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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "C"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
CADWELL Elias carpenter h 10 Stewart Avenue
CADWELL James moulder h 168 LeMarchant Road
CADWELL James seaman h 8 Sheehan
CADWELL John moulder h 10 Stewart Avenue
CAEN George accountant C B h 52 Alendale Road
CAFE Jacob laborer h South side, e
CAHILL James laborer h 60 Mullock
CAHILL John laborer h 26 Banes Road
CAHILL John laborer h spencer
CAHILL John shoemaker h 20 Springdale
CAHILL Michael laborer h 5 Gorman's Lane
CAHILL Michael laborer h 50 Kings Road
CAHILL Peter wheelwright h King's Road
CAHILL Thomas cabman h 5 Damerill's Lane
CAHILL Thomas R R section h 6 Plymouth Road
CAHNING John cabman h 26 Plank
CAHNING John shoemaker h 26 Plank
CAHNING Lewis cabman h 26 Plank
CAIN Sylvester CARTER h 9 Barnes Place, off Barnes Road
CAIN Thomas storekeeper h 9 Barnes Place, off Barnes Road
CAIRNS Mrs. Thomas Milliner, 305 Water h 305 Water
CAKE Richard laborer h 37 New Lane
CALLAHAN Cornelius boatman customs h 6 Battery Road
CALLAHAN - GLASS & CO, Furniture Dealers, Carpet Makers, Etc cor Duckworth and Gower See adv page 122
CALLAHAN Jeremiah master mariner h 63 George
CALLAHAN John - h 404 Water
CALLAHAN JOHN of Callaghan, Glass & Co (sic) h 93 Balsam
CALLAHAN John C. salesman h Duckworth, e
CALLAHAN Nicholas laborer h 167 New Gower
CALLAHAN Richard tinsmith h 404 Water
CALLAHAN RODGER Grocer, 404 Water h 404 Water
CALLAHAN RODGER Hardware and Tinware, etc, 384 and 386 Water h 282 New Gower See adv page 122
CALLAHAN William laborer h 169 New Gower
CALLANAN Catherine wid Michael h Duckworth, e
CALLANAN JAMES J. Provisions and Groceries 160-162 Water, w h 160-162 Water, w See adv page 126
CALLANAN James P. accountant h 160-162 Water, w
CALLANAN John T. clerk h 160-162 Water, w
CALLANAN John clerk bds Duckworth, e
CALLANAN Richard J. baker bds Duckworth, e
CALDER John moulder h 1 Sudbury
CALVERT JAMES A. Custom Tailor, Water h Queen's Road See adv per index
CALVERT John farmer h New Town Road
CALVERT John, jr clerk h New Town Road
CALWELL Stewart pattern maker h 16 Prescott
CAMERON Angus coppersmith h 4 Forest Road
CAMERON Colin salesman h 3 Stephens
CAMPBELL ARCHIBALD of Campbell Lumber Co h Freshwater Road
CAMPBELL Bernard blacksmith bds 72 Lime
CAMPBELL Colin - h 42 Freshwater Road
CAMPBELL COLIN R. of Campbell & Smith h Circular Road
CAMPBELL Daniel laborer h 12 Convent Square
CAMPBELL Mrs. David saleswoman h Gower
CAMPBELL James clerk post office bds Prescott
CAMPBELL Jane wid William h Cook
CAMPBELL LUMBER CO. W. B. Smith Manager Springdale See adv page 118
CAMPBELL Mary wid Neill h Circular Road
CAMPBELL & SMITH - Commission and Wholesale Merchants Water, e See adv col leaf
CAMPBELL WILLIAM Butcher, 350 Water h 350 Water See adv per Index
CAMPBELL William clerk h Circular Road
CAMPBELL William clerk post office h 12 Convent Square
CAMPBELL WILLIAM Hardware and Builders' Supplies, 434 Water, w, and Duckwort, e H Fresh Water Road See adv per Index
CANDOW Walter shoemaker h 18 Barter's Hill
CANDOW David R R machinist h 12 Plymouth Road
CANE David laborer h 4 Pleasant
CANE Richard seaman h 4 Pleasant
CANES John fisherman h 3 College Square
CANES Thomas shoemaker bds 3 College Square
CANNING Alfred E. clerk h Quidividi Road
CANNINGs Andrew laborer h 126 Pleasant
CANNING Emma C E Orphanage Military Road
CANNING Frank Purser Virginia Lake h 64 New Gower
CANNING John accountant bds Cochrane
CANNING Louisa wid William h Quidividi Road
CANNING Mary C E Orphanage Military Road
CANNING Samuel accountant h Cochrane
CANNING William seaman h 126 Pleasant
CANTWELL - Mrs. John h 62 Water, w
CANTWELL Joseph drug clerk bds 68 Lime
CANTWELL Mary Ann variety, Henry h Henry
CANTWELL Michael Block House Signal Hill
CANTWELL Patrick shoemaker h Water
CANTWELL Redmond cooper h Livinstone
CANTWELL Thomas laborer h 55 Lime
CARBURY Catherine variety, Fleming h Fleming
CARBURY Edward cooper h Holloway
CARBURY E. Ladies Emporium millinary and dressmaker, 13 Queen h 13 Queen
CARBURY Michael cooper h Holloway
CARBURY Morris shoemaker h 29 Princess
CARBURY William laborer h 6 Fleming
CAREW Alexander salesman -
CAREW John fireman -
CAREW John undertaker, 10 Carew h 10 Carew
CAREW Michael salesman bds Cook
CAREW Thomas salesman h Castle
CAREY David laborer h Murphy Square
CAREY Elizabeth wid John h 265 Gower
CAREY John fireman h 7 Simmes
CAREY John laborer h 36 Barnes Road
