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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "D"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
DADY Michael laborer h Waterford Bridge Road
DAHL Bernard seaman h 71 Water, w
DALTON Ellen grocer, 29 Barnes Road h 29 Barnes Road
DALTON James laborer bds Belvidere
DALTON Joseph shoemaker bds Belvidere
DALTON John storekeeper h 29 Barnes Road
DALTON Mrs grocer and provisions, 172 Water, w h 172 Water, w
DALTON John J machinist h 172 Water, w
DALTON Margaret wid John h 1 Patrick
DALTON Mary wid Thomas h 12 Catherine
DALTON Patrick clerk h 12 Catherine
DALTON Patrick laborer h Maxse
DALTON Patrick salesman h 12 Hayward's Avenue
DALTON Patrick shoemaker h Belvidere
DALTON Patrick accountant h 172 Water, w
DALTON William carman h 47 Lime
DALTON William carpenter h Gower
DALY James salesman bds 80 Pleasant
DALY John shoemaker h 42 Larkin's Square
DALEY Lawrence shoemaker bds 17 Mullock
DALEY Mary wid Robert h 154 New Gower
DALY Patrick laborer h 92 Brazil's Square
DALEY Patrick shoemaker h 17 Mullock
DALEY Thomas shoemaker h 198 New Gower
DANIELLE CHAS H restaurant, Duckworth h Duckworth
DANIEL Prescilla wid Charles h 62 Mullock
DANIEL Thomas printer h 31 Hayward Avenue
DARCY MICHAEL merchant tailor, 16 New Gower h 16 New Gower
DAUNTON Aaron sawyer (sic) h 41 Fleming
DAUNTON Edward clerk bds 41 Fleming
DAUNTON Frederick carpenter h 38 Fleming
DAUNTON Mark blacksmith bds 41 Fleming
DAVEY Charles A carpenter h Freshwater Road
DAVEY EDWARD H of E H & G Davey h Bond, cor Victoria
DAVEY E H & G Builders and Contractors Bond See adv per appendix
DAVEY Frederick Builder and Contractor h Victoria
DAVEY GEORGE A of E H & G Davey h 83 Military Road
DAVEY John carpenter h 85 Military Road
DAVEY Susan wid Edward h 83 Military Road
DAVID Esau carpenter bds Belvidere
DAVIDSON Adam stonecutter bds Gower
DAVIDSON Malcolm salesman bds 367 Water
DAVIDSON William grocer h 6 Adelaide
DAVIDSON WILLIAM H Grocer and Fruit Dealer, 367 Water h 367 Water See adv per index
DAVIDSON William J salesman bds 367 Water
DAVIS Elizabeth wid Patrick h 34 Cabot
DAVIS Isabel Rescue House Boncloddy
DAVIS James brass fitter h 68 Patrick
DAVIS James salesman bds 24 Water, w
DAVIS James storekeeper h 65 Cochrane
DAVIS Job carpenter bds Belvidere
DAVIS John J accountant h Cochrane
DAVIS Samuel engineer h Cove Road
DAVIS William wharfinger h 1 1/2 College Square
DAWE Eli carpenter h Young
DAWE Elizabeth nurse hospital Quidividi Road
DAWE George carpenter h Young
DAWS George cashier h Merry Meeting Road
DAWE Isaiah laborer h 9 George
DAWE James carpenter h 355 Water, w
DAWE John carpenter h 25 Job's
DAWE John salesman h 33 Adelaide
DAWE Joseph laborer h 16 Convent Lane
DAWE Moses laborer h 12 Hayward Avenue
DAWE Robert clerk bds Merry Meeting Road
DAWE Samuel Sergeant police h Cabot
DAWE Thomas master mariner r Merry Meeting Road
DAWE William J carpenter h Barter's Hill
DAWSON James seaman bds 216 New Gower
DAWSON John fireman h 45 Angel Place
DAWSON JOHN grocer, 275 Water, w h 275 Water, w
DAY Elias carpenter bds Young
DAY Ellen wid Thomas h 48 King's Bridge
DAY Mrs James grocer, 323 Water, w h 323 Water, w
DAY John engineer h York
DAY John seaman h 9 Carew
