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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Harbor Grace District

ADAMS Samuel fisherman Bear's Cove
ADAMS Eugene fisherman Bear's Cove
ADAMS George fisherman Bear's Cove
ADAMS George Fisherman Harvey street
ASH James Fisherman Caplin Cove
ASH Edward fisherman Caplin Cove
ASH Charles engineer Beach Hill
ALLAN Martin lime burner Military Road
ALLAN John cooper Military Road
ALLAN MUNDEN W Surgeon & physician h Bonnyview
ALLEN Munden A sea captain Water
AYRE Jeremiah Tanner Cochrane
AYLWARD James Farmer LeMarchant
ANDREWS William carpenter 310 Water
ANDREWS Stephen do Noad
ANDREWS Francis fisherman Noad
ANDREWS Lorenzo fisherman Noad
ANDREWS George laborer Noad
ANDREWS John shoemaker 306 Water
ANDREWS Herbert laborer 309 Water
APSEY JOHN F Gen Manager Mum & Co and Agt Canada Life h 91 Harvey
APSEY George supplier 91 Harvey
APSEY Arthur 91 Harvey
ABBOTT George engineer 238 Water
ASH Ambrose fisherman Harvey
ASH Richard fisherman  Water
ASH Charles foreman B & S factry Water
ASH George carter Water
ASH Charles laborer Water
ASH Richard laborer Water
ASH John N fisherman Pippy's Hill
ASH Augustus fisherman Pippy's Hill
ASH Francis carpenter Courage's Beach
ASH Edward fisherman Ship Head
ASH Samuel fisherman Harvey
ASH Robert fisherman Harvey
ASH Hector fisherman Harvey
ASH William lobster factory Harvey
ASH John fisherman Harvey
ASH John T watchman Lady Pond Road
ALCOCK Robert laborer Ash's Lane
ALCOCK Patrick laborer Ash's Lane
ADAMS William laborer Kitchen's Hill
ALCOCK Henry laborer Water
ALCOCK William shoemaker Martin's Brk
ALCOCK James fisherman Ship Head
ADAMS James fisherman Ship Head
ADAMS James fisherman Ship Head
ADAMS Joseph fisherman Harvey
ADAMS John fisherman Ship Head
ANTHONY Moses fireman Death Hill
ANTHONY Solomon laborer Death Hill
ANTHONY William seaman Death Hill
AVERY John engineer Courage's Beach
ANGLO AMERICAN TEL CO W H Thompson, supt 134 Water
BENNETT T R Judge District Court Bellevue
BARTLETT Thomas fisherman Bear's Cove
BARTLETT Wm H fisherman Bear's Cove
BRADBURY Jonathan fisherman Bear's Cove
BRADBURY Albert carpenter Bear's Cove
BRADBURY W E tinsmith Bear's Cove
BRADBURY Edgar fisherman Bear's Cove
BRADBURY James engineer Bannerman
BRIEN Michael planter Le Marchant
BRIEN Roger fisherman Le Marchant
BRIEN Michael A accountant Le Marchant
BRIEN Thomas planter Le Marchant
BRIEN Thomas cooper Stretton's Hill
BENSON Thomas fisherman Le Marchant
BURKE Wm farmer Carbonear Road
BRANSFIELD William cooper Water
BURKE Thomas fisherman Water
BUTLER Denis carpenter Cochrane
BENNETT C Harold accountant Harvey
BENNETT George storekeeper Harvey
BRENNAN Wm fisherman Bennett's Lane
BARNES George blacksmith Bennett's Lane
BEMISTER Thos G master mariner Harvey
BUSH James cabman Gaden's Hill
BEATON Wm carpenter Stretton's Hill
BUTLER William fisherman Stretton's Hill
BRENNAN Daniel fisherman Death Hill
BUTLER John joiner 356 Water
BUTLER CHARLES Grocer 356 Water H 356 Water
BUTLER James laborer Ship Head
BUTT WM, jr merchant 223 Water
BUT WM S merchant 223 Water
BUTT William mariner Courage's Beach
BUTT Samuel fisherman off Harvey
BUTT Stephen rigger Courage's Beach
BUTT Edmund laborer Ship Head
BRINE Jeremiah planter 290 Water
BRADBURY Charles cabman 314 Water
BRADBURY James cabman 314 Water
BRADBURY George carter 316 Water
BRADBURY Robert sr fish'man 318 Water
BRADBURY Robert fish'man 316 Water
BRADDURY Wilfred fish'man Water
BRADBURY Frederick lab Courage's Beach
BRAY George lab Snow's Lane
BRAY Ambrose lab Courage's Beach
BRAY Selby fisherman Courage's Beach
BRAY Henry laborer Pipe Track
BRAY Richd, sr laborer Harvey
BRAY Richard laborer Harvey
BRAY William laborer Harvey
BRAY James laborer Harvey
BRAY Joseph laborer Harvey
BRAY Archibald laborer Harvey
BRAY Hector fisherman Harvey
BRAY John laborer Courage's Beach
BRAY Stephen laborer Courage's Beach
BRAY Stewart mariner Ship Head
BARRETT Ambrose carpenter Kitchen's Hill
BARRETT Joseph carpenter Kitchen's Hill
BENSON Isaac fisherman Kitchen's Hill
BARRY John inspector Kitchen's Hill
BARRY Thomas farmer Kitchen's Hill
BRAZIL Joseph mariner Brazil's Lane
BRAZIL Robert printer Brazil's Lane
BRAZIL John carpenter Race Course Hill
BRAZIL John messenger off Harvey
BRAZIL Richard clerk off Harvey
BAKER Wm fisherman Race Course Hill
BEST William carter Harvey
BEST Charles mariner Ship Hill