CAREY John seaman h 44 Wickford
CAREY Joseph fisherman h Coady's Lane
CAREY Stephen fisherman h 11 Carter's Hill
CAREY Thomas bookeeper h Prospect
CARBERRY Richard carpenter h South side, e
CARLISLE John bicklayer bds Gower
CARLISLE W. A. piano agent 11 Adelaide bds City Hotel
CARLSON William F. painter h South side, w
CARLYLE CHARLES C. Canadian Land and R R agent, Merchant's Block, Water, e bds 114 Quidividi Road
CARMICHAEL James A. salesman h 18 Belvidere
CARMICHAEL James B. bookkeeper h 62 Patrick
CARNELL Charles William blacksmith h 93 Quidividi Road
CARNELL Edward clerk h 16 COCHRANE
CARNELL Elizabeth J. wid Richard h 13 William
CARNELL ELIZABETH R. (wid John), Carriage Factory, Duckworth, e h COCHRANE See adv per index
CARNELL George clerk h 16 COCHRANE
CARNELL James baker h 43 Signal Hill Road
CARNELL John carpenter bds 79 Quidividi Road
CARNELL John clerk h King's Bridge Road
CARNELL John porter bds 6 Convent Square
CARNELL Mary wid James, grocer, 220 1/2 New Gower h 220 1/2 New Gower
CARNELL THOMAS Carriage Builder and Undertaker, 116-118 George h 6 CARNELL See adv page 144
CARNELL Thomas clerk bds 43 Signal Hill Road
CARNELL William road inspector h 79 quidividi Road
CARNEW Isaac carpenter h 36 Lime
CARNEW John seaman h Cabot
CARNEY Edward carman h 36 Plank
CARNEY William fisherman h 36 Cuddihey
CARRIGAN/td> James seaman h 62 Porter's Hill
CARIGAN Peter laborer h 37 Pleasant
CARRIGAN Thomas laborer h 12 Pope's
CARROLL Bridget wid Thomas, grocer, York h York
CARROLL Catherine wid Patrick, dressmaker h 12 Hutchings
CARROLL Daniel carver h 89 Patrick
CARROLL Francis laborer h Holloway
CARROLL James seaman h Livingstone
CARROLL Johnanah wid Thomas h Gower
CARROLL John mason bds 146 New Gower
CARROLL John packer h 10 Barter's Hill
CARROLL John seaman h 86 Patrick
CARROLL Mary gocer, 200 New Gower h 200 New Gower
CARROLL Michael gardener h 91 Monkstown Road
CARROLL Michael salesman h Beach, Duckworth
CARROLL Michael seaman bds 10 Brennan's Lane
CARROLL Nicholas fisherman h 14 Duggan
CARROLL Patrick laborer bds Holloway
CARROLL Richard cooper h Signal Hill Road
CARROLL Thomas laborer bds Hollaway (sic)
CARROLL William carpenter Long's Hill
CARROLL William J. clerk, Registry Office h Cochrane
CARSON Edward carpenter h Young
CARSON Elizabeth wid George bds Young
CARSON William carpenter h Pilots' Hill
CARSON William, jr carpenter bds Pilots' Hill
CARTER Edward blacksmith h 20 Foyles Town (sic)
CARTER Edward F. liquors, 30 New Gower h 30 New Gower
CARTER Edwin blacksmith bds 20 Duckworth
CARTER Edwin S accountant h Hillsborough, King's Bridge Road
CARTER Frederick clerk h King's Bridge Road
CARTER SIR FREDERICK chief justice h King's Bridge Road
CARTER George sea captain h Young
CARTER George J. accountant h 77 Rennie's Mill Road
CARTER Henry D. chief cashier Commercial Bank h 11 Maxse
CARTER HUGH Barrister and Soliciter, Beck's Cove h Quidividi Road
CARTER Hugh cooper bds Balsom
CARTER James governor's orderly Military Road
CARTER JAMES sheriff Southern District h Barnes Road
CARTER John cooper h 20 Duckworth
CARTER John laborer h Signal Hill Road
CARTER J. C. of WD Morrison & Co h 125 Hamilton
CARTER Miss variety, 48 Water h 48 Water
CARTER ROBERT supt Mercantile Marine h King's Bridge Road
CARTER William cooper h 20 Duckworth
CARTER William laborer h Signal Hill Road
CARTY George T. student at law h Cochrane
CARTY Joseph P. assistant clerk supreme court h Cochrane
CARTY MICHAEL H. Barrister and Soliciter, Duckworth h Cochrane
CARTY Paul J P - h Cochrane
CASE Samuel carpenter h Gilbert
CASE Samuel assistant storekeeper h 55 Carter's Hill
CASEY Catherine wid Patrick h 28 Thomas
CASEY Martin watchman h South Side, w
CASEY Mary wid John h Casey
CASEY Michael laborer h 22 Thomas
CASEY Michael tinsmith h South Side, w
CASEY Patrick butcher, 38 Water, w H 38 Water, w
CASEY Peter laborer h 22 Thomas
CASH Edward carman bds 57 Monkstown Road
CASH Francis laborer h 57 Monkstown Road
CASH James tobacconist, etc, 398 Water h 398 Water
CASTELLE HENRY Baker, Duckworth, e h Duckworht, e See adv page 126
CAUL James shoecutter h Flower Hill
CAUL John fisherman h Sheehan shute
CAUL Michael porter h Bond
CAULDER John moulder bds Sudbury
CAVANAGH Cornelius machinist h 36 Hutchings
CAVANAGH Edward laborer h 27 Cuddihy
CAVANAGH John watchman h 10 Hamilton
CAVANAGH Michael laborer bds 30 Wickford
CAVANAGH Simon laborer h 42 Wickford
CAVE Joseph carpenter h 163 New Gower
CAVE Robert sea captain h 25 John
CAVE Thomas boiler maker h 11 Barter's Hill
