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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "B"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
Badcock James seaman h Le Marchant Road
Bailey James 3rd Engineer SS Nimrod h South Side
Bailey Richard carpenter h 40 Hayward Avenue
Bailey Timothy carpenter Cook, w
BAINE JOHNSON & CO - General Merchants and shipOwners, Importers and Exporters Water, e See adv back cover
Baird David Jas. Baird's accountant h Scotland Row, Cathedral Hill
Baird Edward laborer h 232 Water, w
Baird George fisherman h South Side, e
Baird Henry laborer h Riverhead, Water, w
BAIRD HUGH at Jas. Baird's, manager drapery department h Scotland Row, Cathedral Hill
BAIRD JAMES General Importer and Exporter Water, e
Biard James carman h 232 Water, w
Baird James laborer h 17 Patrick
Baird James provisions and grocer, 11 George h 11 George
BAIRD J. C. at Jas. Baird's grocery dept h Queen's Road
Baird John laborer Cook's Town, w
Baird John laborer h 14 Brennan
Baird John laborer h 21 Hamilton
Baird Julia wid John h Henry
Baird Mary wid Daniel h 46 Barter's Hill
Baird Michael cooper h South Side, w
Baird Samuel J. fisherman h South Side, w
Baird Thomas cooper h South Side, w
Baird William cabman h Long's Hill
Baird William laborer h South Side, w
Baird William Chas fireman G. W. h South Side, e
Baker Henry fisherman h Battery Road
Baker Henry salesman bds Rumsey's, Prescott
Baker John carman h 4 Brennan's Lane
Baker Thomas storekeeper h 50 New Gower
Baker Mary wid John h 4 Brennan's Lane
Baldwin Michael laborer bds 41 Duckworth
Baldwin Capt. Millie Salvation Army h Livingstone
Baldwin John cooper h 41 Duckworth, e
Baldwin Robert (at Steer's), salesman bds 75 George
Balfour Francis civil engineer h 33 Monkstown Road
Ball Albert carpenter h Spencer
Ballam Henry fireman gas works h Alexander
Ballam John C. carpenter h Bully
Ballam Joseph seaman h 2 St. John's Place, off Brien
Ballmen Edmund seaman h 49 Colonial
Bally George fisherman bds 47 Cabot
Bally Zibidee carpenter h 22 Goodview
Bambrick David shoemaker h 230 Water, w
Bambrick Frank shoemaker h 301 Water, w
Bambrick George clerk h 6 Bambrick's
Bambrick Henry butcher h 6 Bambrick's
Bambrick Henry farmer h 30 Water, w
Bambrick James laborer h 230 Water, w
Bambrick John butcher, 30 Water, w h 30 Water, w
Bambrick Martin cooper h 21 Patrick
Bambrick Michael butcher h 6 Bambrick's
Bambrick Michael road inspector h 30 Water, w
Bambrick Samuel laborer h 31 Patrick
BANK COMMERCIAL Henry Cooke Manager Duckworth See adv per index
BANK UNION Jas Goldie Manager Duckworth See adv per index
BANKING INSURANCE, MUTUAL CLUB - W. Monroe, president, J R Moss, secty and treas 342 Water
Bannister William jeweller bds George Bennett's
Barker William at steer's, salesman bds 126 Water, w
BARNES ALEXANDER Butcher , Duckworth, e Duckworth, e
BARNES ANDREW G. Contractor and Builder , Boggan, off Henry h Gower See adv opp
Barnes Mrs. Arthur varieties, Livingstone h Livingstone
Barnes Charles carpenter bds Gower
Barnes Edward car man bds 38 Barnes' Road
Barnes Edward at Gear & Co, salesman h "Sudbury," Water, w
Barnes Elizabeth wid Ebenezer h Victoria
BARNES FRANK J. Commission Agent and Broker, Water, e h Mundy Pond Road See adv page 108
Barnes Frederick watchmaker h Livingstone
Barnes George sexton "Tabernacle" h 67 Lime
Barnes Henry accountant h Frshwater Road
Barnes John carpenter h Mundy Pond Road
Barnes Joseph boilermaker h 67 Lime
Barnes Joseph carpenter h Mundy's Pond Road
Barnes Levi carpenter h Gower
Barnes Richard laborer h 38 Barnes' Road
Barnes Richard laborer h Dunford
Barnes Richard A. accountant h Torbay Road
BARNES THOMAS & CHARLES builders and contractors Gower
Barnes Thomas carpenter bds Gower
Barnes William - h 70 Hayward
Barnes William contractor and builder, Gower h Gower
Barnes William cooper h 8 Carnell
Barnes William master mariner h South Side, e
Barnes William seaman h 42 Duckworth
BARNES WILLIAM J. of Gear & Co h "Sudbury," Water, w
Barrett Eleazar baker h Fresh Water Road
Barrett George clerk h Fresh Water Road
Barrett George laborer h Cook's
Barrett James laborer h 88 Vey's Lane, r George
