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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "F"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
FACEY Albert G chipper foundry h 124 Hamilton
FACEY Samuel master mariner h Pleasant
FAGAN Hannah, wid John variety h 66 New Gower
FAGAN James watchman h 41 Wickford
FAGAN Thomas laborer h 27 Duggan
FAHEY John laborer h 118 Casey's
FAHEY John laborer h 26 Stephen
FALCONER Elizabeth wid George bds 12 James
FALCONER Mark fisherman bds 12 James
FANNING Edward blacksmith h 27 Mullock
FANNING James shoemaker h 9 Duggan
FANNING William T shoemaker h 5 Duggan
FARDY Anestacia wid Martin h r 211 New Gower
FARDY Catherine wid Patrick h 46 Codner
FARDY James cooper h r 211 New Gower
FARDY Murriel shoe dealer h Pleasant
FEAVER Herbert clerk h Gower
FARNHAM William carpenter h Victoria
FARQUHAR & YORKE   builders and contractors Victoria
FARRELL James fisherman h 69 Signal Hill Road
FARRELL James L salesman h 10 Convent Square
FARRELL John laborer h 18 Power
FARRELL John app shoemaker h Power
FARRELL John shoemaker h Bell
FARRELL Joseph tailor h Yorke
FARRELL Maurice storekeeper h 49 George
FARRELL Mary wid John h Yorke
FARRELL Michael carpenter h 8 Convent Square
FARRELL Michael laborer h 18 Power
FARRELL Patrick shoemaker h Yorke
FARRELL Thomas watchman h 18 Power
FAWCETT COL M J inspec and gen supt N F constabulary Fort Townshend
FEEHAN Joseph cooper h 5 Princess
FEEHAN Mary, wid Patrick grocer, 71 Water h 71 Water
FEEHAN Michael cooper h George, w
FEEHAN Michael wines ans spirits, 58 Water, w h 58 Water, w
FEEHAN Patrick cooper h 7 Princess
FENDLER William plumber h Codner
FENLON Maurice   h Bryant's Hill
FENNELL Mary wid James bds Flavin's
FENNELL Patrick carpenter h 42 Larkin's Square
FENNELL Richard grocer, 136 Duckworth h Military Road
FENNELL William carpenter h 5 Casey's Lane
FENNESSEY John cooper h 107 George
FENNESSEY Patrick tallyman h 107 George
FENTUM Charles shoemaker h Cabot
FERNEAUX Annie   h Cochrane
FERNEAUX JOHN prop'r Herald h 27 Monkstown Road
FERRY Mrs Joseph   h South Side, w
FEVER Samuel blacksmith bds Gower
FEVER William blacksmith, Gower h Gower
FEVER William apprentice bds Gower
FIDELL Patrick messenger h Allan's Square
FIEFIELD Frederick laborer h Pilot's Hill
FIELD Charles master mariner h Prescott
FIELD Edward seaman h Prescott
FIELD John seaman h Prescott
FIELD Richard truckman h Mundy's Pond Road
FIELD Samuel shoemaker h 20 Porter's Hill
FIELD Thomas laborer h 82 1/2 George
FIELD Walter carpenter h Prescott
FIELD William farmer h Old Portugal Road
FINCH George W iron melter h 39 Angel Place
FINDLATER Allan accountant h 96 Barnes Road
FINLAY F W of Taylor, Fin lay & Co. bds Torrington Hotel
FINLAY James carpenter h 21 Cuddihey's  (sic)
FINN James laborer h Belvidere Road
FINN James truckman h Newtown Road
FINN John cooper h 23 Water, w
FINN Lawrence seaman h 7 Lime
FINN Mrs Lawrence grocer, 7 Lime h 7 Lime
FINN William collector h 23 Water, w
FINNEY James carpenter h 7 William's Lane
FINTON Charles shoemaker h 56 Cabot
FIRTH William R clerk h 43 Howard Avenue
FISH MARKET   Waldegrove, Steer Cove  
FISHER Carl Engineer h 47 Quidi Vidi Road
FISHER Robert laborer h 47 1/2 Forest Road
FISHER Thomas bricklayer bds Beck's Square
FITZGERALD Andrew cooper h 20 Princess
FITZGERALD Andrew seaman h 32 Convent Square
FITZGERALD Bridget wid Michael h 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Clarence J carpenter h 63 1/2 New Gower
FITZGERALD Edward butcher, Gower h Victoria
FITZGERALD Edward fisherman h 9 Deady's Lane
FITZGERALD Edward shoemaker h Henry
FITZGERALD Ellen wid John h 29 Sudbury
FITZGERALD Fanny grocer, Gower h Gower
