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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "G"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
GARD Mrs Frederick   h 174 Water, w
GADEN Garland M chief telegraph operator  
GADEN Thomas W baker, Long's Hill h Long's Hill
GALE Thomas W tide surveyor customs h 43 Scott, Cookstown
GALGAY Frank moulder h 228 Water, w
GALGAY Nicholas moulder h 217 New Gower
GALGAY William laborer h 217 New Gower
GALLATELY James engineer h Bully
GALLISHAW Francis seaman bds Wood
GALLISHAW John pilot h Bannerman
GALLISHAW Margaret wid Phillip h Gower
GALLIVAN John cooper, 26 Duckworth h 26 Duckworth
GALLIVAN Michael cooper h 7 Cochrane
GALLIVAN Michael master cooper bds South Side
GALLIVAN Thomas cooper h 28 Duckworth
GALLIVAN William cooper h 28 Duckworth
GALTON Anne wid Patrick h 4 Murphy's Lane
GALTON John carpenter h 16 Murphy's Square
GALWAY DENIS Merchant Tailor, 322 Water h 322 Water See adv page 182
GALWAY Dennis, jr tailor bds 332 Water
GALWAY Ellen wid Michael h 4 Hamilton
GALWAY James accountant h 332 Water
GALWAY James (at R O Dwyer's) Accountant bds 332 Water
GALWEY Michael tailor h 332 Water
GALWAY William laborer h 37 Buchanan
GALLAWAY Anthony laborer h 97 Monkstown Road
GALLAWAY Thomas shoemaker bds 97 Monkstown Road
GALLAWAY John coachman bds 97 Monkstown Road
GALLAWAY William laborer bds 97 Monkstown Road
GAMBERG George painter h Victoria
GAMBERG John painter h Cookstown
GARDNER Anthony fisherman h 255 Water, w
GARDNER Archibald constable Fort Townshend
GARDNER Edward laborer bds Barnes Road
GARDNER George laborer h 17 Goodview
GARDNER James laborer h Barnes Road
GARDNER James, jr laborer bds Barnes Road
GARLAND Miss Anna seamstress h 24 Duckworth
GARLAND Carlos clerk h Gower
GARLAND Charles D head cooper h 11 Parade
GARLAND Edwin carpenter h LeMarchant Road
GARLAND Eli laborer h 77 Lime
GARLAND Frederick carpenter bds 47 William
GARLAND George carpenter h Boncloddy
GARLAND George carpenter h Pennywell Road
GARLAND George cooper h 111 Hamilton
GARLAND George D cooper bds Parade
GARLAND George H American Telegraph Co Cashier bds 8 John
GARLAND James laborer h Mullock
GARLAND John fisherman h 106 Barnes Road
GARLAND John laborer h Carter's Hill
GARLAND John shoemaker, Carter's Hill h 257 Gower
GARLAND John T laborer h Bannerman
GARLAND Josiah messenger at Surveyor General's office h Gower
GARLAND Levi tidewaiter customs h 94 Barnes Road
GARLAND Newman porter h 16 Catherine
GARLAND S E Books, Stationery and Fancy Goods, 296 and 177 Water h 25-27 Bond See adv page 170
GARLAND Samuel seaman h 47 William
GARLAND Samuel tidewaiter customs h 32 Mullock
GARLAND Stephen messenger h 16 Catherine
GARLAND Stewart laborer h 36 Lime
GARLAND William   h 28 Hagarty's Lane
GARLAND William P laborer h 44 Mullock
GARRETT Henry   h Field
GARRETT SAMUEL Contractor and Builder, 2 Duckworth h 2 Duckworth See adv page 178
GAS LIGHT CO. Jas Baird president; W H Rennie, Sec'y-Treas Water, w
GATHERALL Margaret wid William h Goodview
GAUL Edward salesman h 45 New Gower
GAUL Ellen wid Thomas, boarding house 43 New Gower
GAUL Francis wid Patrick h Spencer
GAULTON Charles mason h 16 Plymouth Road
GAULTON Dorestus sailmaker h 14 Plymouth Road
GEAR Charles boatman customs h 24 King's Road
GEAR & CO. Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Etc 349 Water, w See adv pagve 172
GEAR HENRY of Gear & Co h 100 LeMarchant Road
GEAR John shoemaker, 23 Carter's Hill h 23 Carter's Hill
GEAR Joseph engineer h 15 Gower
GEARY Albert cooper bds King's Road
GEARY George baker bds King's Road
