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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory
Burin District

Population of District, 9,059
Chief Town, Burin, Population, 2,729


Surname Given Name Occupation
APPLEBY Edward fisherman
ALLEN Richard fisherman
ANDERSON Charles fisherman
ANDERSON John fisherman
AYLWARD John fisherman
ABBOTT William fisherman
ADAMS Samuel fisherman
ADAMS Stephen Joseph fisherman
ADAMS John, sr fisherman
ADAMS George fisherman
ADAMS Wm Henry fisherman
ADAMS John, jr fisherman
BRUSHET George fisherman
BRENTON Thomas fisherman
BRUSHET Richard fisherman
ADAMS James fisherman
ADAMS Stephen P fisherman
ADAMS Emanuel fisherman
ABBOTT William fisherman
ABBOTT John fisherman
ALLAN Thomas fisherman
ALLAN Ambrose fisherman
ALLAN John fisherman
BRUSHET Thomas fisherman
BRENTON George fisherman
BRENTON Samuel, sr fisherman
BRENTON Henry fisherman
BRENTON Thomas, jr fisherman
BRENTON Samuel, jr fisherman
BRENTON Samuel, of Henry fisherman
BRUSHET Alexander fisherman
BRUSHET James R fisherman
BRUSHET Robert fisherman
BRUSHET Albert fisherman
BRUSHET James, sr fisherman
BRUSHET John fisherman
BRUSHET William fisherman
BRUSHET Wm Henry fisherman
BRUSHET James, jr fisherman
BAKER GEORGE fisherman
BUNGAY Richard fisherman
BARTLETT William fisherman
BURFITT William fisherman
BURKE John fisherman
BURKE John, jr fisherman
BARTLETT George constable
BANBURY William fisherman
BENNETT PETER blacksmith
BISHOP WILLIAM general dealer
BRUSHET James fisherman
BRUSHET Wm Henry fisherman
BRUSHET Francis fisherman
BRUSHET George fisherman
BRUSHET George R fisherman
BRUSHET William fisherman
BRUSHET John fisherman
BAUTON William fisherman
BURGE John fisherman
BURFITT Richard fisherman
BUTLER Charles, sr fisherman
BUTLER Charles, jr fisherman
BUTLER Joseph fisherman
BEARNS William fisherman
BRETT George, sr fisherman
BRETT George R fisherman
BRINE William fisherman
BRINE Patrick fisherman
BROWN John, of Uriah fisherman
BROWN Uriah fisherman
BROWN John, of James fisherman
BROWN Uriah, of Jospeh fisherman
BROWN Benjamin fisherman
BAKER John fisherman
BEAZLEY Thomas Wm fisherman
BEAZLEY Joseph fisherman
BEAZLEY Gabriel B fisherman
BEAZLEY Richard fisherman
BEAZLEY George fisherman
BROWN William fisherman
BISHOP FREDERICK general dealer
BRUSHETT Joseph fisherman
BRUSHET John fisherman
BRUSHET Thomas fisherman
BRENTON George fisherman
BRENTON John fisherman
BUTLER John fisherman
BRIDLE Joseph fisherman
BRIDLE Henry fisherman
BUGDON Thomas fisherman
BUGDON John fisherman
BUGDON Benjamin fisherman
BUGDON Henry P fisherman
BREWER Edward fisherman
BREWER Eli fisherman
BREWER Robert fisherman
BREWER John fisherman
BURBRIDGE George fisherman
BAKER Edward fisherman
BEAZLEY William H fisherman
BEAZLEY Thomas W fisherman
BEAZLEY George fisherman
BEAZLEY Thomas W, jr fisherman
BEAZLEY John fisherman
BEAZLEY John J fisherman
BEAZLEY Samuel fisherman
COADY John fisherman
COADY DAVID carpenter
COLFORD John fisherman
CLARK Henry fisherman
CLARK Herbert fisherman
CAHILL William fisherman
CHURCHILL WM lighthouse keeper
COLLINS Eli fisherman
COLINS John fisherman
COLLINS William R fisherman
COLLINS William H fisherman
COLLINS Samuel E fisherman
COLLINS Thomas fisherman
COLLINS WM general dealer
COLLINS George fisherman
COLLINS JOHN E general dealer
CASSAR Joseph fisherman
CORBIN William fisherman
CORBIN John fisherman
CORBIN Charles fisherman
CLARK John fisherman
CLARK Robert fisherman
COADY Rchard fisherman
COOK William R fisherman
CORNICK James fisherman
CORNICK George fisherman
COLFORD Moses fisherman
DIBBIN Robert fisherman
