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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "H"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
Hackett Elizabeth wid Thomas bds Barnes Road
Hackett Ellen wid John Military Road
Hackett James fisherman h Bond
Hackett James seaman h Flavin's
Hackett John A cashier h Gower, cor British Square
Hackett Joseph laborer bds 119 New Gower
Hackett Lawrence seaman h Queen's Road
Hackett Margaret wid John h 119 New Gower
Hackett William master mariner h Gower
Haddon John land surveyor h 58 Monkstown Road
Haddon John L accountant h 56 Monkstown Road
Hazen Capt John   h 15 Convent Square
Hagarty John tidewaiter customs h 18 Brazil's Square
Hagarty Mrs Mary land owner h 168 New Gower
Hagarty Patrick cabinet maker, 15 Queen's h 15 Queen's
Hagie Mrs George   33 Water, w
Halden Richard K accountant h Cochrane
Haldern John seaman h 140 Pleasant
Hale William S carman bds 42 Bannerman
Haley Francis R R sectionman h 3 Plymouth Road
Haley Matthew shoemaker h South Side, w
Haley Thomas laborer h Blackhead Road
Haley Thomas laborer bds Fleming
Halfyard John T shipwright h 16 Fleming
Halfyard Joseph D. mason h 29 1/2 Hayward Avenue
Halfyard Melina grocer 29 1/2 Hayward Avenue h 29 1/2 Hayward Avenue
Hall Daniel fisherman h Quidi Vidi
Hall Francis seaman h Young
Hall George salesman h 25 Bond
Hall Thomas seaman h Young
Halleren Catherine wid Terrence h 21 Monkstown
Halleran James laborer h Quidi Vidi Road
Haleran Mrs James   h Long's Hill
Halleran Jeremiah contractor and builder h Gower
Halleran Maurice grocer, King's Road h King's Road
Hallett George R carman h 124 Pleasant
Hallett John contractor and builder bds 2 New Gower
HALLETT THOMAS L Dentist, Water h Water See adv page 196
Halley Ellen wid Michael F, variety, William h William
Halley George clerk bds 98 Barnes Road
Halley James fireman h 10 Duckworth
Halley John carpenter h 53 Flower Hill
Halley John electrician bds 98 Barnes Road
Halley Michael sailmaker h 44 Codner
Halley William laborer h Signal Hill Road
Halley Mrs william D   h 98 Barnes Road
Halley William J clerk h 28 New Gower
Hamilton Joseph D. confectioner bds LeMarchant Road
Hamilton Robert blacksmith, Hamilton h 51 Hamilton
Hamilton William seaman h Field
Hamlin Charles painter h 60 Forest Road
HAMLIN FRANKLIN hairdresser, 365 Water & McBride's Hill h 365 Water
Hamlin George moulder h Shaw
Hamlin William blacksmith h 2 Belvidere
Hamlyn Charles farmer h Shaw's Lane
Hamlyn Charles, jr moulder h Shaw's Lane
Hammond George carpenter h 2 Cook
Hammond Philip carpenter h Cookstown
Hammond Richard messenger, penitentiary bds Wood
Hammond Robert wood carver h Wood
Hammond Thomas machinist h 12 Plymouth Road
Hammond William pensioner h Wood
Hammond William J messenger C B h Signal Hill Road
Hampton George carpenter and boarding house Bell
Hampton James laborer h South Side, e
Hancock George carpenter h 32 Angel Place
Hand Christinia wid Thomas h 99 Monkstown Road
Hand John laborer bds 99 Monkstown Road
Hand William laborer h 99 Monkstown Road
Hand William J salesman h Theater Hill
Handlin John cooper h 6 Power
Handlin Martin messenger h 6 1/2 Power
Handrahand James cooper h 25 Stephen's
Haney James carman h King's Road
Hanigan Edward laborer h 81 Murphy's Square
Hanlan John laborer h 31 Plank