DAY Mary wid Charles h Holloway
DOYLE Martin J tailor h New Gower
DAYMOND Peter carpenter h Carter's Hill
DAYMOND JOSEPH Furniture and Cabinet Maker, 274 Duckworth h 274 duckworth
DAYMOND William cabinet maker h King's Road
DEADY Patrick cabinet maker h 351 Duckworth
DEAGON John seaman h 38 Casey's
DEAGON Patrick fisherman h Holloway
DEAN Alfred sea captain h 83 Pleasant
DEARIN Azariah laborer h 42 Quidividi Road
DEARIN Joseph fireman h Pennywell Road
DeROURKE Richard cabinet maker h Duckworth, e
DECKER Mary cook, hospital Quidividi Road
DEE JEREMIAH H boot and shoemaker, Water, e h Allan's Square
DEER John laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi Road
DEER John, jr carpenter h Quidi Vidi Road
DEE Michael farmer h Freshwater Road
DELANEY Patrick fireman h 344 Duckworth
DELANEY Patrick laborer h 4 Lime
DELANEY Patrick sea captain h 12 Sheehan
DELGADO ANDREW A Fruit and Fancy Goods, Water, e h Water, e See adv page 138
DEMPSEY Edmund laborer bds Woods
DEMPSEY Miss Ellen   h Sudbury, cor Water
DEMPSEY James cooper h Wood
DEMPSEY John apprentice bds 7 Plymouth Road
DEMPSEY John cooper h Cabot, w
DEMPSEY John laborer h 73 Plymouth Road
DEMPSEY John, jr laborer bds 73 Plymouth Road
DEMPSEY John laborer bds Woods
DEMPSTER James E salesman h South Side, w
DENIEF Edward, sr engine driver h Hoylestown
DENIEF Edward fireman h 27 Quidi Vidi Road
DENIEF James laborer h 43 Cuddihy's Lane
DENIEF John laborer h 87 New Gower
DENIEF Mary grocer, 29 Quidi Vidi Road h 29 Quidi Vidi Road
DENIEF Patrick engineer h Gower
DERRICK Henry Central House, 5 Williams' Lane h 5 Williams' Lane
DES ISLES C R French Consul 16 Barnes Road
DeVANNA Michael gunsmith, 268 Gower h 268 Gower
DEVEREUX Edward shoe finding, 100 New Gower 100 New Gower
DEVEREUX EDWARD, Jr post office inspector h Gower, e
DEVEREUX John laborer bds Goodview
DEVEREUX Louisa wid James h 27 Mullock
DEVEREUX Mary wid William h 1 Gorman's Lane
DEVEREUX Wm shoe findings 117 New Gower
DEVEREUX William laborer h 329 Water, w
DEVEREUX William printer h 1 Barnes Road
DEVINE M A of Devine & O'Mara, job printers Duckworth
DEVINE Patrick clerk h 74 Hayward Avenue
DEVINE & O'MARA   Job Printers Duckworth See adv page 138
DEWAR John tailor bds Queen's Road
DEWLING Thomas boatman h 44 William
DIAMOND Arthur clerk h Queen's Road
DIAMOND John cabman h Henry
DIAMOND LEVI hardware, stoves, tinware, etc. Water, e h Gower
DIAMOND L A   bds Gower
DIAMOND Robert laborer h Field
DIAMOND Samuel farmer h Quidi Vidi Road
DIAMOND William laborer h Field
DICKINSON Chas K cashier h 32 Le Marchant Road
DICKINSON H com merchant, Water h Park Rowe, off Rennie's Mill Road
DICKS Anne wid George h 122 Hamilton
DICKS Ann wid John h 25 Monkstown Road
DICKS & CO.   Stationers and Bookbinders See adv page 140
DICKS Jacob ship carpenter h 22 Flower Hill
DICKS JOHN sailmaker bds 30 Codner
DICKS J & G Sailmakers Adelaide See adv page 132
DICKS WINSER sailmaker h 35 Hutchings
DIETLINGER Edmund watchmaker bds Parade
DILLON Matthew watchman h 334 Water, w
DILLON Michael plasterer h 21 Barnes Road
DILLON Peter tinsmith h 39 Bannerman
DILLON Richard laborer h 10 Springdale
DILLON Mrs Thomas   h South Side, w
DINGLE Edward master mariner h Long's Hill
DINN Miss Alice grocer, 71 New Gower h 71 New Gower
