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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "E"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
EAGAN Cornelius salesman h 36 Alexander
EAGAN James laborer h 12 Gorman's Lane
EAGAN James tidewaiter customs h 9 Waldegrave
EAGAN James Watchman h 16 James
EGAN JOHN baker, 42 Water & 197 New Gower h 42 Water & 197 New Gower
EAGAN John laborer h 26 Alexander
EAGAN John pilot h Duckworth, e
EAGAN Patrick laborer h 26 Alexander
EALES James boilermaker h Old Placentia Road
EARLE Arthur jeweller h Brazil's Square
EARLE Benjamin laborer h South Side, e
EARL David laborer h 16 Belvidere
EARL Edward carpenter h Hamilton
EARL Edward laborer h Battery Road
EARLE Elizabeth wid James h Boathouse Road
EARLE George carman h 8 1/2 Plymouth Road
EARLE George laborer h 43 Cabot
EARL George laborer h Battery Road
EARLE HENRY contractor and builder h Gower, e
EARL Jacob shipwright h Beaumond
EARL John seaman h Field
EARLE Lot T laborer h 166 LeMarchant Road
EARL Miss Mary Ann washerwoman h 40 Quidi Vidi Road
EARL Richard laborer h 31 Duggan's Lane
EARL Mrs Richard varieties, Long's Hill h Long's Hill
EARL Robert harness maker bds Boathouse Road
EARL Robert laborer h Field
EARLE Samuel assistant storekeeper h 79 Brazil Square
EARL Solomon laborer h Field
EARL Solomon, jr laborer h Field
EARL William laborer h Battery Road
EARL William laborer h 88 Lime
EARLEY James seaman h Carter's Hill
EBBS John cabman h Scott
EBBS Thomas laborer h 35 William
EBBS William laborer h Goodview
EBSARY Allan cooper h South Side, e
EBSARY Arthur salesman h South Side, e
EBSARY Edwin wharfinger h South Side, e
EBSARY Edwin T cooper h South Side, e
EBSARY Henry laborer h South Side, e
EBSARY James laborer h South Side, e
EBSARY JOHN HENRY grocer, South Side, e h South Side, e
EBSARY Newman fireman, SS Neptune h South Side, e
EBSARY Stephen E storekeeper h South Side, e
EDDIE Charles salesman h Gilbert
EDDIE Elix shipcarpenter h Gilbert
EDDIE Richard coal dealer h Carter's Hill
EDDY William carpenter h Young
EDDICOTT Mrs Thomas   h 13 Sheehan's Shute
EDDICOTT Sarah wid William h 2 Murphy's Square
EDENS THOMAS J Grocer and Provisions, Water, e h Monkstown Road See adv page 160
EDGAR Mrs George boarding house 126 Water
EDGAR John master mariner  
EDGECOMB Albert cooper h 35 Job's Lane
EDIGETTE William H carman h 2 Murphy's Square
EDNEY John bricklayer h 24 William
EDNEY Samuel mason h 18 William
EDNEY William bricklayer bd 18 William
EDWARDS Andrew carpenter h 271 1/2 Water, w
EDWARDS James blacksmith h 9 Mullock
EDWARDS Joseph painter h 271 1/2 Water, w
EFFORD George carpenter h 11 Barter's Hill
EFFORD John W laborer h South Side, e
EFFORD Thomas laborer h South Side, e
ELECTRIC LIGHT WORKS   corner Bond and King  
ELGAR John laborer h 14 Lime
ELGAR William stonecutter h 14 Lime
ELLIOT James seaman bds Signal Hill Road
ELLIOTT John blacksmith's helper h Signal Hill Road
ELLIOT John laborer h 20 Goodview
ELLIOT John laborer bds Signal Hill Road
ELLIOT Mary wid James King's Road
ELLIOT Samuel mason h Signal Hill Road
ELLIOT Thomas seaman bds Signal Hill Road
ELLIS Archer engineer h 174 Le Marchant road
ELLIS CHARLES plumber and gasfitter, 292 Water h 292 Water
ELLIS Charles A H bookkeeper h Duckworth, e
ELLIS Edmund A coppersmith h 233 Water, w
ELLIS GEORGE supt Gas Works h Gas works, Water, w
ELLIS Harold salesman h Duckworth, e
ELLIS HENRY hardware agent, 369 Water bds Duckworth, e
ELLIS James engineer h 43 Leslie
ELLIS JOHN contractor and builder h 20 New Gower
ELLIS John laborer h 88 Lime
ELLIS WILLIAM contractor and builder h 164 New Gower
ELLIS William shoe cutter h 43 Leslie
ELLIS W A accountant bds City Hotel
ELMS John watchman h Beaumond
ELRINGTON REV HENRY Methodist h 29 Springdale
ELSON Bridget W   h Cochrane
ELWARD Ellen wid John h 24 Hagarty's Lane
ELWORTHY George machinist h 70 Le Marchant Road
EMBERLY James carpenter h 7 College Square
EMBERLY Maurice shoemaker h Casey's Lane
