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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Bonavista District

ANTI REV. JOHN Church of England
ALLEN Eli lamplighter
BATTERTON Philip fisherman
BEMISTER Darius fisherman
BURRY Alfred fisherman
BRAGG Abram fisherman
BRAGG John fisherman
BURRY Philip fisherman
BURRY William fisherman
BURRY Oliver fisherman
BURRY George fisherman
BURRY Noah fisherman
BURRY Edward fisherman
BURRY Stephen fisherman
BURRY Job fisherman
BURRY Martin fisherman
BURRY Samuel fisherman
BISHOP Darius fisherman
BURRY William fisherman
BURRY Jeremiah fisherman
BURRY Robert fisherman
BURRY Aaron fisherman
BURRY Stephen fisherman
BURRY John fisherman
BURRY Isaac fisherman
BURRY David fisherman
BURRY Joseph fisherman
BURRY Jesse fisherman
BURRY Alexander fisherman
BURRY Joseph fisherman
BURRY Job sea captain
BARROW John fisherman
BARROW Job fisherman
BARROW Edward fisherman
BUTLER Walter fisherman
BUTLER Joseph fisherman
BLACKWOOD John fisherman
BRIDLE Thomas bricklayer
BUTLER Robert fisherman
BUTLER JOSEPH shopkeeper
BOURNE Edward fisherman
BOURNE Jesse fisherman
BURRY BENJAMIN general dealer
BUCKLER Nathaniel shoemaker
BUTLER Charles fisherman
BUTLER James fisherman
BUTLER Alfred fisherman
BOORUE Alfred fisherman
BLACKWOOD William bricklayer
BURGESS James fisherman
BURGESS Alfred fisherman
BURGESS William fisherman
BURRY James fisherman
BURRY George bookkeeper
BLANDFORD D, MHA blacksmith
COWARD Joshua fisherman
COWARD William fisherman
CRITCHLEY Alfred U fisherman
COOS Robert fisherman
COWARD William fisherman
COOS Alfred fisherman
CHURCHILL Joseph fisherman
CROCKER George fisherman
CROCKER Gilbert fisherman
CARTER Job fisherman
CARTER Job fisherman
CHEATOR John fisherman
CAINES Joseph gentleman
DYKE Richard fisherman
DYKE William fisherman
DYKE Dara fisherman
DYKE Thomas fisherman
DYKE Walter fisherman
DAW SAMUEL blacksmith and sheriff
DEWEY James fisherman
DEWEY Joseph fisherman
DEWEY Fancis fisherman
DOWDEN Thomas cooper
DOWDEN Mark cooper
DOWDEN Walter cooper
DOMINY JOHN C general dealer
DOMINY EDGAR shopkeeper
DAVIS WILLIAM general dealer
DUDER EDWIN General merchant
See colored page
EASTON Richard carpenter
EASTON George fisherman
EASTON Richard fisherman
EASTON Robert fisherman
EDGAR Joseph fisherman
GRANTER Joseph fisherman
GRANTER Job fisherman
GRANTER Elias fisherman
GILLLINGHAM Jesse fisherman
GRANTER William fisherman
GRANTER Edward fisherman
GRANTER Thomas fisherman
GRANTER Nathaniel fisherman
GRANTER Abram fisherman
GRANTER James fisherman
GRANTER Nathaniel cooper
GREEN George fisherman
GREEN Robert fisherman
GODDEN SAMUEL store keeper
GRANTER ROBERT general dealer
GOODEN WILLIAM store keeper
GOODEN JAMES book keeper
GRANGER Edwin carpenter
HARDING Peter fisherman
HARDING James fisherman
HOWARD William fisherman
HOWARD Philip fisherman
HUNT Thomas fisherman
HUNT William fisherman
HUNT Henry fisherman
HISCOCK Robert fisherman
HARDING Edward fisherman
HUMPHRIES William fisherman
HUMPHRIES Robert fisherman
HARDING Stanley fisherman
HUMPHRIES Robert fisherman
HARDING Nathaniel fisherman
HARDING Reuben fisherman
HARDING Jacob fisherman
HARDING Samuel fisherman
HAWKINS Benjamin fisherman
HYNES William fisherman
HARDING Edward fisherman
HYNES John fisherman
HARDING Samuel fisherman
HARDING Augustus fisherman
HARDING Frederick fisherman
HANDCOCK Henry fisherman
HODINOTT William fisherman
HODINOTT John fisherman
HODINOTT Augustus fisherman
HODINOTT Richard fisherman
HODINOTT Louis fisherman
HODINOTT Benjamin fisherman
HARDING Thomas fisherman
HARDING Reuben fisherman
HUMPHRIES Robert fisherman
HOUSE George fisherman
HOUSE John fisherman
HOUSE Frederick fisherman
HOUSE Aaron fisherman
HOUSE George fisherman
HILL Leander fisherman
HUTCHINS PHILIP H general dealer
HUNT Parker shoemaker
KENNEDY Richard fisherman
KENNEDY John fisherman
KENNEDY Thomas fisherman
KNEE Jesse fisherman
LOVELESS Joseph fisherman
LUSH Thomas fisherman
LOVELESS John fisherman
LUSH James fisherman
LUSH William fisherman