Hanley Philip tidewaiter customs h Duckworth, e
Hanley Richard storekeeper customs h King's Road
Hanmer (sic) Mrs   bds 43 Hayward Avenue
Hann Thomas carpenter h 59 Springdale
Hann William tidewaiter customs  
Hannaford John fisherman h 7 Holdsworth
Hannaford Lawrence drug clerk h Riverhead, w
Hannebury George McF printer h Colonial
Hannebury Hannah wid John h Quidi Vidi
Hannebury James cooper bds Pennywell Road
Hannebury John blacksmith bds Quidi Vidi
Hannebury Richard farmer h Pennywell
Hannebury Robert carman bds Quidi Vidi
Hannebury Thomas cabman h Quidi Vidi
Hannebury William farmer h White Hills
Hannen Ellen wid John, carman h 39 Moore
Hannen Peter pilot bds Cochrane
Hannen William farmer bds 332 Water
Hanney George foreman carpenter bds Gower
Hanrahan Johanna wid Joseph h Signal Hill Road
Hanrahan Patrick constable Fort Townshend
Hanrigan Edward laborer bds 29 Quidi Vidi Road
Hanrigan Thomas laborer h 29 Quidi Vidi Road
Harding Edward laborer h Field
Harding James carpenter h 7 Plank
Harding James laborer h 45 Flower Hill
Harding John laborer h 49 Cabot
Hardy David salesman h Water, e
Hardy George laborer h 86 1/2 Casey's
Hardy James laborer h 16 Convent Square
Hardy John laborer h 48 Cabot
Hargate Charles policeman h Spencer
Harnum Edward carpenter h Spencer
Harrington Daniel laborer h 12 Gorman's Lane
Harris Anne wid William h 17 Bates
Harris Celina grocer, 12 Mullock h 12 Mullock
Harris Francis constable Fort Townshend
Harris Francis E P h 2 Pleasant
Harris George commission merchant bds Gower
Harris George seaman h 30 Flower Hill
HARRIS GEO B dry goods, 51 Water, w h 26 Brine
HARRIS ISAAC Colonial Potrait and Manufacturing Co, 366 Water h 131 George See adv per index
Harris Jacob carpenter h 4 Deady's Lane
Harris James clerk bds 37 Monkstown Road
Harris John blacksmith h 33 McDougald
Harris John cooper h 12 Barter's Mill (sic)
HARRIS JOHN of Hearn & Co h 37 Monkstown Road
Harris John laborer h 76 McFarlane's Lane
Harris John laborer h South Side, e
HARRIS HON JOHN merchant bds 37 Monkstown Road
Harris John seaman h 11 Bambrick's Lane
Harris John S bricklayer h 7 Knight
Harris Provinence wid John bds 7 Knight
Harris Thomas clerk bds Monkstown Road
Harris William carpenter h 12 Mullock
Harris William carpenter h 37 Monkstown Road
Harris William cooper h 49 Alexander
Harris William cooper h 68 Hamilton
Harris William seaman h 7 College Square
Harris William E engineer h 12 Murphy's Square
Harrison Henry N painter bds Popular House, Monkstown Road
Hart Ann wid George h Military Road
Hart George salesman h Long's Hill
Hart Isaac marble cutter h 11 Barter's Hill
Hart John carpenter h 6 New Gower
Hart Michael seaman h Duggans
Hart Patrick laborer h 138 Water, w
Hartery Jeremiah sailmaker h Bond
Hartery Michael carpenter h Bond
Hartery Minnie wid John, milliner, 3 New Gower h 1 New Gower
Hartery Stephen sailmaker h Bond
Hartery Thomas fireman h Wood
Hartery William laborer h South Side, e
Hartery Michael seaman h 23 Princess
Hartwell Bernard seaman h 52 larkin's Square
HARVEY ALEX of A Harvey & Co, and sea-treas Nfld Costal S. S. Co, Duckworth h 2 Devon Row
HARVEY ALFRED J physician, Duckworht, e h Duckworth, e
HARVEY A JOHN of Harvey & Co h "Omrac" King's Bridge Road
HARVEY HON A W of Harvey & Co h "Omrac" King's Bridge Road