CHAFE Alfred bookkeeper h Long's Hill
CHAFE Benjamin laborer h South side, e
CHAFE David fisherman h 55 Colonial
CHAFE DAVID M. Carriage Builder and Undertaker, 124 George h 19 Princess See adv page 128
CHAFE Frederick blacksmith h 19 Princess
CHAFE Frederick coachman h 15 Maxse
CHAFE Harriet wid George h 109 Hamilton
CHAFE Herbert B. salesman h 109 Hamilton
CHAFE Jacob cooper h 138 CASEy
CHAFE Joseph laborer h 62 Mulloch
CHAFE Levi G. salesman h 58 Springdale
CHAFE Louisa grocer, 55 Colonial h 55 Colonial
CHAFE Phillip truckman h Field
CHAFE Samuel laborer h Gower
CHAFE Thomas laborer h 45 William
CHAFE William fisherman h 47 Cabot
CHAFE William temperance saloon, 320 Water h 320 Water
CHAFE William F. shoemaker h South Side, e
CHALKER James plasterer bds Parade
CHALLENGE John shoemaker h Plank Road
CHANCEY Herbert L. accountant h 90 Fresh Water Road
CHANCEY Lionel T. sub-sheriff h 7 Monkstown Road
CHANCEY Lloyd hairdresser h 10 cook
CHANCEY Robert storekeeper h 90 Fresh Water Road
CHANCEY Sidney clerk h 90 Fresh Water Road
CHANCEY William salesman h 10 cook
CHANCEY Willis boilermaker h 40 Alexander
CHANNING James druggist h Gower, e
CHAPLIN Edwin tailor h 7 Knight
CHAPLIN James A. clerk bds 7 Knight
CHAPLIN John F. clerk h 10 Plymouth Road
CHAPLIN Mark, sr tailor h 7 Knight
CHAPLIN MARK Merchant Tailor, Water, e h Rennie's Mill Road
CHAPMAN EDWARD hardware manager h 122 LeMarchant Road
CHAPMAN J. E. accountant h Le Marchant Road
CHAPMAN John grocer, 40 Barnes Road h 40 Barnes Road
CHAPMAN Rob K. salesman h 122 LeMarchant
CHAPPELL RENWICK R. Importers of Builders requisites, Prescott h Prescott See adv page 150
CHARLES Thomas fruit and confectionery, Duckworth h Duckworth, e
CHASTY John cooper, 17 Damerill's Lane h 36 Adelaide
CHANCY Mary wid Patrick h Gower
CHUKS George laborer h 37 Barter's Hill
CHIDLEY Joseph laborer h 72 McFarlan's Lane
CHIDLEY Joseph shoemaker h 32 Casey's
CHIDLEY Thomas laborer h 72 McFarlan's Lane
CHIDLEY Thomas app shoemaker h McFarlane's Lane
CHIPMAN Joshua sailmaker bds 26 George
CHISHOLM J. F. J. F. Stationer, Bookseller and Fancy Goods, Water h Water See adv page 128
CHISLET George ship carpenter h 17 Flower Hill
CHISLET Nicholas ship carpenter h 28 Flower Hill
CHORANS Patrick laborer h 24 John
CHOWN Albert E. clerk bds 31 King's Bridge Road
CHOWN Francis H. accountant h 31 King's Bridge road
CHOWN Newman W. carpenter bds 31 King's Bridge Road
CHRISTIAN Alex. salesman bds 86 Pleasant
CHRISTIAN Alfred salesman bds 86 Pleasant
CHRISTIAN Archibald H. salesman h 86 Pleasant
CHRISTIAN George salesman h 156 Le Marchant Road
CHRISTIAN James clerk h 156 Le Marchant Road
CHRISTMAS George plasterer h Bully
CHRISTOPHER Ellen wid Thomas h 5 College Square
CHRISTOPHER Emma wid John bds Wood
CHRISTOPHER Garrett printer h McDougall
CHRISTOPHER James app shoemaker h 109 New Gower
CHRISTOPHER John carpenter h 20 Stephen
CHRISTOPHER John laborer h Wood
CHRISTOPHER John printer bds 40 Colonial
CHRISTOPHER Martin engineer Lunatic Asylum h 109 New Gower
CHRISTOPHER Patrick master mariner h Queen's Road
CHRISTOPHER William laborer h 40 Colonial
CHUDLEY Thomas laborer h 24 Lime
CHURCHILL Ambrose engineer h 37 John
CHURCHILL Augustus bookkeeper h 37 John
CHURCHILL Cain carpenter h Duckworth
CHURCHILL Miss Emeline - h Field
CHURCHILL George laborer h 23 Barron
CHURCHILL Richard butcher h King's Road
CHURCHILL Solomon laborer h 58 Larkin's Square
CITY HOTEL Mrs. George Walsh Proprietor Duckworth See adv per index
CLANCEY Bridget wid Dennis h Prospect
CLANCEY John laborer bds Prospect
CLANCEY Richard bookkeeper h 53 Job
CLANCEY Thomas sanitary inspector h 60 George
CLANCEY William laborer h Prospect
CLAPP Gilbert   h Cochrane
CLAPP John laborer bds Cochrane
CLAPP WILLIAM M. Barrister and Solicitor, Blackwood's Building, Duckworth h Cochrane
CLARE Anne wid John h 27 Casey
CLARE Anne wid Michael bds 34 Codner
CLARE John laborer h 200 Water, w
CLARE Lawrence laborer h 200 Water, w
CLARK Ambrose backsmith h Gower
CLARKE Aubery laborer h 4 Sebastian
Clark Benjamin laborer h South Side, e
CLARKE Edwin mason h 26 William
CLARK Ellen wid Noah Boncloddy
CLARKE Emma wid William h 6 Knight
CLARKE Francis carpenter bds Long's Hill
CLARKE George clerk bds 6 Knight
CLARK George W. baker, Gower h Gower
CLARKE James laborer h Young
CLARKE James porter h 16 Boncloddy
CLARKE John carpenter h 21 Hamilton
CLARK John clerk P O h 59 Springdale
CLARK John foreman h 180 Pleasant
CLARK John laborer h 56 Larkin's Square