DINN Dennis laborer h Battery Road
DINN Miss Ellen grocer, 25 Barnes Road h 25 Barnes Road
DOBBIN Daniel laborer h Signal Hill Road
DOBBIN James shoemaker h Gower
DOBBIN Patrick fish culler h Bond
DOCK THE GRAVING   Harvey & Angle proprietors office dock premises
DODD George cabman h Boncloddy
DODD Mathew laborer h Livingstone
DODD Thomas cabman h Boncloddy Road
DODD Thomas seaman h 18 Hayward Avenue
DOHENEY Michael seaman bds Gower
DOHENEY Thomas cooper h 4 Damerill's Lane
DOHERTY Catherine wid James h 122 Casey's Lane
DOHERTY Ellen   h Gower
DOHERTY John shoemaker h 122 Casey's Lane
DOHERTY Thomas laborer h 122 Casey's Lane
DONNALD (SIC) John boiler maker bds Gower
DONNELLY A P J clerk h 23 King's Bridge Road
DONNELLY Frank accountant bds King's Bridge Road
DONNELLY John laborer h 13 Barron
DONNELLY John plumber h 13 Bannerman
DONNELLY Michael clerk h John
DONNELLY Miss Minnie   h 13 Monkstown Road
DONNELLY Richard harness maker h 13 Bannerman
DONNELLY Thomas stone cutter bds 16 New Gower
DONNELLY William bricklayer bds 13 Bannerman
DONNELLY William salesman h 21 John
DONNELLY William watchman h 1 Barter's Hill
DONNELLY WILLIAM American vice-consul bds Kng's Bridge Road
DONNELLY WILLIAM J S, M H A h King's Bridge Road
DONNELLY William L clerk Union Bank h King's Bridge Road
DONAHUE JAMES galvanized iron and copper work, Water, e h Cochrane
DONOHUE Jeremiah laborer  
DONOHOE John laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
DONAHOE Patrick fisherman h 22 Casey's Lane
DONAOVAN Catherine wid Timothy, liquors, Duckworth h Duckworth, e
DONOVAN James laborer h 3 Mullock
DONOVAN James printer h Signal Hill Road
DONOVAN Margaret wid John h Quidi Vidi Road
DONOVAN William laborer h Signal Hill Road
DOOLEY Dennis butcher 15 New Gower
DOOLEY Dennis butcher, Duckworth h Duckworth, e
DOOLEY Edward butcher h 194 New Gower
DOOLEY Francis baker h 44 Quidi Vidi Road
DOOLEY James shipwright h Prescott
DOOLEY John seaman h 41 Signal Hill Road
DOOLEY Mary Ann wid William, boarding house Prescott
DOOLEY Michael butcher bds Duckworth, e
DOOLEY Michael truckman h 106 New Gower
DOOLEY Patrick butcher h 132 George
DOOLEY Peter carpenter h 121 New Gower
DOOLEY Richard watchman h Yorke
DOOLEY Thomas harbor master assistant h 44 William
DOOLEY Thomas shipwright h 34 Bannerman
DOOLEY William laborer h 29 Adelaide
DOOLING Harry carpenter Ayres Road
DOOLING Johanna wid Mark h Young
DOOLING John carpenter h Livingstone
DOOLING Richard constable Fort Townshend
DOOLING Thomas carpenter bds Young
DORAN Albert carpenter h 38 Barnes Road
DORAN James laborer bds 38 Barnes Road
DORAN John carpenter h 39 Duckworth
DORMADY Richard storekeeper bds Yorke
DORMANT John sailmaker h 12 Convent Lane
DOUGHERTY John carman h 24 Sebastian
DOUNTON Frederick carpenter h Fleming
DOUTNEY Edward blacksmith, Duckworth h 24 Bond
DOUTNEY William blacksmith h 24 Bond
DOVE Arthur J accountant h Mundy's Pond Road
DOVE REV JAMES, DD Methodist h South Side, w
DOVE Wilfred R cashier h 12 South Side, w
DOVER James boiler maker h 106 Casey's Lane
DOWDEN Allan mason bds 13 Mullock
DOWDEN Edward tinsmith h 13 Mullock
DOWDEN John carman h Logy Bay Road
DOWDEN Richard carman h 27 Quidi Vidi Road
DOWDEN Richard farmer h Logy Bay Road