HARVEY A & Co Tobacco Manufacturers, Biscuit Manufacturers, Coal Merchants &c Water, e See adv page 202
Harvey Charlotte wid James h 60 Hamilton
HARVEY & CO. Importers and Commission Merchants, Steamship Agents, Etc. Office Water, e See adv Page 202
Harvey Frederick   h 3 Devon Row
Harvey James laborer h 24 Barter's Hill
Harvey James laborer h 24 Finn's Lane
Harvey James H salesman h Hamilton
Harvey Jane wid Charles h Prescott
Harvey John R cooper h South Side, e
Harvey Nicholas seaman h 36 William
HARVEY REV MOSES Presbyterian h 3 Devon Row, Duckworth
Harvey Peter laborer h 32 Convent Square
HARVEY R. merchant, Musgrave Harbor, Notre Dame Bay h Old Portugal Cove Road
Harvey Richard laborer h South Side, e
Harvey William carpenter h 47 Pleasant
Harvey William laborer h South Side, e
Harvey William salesman h 60 Hamilton
Harvey William sea captain h 55 Patrick
Harvey William seaman h 130 George
Harvey William H laborer h 24 Finn's Lane
Hush John engineer h Brazil's Square
Hoskins David F storekeeper h 17 Gill
Hatch Richard laborer h 40 Larkin's Square
Hatch William fisherman h 5 Carter's Hill
Hatcher George laborer h South Side, e
Harcher Mrs Joseph   h South Side
Hatfield Stephen seaman h 26 Hutchings
HATTON PATRICK J Chemist and Druggist, 61 Duckworth and Lime h Duckworth See adv side lines
Hautrelle Ernest tinsmith h 93 New Gower
Haviland Mrs John millinery, 365 Water h 365 Water
Hawco Alice wid William h 13 Stephens
HAW JAMES Wines and Spirits, 28 New Gower h 28 New Gower See adv page 206
Haw John laborer h 5 Plank
Haw Samuel carpenter h 66 Carter's Hill
Hawk Patrick laborer bds 22 Sebastian
Hawkins Eldrid clerk bds Gower
Hawkins Henry fisherman h 353 Duckworth
Hawkins Kate wid George boarding house, Gower
Hawkins Maria wid John h 23 Stephens
Hawkins Samuel bookbinder h 23 Stephens
Hawkins William printer h 23 Stephens
Hawley Edmund clerk h 73 Patrick
HAWLEY JAMES P F G S curator museum, Post Office Building  Water
Hay William stonecutter h 252 Water, w
Hayden James laborer h South Side, w
Hayden John fisherman h 222 1/2 Water, w
Hayden John laborer h 222 Water, w
Hayden Lawrence laborer h 10 Plank
Hayden Martin fisherman h Bond
Hayden Richard laborer h Bond
Hayes Mss Annie clerk P O bds Dick's Square
Hayes James laborer h 64 Mullock
Hayes John laborer h 42 Codner
Hayes John waterman h Military Road
Hayes Keziah wid John h 96 Gower
Hayes Nicholas cooper h Cochrane
Hayes Patrick cooper, 26 Bond h 26 Bond
Hayes Patrick supt waterworks h 22 Bannerman
Hayes Richard cooper King's Bridge
Hayes Samuel tinsmith h 53 George
Hayes Theresa wid Nicholas h Field
Hayes Thomas fur dealer h 141 New Gower
Hayes Thomas laborer h 60 Pleasant
Hayes Timothy waterman bds Military Road
Haynes Edward laborer h 28 Princess
Haynes Edward R shoemaker bds 102 New Gower
Haynes Eleazar carman h Black Marsh Road
Haynes Thomas warden Poor House h Topsail Road
Haynes William shoe store h 102 New Gower
Hayward Arthur T bookkeeper h King's Road
HAYWARD AUGUSTUS O Q C, Barrister-at-Law, Renouf Bldg, Duckworth h Highbury, Pennwell Road See adv page 200
HAYWARD CHARLES grocer, 25 Mullock h 25 Mullock
HAYWARD & CO Wine and Commission Merchant Water See adv page 200
Hayward C Waring, law student h Highbury, Pennywell Road
Hayward Frederick W accountant bds Queen's Road
Hayward George F clerk customs h Military Road