LUSH George fisherman
LUSH Robert fisherman
LUSH Ammon fisherman
LANG WILLIAM sr postmaster
LANG William jr fisherman
LEY John constable
MEADUS Robert fisherman
MEADUS Edmund fisherman
MEADUS Edmund fisherman
MAHAR James fisherman
MULLINS George fisherman
MAHAR Thomas fisherman
MAHAR John fisherman
MULLINS Walter fisherman
MULLINS Thomas fisherman
McDONALD JOHN physician
MEADUS Malachi fisherman
MEADUS Edward fisherman
NORMAN James fisherman
NORMAN William fisherman
OLDFORD Martin fisherman
OLDFORD Andrew fisherman
OAKLEY Henry fisherman
OAKLEY CHAS relieving officer
OAKLEY J T bookkeeper
OAKLEY George fisherman
OSMOND Eli ship carpenter
OSMOND JOHN block and pump maker
OSMOND W block and pump maker
OSMOND Richard fisherman
ORAM Charles fisherman
ORAM Nelson fisherman
OAKLEY Frederick lighthouse keeper
OAKLEY JAMES general dealer
POND William fisherman
POND Andrew fisherman
POND Joseph fisherman
POND Edward fisherman
POND Stephen fisherman
POND Thomas fisherman
POND Andrew fisherman
POND John fisherman
POND James fisherman
POND Robert fisherman
POND Joseph fisherman
POND Samuel fisherman
PITTMAN James fisherman
PITTMAN William fisherman
PITTMAN Julian fisherman
POND James fisherman
POND Edward fisherman
PARSONS James fisherman
PARSONS Samuel fisherman
PARSONS William fisherman
PARSONS William fisherman
POND William fisherman
PARSONS Edward fisherman
PARSONS George fisherman
PARSONS Augustus fisherman
PECKFORD John fisherman
PECKFORD Stephen fisherman
PECKFORD Edward fisherman
PECKFORD Henry fisherman
PECKFORD William fisherman
PECKFORD James fisherman
PARSONS George fisherman
RICE R P stipendiary magistrate
ROGERS Charles fisherman
ROGERS John fisherman
ROGERS Robert fisherman
ROGERS Joseph fisherman
RUSSEL William fisherman
SPARKS Moses fisherman
STARKS George fisherman
STARKS William fisherman
STRATTON William fisherman
STRATTON Stephen fisherman
STRATTON Thomas fisherman
SAUNDERS Edward fisherman
SAUNDERS Abram shoemaker 
SAUNDERS James fisherman
SAUNDERS Samuel fisherman
SAUNDERS Frederick fisherman
SAUNDERS Joseph fisherman
SAUNDERS Elisha fisherman
SAUNDERS Nathaniel fisherman
STANFORD David fisherman
STOCKLEY Joseph fisherman
SPARKS Thomas fisherman
STARKS Joseph fisherman
STARKS Peter fisherman
SQUIRES APOLLIS grocer and dry goods
SQUIRES JOSEPH grocer and dry goods
SAMSON William fisherman
STOCKLEY William fisherman
WEEKS John fisherman
WEEKS Samuel fisherman
WEEKS William fisherman
WHITE Job fisherman
WHITE Stephen fisherman
WHITE James fisherman
WHITE William fisherman
WHITE George fisherman
WHITE Robert fisherman
WHELAN Robert fisherman
WHELAN John fisherman
WHITE James fisherman
WHITE Thomas fisherman
WHITE Darius fisherman
WHITE Aaron fisherman
WITEMARSH Charles carpenter
WRIGHT Nathaniel A fisherman
WRIGHT Jacob fisherman
WHEELER John sailmaker
WHEELER Joseph fisherman
WHEELER George fisherman
WHEELER John fisherman
WHEELER John fisherman
WHEELER Darius fisherman
WHITEMARSH Robert carpenter
WHITEMARSH William carpenter
WHITEMARSH Eadley fisherman
WOODLAND Edward fisherman
WOODLAND Abram fisherman
WHEELER Alexander fisherman
WHEELER James sailmaker
WHEELER John fisherman
WHITE William shopkeeper
WHITE GEORGE general dealer
WHITE John fisherman
WHITE Edward sea captain
WORNELL Thomas carpenter
WORNELL John fisherman
WORNELL Peter fisherman
WORNELL Charles fisherman
WORNELL Abel fisherman
WEAY Joseph fisherman
WEAY Nataniel fisherman
WEAY Robert J fisherman
WEAY James fisherman
WEEKS John fisherman
WEEKS Benjamin fisherman
YOUNG Joseph fisherman
YOUNG Jacob fisherman
YOUNG Sylvanus fisherman
YOUNG William fisherman
YOUNG Ebenezer fisherman
YOUNG Alexander fisherman
YOUNG Benjamin fisherman

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The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become
colloquialized, so spellings of names may differ.

This page transcribed by Bill Crant in Nova Scotia and Don Tate in Sunny Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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