Barrett James seaman bds 33 Williams
Barrett John carpenter h 174 Pleasant
Barrett Joseph watchman h 33 Williams
Barrett Simeon laborer h 31 Fleming
Barrett Thomas shoemaker h Cook's Town
Barrett Thomas tailor bds King's Road
Barrett William porter h 31 Fleming
Barrington Isaac laborer bds Wood
Barrington John laborer h Wood
Barron Miss Anna - h 4 Prince
Barron Dennis J. telegraph operator bds 144 New Gower
Barron Edward laborer h 113 New Gower
Barron James fireman h Goodview
Barron Johannah wid Pierce 144 New Gower
Barron John salesman h South side, w
Barron Miss Mary boarding house 22 New Gower
Barron Mary wid Peter h Goodview
Barron Michael laborer bds 38 1/2 Duckworth
Barron Patrick laborer h signal Hill, Road
Barron Peter laborer h 38 1/2 Duckworth
Barron Richard seaman bds Goodview
Barron Thomas salesman h 12 Barnes'
Barry David engineer h 46 Colonial
Barry Dennis seaman h 165 New Gower
Barry Honorah grocer, 46 Colonial h 46 Colonial
Barry James laborer h 24 Casey's
Barry John clerk h Colonial
Barry Martin fisherman h Sheehan Shute
Barry Mary wid John h 8 Gorman's lane
Barry Patrick laborer bds 8 Gorman's Lane
Barter George farmer h Mundy's Pond Road
Barter George jr. baker Ayre's Road
Barter James boilermaker h South side, e
Barter Jonas salesman h cor Victoria and Gower
Barter Jonas truckman h Mundy's Pond Road
Barter Louisa wid Samuel h Bully
Barter Mary wid Edward h 179 Pleasant
Barter Miss Mary matron Methodist Orphanage h Mundy's Pond Road
Barter Richard carpenter h Cathedral
Barter Thomas J. boilermaker h South Side, e
Barter William carpenter bds Quidividi Road
Bartle John plasterer h Henry
Bartle Walter plasterer h Henry
Bartlett Abraham laborer h 74 Patrick
Bartlett Dennis cooper h 55 Pleasant
Bartlett Elizabeth grocer, 15 Goodview h 15 Goodview
Bartlett George cutter h 222 New Gower
Bartlett George seaman h 30 Barnes' Road
Bartlett Isaac carpenter h 10 Casey's
Bartlett Henry cooper h 20 Buchanan
Bartlett Henry laborer h 348 Duckworth
Bartlett Henry master mariner h cor Theater and Balsam
Bartlett Henry B. master mariner h Gower
Bartlett Henry sailmaker h 50 Cabot
Bartlett James carpenter bds 222 New Gower
Bartlett John cooper h 14 Patrick
Bartlett John laborer h 6 Wickford
Bartlett John painter h 36 Barnes Road
Bartlett John shoemaker h 8 Power
Bartlett John W. laborer h Goodview
Bartlett Robert porter h 6 Brien
Bartlett Thomas laborer bds 348 Duckworth
Bartlett William foreman Gas Works h 3 Hamilton
Bartlett William H. hairdresser, 312 Water h Cook
Bartlett William J. clerk h 15 Goodview
Bassett Charles carman h South Side, w
Bassett Christopher M. blacksmith h Freshwater Road
Bassett Robert carpenter h Field
Bassett Thomas J. mason h Field
Bastow Augusta truckman h r Pennywell Road
Bastow Francis salesman h 36 Water, w
BASTOW M. A. Grocer, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant 2 Pecks Cove Hill 2 Pecks Cove Hill See adv page 102
Bates Bridget wid John h Gower
Bates James J. storekeeper h New Gower
Bates Mrs. James J. grocer, 21 New Gower h 21 New Gower
Bates Thomas clerk bds Gower
Bates Thomas tinsmith h 49 Military Road
Bathgate Sarah wid Andrew, boarding house Military Road
Bathgate William salesman h Military Road
Batson John tidewaiter customs h 22 Mullock
Batson William C. carpenter h Quidi Vidi Road
Batten Capt Mary Salvation Army h Livingstone
Baxter Duncan sea captain h Cochrane
Baxter Frank carpenter  h 140 Water, w
Baxter John clerk bds Cochrane
Bayley Charles clerk h 38 Rennies Mill Road
Bearns Mrs. Alice groceries, etc, Water, e h Water, e
Bearns Ann wid Thomas h 132 Military Road
BEARNS & Co - Groceries and General Supplies , Water, e, ground floor Mechanics' building See adv page 104
BEARNS GEORGE E. Importer and Commission Merchant, Water h Park House, Rennies' Mill Road  see adv page 104
Bearns William accountant h 128 Military Road
Bearns William laborer h 32 Fleming
BEARNS WILLIAM E. of Bearns & Co. h Water, e
Beattle Joseph plumber h Prescott
Beattie Thomas G. plumbing inspector h Prescott
Beck James painter h 24 Flower Hill
Beckford Mary washerwoman h 2 Bannerman