HAYWARD GEO J Commission Merchant and Broker, Beck's Cove h 7 Maxse See adv page 204
HAYWARD HARRISON R Barister and Solicitor, 345 Duckworth h 43 Monkstown Road See adv opp
HAYWARD HENRY E of Hayward & Co h 37 King's Bridge Road
Hayward John draftsman h Hamilton Avenue
Hayward John C W clerk h Mundy's Pond Road
Hayward Thomas laborer h 4 Brien
Hayward T Herbert accountant h Highbury, Pennywell Road
Heale James asst storekeeper h South Side, e
Healey Edward laborer h South Side, w
Healey Jeffrey laborer h Flemming
HEALEY JOHN of Allan and Healey h 19 Pleasant
Healey John shoemaker h Stephen
Healy Martin seaman h 53 McFarlane's Lane
Healy Morris fisherman h 46 McFarlane's Lane
Healy Patrick laborer h 21 Stephen
Healy Peter laborer h Battery Road
Healy Richard laborer bd 5 Gorman's Lane
Healey Thomas laborer h 2 Plank
Heaney James carman h King's Road
HEARN & CO General Importers and Commission Merchants Water, e See adv page 2
Hearn Dennis fisherman h 45 McFarlane's Lane
Hearn Jeremiah laborer h South Side, Riverhead
Hearn John laborer bds 17 Simms
Hearn John liquors, Duckworth h Duckworth
Hearn Mary seamstress h Flavin's
Hearn Sarah wid James borading house, 30 Brien
Hearn William farmer bds Clover Cottage, Quidi Vidi Road
Heaney John carpenter h Brazil's Square
Heath Hannah wid Archibald h 103 Pleasant
HEATH HENRY Boot and Shoemaker, Water, e h Water, e See adv page 214
Heath Richard carpenter h 68 Pleasant
Heatly William barber bds 340 Duckworth
Heffern Arthur carpenter h 10 Belvidere
Hefferen Thomas laborer h South Side, e
Hellier Charles carpenter h 123 New Gower
HELLYER THOMAS leather and shoe findings, Duckworth h Duckworth, e
Henderson Daniel J mining prospector h Cook
Henderson Henry salesman h New Gower
HENDERSON JOHN of Hearn & Co. bds Cochrane
Hendry Richard farmer Craig Miller Farm, Cock Pit Road
HENNEBURY BROS   cooperage Boncloddy
Hennebury George cooper h Pennywell Road
Hennebury George printer h 57 Colonial
Hennebury James coachman bds Pennywell Road
Hennebury Joseph carman h Quidi Vidi
Hennebury Richard truckman bds Pennywell Road
Hennebury Robert laborer h 35 Wickford
Hennessy Amelia wid James, confectionary, 128 New Gower h 128 New Gower
Hennessy Dennis coachman h Signal Hill Road
Hennessy Dennis repairer, Tel Co h Signal Hill Road
Hennessy John boarding house 141 Gower
Hennessy John Cooper h Henry
Hennessy Patrick engineer h 96 Lime
Hennessy Patrick shoemaker bds 107 George
Hennessy Robert messenger h Chappel
Hennessy Stephen laborer h Circular Road
Hennessy William fisherman h Circular Road
Hepburn John C accountant h Scotland Row, Cathedral Hill
Hipditch Richard fisherman h Battery Road
Herd John carpenter h Long's Hill
HERDER H GEO of H G Herder & Co h Gower
HERDER H G & CO Builders and Contractors Gower, See adv page 200
Herder Richard carpenter h 68 water, w
HERDER WM J Proprietor Evening Telegram, Water, e h Rennie's Mill Road See adv opp inside back cover
Heweardine Mary wid William, grocer, 79 Military Road h 79 Military Road
Heweardine William shoemaker h 79 Military Road
Hewing Alexander clerk P O h 146 Pleasant
Hewing Mary wid James h Gower
Hewit David truckman h Spencer
Hewit Stephen seaman h 14 William
Hibbs William cooper h Carter's Hill
Hickey Bridget wid James h 48 Barter's Hill
Hickey Bridget wid Joseph h 93 New Gower