CLARKE John seaman h Long's Hill
CLARKE John truckman h Spencer
CLARKE Joseph carter bds Circular Road
CLARK Moses H. tidewaiter, customs h Gower, e
CLARK Patrick grocer, 188 New Gower h 188 New Gower
CLARKE Patrick laborer h 29 Bambrick
CLARKE Patrick laborer 218 1/2 Water, w
CLARK Patrick stevedore h 29 Bambrick
CLARK Robert laborer h 38 Thomas
CLARK Robert restraurant, 9 Adelaide h 9 Adelaide
CLARK William tinsmith h Boncloddy
CLARK William uphosterer bds Gower
CLARK William G. salesman h 6 Knight
CLARKE Wilson clerk h Gower, e
CLATENEY Daniel clerk h Pilot's Hill
CLATENEY John fisherman h Battery Road
CLATENEY Patrick fisherman h Pilot Hill
CLEAR John seaman h 34 Codner
CLEARY Ellen wid Thomas h Queen's Road
CLEARY James laborer h Cochrane
CLEARY John laborer h Hollaway
CLEARY John laborer h 29 Patrick
CLEARY John law student and official reporter h 31 Monkstown Road
CLEARY Nicholas laborer h Cochrane
CLEARY Peter laborer h 42 Barnes Road
CLEARY HON PHILIP M L C h 31 Monkstown Road
CLEARY Philip J, jr accountant h Monkstown Road
CLEARY Stephen doorkeeper H A h Bannerman
CLEARY Thomas carpenter h King's Road
CLEARY Thomas laborer bds Queen's Road
CLEATNEY Daniel storekeeper h Pilot Hill, e
CLEMENTS Elizabeth wid William h Hunt's Lane
CLEMENTS Richard laborer bds 2 Hunt's Lane
CLEMENTS William laborer h 2 Hunt's Lane
CLEMENTS Mrs William   h 2 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
CLIFFORD James carpenter h Cook
CLIFFORD Mrs. James   h Long's Hill
CLIFFORD Martin laborer h Bully
CLIFFORD Thomas coachman bds Long Pond Road
CLIFT CHARLES N of Clift Wood & Co. h "Clifton," Rennie's Mill Road
CLIFT JAMES AUGUSTUS Barrister and Solicitor Duckworth h 10 Maxse See adv page 136
CLIFT THOMAS B of Clift Wood & Co. bds "Clifton," Rennie's Mill Road
CLIFT WOOD & CO. Ship Brokers & General Commission Merchants Water, e See adv page 124
CLINTON John seaman h 83 CASEy's
CLOONEY James cooper bds 89 New Gower
CLOONEY John farmer h Quidividi Road
CLOONEY John shoemaker bds 89 New Gower
CLOONEY Martin farmer h White Hills
CLOONEY Patrick cooper h 89 New Gower
CLOONEY Thomas laborer h 10 Catherine
CLOUSTON John tinsmith h 48 Duckworth, e
CLOUSTON Thomas tinsmith h 48 Duckworth, e
CLOUSTON WALTER J manager Oil clothing Co, mf'rs agent, Water, e h 106 Pleasant
CLOUSTON WM J. Stoves, Tinware, etc. Water, e h Water, e See adv page 120
CLOWE Maraduke accountant h 17 Maxse
CLUBS CITY Water, East, and WEST END Water, w
COADY Andrew seaman h 42 Thomas
COADY Frank shoemaker h Dunford
COADY James wharf-master h 217 New Gower
COADY John laborer h 20 Lime
COADY John wines and spirits, Water, e h Pennywell Road
COADY John & Thomas grocers Harvey Road
COADY Joseph seaman Bds Barnes Road
COADY Miss Mary Varieties, Queen's Road h Queen's Road
COADY Mary Ann wid Stephen h Colonial
COADY Matthew shoemaker h 23 Parade
COADY Michael seaman h Signal Hill Road
COADY Nicholas boots and shoes, 96 New Gower h 96 New Gower
COADY Nicholas seaman h 217 1/2 New Gower
COADY Norah wid Michael h 24 McFarlan's Lane
COADY Patrick shoemaker h 14 Chappel, e
COADY Richard seaman h 14 Buchanan
COADY Thomas laborer h 82 Casey
COADY Thomas wines and spirits, Water h Pennywell Road
COADY Walter laborer h 39 Bambrick
COADY William blacksmith bds Duckworth, e
COADY William mason h 54 Cabot
COADY William seaman h 261 Water, w
COADY William H laborer h 20 Simms
COAKER & COUGH Carpenters and Contractors 23 William See adv page 114
COAKER JOHN J of Coaker & Gough h 15 William
COAKER William fisherman h South Side, e
COAKER William watchmaker bds South Side, e
COCHLAN John mail carrier h Allendale Road
COCHLAN Miss grocer, 22 Water, w h 22 Water, w
COCHRANE James printer h Field
COCHRANE Patrick laborer h John, off Springdale
COCHRANE Philip photographer h Livingstone
COCHRANE William laborer h Field
COCKSHOTT William acting sergeant constabulary Fort Townshend
CODGE George seaman h Battery Road
CODNER John laborer h 6 Brennan's Lane
CODNER William shoemaker h 18 Wickford
COFFEY Dennis butcher h King's Road
COFFEY Jeremiah seaman h 3 James
COFFEY John seaman h 26 Carter's Hill
COFFEY Joseph plumber bds King's Road
COFFEY Michael seaman h Yorke
COFFIN Augustus school teacher h Cook
COFFIN Charles watchmaker bds 40 Bannerman
COFFIN George B. engineer bds 40 Bannerman
COFFIN Henry carpenter h 82 Barnes Raod
COFFIN John salesman h 25 Parade
COFFIN Martha wid John h Parade
COFFIN Thomas gauger customs h 40 Bannerman
COHEN George clerk Commercial Bank h Allendale Road