DOWDEN Thomas   h 11 Mullock
DOWDEN Walter carpenter bds Mullock
DOWDEN William laborer h 13 Mullin's Lane
DOWDEN William truckman h Queen's Road
DOWDEN William watchman h 13 Mullock
DOWN Charles tanner bds 59 Monkstown Road
DOWNEY Daniel shoemaker h Le Marchant Road
DOWNEY Francis carpenter h 79 Casey's Lane
DOWNEY JOSEPH F crown lands office h Pennywell Road
DOWNS Robert laborer h 10 Flower Hill
DOWNS Robert shoemaker h 228 New Gower
DOWNS Robert shoemaker h Mundy's Pond Road
DOWNS William shoemaker bds 2 New Gower
DOWNTON Aaron carpenter h 41 Flemming
DOWNTON Edward salesman h 41 Flemming
DOWNTON George carpenter h 178 Pleasant
DOYLE Annie wid Robert h 6 Rossiter's Lane
DOYLE Elizabeth wid James h 127 Quidi Vidi Road
DOYLE Ellen wid Peter h 9 William
DOYLE FRANCIS J Commercial Academy, Prescott h Prescott See adv page 150
DOYLE James cooper h 14 Flower Hill
DOYLE James laborer h r 211 New Gower
DOYLE James miner h 58 Pleasant
DOYLE John carpenter h Long's Hill
DOYLE John laborer h 23 Rossiter's Lane
DOYLE John packer h 21 Butler's Place, off Hamilton
DOYLE John shoemaker bds 127 Quidi Vidi Road
DOYLE John J shoemaker h 1 Butler's Place
DOYLE Martin J tailor h 48 New Gower
DOYLE Mary wid Edward, grocer, 54 Mullock h 54 Mullock
DOYLE Michael blockmaker bds 9 William
DOYLE Michael cooper h Queen's Road
DOYLE Patrick laborer bds 54 Mullock
DOYLE Patrick J accountant h 6 Maxse
DOYLE Thomas cooper h Bond
DRAKER Richard master mariner h Gower
DRISCOLL Absolam carpenter h Field
DRISCOLL Benjamin laborer h Field
DRISCOLL Elias seaman h Field
DRISCOLL Elizabeth wid John h 17 Hamilton
DRISCOLL George carpenter h Field
DRISCOLL John shoemaker, 36 George h 36 George
DRISCOLL Selina wid John h 77 Casey's Lane
DRISCOLL Willis carpenter h Scott
DROKEN william laborer h 38 Thomas
DROVER Archibald carpenter h Young
DROVER Waltham ship carpenter h Brazil's Square
DROVER Thomas laborer h 35 Buchanan
DRUDGE John boilermaker h 28 McDougal
DRUDGE John laborer h South Side, e
DRYER & GREENE   Auctioners and Commission Merchants George See adv page 152
DRYER HENRY B superintendent money order office h 104 Military Road
DRYER JOHN R hair dressing saloon, 62 and 64 George h 62 and 64 George
DRYER William G clerk customs bds 104 Military Road
DUCHERTY William tailor bds 38 Le Marchant Road
DUCHEMINE JAMES B window blind factory, 47 George h Pleasant
DUDER CHARLES R accountant h Portugal Cove, old road
DUDER EDWIN Wholesale General Merchant and Shipowner, 353 Water h 353 Water country residence "Carpasian," near Long Pond Road
DUDLEY Edward upholsterer bds 15 Monkstown Road
DUDLEY John carpenter h Monkstown Road
DUFF Edward clerk bds 196 New Gower
DUFF JOHN grocer, 196 New Gower h 196 New Gower
DUFF Patrick blacksmith bds 196 New Gower
DUFFITT George laborer h Harvey Road
DUFFETT George watchman h Spencer
DUFFETT John carpenter h Spencer
DUFFETT Thomas laborer bds Spencer
DUFFETT Thomas laborer h 80 Water, w
DUFFETT Thomas shoemaker h Gilbert
DUFFY Catherine wid Andrew, grocer, Cabot h Cabot
DUFFY Michael salesman h 1 Cabot
DUFFY Patrick seaman h Cookstown Road
DUGGAN Bridget wid James h 23 Cuddihy's Lane
DUGGAN Mrs Bridget wines and spirits, Water h Water
DUGGAN James watchman, penitentiary h 213 New Gower