DIBBIN John fisherman
DIBBIN George fisherman
DAVIS Charles fisherman
DAY Samuel fisherman
DAY William fisherman
DAY Joseph fisherman
DAY Joseph, jr fisherman
DARBY Thomas fisherman
DARBY Frederick fisherman
DARBY Edgar fisherman
DARBY Hedley fisherman
DARBY Thomas H fisherman
DARBY George E fisherman
DARBY Samuel fisherman
DARBY William fisherman
DARBY John fisherman
DANCEY John fisherman
DALTON Joseph fisherman
DOWELL William fisherman
DICKS William fisherman
DUNFORD Joseph fisherman
DUNFORD William fisherman
DEER William fisherman
DIBBIN James fisherman
DEAN Thomas fisherman
EMBERLY William, sr fisherman
EMBERLY Joseph fisherman
EMBERLY Thomas fisherman
EMBERLY William, jr fisherman
EMBERLY William, of Joseph fisherman
EASTMAN Isaac fisherman
EVERLY Thomas fisherman
FRANCIS John fisherman
FARWELL Joseph fisherman
FARWELL Thomas fisherman
FLYNN MICHAEL T general dealer
FARWELL Joseph fisherman
FARWELL Henry fisherman
FOLEY Thomas fisherman
FARRELL Joseph fisherman
FOOT William, sr fisherman
FOOT Richard fisherman
FOOT Herbert fisherman
FOOT John Wesley fisherman
FOOT Cyrus fisherman
FOOT William Thomas fisherman
FOOT George fisherman
FOTT (sic) Joseph, sr fisherman
FOOT Joseph, jr fisherman
FOOT Richard, of Richard fisherman
FOOT Samuel fisherman
FOOT Thomas fisherman
FOOT Eli B fisherman
FOOT Thomas fisherman
FOOT Samuel fisherman
FARWELL William fisherman
FARWELL William fisherman
FARWELL Isaac Thomas fisherman
FARWELL Henry John fisherman
FRAMPTON Wm Henry fisherman
FLEMING William fisherman
FLEMING Patrick fisherman
FLEMING James fisherman
FRAMPTON John fisherman
FRAMPTON Thomas fisherman
FARWELL Charles fisherman
GORMAN DENIS general dealer
GREEN Benjamin fisherman
GREEN George fisherman
GENGE Frederick fisherman
GOSLING John fisherman
GOSLING Richard fisherman
GOSLING Thomas fisherman
GREEN William fisherman
GODDARD GABRIEL general dealer
GODDARD GEO M gen dealer
GODDARD Albert fisherman
GODDARD Thomas fisherman
GODDARD William fisherman
GODDARD Gabriel, jr fisherman
GOUCHE Louis fisherman
HUSSEY SYDNEY C general dealer
HANNIN William fisherman
HANNIN REV J Church of England
HEWIT John fisherman
HEARN Ambrose fisherman
HEARN Michael fisherman
HOLLETT Samuel fisherman
HOLLETT Thomas fisherman
HOLLETT John fisherman
HUNT William fisherman
HANAFORD James fisherman
HOLLETT Philip fisherman
HOLLETT James fisherman
HOLLETT William H fisherman
HOLLETT Cyrus fisherman
HOLLETT Morgan fisherman
HOLLETT Benjamin Y fisherman
HOLLETT Benjamin, sr fisherman
HOLLETT Edward fisherman
HOLLETT Benjamin, jr fisherman
HOLLETT James, W fisherman
HOLLETT Edward M fisherman
HOLLETT Frederick fisherman
HOLLETT William B fisherman
HOLLETT Joseph fisherman
HOLLETT Henry fisherman
HOLLETT Thomas, sr fisherman
HOLLETT Thomas, jr fisherman
HOLLETT John fisherman
HAMLIN George fisherman
HAMLIN Stephen fisherman
HARDING John fisherman
HARDING John, jr fisherman
HALYARD Samuel fisherman
HANTON Nicholas fisherman
HOLLETT James fisherman
HOLLETT Joseph fisherman
HOLLETT Thomas fisherman
HOLLETT William fisherman
HOBAN Thomas fisherman
HOBAN William fisherman
HOBAN George fisherman
HOBAN Robert fisherman
HOBAN John fisherman
HIGGINS Benjamin fisherman
HOLLETT Philip fisherman
HOLLETT Albert E fisherman
HARDNING Joseph fisherman
HARDSTONE Stephen fisherman
HARDSTONE William fisherman
HARDSTONE Thomas fisherman
HAWS William fisherman
HAWS Abraham fisherman
HOLLETT George fisherman
HOLLETT Reuben fisherman
HOBAN Henry fisherman
HOBAN John W fisherman
HUDDY Lewis fisherman
HORFETT Samuel fisherman
ISAACS Richard fisherman
ISAACS James Joseph fisherman