BADCOCK Robt bookkeeper 34 Brazil's Lane
BADCOCK Robert storekeeper 34 Brazil's Lane
BADCOCK George accountant Harvey
BRUNLEES John storekeeper 14 Victoria
BROWN William brakeman 336 Water
BROWN Frederick wharfinger 338 Water
BROWN Edward laborer 340 Water
BROWN George fisherman Water
BROWN Lorenzo blockmaker Water
BROWN Robert laborer Water
BROWN Charles fisherman Courage's Beach
BROWN Moses fisherman  Pipe Track
BROWN William wharfinger 12 Stanley
BROWN Thomas laborer Harvey
BROWN John fisherman Stanley Road
BROWN Eli laborer Ship Head
BROWN Philip laborer Stanley Road
CARSON Edward carpenter Bear's Cove
CAHILL Pat'k fisherman Carbonear Rd
COONEY John laborer Carbonear Rd
CRONAN John cooper Water
CONNORS Timothy cooper Water
CONNORS Patrick farmer Death Hill
CONNELL Maurice farmer Death Hill
CONNELL John tanner Water
CALLAHAN Edward cooper Water
CODY Francis carpenter Water
CODY William carpenter LeMarchant
CASEY JOHN tailor and sewing machine agent 182 Water
CRON JAMES draper Water
COONEY Daniel fisherman Holbrook
COOMBS Richard fisherman Holbrook
CAKE John carpenter Lampen's Lane
COATES JAMES draper Victoria
CORBETT Mich'l planter Lampen's Lane
CRAMM Patrick cooper Harvey
CLARKE Solomon planter Stretton's Hill
CLARKE Ambrose fisherman Stretton's Hill
COLBERT Joseph cooper 175 Water h 175 Water
CODY JOHN agt J Munn & Co Water
CODY John fisherman Ship Head
CODY James fisherman Ship Head
CODY John farmer Harvey
CODY Thomas mariner Harvey
CODY James laborer Harvey
CHAFE William policeman Water
COUGHLAN James mail officer 94 Water
CURTIS Hector master mariner Noad
CURTIS James H engineer Noad
CURTIS George cooper Noad
CRANE Hugh W laborer Noad
COURAGE T shoemaker Courage's Beach
COURAGE John carpenter Courage's Beach
COURAGE Eliel laborer Courage's Beach
COURAGE Archibald rigger Courage's Beach
COURAGE Robert carpenter Courage's Beach
COURAGE Giles fisherman Stanley Road
COURAGE Duncan fisherman Stanley Road
COURAGE Jas fisherman Courage's Hill
COURAGE Alex mariner Courage's Hill
COURAGE William carpenter Courage's Hill
CHANT Richard mariner Kitchen's Hill
CONNORS Patrick fisherman Lazy P Rd
CONNORS Timothy fisherman Lazy P Rd
COLE William fisherman Stanley Road
COLE John fisherman Ship Head
COLE Joseph carpenter Stanley Road
COLE Stephen fisherman Stanley Road
CRANE George fisherman Stanley Road
CANNINGS George fisherman Water
CHEDWICK Alfred mariner Ship Head
DAVIS Thomas planter Wood Ville Rd
DAVIS William fisherman Wood Ville Rd
DAVIS George fisherman Wood Ville Rd
DAVIS Samuel fisherman Wood Ville Rd
DAVIS Orestes planter Wood Ville Rd
DAVIS Thomas fisherman Bear's Cove
DAVIS & Co dry g'ds & mil'nry Water
DAVIS Willis of Davis & Co Water
DOYLE Patrick fisherman Water
DOYLE Thomas fisherman Water
DOYLE Patrick cooper Garland's Lane
DRYSDALE A T Postmaster & Cashier Savings B'k Water H Water See adv page 552
DUFFY James rigger Garland's Lane
DEADY James planter Bannerman
DAVIS John cabman 370 Water
DAVIS John C mariner 209 Water
DAVIS Henry master mariner 209 Water
DAVIS JAMES tanner and currier Martin's Brook
DAVIS James master mariner Water
DAVIS George carpenter 376 Water
DAVIS Robert carpenter 372 Water
DAVIS William tanner 372 Water
DAVIS Hannibald fisherman Water
DAVIS George fisherman Water
DAVIS John fisherman West Noad
DAVIS Nathaniel planter West Noad
DAVIS Thomas clerk West Noad
DAVIS John fisherman West Noad
DAVIS Edgar planter West Noad
DAVIS William carpenter Lady Pond Rd
DAVIS Amaziah carter Lady Pond Rd
DAVIS James carter Lady Pond Rd
DAVIS Julius laborer Ship Head
DICKENSON Charles mariner Pippy's Lane
DONNAN Alex fisherman Water
DOVE John fisherman Kitchen's Hill
DOVE George fisherman Kitchen's Hill
DOVE Robert fisherman Kitchen's Hill
DOVE William fisherman Kitchen's Hill
DOVE David fisherman Kitchen's Hill
DOWNING R Labr B & S Fc'try Stanley Rd
DOWNING Josiah laborer Stanley Rd
DOWNING Ambrose mason Stanley Rd
DOWNING Uriah laborer Stanley Rd
DAWE Samuel laborer Courage Beach
DALTON Samuel laborer Bannerman Lake
DEER Michael fisherman Pipe Track
ELDRIDGE Charles fisherman Cochrane
ELSON William laborer Martin's Brook
EDISON George fisherman Harvey
EDISON James mariner Harvey
EDMUNDS Joseph laborer Stanley Road
EDMUNDS James laborer Rocky Pond
FARRELL Thomas fisherman Kildare Road
FARRELL John cooper Kildare Road
FARRELL Edward shoemaker Water
FARRELL PAT grocer Water
FITZGERALD Henry F clerk Water