Hickey Garrett laborer h South Side, w
Hickey James carman h 48 Barter's Hill
Hickey James cooper bds 39 New Gower
Hickey James laborer h South Side, w
Hickey James shoemaker h 26 Springdale
Hickey Jeremiah ship-carpenter h Bond
Hickey John cooper h Bond
Hickey Lawrence cooper h Spencer
Hickey Lawrence trimmer h 41 Barter's Hill
Hickey Margaret wid Richard h Sheehan's Shute
Hickey Matthew cooper h 12 Flower Hill
Hickey Michael laborer South Side, w
Hickey Micahel shoemaker h 189 New Gower
Hickey Michael tailor, 3 Barter's Hill h Turnpike Road
Hickey Nicholas carpenter bds 27 Goodview
Hickey Nicholas, jr carpenter bds 27 Goodview
Hickey Norah wid Jeremiah h Bond
Hickey Patrick coachman h 97 Monkstown Road
Hickey Patrick grocer, 39 New Gower h 39 New Gower
Hickey Patrick shipwright h Bond
Hickey Patrick tailor h 21 Waldegrave
Hickey Richard laborer h LeMarchant Road
Hickey Richard storekeeper h 35 Barter's Hill
Hickey William seaman h 10 Carew
HIGGINS HANNAH wid John, of Mitchell & Higgins h 78 Prescott
Higgins James fireman h 95 Military
Highmore Joseph fireman h 24 Bambrick
HILL BROS   grocers, etc. Duckworth, e
Hill Abraham moulder h 68 Alexander
Hill James cooper h Merry Meeting Road
Hill James storekeeper h South Side, e
Hill John coachman h 8 LeMarchant Road
Hill John farmer White Hills
Hill John of Hill Bros. h Duckworth, e
Hill John C surveyor h 5 Duckworth
Hill Miss Mary grocer, 146 Gower h 146 Gower
Hill Michael laborer h 14 Rossiter's Lane
Hill Thomas cooper h Cook
Hill Thomas cooper h Merry Meeting Road
Hill William of Hill Bros. h Duckworth, e
Hillard Mary Ann wid William bds 44 Duckworth
Hillard Patrick coachman h 44 Duckworth
Hines Isaac carpenter h 17 Barne's Place (sic)
Hines John cab driver bds 22 New Gower
Hines John laborer h Freshwater Road
Hingston William laborer h South Side, e
Hipditch Thomas machinist h 25 Cuddihey's (sic)
Hippern Frederick carpenter h 99 Goodyear
Hipson William engineer h Gower
HISCOCK ARTHUR manager Munroe's Hardware h Long's Hill
Hiscock Frederick seaman h South Side, e
Hiscock George carpenter h Young
Hiscock George master mariner h Gower
Hiscock Henry boiler maker h 164 Pleasant
Hiscock James M H shoemaker h Dick's Square
Hiscock John fisherman h 43 Water, w
Hiscock Mary Ann wid Able h 6 Casey's
Hiscock Miss Patience dressmaker h Field
Hiscock Richard butcher h Quidi Vidi Road
Hiscock Robert seaman h Brazil's Square
Hoare Edwin master cooper h 32 Hutchings
Hobbs David laborer h Long's Hill
Hobbs John W laborer h Long's Hill
Hobbs Joseph carpenter h Long's Hill
Hobbs Walter carpenter h Colonial
Hobbs Mrs William   h Long's Hill
Hobson E, wid Chas wines and spirits, 388 Water h 388 Water
Hodder Alfred painter h 99 Hamilton
Hodder David tinsmith h 44 Power
Hodder Eli seaman h 7 Dammerill's Lane
Hodder Henry seaman h 5 Goodview
Hodder James laborer h 43 Power
Hodder James A picture framing, Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
Hodder Richard printer bds 43 Power
Hodder William painter h 42 Hayward
Hodder William shipwright bds 5 Goodview
HODGE THOS D com merchant, Water h 35 Military Road
Hoffman Charles sailmaker h 30 Codner
Hogan Cornelius laborer h 55 Lime
Hogan David M reporter h Duckworth, e
Hogan John blacksmith h 54 Patrick
Hogan John bricklayer bds Henry
Hogan John seaman h 35 Patrick
Hogan Patrick laborer h 26 Duggan