DUGGAN Johanna wid Thomas h 18 Casey's Lane
DUGGAN Timothy laborer h 49 Cabot
DUGGAN Thomas seaman h 4 Richmond, off Leslie
DUGGAN WILLIAM grocer, 76 Casey's Lane h 76 Casey's Lane
DUKE Peter seaman h 16 Carter's Hill
DUKE Patrick shoemaker h 13 Carter's Hill
DULHANTY David laborer bds 246 New Gower
DULHANTY Thomas laborer bds 246 New Gower
DULHANTY Thomas laborer h 13 Carew
DULEY Frank baker h Quidi Vidi Road
DULEY Joseph cash clerk h Young
DULEY T J & Co Watchmakers and Jewlers Water, e See adv page 160
DULEY THOMAS J of T J Duley & Co. h 82 Freshwater Road
DUMPHY John M printer h Rennie's Mill Road
DUMPHY Patrick cooper h 27 Duggan
DUNCAN C K saleman bds Gower
DUNCAN John storekeeper h 94 New Gower
DUNFIELD REV HENRY Church of England h Forest Road
DUNN DENNIS grocer, 21 Goodview h 21 Goodview
DUNN Henry fisherman h Hayward Avenue
DUNN James carman h 9 Catherine
DUNN James carpenter h Buchanan
DUNN James fsherman h 18 Finn's Lane
DUNN John baker h Victoria
DUNN John laborer h prospect
DUNN John tinsmith h William
DUNN Margaret wid John h 29 Sudbury
DUNN Michael laborer h 22 Haggarty's Lane
DUNN Michael superintendent fire department h 33 Cuddihy's Lane
DUNN Patrick cooper h Allendale Road
DUNN Thomas laborer h 41 Power
DUNN Thomas painter h King's Road
DUNN William carpenter h Mullock
DUNN William cabman h 51 Hayward Avenue
DUNN William coachman h 27 Barter's Hill
DUNPHY Anistasia wid John, grocer, 237 New Gower h 237 New Gower
DUNPHY Catherine wid Michael h 149 New Gower
DUNPHY James clerk Rennie's Mill Road
DUNPHY James seaman h Cookstown
DUNPHY John bookkeeper post office h Gower, near King's Road
DUNPHY John laborer h 6 Dammerill's Lane
DUNPHY PATRICK grocer, Parade h Parade
DUNPHY Thomas cooper h 27 Flower Hill
DUNPHY Thos app shoemaker h 27 Flower Hill
DUNPHY William clerk bds 8 Rennie's Mill Road
DUNSTERVILLE JAMES tailor and confectioner, 101 New Gower h 101 New Gower
DuTOT Charles G postoffice clerk and translator h 16 Pennywell Road
DWYER Ambrose fisherman h Prospect
DWYER Bridget wid Peter h Bannerman
DWYER Eli Carpenter h Dick's Square
DWYER George watchmaker h Dick's Square
DWYER Hannah wid Thomas h 8 Hayward Avenue
DWYER Mrs Hannah matron hospital Signal Hill
DWYER Henry watchmaker h Dick's Square
DWYER James carpenter h Dick's Square
DWYER James laborer h 16 Catherine
DWYER James G carpenter h Dick's Square
DWYER Jane wid Henry h 17 John
DWYER Johanna hospital nurse Quidi Vidi Road
DWYER John blacksmith h 8 Hayward Avenue
DWYER John carpenter h prospect
DWYER John laborer h Le Marchant Road
DWYER John truckman h Scott
DWYER Joseph boiler maker h 82 Patrick
DWYER Patrick plumber bds 8 Hayward Avenue
DWYER Richard tailor bds 68 George
DWYER Susan wid Thomas h 61 1/2 Lime
DWYER Thomas laborer bds 16 Catherine
DWYER William drug clerk bds 8 Hayward Avenue
DYART John carpenter bds Bell
DYER Catherine wid George h 9 Parade
DYER George shipwright bds 11 Parade
DYER Michael clerk bds 11 Parade
DYER Patrick J reporter h 29 William
DYER Richard planter h Long's Hill
DYER William seaman h Signal Hill Road

This page transcribed by Don Tate in sunny Florida (September 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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