FITZGERALD P J grocer Water
FITZGERALD Thos H shoemaker Water
FITZGERALD Nich master mariner Victoria
FRENCH Douglas carman Cochrane
FRENCH John shoemaker Victoria
FRENCH Augustus seaman Victoria
FLYNN David A musician Cochrane
FLEMING Michael planter Cochrane
FLEMING Maurice shoemaker Cochrane
FLETCHER Daniel cooper Harvey
FITZGIBBONS Wm J mason Harvey
FOLEY John P official clerk Water
FRENCH Robert sailmaker Martins's Brook
FRENCH Geo wheelwright Courage's Beach
FRENCH Frederick laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH George laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH Thomas laborer 282 Water
FRENCH Francis laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH Matthew laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH Stephen laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH Joseph joiner 382 Water
FRENCH Robert carpenter 384 Water
FRENCH John printer Ship Head
FRENCH George police force off Water
FRENCH William painter Harvey
FRENCH F fisherman Courage's Beach
FRENCH Robert laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH Mark laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH James laborer Courage's Beach
FRENCH Matthew fisherman Courage's Beach
FRENCH James fisherman Courage's Beach
FRENCH Eldred fisherman Courage's Beach
FRENCH Samuel fisherman Courage's Beach
FRENCH Archibald mariner Courage's Beach
FOLEY James cabman 216 Water
FOLEY Patrick mariner Ship Head
FREEMAN Daniel police sergeant Water
FROST Levi planter 225 Water
FITZGERALD D contractor 231 Water
FITZGERALD John joiner 231 Water
FORD Wm M tidewaiter customs Harvey
FOX James carman Death Hill
FLYNN John cooper 243 Water
FOX Nathaniel carman Death Hill
FRAMPTON John laborer Noad
FRENCH Wm fisherman Lady Pond Road
GORDON MRS. Julia Gordon Prop Water, See Adv page 562
GRIMM Otto E cooper Caplin Cove
GORDON Reuben cooper Bear's Cove
GORDON Samuel fisherman Bear's Cove
GORDON John fisherman Bear's Cove
GORDON James W cooper Caplin Cove
GORDON Samuel planter Caplin Cove
GORDON MRS JULIA Prop, Gordon Lodge Water, See adv page 562
GILL Patrick farmer Wood Ville Rd
GILL George fisherman Wood Ville Rd
GILL William laborer Wood Ville Rd
GODDEN C & E dry goods and hardware Water
GODDEN Joseph H M C Water h Water
GODDEN Charles A of C & E Godden  
GODDEN Ernest of C & E Godden  
GODDEN Geo R student h Water
GRIFFIN Thomas shoemaker Water
GRIFFIN Cornelius shoem'kr LeMarchant
GRIFFIN James planter Bannerman
GRIFFIN Michael fisherman Bannerman
GRIFFIN John farmer Cottage Road
GOULD Michael farmer Water
GOULD Daniel fisherman Water
GREENE D J fisherman Water
GOFF Peter R shoemaker Water
GOULD James planter LeMarchant
GEORGE Robert fisherman Walsh's Lane
GRUBERT John shoemaker Bannerman
GRUBERT Wm shoemaker Condon's Lane
GOSS Henry carpenter Lilly's Lane
GARLAND Henry cooper Harvey
GARLAND Joseph accountant Harvey
GARLAND Jas W farmer Garland's Lane
GREENE J master mariner 208 Water
GILL Thomas, sr fisherman Water
GILL Thomas, jr fisherman Water
GILL William fisherman Water
GOSSE Wm fisherman Courage's Beach
GRIFFIN Daniel fisherman Harvey
GRIFFIN Thomas fisherman Lady P Rd
GEORGE Alfred foreman fish fac Lady P Rd
GRANVILLE Robin fisherman Race Course
GRANDVILLE Andrew fisherman Race Course
GEORGE William laborer Harvey
HEATER John C planter Woodville Rd
HEATER John cooper Woodville Road
HEATH Samuel B H M customs Water
HEATH GEO R draper Water
HARE John, sr laborer Water
HARE John jr draper Water
HALL BROS Gen Dealers and Drapers Water
HALL RICH'D M of Hall Bros Water
HALL ARCH'D of Hall Bros. Water
HALL George P agent at Labrador Water
HIGGINS Paul hairdresser Water
HAYDEN Timothy planter Beach Hill
HAYDEN Richard planter Beach Hill
HOGAN JOHN butcher Water
HANRAHAN Thos school teacher Cochrane
HODENOT Wm fisherman Lampin's Land
HISCOCK H W cooper LeMarchant
HAYES Michael fisherman Bannerman
HAMILTON James seaman Harvey
HAMILTON Chas seaman Harvey
HARTE John seaman Cottage Road
HICKEY John seaman Cottage Road
HENNESSY David fisherman Water
HENNESSY JOHN General Merchant Water h Water See adv opp
HENNESSY WM merchant 247 Water
HENNESSY James planter 247 Water
HENNESSY Wm planter Pipe Track
HAYDEN Timothy planter 171 Water
HUTCHINGS JAS builder Victoria
HISCOCK Frederick cooper Water
HUNT James carter Courage's Beach
HUNT James mariner Courage's Beach
HUNT William mariner Pipe Track
HUNT Henry laborer Pipe Track
