
JOHNSTON ROBT G Merchant Tailor, 300 1/2 Water h 7 Queen See adv Page 178
Johnston Thomas tanner h cook
Joliffe (sic) James laborer h Carter's Hill
Jolliffe (sic) James master mariner h 178 Le Marchant Road
Jones Johanna wid James h 34 Quidi Vidi Road
Jones Richard seaman h 14 Hutchings
Jones Thomas lather bds 192 New Gower
Jones William E salesman bds 126 Water
Jonkas Archibald laborer h Duckworth, e
JORDAN ANDREW P provisions and groceries, water, e h Water, e
Jordan James tailor h 205 New Gower
JORDAN JAMES A of P Jordan & Son h Springdale Terrace
JORDAN PATRICK W of P Jordan & Son h Springdale Terrace
JORDAN P & Son Tailors and Clothiers 340 Water See adv page 206
Jordan William J salesman bds Water, e
JOST GEORGE H architect bds "Popular House," Monkstown Road
Jost Vellie captain Salvation Army h 106 LeMarchant Road
Joy Miss Bridget dressmaker h 36 Buchanan
Joy James master mariner h Victoria
Joy Jane wid Thomas h 32 Princess
Joy John laborer h Field
Joy John city watchman h Freshwater Road
Joy Joseph laborer h 26 Springdale
Joy Michael A salesman h George
Joy Patrick app plumber h Freshwater Road
Joy Richard master mariner h 99 New Gower
Joy William laborer h 32 Princess
Joy William plasterer bds Bond
Joy William salesman h 7 Victoria
Joyce George salesman h 37 Patrick
Joyce Mary Ann nurse, hospital Quidi Vidi Road
Joyce Selby R salesman h 37 Patrick
Judge Frank mason h Beaumond
Judge Mary wid John h 130 Casey's
Judge Peter carpenter h 22 Thomas

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become colloquialized
so spellings of names may differ.

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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