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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Fogo District

Population of District, 6,700
Chief Town, Fogo, Population, 1,020


SurnameGiven Name Occupation
AYLWARD John fisherman
AYLWARD James fisherman
BIRBY James fisherman
BIRBY Philip fisherman
BIRBY John fisherman
BLUNDON John fisherman
BLUNDON Willima fisherman
BLUNDON Stephen fisherman
BERRY Edward school teacher
BOONE Walter, jr fisherman
BUTT George fisherman
BUTT John fisherman
BUTT Patrick fisherman
BROWN James fisherman
BAILEY James fisherman
BARNES William fisherman
BENNETT John fisherman
BRYAN Michael fisherman
CULL Henry fisherman
CULL John fisherman
CULL Abraham fisherman
CULL Joseph fisherman
CULL Christopher fisherman
CULL William fisherman
CULL John fisherman
CORNELL Richard fisherman
CAMMEL Elijah fisherman
CAMMELL Richard fisherman
CAMMELL William fisherman
COISH Thomas fisherman
COISH Samson fisherman
COISH Caleb fisherman
COISH Alfred fisherman
COISH Simeon fisherman
COISH Thomas fisherman
COLE Samuel fisherman
COLLINS John fisherman
COLLINS Elijah fisherman
COLLINS William, sr fisherman
COLLINS William, jr fisherman
COLLINS Josiah fisherman
COLLINS Lorenza fisherman
COLLINS Richard fisherman
COLLINS John fisherman
COLLINS George fisherman
COLLINS James fisherman
COLLINS Richard fisherman
CLUETT Frederick fisherman
COLE Humphrey fisherman
COLE Josiah fisherman
COLE Humphrey fisherman
COLE Henry fisherman
COLE Absalom fisherman
COLE Eli fisherman
COLE Elias fisherman
EASTON William fisherman
ELLIOTT James fisherman
FORD Jacob fisherman
FORD Samuel fisherman
FORD John William fisherman
FOLEY William fisherman
FOLEY Martin fisherman
FRAMPTON John fisherman
GODWIN Abraham fisherman
GILL Samuel fisherman
GILL Josh fisherman
HODNOTT James Pond fisherman
HODNOTT John A fisherman
HODNOTT William Jos fisherman
HYNES Richard fisherman
HYNES George fisherman
HYNES John Charles fisherman
HOLMAN John lighthouse keeper
HART Joseph fisherman
HART John fisherman
HART Henry fisherman
HART Martin fisherman
HART George fisherman
HARBIN James fisherman
HARBIN John fisherman
HARBIN William fisherman
HEATH George fisherman
HART Thomas fisherman
KENNA Patrick fisherman
KINDON Daniel fisherman
KINDON Jesse fisherman
KINDON Charles fisherman
LYNCH Edward fisherman
LYNCH James fisherman
LEARY William fisherman
LUSH Benjamin fisherman
MITCHELL John fisherman
NORMORE William fisherman
NIPPARD Richard fisherman
NIPPARD Thomas fisherman
NIPPARD James, sr fisherman
NIPPARD James, jr fisherman
OSMOND Nathanel fisherman
OSMOND Andrew fisherman
OSMOND Michael fisherman
PERRY William fisherman
PERRY Nicholas fisherman
PERRY James fisherman
PERRY George fisherman
PERRY Leander fisherman
PERRY Noah fisherman
PERRY Matthew fisherman
PERRY William fisherman
PENNEY Mark fisherman
PENNEY John fisherman
PENNEY Samuel fisherman
PENNEY Eli fisherman
PENNEY Walter fisherman
PENNEY Charles fisherman
REID Richard fisherman
REID Josiah fisherman
SHEPPARD Levi trader
SHEPPARD Absalom fisherman
SHEPPARD Eli fisherman
SKINNER Edward fisherman
SHEPPARD Nathanel fisherman
SHEPPARD William fisherman
SHEPPARD Thomas fisherman
SHEPPARD George fisherman
SNOW Joseph fisherman
SNOW James fisherman
SNOW Azariah fisherman
SQUIRES William fisherman
THISTLE Thomas fisherman
TARRANT Richard fisherman
TARRANT Stephen fisherman
VINCENT Jonathan fisherman
VINCENT George fisherman
WATERMAN Benjamin fisherman
WATERMAN Henry fisherman

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