Hogan Patrick T salesman h Duckworth, e
Hogan Thomas laborer h 13 Popes
Hogan William laborer h 77 1/2 Casey's
HOGAN WILLIAM physician h 168 Water, w
Holden John laborer h South Side, Riverhead
Holden Joseph salesman bds 196 New Gower
Holden Patrick baker bds 239 Water, w
Holden Richard accountant h Cochrane
Holden Richard B notary public h 63 Monkstown Road
Holden Thomas seaman h 220 Water, w
Holland Frederick laborer h 16 Princess
HOLLAND JOHN boots and shoes, 49 New Gower h 51 New Gower
Hollett Albert carpenter h Harvey Road
Hollett Mrs George   h South Side, w
Hollett Robert laborer h 127 Pleasant
Hollett Thomas carpenter h 84 Vey's Lane r George
Hollett William laborer h 125 Pleasant
Holley James fireman h 8 Duckworth, e
Holley William laborer h 56 Casey's
Hollihead Samuel mason h 17 Princess
Holloway Susanna wid William h 79 Hayward Avenue
Holmon Edward laborer h 19 Rossiter's Lane
Holman William laborer h 19 Rossiter's Lane
Holmon William ship-carpenter h 19 Rossiter's Lane
Holwell Augustus fisherman h Pilot's Hill
Holwell George fisherman h Pilot's Hill
Holwell Mrs Henry   h Gunner's Cove, South Side
Holwell Matthew H laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi Road
Holwell William laborer h Gunner's Cove, South Side
Hope Henry seaman, Cookstown h Cookstown
Hope Richard constable Fort Townshend
Hopegood William carpenter h 33 Carter's Hill
Hopkins Augustus shoemaker bds 47 New Gower
Hopkins Jane wid Henry h Young
Hopkins Richard boarding house 47 New Gower
Hopkins Richard carpenter h 69 George
Hopkins Richard laborer h 22 Belvidere
Hopkins Robert C carpenter bds 47 New Gower
Hopkins William T seaman bds 22 Belvidere
Hoolahan Michael laborer bds 10 Catherine
Hookey Eli laborer h 9 George
Hookey James seaman h Boncloddy
Hookey John laborer h 38 Cabot
Hookey John, jr cabinet maker bds 38 Cabot
Hookey Joshua telegraph operator h Holdeworth
Hookey Samuel ship-carpenter h 80 Patrick
Hooper Elizabeth wid Charles bds 18 Dammerill's Lane
Hooper Thomas seaman h 18 Dammerill's Lane
Hooper William laborer h 88 Vey's Lane r George
Hort George salesman h Long's Hill
Horwood Ephraim Jas storekeeper h Freshwater Road
HORWOOD FRED of Campbell Lumber Co h 90 Pleasant
Horwood John P salesman h Cathedral Hill
Horwood Reuben lumber surveyor h 156 Pleasant
Horwood Thomas   h Cathedral Hill
Horwood William cooper h 117 LeMarchant Road
HORWOOD WILLIAM H Barrister and Solicitor, Renouf Building, Cathedral Hill h Cathedral Hill See adv page 196
Hoskins John stonemason bds Bully
Hoskins John, jr stonemason h Bully
Hotville Ernest tinsmith bds 93 New Gower
Hotville George sea captain and grocer, 93 New Gower h 93 New Gower
Hotville William sea captain h 44 Colonial
Hotville William H master mariner h 93 Gower
House John laborer h Livingstone
HOUSE JOSEPH of Strong & House h Theater Hill
Howard Jacob carman h Quidi Vidi
Howard Mary wid Robert bds Quidi Vidi
Howard Patrick J sea captain h Woods
Howard William fisherman h Quidi Vidi
Howe Israel laborer h Bannerman
Howell Ambrose seaman h Spencer
Howell Charles laborer h 12 Simms
Howell George coachman h 100 Barnes' Road
Howell Leandre shipwright h 14 Pope
Howells  (sic) Thomas seaman h College Square
Howell William carpenter h 14 Belvidere
Howlett John salesman h Freshwater Road
Howlett Mary grocer, 8 Duckworth h 8 Duckworth