HUNT George laborer Pipe Track
HUNT John fisherman Pipe Track
HUNT Edward fisherman Pipe Track
HUNT Henry fisherman Pipe Track
HUNT Stephen laborer Ship Head
HUNT William laborer Ship Head
HUNT George laborer Ship Head
HAWKINS Chas laborer Courage's Beach
HAWKINS Wm cooper Courage's Beach
HARBOR GRACE BOOT & SHOE FACTORY Estate  F H Archibald, J Paterson, Guardian Water See adv page 564
HAYSE Laurence fisherman Kitchen's Hill
HAYSE James fisherman Kitchen's Hill
HARTERY Jeremiah sailmaker Noad
HARRIS Nicholas blacksmith Harvey
HARRIS Charles laborer Harvey
HARRIS Lemuel laborer  Harvey
HARRIS James fisherman Harvey
HATCHER Wm watchman Kitchen's Hill
HATCHER John fireman Kitchen's Hill
HATCHER Wm G laborer Kitchen's Hill
HALFPENNY James laborer Lady Pond Road
HATCHETT Wm engineer Ship Head
HORWOOD Wm carpenter Ship Head
HORWOOD Alfred mariner Ship Head
HORWOOD Fred fisherman Ship Head
HARBOR GARCE STANDARD Munn & Oke proprietors fisherman Victoria, off Water. See adv page 564
INNOTT Joseph cooper Harvey
JONES MICHAEL J Dry Goods, Water h Water, See adv per index
JONES M of M J Jones, Water h Water
JONES Wm C student Water
JACKSON Alexander head constable Water
JONES John fisherman Courage's Beach
JONES William boatman Harvey
JONES Ernest laborer Harvey
JONES William laborer Death Hill
JACOBS James cabinet maker Harvey
JAIMESON Alex cooper Death Hill
JENKINS Henry laborer Courage's Hill
KEEFE Patrick fisherman Keefe's Grove
KEEFE Bernard fisherman Keefe's Grove
KEEFE Thomas fisherman Keefe's Grove
KEEFE Michael fisherman Keefe's Grove
KEEFE William fisherman Keefe's Grove
KEEFE Laurance fisherman Keefe's Grove
KEEFE John carpenter LeMarchant
KENNEDY George laborer Bear's Cove
KENNEDY Charles laborer Bear's Cove
KENNEDY Jonathan laborer Bear's Cove
KENNEDY Willis seaman Bear's Cove
KENNEDY Andrew fisherman Caplin Cove
KENNEDY John W Shoemaker, Water h Water
KENNEDY C L, jr Tinsmith 145 Water
KENNEDY C L, sr Hardware and tinsmith 145 Water
KENNEDY W H pianist & tuner 145 Water
KAVANAGH Wm fisherman Water
KENNEDY Michael J L clerk 145 Water
KENNEDY Michael clerk Water
KEHOE John laborer Water
KEEFE Michael cooper Holbrook
KEHOE John cooper Walsh's Lane
KNIGHT Fred H engineer Harvey
KELLY Thomas fisherman Stretton's Hill
KENT James police force Noad
KITCHEN George laborer Harvey
KITCHEN John mason Kitchen's Hill
KITCHEN Edward laborer Kitchen's Hill
KITCHEN Thomas mason Kitchen's Hill
KITCHEN James mason Kitchen's Hill
KITCHEN William mason Kitchen's Hill
KELLEY Patrick laborer Pipe Track
KELLY James laborer Pipe Track
KNIGHT John laborer Stanley Road
KNIGHT Thomas fisherman Stanley Road
KAVANAGH James fisherman Pippy's Hill
LEE Martin planter Water
LAHEY Michael grocer Water
LAHEY Richard butcher Water
LAHEY James farmer Water
LAHEY Tobias butcher Water
LAHEY Robert butcher Water
LAHEY John A butcher Water
LAHEY John cooper Holbrook
LEHR ANDREW B Dentist & Hotel, Water h Water See adv page 564
LAMPIN William cooper Cochrane
LYNCH Thomas Bennett's Cove
LYNCH William J clerk District Court Bennett's Cove
LYNCH JOHN supt Water Works Bannerman
LILLY J H cooper Lilly's Lane
LANDERS Daniel seaman Stretton's Hill
LEARY Richard farmer Cottage Road
LEARY Michael fisherman Lady Pond Rd
LEARY James fisherman Lady Pond Rd
LEARY Thomas fisherman Lady Pond Rd
LAWTON JOHN P principal R C Academy Victoria
LEE Whiting R fisherman 312 Water
LUFFMAN William laborer Courage's Beach
LUFFMAN Robert fisherman Harvey
LUFFMAN Albert fisherman Harvey
LILLY Samuel tailor Harvey
LILLY Robert laborer West Noad
LILLY Thomas laborer West Noad
LILLY John laborer West Noad
LAMBARD Hugh fisherman off Harvey
LAMBARD Charles fisherman off Harvey
LYNCH Thomas laborer Pipe Track
LYNCH John farmer Harvey
LION HOUSE A B Lehr prop Water, See adv opp
MERCHANT William seaman Caplin Cove
MARCH REV JOHN Roman Catholic Carbonear Road
MADDOCK John   Water
MARTIN Moses laborer Water
MARTIN Absalom laborer Water
MARTIN FREDK grocer Victoria
MORRISSEY H Druggist, Water h Water, See adv page 566
MORRISSEY Morgan fisherman Water
MORRISSEY Patrick fisherman Water
MADIGAN Richard tailor Water
MADIGAN James tailor Water
MADIGAN Patrick tailor Water
MADIGAN William S tailor Water
MACKEY James constable Water
MURPHY Owen planter Water
MURPHY Maurice carpenter Cochrane
MURPHY John tinsmith Cochrane
MURPHY J J Dry Goods Groceries & Auctioneer. See adv page 566