Beddridge Ellen wid Martin h 12 Catherine
Beer Sarah variety, Quidividi h Quidividi
Beer Thomas seaman h Quidividi
Belbay Jacob carpenter h 14 1/2 Fleming
Bell George truckman h Field
Bell John carman h 15 Lane, off Barnes Road
Bell Samuel ship carpenter, 6 Holdsworth h LeMarchant
Bellows James carpenter h 43 alexander
Belman Levi carpenter h Field
Bemister Susan wid William h 26 Mullock
Bemister William laborer h 2 1/2 Plymouth road
Bendell William carpenter h 90 Vey's Lane
Bendell William N chief engineer h 235 Water, w
Bennett Mrs Amelia - h 147 New Gower
Bennett Ann wid Harry bds Signal Hill Road
Bennett C F & Co commission merchants 385 Water
Bennett David professor of music h Victoria
Bennett Edward - h 42 George
BENNETT EDWARD W, jr of E W Bennett & Co h 258 and 260 Water, w
BENNETT E W & Co Brewers and Mineral Water Manfs Riverhead See adv page 110
Bennett George constable Fort Townshend
Bennett James cooper, Dock Premises South Side, e
Bennett John musician h 50 Monkstown Road
Bennett John salesman h 4 Hayward Avenue
Bennett John sanitary work h 49 Lime
Bennett John R accountant h South Side, w
Bennett Joseph laborer h 27 Boncloddy
Bennett Martha wid Patrick h Field
Bennett Michael cooper h Dock Premises, South Side, e
Bennett Michael laborer bds Field
Bennett Philip laborer h 4 Hayward Avenue
Bennett Thomas laborer h 32 Carter's Hill
Bennett Thomas laborer bds 49 Lime
Bennett Thomas seaman h 12 Rossiter's Lane
Bennett Thomas W. carpenter h 7 Goodview
Bennett William fisherman h Dock Premises, South Side, e
Bennett Willim G ship carpenter h 4 Brien
Benson Benjamin porter h Lime
Benson Eli, carpenter h Parade
Benson Eli laborer h 47 Carter's Hill
Benson Joshua carpenter h Parade
Benson Rachel wid Joseph h Field
Benson Thomas carpenter h Field
Benson Thomas wharfenger (sic) h Gilbert
Benson William carpenter h 75 Lime
Bentley Michael cabinet maker bds 75 Plymouth Road
Bentley William telegraph repairer h 75 Plymouth Road
Bentley William jr cabinetmaker bds 75 Plymouth Road
Bernard James laborer h South Side, e
Berney Michael accountant h 4 Queens' Road
Berrigan Edward salesman h Theater Hill
Berrigan Edward shoemaker h Buchanan
Berrigan Patrick shopkeeper, Water, e h Water, e
Berrigan Patrick J. accountant h Theater Hill
Berrigan Pierce laborer h Gower
Berrigan William grocer, Gower h Gower
Berry George cooper bds 26 Plymouth Road
Berry James mason h 4 Duckworth
Berry Mary Ann wid John bds 4 Duckworth
Berry William carpenter h 4 Duckworth
Bersey Joseph carpenter h 29 Angel Place
Bert Carrie wid William h 50 Casey's
Bert Joseph - h 7 Waldegrave
Bert William storekeeper h 8 Brazil's Square
BERTEAU ALBERT LeC, Barrister, Duckworth h 8 Maxse See adv opp
BERTEAU E. general agent bds City Hotel
BERTEAU FRANK clerk colonial sec'ty 9 Maxse
Bessant John shoemaker h 30 Duggan's
Bessant William clerk h 30 Duggan's
Best George cooper h Head of Power
Bevis Eliza wid Richard h 14 James
Bewer Isaac fisherman h 20 Duggan's
Bewey Henry laborer h 9 Barron
Bibbings Harry of Bibbings & Thomas h 33 Springdale
Bibbings John cooper h 33 Springdale
BIBBINGS & THOMAS - hairdressers 427 water
Bidiscombe George farmer h Logy Bay Road
Bidiscombe John carman h Logy Bay Road
Bidiscombe Richard carman bds Logy Bay Road
Biggs George, jr cooper bds 79 New Gower
Biggs George printer h 79 New Gower
Biggs John laborer h 103 George
Biggs Josiah cooper h 31 Angel Place
Biggs Nathaniel laborer h Beaumont
Biggs Mary wid John h 79 New Gower
Billingsly William clerk at Fryer & Green's -
Billingsly William shoemaker h 32 Patrick
Bindon John tidewaiter customs h Kings bridge
Bird James laborer h 20 Bambricks
Bird Thomas laborer h 28 Carter's Hill
BISHOP & BISHOP - Books, Stationary, Fancy Goods, Etc. 339 Duckworth See adv opp
Bishop George laborer h 14 George
BISHOP HENRY of Bishop and Bishop bds 340 Duckworth
Bishop Isaac fireman h Temperance Hill, e
Bishop Richard laborer bds 33 Moore
Bishop Robert laborer h 33 Moore
BISHOP ROBERT K. Partner M. Monroe h 65 LeMarchant Road
Bishop Walter H. salesman h Pleasant
Bishop William seaman h 29 Moore
BLACK JAMES Dry Goods and Millinary, Gower h Gower See adv col leaf