FITZGERALD James constable Fort Townshend
FITZGERALD James fisherman h 94 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD James laborer bds 66 Barnes Road
FITZGERALD James laborer h 94 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD James laborer h 34 Convent Square
FITZGERALD John cooper h 16 Duggan
FITZGERALD John seaman h 11 Brennan's Lane
FITZGERALD John shoemaker h 259 Water, w
FITZGERALD Joseph seaman h 32 Convent Square
FITZGERALD Mary Ann wid John h 20 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Mary wid Patrick h Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Maurice laborer h 66 Barnes road
FITZGERALD Michael butcher h Hayward Avenue
FITZGERALD Michael butcher h Yorke
FITZGERALD Michael laborer bds 78 McFarlane's Lane
FITZGERALD Michael cooper h 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Patrick carpenter h 31 Cabot
FITZGERALD Patrick laborer h 94 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD Patrick laborer h Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Patrick laborer h 355 Duckworth
FITZGERALD Peter fisherman h 78 McFarlane's Lane
FITZGERALD Thomas laborer h 19 Rossitter's Lane
FITZGERALD Thomas plasterer bds Bannerman
FITZGERALD William carpenter h King's Road
FITZGERALD William laborer bds 78 McFarlane's Lane
FITZGIBBON Edward clerk bds 267 Duckworth
FITZGIBBON THOMAS General Dealer, 426 Water h 426 Water See adv page 174
FITZPATRICK Elizabeth wid Miles h 41 Moore
FITZHENRY James cooper, 50 Moore h 50 Moore
FITZHENRY Michael cooper h Bully
FITZHENRY Susan grocer, 50 Moore h 50 Moore
FITZPATRICK David painter h 25 Barter's Hill
FITZPATRICK John   h Signal Hill Road
FITZPATRICK John laborer bds 27 Quidi Vidi Raod
FITZPATRICK John miner bds Gower
FITZPATRICK Mary Ann wid Joseph h 9 Simms
FITZPATRICK Michael Engineer h Colonial
FITZPATRICK Micahel mason h 21 Rossiter's Lane
FITZPATRICK Patrick cab driver bds 22 New Gower
FITZPATRICK William carpenter h 81 Hamilton
FITZPATRICK William laborer h 14 Plank
FLANNERY JOHN J barrister and solicitor, office Duckworth h Prescott
FLANNIGAN Martin salesman h Cochrane
FLAVIN David laborer h Cookstown
FLEET George seaman h Cook
FLEET John carpenter h Logy Bay Road
FLEET John warden penitentiary h Long's Hill
FLEET Kenneth F railway employee h Long's Hill
FLEET William carman h Young
FLEET William farmer bds Quidi Vidi Lake Road
FLEET William tailor h Cook
FLEET Charles seaman h 14 Duckworth
FLEMING Elizabeth wid John h 10 Carey
FLEMING James laborer h Pilot's Hill
FLEMING John shoe trimmer h 31 Buchanan
FLEMING Margaret wid Matthew h Prescott
FLEMING MATTHEW Blacksmith, Prescott h 32 Plymouth Road See page 174
FLEMING Patrick laborer h King's Road
FLEMING Patrick laborer H 259 Gower
FLEMING Patrick watchman h King's Road
FLEMING Richard laborer h 262 Grover
FLEMING Richard laborer h 233 Theater Hill
FLEMING Thomas carpenter bds 5 Damerill's Lane
FLEMING Thomas seaman h 94 Lime
FLINN Edward cooper h 105 George
FLINN Gregory laborer bds 56 George
FLINN James cooper h 18 Hagarty's Lane
FLINN James laborer h 33 Job's
FLINN James shoemaker h 56 George
FLINN John cooper h 105 George
FLINN Joseph seaman h 49 Job's
FLINN Michael cooper h 69 Plank
FLINN Patrick cooper h 22 Stephen
FLINN Patrick laborer h 29 1/2 Flower Hill
FLINN Patrick shoemaker bds 105 George
FLINN Robert shoemaker bds 56 George
FLINN Robert shoemaker h 28 Springdale
FLINN Thomas upholsterer h 274 Gower
FLINN William carpenter h Queen's Road
FLINN William fisherman h 24 Dammerill's Lane
FLINN William fisherman h 3 Deady's Lane
FLINN Mrs William grocer, 24 Dammerill's Lane h 24 Dammerill's Lane
FLOATING DOCK Job Bros agents, South Side  
FLYNN Alice, wid Maurice wines and spirits, 372 Water h 372 Water