EMBERLY Maurice shoemaker h 114 Gower
EMBERLY Rose wid Patrick bds 62 Barnes' Road
EMBERSON Mrs Prescott   h Winter Avenue
EMERSON CHARLES H Barrister and Solicitor, Blackwood Bldg. Duckworth h Brook Lodge, Rennie's Mill Rd See adv page 168
EMERSON GEORGE Q C Barrister and Solicitor, office Cathedral Hill h Cathedral Hill
EMERSON GEO H speaker of assembly, colonial building  
EMERSON William laborer h Duckworth, e
ENGLAND Charles stonecutter bds Field
ENGLAND Charles laborer h Boncloddy
ENGLAND David porter h Field
ENGLAND David sailmaker bds Field
ENGLAND George laborer h Field
ENGLAND George coachman bds Field
ENGLAND John shoemaker, Cabot h Cabot
ENGLAND John sweep h 47 Forest Road
ENGLAND Joseph truckman h Field
ENGLAND William laborer bds Boncloddy
ENGLAND William shoemaker, Harvey Road h Harvey Road
ENGLISH Albert mason h 124 Hamilton
ENGLISH Arthur cabinet maker bds Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH CAPT EDWD chief examiner masters and mates and harbor master, Queen's Wharf h Forest Road
ENGLISH Elizabeth wid Michael h Balsam
ENGLISH James laborer h 173 Duckworth, e
ENGLISH James plasterer bds Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Jane wid John h 18 Haggarty's Lane
ENGLISH Joseph printer bds Queen's Road
ENGLISH Margaret wid John h 29 Bannerman
ENGLISH & McCOUBREY   Commission Merchants, Mechanics' Building Water, e
ENGLISH Michael shoemaker h Balsam
ENGLISH Norah wid Thomas h 124 Hamilton
ENGLISH Patrick   h Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Richard culler h 173 Duckworth, e
ENGLISH Richard laborer h 70 Barnes Road
ENGLISH Thomas F baker bds 70 Barnes Road
ENGLISH WM fruit store and bakery, 378 Water h 378 Water
ENGLISH WM of ENGLISH & McCoubrey h 378 Water
ENGLISH William printer h Spencer
ENGLISH William J laborer bds 70 Barnes Road
ENNIS Miss Julia dressmaker h 179 New Gower
ENNIS Mary wid John h Henry
ENNIS William laborer h 16 Brannan's Lane
EVELLY Isaac J messenger P O h Flower Hill
ESBURY Richard laborer h Bond
ESCOTT Albert shomaker h 29 Flower Hill
ESCOTT Edward shoemaker h 29 Flower Hill
ESCOTT John shoemaker h 24 Buchanan
ESCOTT Joseph laborer h Dunford
ESCOTT Mary Ann wid James h 29 Flower Hill
ESCOTT Richard laborer h Dunford
ESCOTT Thomas salesman h 34 Buchanan
ESMOND Bridget wid Robert h 11 Carter's Hill
EVANS Felix harness maker bds 47 Fleming
EVANS George sail maker h Field
EVANS Henry sail maker h 214 Water, w
EVANS James laborer bds Spencer
EVANS James H shoe cuttter bds Le Marchant road
EVANS John laborer h Cookstown Road
EVANS John laborer bds 47 Fleming
EVANS John laborer h 243 1/2 Water, w
EVANS John laborer h 40 Casey's
EVANS John malster (sic) 245 1/2 Water, w
EVANS John printer h Prescott
EVANS Joseph blacksmith bds 61 George
EVANS Joseph clerk h 61 George
EVANS Joseph messenger h 61 George
EVANS Luke laborer bds Hayward Avenue
EVANS Michael brewer h 31 Angel Place
EVANS Michael laborer h 32 Aexander
EVANS Patrick laborer bds 61 George
EVANS Robert shipwright h Spencer
EVANS Robert, jr carpenter bds spencer
EVANS Thomas carpenter h Merry Meeting Road
EVANS Thomas carpenter h 47 Fleming
EVANS William laborer h Hayward Avenue
EVANS William machinist bds spncer
EVANS William seaman h Hayward Avenue
EVANS William A coachman h 12 Simms
EVENING HERALD J E Ferneaux Prop'r and Publisher Prescott See adv per index
EVENING TELEGRAM Jas Herder Proprietor and Publisher Water, e See adv opp inside back cover
EVERITT Peter painter h Cabot, w
EVERLY Patrick laborer h 118 Water, w
EVOY Martin plasterer h Signal Hill Road
EWING ALEX asst sup't P O h 146 Pleasant
EWING WM taxidermist h 37 Water
EWING William H shoemaker h 37 Water, w
EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY A Bryden Proprietor Queen, cor George See adv page 106

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (September 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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