MITCHELL William draper Cochrane
MUNN JOHN & CO Gen Imp'trs & Exp'trs Water, See adv page 568
MUNN R S of J Munn & Co Harvey
MUNN Dugald accountant h Harvey
MUNN A G accountant h Harvey
MUNN & OKE Harbor Grace Standard Prop Water, See adv opp
MUNN JOHN F of Munn & Oke, editor Harbor Grace Standard h Harvey
MUNN JAS D principal H G Grammar School Water
MUNN BROS gen importers dry g'ds Water
MUNN Norman of Munn Bros h Harvey
MUNN John G of Munn Bros h Harvey
MORGAN R fisherman Lampin's Land
MORIARITY Patrick planter LeMarchant
MORIARTY Robt fisherman LeMarchant
MILLER William cooper Cottage Road
McKAY John bailiff Carbonear Road
McDONALD RIGHT REV DR bishop Harbor Grace Carbonear Road
McDONALD Allan R R foreman Water
McKINNON Murdock tailor Water
McRAY ROD D agt at Labrador Munn & Co h Victoria
McCARTHY M J seaman Stretton's Hill
McNABB REV EBEN Presbyterian Victoria
MARTIN James mariner 231 Water
MARTIN Joseph fireman 231 Water
MARTIN Frederick engineer Water
MARTIN Hector fireman Martin's Brook
MARTIN Albert fisherman Martin's Brook
MARTIN Francis laborer Martin's Brook
MARTIN Alex laborer Martin's Brook
MARTIN Abram laborer Martin's Brook
MARTIN Thomas laborer Victoria
MARTIN Wm mariner Martin's Brook
MARTIN Hector carpenter Brazil's Lane
MARTIN Joseph laborer Brazil's Lane
MARTIN Silas fisherman Brazil's Lane
MARTIN Benjamin laborer Brazil's Lane
MARTIN Joseph carpenter Water
MARTIN Eli teacher Water
MARTIN JAS C boot & shoe factory Water
MARTIN John fisherman Harvey
MARTIN Geo fireman Martin's Brook
MARTIN Francis fisherman Martin's Brook
MARTIN Isaac fisherman Martin's Brook
MARTIN Charles laborer Martin's Brook
MARTIN Wm laborer Harvey
MARTIN Matthew engineer Ship Head
MARTIN John laborer Ship Head
MARTIN William fisherman Harvey
MARTIN Frederick fisherman Harvey
MARTIN Lorenzo mariner Harvey
MARTIN Eliel laborer Lady Pond Road
MARTIN Francis fisherman Lady Pond Road
MARTIN Stephen fisherman Lady Pond Road
MARTIN Eli fisherman Lady Pond Road
MARTIN Stephen laborer Kitchen's Hill
MARTIN Stephen fireman Kitchen's Hill
MARTIN Cuthbert fireman Death Hill
MURDEN J master mariner off Harvey
MORRIS John sailmaker 12 Victoria
MORRIS Joseph mariner Harvey
MORRIS George sailmaker Water
MORRISSY Maurice sailmaker Pipe Track
MacDONALD Maurice laborer Lady P Rd
MERCER Thomas fisherman Water
McGRATH Patrick cabman Ship Head
MURPHY Richard fisherman 36 Victoria
MORTIMER And laborer Sullivan's Hill
MORTIMER Jas laborer Sullivan's Hill
MORTIMER John laborer Sullivan's Hill
MORTIMER Noah laborer Sullivan's Hill
MOORES Thos fisherman Race Course Rd
MACKINSON George engineer 1 Victoria
NEIL Henry fisherman Water
NEIL Patrick fisherman   Cottage Road
NOEL REV JOHN M rector St Paul's church, Church of England Cochrane
NOSEWORTHY Jacob fisherman Cochrane
NEWMAN William Mason Cochrane
NEWMAN James blacksmith Cochrane
NEAL Patrick fisherman Cottage Road
NICHOLS William barber 330 Water
NICHOLS Ambrose carter Sampson's Brook
NICHOLS John storekeeper Sampson's Brook
NICHOLS Archibald master mariner Stanley Road
NICHOLS Eliel laborer Water
NICHOLS George fisherman Water
NICHOLS John laborer Sampson's Brook
NICHOLS Thomas carpenter Stanley Road
NICHOLS William laborer Ship Head
NICHOLS Nathaniel carter Bannerman Lake
NEWMAN Frederick fisherman Harvey
NEWMAN John fisherman Stanley Road
NEWHOOK William laborer Stanley Road
NOSEWORTHY Archelaus fisherman Harvey
NOSEWORTHY Thos fisherman West Noad
NOSEWORTHY John fisherman Pippy's Hill
NOSEWORTHY Wm laborer Pippy's Hill
NOSEWORTHY John fisherman Stanley Road
NOSEWORTHY Stewart fisherman West Noad
NOSEWORTHY Moses laborer off Harvey
NOSEWORTHY Nat fisherman Pipe Track
NOSEWORTHY Joseph fisherman Pipe Track
NOSEWORTHY Josiah fisherman Ship Head
NEIL Daniel fisherman Harvey
NEIL Alfred laborer Harvey
NEIL Jeremiah mariner Harvey
NEIL Edward laborer Ship Head
NEIL James cooper Ship Head
NEIL Edward laborer Ship Head
NOEL James fisherman Harvey
O'NEIL Richard master mariner Victoria
O'NEIL Denis master mariner Victoria
O'NEIL Cornelius farmer Stretton's Hill
OKE WM A of Munn & Oke Victoria
PARSONS Duncan fisherman Bear's Cove
PARSONS Jonathan carpenter Bear's Cove
PARSONS John carpenter Bear's Cove
PARSONS John T fisherman Bear's Cove
PARSONS Wm E fisherman Bear's Cove
PARSONS JONATHAN agent Munn & Co. at Labrador
PARSONS HERBT grocer Bear's Cove
PARSONS William fisherman at Labrador
PARSONS Thomas fisherman at Labrador