FLYNN Ellen wid William h 15 Dammerill's Lane
FLYNN John clerk h 372 Water
FLYNN John   h Wood
FLYNN Michael laborer bds 21 James
FLYNN Patrick laborer h 21 James
FLYNN Patrick, jr laborer h 21 James
FLYNN Patrick sawyer h 49 William
FLYNN Thomas constable Fort Townshend
FLYNN Mrs Thomas   h 300 Water, w
FLYNN William shoemaker h 29 Flower Hill
FLYNN William J machinist h 49 Job's
FOGARTY John truckman h Pennywell Road
FOGARTY Joseph butcher, 3 Adelaide h 3 Adelaide
FOGARTY Michael clerk h 36 Colonial
FOGWELL Richard clerk h Quidi Vidi Road
FOGWELL Samuel accountant h Quidi Vidi Road
FOGWELL Samuel sea captain h 144 Pleasant
FOLEY Ann wid Garrett h 21 Duggan
FOLEY Garrett laborer bds 21 Duggan
FOLEY James shipwright h 38 George
FOLEY John plasterer h 76 Patrick
FOLEY Joseph fisherman h 7 Plymouth Road
FOLEY Margaret wid James h 51 Monkstown Road
FOLEY Mary Ann wid Patrick h 52 King's Road
FOLEY Miss Mary laundress h 14 Hayward Avenue
FOLEY Michael laborer bds 17 Simms
FOLEY Pierce laborer bds 17 Simms
FOLEY Mrs Patrick   h 224 Water, w
FOLEY William shoemaker h 21 Duggan
FOLEY William tailor, Gower h Gower
FOLLET William laborer h Carter's Hill
FOLLIS Thomas painter h 128 Military Road
FOOKS John painter bds Gower
FOOTE JAMES grocer, 52 George h 11 Queen's Road
FOOTE O master mariner h Gower
FORAN AUGUSTUS E of John W. Foran & Sons h Water
FORAN CHAS J of John W. Foran & Sons h Water
FORAN Edward sailmaker bds 8 Sebastian
FORAN James laborer h Gorman's Lane
FORAN JOHN W of John W. Foran & Sons h Water
FORAN JOHN W. & SONS Commission Merchants and Auctioneers, Exchange Building Water, e See adv per index
FORAN Thomas sailmaker h 8 Sebastian
FORAN Thomas, jr clerk bds 8 Sebastian
FORBES James pattern-maker h 62 Hamilton
FORBES John engineer Victoria House
FORBES Robert Engineer h 62 Hamilton
FORD James cooper h 3 South Side, e
FORD John carpenter h Young
FORD John laborer h 57 Lime
FORD John printer h 102 Pleasant
FORD Richard cooper h 4 South Side, e
FORD Thomas brakesman bds 141 Gower
FORD William constable Fort Townshend
FORD William J grocer, 16 Water, w h 16 Water, w
FORRISTAL Edward messenger h Long's Hill
FORRISTAL Gregory laborer h Long's Hill
FORRISTAL Patrick fisherman h 14 Simms
FORRISTAL Thomas shoemaker h 16 Alexander
FORRISTAL REV VENERABLE WM archdeacon, Palace Military Road
FORSEY George salesman h Cross Roads
FORSEY Thomas P clerk h Parade
FORSYTHE James carpenter h 50 Wickford
FORSYTHE Neil clerk h Merry Meeting Road
FORSYTH (sic) Robert shipwright h Merry Meeting Road
FORT AMHERST LIGHTHOUSE Austin Sheppard keeper South Head
FORTUNE Edward grocer, 187 New Gower h 187 New Gower
FORTUNE Patrick J salesman h 57 Colonial
FORWARD Alexander engineer h King's Road
FORWARD George sailmaker bds King's Road
FORWARD Harry clerk bds King's Road
FORWARD John, sr sailmaker h King's Road
FORWARD John, jr plumber h King's Road
FORWARD Marmaduke carpenter h Cook
FOSTER Catherine, wid Henry H grocer, 2 Plymouth Road h 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER Henry H engineer bds 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER Herbert machinist h 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER James shipwright h r 72 Gower
FOSTER John engineer bds 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER Mary, wid William seamstress h 216 New Gower
FOSTER William cooper h 18 James
FOWLER Fanny wid James h 52 Cabot
FOWLER George laborer h 13 Rossiter's Lane
FOWLER Stephen carpenter h 38 Casey's
FOWLER Thomas fisherman h 15 1/2 Simms
FOWLER William laborer h 27 Sudbury
FOWLER James constable Fort Townshend
FOX HON JAMES P receiver general h Forest Road
