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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Fogo District

Population of District, 6,700
Chief Town, Fogo, Population, 1,020


SurnameGiven Name Occupation
ANGEL George fisherman
ANGEL William fisherman
BUDDEN Bartholonew fisherman
BUDDEN Stephen fisherman
BALL Charles fisherman
BALL John fisherman
BUTT Henry fisherman
BRENTON Samuel, sr fisherman
BRENTON John fisherman
BRENTON Samuel, jr fisherman
BRENTON James fisherman
BRENTON Jonas fisherman
BRENTON Joseph fisherman
BIVIAN James fisherman
BURSEY Richard, sr fisherman
BURSEY Richard, jr fisherman
BURSEY Andrew fisherman
BURSEY Benjamin fisherman
BURSEY Thomas fisherman
BLAKE William fisherman
BLAKE Stephen fisherman
BLAKE Noah fisherman
BLAKE Nathaniel fisherman
BLAKE Elias fisherman
BENNETT John fisherman
CARTER JOHN E fisherman
CROWELL Howard lumberman
COATES Philip fisherman
COATES George W fisherman
CHALK Stephen fisherman
CARNELL George fisherman
CARNELL Edward fisherman
CUFFE John fisherman
CUFFE George fisherman
CULL Albert fisherman
CLOUTER Thomas fisherman
CHALK John fisherman
CHALK Henry fisherman
CHALK Enos fisherman
CHALK Herbert fisherman
DALTON John shipbuilder
DAWSON Alfred mill hand
DAY Simon fisherman
DAY George fisherman
DAY John fisherman
DOWNER Matthew fisherman
DOWNER Aaron fisherman
DOWNER Eli fisherman
EARLE Samuel fisherman
EDWARDS Joseph fisherman
ELKINS Samuel fisherman
ELSWORTH John fisherman
ELSWORTH Henry fisherman
ELSEWORTH Joseph, sr fisherman
ELSEWORTH Joseph, jr fisherman
ELSEWORTH George fisherman
FLYNN James fisherman
FRANCIS Charles, jr fisherman
FRANCIS Charles, sr fisherman
FRANCIS Edward fisherman
FRANCIS Andrew fisherman
FRANCIS Peter fisherman
FRANCIS Thomas fisherman
FITZGERALD William fisherman
FAULKNER Richard fisherman
GUDGER George fisherman
GUDGER Jeremiah fisherman
GUDGER Eli fisherman
GUDGER James, jr fisherman
GUDGER James, sr fisherman
GUDGER Stephen fisherman
GUDGER Charles fisherman
GUDGER Frederick fisherman
GUDGER James fisherman
GUDGER Simon fisherman
GILLINGHAM Simon fisherman
GILLINGHAM Robert fisherman
GILLINGHAM Isaac fisherman
GILLINGHAM William, sr fisherman
GILLINGHAM John, sr fisherman
GILLINGHAM Richard fisherman
GILLINGHAM William, jr fisherman
GILLINGHAM John, jr fisherman
GILLINGHAM George fisherman
GILLINGHAM John fisherman
GILLINGHAM James fisherman
GILLINGHAM Samuel fisherman
GILLINGHAM Edward fisherman
GILLINGHAM Benjamin fisherman
GILLINGHAM Robert, sr fisherman
GILLINGHAM Robert, jr fisherman
GILLINGHAM Nathaniel fisherman
GILLINGHAM Robert fisherman
GILLINGHAM Jabez fisherman
GILLINGHAM George fisherman
GILLINGHAM William fisherman
GILLINGHAM Esau fisherman
GREENE Sydney fisherman
GREENE Thomas fisherman
GREENE Job fisherman
GREENE Edward fisherman
HICKS Charles fisherman
HICKS Israel, sr fisherman
HICKS Samson, sr fisherman
HICKS Jesse fisherman
HICKS John fisherman
HICKS Alfred fisherman
HICKS Philip fisherman
HICKS Kenneth fisherman
HICKS Valentine fisherman
HICKS Israel, jr fisherman
HARBIN George fisherman
HARBIN Esau fisherman
HEAD John fisherman
HEAD William fisherman
HANCOCK Abraham fisherman
HANCOCK James R fisherman
HELLIER John fisherman
HOFF Joseph fisherman
HARRIS John fisherman
HARRIS William mal carrier
HARRIS George lumberman
HARRIS Elias lumberman
HEWLETT OR HUTT William lumberman
HURLEY Joseph lumberman
HURLEY Solomon lumberman
HODDER George fisherman
HODDER James fisherman
HODDER William fisherman
HODDER Samuel fisherman
HODDER George fisherman
HODDER Eli fisherman
JOHNSON Francis fisherman
LOCKE Permaneus fisherman
NORMAN John fisherman
NIPPER James fisherman
OAKE James fisherman
PARSONS John fisherman
PARSONS Mark fisherman
PARSONS Azariah fisherman
PENNELL John fisherman
PARSONS Sampson fisherman
PARSONS Stephen fisherman
PARSONS James, sr fisherman
PARSONS James, jr fisherman
PARSONS George fisherman
PENNELL Joshua fisherman
PENNELL Levi fisherman
PENNELL John fisherman
PERRY John fisherman
PINSENT Stephen fisherman
PINSENT Tobias fisherman
PECKFORD Reuben fisherman
PECKFORD Benjamin fisherman
PAYNE John fisherman
POWELL Abraham fisherman
PHILIPS GEO L saw mills, Gander Bay
PROWSE Charles lighthouse keeper
RUSSELL Samson fisherman
ROSE Jacob fisherman
ROSE George fisherman
ROSE William fisherman
ROWSELL JAMES school teacher and postmaster
STULE George fisherman
SAMSON Henry fisherman
SNOW Simon fisherman
SNOW John fisherman
SMALL Joseph fisherman
SQUIRES John fisherman
STULE William fisherman
SHELLEY Esau, sr fisherman
SHEPPARD William fisherman
SHEPPARD Frederick fisherman
SCAMMEL Henry fisherman
STRATTON Abner fisherman
SMITH Job fisherman
SHELLEY Esau, jr fisherman
SHELLEY Robert fisherman
SHIRIAN George lumberman
SHIRAN Jasper lumberman
SHIRAN Arthur lumberman
WHITE Charles fisherman

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Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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