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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
St. John's City Proper

Names starting with "A"
SurnameGiven NameOccupationResidence
AARON Alfred carpenter bds Long's Hill
AARON James seaman h Long's Hill
ABBOTT Absolem laborer h 15 Mullock
ABBOTT James E blacksmith h 85 Hamilton
ABBOTT John seaman h Field
ABBOTT Mark laborer h Balsam
ABBOTT Patrick tanner h 347 Water
ABBOTT Louisa wid Henry h 15 Barter's Hill
ABBOTT William telegraph repairer h 21 Bannerman
ADAMS Abraham moulder h 8 William's Lane
ADAMS Charles tanner h Penny-Well Road
ADAMS Edward sailor h Le Marchant Road
ADAMS Eli seaman h Carter's Hill
ADAMS GEORGE J clerk, Registry office h 12 Freshwater Road
ADAMS Joseph sailmaker h Pennywell Road
ADAMS Margaret wid William h Gower, w
ADAMS Thomas laborer h Field
ADAMS Thomas mason h Merry Meeting Road
ADAMS William seaman h Merry Meeting Road
ADDY John carpenter h 47 Flower Hill
ADDY Jacob carpenter h Cook
ADRAIN JOHN Tailor and Clothier Water, e h Le Marchant Road. See adv page 98
AINSWORTH William fisherman h Quidividi
AINSWORTH William laborer h 318 Water, w
AITKEN Robt (Monroe) salesman h South Side, w
AIBRIGHT James (at Steer's). salesman bds 126 Water
ALCOCK Clement clerk h 42 Bannerman
ALDERSON Charles bricklayer bds Dick's square
ALLEN Charles confectioner h 2 St John's place off Brien
ALLAN & HEALEY   Groceries and Provisions 68 and 70 Water w See adv opp
ALLEN John bricklayer bds Gower
ALLAN PATRICK J of Allan & Healey h 14 Water, w
ALLEN Richard laborer h Cook's Town Road
ALLAN Thomas laborer h Carter's Hill.
ALLAN THOMAS J Provisions and Groceries 24 Water h 24 Water, w See adv per index
ALLAN WM J Watchmaker and Jeweler, 293 water h 88 Pleasant See adv opp
ALLISON Robert messenger  
ALSOP Carteret surveyor h Fresh Water Road
ALYWARD Andrew seaman h Merry Meeting Road
ALYWARD James fisherman h 120 Water, w
ALYWARD James varieties and laborer Livingstone h Livingstone
ALYWARD William mason h Gower
ALYWARD William tailor, 424 Water h 424 Water
AMONSEN Mary Ann wid Egbert h 3 Duckworth
ANDERSON George grocer. Gower h Gower
ANDERSON GEORGE J manfr's agent 6 Holdsworth h 108 Military Rd
ANDERSON James carpenter h Gower
ANDERSON JOHN dry goods 371 Water bds 283 Water
ANDERSON Robert clerk bds 56 New Gower
ANDERSON Robert ship carpenter h 44 Water, w
ANDREWS Benjamin carpenter h King's Road
ANDREWS Bridget, wid Peter boarding house Gower
ANDREWS George M laborer h 129 Pleasant
ANDREWS Henry carpenter h 71 Lime
ANDREWS James carpenter h 74 Cabot
ANDREWS John grocer 22 Plymouth Road h 22 Plymouth Road
ANDREWS Kenneth tailor bds 22 Plymouth Road
ANDREWS Nathan constable h 37 Parade
ANDREWS Robt salesman h 37 Parade
ANDREWS Robt carman h Walsh's Lane, off Water, w
ANDREWS Robt carpenter h 6 Sebastian
ANDREWS Robert tinsmith h 16 Bond
ANDREWS William laborer h 64 King's Road
ANGEL James seaman h 11 Simms
ANGEL JAMES & CO'Y Victoria Engine & Boiler Works Water, w See adv page 100
ANGEL HON JAMES of James Angel & Co. h 132 Hamilton
ANGEL JOHN E Manager Newfoundland Consolidated Foundry Co (Ltd) h 132 Hamilton See adv page 116
ANGEL John seaman h 13 Buchanan
ANGEL Joseph ship rigger h Water, e
ANGEL Richard laborer h 10 Convent Lane
ANGEL Samuel cooper h 13 Buchanan
ANGEL Samuel fisherman h 29 Water, w
ANGEL Stephen watchman 128 New Gower
ANGEL Thomas laborer h 9 Bambrick's
ANGLIN Francis shoemaker 6 Brazil's Square
ANGLO-AMERICAN TELEGRAPH CO . Exchange Buildings   Water, e
ANTHONY Abel laborer h 11 Barron
ANTHONY George storekeeper 437 Water, w
ANTHONY William fireman h 33 William
ANTHONY William laborer h 42 Casey's
ANTLE Abel laboror h 13 Barter's Hill