ISAACS Robert fisherman
INKPEN Thomas fisherman
INKPEN Emanuel fisherman
INKPEN Jabez fisherman
INKPEN Geo Robert fisherman
INKPEN Joseph, of Ben fisherman
INKPEN Benjamin fisherman
INKPEN Eli fisherman
INKPEN Lewis fisherman
INKPEN Stephen fisherman
INKPEN John Robert fisherman
INKPEN George D fisherman
INKPEN Joseph, of Thomas fisherman
INKPEN Richard fisherman
INKPEN Albert fisherman
INKPEN John fisherman
INKPEN Ephraim fisherman
INKPEN Ernest fisherman
INKPEN Robert fisherman
INKPEN James, sr fisherman
INKPEN Robert fisherman
INKPEN JAMES, Jr general dealer
INKPEN George fisherman
INKPEN Joseph fisherman
INKPEN James fisherman
INKPEN John, jr fisherman
ISAACS Thomas fisherman
ISAACS John fisherman
ISAACS Robert fisherman
ISAACS Thomas fisherman
JARVIS Samuel fisherman
JOYCE George fisherman
KEYNES Joseph fisherman
KELLY James, sr fisherman
KELLY James, jr fisherman
KELLY Thomas fisherman
KIRBY Richard, sr fisherman
KIRBY Joseph, sr fisherman
KIRBY Richard, jr fisherman
KIRBY Frank fisherman
KIRBY William, sr fisherman
KIRBY John N fisherman
KIRBY Samuel fisherman
KIRBY Joseph, jr fisherman
KIRBY Benjamin R fisherman
KIRBY Richard, of John fisherman
KIRBY Joseph, of Joseph fisherman
KIRBY John H fisherman
KIRBY William, jr fisherman
KIRBY George fisherman
KIRBY William, of John fisherman
KENDALL William fisherman
KEATING Philip fisherman
KEATING Michael fisherman
KEATING Thomas fisherman
KEATING John fisherman
KEECH Thomas fisherman
LANE Joseph fisherman
LEGG Henry fisherman
LEGG John fisherman
LOCKYER Thomas fisherman
LOCKYER Joseph fisherman
LUNDRIGAN William, of Wm fisherman
LUNDRIGAN Thomas, sr fisherman
LUNDRIGAN Patrick fisherman
LUNDRIGAN Robert fisherman
LUNDRIGAN Thomas, jr fisherman
LUNDRIGAN William, of John fisherman
LEGG Joseph fisherman
LEGG John, jr fisherman
MARTIN John fisherman
MARTIN George fisherman
MARTIN William, sr fisherman
MARTIN Thomas fisherman
MARTIN William, jr fisherman
MAYO Samuel fisherman
MAYO James fisherman
MORRISSEY Laurence fisherman
MARSHALL Matthew fisherman
MARSHALL JOHN general dealer
MAYO Charles fisherman
MAYO William fisherman
MAYO Benjamin fisherman
MAYO William fisherman
MAYO Benjamin fisherman
MAYO Reuben fisherman
MAYO John Thomas fisherman
MAYO John, sr fisherman
MAYO William, of Peter fisherman
MAYO Peter fisherman
MAYO Cyrus fisherman
MAYO Albert fisherman
MAYO Thomas fisherman
MAYO Joseph fisherman
MOLLOY Thomas fisherman
MOULTON George fisherman
MOULTON Eli fisherman
MOULTON Samuel fisherman
MOULTON Joseph fisherman
MARSHALL R lighthouse keeper
MITCHELL JOHN poor commissioner
MITCHELL John, jr fisherman
MITCHELL William fisherman
MITCHELL Joseph, E fisherman
MITCHLL John B fisherman
MAYO Elias fisherman
MAYO Albert H fisherman
MITCHELL Benjamin fisherman
MOULTON John J fisherman
MILLEY William fisherman
MILLEY Edward fisherman
MOULTON William fisherman
MOULTON William, jr fisherman
MOULTON George fisherman
MOULTON Samuel, of Saml fisherman
MOULTON Frank fisherman
MOULTON Samue, Benjl fisherman
MOULTON James fisherman
MOULTON George, jr fisherman
MOULTON Thomas W fisherman
MOULTON Thomas, of Thos fisherman
MOULTON Thomas, sr fisherman
MACKAY Walter fisherman
MACKAY John fisherman
MARTIN Henry fisherman
MARKS Charles fisherman
MITCHELL William fisherman
MOULTON John fisherman
MOORE George fisherman
MOORE George T fisherman
MOORE Robert E fisherman
MOULTON Thomas J fisherman
MORAN Mark fisherman
MANNING John fisherman
MANNING John, jr fisherman
MITCHLL Joseph fisherman
MITCHELL George H fisherman
MITCHELL George fisherman
MITCHELL Isaac fisherman
MITCHELL Richard fisherman