COHN Julius J. of Michaels & co h 382 Water
COLBERT Maurice tailor h 12 McKay
COLE Andrew baker, Cookstown h Cookstown
COLE Catherine wid Patrick h 82 Casey
COLE George tinsmith bds 21 James
COLE James laborer h 11 Lime
COLE James seaman h 16 John
COLE James J. laborer bds 11 Lime
COLE John carriage builder h 26 Dunford
COLE Mary wid William h 16 John
COLE Philip laborer h Dunford
COLE Robert farmer h King's Bridge Road
COLE Samuel laborer h 21 James
COLE Solomon coachman h 12 Wickford
COLE Theresa wid John h 14 Catherine
COLE Uriah coachman h Dunford
COLE William shoemaker h Henry
COLEMAN Edward showmaker h 49 Carter's Hill
COLEMAN George shoemaker h 3 Carew
COLEMAN James apprentice shoemaker h Carter's Hill
COLMAN John carpenter h 40 Flemming
COLEMAN Sarah wid Patrick, stationer, 99 New Gower h 99 New Gower
COLFORD James shoemaker h 8 Duggan
COLFORD Miss Margaret boarding house 95 New Gower
COLFIELD Thomas plasterer bds 192 New Gower
COLLETT Mary wid James h 142 Hamilton
COLLETT Robert laborer h 142 Hamilton
COLLIER Frederick painter h Collier's Lane
COLLIER John painter h Victoria
COLLIER Nicholas carriage builder h 2 Collier's Lane
COLLIER SAMUEL G. Carriage Builder, 8 Waldegrave h 109 Pleasant See adv page 120
COLLINGWOOD William assistant store keeper h 124 Military Road
COLLINS Amelia wid John h 46 Springdale
COLLINS Anne wid Patrick h 16 Thomas
COLLINS Arthur H salesman h 85 Monkstown Road
COLLINS Charles pensioner h Pennywell Road
COLLINS Charles truckman h Pennywell Road
COLLINS Ellen wid Michael h 18 Brien
COLLINS James pilot h Bannerman
COLLINS James storekeeper h 18 John
COLLINS JAMES J. Notary Public Public, Estate Broker, 248 Duckworth h 248 Duckworth See adv page 122
COLLINS JAMES wines and spirits, Water, e h Water, e
COLLINS JAMES J. salesman bds 4 Holdsworth
COLLINS James R. surveyor h Prescott
COLLINS Jeremiah laborer h 18 McFarlane's Lane
COLLINS John carpenter bds 7 Mullock
COLLINS John laborer h 16 Thomas
COLLINS Joseph laborer h 36 Barter's Hill
COLLINS Joseph school teacher h Parade
COLLINS Joseph laborer h Holloway
COLLINS Martin carpenter h Battery Road
COLLINS Martin pedler h 116 Casey
COLLINS Michael sea captain h 23 Mullock
COLLINS Michael clerk bds 23 Mullock
COLLINS Patrick baker h Queen's Road
COLLINS Patrick J. clerk bds 23 Mullock
COLLINS Richard barber, Duckworth bds 7 Mullock
COLLINS Rose wid Peter h 20 Convent Square
COLLINS Sarah wid William h 7 Mullock
COLLINS Terence A. carpenter bds 15 Bannerman
COLLINS Terence R. accountant h 15 Bannerman
COLLINS Teresa wid William h 18 John
COLLINS Thomas carpenter h 18 John
COLLINS Thomas carpenter h 166 Pleasant
COLLINS William cabman bds Queen's Road
COLLINS William laborer h 43 Water, w
COLLINS William pensioner h Pennywell Road
COLLINS William seaman h 130 George
COLLINS William sergeant constabulary Fort Townshend (sic)
COLLINS William, M clerk h 23 Mullock
COLLINS William, T. printer bds 15 Bannerman
COLLIS George laborer h 16 Hayward Avenue
COLLIS Henry, G. grocer, 89 Military Road h 89 Military Road
COLLIS Sarah wid James bds 16 Hayward Avenue
COLONIAL CORDAGE CO. M. MONROE, President J. H. Monroe, Manager Mundy's Pond Road See adv colored page
COLTAS Miles stovefitter h 72 Patrick
COLTER Joseph laborer Mundy's Pond Road
COLTON Edward storekeeper h Bond
COLTON Ethelbert clerk customs h South Side, w
COLQUHOUN Alexander seaman h 31 Cabott
COLWELL Louisa wid Edward h Prescott
COLYER FREDERICK, H. dry goods and groceries, etc. 237-239 Water, w h 237-239 Water, w
COMERFORD Henry, G. clerk h Gower
COMERFORD Richard cooper h 58 Cabot
COMERFORD Richard, B. operator Am Tel Co H 58 Cabot
COMFORT John laborer h 13 Barnes Road
COMFORT John, jr laborer h 13 Barnes Road
COMMERCIAL BANK OF NEWFOUNDLAND   Harry Cooke, manager Duckworth, e See adv page 164
CONDON Ellen wid Kyren h 10 Cabot
CONDON James master mariner h Dick's Square
CONDON John shoemaker h Prescott
CONDON John wood machinist bds 10 Cabot
CONDON Mary hospital laundress h Quidividi Road
CONFEDERATION LIFE ASS'N Duckworth D M Browning, agent at St. John's, L S Browning general agt for Newfoundland
CONDON James sea captain h Dick's Square
CONDON Samuel shipwright h 4 James
CONNELL Patrick butcher h Victoria
CONNELLY John salesman h 70 McFarlane's Lane
CONNELLY Margaret wid James h 46 George
CONNELLY Mrs. Michael   h 232 Water, w
CONNOLLY Mary wid Edward h 166 Pleasant
CONNOLLY Mary wid Edward, grocer, Gower h Gower
CONNOLLY MICHAEL Butcher, Military Road h Military Road See adv page 180