GEARY John cooper h King's Road
GEARY John W cooper bds King's Road
GEARY Sarah wid Joseph h Young
GEARY Thomas seaman h 103 Hamilton
GELLATELY Alexander laborer h 42 Codner
GEMMILL James salesman bds Prescott
GENT John C watchman h 4 Plymouth Road
GEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT   Post Office Building Water
GEORGE William plumber h LeMarchant Road
GERAN Lawrence J   h 199 New Gower
GETHERALL Thomas laborer h Gunner's Cove, South Side
GIBBONS James carpenter h 65 New Gower
GIBBONS Mark carpenter h Dick's Square
GIBB A G & CO. Gents' Furnishers 295 Water See adv opp
GIBB ARCHIBALD G of Gibb & Co h Military Road
GIBB Arthur salesman h 4 Convent Square
GIBB Hugh M clothing, Water h 127 Military Road
GIBBS Mrs John grocer, 159 New Gower h 161 New Gower
GIBBS MICHAEL P of Morrison, Morine & Gibbs, solicitor h 159 New Gower
GIBSON Alexander carpenter bds 141 Gower
GILES Edwin sea captain h 41 Mullock
GILES John grocer, 37 Mullock h 37 Mullock
GILES Martha wid William h 35 Mullock
GILES Reuben assistant storekeeper h 39 Mullock
GILES Robert master mariner h Merry Meeting Hill (sic)
GILES Samuel carpenter h Hayward Avenue
GILL Charles shoecutter h Long's Lane (sic)
GILL Emma wid Leander h Cochrane
GILLARD JOHN T notary public broker, etc, 287-289 Water h Barnes Rd
GILLIES Donald salesman bds Cousen's Block, South Side
GILLIES W salesman bds Prescott
GILLINGHAM George carpenter h 60 Lime
GILLINGHAM George, jr blacksmith bds 60 Lime
GILLINGHAM William carpenter bds 60 Lime
GILLION William liquors, South Side, e h South side, e
GILLIS CHAS J manufacturer's agent bds 53 Colonial
GILLIS S H manufacturer's agent bds 53 Colonial
GITTLESON E pictures and frames h Water, e
GLADNEY Joseph coachman h New Gower
GLADNEY Joseph laborer h 16 New Gower
GLADNEY Martin tailor, Water h Water
GLADNEY Patrick seaman h 33 Cuddihy's
GLADNEY Richard letter carrier P O h 21 Water, w
GLASGOW Frederick J engineer N T RR h 1 Forest Row
GLASGOW John butcher, 396 Water h 396 Water
GLASS William F upholsterer h Cook
GLEESON MISS E M of James Gleeson h Prescott
GLEESON JAMES General Hardware, Etc Water, e cor McBride See adv page 162
GLEESON MRS JAS of James Gleeson h Prescott
GLEESON John P journalist h Freshwater Road
GLEESON Patrick J accountant h Freshwater Road
GLENN Francis ship carpenter h 27 Pleasant
GLINN Martin seaman h 1 John
GLINN Richard laborer h South Side, e
GLOBE HOTEL Mrs S Walsh Proprietress Water, w See adv per index
GLUBE Philip clerk h 32 Water, w
GODDEN Samuel storekeeper h 61 Hayward Avenue
GODDEN Thomas salesman h Henry
GODDEN William H salesman h Cook
GOODLAND John fisherman h 22 Hayward's Avenue
GODLEY William seaman h 50 Springdale
GOLDIE JAS Manager Union Bank h bank building, Duckworth See adv page 164
GOLDSWORTHY Joseph bricklayer h 78 New Gower
GOLLOP Henry mason h 92 Lime
GOOLEY Andrew wharfinger h 49 Hamilon
GOOBY Bernard laborer h 4 Knight
GOOBY Louis carpenter h South Side
GOOBY William fisherman h 33 Wickford
GOOBY William laborer h South side, e
GOODALL James carman h Hutching's Lane
GOODALL Patrick truckman h 20 Hutchings' Lane
GOODFELLOW JAS of Goodfellow & Co h Water, e
GOODFELLOW & CO General Importers and Exporters Water, e See adv colored leaf
GOODLAND Ellen wid James h Prospect
GOODLAND Henry grocer, Parade h Parade
GOODLAND Henry salesman h Parade
GOODLAND James cooper h Prospect
GOODLAND John laborer h 18 Hayward Avenue
GOODLAND William A printer h 7 William, Monkstown
GOODRIDGE ALAN & SONS General Importers and Exporters 325 Water See adv page 186
GOODRIDGE A C (Goodridge & Sons), acc'nt'nt h Florence Grove, Long Pond Rd