NEWPORT Samuel fisherman
O'CONNOR REV P Roman Catholic
O'NEIL John fisherman
OLIPHANT George L police sergeant
O'BRIEN MATTHEW general dealer
PARSONS John fisherman
PAYN WM E M H A general dealer
PAUL JOHN general dealer
PARSONS John fisherman
PARSONS Stephen fisherman
PAUL WM J fisherman
PIKE William fisherman
PIKE John fisherman
PENNY James fisherman
PENNY James, jr fisherman
PENNY Isaac fisherman
PENNY Clement fisherman
PENNY Ambrose fisherman
PENNY George fisherman
PENNY Joseph fisherman
PENNY John fisherman
PENNY Thomas fisherman
PENNY Joseph, jr fisherman
PIKE MARK sailmaker
PARSONS George fisherman
PARSONS Samuel fisherman
PARSONS George fisherman
PARSONS Robert fisherman
PARSONS Theodore fisherman
PERRIN Joseph fisherman
PAUL Robert fisherman
POOLE Samuel fisherman
PARSONS Charles fisherman
PARSONS Maurice fisherman
PIKE William fisherman
PIKE John fisherman
PIKE Robert fisherman
PIDGEON James fisherman
PENNY George fisherman
PENNY Thomas fisherman
PARSONS Thomas fisherman
PARSONS Joseph fisherman
PITCHER James fisherman
PARSONS Joseph fisherman
PITCHER William fisherman
PAUL William fisherman
PAUL George M fisherman
PAUL John H fisherman
PAUL William fisherman
QUINN James fisherman
QUINN William fisherman
QUINN Joseph fisherman
QUINN Richard fisherman
RIGGS Wm Henry fisherman
RIGGS Andrew fisherman
RIGGS John Edward fisherman
RIGGS George fisherman
REDDY Michael fisherman
REDDY Hugh fisherman
REDDY Richard fisherman
ROSS GEORGE blacksmith
ROACH John fisherman
RIGGS William fisherman
RIGGS William, jr fisherman
RIGGS Henry fisherman
REED John Cyrus fisherman
REED James fisherman
REED William, sr fisherman
REED William, jr fisherman
REED John fisherman
REED Edmund fisherman
REED William fisherman
REVELS George fisherman
REVELS William fisherman
RIDOUT Thomas fisherman
RIDOUT Thomas fisherman
RIDOUT Mark fisherman
REED Thomas fisherman
REED Richard fisherman
ROBERTS Robert fisherman
ROBERTS Joseph fisherman
ROBERTS George fisherman
ROBERTS Thomas fisherman
SYMES David fisherman
SAMSON Ambrose fisherman
SAMSON John fisherman
SNOW Thomas fisherman
SNOW Thomas Churchill fisherman
SIMMONS WM F blacksmith
SAUNDERS James fisherman
SAUNDERS Robert fisherman
SHEAVES William fisherman
SHEAVES Samuel fisherman
STRONG Thomas fisherman
SMITH John R fisherman
SMITH Seth fisherman
STREET Abraham fisherman
STREET Benjamin fisherman
STREET Jacob fisherman
STROUD William fisherman
STROUD John fisherman
TIPPLE Thomas fisherman
TAYLOR Job fisherman
TAYLOR William fisherman
TAYLOR John, jr fisherman
TOBINE John fisherman
TAYLOR Alexander fisherman
THORNE William fisherman
THORNE Joseph fisherman
THORNE William, jr fisherman
VIGUS James fisherman
VIGUS Benjamin fisherman
VIGUS Robert fisherman
VINCENT Philip fisherman
VINCENT John fisherman
VINCENT George fisherman
VINCENT William fisherman
WHITE William fisherman
WHITE Patrick fisherman
WILLIAM Reuben fisherman
WINTER JOHN sub-collector customs
WALSH PATRICK tidewaiter customs
WAGG Richard fisherman
WAGG Robert fisherman
WAGG John fisherman
WAGG Stephen fisherman
WAGG Joseph fisherman
WAGG Thomas, of Joseph fisherman
WAGG William fisherman
WAGG Thomas, of Wm fisherman
WALSH John fisherman
WREXON Robert fisherman
WINTER THOMAS postmaster
WATTS William fisherman
WATTS Richard fisherman
WATTS Samuel fisherman
WEARE John, jr fisherman
WATTS Frederick fisherman
WATTS James fisherman
WARREN William fisherman
WALSH John fisherman
WREXON John fisherman
WOUNDY John fisherman
WEARE John fisherman
WEARE Frank fisherman
WREXON Richard fisherman

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