CONNOLLY Michael fireman h Wood
CONNOLLY William laborer h 19 Patrick
CONNORS FRANK J. Harness and Saddlery, 400 Water bds 4 Holdworth See adv page 134
CONNOR James fisherman bds 47 Wickford
CONNORS John cooper h 7 Brazil's Square
CONNORS John laborer h 28 Duggan's
CONNORS John laborer h 47 Wickford
CONNORS John of Michael & John Connors h Water, e
CONNORS Mary wid Bartholomew h Hayward Avenue
CONNORS M. Chemist and Druggist, 358 Water bds Water, e See adv page 104
CONNORS Michael clerk, P O h 160 New Gower
CONNORS Michael laborer h 5 Job's
CONNORS Michael laborer h 4 Pleasant
CONNORS Michael of Michael and John Connors h Water, e
CONNORS Michael printer h 28 McDougall
CONNORS Michael seaman bds 47 Wickford
CONNORS Owen seaman h 5 Holdsworth
CONNROS (sic) PATRICK butcher, 402 Water h 402 Water See adv page 134
CONNORS Stephen seaman h 26 Pleasant
CONNORS Thomas P. road master h 100 Forest Road
CONNORS Timothy wines and spirits, 374 Water h 374 Water
CONSTANTINE James laborer h 40 Phosen
CONSTANTINE John laborer h 23 Flower Hill
CONSTANTINE Peter baker h Queen's Road
CONSTANTINE Philip seaman h 23 Flower Hill
CONSTANTINE William fisherman h 18 1/2 Case's Lane
CONWAY Charles plasterer h 58 King's Bridge
CONWAY Dennis plasterer h 11 William
CONWAY Dennis plasterer h 17 Monkstown Road
CONWAY George plasterer bds 47 Hayward Avenue
CONWAY James carpenter h Queen's Road
CONWAY John plasterer h 76 Patrick
CONWAY John plasterer bds 47 Hayward Avenue
CONWAY Mary Ann grocer, 17 Monkstown Road h 17 Monkstown Road
CONWAY Thomas   h Queen's Road
CONWAY Thomas plasterer h 47 Hayward Aveneu
COOK Anne wid James h Cuddihey's
COOK Charles J cooper h 265 Water, w
COOK Miss Edna school teacher bds 47 New Gower
COOK Eliza wid Nicholas h 41 Moore
COOKE George bartender bds 243 Water
COOKE George carpenter h 20 1/2 Hayward Avenue
COOK George cooper, 177 New Gower h 175 New Gower
COOKE George farmer Logy Bay Road
COOKE George plumber bds 8 Bannerman
COOK George E cooper h South Side, e
COOKE Henry farmer Logy Bay Road
COOKE HENRY Manager Commercial Bank h Bank Building, Duckworth See adv page 154
COOK James carpenter bds 31 Wickford
COOK James fisherman h Bannerman
COOK James laborer h 11 Bannerman
COOK James H. cooper bds South Side, e
COOK John laborer h South Side, e
COOK John A. laborer h South Side, e
COOKE John R. carpenter h 8 Bannerman
COOK Joseph fisherman h South Side, e
COOK Joseph laborer h South Side, e
COOK Joseph T. cooper h 265 Water, w
COOK Lucy A. wid John h 28 Joy Place
COOK Philip seaman bds 31 Wickford
COOK Richard laborer h 31 Wickford
COOKE Robert H salesman h 8 Bannerman
COOK Rowland collector customs bds 47 New Gower
COOK TASKER manager Jas Pennock, Water h Water
COOK Thomas farmer White Hills
COOK WILLIAM Butcher, Water, e h Water, e
COOKE William laborer h South Side, e
COOK William H fisherman h South Side
COOK William J. cooper h South Side, e
COOKSLEY William dock master h Dock Premises, Long Bridge
COOMBS Charles laborer h Signal Hill Road
COONAN Ann wid Patrick, grocer, Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
COONAN James grocer, 63 Gower h 63 Gower
COONAN Patrick laborer bds 63 Gower
COONAN William laborer bds 63 Gower
COONEY Edward laborer h 14 Hagarty's Lane
COONEY James cooper h 107 Pleasant
COONEY Mary wid Peter bds 9 Damerills Lane
COONEY Michael J   h 13 Hutchings
COOPER Catherine wid Henry  
COOPER Charles grocer, Spencer h Spencer
COOPER Edward photographer h 242 New Gower
COOPER Eliazar porter h Spencer
COOPER Eli seaman h Spencer
COOPER Francis seaman h 4 Stephen's
COOPER James carpenter h Scott
COOPER James cooper h Field
COOPER James seaman h Spencer
COOPER John laborer h Field
COOPER Peter seaman h 26 Barter's Hill
COOPER Thomas seaman h Spencer
Corbett Johannah wid Joseph h Holloway
Corbett William wines and spirits 6 LeMarchant Road
CORBIN John apprentice boiler maker h Hicks' Lane off Prescott
CORCORAN John mason bds 34 Cabot
CORCORAN Philip accountant h Balsam
CORCORAN Sarah wid Timothy, variety, King's Road h King's Road
CORCORAN Thomas laborer h 126 Barnes Road
CORCORAN Thomas seaman bds 132 New Gower
CORCORAN William carpenter h 52 George
CORCORAN William laborer h 34 Cabot
CORCORAN William laborer h Le Marchant Road
CORMACK James first clerk customs h New Gower
Cormick Mark laborer h South Side, w
CORMACK Nicholas tinsmith h 23 Princes
CORMACK Richard pensioner h Military Road
CORMACK JOHN Agent Queen's Insurance Co, Holloway h Gower See adv page 126