GOODRIDGE A F of A Goodridge & Sons h 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Rd
GOODRIDGE H C of A Goodridge & Sons h Florence Grove, Long Pond Rd
GOODRIDGE Herbert clerk bds 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Rd
GOODRIDGE J R of Alan Goodridge & Sons h Monkstown Road
GOODRIDGE Richard F clerk h 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE Thos B clerk C B h Long Pond Road
GOODYEAR Peter fisherman h 28 Cabot
GORDON James accountant h Henry
GORDON Robert clerk h 56 Springdale
GORMAN George ship carpenter h 55 Larkin's Square
GORMAN John wharfinger h 7 Duckworth
GORMAN Joseph carman h 32 Angel Place
GORMAN Thomas laborer h 20 Dammerill's Lane
GOSLING Gilbert clerk h Park Row, Rennie's Mill Road
GOSLING W G outside agent Harvey & Co h 52 Rennie's Mill Road
GOSS Catherine tailoress bds 1 College Square
GOSSE David clerk bds 74, New Gower
GOSS Mrs David milinery, 310 Water h 74 New Gower
GOSS D A fruit dealer, Water, e h New Gower
GOSS Edward shoemaker h 2 Springdale
GOSS James salesman h 74 New Gower
GOSS John fireman G W h 49 Hayward's Avenue
GOSS John laborer h 79 Hayward Avenue
GOSSE John seaman bds 40 New Gower
GOSS JOHN tailor and clothier, Water, w h Water, w
GOSSE Joseph master mariner h 137 George
GOSSE Mary wid David, boarding house 74 New Gower
GOSSE Peter master mariner h Gower
GOSS Richard cabinet-maker, Prescott h Prescott
GOSSE Samuel sea captain h 40 New Gower
GOSSE Thomas seaman bds 40 New Gower
GOSSE Thomas H printer h 43 William
GOSSE William seaman bds 40 New Gower
GOSS Vincent   bds Water, w
GOUBY Bernard laborer h 4 Knight
GOUBY William P clerk bds 4 Knight
GOUDY Elizabeth wid William h 19 James
GOUGH Frederick carpenter h 40 Colonial
GOUGH & MOORE Plumbers, Etc. Duckworth, e See adv page 130
GOUGH Samuel ship carpenter h 46 Hamilton
GOUGH WM H of Gough & Moore h Boat House Road
GOULD James storekeeper h 23 Adelaide
GOULD James tallyman h Adelaide
GOULD Sarah wid Thomas h 23 Adelaide
GOVERNMENT WHARF   Water, opp Mechanics' Hall  
GOWDIE Alexander painter bds 12 Stewart Avenue
GOWDIE George seaman h 12 Stewart Avenue
GOWDIE John S painter and boarding house Gower
GOWDIE Mary wid Elias h Bond
GOWDIE William tinsmith h Bond
GOWDIE William H baker, Prescott h Prescott
GRACE John laborer h King's Road
GRACE John P collector water rates h 10 Knight
GRACE Mary wid Patrick h Spencer
GRACE Mary wid Richard h 21 Maxse
GRACE Nicholas shoemaker bds Spencer
GRACE Patrick coachman bds 10 Knight
GRACE Patrick ship carpenter h 222 1/2 New Gower
GRACE Thomas carpenter h Signal Hill Road
GRACE Thomas laborer h r 211 New Gower
GRACE William brewer h Signal Hill Road
GRADY Harry seaman h 16 Hagarty's Lane
GRAHAM Mary M. wid James h 8 Dammerill's Lane
GRAHAM Robert shoemaker h Parade
GRAHAM Thomas drug clerk bds Parade
GRAHAM Thomas painter h 25 Adelaide
GRAHAM William salesman h Parade
GRAHAM REV WM Presbyterian h 148 LeMarchant Road
GRANT Arch shoemaker h Carter's Hill
GRANT Claude F. salesman h 34 Pleasant
GRANT Frederick clerk h 34 Pleasant
GRANT James carpenter h 22 Bates
GRANT James painter bds Gower
GRANT James storekeeper h 317 Water, w
GRANT John fisherman h Leslie
GRANT John F pattern-maker h 26 Water, w
GRANT Mary wid Richard h Pennywell Road
GRANT Richard grocer, 34 Pleasant h 34 Pleasant
GRANT Robert carpenter h Young
GRANT Thomas shoemaker h 26 water, w
GRAY John tinsmith h 32 Carter's Hill
GRAY William accountant h Gower
GREAVES Henry foreman Bowering Bros h Freshwater Road
GREELY Joseph shoemaker h 38 Bond
