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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Burgeo and LaPoile District

ASH Richard fisherman
ASH Moses fisherman
ANDERSON David fisherman
BILLARD John fisherman
BILLARD Benjamin fisherman
BRAGG Dean fisherman
BRAGG Morgan H fisherman
BRAGG George, sr fisherman
BRAGG Nelson sea captain
BRAGG John fisherman
BRAGG Henry fisherman
BRAGG Emanuel fisherman
BRAGG George F fisherman
BLACKMORE William fisherman
BARTER Thomas fisherman
BEER Albert fisherman
BRAGG George P fisherman
BOND Francis V fisherman
BATISTE John fisherman
BATISTE Alexander fisherman
BATISTE Emanuel fisherman
BLACKMORE Wm Timothy fisherman
BENNETT Reuben fisherman
BENNETT William fisherman
BENNETT Charles fisherman
BENNETT Edward fisherman
BLACKMORE Aenas fisherman
BENNETT Joshua fisherman
BENNETT Robert fisherman
BARNES John fisherman
BOONE William fisherman
CLEMENT & CO g general dealers
COUZENS George fisherman
CURRIE James fisherman
CURRIE John fisherman
CURRIE Emanual fisherman
CARTER William, jr fisherman
COFFIN Philip fisherman
COFFIN James fisherman
COFFIN Abraham fisherman
DICKS Thomas sea captain
DICKS George fisherman
DAVIS Jacob fisherman
DENNIS Thomas fisherman
DINGWELL Donald fisherman
DINGWELL Aaron fisherman
DINGWELL Samuel fisherman
EVANS Geo Albert fisherman
EVANS James fisherman
EMERLY Eli fisherman
FIGARY Anthony fisherman
FIGARY Philip fisherman
FORD Joseph fisherman
FORD Thomas fisherman
FORD Richard fisherman
FALLE Joshua fisherman
FOOT Thomas fisherman
FULTON George fisherman
FORSEY Aaron, jr sea captain
FORSEY Michael fisherman
FORSEY Aaron sr sea captain
FARRELL John fisherman
FRANK Prosper fisherman
GILLAM Solomon sea captain
GILLAM Thomas fisherman
GILLAM Michael sea captain
GILLAM George fisherman
GENGE Samuel sea captain
GENGE Morgan E sea captain
GODDEN Llewellyn fisherman
GILLAM William fisherman
GILLAM Benjamin fisherman
GILLAM Edward fisherman
GILLAM Michael fisherman
GILLAM John sea captian
GILLAM Philip fisherman
GROVES Christopher fisherman
HARE Samuel fisherman
HARE Edward Thomas fisherman
HICKMAN William sr sea captain
HICKMAN Robert fisherman
HICKMAN William jr fisherman
HICKMAN Nelson fisherman
HACQUOIL Philip fisherman
HERRIDGE George sea captain
HAYWARD William fisherman
HUELIN Andrew fisherman
HUELIN Joseph fisherman
HUELIN Isaac fisherman
HUELIN George fisherman
HANN Williom of Brennan (sic) fisherman
HINCKS Thomas fisherman
INGRAM William fisherman
JAMES CHARLES storekeeper
KEATING John blacksmith
KEATING JAMES W General Dealer See adv page 456
KEEPING George fisherman
KEEPING Samuel fisherman
KING William fisherman
KENDALL Edward fisherman
LeMOINE JOHN tidewaiter customs
LANGDOWN Job fisherman
LANGDOWN William fisherman
LeRICHE Frank fisherman
LeRICHE John fisherman
LeRICHE Geo F fisherman
LAWRENCE Henry fisherman
DeSCELLEUR Joseph C clerk
MacKAY HERBERT H agent James Baird
McCOURT Philip fisherman
MENCHON Thomas fisherman
MANUEL Benjamin fisherman
MOURANT CHARLES coll customs
MANUEL Eli fisherman
MATTHEWS Emanuel fisherman
MARTIN AUSTIN blacksmith
MOORIS Mark fisherman
MOORIS Joseph fisherman
MOORIS John fisherman
MILLS William fisherman
MUSGRAVE George fisherman
MITCHE'L Jabez fisherman
MOORE Elijah fisherman
MOSSEAN Prosper fisherman
MATTHEWS James fisherman
NEWMAN John T fisherman
PULLEN Alfred fisherman
PIKE Eliel fisherman
PARSONS James fisherman
PIKE Charles fisherman
PIKE Timothy light house keeper
POWER Adam sea captain
PARSONS RICHARD H agent for John Steer
PIKE Samuel sea captian
RENDELL Benjamin fisherman
ROGERS John fisherman
ROWE James fisherman
SMITH Nathan telegraph operator
SEALEY Joseph sea captain
SEALEY Edward sea captain
SKEARD Thomas fisherman
SMALL J & CO General Merchants , See adv page 460
STICKLAND William fisherman
STICKLAND Emanuel fisherman
STICKLAND George fisherman
SKEARD William fisherman
SAVORY Robert fisherman
STEPHENS William fisherman
STICKLAND Philip fisherman
STICKLAND William Thos fisherman
SQUAREY R T serpendiary magistrate
STEER JOHN General Dealer , See adv margianl lines
THOMAS James fisherman
VARDY Wilson fisherman
VARDY William fisherman
VAUDIN Alfred J fisherman
WARREN WILLIAM storekeeper
WILCOX James H constable
WILLIAMS John fisherman
WILLIAMS Samuel fisherman

167 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories ]

The entries have been transcribed as they appear in McAlpine's 1894 directory.
Over the years many of the names have become
colloquialized, so spellings of names may differ.

This page transcribed by Bill Crant in Nova Scotia and Don Tate in Sunny Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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