PARSONS Archibald fisherman at Labrador
PARSONS Geo F lighthouse keeper at Labrador
PARSONS Charles fisherman at Labrador
PARSONS Charles engineer at Labrador
PARSONS Jonathan planter at Labrador
PARSONS Gilbert fisherman at Labrador
PARSONS Ambrose fisherman at Labrador
PARSONS W H fishery warden at Labrador
PARSON James Carbonear Road
PARSONS Wm H seaman Water
PARSONS Edwin salesman LeMarchant
PARSONS Edward of E & A P Water
PARSONS E & A furniture mfrs and photographers Water
PARSONS Andrew salesman Bennett's Lane
PARSONS B & SONS Groceries, provisions & Hardware Water
PARSONS B bl'ksmth LeMarchant h Harvey
PARSONS Benj storekeeper Harvey
PARSONS Victor of B P & Sons h Harvey
PARSONS Henry fisherman Military Road
PARSON Leander seaman Stretton's Hill
PARSONS Leonard fisherman Stretton's Hill
PARSONS Lewis sailmaker Stretton's Hill
PARSONS Ambrose sailmaker Stretton's Hill
PARSONS ROBT draper Stretton's Hill
PIKE Ambrose farmer Bear's Cove
PIKE Mrs Wm boarding house Water
PIKE George E fisherman Bear's Cove
PIKE Allan fisherman Bear's Cove
PIKE William farmer Carbonear Road
PIKE Ambrose planter Caplin Cove
PIKE Geo W fisherman Caplin Cove
PIKE Eliel fisherman Caplin Cove
PIKE Ambrose fisherman Caplin Cove
PIKE Joshua master mariner Bannerman
PIKE Alfred seaman Victoria
PIKE Willis H seaman Harvey
PIKE John C seaman Stretton's Hill
PIPPY Thos laborer Caplin Cove
PIPPY Francis fisherman Caplin Cove
PUGH Edwin railway employee Caplin Cove
POWER Andrew carpenter Carbonear Road
POWER Peter accountant Carbonear Road
POWER Eugene fisherman Cochrane
POWER John constable Harvey
POWER Maurice cooper Harvey
POWER Michael fisherman Cottage Road
POWER Maurice fisherman Cottage Road
PENDERGAST J L fisherman Carbonear Road
PENDERGAST Patrick cooper Water
PATERSON & FOSTER General Merchants 139 Water See adv opp
PATERSON JOHN of Paterson & Foster, guardian estate F H Archibald's B & S factory Water
PATERSON George accountant Water
PUMPHRY Daniel seaman Cochrane
PUMPHRY M J fisherman Cochrane
PUMPHRY W F carpenter Cochrane
PETERS George carpenter Cochrane
PYNN John C seaman Lampin's Lane
PYNN Archibald fisherman Lampin's Lane
PYNN Charles fisherman Bennett's Lane
PYNN Willis fisherman Bennett's Lane
PINKSTONE Wm blacksmith Military Road
PYNN George joiner Bannerman Lake
PYNN Augustus builder Pipe Track
PYNN Selby joiner Pipe Track
POWELL George laborer Stanley Road
PIKE Christopher master mariner Harvey
PIKE James fisherman Harvey
PIKE John fisherman Harvey
PIKE Edward fisherman Lady Pond Road
PIKE Henry fisherman Stanley Road
PIKE Albert engineer Victoria
PIKE George fireman 276 Water
PIKE Nathaniel clerk 269 Water
PIKE William planter Harvey
PERRY William laborer Martin's Brook
PUMPHREY ISAAC bookkeeper and manager B & S factory 219 Water
PUMPHREY Daniel planter 219 Water
PARSONS John fisherman 201 Water
PARSONS Stewart fisherman 201 Water
PARSONS Joseph mariner off Harvey
PARSONS John mariner Ross's Farm
POTTLE James rigger Courage's Beach
PEDDLE James laborer Stanley Road
PEDDLE Nicholas fisherman Pipe Track
PEDDLE Wm fisherman Courage's Beach
PUDICOMBE William laborer Snow's Lane
POWER John master mariner off Harvey
PURCELL James fisherman Pipe Track
PURCELL Michael laborer Pipe Track
PURCELL William fisherman Pipe Track
PELLY Thomas carpenter Ship Head
PELLY Archibald fisherman Ship Head
PAYNE Nicholas carpenter 215 Water
PAYNE John carpenter 215 Water
PAYNE Henry mariner 242 Water
PAYNE Robert fisherman 215 Water
PAYNE William carpenter 241 Water
PAYNE Charles cooper 241 Water
QUINTON Ed C railway agt Carbonear Rd
QUINN Bernard fisherman Caplin Cove
QUIRK Joseph cooper Water
QUINN John laborer Stretton's Hil
QUINN Alexander laborer Stretton's Hil
RYAN Thos fisherman Carbonear Road
RYAN John constable Water
RYAN Edward cabman Harvey
RYAN Alex fisherman Garland's Lane
RYAN Edward fisherman Garland's L
ROSS THOS agent Water
ROSS C W & CO Grocers 114 Water, See adv page 570
ROSS THOS of C W Ross & Co Water
ROSS CHAS of C W Ross & Co Water
RUTHERFORD AND grocer Water w h Cochrane
REES Alfred brakeman LeMarchant
RUSSELL W J painter Victoria
READY Jas seaman Stretton's Hill
READY Bernard J seaman Stretton's Hill
READY James seaman Stretton's Hill
READY Michael seaman Stretton's Hill
ROGERS Edmund storekeeper Ship Head
ROGERS Eli carpenter Ship Head
ROGERS Albert carpenter Ship Head
REID Arthur laborer Kitchen's Hill