Howlett Stephen R R brakeman h 8 Duckworth
Howley Hannah wid Alexander bds 21 Hayward Avenue
Howley James surveyor h 5 Military Road
HOWLEY WILLIAM R barrister bds 5 Military Road
Howye Israel laborer h Bannerman
Hudson Charles K salesman h 16 William
Hudson Elizabeth wid Philip h 16 William
Hudson George clerk bds Cabot
Hudson George laborer h Gilbert
Hudson George porter h Cabot
Hudson George turnkey penitentiary h Circular Road
Hudson George T salesman h 93 Hamilton
Hudson Johanna wid Arthur h Cabot
Hudson John cabinet maker h Gilbert
Hudson John laborer h 29 Rossiter's Lane
Hudson Matthew laborer h Gower
Hudson Matthew laborer h 231 Lewis' Lane
Hudson Philip H clerk bds 16 William
Hughes John sanitary inspector h 20 Belvidere
Hughes Robert carpenter h 20 Belvidere
Humphries George constable Fort Townshend
Humphrey James seaman h 29 Rossiter's Lane
Hunt Mrs Ebenezer   h Livingstone
Hunt Elizabeth wid Robert h Freshwater Road
Hunt James butcher h Cookstown
HUNT JAMES G Broker and Commission Merchant, 315 Water h 88 Barnes Road See adv page 208
Hunt Jesse carpenter bds Dick's Square
Hunt John seaman bds Long's Hill
Hunter Edward G bookkeeper h 100 Pleasant
Hurley Ambrose laborer bds 352 Duckworth
Hurley Ann wid John Queens Road (sic)
Hurley Francis wid Robert h 83 Patrick
Hurley Francis cabinet maker bds 342 Duckworth
Hurley James tailor h 5 Mullok
Hurley Mrs James   h 329 Water, w
Hurley Johanna boarding house 352 Duckworth
Hurley Mary wid William h Young
Hurley Maurice laborer h 31 Patrick
Hurley Patrick laborer h 352 Duckworth
Hurley Robert laborer h 29 Quidi Vidi
Hurley William laborer bds Queen
Hurrell William laborer h Lime
Hush John engineer h Brazil Square  (sic)
Huskins David storekeeper h Pilot's Hill
Hussey Edward laborer h Spencer
Hussey Israel laborer h Young
Hussey John laborer h Field
Hussey Joseph cooper h Parade
Hussey Joshua carpenter h 53 Casey's
Hussey Levi constable Fort Townshend
Hussey William laborer h Cabot
Hussey William laborer h 48 Casey's Lane
Hutton Charles accountant h Military Road
Hutchings   constable Fort Townshend
Hutchins Arthur salesman bds Casey's Block, South Side
HUTCHINGS CHARLES sailmaker, 26 George h Freshwater Road
Hutchings Charles salesman h Bell
HUTCHINGS CHARLES H Barrister and Solicitor, Total Abstinance Hall h 102 Le Marchant Road See adv opp
Hutchings Ernest M clerk h Circular Road
Hutchings George A agent Job Bros h Circular Road
Hutchings George B salesman h 46 Scott
Hutchings Henry salesman h 26 Queen's Road
Hutchings Isaac carpenter h Livingstone
Hutchings James accountant h Circular Road
Hutchings James laborer h 60 Mullock
Hutchings John sailmaker, 26 George h 26 George
Hutchinson Mrs George   h Military Road
Hutton Charles accountant bds 42 Military Road
Hutton Elizabeth wid George h 42 Military Road
Hynes Ellen wid Patrick h 8 Stephens
HYNES JAMES Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, 4 Waldegrave h 12 Duggan See adv page 208
Hynes John carpenter h 116 Casey's
Hynes John laborer h 31 Cuddihey's
Hynes John laborer h Le Marchant Road
Hynes Matthew carpenter h 28 Stephen
Hynes Richard carpenter h 353 Duckworth

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Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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