CORNER Arthur salesman h Prescott
CORNICK Ann wid Rueben h 8 William
CORNICK Frederick mason h 12 William
CORNICK Frederick C. storekeeper h Gower
CORNICK Henry J. carpenter h William
CORNICK John moulder h 148 Pleasant
CORNICK Thomas lighthouse keeper h 150 Pleasant
CORNICK Thomas machinist h 148 Pleasant
CORNICK William accountant, C F Co. bds 79 Alma Place, Springdale
CORNICK William engineer h 8 Williams
CARRIGAN Patrick fisherman h 21 Flower Hill
COSE Samuel laborer h 55 Carter's Hill
COSH Edward carpenter h 1 St. John's Place, off Brien
COSH Sarah wid Jonathan h 7 Carew
COSTELLO Anastasia wid Patrick bds 7 Gorman's Lane
COSTELLO James fireman h Merry Meeting Road
COSTELLO Joseph laborer h 41 Prince
COSTELLO Martin shipcarpenter h 12 Brennan's Lane
COSTELLO Michael laborer h 40 Quidividi Road
COSTELLO Richard carpenter h 26 Wickford
COSTELLO William grocer, Gower h Gower
COSTELLO Willaim P shoemaker h 87 Hamilton
COSTIGAN Mary A. wid Maurice h 8 Duggan
COSTIGAN Patrick cooper h 154 New Gower
COSTIGAN Patrick master mariner h 274 James
COSTIGAN RICHARD J. Terra Nova Wood Manufacturing Co. 1-2 Hamilton h 63 New Gower See adv page 130
COTTER John drug clerk h Duckworth, e
COTTER Patrick   h Duckworth, e
COTTER Thomas fisherman h 24 Lime
COUCH Caleb C sea captain h 24 Hutchings
COUGHLIN James laborer h 16 Stephen
COUGHLIN Maurice laborer h 29 Adelaide
COUGHLAN William engineer h Fort Townsend
COUGHLAN William farmer h Allindale Road
COUGHLAN Wm sergeant constabulary Fort Townshend (sic)
COULTAS Elizabeth wid Joseph h 5 Hamilton
COULTAS Miles laborer h 72 Patrick
COULTON Mary wid Arthur h 25 Barter's Hill
COURTENEY Edwin boss rope walk h 147 Pleasant
COURTENEY Henry druggist assistant h 147 Pleasant
COURTENEY John constable h Long's Hill
COURTENEY Mrs Richard butcher, 418 Water h 418 Water
COURTENEY William butcher, Gower h Gower
COURTNEY WILLIAM T Chemist and Druggist, 423 Water, w h 147 Pleasant See adv page 150
COUSENS James warfinger h Dick's Square
COUSENS James H. out door agent h Dick's Square
COUSENS Nicholas L master cooper h South Side, w
COUSENS Robert H cooper bds Disk's Square
COUSENS Thomas cooper h South Side, e
COVE Robert carman h 334 Water, w
COVE Samuel laborer h 40 Larkin's Square
COVEYDUCK Robert S laborer h 49 Pleasant
COVEYDUCK John tailor bds 7 George
COVEYDUCK Theo laborer h Goodwin
COWAN Henry E accountant h 357 Water
COWAN JOHN genera agent h 357 Water
COWAN Robert A. cooper h 13 Brazil's Square
COWNEY Charles salesman bds 11 Queen
COWPERTHWAITE REV H P Methodist h 112 Hamilton
COWPERTHWAITE W M student h 112 Hamilton
COX Daniel accountant bds Gower
COX James postal clerk h Dick's Square
COX John laborer h 21 Mullock
COX Sydney seaman bds 3 Plymouth Road
COX William wines and spirits, Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
COX Z Grocer and Provisions, 347 Water h 19 Hamilton See adv page 144
COYEL Egbert cooper h South side, w
COYEL Thomas cooper h South Side, w
CRANE Fenwick bookkeeper h Prescott
CRANE John cooper h 22 Lime
CRANE Miss Mary seamstress h 38 Codner
CRAM Raymond W salesman h Theater Hill
CRANFORD William engineer h Bell
CRANIFORD Edward cooper h 11 Duggan
CRANIFORD Henry laborer h South Side, e
CRANIFORD Joseph cooper h 25 Goodwin
CRANIFORD Nicholas laborer h South Side, e
CRAWFORD John laborer h Pleasant
CRAWFORD Miss Mary   h 12 Hagarty's Lane
CREIGHTON Michael roofer bds 47 New Gower
CRICKARD Thomas shoemaker h 30 Hutchings
CRIMP Robert storekeeper h Long's Hill
CRIMP William laborer h Long's Hill
CRITCH Ambrose fisherman h 39 Moore
CRITCH Charles laborer h Field
CRITCH James carpenter h Quidi Vidi Road
CRITCH John cooper bds 39 Moore
CRITCH Joseph laborer h South Side, e
CRITCH Richard laborer h 17 Brennan's Lane
CROCKER Alexander laborer h 112 Casey
CROCKER Archibald accountant bds 68 Hamilton
CROCKER Aubry trader h 47 Hamilton
CRACKER Francis shoemaker h Carter's Hill
CROCKER Heber tailor bds Hamilton
CROCKER James carpenter h Gower
CROCKER Richard trader h 47 Hamilton
CROCKER William carriage builder h 68 Hamilton
CROCKER William S salesman h Henry
CROCKWELL James laborer bds Young
CROCKWELL Mary Jane tailoress bds 1 College Square
CROKE Edward fireman h 20 Hutchings
CROKE Elizabeth tailoress h Wood
CROKE Henry carpenter h 3 Mullock
CROKE Joseph laborer h Wood
CROKE Lawrence cooper h 8 Pleasant
CROKE Thomas clerk h Wood
CROKE Thomas laborer h 9 Wood
CRONAN Margaret wid Thoams J. h 107 Hamilton
CROOK REV EDMUND St. Patrick's R C Church h 28 Patrick