REID Arthur fisherman Kitchen's Hill
ROSS C W of C W Ross & Co Ross's Farm
RYAN John laborer Wiseman's Hill
SWEETLAND Edward laborer Bear's Cove
SWEETLAND George laborer Bear's Cove
SWEETLAND John laborer Bear's Cove
SWEETLAND Samuel bl'ksmith Bear's Cove
SNELGROVE George laborer Bear's Cove
SNELGROVE James fisherman Bear's Cove
SIMMONDS Wm carpenter Bear's Cove
SIMMONDS Robert laborer Caplin Cove
SIMMONDS Hugh seaman Woodville Rd
SIMMONDS Jordan carpenter Woodville Rd
STONE Eli carpenter Woodville Rd
SHEA John cabman Carbonear Road
SHEA DENIS grocer Water
SHEA Richard shoemaker Water
SWANN REV WM Methodist Water
SQUIRES H T clerk Water
SQUIRES ALEX Grocer, Water h Caplin Cove, See adv page 574
STAPLETON John planter Water
SPRIDLE William fisherman Water
SEARLE MOSES Watchm'kr, Water h Water, See adv page 574
SUMMER P J barrister Water
SPARKS William tinsmith LeMarchant
SPARKS Joseph carpenter LeMarchant
SPARKS John carpenter LeMarchant
SHUTE Moses fisherman Cochrane
SHEPPARD Thomas engineer Holbrook
STIRLING George seaman Bennett's Lane
SIMMS James seaman Cochrane
SPENCE J W master mariner Cochrane
SPENCE S B trader Harvey
SPENCE John trader Harvey
SPENCE K G R R conductor Harvey
STRAPP Thomas Bannerman Harvey
STRAPP John planter Bannerman
STRATHIE JOHN Tinsmith, Mang Gas Works, Water h LeMarchant, See adv page 572
SEYMOUR A H sheriff Harvey
STEWART Ned Harvey
SCULLY ROGER grocer Cottage Road
SCULLY Thomas fisherman Cottage Road
SCULLY Wm T school teacher Cottage Road
SLOCUM John seaman Lady Pond Road
SMITH Wm blacksmith Martin's Brook
SNOW George fisherman Martin's Brook
SNOW Patrick laborer Noad
SNOW Edward laborer Noad
SNOW Frederick carpenter Noad
SNOW Robert fisherman Water
SNOW Frederick fisherman Noad
SNOW Eldred fisherman Noad
SNOW George laborer Harvey
SNOW Edgar fisherman Harvey
SNOW Thomas fisherman Courage's Beach
SNOW Hugh W laborer Snow's Lane
SNOW James fisherman Snow's Lane
SNOW Robert carpenter West Noad
SNOW Thomas fisherman West Noad
SNOW Thomas fisherman West Noad
SNOW Austin fisherman Harvey
STRAPP WALTER physician 11 Brazil's Lane
SYMMNS Frederick laborer 11 Brazil's Ln
STEVENSON M mariner Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON John engineer Harvey
STEVENSON R fish'man Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Joseph fish'man Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Josiah mason Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Wm mason Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Uriah mariner Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON E carriagesmith Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Geo planter Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Geo fisherman Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON M carter Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Fred laborer Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Wm rigger Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Edgar laborer Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON James mason Stevenson's Village
STEVENSON Wm master mariner Ship Head
STEVENSON John supercargo Ship Head
SPRACKLIN Richard police force Victoria
SIMPSON Alex R sailmaker 12 Victoria
SHEPPARD Wm H fisherman Martin's Brk
SHEPPARD John fisherman Ash's Lane
SHEPPARD William fisherman Ash's Lane
SHEPPARD Albert sailmaker Stanley Road
SHEPPARD Edward painter Harvey
SHEPPARD John C cooper Harvey
SHEPPARD John fisherman West Noad
SHEPPARD George carpenter West Noad
SHEPPARD George fisherman West Noad
SHEPPARD Azariah cooper off Harvey
SHEPPARD Moses laborer Kitchen's Hill
SHEPPARD Nathaniel light keeper Harvey
SHEPPARD Jordan fisherman Harvey
SHEPPARD John carter Kitchen's Hill
SHEPPARD Solomon fisherman West Noad
SHEPPARD Eldred fisherman Kitchen's Hill
SCANLAN Patrick boatman 260 Water
SCANLAN Thomas carter Kitchen's Hill
STAFFORD John cooper Water
SPENCER Richard laborer 286 Water
SPENCER Samuel laborer 286 Water
SPENCER Albert B & S factry 286 Water
SPENCER Joshua fisherman Harvey
STOW Richard carpenter Water
STOW Frederick carpenter 352 Water
STOWE Samuel carpenter Ship Head
SPARKS James mariner Harvey
SPARKS Thomas carpenter Harvey
SILLARS Mark mariner off Harvey
SILLARS William fisherman Harvey
SILLARS James fisherman Harvey
SILLARS Thomas fisherman Harvey
SHEEHAN James laborer Noad
SULLIVAN John mariner Lady Pond Road
SLADE Charles mariner Kitchen's Hill