Black Hugh salesman bds Gower
Black William clerk bds 56 New Gower
Blackem George fruit dealer, 368 Water h 368 Water
Blackler Edward J. cooper and surveyor of lumber h 72 George
Blackler George cooper h 87 Patrick
Blackler Harold letter carrier h 42 George
Blackler Miss Marion - h 31 New Gower
Blackler Thomas W. carpenter bds 31 New Gower
Blackler William cooper h South Side, w
Blackler William master mariner h South Side, w
Blackwood Andrew - h Hamilton Avenue
Blackwood James P. salesman h Black Marsh Road
BLAIR HENRY dry goods and general importer, 287 and 289 Water h 287 and 289 Water
Blake James laborer h 26 Casey's
Blanch Edward seaman h 39 Princes
Blanch Miss Ellen - h 39 Princes
Blanford Archibald - h 39 Monkstown Road
Blanford Daniel carpenter h 36 Carter's Hill
Blanford John carpenter h 39 Monkstown Road
Blanford Joseph carpenter h Young
BLANDFORD HON SAMUEL sea captain h Circular Road
BLANDFORD SYDNEY D. Barrister, Total Abstinance building bds Circular Road See adv opp
Blatch Henry N. stevedore h Pennywell Road
Blondon William fisherman h 9 Carew
Bloyde John laborer h 17 Flemming
BLUMENTHAL H. Manager United States' Picture Co. Water, e h Water, e See adv opp
Blyda Margaret wid George h 54 Monkstown Road
Board of Agriculture Stable Thomas Ryan Manager Hamilton
Bochner Frederick A. contractor bds cor Prescott and Gower
Boggans James cooper h 1 Waldegrave
Boggan John storekeeper h Theater Hill
Boggan Minnie wid Thomas h 149 Pleasant
Boggan Richard cooper h Long's Hill
Bolan Richard laborer h 11 Waldgrave
Bolan William J. grocer, Gower h Gower
Boland John laborer h 32 Carter's Hill
Boland John plasterer bds 40 Hayward Avenue
Boland John sea captain h 40 Hayward Avenue
Boland Michael laborer h 45 Plank Road
Boland Michael J. carpenter h Duckworth
BOLAND & RYAN - carpenters Pilot's Hill
Boland William P. printer h Duckworth
Bolger Edward laborer h Duckworth
Bolt Robert laborer h 2 Richmond, of Leslie
Bolt William cooper h 60 Patrick
Bonayne Catherine wid Ambrose h 7 Hamilton
Bond Charles watchman h Spencer
Bond James machinist h 79 Pleasant
Bond Mrs. John - Long's Hill
BOND HON. ROBERT Colonial secretary h Circular Road
Bonia Thomas tidewaiter customs -
Boone Alex B. clerk h Duckworth, e
Boone George laborer h Spencer
Boone Henry laborer h Fresh Water Road
Boone Joseph shipwright bds r 66 George
Boone Samuel J. storekeeper h Duckworth, e
Boone Selina wid Charles h r 66 George
Boozan William watchman fire hall, w e  h 244 New Gower
Botters Michael cutter h Damerel's Lane
BOTWOOD REV EDWARD Episopalian h Parsonage, South Side
Bourke Edward blacksmith h Duckworth, e
Bourke Richard boiler maker h Duckworth, e
Bowbridge Patrick laborer h Bambrick
Bowden Charles tailor bds Lime
Bowden Frederick printer h 25 Hayward Avenue
BOWDEN F. W. sewing machine agent h 299 Water
Bowden George R. master marine h 21 Adelaide
Bowden Samuel P. sailmaker h 42 Wickford
Bowden Solomon boatman customs h 16 Waldegrave
Bowden William H. printer h Merry Meeting Road
BOWERS PATRICK K. Editor Daily Tribune h 45 Military Road See adv
Bowman Jane wid Charles h Gower
Bowman William shoemaker h 257 1/2 Gower
Bowing Benjamin laborer h Cochrane
BOWRING BROS. - General Merchants, Shipowners, Importers and Exporters 271, 273, 275, 277 Water, e See colored leaf
BOWRING EDGAR R. of Bowring Bros h 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
BOWRING HENRY merchant h 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
BOWRING JOHN of Rothwell & Bowring h 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
Bowring Laura wid Chas h 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
Boyce Alfred salesman bds 11 Queen
Boyce John blacksmith h 26 Stephen
Boyde Joseph superintendent Poor House Sudbury
Boyle Mrs. Emma - bds Cochrane
Boyle William accountant h Cochrane
Boyle William surveyor-general's dept. h 59 Cochrane
Boyles Henry laborer h Fleming
Brace Alfred seaman h 26 Leslie
Brace James seaman h South Side Riverhead
Bradbrook Arthur tailor bds Cabot
Bradbrook James laborer bds Cabot
Bradbrook William laborer h Cabot
Bradbury Charles cabinet maker h 27 Hayward Ave.