ANTLE Archibald fisherman h 70 McFarlan's Lane
ANTLE Elizabeth wid James bds 36 Quidividi Road
ANTLE James fireman h 36 Quidividi Road
ANTLE John sea captain h Pilot's Hill
ANTLE Thomas moulder h 166 Le Marchant Road
ANTLE William cooper h 30 Buchanan
ANTLE William fisherman h 70 McFarlan's Lane
ANTLE William seaman h 7 Barter's Hill
ANTLE William seaman h 14 Barter's Hill
ANTLE William seaman bds 36 Quidividi Road
ANTINORI Angelo tinsmith h 44 Dunford
ANTINORI Denis J cabinet maker h Dunford
ANTINORI Edward laborer h Dunford
ARMBRUSTER Louis carman h South Side, e
ARMSTRONG George seaman h Bond
ARMSTRONG Thomas engineer h Bond
ARMSTRONG Win shoemaker. h Young
ARNOTT Arch moulder h 360 Patrick
ARNOTT David salesman bds Wm Ramsay, Prescott
ARNOTT George W salesman h 162 Le Marchant Road
ARTHURS Alexander lather bds 192 New Gower
ASH Francis sea captain h 2 Mullock
ASH Robert laborer h Livingstone
ASH William wharfinger h 160 Pleasant
ASHBOURNE John sea captain h 23 New Gower
ASHBOURNE Mrs John grocer 23 New Gower
ASHLEY Daniel melter h 69 Patrick
ASHLEY James moulder h 9 Atlantic Avenue
ASHLEY John cooper,  "Baine Johnstone & Co's," h 130 Water, w
ASHLEY Thomas laborer h 144 Le Marchant
ASHMAN George seaman h Bannerman
ASHMAN Mary boarding house Colonial
ASHMAN Thomas M clerk h 26 McDougald
ASHMAN Susan grocer, Bannerman h Bannerman
ASPELL James laborer h 226 Water, w
ASPELL John laborer h 43 Angel Place
ASPELL John laborer h 1 Sheehan Shute
ASPELL Patrick laborer h 23 Fleming
ASPELL Richard laborer h 43 Moore
ASPELL Richard laborer h 226 Water, w
ASPELL Theresa wid James bds 18 James
ASPELL Thomas laborer bds 1 Sheehan Shute
ATKINS Frank shoe finisher h 116 New Gower
ATKINS John laborer h 4 Casey's
ATKINS Thomas stevedore h 23 Thomas
ATLANTIC HOTEL .    Water, e
ATWILL Harriet wid William F h 22 John
ATWILL Samuel carpenter h 14 Boncloddy
ATWILL Samuel carpenter. h Boncloddy
AUSTIN Charles tailor bds 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN Chesley plumber bds 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN Edward plumber bds 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN Samuel tide-waiter customs h 28 Forest Road
AUSTIN William carpenter h 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN William laborer h 58 McFarlan's Lane
AUSTIN William jr seaman bds 21 Barnes' Road
AVERY Adam trunk-maker h r 211 New Gower
AVERY Ebenezer laborer h 235 New Gower
AVERY James tidewaiter customs h Signal Hill Road
AVERY John fireman h 43 Flower Hill
AVERY John fisherman h 40 Wickford
AVERY Joshua laborer bds 57 Lorne
AVOY John laborer h Goodview
AXFORD FREDERICK Fancy Goods and S P C K Depot, 369 Water h 369 Water, See adv opp
AXTELL Herbert wire-worker h 12 Hutchings
AYLWARD Michael F clerk P 0 424 Water
AYLWARD William A shoemaker h 120 Water, w
AYRE CHARLES P of Ayre & Sons h 114 Hamilton
AYRE Mrs Charles R h Thornlea Waterford Bridge Road
AYRE FRED W of Ayre & Sons h Circular Road
AYRE JOHN B of Ayre & Sons h  "Albany," Black Marsh Road
AYRE JOHN B baker and confectioner Merchants' Block Water, e h 46 New Gower
AYRE ROBERT C of Ayre & Sons h Circular Road
AYRE George W B baker bds 46 New Gower
AYRE Isabella wid George h 58 New Gower
AYRE & SONS General Merchants and Importers Water, e See adv marg lines
AYRE L B colporteur h Fresh Water Road
BADCOCK James seaman h LeMarchant Road
BAILEY James 3rd engineer SS Nimrod h South Side, e

This page transcribed by Don Tate in Sunny Florida (November 2000)

The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become colloquialized
so spellings of names may differ.

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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