SPURRELL Joseph fisherman Stanley Road
TAYLOR NATHANIEL Druggist Water w h Noad
TAYLOR Samuel planter Bear's Cove
TAYLOR Henry fisherman Bear's Cove
TAYLOR George fisherman Bear's Cove
TAYLOR EUGENE F draper Caplin Cove
THOMEY Mark fisherman Mosquito Road
THOMEY Henry master mariner Water
THOMEY Henery planter Water
THOMEY John planter Water
THOMEY Kennedy planter Water
THOMEY Charles planter Beach Hill
TAPP William blacksmith Water
TRAPNELL John gaol keeper Carbonear Rd
TRAVERS O V draper Water
THOMPSON WM H & CO Chemists & Druggists 134 Water, See adv page 574
THOMPSON WM H of W H Thompson & Co Water h Water
THOMPSON E B Saving Bank Harvey
TITFORD W R boatman H M customs Bennett's Lane
TOBIN William line repairer Harvey
TOBIN John seaman Stretton's Hill
TOBIN Michael carpenter Cottage Road
TIZZARD John master mariner Harvey
TAYLOR Robert   Water
THOMPSON Wm H storekeeper Martin's Bk
THOMPSON Robert tinsmith Martin's Bk
TITFORD John fisherman Martin's Bk
TITFORD Robert carpenter Harvey
TAPP John blacksmith Noad
THOMAS John fisherman 276 Water
THOMAS George laborer 276 Water
THOMAS Wm B & S factory 274 Water
TRAVERS William laborer Pipe Track
TARRENT John laborer Kitchen's Hill
TARRENT George laborer Kitchen's Hill
TOWNSEND Geo mariner Lady Pond Road
TUCKER Israel fisherman Kitchen's Hill
TAYLOR Ambrose planter Harvey
TAYLOR Richard laborer Harvey
TAYLOR Richard fisherman Harvey
TAYLOR Herbert carpenter Water
UMBERS John fisherman Pipe Track
VERGE George fisherman Lilly's Lane
VERGE William carter Ship Head
VERGE Eli bailiff Ship Head
VERGE William laborer Pipe Track
VERGE Eli laborer Pipe Track
VERGE William mariner Pipe Track
VERGE Joseph laborer Harvey
WELLS Lorenzo laborer Bear's Cove
WELLS Henry laborer Woodville Rood
WELLS Charles laborer Cochrane
WELLS Manuel laborer Cochrane
WELLS Wm fisherman Cochrane
WELLS Matthew fisherman Lampin's Lane
WELLS Joseph laborer Garland's Lane
WELLS Ernest cooper Garland's Lane
WALSH Edward tinsmith Cochrane
WALSH James shoemaker Cochrane
WALSH THOMAS F barrister Water
WALSH Thomas cooper LeMarchant
WALSH Thomas constable LeMarchant
WALSH Walter cooper Harvey
WALSH William farmer Harvey
WALSH Denis J mason Water
WALSH John R mason Water
WALSH James B mason Water
WALSH William J mason Water
WHITEWAY Henry shoemaker Caplin Cove
WHITEWAY George planter Caplin Cove
WHITEWAY John planter Caplin Cove
WEBBER George seaman Caplin Cove
WEBBER Charles fisherman Caplin Cove
WEBBER Charles fisherman Caplin Cove
WEBBER Wm H fisherman Caplin Cove
WEBBER George A fisherman Caplin Cove
WEBBER John salesman Caplin Cove
WEBBER Valentine boatman customs Water
WEBBER Charles boatman customs Water
WHELAN Geo fisherman Carbonear Road
WHELAN Edward farmer Carbonear Road
WHELAN Richard planter Carbonear Road
WALL James F cooper Water
WATTS Arthur laborer Water
WATTS Claudius cooper Water
WATTS H J landing waiter cust h Water
WATTS H C Grocer Water h 97 Water, See adv page 576
WALSH James fisherman Cottage Road
WARD WILLIAM Grocer 194 Water h Victoria see adv opp
WARD William M teacher h Bell's Lane
WILLIAMS John H M customs Harvey
WILLIAMS William cabman Garland's Lane
WEBBER Thomas fisherman Harvey
WEBBER John C seaman Harvey
WEBBER Tobias farmer Harvey
WELLS Thomas fisherman Woodville Road
WALKER JOHN grocer 214 Water
WARREN J Wheelright Water h Ship H'd
WARREN Wm slipmaster Ship Head
WALSH William cooper 6 Brazil's Lane
WALSH MARK grocer Courage's B'ch
WHITMAN Joseph tailor Victoria
WILLS Thomas tidewaiter 104 Harvey
WELLS Matthew cabman Lady Pond Road
WILLIAMS Wm carpenter Ship Head
WILLIAMS John tanner Ship Head
WILLIAMS Albert fisherman Ship Head
WILLIAMS Ambrose fisherman Ship Head
WILLIAMS Hector fisherman Ship Head
WALTERS George laborer 244 Water
WISEMAN Henry laborer Lady Pond Road
WALTERS Wm B & S factory 244 Water
WISEMAN John fisherman Race Course Rd
WHITE Wm laborer Harvey
WILLIAMS Step'n fisherman Courage's B'ch
YETMAN Clement laborer Caplin Cove
YETMAN Wm fisherman Noad
YETMAN Moses fisherman Noad
YETMAN George fisherman Harvey

986 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories


The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become
colloquialized, so spellings of names may differ.

This page transcribed by Bill Crant in Nova Scotia and Don Tate in Sunny Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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