Bradbury Henry carman h 8 James
Bradbury James P. engineer h Harvey Road
Bradbury Jeremiah carpenter h Colonial
Bradbury John laborer h lane off Fleming
Bradbury John, jr laborer bds Lane off Fleming
Bradbury John shoemaker h Goodview
Bradbury Nathaniel laborer h 57 Monkstown Road
Bradbury Samuel salesman h Queen's
Bradbury Stephen clerk h 68 Lime
Bradbury William laborer h 24 Hutching's Lane
Bradbury Henry seaman h 7 Damerill's Lane
Bradley Charles accountant h Parade
Bradley Norman M. cabinet-maker h Victoria
Bradley Thomas laborer h 16 Notre Dame
Bradshaw Francis surveyor bds 39 Military Road
Bradshaw Frank engineer's assistant h Military Road
Bradshaw Geo. S. clerk h 35 Military Road
Bradshaw Henry F. bookkeeper h 39 military Road
Brady John painter h Water, e
Bragg James fisherman h 26 Barnes' Road
Bragg John laborer h Long's Hill
Bragg Stephen fisherman h Quidividi
Braker Rachel wid Charles, grocer, 11 New Gower h 11 New Gower
Bracker Ronald blacksmith bds 11 New Gower
Brand Thomas seaman h 6 Alexander
Branders Mary wid Michael h 37 Princess
Branscombe Jas. A. accountant at Harvey's & Co's. -
Bransfield Thomas fireman h 2 Bannerman
Bravin James pensioner bds Plymouth Road
Brawin Mary Jane wid Bartholomew h 1 Plymouth
Brazil Benjamin A. tidewaiter customs bds 65 Prescott
Brazil Richard accountant bds 178 New Gower
Brazil William - h 178 New Gower
Breen Bridget wid John h Holloway
Breen Edward seaman bds 80 George
Breen Edward W. shopkeeper, York h York
Breen Joseph seaman h 45 Duckworth
Breen Francis seaman bds Holloway
Breen James - h York
Breen John Blacksmith bds 16 New Gower
Breene John laborer h Prospect Crossing
Breene John tinsmith h York
Breen Maria wid John h 80 George
Breen Mary wid James h 29 James
Breen Maurice mariner h 18 Power
Breen Patrick cutter h Prospect Crossing
Breen Patrick shoemaker h Bell
Breen Patrick, jr laborer h Holloway
Brehm Almon druggists' clerk h 63 Cochrane
Brehm Balthazar C. accountant h 63 Cochrane
Brehm Frank P. accountant bds Cochrane
Brehm Robert A. manager butterine factory h 63 Cochrane
Brehm Robert A. clerk bds 63 Cochrane
Bremner Alexander clerk bds 54 Kings Bridge
Bremner Robert accountant h 51 King's Bridge
Bremner Typhena wid Alexander h 2 Barnes Road
Bremner Catherine wid Matthew h 15 Flower Hill
Brennan Edward baker h LeMarchant Road
Brennan James cabman bds Gower
BRENNAN JAMES of Snow & Brennan h 112 Casey
Brennan John fisherman h 2 Deady's lane
Brennan John wharfinger and varieties, Bell h Bell
Brennan Patrick baker 51 Flower Hill
Brennan Patrick laborer h 7 Deady's Lane
Brennan Peter of P & T Brennan h 11 Job's
BRENNAN P & T blacksmiths r George
Brennan Thomas of P & T Brennan h 12 Water, w
BRENNAN REV THOMAS auxiliary bishop Palace, Miitary Road
Brennan Walter laborer h 21 Pleasant
Brennan William blacksmith h 12 Duggan's
Brewer John laborer h 38 George
Brewer Thomas laborer bds 38 George
Briant John A. storekeeper h Young
Bridden Francis seaman h 4 Cook's Hill
Bridden John mason bds 4 Cook's Hill
Bride John seaman h 12 Bond
Bridge Catherine wid Benjamin h 171 New Gower
Bridgeman Miss Fanny dress-maker, Gower h Gower
Brien Miss Agnes washerwoman h 115 Quidividi Road
Brien Archibald messenger B W h 39 McDougall
Brien David laborer h Signal Hill Road
Brien Edward laborer h 28 Casey's
Brien James cooper h west, off Carter's Hill
Brien John carpenter h 85 Patrick
Brien John laborer h 29 Casey's
Brien John watchman h Bell
Brien Mrs. Maria - h Colonial
Brien Michael city water works h Woods
Brien Michael laborer h 117 Quidividi Road
Brien Michael laborer bds 184 Water, w
Brien - Miss h 96 LeMarchant Road