GREEN Alexander book canvasser bds British Square
GREEN Charles W. printer bds 3 Parade
GREENE DANIEL J Barrister, 343 Duckworth h Garrison Hill See adv per index
GREEN Edward   h 88 Vey's Lane, r George
GREEN Elias laborer h Merry Meeting Road
GREEN Elizabeth wid William h Signal Hill Road
GREEN Ellen wid Nicholas h 29 Mullock
GREEN Fanny wid Spark h Pennywell Road
GREEN George fisherman bds Cabot
GREEN Isaac laborer h Cabot
GREEN James laborer h Young
GREEN John laborer h 24 James
GREEN CAPT JOHN manager Steam Tug Co, Water h 149 LeMarchant Rd
GREENE Joseph carpenter h Livingstone
GREENE Kate wid Simon, varieties, Henry h Henry
GREEN Lawrence seaman bds 49 Colonial
GREEN Maurice builder h 114 Military Road
GREENE RICHARD K of Dryer & Greene h 9 Prescott
GREEN Patrick cooper bds 24 James
GREEN Robert J engineer h South Side, w
GREEN Thomas accountant h 1 Devon Row
GREEN Thomas fish culler h 15 Bell
GREEN Thomas laborer bds 24 James
GREEN Thomas stonecutter h Cookstown Road
GREENE Thomas J accountant h Gower
GREENE Wesley C messenger h Young
GREEN William architect bds Circular Road
GREEN William carpenter h 49 Colonial
GREENE William constable Fort Townshend
GREENE William printer h Young
GREENE William tidewaiter customs h 3 Parade
GREENLAND James carpenter bds 16 New Gower
GREENOCK Patrick rope binder h 26 Thomas
GREY Joseph laborer h 24 Mullock
GREY William cashier h Gower
GREY John tinsmith h 32 Carter's Hill
GRIBBLE John cooper h Parade
GRIBBLE Miss Mary Ann dressmaker h Parade
GRIEVES H E buyer h Freshwater Road
GRIEVES WALTER B of Baine, Johnstone & Co h Rennie's Mill Road
GRIFFIN John fur dealer h 303 Water, w
GRIFFIN John laborer h 28 Barnes Road
GRIFFIN John laborer h Hoylestown
GRIFIN John laborer h Signal Hill Road
GRIFFIN Joseph carpenter h Colonial
GRIFFIN Lawrence laborer h Allendale Road
GRIFFIN Maurice fisherman h New Era Garden
GRIFFIN Matthew laborer h Signal Hill Road
GRIFFIN Patrick seaman h 5 John
GRIFFITHS Alexander laborer h 20 Power
GRIFFITHS Patrick bricklayer bds Gower
GRIFFITHS Richard laborer h South Side, w
GRIFFITHS William stovefitter h 28 Power
GRILLS John seaman bds Bannerman
GRILLS Michael seaman h Bannerman
GRILLS William seaman bds Bannerman
GRIMBLE Albert seaman h 28 Springdale
GRIMES George salesman bds Fort Townshend
GRIMES William sergeant constabulary Fort Townshend
GRINSLETT Mary Ann wid Matthew h 9 Sheehan's shute
GROUCHY Francis cabman h 18 Goodview
GROUCHY Francis ship carpenter h 16 Tower Hill
GROUCHY Noal boilerman h Signal Hill
GROUCHY Philip seaman h 7 Adelaide
GROUCH William fisherman h Holloway
GUBBY Andrew storekeeper h 49 Hamilton
GUEST John cooper h South Side
GUEST Robert laborer h South Side
GUEST William planter h South Side, e
GULLIVER James fisherman h Quidi Vidi Road
GULLIVER John farmer h White Hills
GULLIVER William fisherman h Quidi Vidi
GUNN Alexander ship carpenter h 4 Princess
GUNNERSON Mrs Elizabeth grocer, 181 New Gower h 181 New Gower
GUSH William Steward h Temperance, Hoylestown
GUSHUE Elias laborer h 59 Colonial
GUSHUE FRANCIS stoves and tinware, Warer, e h 57 Gower, e
GUSHUE George postal clerk h 60 Springdale
GUSHUE James carpenter h 60 Springdale
GUSHUE Jane wid George h 60 Springdale
GUSHUE John tinsmith bds Gower
GUSHUE John   h 60 Springdale
GUSHUE Joseph tinsmith bds Gower
GUZZELL John laborer h 6 Convent Lane
GUZZELL Walter laborer h 63 Signal Hill Road
GUZZELL William farmer h 40 Water, w

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (September 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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