CROSBIE GEO G Proprietor Central Hotel Water See adv page 130
CROSBIE Geo, jr of W & G Crosbie, Central Hotel Water
CROSBIE Walter of W & G Crosbie bds Central Hotel, Water
CROSBIE W & G plasterers, Central Hotel  
CROSS Frank salesman h Kirk
CROSS Ronald constable Fort Townshend (sic)
CROSS William G master mariner for Edwin Duder  
CROSS William H. master mariner h r Gower, off Church Hill
CROSSMAN Robert engineer h Harvey Road
CROSSMAN Thomas engineer h Prescott
CROSSMAN William engineer h 16 Waldegrave
CROTTY Daniel carpenter h Battery Road
CROTTY James clerk h Signal Hill Road
CROTTY James P. clerk h cor Cochrane and Water
CROTTY Miss Mary Ann grocer, Water, e h Water, e
CROTTY Patrick laborer bds 139 George
CROTTY Philip clerk h Cochrane
CROTTY Thomas laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
CROTTY WILLIAM grocer, Signal Hill Road h Signal Hill Road
CROTTY William storekeeper h 3 Duckworth
CROTTY William, jr clerk bds 3 Duckworth
CROUCHER Alfred fisherman h 2 Stephen
CROW Elizabeth wid William h 16 Simms
CROWDELL James J. Clerk h 126 New Gower
CROWDY Charles P. ledger keeper, C B h Forest Road
CROWDEY Jeremiah moulder h 132 Water
CROWDY Julia wid Dr. Charles h 2 Forest Road
CROWDY William seaman h 132 Water, w
CROWDY William H. paying teller Union Bank h 358 Water
CROWDY Jane wid John h 36 Bannerman
CROWN LANDS OFFICE   Temperance Hall Victoria
CUTCH Elizabeth wid Thomas h 12 Codner
CRUTE George variety, 412 Water h 412 Water
CUDDIHY Catherine wid Michael H 11 Cuddihy
CUDDIHY Mrs James   h South Side, Riverhead
CUDDIHY John mason h 33 Flower Hill
CUDDIHY Mary wid Patrick h 55 New Gower
CUDDIHY Michael S seaman bds 55 New Gower
CUDDIHY Thomas laborer h 134 George
CUDDIHY Thomas laborer h South Side, Riverhead
CUDDIHY William carpenter h 24 Bannerman
CULLEN John cooper h 18 Gorman's Lane
CULLEN John laborer h Flavin
CULLEN John laborer h Queen's Road
CULLEN Patrick moulder h 337 Water, w
CULLEN Mrs Michael grocer, 44 Colonial h 44 Colonial
CULLEN Thomas Wharfinger h South Side, e
CULLEN William   h 348 Water
CULLEN William laborer h 21 James
CULLITEN Miss Ellen grocer, 15 Rossiter's Lane h 15 Rossiter's Lane
CULLETON James baker h King's Road
CULLETON James messenger h Long's Hill
CULLETON James seaman h 35 George
CULLETON John laborer bds 7 Simms
CULLETON Sarah wid David bds 49 Lime
CULLETON William cooper h Gower
CULLETON William culler h Lion's Square
CULLETON William laborer h 7 Simms
CULLETON William salesman h Long's Hill
CULLINGMORE John seaman h Scott
CUMMERFORD John culler h Barnes Place
CUMMINGS Donald boiler maker bds Gower
CUMMINGS George carpenter h Gilbert
CUMMINGS Henry T. carpenter h Cabot
CUMMINGS John   h 120 Military Road
CUMMINGS John laborer h 2 Richmond, off Leslie
CUMMINGS John sea captain h Cochrane
CUMMINGS John tidewaiter, customs  
CUMMINGS JOHN grocer, Military Road h Military Road
CUNNINGHAM Edward carpenter h Long's Hill
CUNNINGHAM Edward seaman h Yorke
CUNNINGHAM Ellen wid Michael h 35 Cabot
CUNNINGHAM John fireman h 6 Wickford
CUNNINGHAM John shoemaker h 84 Hamilton
CUNNINGHAM Mrs John washerwoman h 257 Water, w
CUNNINGHAM Patrick laborer h 37 Flower Hill
CUNNINGHAM William bookbinder bds 114 Quidividi Road
CURBIE Stephen fisherman h Flemming
CURRAN James laborer h 10 Wickford
CURRAN JOHN clothier, Water, e h Water, e
CURRAN JOHN B & Co Auctioneers and Commission Merchants 3 Beck's Cove See adv page 128
CURRAN JOHN B  of John B Curran & Co h 187 Pleasant
CURRAN Patrick laborer h Goodview
CURRAN Thomas laborer h 11 Stephen
CURRAN THOMAS Ship and General Blacksmith, 2 Holdsworth h 164 New Gower See adv page 158
CURRIE D C registrar of shipping h 8 Cook
Curry John clerk h Cathedral
CURRY Moses shoemaker h 30 Duggan
CURTIN Catherine wid John bds Colonial
CURTIN Daniel fisherman h King's Road
CURTIN Daniel, jr laborer bds King's Road
CURTIN John drug clerk h Colonial
CURTIN John R R baggage master h 1 Carew
CURTIS Archibald laborer h 17 Princess
CURTIS James app machinist h 180 Water, w
CURTIS John engineer h 180 Water, w
CURTIS Mrs John   h 337 Water, w
CURTIS Miss Mary grocer, 3 Adelaide h 3 Adelaide
CURTIS William laborer h Field
CURTIS William laborer h 2 Richmond
CUSTOMS HOUSE   Water, e  
CUTTLER Absolem seaman bds 24 Mullock

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become colloquialized
so spellings of names may differ.

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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