Brien Patrick laborer h 35 Cuddihy's
Brien Patrick laborer h 31 Plank
Brien Patrick - h Springdale, opp Plumber
Brien Peter laborer h 28 Casey's
Brien Pierce variety, 394 Water h 394 Water
Brien Pierce J. printer h 321 Water, w
Brien Richard laborer h 307 Water, w
Brien Thomas inspector weights h 69 Springdale
Brien Thomas laborer h Barnes Road
Brien Thomas laborer h 4 Popes
Brien Thomas laborer bds 16 Sebastian
Brien Thomas laborer h 184 Water, w
Brien Thomas laborer h 275 1/2 Water, w
Brien Thomas seaman h 27 James
Brien Timothy cabman h Fresh Water Road
Brien Timothy caretaker h 1 Hamilton
BRIEN TIMOTHY grocer, Harvey Road h Harvey Road
Brien William clerk bds Barnes' Road
Brien William fireman h Quidividi
Brien Willaim messenger h 96 Le Marchant Road
Brien Qilliam seaman h 16 Sebastian
Brien William truckman -
Briggs Michael stovefitter h 180 Pleasant
Bright Arthur printer bds 28 Barnes Road
Bright George stonecutter h Bond
Bright Rebecca wid William h 28 Barnes' Road
Bright Stephen tinsmith h 20 Hayward Avenue
Bright William printer h 6 Hayward Avenue
Brinley Patrick porter h 35 George
Britt Edward seaman h 216 Water, w
Broaders Thomas carpenter h 30 Fleming
Broderick Edward bricklayer h 63 McFarlane's Lane
Broderick Margaret wid Edward h Allendale Road
Broderick Patrick shipwright h 79 Lime
Broderick Timothy locker customs h 6 Cabot
Broggan John storekeeper h Gower
Bromley Hannah wid Patrick bds 35 George
BROOKFIELD S. M. builder and contractor, Duckworth bds Water
Brophy Edward fisherman h 57 Plymouth Road
Brophy James farmer h Logy Bay Road
Brophy Michael laborer h Mullock
Brophy Stephen laborer h Plymouth Road
Brophy William laborer h 36 Bannerman
Brown Alexander D. engineer h 128 Hamilton
Brown Eliza wid William h 9 Patrick
Brown Miss Fanny - Sheehan
Brown Frederick plumber h Gower
Brown George fisherman h 28 Wickford
BROWN GEORGE R. dry goods and general importer, 361 Water bds Queen See adv
Brown Henry carpenter h 62 Cabot
Brown Henry printer bds Hamilton Avenue
Brown James fisherman h 194 Water, w
Brown James laborer h 38 Wickford
Brown James seaman bds 38 Wickford
Brown James F. bricklayer h 1 Livingstone
Brown James, jr. laborer bds 38 Wickford
Brown John boarding house 8 Williams' Lane
Brown John cooper h 34 Le Marchant Road
Brown Sibenas laborer h 116 Casey's
Brown Mary wid Daniel h 62 Barnes Road
Brown Mary wid William h Sheehan's Shute
Brown Moses laborer h Spencer
Brown Patrick farmer Logy Bay Road
Brown Patrick laborer h 299 Water, w
Brown Mrs Patrick - h 299 Water, w
Brown Philip storekeeper h Victoria
Brown Robert planter h 9 Patrick
BROWN THOMAS contractor and builder r Cook's Town
Brown William laborer h 7 Flower Hill
Brown William laborer bds 38 Wickford
Brown William laborer h 299 Water, w
Brown William, jr carpenter bds Hamilton Avenue
Brown William J. moulder h Black Marsh Road
BROWNING DONALD M. Barrister and Agent Confederation Life, Duckworth bds Richmond Cottage See adv page 102
BROWNING GILBERT & SON biscuit manufacturers, office r 371 Water
Browning John of Gilbert Browning & Son h Richmond, Topsail Road
BROWNING LEWIS S. general agent Confederation Life Assn, Duckworth bds Richmond Cottage
Browning Garrett liquors, Water, e h Water, e
Brownridge Patrick laborer h 15 Bambricks
Bruce Alexander inspector of buildings h Long's Hill
Brushit John laborer h 13 Damerill's lane
Bryan Thomas laborer h 4 Pope
Bryant John laborer h Young
BRYDEN ALEXANDER Prop. Excelsior Laundry, 9 Queen h 283 Water See adv page 106
BRYDEN JAMES Groceries, Dry Goods, Etc, 283 Water, e h 283 Water, e See adv page 112
Bryne William draper h 283 Water, e