FOX John accountant government telegraph office h Signal Hill Road
FOX John laborer h 48 Monkstown Road
FOX Sarah wid William h Signal Hill Road
FOYSTON Louis foreman carpenter h Victoria
FRAMPTON Ambrose laborer h 21 Angel Place
FRAMPTON Henry carpenter bds 18 Fleming
FRAMPTON Robert laborer h 33 Casey's Lane
FRAMPTON William malster (sic) h Signal Hill Road
FRANCIS James cooper h LeMarchant Road
FRANCIS John cooper h South Side, w
FRANCIS Mary wid Capt Alonzo h Prescott
FRANKLIN John cabman h Limestone
FRANKLIN WM H of Lindberg & Franklin h 32 Signal Hill Road
FRASER Alexander laborer h 265 Gower
FRASER David agent h 45 Cochrane
FRASER David salesman bds Military Road
FRASER Hector McL clerk P O h Jobs
FRASER Hugh accountant bds Circular Road
FRASER JAS O postmaster general h Circular Road
FRASER Jane, wid William boarding house h 56 New Gower
FRASER JOHN McL Commission Agent, 371 Water h Gower See adv page 168
FRASER NUTTING S physician, Gower h Gower
FRASER OLIPHANT, MHA barrister bds Circular Road
FRASER St Clair stonecutter bds Gower
FRASER William B accountant h 53 New Gower
FREANEY Patrick fisherman h 33 Flower Hill
FREEMAN Albert grocer, 44 Water h Waterford Bridge Road
FREEMAN Jane wid Stephen h Victoria
FREEMAN John bookkeeper h 5 Brazil's Square
FREEMAN Robert accountant h Victoria
FREEMAN Thos J salesman h 5 Brazil's Square
FREEMAN William house carpenter h Balsam
FRENCH Alice grocer, Signal Hill road h Signal Hill Road
FRENCH Frank J plumber bd 192 New Gower
FRENCH Isaac carpenter h 106 Pleasant
FRENCH John school teacher h King's Road
FRENCH Joseph cooper h Dick's Square
FRENCH Mary wid George bds King's Road
FRENCH Mary Jane wid Henry h King's Road
FRENCH Patrick J salesman h Dick's Square
FRENCH Robert sea captain h Signal Hill Road
FRENCH Samuel laborer h 9 Deady's Lane
FRENCH Stephen cabinet maker h 26 Hagarty's Lane
FRENCH William laborer h 26 Hagarty's Lane
FREW WM S general importer, Water, e h Cochrane
FREW William, jr salesman h 102 forest Road
FROUDE Edgar salesman h 72 Hayward Avenue
FROUDE Nathaniel porter h 72 Hayward Avenue
FROUDE Philip laborer bds 33 Cabot
FRY Enoch coachman h 57 Cabot
FRY John laborer h South Side, w
FRY John shoemaker h 51 Limekiln Hill
FRY William F ship carpenter h Gilbert
FUER James laborer h 49 Lime
FUER Marion wid John h 16 Barter's Hill
FULLER Amelia wid George h 34 Hutchings
FUNCHION Johanna wid John h 181 Pleasant
FURLONG Alexander shomaker h Bully
FURLONG Caroline wid Patrick h 57 Military Road
FURLONG Dennis laborer h 20 Hutching's Lane
FURLONG Edward T clerk bds 52 Colonial
FURLONG Frederick L accountant bds 57 Military Road
FURLONG James pilot h Pilot's Hill
FURLONG JAMES P Dry Goods, Etc., 3 Arcade Building, 342 Water, w h 11 Monkstown Road See adv line on cover
FURLONG Johanna wid John h 23 Stephen
FURLONG John laborer h 32 Lime
FURLONG Kate wid Peter h Bully
FURLONG LAWRENCE O'BRIEN, MHA commission merchant and broker, 342 Water h Cochrane
FURLONG Margaret wid James h Military Road
FURLONG Margaret wid Martin h 350 Duckworth
FURLONG Mary wid Michael h 30 Pleasant
FURLONG Mary wid Thomas, grocer h 52 Colonial
FURLONG MARTIN W barrister h 57 Military Road
FURLONG Matthew carriage-maker h 25 Princess
FURLONG Michael laborer h 25 James
FURLONG Matthew painter h 25 Prince
FURLONG Peter watchman h Young
FURLONG WILLIAM S barrister bds 57 Military Road
FURNEAUX Alice wid Hugh J h Prescott
FURNEAUX JOHN E prop'r Evening Herald h 27 Monkstown Road
FURZE Martha wid Samuel h 5 Queen's
FURZE William salesman h 5 Queen's

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (September 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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