Bryne Thomas master mariner h Portugal Cove Road
Buchannan George engineer h 5 Parade
Buckley Ann wid Thomas h Gower
Buckley Bartholomew laborer bds 5 Barnes Road
Buckley Catherine wid Thomas, grocer 35 Duckworth h 37 Duckworth
Buckley Catherine wid William h 82 New Gower
Buckley Cornelius caretaker St. Patrick's Hall
Buckley Edward cooper bds 16 Bond
Buckley James cooper h 16 Bond
Buckley James cooper h 37 Duckworth
Buckley John cooper bds 37 Duckworth
Buckley Patrick blacksmith, 8 Williams' Lane h 18 Carter's Hill
Buckley Patrick shopkeeper and fisherman, 285 Water, w h 285 Water, w
Buckley Richard baker h Barnes' Road
Buckley Richard laborer h 6 Gorman's Lane
Buckley Thomas clerk h 6 James
Buckley William cooper bds 82 New Gower
BUCKMASTER PATRICK Butcher , 69 New Gower h 69 New Gower  See adv page 106
Bugden Eliza wid John h 51 Jobs
Bugden Henry W. farmer h 24 William
Bugden James salesman h 51 Jobs
Bugden William carpenter h 58 Lime
Bulgar Martin shoemaker h King's Bridge
Bulger Nicholas moulder h 115 Pleasant
Bulger Patrick shoemaker h 111 New Gower
Bulger William accountant h Duckworth, e
Bulger William bartender bds 318 Water
Bulger William cooper h Long's Hill
Bulger William laborer h Wood
Bulley Chas R salesman bds Prescott
Bulley Miss Fanny music teacher h 2 Stewart Avenue
Bulley Geo M accountant h Monkstown Road
Bulley James laborer h 10 Duckworth
Bumsey John carpenter h 110 Casey
BUNTING F G physician, Duckworth h Duckworth
BURCHELL HERBERT C. government engineer h 34 Fresh Water Road
Burfitt Thomas drug clerk h 33 New Gower
Burgess Edward R sub-collector Labrador bds 6 Mullock
Burke Alexander hardware clerk h 74 Prescott
Burke Miss Catherine grocer 15 Stephen's h 15 Stephen's
Burk James laborer h 160 New Gower
Burk James messenger bds Gower
BURKE JOHN auctioneer, 74 Prescott h 74 Prescott
Burke John carpenter h 62 Lime
Burke John constable Fort Townshend
Burke John cryer Sup Court h Gower
Burke John laborer h 4 Alexander
Burke John steward h Bond
Burke Joseph grocer, LeMarchant Road h Young
Burke Martin carpenter h 1 Damerill's Lane
Burke Martin laborer h 186 Water, w
Burke Michael carpenter bds Duckworth, e
Burke Michael watchman h Walsh's Lane, w
Burke William J. carpenter h Long's Hill
Burne Charles tailor h Prescott
Burn Patrick watchman h 23 Job's
Burnell Henry, jr clerk bds 30 Dugan
BURNHAM FREDERICK manager and buyer, G Knowling's h 80 Pleasant
Burns George salesman bds 124 Military Road
Burns Richard laborer h 3 Patrick's
Burns Richard seaman h 47 Job's
Burns Samuel laborer h 16 Pope's
BURNS W. FLETCHER DDS Dentist, Water, e h 9 Market Town Road See adv per index
Burridge Charles mason h Battery Road
Burridge Cyprian mason h 47 Lime
Burridge Ernest mason h 50 patrick
Burridge John mason h South Side, w
Bursell Frederick undertaker, 64 Water, w h 64 Water, w
Bursell George salesman h 32 Hutchings
Bursell James clerk h 32 Hutchings
Bursey William laborer h Gooview
Burt Henry N. salesman h 33 Fleming
Burt James laborer h 33 Fleming
Burt John carpenter h Long's Hill
Burt John laborer h Cook
Burt John policeman h 59 George
Burt Simeon M salesman bds Brazil Square
Burton Ellen wid John h Balsam
Burton Grace wid John h 6 William
Burton John laborer h 58 Larkin's Square
Burton John shoemaker h Colonial
Burton Patrick seaman h Young
Burton Thomas seaman h Long's Hill
Burton Thomas J. salesman h 6 William
Burton William carpenter h Henry
Bush Richard seaman h 12 1/2 Duckworth
Bussey Cora E. grocer, Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
Bussey George H. carpenter h Duckworth, e
Bussey Henry carpenter bds Duckworth
Bussey John picture framer h Barnes Road
Butler Anne wid Richard h 43 Hamilton
Butler Anne domestic St. John's Hospital Quidividi road
Butlerf Edward fireman h 6 Brennan's Lane
Butler George shipwright h Spencer
Butler Isaac clerk -
Butler James carpenter h 184 New Gower
Butler John carpenter h Balsam
Butler John carpenter h 109 George
Butler John laborer h 12 McKay, off Leslie
Butler John laborer h Scott
Butler John laborer h South Side Riverhead
Butler John laborer h South side, w
Butler John seaman h Young
Butler John A. tidewaiter customs h 23 Brazil's Square
Butler Joseph E. clerk h Gilmore
Butler Joseph, jr clerk h 2 Lion Square
Butler Joseph M. storekeeper h 2 Lion Square
Butler Mary wid James h 39 McDougall
Butler Mathew coachman Hammond
Butler Patrick laborer h South Side Riverhead
Butler Patrick shoemaker bds 300 Water
Butler Samuel laborer bds 17 Sheehan's Shute
Butler Solomon boatman customs h 104 Barnes Road
Butler Stephen laborer h 23 Butler's Place, off Hamilton
Butler Thomas laborer h 22 Damerill's Lane
Butler Walter cooper h 66 Alexander
Butler William carman h Young
Butler William salesman bds head of Brazil's Square
Butt Ambrose machinist h South side, e
Butt Allan salesman h South Side, e
Butt George H. clerk h 22 alexander
Butt George laborer h 24 Joy Place
Butt Henry S. cabinet maker h Merry Meeting Road
Butt Jacob fisherman h 31 Buchannan
Butt James carpenter, cor Merry Meeting Road h near Town Road
Butt John - h South Side, e
Butt John seaman h 22 Damerill's Lane
Butt John C. Wharfinger h South Side, e
Butt Joseph seaman h 76 George
Butt Mary A. wid Edward h 28 Stephen
Butt Moses blacksmith h 20 George
Butt Solomon fisherman h 25 Stephen's
Butt Thomas storekeeper h 39 Hayward Avenue
Butt William seaman h 50 Cabot
Butterworth George iron worker h 184 Buemont (sic)
Butters Michael laborer h 4 Damerill's Lane
Button George laborer h Pilot's Hill
Button James fisherman h 12 Flower Hill
Byrne Bridget dressmaker, 60 Gower h 60 Gower
Byrne Catherine wid James h 264 Gower
Byrne Catherine wid John h 4 Stephen
Byrne Charles shoe-maker h 4 Stephen
Byrne Charles tailor h Prescott
Byrne Dennis foreman cooper h Prescott
Byrne Edward laborer h 80 1/2 Water, w
Byrne Edward shoe-maker h 6 Brien
BYRNE GARRETT Bookseller and Stationer, 355 Water h 11 Huching's See adv per index
Byrne George clerk bds 124 Military Road
Byrne James boiler-maker h Wood
Byrne James culler h 208 New Gower
Byrne James hardware clerk h Flavin's
Byrne James laborer h 9 Bambrick's
Byrne James laborer h Bannerman
Byrne James laborer h 218 New Gower
Byrne James sea captain 221 New Gower
Byrne James, jr. salesman bds 221 New Gower
Byrne James H salesman h 221 New Gower
Byrne John cooper h 30 Bannerman
Byrne John constable Fort Townshend
Byrne John laborer h Wood
Byrne Joseph laborer h 15 Maxse
Byrne Margaret wid Edward bds 15 Maxse
Byrne Mary wid James h Wood
Byrne Miss Mary Ann dressmaker 7 New Gower
Byrne Mrs Mary grocer, 30 Bannerman h 30 Bannerman
Byrne Michael cooper h 11 James
Byrne Michael cooper h Cochrane
Byrne Michael laborer h 17 Carter's Hill
Byrne Patrick cooper bds 11 James
Byrne Patrick laborer h 15 Maxse
Byrne Patrick J. carpenter h 264 Gower
Byrne Richard cooper bds 11 James
Byrne Richared laborer h Patrick
Byrne Thomas cooper bds 30 Bannerman
Byrne Thomas laborer h 15 Maxse
Byrne Thomas seaman bds 15 Maxse
Byrne William - bds Colonial

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become colloquialized
so spellings of names may differ.

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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